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File 140169056776.png - (365.06KB , 433x375 , kinjoforeveralone2.png )
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The second thread of my game with Kinjo. Yes that is right, the second thread.

Hmm? "I can't find the first thread" you say? Perfectly understandable. I'll explain.

On October 5th a radio signal was heard coming from Rokkenjima. Police were sent to investigate and confirmed a murder had occurred. Kinjo quickly rushed to the scene with a team of men to investigate however the storm picked up again preventing any reinforcements from getting to the island. Before the storm cleared up disaster struck! Who knows what happened next?

Let us resume the game and find out.

Now that the game is over you can read the first thread here.

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File 130827127155.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
Oh good, I've remembered everything? Then I should also remember the wounds on each body. After all, I had them photographed for a reason..

I recall the photographs depicting the wounds for each and every victim, one last time.
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File 137739506911.png - (802.53KB , 1080x768 , ozaki_94.png )
Eva - Shot multiple times in random areas
Hideyoshi - Shot multiple times, mostly in the face
Rudolf - Shot in the back of the head
Kyrie - Shot in the back of the head
Krauss - Shot multiple times in random areas
Natushi - Shot multiple times in random areas

Jessica - Shot in the side of head, hole in leg
Kanon - Shot in the chest, hole in leg

Gohda - Shot in the face multiple times
Rosa - Shot multiple times in random areas
Genji - Shot multiple times in random areas

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File 131683875028.png - (173.36KB , 434x480 , thedoctorsweapon.png )
Battler didn't die. The corpse that was found wearing the white suit in the chapel was Kinzo's, who was murdered before the game started. He was murdered by Krauss, who returned to the dining hall, barricaded the door, and died from the gunshot wounds. Battler had shot Krauss in self-defense at the very end, and then ran away through the underground tunnels and survived the Rokkenjima Incident, while Krauss, the culprit, did not.

Last edited at 14/06/05(Thu)13:14:58
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File 133480972472.jpg - (20.13KB , 157x200 , ozaki epic wind back edit.jpg )
Well you are correct that Battler shot someone, and that the body was someone elses; however the body is not of Kinzo. Krauss is not the culprit, Battler is.

With that being said I will explain the solution.

The answer is basically the old 'Battler really isn't Battler" solution. He was hired by Kyrie and Rudolf to pose as their son. While on the island he discovered the gold by solving the epitaph and also found Shannon getting ready to kill everyone.

Shannon handed over the bank card full of money(after all the gold pile was said to be uneven) and after some discussion the fake Battler convinced her to help with killing everyone anyway, after all with this much money he didn't need Kyrie and Rudolf.

He showed Kyrie and Rudolf the gold and money to get them on his side and they went to the dining room where all the adults and Genji were. With Kyrie and Rudolf help they shot everyone there, and then Shannon and Battler shot them in the back of the head. Gohda and Kanon were in the kitchen so they killed them as well.

Shannon convinced Battler to allow her to set up crime scenes in weird ways as well as hand over the rifle he was using(he agreed since he had brought a hand gun anyway). Battler went back to the guesthouse and pretended everything was fine. Shannon called Jessica out and killed her. Then started to set up the first few rooms, Genji and Rosa were in the dining room as well and were moved with the garbage bags in the trash can in order to not spill blood. She then called again asking for Battler's help when George picked up, George didn't like Shannon and Battler getting so close and told Battler that they were needed at the garden shed.

Once there George asked him about Shannon and what have you so Battler laughed which caused th
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File 140162181220.jpg - (147.79KB , 850x794 , sample-158cafd32b8091350be168daf729.jpg )
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This is my second game, and I'll try to make it a good one. It's a more complicated mystery.

- The format is a standard blue and red battle. Post a theory in blue, I'll counter with the red.

-Any number of people can participate.

-You have to find the whodunnit, and the howdunnit.

Also, Genji is the detective.

Without any further ado, let's begin.


Kinzo Ushiromiya was ill, bad tempered and above all very, very mad.
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>> No. 15254 edit

Genji locked the ladder in the gardening shed after using it. The ladder was not involved in the murder.

Last edited at 14/06/04(Wed)05:24:59
>> No. 15255 edit
Well then.

The culprit used the phone cord of the wall-mounted phone, or some other cable-like object in the room, to climb out of the window.

Oh and about that error thing.
The culprit put something between the doorframe when Genji brought Kinzo his meal. To keep it open for the murder later.

Later it was still in the door causing an ERROR. After seeing this the culprit secretly removed it.

>> No. 15256 edit
File 140188707768.jpg - (242.16KB , 869x1208 , 1.jpg )
Wha - I was defeated in one fell swoop?!

It's close enough. Here's the full solution. Rudolf was the culprit, and after secretly following Genji up when serving his Master's meal, Rudolf used the economics booklet mentioned earlier to prop the door open for later. Once Genji had left Rudolf entered and shot Kinzo, however upon finding that it failed quickly took the telephone cord and strangled Kinzo to death with it.

