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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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This is a special game. It is very bare bones right now. But you can use the power of resurrection to piece the story together and get to the truth.

Good luck.
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File 137679129174.png - (170.91KB , 441x480 , nat_nayamua3.png )
"Rosa was indeed alive at the time Erika and co gathered in Jessica's room."
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File 137679297286.png - (171.05KB , 400x467 , enj_d21_不満1resize.png )
"And here I was so keen on my Jessica-theory with killing herself in the cupboard or Erika killed her after finding out she was the culprit through her famous beheading. . . I suppose it's not over yet.

Well anyway, Shannon is done with as well on the howdunnit as far as I can tell. In regards to the second twilight,

The culprit murdered Kyrie and Rudolf in their respective rooms and took their keys and nailed them to the wall. After locking the door and setting the chain lock for each, they exited through the open windows and switched the keys around. From the outside, the windows were locked through the same mechanism as before with autolocked windows as they shut them."

Last edited at 13/08/17(Sat)19:30:29
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File 137679322199.png - (159.38KB , 441x480 , nat_defa1.png )
"Neither Rudolf's nor Kyrie's rooms have auto locks on the windows."
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File 137679068212.png - (274.96KB , 500x591 , enj_d11_不満1resize.png )
After murdering both of them and taking their keys like explained above, the culprit locks the door behind them in room A with the opposite key and goes into room B and exits through door or window after planting the key, and locks them from the outside through a methods or mean without an autolock.

They do the above, but do not leave the room and instead hide. When Erika enters, the culprit manages to stay behind her and everyone else's field of vision to escape.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)16:52:28

File 137635971882.png - (51.74KB , 480x280 , 5(245).png )
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Welcome Welcome in this thread Homu and I will start discussing what happened in Chapter 3 before episode 7 airs.....

So Homu has to find the culprit and the how dunnit

if he can't find everything I win.

I will give Homu 20 bullets for him to use, and I will start give certain statements

Bullet 40 :sky is blue
My statement...the sky is green.
He will reply with:
>the sky is green
that's wrong
Bullet 40: sky is blue
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File 137662917675.jpg - (111.91KB , 1000x768 , homu024.jpg )
I feel kind of bad for her.

But since I deal in killing witches, I'm over it now.
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File 13766292427.png - (123.96KB , 480x280 , 5(190).png )
My it seems I got caught.....I thought no one would found out it was me......

Now that my true name have been revealed, I will introduce myself, I am Taeko Yasuhiro but please call me celestia ludenberg, but I would be more happy if you would just call me Celes...

It was a nice time, I had really fun with all of you, my it was a gamble.....however....now I must go.....See you in the next life...

I sure had my fun......

*Makoto points out that even though the Queen of Liars appear calm and collected inside of herself she isn't*
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Well well, Now that the culprit was found its time for the SHOW!!!

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File 137637274894.png - (66.54KB , 480x280 , 2(509).png )

Even though Celes murdered two of our friends, SHE WAS ALSO OUR FRIEND!

You knew she would be tempted by money! I swear that one day we would bring you down together!

and so the third trial was finished. with only 7 of the 15 remaining....

The Winner is Homu who could solve all of this!

File 13726514766.png - (314.95KB , 852x480 , redlogo5.png )
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Alright alright, I suppose it's about time. THIS IS NOT A FINAL, FINISHED THING. It's basically meant to be "The YouTube Version: The VN Version." You can find a big list of concerns to note over at http://whabroad.wordpress.com/ where I explain all the stuff that's still broken. But it is readable, for a certain subset of readable, and doesn't appear to crash. Unless it does. Then tell me about that.

Direct Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5ui2bwcxlll0aq/redaction-1.0-all.zip

NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT AN ONSCRIPTER RELEASE! You can download and run the whole thing all by its lonesome. I've archived and encrypted all the files (all of 'em, pictures and music and scripts alike; you can't find a dang thing loose in the folder as far as I know), but Lord knows if that'll do me any good.

System requirements may be slightly higher for this than for ONscripter. It's running in OpenGL. Oh, and "S" takes screenshots.
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File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
I have been quite busy lately, hopefully I can give it a read next week.
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File 13729957493.png - (522.43KB , 841x474 , screenshot0012.png )
Ozaki, could I trouble you to check a couple spots if you've still got it installed? Someone is reporting missing music but I can't replicate it at all on my end. It's all consistently related to a secondary BGM channel, but I can't reproduce it.

