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This is my first game, and I'll try to make it a good one. It's a simple one-off mystery.

- The format is a standard blue and red battle. Post a theory in blue, I'll counter with the red.

-Any number of people can participate.

-You have to find the whodunnit, howdunnit and whydunnit. The game will end once all three mysteries have been solved.

Also, Jessica is the detective.

Without any further ado, let's begin.


Jessica woke up that day in a state of great excitement. George and his family were coming to visit the island today. The adults she didn't particularly care about, but she hadn't seen her cousin George in two years, and she was incredibly pumped to meet him after so long.
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File 140145648518.jpg - (8.20KB , 198x254 , images.jpg )

The door can only be locked from the inside.

The window can only be locked from the inside.

The lock is not broken and functions just like any other lock.

When the door is locked, it cannot be opened no matter what.

No cheap tricks exist!
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File 140145767359.png - (275.18KB , 540x480 , leo_1067.png )
Alright, let's go with something else entirely.

>When Jessica woke up and found the others outside the door, the door was definitely locked.

The door was unlocked during the time Jessica went to get the dining cart with the servant. The murders were done during that span of time, put the key where it was found then the culprit (Of course, George) just closed the door.
Then the other came back and smashed the door without bothering to check the lock.

How's that ?
>> No. 15097 edit
You're absolutely correct.

By this point, the whydunnit and whodunnit should be pretty obvious by now, so I'll just give the full answer. George had planned to marry Shannon, however his parents found out and got into a heated argument on the consequences of such a taboo in the midst of the inheritance discussion. Regardless of their feelings however George decided they were a threat to his future marriage and murdered them both while they were caught off guard. He then took the key, locked the door, and called the others. While they were gone looking for tools to break the door down George unlocked the door, placed the key back inside and closed the door. No one checked the door was still locked and therefore broke down an unlocked door. The purpose of the locked room murder was to force the conclusion of a suicide and remove himself from suspicion.

I guess this really was too simple for the veterans of /seacats/. Til the next time, then.

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File 137659477517.png - (258.27KB , 406x480 , leo_1001.png )
Ah, well, that was fast.
Well, thank you for that, might have been fast but don't let that discourage yourself.
See you next time, we're always happy to get some new people, especially ones who write gameboard.

File 13994229323.png - (112.21KB , 432x501 , masculinehat_seacats.png )
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Youkoso, beloved peons of the gameboard! Be honored to witness the rare clash of wits between your admirable kami-sama and some orbital seacat vagrant!

The rules of the game are simple!

1. The player must prove that a human culprit was possible for each of a series of deaths!
2. If the witch is the only possible culprit, I win and the player loses! If a death is the result of magic, it's my victory!

However, a simple game such as this is unsuitable for my wonderous and long-awaited return. Therefore, I'll introduce three additional features of the game!

The setting is a「SPECIAL BUILDING」! That is, it's unrelated to Rokkenjima!

The cast are「DIFFERENT CHARACTERS」! That is, they're unrelated to Rokkenjimans!

The humans each possess a「MYSTERIOUS TECHNOLOGY」, or perhaps a 「PSYCHIC POWER」! That is, something different from magic!
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File 139949264610.png - (24.16KB , 223x246 , georgewaaait.png )

Person 3 intentionally caused Person 1 to cause her death, right. Logically, that fits the definition of Person 3 killing Person 1 while avoiding the issue of people other than Person 1 being able to kill people.

Person 1 took an intentional action that unintentionally caused her own death. However, since Person 3 intended to cause Person 1's death, this was not an accident.
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File 136397417211.jpg - (61.21KB , 508x590 , 259653.jpg )
I'd say that it is George's loss. Strictly going by the red.

>Everyone was killed!
>Person 1 performed the actual killing
>'Killing' refers to intentionally causing the death of a being.
>Moreover, as the death was not intentional, it isn't considered a suicide

She 'killed' herself, thus unintentionally causing her death. However killing must be intentional by definition, so by saying in red that her death was not intentional, it contradicts. Otherwise she would have committed suicide, which goes against the power of Person 2.
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File 139943772554.png - (142.20KB , 407x439 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
Even if you acceded victory, you lied in red.
>> No. 15026 edit
File 139951626339.jpg - (12.77KB , 235x232 , minigeorgesmirk.jpg )

It only appears to be a lie to logicless plebians.

File 139581368431.png - (431.67KB , 853x480 , bernange.png )
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First Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13902.html


"Well?" I look at Bernkastel, who has uncharacteristically barely spoken up throughout the course of the game.

She cocks her head. "'Well', what?"

"The game. You must have some thoughts."

"You want my opinion? Here it is: the game is amateur, innovative just for gimmicky effect, and, above all else, bland. I can't wait to watch these people die, and I'm not just saying that this time."

I grit my teeth, but Ronove places his hand on my shoulder. "Perhaps she is not the best source for level-headed criticism, m'lady."