He then tied the cord to the desk and climbed down to the first floor, reaching the parlor just in time for Genji to see him. When they all went up to the study and Gohda typed the code, it indeed showed error because the door wasn't fully closed. When Rudolf typed the code he kicked the booklet away and closed the door and managed to get the keypad working. Since Rudolf was the first one in he managed to remove the booklet and the cord before anyone could properly examine them.

Good job. Til the next time.
>> No. 15257 edit
Heh, so everything the killer used was actually mentioned in the narrative. Good job.

The red about the window being impossible to climb out of threw me off since I assumed this included any possible equipment. I'll make sure to ask for clarification next time. Until then.

Last edited at 14/06/04(Wed)07:18:21

File 139440773539.jpg - (117.98KB , 445x582 , 14a36d0519cd296ea338c2c8afd131b7.jpg )
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The game has ended, however the mystery has been left unsolved.
This thread is for anyone and everyone who wishes to post their own theories, and discuss parts of the game to eventually reach a solution. Keep in mind this is meant to be a casual discussion so feel free to post as many theories/ideas/notes as you want.

No more red will be made until it is time to reveal the answer, and all red shall be compiled in this thread for quick viewing.
Naturally, major spoilers are within this thread so read the game first.

First Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13457.html
Second Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13725.html

Upon a sufficient theory being made, in order to leave room for more discussion I won't respond right away. Some time after that I will post the solution.



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File 139880049483.jpg - (150.22KB , 500x388 , erikaO.jpg )
Just posting a few thoughts here for today; I should be able to get on Skype for proper discussion tomorrow.

The part about Kanon is almost certainly right. The question is, who was the "fake Kanon" whose body was found in the boiler room and who Ozaki apparently met in the kitchen? You'd think that there would be something in the game to hint at this if it really follows Knox's 8th, so I'm not sure we can consider it fully solved yet. It's also interesting that, outside of that unreliable scene in the kitchen, I don't believe we ever saw Kanon once throughout this entire game...So where was the real Kanon, what was he doing, and how did he get killed?

Nanjo's room seems to be fairly straightforwardly solved if the statements about the lock being set are unreliable, and we already know about the discrepancies in >>13824 so, disregarding the posts relating to the final riddle, that only leaves two more of these posts to look at - >>13804 and >>13806 - which I'm not really sure what to make of. I'm assuming that these are related to the weird part where everyone disappears; I'll have to take a closer look at it when I have more time.
>> No. 15025 edit
Rambling post about whos and whys incoming. This probably isn't going to help with the whodunnits, but there's three parts to this, and we've only sorted one, so time to take a crack at the rest.

Regarding Kanon, we know that the 'fake' Kanon is younger than Gohda, based on the post where he and Gohda escort Ozaki to his room shortly after the start of the game. The 'real' Kanon is present on the island, although we only see him twice; once at dinner, and once when Natsuhi sends him and Genji to search for further survivors. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the last time we see Kanon, and Genji ends up dead shortly afterwards.

Regarding the motive, the only pattern I can see here is that the victims are Kinzo and his servants (mystery fake Kanon aside). Kinzo's rant seems directed mainly at Krauss and Eva, but it's a flimsy motive...

Regarding who has opportunities for what, let's start with Nanjo, seeing as his death is the easiest to pin down, time-wise. The culprit here has to be a member of Ozaki's group, as everyone else was with Rika in the parlor, and as she noticed Krauss' visit to the bathroom, I'd imagine she'd notice any other movements there too. Gohda remains with Ozaki for the duration after Rosa and co.'s disappearance, which narrows it down to Maria, Rosa, George or Shannon... For this murder, at least.

Frankly, I'm leaning towards Rosa being the culprit, or at least involved in a large capacity. We saw her visit the guesthouse, she was at the table where the letter was found... I'd do more puzzling out, but I've run out of time. I'll come back to this later.
>> No. 15066 edit
File 140036402357.png - (48.90KB , 240x200 , thumb.png )
It's had us stumped for months, but we're finally nearing a theory. The truth behind this nightmarish gameboard is about to be revealed! We've got seven days to fill in the blanks, but given we've got this far, I'm sure it's possible.

So, how was this whole nightmare possible? Simple. The culprits of this gameboard are Rosa and Gohda, with Shannon as an accomplice!

An unlikely partnership, I know. But to understand its origins, we have to move back before the start of this gameboard. Kinzo's speech on the first evening underlines one single idea: his children are useless. But why has it taken him so long to make this appearance, and say this? Why at this family conference?

The truth is, Kinzo lied during that speech. By the time Ozaki and Rika arrived on the island, the epitaph had long since been solved by Kanon. However, as a mere servant, and not of Ushiromiya blood, he could never become Kinzo's heir. However, in a rare moment of kindness, Kinzo agreed to share the inheritance amongst the servants.

That night, he laid the grounds for this idea amongst the family, so that when his death came about, it would not be as a total surprise that the siblings inherited nothing. However, what should have been taken as a warning was taken as a challenge by Rosa, the child who had never achieved anything of worth. That night, spurred on by her father's scorn, she solved the epitaph, and using Kinzo's request for his dinner to be brought up as cover, she confronted him, possibly with Gohda in tow to act as a witness.

