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"...Hm? Who goes there?" A voice speaks to you from the other side of the room. Where exactly 'the room' you're in is, you have no idea. Your memory is a blur. For thepast few minutes, you've been trying to get your bearings. Recall how you'd gotten to this strange place. But it just wasn't coming to you. And worse yet -- the more you thought about it -- you realized that you couldn't remember what day it was. Or the days leading up to your current predicament. Or your childhood. Or your name.

Somehow, it appears, you've lost your memory.

"Aah. I see." The voice speaks once more. As you finally muster the strength to lift your head, you see that the source is that of a beautiful blonde woman. One you don't recognize. Well, no surprise there, right? "Another guest, it seems. And one with no memory. What shame! ...Or should I consider this a blessing?" She lets out a quiet laugh. Followed by an elongated sigh. "...No. People like you can never truly be considered a blessing, can they...?" She wasn't making any sense.

You try to speak, but words simply refuse to come out. "Don't bother talking." She says simply. "You lack the proper form for such privilege." Another laugh. "...Oh, come now. Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one who put you in this position."

Who has, though?

"No clue." It's as if she's reading your mind. "What I do know, however, is that by some fate, you've wound up on my door. What a curse upon your soul must lie!" A giggle. "...Well then. Shall we begin? Surely, you don't want to drag this out?"

Begin what? Drag what out?
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The definition of 'locked' in the case of this door only states that the lock was engaged, not that it was performing its function. It had been tampered with previously such that it would appear locked but the door would still open. This was done by someone who was definitely in the room prior to then, per narration. Jessica.
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File 149142754356.png - (174.93KB , 572x600 , bea_b12_hanbeso1.png )
"The door was not tampered with in any way. It was performing the function a door would when 'locked'. In other words, it could not be opened without using a key to unlock it first!"
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File 149101120741.png - (66.78KB , 192x192 , IMG_0624.png )
The door needn't be closed in order to lock it. As long as it's not a dead bolt, it's possible to lock the door before it closes, then close the door, with no one being the wiser.

Also, the door can be locked without using a key.
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File 149142800875.png - (176.33KB , 572x600 , bea_b12_akuwarai3.png )
"The door had to be closed to be locked and a key had to be used to lock it!"


New thread: >>20515

Mainly because I bothered to type out the epilogue to this and it's turning out to be long as shit.

Continue to post your theories there, as per usual.

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Explanation and Rules

This game will differ from either a classic gameboard or a RP gameboard, though it will take elements from each. The reason for this is simple: the aim of the game is to explore an unknown gameboard, though one that is very similar to Rokkenjima for reasons yet to be discovered.

This game will be set in the year 2017, thirty years after a horrible tragedy occurred that claimed the lives of many people. On the thirtieth anniversary, a group of people gather at the place where it happened, trying to piece together the events of that tragedy so that the truth may finally see the light of day. Each has their own motives, be it fun, the challenge, or something more sinister. For the first time, however, there is one in their midst who should know what really happened.

I will be playing that person.

However, I will not simply reveal the truth. Instead, I shall act as directed by you all. Once every day or two (if my schedule holds up), I shall post a new section of the story, and end with a set of choices. After that, you all will have approximately 24 hours at least (maybe more) to vote about which of the choices to make. You can discuss it or just simply cast your vote. Each person only gets to vote for one action (so no double-voting or giving first/second/third choices.) Whichever action gets the most votes wins. In case of a tie, I will attempt to combine the two, but if that's impossible then I get to be the tiebreaker.

Well, Seacats, shall we see if together we can lift the veil of the past even as the intrigues of the present constrict around our necks? Only the truth can save us.

Welcome to the Future of the Diamond Queen.

