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File 138726456860.png - (339.47KB , 1096x847 , brochure page 1.png )
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I welcome you all to the sign up thread of my next gameboard: Cabin on the Brink.

The players have already been determined, so this thread is merely a formality for the record. It will be an RP game with six player characters thrown into an original story using original pieces. Each shall receive a background which I will send them via private chat.

Attached you will find a brochure to your vacation destination. I do hope you packed appropriately.

As for rules, Green text shall be the primary method of moving your piece. I'm sure you're all familiar with how it works, yes?
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File 138726460511.png - (278.75KB , 1095x844 , brochure page 2.png )
edit:This game has totally gotten postponed. Don't expect it until some time in the future.

File 138317144220.png - (6.64KB , 96x96 , aa5badge.png )
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This is your Attorney's Badge. There are many badges like it, but this one is yours. Without your badge, you are nothing. With your badge, you are still nothing, but at least you have a badge, and that makes you feel better about yourself.
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File 137661988379.png - (67.89KB , 480x280 , 2(535).png )
Your client, Dew Yousee. He's been accused of theft of a bomb. He claims to have been mistaken for security detail.
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File 138335933273.png - (201.83KB , 417x525 , Haruhi11.png )
Public prosecutor in charge of this case. She speaks with determination and in a loud voice. She has a reputation for pursuing justice fiercely. Supposedly, whenever she gets bored with a case, bad things happen?
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File 138455203627.png - (1.02KB , 70x70 , note.png )
Note bearing Yousee's signature. It's a statement saying the undersigned has arrived and will be guarding the location.

File 138214541478.jpg - (89.35KB , 1064x600 , Ace Attorney-- Seacats.jpg )
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This is an open letter of invitation to prepare an Ace Attorney team of no more than 2 persons who will struggle together to unveil the truth in a Phoenix Wright-style courtroom brawl. Battle through testimony by shoving evidence in everyone's faces. Explore the wonderful world of the Seacat world as you search for scraps of paper you can call evidence. Despair as the prosecution piles on the evidence contradicting the innocence of your client.

Above all, of course, your client is innocent.

I'm currently fact-checking and compiling resources to present as much fun as I possibly can. The game will proceed as follows:

I will create four threads. One thread will be Court Records, where I will present all of the items accepted into evidence by the court. Another thread will be Collected Evidence, which is evidence that hasn't been formally accepted but which may be used. You cannot present items that were not posted in collected evidence, of course. Testimonies go in both these cases, too.

The third thread will be the game thread. All posting by players is done in the game thread. The players form the defence team, and so act out the role of defence attorney. Their task is to cross-examine witnesses, and through the process of cross-examination and presentation of evidence, they refute the claims of the prosecution. At any point during the court, the court may adjourn and the players are given the chance to investigate by doing some legwork. At that time there will be a thread for the investigation phase.

It's going to take some time to gather a solid case and present it to the players proper, and there'll be some kinks to work out as I transition NDS games to imageboard format, but I figured I'd check if there's any interest before even going forward with most of the groundwork.
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File 137662209999.png - (50.16KB , 480x280 , 5(236).png )
Upupupupu! Well, if you guys prefer it that way... I can make it happen.

However, I can't actually edit anything because I'm not a mod, so I'd prefer to keep a separate thread for the evidence.

Upupupu! Although I've an exciting idea for a Prosecution vs Attorney battle, there's no way to keep a Phoenix Wright-esque element as guaranteeing a suspect's innocence in. I'm thinking of what to do right now with that, but going on with writing out a case that can be solved with just the Attorney's side of play. It just involves me playing prosecution, judge and witnesses, which is a tiresome and thankless job but Monokuma is the hidden hero behind the shadows, combating the poison that kills witches tirelessly! Even without appreciation!

If there's any suggestions to make Attorney vs Prosecution as two player camps work, I'm open to ideas. I already know how to set up witness questioning, but I am stuck on investigations and how to determine a suspect. Especially when people already know the guilty/not guilty status of the suspect. Upupupu!
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There is an edit button now you know. The little green pencil thing in the corner of all posts.

Last edited at 13/10/25(Fri)17:30:57
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File 138295000390.jpg - (263.85KB , 804x496 , red.jpg )
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File 136198864671.jpg - (9.35KB , 280x220 , sgshrug.jpg )
Close enough.

File 137927869773.jpg - (73.15KB , 640x480 , 1379278594.jpg )
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First thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/12655.html
Second Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/12950.html

You ride the boat back to the mainland. Captain Kawabata sits beside you. If you're good, he says, you might even get to steer the ship!

