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File 137663114591.png - (1.26MB , 1200x984 , 00.png )
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Welcome everyone to this thread!
In this thread we will starting sign ups for Super Seacatsronpa 2 the(spiritual?) successor to the first Seacatsronpa.
This game is set to take place on /seacat/ island, a paradise where you have to bond with people and gain lots of Hope points and Hope Shards.

It is an experience you cannot miss!
We promise laughs, no mysteries, and obviously the ability to live and bond with others without the need of lewd and horrible stuff as murders.

Note: this game will have slightly different rules than the first. We now also have a variety of judges in order to assure the legitimacy of the mysteries.
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File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
I don't go to /a/ anymore ever.... that card was from Kinjo's Dangan Ronpa game (the first Seacat Ronpa)
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File 137696435562.gif - (528.84KB , 625x626 , 1376959274558.gif )
Alright then, since someone brought up the whole Bartender thing I figured you were the same person.
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Due to personal issues with the 3d world, someone abandoned the game, so there is a free spot, so anyone that wants to play they can send their ID
to this mail: Monomithesexyteacher@hotmail.com
>> No. 12659 edit

also the free spot was already filled~

File 137266565877.jpg - (662.51KB , 600x840 , 1c3267bb9d90c09c55aa8dfafddfa141.jpg )
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I make this thread today in order to put a game to rest.

Almost two years ago the first 1vs1 RP game was played out. Created by GreatEqualizer and played by Black Witch Rosa the game spanned 208 days due to multiple delays. However eventually despite this they were able to push forward and end the game with Rosa's victory.

That isn't the truth.

Due to many reasons the game's solution wasn't questioned and by pushing it away like a withered bouquet it was then forgotten. Time passed and due to a site mishap the first thread along with many others were deleted.


Luckily, I saved all the threads. Once I checked I had indeed archived it correctly I noticed that there was still some trickery left unsolved. In fact the whole solution Rosa proposed was never confirmed and was even avoided with the red. I brought this to the attention of the players and spectators back then, however again we soon forgot about it.

Until today.

Today I finally opened the archives and started reading purposely trying to avoid the "accepted" answer. Within a few hours, to my surprise I had reached a new, plausible answer. I debated whether or not to post my results so I consulted another. I asked Kinjo to also read the thread and attempt to solve it in the same way. Kinjo ended up making the same theory I did, even though I hadn't told him mine until after he had finished reading.
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File 137705125598.jpg - (37.68KB , 225x350 , dlanor_proud.jpg )

Sorry about that. Like I said, life pulled me away and after that I just got distracted and kind of forgot about the board. I'm definitely glad I remembered, though.

How does one join Skypecats?


Hey! I was active a while back. I mainly hung around /gameboard and made and participated in different games.
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File 137705153741.png - (290.17KB , 600x600 , eve_16.png )
Can't be helped, life happens after all. We just need to know your Skype address. Then we can add you to the Skypegroup.
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File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
We actually have more several Skype chats, though the most notable ones are "/gameboard/ general" and "Skypecats general"
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File 136920689760.png - (152.00KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile4.png )
Heya, GE. I'm a relatively new member who joined around the same time as Squitcher-san, but I've heard a lot about you, so it's nice to see you back here again. I'll definitely be following your game with Ozaki, although I'm expecting to be distracted by Lion's game for the next little while.

...I really should look into Skype myself some time, huh.

File 13324611501.png - (439.03KB , 574x420 , 00000000.png )
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a certain Umineko-inspired forum that I've discovered quite some time ago.
I think it was called something "Gameboard-" or "Gamemaster-" related, but my memory seems to be failing me.
Basically, the members made riddles on rokkenjima and other members tried to solve them.

Quite fun, I must say.

Please, if someone has any information, let me know.
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Eh, it's cool. You may want to wait for the eventual VN release since it's rather long right now. At least, assuming I get all the issues handled that will allow me to do a VN release.
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File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
I may remember it subconsciously because I glanced at it. Best to save it when I don't expect it.
>> No. 10807 edit
Alright then.