What happened then would set off the chain of events that lead to the end of the gameboard. Kinzo revealed the truth, that her claim was invalid, and that the epitaph had already been solved. Refusing to accept this, after all her work, Rosa killed him in a fit of anger, and proclaimed herself the true successor. She laid out the scene as an accident, moving Kinzo's body to the VIP room. Perhaps Gohda helped, the idea of the old man slipping on a wet carpet is certainly something only a buffoon could come up with.

Aware that her cl
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>> No. 15368 edit
File 140399586073.jpg - (346.34KB , 600x800 , Frederica_Bernkastel_full_256160.jpg )
I shall now reveal the solution to this game.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 140143764431.jpg - (9.07KB , 188x268 , download.jpg )
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This is my first game, and I'll try to make it a good one. It's a simple one-off mystery.

- The format is a standard blue and red battle. Post a theory in blue, I'll counter with the red.

-Any number of people can participate.

-You have to find the whodunnit, howdunnit and whydunnit. The game will end once all three mysteries have been solved.

Also, Jessica is the detective.

Without any further ado, let's begin.


Jessica woke up that day in a state of great excitement. George and his family were coming to visit the island today. The adults she didn't particularly care about, but she hadn't seen her cousin George in two years, and she was incredibly pumped to meet him after so long.
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>> No. 15095 edit
File 140145648518.jpg - (8.20KB , 198x254 , images.jpg )

The door can only be locked from the inside.

The window can only be locked from the inside.

The lock is not broken and functions just like any other lock.

When the door is locked, it cannot be opened no matter what.

No cheap tricks exist!
>> No. 15096 edit
File 140145767359.png - (275.18KB , 540x480 , leo_1067.png )
Alright, let's go with something else entirely.

>When Jessica woke up and found the others outside the door, the door was definitely locked.

The door was unlocked during the time Jessica went to get the dining cart with the servant. The murders were done during that span of time, put the key where it was found then the culprit (Of course, George) just closed the door.
Then the other came back and smashed the door without bothering to check the lock.

How's that ?
>> No. 15097 edit
You're absolutely correct.

By this point, the whydunnit and whodunnit should be pretty obvious by now, so I'll just give the full answer. George had planned to marry Shannon, however his parents found out and got into a heated argument on the consequences of such a taboo in the midst of the inheritance discussion. Regardless of their feelings however George decided they were a threat to his future marriage and murdered them both while they were caught off guard. He then took the key, locked the door, and called the others. While they were gone looking for tools to break the door down George unlocked the door, placed the key back inside and closed the door. No one checked the door was still locked and therefore broke down an unlocked door. The purpose of the locked room murder was to force the conclusion of a suicide and remove himself from suspicion.

I guess this really was too simple for the veterans of /seacats/. Til the next time, then.

Last edited at 14/05/30(Fri)07:06:34
>> No. 15098 edit
File 137659477517.png - (258.27KB , 406x480 , leo_1001.png )
Ah, well, that was fast.
Well, thank you for that, might have been fast but don't let that discourage yourself.
See you next time, we're always happy to get some new people, especially ones who write gameboard.

File 13994229323.png - (112.21KB , 432x501 , masculinehat_seacats.png )
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Youkoso, beloved peons of the gameboard! Be honored to witness the rare clash of wits between your admirable kami-sama and some orbital seacat vagrant!

The rules of the game are simple!

1. The player must prove that a human culprit was possible for each of a series of deaths!
2. If the witch is the only possible culprit, I win and the player loses! If a death is the result of magic, it's my victory!

However, a simple game such as this is unsuitable for my wonderous and long-awaited return. Therefore, I'll introduce three additional features of the game!

The setting is a「SPECIAL BUILDING」! That is, it's unrelated to Rokkenjima!

The cast are「DIFFERENT CHARACTERS」! That is, they're unrelated to Rokkenjimans!

The humans each possess a「MYSTERIOUS TECHNOLOGY」, or perhaps a 「PSYCHIC POWER」! That is, something different from magic!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 15022 edit
File 139949264610.png - (24.16KB , 223x246 , georgewaaait.png )

Person 3 intentionally caused Person 1 to cause her death, right. Logically, that fits the definition of Person 3 killing Person 1 while avoiding the issue of people other than Person 1 being able to kill people.

Person 1 took an intentional action that unintentionally caused her own death. However, since Person 3 intended to cause Person 1's death, this was not an accident.
>> No. 15023 edit
File 136397417211.jpg - (61.21KB , 508x590 , 259653.jpg )
I'd say that it is George's loss. Strictly going by the red.

>Everyone was killed!
>Person 1 performed the actual killing
>'Killing' refers to intentionally causing the death of a being.
>Moreover, as the death was not intentional, it isn't considered a suicide

She 'killed' herself, thus unintentionally causing her death. However killing must be intentional by definition, so by saying in red that her death was not intentional, it contradicts. Otherwise she would have committed suicide, which goes against the power of Person 2.
>> No. 15024 edit
File 139943772554.png - (142.20KB , 407x439 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
Even if you acceded victory, you lied in red.
>> No. 15026 edit
File 139951626339.jpg - (12.77KB , 235x232 , minigeorgesmirk.jpg )

It only appears to be a lie to logicless plebians.

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