Last edited at 15/12/18(Fri)23:41:11
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File 13118934377.png - (296.84KB , 640x480 )

"Sorry, sorry..." I gasped, trying to look like I'd just gotten too excited. I followed after her, out into the hallway and around. Up the stairs we went. Hurrying to the right, I saw a lot of people standing around outside the door to the first room, the Moris' room. One of the maids, Ayame I presumed was holding the other as she cried, which was probably Yuri. At a glance I could see that Mr. Itoh, Detective Yamauchi, and Chou weren't outside, and as Ms. Kojima and I approached the door I could see why. They were all inside, looking at a large reddish-brown stain that managed to stand out against the already reddish-brown carpet. To my untrained eye, if that was blood then it was far more than one or maybe even two people could lose and still be alive, and if the smell in the air was any indication, that was definitely blood. Detective Yamauchi was on one knee, gently placing his hand on the patch. Mr. Itoh was standing over his shoulder, frowning and looking at the stain as well. Chou was standing back by the doorframe, and when I tried to enter she put her hand out.

"I'm sorry, sir, but detective's orders." I looked over her shoulder to see the detective hold his hand out towards Mr. Itoh and rub his fingers together. Mr. Itoh nodded and they began a whispered conversation. I looked back to Chou and she shrugged helplessly.

I sighed. It seemed that I had missed my chance to look inside the room at this moment. "Alright, what do you know?" I asked my faithful friend and assistant.

She frowned, looking over her shoulder, before whispering to me, "Well, I didn't get much of a chance to look, since we were trying to see if there was anyone in need of medical attention. But I'm pretty sure there's no one else in this room. I also had to unlock the window to look outside in case they'd been dropped out. They hadn't been. I think the snow looked undisturbed too."

Well, it was better than nothing, I su
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File 14355096903.jpg - (86.54KB , 1200x800 , 76-2.jpg )
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Lightning flashed across the sky, splitting and fragmenting the dark grey ceiling of clouds like cracks spider-webbing across a broken window. A particularly loud boom of thunder arrived a couple moments later, further enhancing the idea that the stormy barrier had been broken through by some great force.

It was around four in the afternoon, though there was no way to tell that from the color of the sky. On the beach of Rokkenjima, a solitary human figure had just washed up like so much flotsam. None could guess where he had come from originally, looking out at the sea. The clouds and the waves seemed to meet at the horizon, brought together by a wall of rain, sealing them on this lonely cursed island until the storm passed.

Meanwhile, in the guesthouse, Battler Ushiromiya was putting away the luggage he had brought with him, laughing and joking with his cousins whom he hadn't seen for years. As the thunder struck the guesthouse strongly enough for all to feel it in their bones, Battler fell silent for just an instant. In that moment, the Battler that could have existed in this iteration of the catbox vanished, and a different one appeared. This one was both a vessel and a piece for a soul that existed outside this world, and yet would endeavor to bring justice to those who were about to suffer their eternal tragic fate.

These two brave souls had broken through the walls of the catbox in order to challenge the mystery of Rokkenjima, and maybe even find the Cage of the Golden Witch.

Would these people be saviors, or heralds of doom?

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File 148887539055.png - (180.71KB , 594x600 , But_a11_oya2.png )
He whistled as he listened to Jessica's story, keeping a firm hand in his pocket. His cousin was really taking his next step towards becoming a real adult wasn't he? He was happy for George, but somewhere deep in his heart he couldn't shake off the vague feeling of loneliness at seeing them both about to step into adulthood. George-Aniki sure is a lucky guy, being able to live his dreams like that.

His thoughts were disturbed, however, when Maria brought up a certain name. He stared down at the small girl curiously, his smile fading. "Beatrice...? You mean that witch of the forest? People are still spreading stories about her?"

Last edited at 17/03/07(Tue)01:26:58
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File 148894837364.png - (406.05KB , 617x1018 , Ushiromiya_Maria3.png )

"Uuu! They're not just stories, silly Battler! If Beatrice was here, she'd be able to make everybody happy, especially George and Shannon! That's why this year Maria's going to cast the spell to set her free! It'll work this time! Uuu!" said Maria, happily, as she located the cards and put them on the table.

"After we beat George, though, right Maria?" asked Jessica, in the tone used when an adult is just trying to gently keep a little kid on track.

"Yes! It's needed for the spell, uuu!"

Jessica looked at Battler and rolled her eyes so that only he could see.
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File 149009299692.png - (168.82KB , 464x600 , but_b11_hohoemi1.png )
He gave Jessica a grin before walking over to Maria and sitting down next to her. Now he got it, this was some kind of play Maria was partaking in. He wondered if Beatrice was a popular subject with the girl. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination, as Maria seemed to be in love with witches. He decided it was probably best to play along for now, indulge in the girl's fantasy.