VN version ? That might be more convenient, yeah. Then I'll get on to it when you finish that version, sounds good, ganbare, etc.
>> No. 11419 edit
I forgot to thank you guys for your suggestions, I just got an email from Kinjo and replied there and forgot to check back here if any of you had tried to help. So if anyone else faces this problem, here's my solution:
Download the latest version of ONScripter and replace it with the one you downloaded in Kinjo's VN.

Audio Shiro Sagisu - 2EN15 0938 "Destiny" - (2.16MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 14 - 2EN15 0938 Destiny - edit.mp3 ) Length: 2:21
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Previous thread : >>11939

So, will our detective finally hit some truth ? A mystery that is. Go ahead and continue, charge with your blue. And try to solve this mystery, if you can do it, that is~

Last edited at 13/07/02(Tue)03:09:43
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You open the enveloppe, seeing it not one, but two letters. As you come upon the first words you realize you know both of them. The first one is the message that was found in the parlor, the second the last letter found in the basement. You figure there is some reason behind it, but as you turn over the first letter, you find written behind it in an elegant handwriting.
« Don’t think too hard about those. »
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File 137697370147.jpg - (506.16KB , 850x1128 , sample_ec48980c180f4676126ed2761692b5a442f7da9d.jpg )
"Alright, almost forgot about those letters for the howdunnit, so that's somewhat of a relief."

I take the key, and walk towards the door and enter it into the lock to turn.
>> No. 12606 edit
You approach the golden door, feeling tenser at each step. Once close enough, you take a deep breath and insert the golden key inside the keylock.
The key turns on its own and the door opens the same way. All you see behind is white, blindingly white light.
You step in wearily and the light starts to engulf you. As you leave behind the island and hear the music fading away you think about everything that you saw. You’re sure there were things of importance.
You think of the phrases in red, and remember that strange event at the storehouse
« Someone other than the culprit »
Then you remember the sensation of being someone else , and using the ring to get out.
You refeel the sensation of the pie falling on your head as you think about room 3, and groan slightly, then it was the use the ring to get in, the strange axe-made gash on rudolf’s forehead, the axe somehow there.
Then at last the final room. The torch and the hacksaw on the table... You think of all the objects before that disappeared, leaving only butterflies behind, outlasting a purpose you knew about... Then those two...
You think of your encounter with Virgilia, the tale she told you... And the boat. Yes the boat made out of those things you found in these three rooms. Then the ring again. And the golden key.
The truth. Theseus’s paradox.

The light starts to dim slightly as you end your collection of the events. And you find yourself in a familar room, a man stands in the middle, smiling as he sees you.
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File 137340032747.jpg - (61.38KB , 699x498 , 129970955137.jpg )
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This is a special game. It is very bare bones right now. But you can use the power of resurrection to piece the story together and get to the truth.

Good luck.
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File 137679129174.png - (170.91KB , 441x480 , nat_nayamua3.png )
"Rosa was indeed alive at the time Erika and co gathered in Jessica's room."
>> No. 12497 edit
File 137679297286.png - (171.05KB , 400x467 , enj_d21_不満1resize.png )
"And here I was so keen on my Jessica-theory with killing herself in the cupboard or Erika killed her after finding out she was the culprit through her famous beheading. . . I suppose it's not over yet.

Well anyway, Shannon is done with as well on the howdunnit as far as I can tell. In regards to the second twilight,

The culprit murdered Kyrie and Rudolf in their respective rooms and took their keys and nailed them to the wall. After locking the door and setting the chain lock for each, they exited through the open windows and switched the keys around. From the outside, the windows were locked through the same mechanism as before with autolocked windows as they shut them."

Last edited at 13/08/17(Sat)19:30:29
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File 137679322199.png - (159.38KB , 441x480 , nat_defa1.png )
"Neither Rudolf's nor Kyrie's rooms have auto locks on the windows."
>> No. 12579 edit
File 137679068212.png - (274.96KB , 500x591 , enj_d11_不満1resize.png )
After murdering both of them and taking their keys like explained above, the culprit locks the door behind them in room A with the opposite key and goes into room B and exits through door or window after planting the key, and locks them from the outside through a methods or mean without an autolock.

They do the above, but do not leave the room and instead hide. When Erika enters, the culprit manages to stay behind her and everyone else's field of vision to escape.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)16:52:28

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