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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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First thread: Click Here

Second Thread Click Here


The third round of reprise. First Rudolf, then Kinjo, and now GreatEqualizer will take a shot.



Guesthouse F1
Guesthouse F2

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File 140986389985.png - (211.87KB , 392x447 , dlanordeterm.png )
"The player can win the game before the first time skip."

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File 140989265188.png - (59.66KB , 640x480 , blade1r.png )
It once again unhinges it's mouth and borrows someone else's voice.

"It is impossible to win the game before the first time skip."

With your blue denied you fall backwards once again into the depths of your mind.
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File 140989275528.gif - (1.59MB , 639x352 , 3.gif )
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File 140843807815.png - (254.47KB , 640x480 , sea_4a.png )
Once more the boat greets your feet with a firm step.

With the wind in your hair you go about yet another change into a different person. This time back to that of man, hair changes color and glasses sprout from your face.

With this newest transformation complete you stand up and look over the sea, ready to start the fourth round.

Fourth Thread: http://seacats.net/gameboard/res/16346.html

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First thread: Click Here


The second round of Reprise. Kinjo takes up the torch and continues where Rudolf left off. Can he do any better, or meet the same fate as his predecessor?



Guesthouse F1
Guesthouse F2

Mansion F1
Mansion F2
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File 140979041532.png - (153.49KB , 640x480 , scr_117.png )
"Each mystery can be solved with clues that can be found within the iteration in which the mystery takes place. That is, while it may be helpful for later players to look for answers to mysteries from the previous round, it is not necessary.

The culprit is the same person across all games.
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File 140687690774.png - (4.55KB , 640x480 , black.png )
The creature sways back and forth and its mouth unhinges to regurgitate the truth.

The culprit is the same person for each iteration.

You are once again engulfed and quickly loose sense of yourself.
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File 140979074412.gif - (3.01MB , 639x352 , 2.gif )
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File 140979158189.png - (318.68KB , 640x480 , sea_1a.png )
The sound of the stormy breeze once again brushes against your cheek. You are back on the boat, its almost a sight for sore eyes at this point.

You muscular structure and outward appearance quickly goes about another change. Your hair tinges blue and you shrink in stature. You might have lost something down below as well...

Quickly you take another appearance and begin your third attempt.

Third Thread: Click Here

File 140831616183.jpg - (78.36KB , 640x480 , scr_33.jpg )
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Previous Thread >>15381

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mezmjTz8Cks

You and the others ascend the stairs, quickly catching up to the rest of the group as you approach the landing of the top floor. Jessica and Natsuhi are hanging back, and the latter appears to be whispering something to Genji, who nods sagely.

At the front of the group are Kumasawa and Rudolf, and you hear a click as the maid's master key is used to open the doors. They swing open, and the group moves as one, entering Kinzo's luxurious study, and move towards a gun case that's visible from the doorway.

Moments later, Rudolf grabs a gun, handing two others to Natsuhi and Kyrie, and they begin checking each room in turn. It quickly becomes apparent that Kinzo isn't present, and everyone relaxes, for now.

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You enter the room. The back wall is stacked to about waist-height with gold, and as your gaze comes down, you notice scratch marks on the floor.

Your gaze sweeps right, towards the figure of Battler, holding the rifle limply at his side.

Next to him, George, on his knees, covering his face with his hands, sobbing grossly.

In front of him, Jessica sits with her back to the wall, legs outstretched. The left side of her face has been completely smashed in, and just a little distance away is a bloodied metal pipe, covered with grey matter. You crouch closer to investigate. The corpse is deathly cold, the blood black, and clotted. The facial wound is the only one you can see.

As you reel backwards, Battler's eyes drift away, to the door. His mouth agape, he manages to get out a few words, before staggering backwards.

"Impossible... You're..."

His gun falls from his hands, and you hear the footsteps of someone entering the room. You spin, and as your head turns, the world crumbles away. George is gone. Battler is gone.

The witch of the painting stands before you, in all her glory.
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File 137020487589.png - (171.21KB , 390x364 , Erika_CondescendingPoint.png )
"So it's finally time for us to meet face-to-face, is it, Beatrice? I trust you received my challenge earlier?"
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File 140866249994.jpg - (161.01KB , 640x480 , scr_38.jpg )
Beatrice's face is a grim mask as she addresses you, the world around you taking on a new shape as she speaks.

"Yours wasn't the challenge I was expecting to deal with, but nonetheless, I'll face you here."

The arena takes shape, as Beatrice makes her proclamation. "My win condition may be unreachable, but the least I can do is trap you in a closed room of red for your troubles! Prepare yourself, Furudo Erika!"
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Ushiromiya Kinzo - Missing at the time of the game's suspension (The ever-convenient scapegoat.)