"Ohhh, a spell huh Maria? Why do we need to beat Aniki? Is beating his six year long winning streak important for breaking some curse?" He grinned over at Maria, before reaching over to pat her on the head.

"Well, you're lucky I decided to come this year. The past six years you didn't have me, now that I'm here his winning streak's gonna be smashed for good!"
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File 149135447976.png - (129.97KB , 294x478 , Mar_a23_gloating_1.png )

"Uuu! Gonna win the crown, gonna win the crown!" said Maria, happily.

Jessica smirked. "You know that would be easier if we didn't constantly try to shoot the moon, right Maria? There are other ways to win in a game of Hearts."

"But we have to get to the moon, remember?" replied Maria in the tone that all children use when explaining things to clueless adults. Then she began to recite something:

"Behold the Golden Witch, savior of the One-Winged Eagle, trapped now in the world of spirits.
Those who seek to free her from her Golden Cage must open the Seven Portals which block the path.
Seek the Crown’s Pedestal, for from there one who is wise can sense all Portals.
To begin the journey to the Golden Cage you must stand on the Moon, and to reach the Golden Cage you must reach the Moon.
Disembowel the six who hold the keys, to clear the way to the Portals.

As the path to freedom is walked, sacrifice from what remains to open the Portals to the Golden Cage.
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File 148873482756.png - (274.89KB , 640x480 , int.png )
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Hello. Welcome to a new gameboard I made. The rules are as follows:

* The game will be played through arguments rather than traditional red vs blue. The players will be required to present a theory explaining the murders and their reasoning behind it. Thus, no shotgunning will be allowed. There will have to be a clear thread of logic behind each and every assumption.
* That said -- this game is a lot less tight-knit than my other ones. In other words, there will probably be some strong theories that sufficiently explain the crime, but are not my intended truth. Those theories, when the time comes for it, I will deny with the red truth. (Keep in mind, though, I will also take advantage of this to take you off-track...)
* This game hasn't actually been tested, unlike my previous ones here. In other words, I have no idea how it will work. It also hasn't been sufficiently proof-read, so if there are any parts of the text that are unclear or just flat-out don't make sense, please point them out to me and ask me to clarify. I'd hate for you to theorize down a wrong path because I poorly worded something (or just lost my train of thought while typing a long sentence or something).
* The win condition is determining the whodunnit, howdunnit and whydunnit.
* Putting my cards on the table - the prologue is purely optional and holds no clues to the identity of the culprit, aside from the few red truths present in it to establish an objective viewpoint.

Onto some general definitions:

* The culprit is the one responsible for the deaths that take place on the night/early morning during which this story takes place in. (The reason for this definition is because I don't want to deal with a headache when it comes to traps/devices, etc. Those are fair game, as long as it's explained how they work in sufficient detail. The second part, to clarify -- the murders take place from the night of one day and then carry over into the early morning of the following day. There is a death mentioned in this story that takes place before the events described, so
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File 148943033081.png - (104.39KB , 415x480 , bu3_majimea3s.png )

When I talked about Eva and Hideyoshi having a head start over Rosa, it couldn't have been over a minute in total.

Given my description of the hallway from earlier, Eva would've definitely needed to pass by Rosa to get back to her room in your scenario.

And regarding the VIP room key - when I said 'nobody left the parlor until the police came', I mean it. It's a bit unfair to just not mention someone conveniently leaving for the bathroom.

Last edited at 17/03/14(Tue)02:25:30
>> No. 20296 edit
Let's try again.

Eva had more than a minute to carry out her plan, because she didn't come back down the stairs. Hideyoshi goes to their room after dinner, but Eva goes upstairs and carries out her plan where Krauss and Natsuhi die. At some point during this, Rosa starts waiting outside Kyrie's room, but that doesn't matter. Eva finishes up, returns the room key to Krauss's pocket, and flips the switch whilst she's inside Room Z, allowing her to move from Room Z to the VIP Room. She hides here until Sayo and Battler enter (probably amongst some furniture, since everything was covered with sheets) and then slips away into her room next door when they leave. She never had to go past Rosa.