The sky is a gentle blue and you lean back in your seat. What a soothing boat ride.

"Sorry nothing exciting happened during your stay," the captain says. "But hey, what can you expect with those rich-types? Everything's just a bore to them!"

Last edited at 13/09/15(Sun)14:07:00
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File 137989261479.png - (383.76KB , 640x480 , room.png )
You remove all the ammo in Rudolf's gun.

"I can't find any gold!"

What happened to the survivors at the chapel?
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File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
"Lets check the chapel."

I then go there.
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File 137989399845.png - (522.35KB , 640x480 , cha_o2a.png )
You and Kawabata walk to the chapel.

"Geez, looks like you had a tough weekend. Don't worry, the same kind of things happens when my wife's side of the family comes over. Actually, I remember..."

You're not listening anymore. You can't help but think about the chapel. In a way, it's a bit like that cat-box theory. Without looking inside, the survivors are, in a way, both dead and alive at once.

Will you be able to talk to the survivors? Will Leon still be alive?

Will anyone still be alive? Will you be able to apologize, create reasons for your actions on that night? Will there be anyone left to hear them?

There's no point in thinking about it. You're standing in front of the chapel now. You don't hear anything while you stand in front of the door.

You knock.

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File 137989428526.png - (363.66KB , 640x480 , end.png )

"Well, was your experiment a success?"

"Of course," replies Bernkastel. "The two trial games have worked spectacularly. I've learned that there isn't a single competent detective among them."

"Very good. You're ready, then?"

"Yes. I'll be launching my final siege on /seacats/. And none shall survive."


To be continued in Concealment of the Golden Witch.

Audio 綾倉盟 - Revive - (4.50MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 07_ 綾倉盟 - Revive.mp3 ) Length: 4:55
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Previous Thread: >>12261
(Until sound upload actually works)

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)22:16:01
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File 137928814560.jpg - (1.27MB , 850x1258 , sample_624dde85e6039165a7692d652690632e48583dbb.jpg )
Great job Squitcher, I wouldn't call it a failure though. You can think of it by mere chance that you chose a less-than satisfactory opponent, so I thank you for bearing with my long absences. The set up was great, probably what got me hooked. And everything came together nicely. The turn out during the heated parts of the actual gameplay were exciting, the how-dunnit trick was fresh and deserving of its title, albeit hard to pinpoint with all the semantics involved with two keys at once. The RP game really was a godsend though, I don't think it would be possible to have the right mindset without it, so I thank you for setting up that. The who-dunnit was a little less clear, but after reading it makes sense. I think I was just tunnel-visioned with Kanon and Shannon as possible suspects for too long. I mean, they had the damn master keys, so that should have been plain and clear that they're not involved with another key. The part about Rudolf being the obvious accomplice did come to mind, but for some reason I was just caught up in minor details of pronouns labeling the culprit male. All in all, this was really entertaining over the summer and I hope the experience didn't make you drop /gameboard/ altogether, because I know this had quite the opposite effect on me (When I was less fustrated anyway). Hopefully, I can one day make something near as thought provoking as this gameboard was, either as another game here or some other medium.

Anyway, I'm just really happy this game is over now, even if it's not the best outcome. Hope you didn't get the wrong impression that I didn't enjoy it with my melodramatic responses. You did good.

May it rest in peace...

Last edited at 13/09/15(Sun)17:06:57
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File 130854934890.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
>not female culprit
>> No. 13206 edit
File 137928947370.png - (150.50KB , 309x407 , ya ok.png )
>He then came back, put the new, useless roman numeral key 1 on Kruass's corpse
>He then came back,

Last edited at 13/09/15(Sun)16:59:26
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File 137703456883.jpg - (531.36KB , 740x1000 , Shishigami_Leo_full_1289595.jpg )
Always undermining yourself Camphor. I wouldn't consider you less than satisfactory. As I said, I consider you to have been at least a decent detective. Your skills are not the problem, just the dragging out of the game itself was.

Anyway, thanks. If you got that much out of this messy creation, then I'll simply be happy.
Now, this experience actually makes me want to create more gameboard to fill the frustration left behind, but I'm afraid classes won't let that happen that easily.
But it's not out of the question neither.

Thanks anon. I hope if there is ever a next one, such a problem won't occur again.

Follow through, Rudolf did.
Kyrie was in the parlor. Rudolf entirely took care of the 1st paradox by himself.

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