04/26/14 - After years of mystery, "Something went wrong (blank response)" errors should not occur any more. 

05/14/13 - The edit button has been updated. It now can retrieve long posts from outside threads, and will properly copy formatting tags. 

04/16/13 - User editing can now be used to edit images in posts. 

04/14/13 - See this list for the colors available. Any hex RGB color is supported, but make sure to use a hash. Example: [color=#00FFFF]text[/color]

04/14/13 - Four new general formatting tags. Examples: [color=cyan]text[/color], [colorspoiler=cyan]text[/colorspoiler],  [colorbackdrop=cyan]text[/colorbackdrop], [colorclickme=cyan]text[/colorclickme]    

04/13/13 - Post formatting tags are now filtered in pairs. Make sure to close your tags, or they won't work. 

04/13/13 - User editing has been added. You can edit the name, subject, email and message fields only.