Ushiromiya Krauss - Victim of the first clause (Inheriting the headship means inheriting the head's fate.)

Ushiromiya Hideyohsi - Victim of the first clause (and that's all he was in this game.)

Ushiromiya Rosa - Victim of the second clause (The witch's revenge completed, after over twenty years.)

Ushiromiya Maria - Victim of the second clause (Who cares, it's only Maria.)

Ushiromiya Eva - Victim of the third clause (Her meddling and research won her naught but the witch's ire.)

Ushiromiya Natsuhi - Missing at the time of the game's suspension (She's so suspicious she must have been framed, right?)
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File 14064444202.png - (1.34MB , 1500x947 , OP1b.png )
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I open this game to fulfil a simple wish. Rudolf shall be the only player. There are multiple players, but you will have to read to find out exactly what that means.


The rules to this gameboard are what you would expect from a RP game by now. You will travel through the tale interacting with the events and characters presented to you. You may use green text to dictate movements if you wish. I won't bore you with the basics, however there are some specific rules you will be interested in.

-Your piece is human and can die just the same.
-You are interacting with this game with your own knowledge first and foremost. Your character will not have any powers beyond that (ie detective’s authority).
-There are secret rules that you will purposely not be told. By playing the game you will discover these either by your own movements or indicated by myself at certain times.

With that I will also address one final thing.

The difficulty is generous. After all there is no need to remember what it means to be human.

With this said we shall start the game around 7am /seacats/ time. I wish you the best in bringing the culprit to justice.
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File 139588844198.png - (508.62KB , 800x1080 , fb819b798fff89a907570f18dda7a1d6.png )
"Gah, shit. What is the date? What happened? How did I get here?"
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File 132789352325.png - (74.56KB , 364x472 , kaw_defa2.png )
"Are you feeling ok back there?" the boat captain asks. "Don't worry we are almost there. Dinner is at around seven I believe."

Your mind clouds, it can't be. Beside you is your briefcase... and the envelope still completely sealed.

You glance at your watch. It is 6:12pm October 4th 1985.
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File 140843925235.jpg - (189.37KB , 700x700 , 00ed66507e9f956e93f23c4f4b1ec6bf.jpg )
I pass the torch to Kinjo.
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File 140848249341.png - (231.75KB , 640x480 , different_spiral_1b.png )
With the power of a being higher than that of the gameboard Archer's body suddenly convulses and starts to change shape. The white hair grows longer and flops down. The red outfit changed to that of white to match his hair. The face melts and turns into something different.

Although his background will remain the same, it seems the piece has undergone a drastic change in appearance and personality. The piece's name is now Kinjo Goldbar, and the characters will refer to him as such.

Second Thread: http://seacats.net/gameboard/res/15856.html

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File 139554411188.jpg - (69.52KB , 800x600 , bea_defa2.jpg )
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Welcome to my teaparty!

I have challenged Rudolf of /seacats/ to a game of wits! Our wager is 10 BP each.

The objective of the game is not to find the culprit but to save the family from their deaths. You will arrive on Rokkenjima on October 4th with information suggesting their family will be massacred the next day. It's up to you to convince them that you're telling the truth and save as many as you can.

Well now, are you ready?
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File 136122688473.png - (638.69KB , 1920x1200 , url2.png )
"Any hints to share before I shoot you?"

If not, I'll shoot him.
>> No. 15448 edit
File 140539470345.png - (277.46KB , 640x480 , scr_116.png )
The old man laughs as you ready your gun.

Kinzo: "A hint? The game is over, you win. The bomb is in the clock over there. Disarm it, and you may leave."


You shoot Kinzo in the chest, and he topples over backward to the floor. Silence falls.

The survivors (Eva, Rudolf, Rosa, Hideyoshi, Kyrie) are still in shock after witnessing these bizarre events. Kinzo was alive the whole time, hiding down here, plotting to kill them all? And it was all big practical joke none of them were laughing at?

...Eva, who had been just as dumbfounded as the others and had been staring at her father's dead body for several moments, suddenly began walking to the other side of the room.

Eva: "He said the clock, right?! ...Does anyone know how to disarm this thing?! It looks like there's a switch here... Can we really trust Father's word, or is this another trap that will get us killed?!"
>> No. 15449 edit
File 139555461173.jpg - (177.89KB , 850x1161 , sample-9538f796c92765bbc7e938e90103c69c.jpg )
"That should be the end. I can't see the point of any more surprises by now."
>> No. 15450 edit
Eva flips the switch.

The end.

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