Specifically, one of the problems he pointed out was here (this is the screenshot he included). There's supposed to be music here (it's a vocal version so it should be REALLY obvious), and in both versions I've checked there definitely is music there. Is that the case for you as well?

It's in Chapter 3.5, toward the end.
>> No. 12291 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Yep works for me. I noticed in some parts of the game if you scroll into the backlog the music will stop and won't trigger again.

None the less the BGM in that particular scene works fine.
>> No. 12292 edit
Same for you, huh? I can't figure it out then. It appears to work fine.

The music thing you might be mentioning is probably related to when it fades out. If you scroll back but not far enough back you might be at a point after a stop music line but before the new music starts. I might need to reexamine the way music transitions generally.

Only other thing I can think of is that it might be related to system language, although I can't see how as I removed all Japanese characters from any BGM file names and everywhere in the script (although it's entirely supported, as it's used a few times in dialogue).

Audio Kousaki Satori (MONACA) - Kaii no Ou - (2.95MB - 228 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 10 Kaii no Ou.mp3 ) Length: 1:35
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Hello everyone ! Welcome to my first gameboard. As it is my first, I'd like to warn you that it might be painful to read.
Also, anyone can participate.
Anyway, enjoy yourselves !

Theseus's Paradox

Hello everyone ! Welcome to the Meta-World. I am your beloved host, Squitcher. You are called here to solve a series of impossible murder.
How ? Who ? And Why ? That is what you must find, go ahead and break the witch's illusion.
The rules are standard : Blue Truth denies the witch's illusion, Red Truth is an absolute truth.
I'll put in a little hint system for you however, I'll explain it after having told the story.

There, go ahead, immerse yourselves once again in the world of the Ushiromiya family, and welcome.. To Theseus's Paradox !

Last edited at 13/06/19(Wed)11:56:19
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File 136338809565.png - (255.03KB , 383x480 , leo_2a.png )
The culprit did not use any of the windows to leave.

The window can only be locked while closed.

Last edited at 13/07/01(Mon)15:29:44
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File 137271913165.jpg - (87.96KB , 500x503 , tumblr_lxtc99FFc41qjugdxo1_500.jpg )
The door's hinges were adjusted so the culprit could still leave the room.
>> No. 12260 edit
File 13722367246.png - (278.81KB , 503x480 , leo_v3.png )
Nor the door nor its hinges were tampered with.
>> No. 12262 edit
new thread

File 137249354976.jpg - (673.54KB , 1539x1090 , gl-10.jpg )
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This is a different type of 'game' it isn't really a game, there is no red and no blue. You the reader have no influence as this is not a roleplay.

This is just a story, the goal is to simply read it, follow it as it twists and turns, and solve the mystery. Once the story reaches its end, I will request theories to be made, before the truth is revealed.

All feedback is welcome and encouraged, as I'm trying to polish up the story and make it as best as possible, this includes finding out what difficulty level the mystery is at.

I will try to update it at least once a day with more sections of the story. Thank you for taking the time to read this mystery novel I've had in the works since before I started reading Umineko. I hope you enjoy it.

Last edited at 13/06/29(Sat)01:13:16
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Monday September 14th 2009 - 6:25 PM

Blake opened the door to the dinning room and entered. The room was already filled with people. Dinner was set up cafeteria style; one long table was against the wall of the room and on it sat all the dishes. A long oval table lined with chairs sat in the center of the room. This was the table were almost everyone sat. A much smaller round table with eight chairs was a little ways away from the main table. This table was known as the teen table.

The people who sat at the teens table were; Blake, Rebecca, Luke, and Jasmine. As Blake walked towards the table he noticed two other teens sitting at the table. Blake sat down across from Luke.

Rebecca instantly noticed Blake and mentioned his presence to escape answering the question Jasmine asked her. “Blake there you are, what took you so long? These are the two new guests who checked in today; Lyre Scarlet and Raven Vere.”

Blake let out a chuckle. “Which one is the guy?” He snickered more when the male teen let out a growl.

The male teen looked about the same height as Luke. He had darker brown hair like the color of mahogany. His eyes were a deep shade of blue, and his eyes didn’t give away what he was thinking in the slightest. “Raven is a unisex name, not just a female name.”