"Do you want to make it interesting?" Bernkastel asks. "Make it. Repeat in red-- 'Shannon committed suicide and was not forced or pressured to.'"
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File 139849508696.png - (457.52KB , 640x480 , scr_163.png )
"Don't worry, Amy-san," Kyrie walks from behind the staircase. "I'm not dead. I used the panic to investigate Eva's room. Nothing really interesting, I'm afraid."

"What are we going to do now?" Gohda asks. "The killer has a gun and we're in the open!"

"You mean one of these?" Kyrie throws her rifle on the floor. "They're totally worthless. It looks like whoever did that number on Krauss was smart enough not to leave us armed after all."
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File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
"Are you talking about the ammo? I took that as well last night and I have it here. Never thought it would come in handy."
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File 139857182373.png - (523.64KB , 640x480 , scr_160.png )
"W-why would you do such a thing?" Natsuhi asks.

"I don't know if we can be angry with him," Rudolf says. "After all, the culprit doesn't have any ammunition thanks to what he did."

"We can't discount the possibility that there's more ammo on the island than what he scavenged," Kyrie says. "For now, we should load the rifles. Ozaki, hand me the bullets."

Kyrie approaches you.

Last edited at 14/04/26(Sat)21:11:16
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File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
I give her a few and divide the rest upon the rest of the people with guns.

Third Thread http://seacats.net/gameboard/res/14802.html

File 139675557711.png - (663.06KB , 1215x683 , rokkenjima2.png )
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Link to last thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13862.html

Last time: GE arrived on Rokkenjima, Got trolled by Kumasawa, was cruel to Shannon, went to sleep, woke up, played tag with the stakes, accepted Valefor and denied Amy, and was killed by Valefor...?
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File 131598247286.png - (90.64KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwaraia2.png )
"I told you, I don't handle boredom well. This is just a way for my to drum up some excitement~"

Jessica scowls at Bernkastel. "Who are you?! What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for some fun!" She tells Jessica. She looks at you. "You're method is just so boring. I simply have to create some excitement."

"Oh? We have a guest?"

You hear a voice behind you. Upon turning around you see Kumasawa standing there.

"Yes. I'd like to meet who lives here." Bernkastel tells her.

"Oh, right this way." She says.
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File 139486233236.png - (150.19KB , 364x469 , dla_majimea2.png )
"Lady Bernkastel," I follow her. "This is supposed to be my game to solve."
>> No. 14761 edit
File 13152931135.png - (91.10KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwaraia4.png )
"Oh, I don't plan on taking that away from you. I've just decided to have a little fun and spice things up a bit."

Bernkastel cackles before heading down the hallway with Kumasawa.

"I....I don't like this." Jessica says.
>> No. 14765 edit
File 139674267320.png - (147.51KB , 364x464 , dla_komarua1.png )
"Neither do I."

I follow Bernkastel and see what nefarious tricks she's planning.

File 139417539125.png - (2.73MB , 2429x1366 , 1879163-sea_1cf.png )
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The island of Rokkenjima where fantasy and reality exist at the same time. A new curtain is about to open, and a new story unfold.

Reality and magic will co-exist in this tale. The truth will be hidden away far from sight in the deepest darkness, but it exists, or does it?

A story on endless repeat, one who hunts witches has stepped forward to put an end to this tale and reveal the truth.

The game will end when the truth comes out, or fantasy takes over reality. So come let us join this dance where the two ideologies play.

Last edited at 14/03/06(Thu)22:58:21
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File 139675470179.png - (241.12KB , 640x480 , scr_9.png )
You rush into the forest and try to follow behind Valefor and Lucifer, however they are fast and had a head start which causes you to lose track of them.

In the pitch black darkness it is impossible to see anything. The trees tower over creating an impenetrable veil.

Still you press on trying to make your way through the forest.
>> No. 14522 edit
File 139675489617.png - (228.95KB , 640x480 , scr_10.png )
You realize the urgency and run as fast as you can, but it is dark. You can't see a thing in front of you.

You suddenly dash straight out of the forest, and WHOA!

Almost the edge of a cliff that suddenly appeared. The only thing that saved you was a fence preventing you from actually running straight off the cliff.

You wonder why a fence was built in this spot.

You hear the sound of footsteps and try to turn around, but you are shoved forward.

You are roughly pushed into the fence. But your attack isn't letting up, they are still pushing you, your body weight is pressing against the old wooden fence, and it is giving way!
>> No. 14523 edit
File 139675504673.png - (325.83KB , 640x480 , scr_11.png )
You have no time to resist and the fence breaks. You are falling off of Rokkenjima. Falling to the sharp rocks below the cliff.

"Sorry, it is just my nature to betray. No hard feelings Archbishop. See if you in the next life." Valefor says as he laughs.

You're going to die.
>> No. 14525 edit
File 139675528861.png - (331.08KB , 640x480 , scr_12.png )
Your body smashes against the unforgiving rocks. They are splashed red as blood pours out.

Second Thread http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/14526.html

Last edited at 14/04/05(Sat)20:40:38

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