The key was replaced by Eva at some point, because it's actually a duplicate key. Maybe Eva had it made to enable her to carry out her original plan for Natsuhi's death? Maybe it was meant to create another locked room murder?

For the record, I was originally referencing "Most of us even suppressed the urge to go to the bathroom." Most doesn't mean all~

>> No. 20297 edit
File 148956575822.png - (148.15KB , 466x314 , gg.png )
Close enough.

I acknowledge your victory!

(For further clarifications, you can check one of the posts way above with the full solution.)

Last edited at 17/03/15(Wed)01:16:18
>> No. 20298 edit
File 148972174964.jpg - (66.63KB , 480x485 , IMG_20160812_171402.jpg )

Well done, well done. With two people having solved it, I acknowledge defeat.

Looking at the solution...argh! I was so close. Granted, there's only my word for this, but I was almost certain it was Eva. I even had the George-suicide-caused-by-discovery thing figured. I just didn't think Eva could have gotten out of the VIP room without Rosa seeing.

Ah well. Excellently-thought-out mystery. I applaud you.

Last edited at 17/03/16(Thu)20:38:58

File 148105053877.png - (396.83KB , 640x480 , 001.png )
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" Why, hello there. Isn't the sound of the ocean relaxing?"
A girl curtsies before you.

"Welcome to Rokkenjima Island, 1986. The lot of you arrived just in time: there are enough corpses for everyone."

The girl giggles morbidly. She then throws her arms up in a shrug.

"Looking at your faces, I can already tell you have no problem with death. < G o o d ! >, since you're here to solve a murder mystery. The entire Ushiromiya family has been killed off overnight, you see, and it's up to you to discover who committed the crime and how."

The young blue-haired woman raises a finger and shuts an eye.

"Ah, but there's a catch. None of you can enter the mansion, I'm afraid. You don't technically exist in this world, and so you cannot observe it but through me. I'll be the one doing the investigating on your behalf, but since I've already figured out the answer to this mystery, I'll just be playing along with whatever you ask me to do. You may ask me questions, but you'd best keep them worthwhile."

She takes a bow again.

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>> No. 20220 edit
File 148139289046.png - (382.54KB , 640x480 , 018.png )
"Everybody is a book of blood; whenever we're opened, we're red."

Erika shrugs before moving on. "It doesn't work as well in Japanese."

"Regardless, it's best to start eliminating possibilities, isn't it? None of those indications are visible, with one exception: there are signs the corpses have been lifted."

"Furthermore, the blood at the scene matches Shannon's injury perfectly. Besides the table, which has been splattered in most of the blood missing from the ground and the seat, there is only one apparent obstruction: the rifle discovered at the scene matches it perfectly, and has been fittingly covered in blood."

"This is quite a boring one, unfortunately."

Last edited at 16/12/10(Sat)16:16:30
>> No. 20222 edit
Well, my blue might have been technically correct, except it was probably Shannon that shot herself all things considered here.
I'm ready to move on, but if others still want to be thorough I won't stop you.

Check for footprints just around and inside the arbor. Even if the rain washed them away there might still be some wet prints where people stepped from outside on the surface shielded from the rain.
>> No. 20223 edit
File 148184480680.png - (421.21KB , 640x480 , garden_1cn.png )
"As was advertised, I will only contradict anything you say that is incorrect. In this way, it benefits you most to be specific."

The detective lids her eyes and smiles. "As you wish."

She lays her hands on her lap and begins pacing the area in a leisurely fashion. Under the pale light of her glimmering blue eyes you see details on the pavement begin to glow as though to bring them to your attention. The detective's vision unveils some footprints - a set of tracks leading away from the arbor and two leading towards it.

One of these leads to Shannon's current position - the other is less clear and easy to read as though having been more recently washed away by the rain.

As both your eyes and hers focus on every detail of the surroundings, every blood pool seared into your mind unforgettably, you notice but one especially unusual detail:

There is a single tire track marked on the ground, leading towards the Guesthouse.
>> No. 20224 edit
Hm, I was planning to go to the mansion first, but one has to be flexible.

Follow the tire track as far as possible.

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