He is about the same height as me; maybe a little taller. His arms have a bit of muscle, but I don’t think he has that much more than me. I think I could take him. Blake couldn’t help snickering more. “Sure it is, sure it is.” Blake answered in a sarcastic tone. “You believe what makes you happy.”

Raven growled again and angrily rose from his chair. “I’m not making it up. A lot of names are actually used for both sexes. Like Shannon, over 10% of people named Shannon are actually guys.”
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Monday September 14th 2009 - 7:50 PM

Blake laid on his bed and started pulled out a notebook. As he wrote he narrated what was written out loud. “The evil Blood Witch with her snake like tongue forced Lake the knight to go without food for one week, if he ever wants to see the princess Areca again. The princess was currently being held hostage and forced to work as a chamber maid to the three Medusa sisters. But this wasn’t enough to please the witch, she ordered Lake to do a certain task. But as he went on this quest the Dark Knight appeared in front of him. The Dark Knight tried to rile Lake, and it worked. Lake summoned a plant monster. Its vines wrapped around the Dark Knight’s limbs immobilizing him. Lake knew that Dark Knight wore layers of armor, so he knew the only way to hurt him as to attack his head where there was no armor. He had the thorny vines wrap around the Dark Knight’s neck and pulled backwards snapping his neck. Lake pulled out his sword and raised it into the air ready to stab the Dark Knight's head with it. He then sliced-”

A knock on the door interrupted him. He set the notebook Blake and opened the door. Rebecca stood in the doorway smiling at him. “We are are going to play some games, do you want to join us?”

Blake agreed and the left his room. As he stepped out of the room he heard Davis and Paige telling Ellie a bedtime story. A soft smile floated onto Blake’s face. Davis and Paige are selfish sometimes and lazy and they want others to do their work for them. But they really are good parents to Ellie at times.

He let out a chuckle as he listened to the story they made up on the spot. Throwing in all the crazy things Ellie suggested. What was originally a story of a princess became one about a hip gangster trying find his lost daughter in the ocean. Ellie’s mind really was a piece of work. She loved watching gangster movies with her mother, instead of the kiddy movies most kids liked.

Blake followed Rebecca down to the first floor and into the library where the others were waiting. Raven, Luke, and Jasmine sat next to each other at a large table setting up a board game. While Lyre s
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Monday September 14th 2009 - 9:50 PM – Bluebill Bar

Cameron and Davis sat on bar stools as they drank their liquor. They sat at the counter drinking their stress and problems away. They might have sat next to each other but in the size of their strain and troubles they were worlds apart.

Cameron slammed his drink down. “That brat really doesn’t understand. I try to make him, but he never gets it. He is stuck in his dreams; but reality isn’t that nice… dreams don’t happen.”
Davis looked down bitterly at his beverage. “Happiness really is just a fleeting thing. After I got married to Paige almost 6 years ago, I thought everything would be smooth sailing. But dreams never happen, or if they do they never last.” He let out a sigh. “Paige really should stop spending so much money.” He paused and frowned and starred at the drink with distain. “We can’t afford it.” Another pause before he finished his statement. “Anymore.”

Cameron laughed bitterly. “What am I doing just talking about one of my problems; you have it worse.”

Davis shook his head. “You’re mistaken, Cameron your problems are worse than mine. Your problems could cost you everything soon…” Davis paused. “You might even go to jail in the end.”

Cameron chugged the rest of his liquor down and ordered another one. “I’ll get through it. Alexia and I promised each other we would do what ever it takes to get through this.” He turned to look at Davis. “Want another?”

Davis shook his head. “No thanks; I’m going to head back.”

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Monday September 14th 2009 - 10:00 PM

“`Yes.” Rebecca jumped up from her chair and cheered. “I won.”

Raven tapped his fingers against the table as he made a frustrated sound. “It’s all luck.”

Rebecca playfully stuck her tongue out at him. “And you’re just jealous.” She turned and beamed at Blake. “Thanks for helping me win.”

Blake rubbed the back of his head slightly with his hand. And he starred down at the floor when he felt his cheeks turn red. “It was nothing.”

Rebecca smiled triumphantly at the game board. “I’m kind of hungry; I’ll bring us some snacks.”

Blake stood up from his seat when Rebecca headed towards the door. “I’ll help you.”

They left the library and headed to the kitchen in the main house. “You didn’t have to help me,” Rebecca said when they entered the kitchen. “I can do it myself.”
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