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File 13639247228.png - (10.48KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1bw.png )
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Welcome to my teaparty!

The purple logic game was only a small appetizer for what I have truly been working on behind the scenes! It's a very special kind of gameboard, so for the sake of entertainment I refuse to explain it in full detail. But to simplify things a lot, let me say this:

The game will be a very complex RP game, and as such I need as many people to sign up for it as I can get!

I understand that many people are busy, and so I decided to have the game take place during the summer. This signup thread should hopefully attract attention during the few months in between, and I can get an ideal amount of players for the game!

I will ask, that while you may post in this thread to sign up, you must also E-MAIL me specific information:

-Your character's name, sex, age
-A brief biography of the character (include any interesting facts, quirks, or mannerisms)
-A sample picture of your character you will post with (anything goes)
-Give a list of one thing they are very good at and one thing they are very bad at
-Give a list of two things they love and two things they hate
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File 137176539438.png - (147.29KB , 480x272 , 004-monitor.png )
* Ding-dong-ding-dong *

"Attention, you bastards! A body has been discovered! Following a brief period of investigation, we will commence our camp trial!

Let me explain the supplementary rules regarding 'graduation'!! The fact that 'someone who kills another can graduate the school' remains unchanged, but... There is one more clause to that rule that must be checked, right? It’s no good just killing someone. You must hide what you’ve from everyone else! And so, the system to judge whether that was accomplished or not... ...is a 'camp trial' session we will enact a short time after a killing occurs! This 'camp trial' will commence a few hours after murder takes place! It will be a battle between the 'culprit' who committed murder... And the 'innocents' - the rest of you students!!

During trial, you will get a chance to debate 'who among us is the hidden killer' among yourselves. The result will be decided by vote, held at the end of the trial session. And then, if the answer you reach is the correct one... The culprit who disrupted public order will be 'punished', and the rest can go on living our camp’s communal lifestyle. On the other hand, if the wrong person is voted for as the culprit... The real culprit who committed the crime stays alive, but all the innocents will be 'punished'. If that happens, that will also be the end of our communal lifestyle, of course!

If I may speak bluntly... I’m talking about execution, of course! Execution means execution. Eh-kse-kyu-shon. Zap-zap in the electric chair! Choke-choke from poison gas! Maybe I’ll tear your body up in a hurricane storm! Judging people is a duty not to be taken lightly. Your very lives depend on it! Those are the rules of the 'camp trial'!!

Isn’t it time you start your investigation into who the culprit is? This is a file I’ve written, containing details about the body. It’s name is... ...The Monobear File!! It didn’t escape me that I’m dealing with a bunch of amateurs here and there’s a limit to what you can learn from examining the body... So instead,
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File 137210771992.png - (157.23KB , 480x272 , 019-monokuma.png )
The murder has been solved, and the players will continue to Round 2 starting tomorrow.
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File 137214377632.jpg - (9.49KB , 100x95 , kinjo_portrait_v3a.jpg )
Welp, we've decided it's best to end the game on a high note, so all the threads are public now.

Go to http://www.seacats.net/danganronpa/res/1848.html
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File 137239408951.png - (260.09KB , 640x480 , ewewewe.png )
Yahoooo~☆ I've been waitin' for weeks to read this! If I had signed up early instead of procrastinatin' like I usually do, I wouldn't be in this predicament. Anywaaaaay. Don't worry, Kinjo. I bet ya it'll be great just like all your other works.

File 130854200445.jpg - (37.96KB , 446x446 , f7a4da1b1916336209152213d314e119fb33a8fe.jpg )
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I'm sure you all got tired waiting. It's been 6 weeks which is 1000 weeks in witch time.

Your patience of over 19 witch years has given birth to my third gameboard. Behold! I give you my third gameboard!

The rules shall follow as such:
-Red Truth is absolute, but shall be reserved so as to keep things interesting
-Blue shall be the weapon of the detective in order to lay down his theories. Please use this only as necessary, as the battle is not meant to be red vs. blue
-Green is the color used to dictate the movement of your piece. You are a mortal detective, and must use reason and prior knowledge to solve the mystery. As such, please do not have your character know anything more than they could have, ie meta gaming. This also means you must not use the any source for knowledge other than what you know now (do not google information on how to make a bomb).
-The detectives have been given the power to twice deny the entrance of other detectives to an area (use it as you wish)
-Your reason for being on the island is as a friend of Krauss's, simply invited over as a guest.
-I revoke the detective's authority.
-I revoke searches that do not follow logical thought.
-I revoke the idea of preemptively gathering materials.
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File 130855401412.png - (99.23KB , 336x430 , BUP_0160.png )
whoops and kannon
>> No. 1618 edit

Gee thanks for telling me promptly that the gameboard is happening =.= I just found out pretty much right now.
>> No. 1619 edit
Next time, go check /teaparty/ where all recent chat-like posting resides.
>> No. 12056 edit
Second thread http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/1620.html

File 136911651816.png - (437.40KB , 800x449 , 67738615.png )
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Welcome to the gameboard.

Due to the large gap of time between upcoming games (including postponed ones) I have decided to bring back an old concept and polish it up.

Some of you may recall the term “Closed Room Blitz”, a style of game which only saw action for a short period of time.( http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/4422.html) Well using that idea I propose a tournament.

The concept is simple. Each match would consist of two players attempting to solve each other’s closed room before the other does. To make it interesting, if you don’t post within 5 minutes your opponent's blue automatically goes through, assuming no previous red counters it. Naturally the winner is the first to solve the opponent’s closed room.

Now you may be wondering what I meant by “polish”. Well, unlike back then the amount of freedom shall be slightly restricted. What that means is you must also write a minimum of one paragraph describing the room or the events leading up to it. This just enforces the idea of an actual closed room rather than a guessing game.

As we progress through each match all the reds you made will be visible to your next opponent so keep that in mind. Oh, and editing your posts is not allowed, so make sure you have the red and or blue perfect while remaining inside that time zone.

Now then, we will need 8 people to make this work. Enough people have expressed their interest so I doubt that should be any problem. This is first come first serve by the way. After the allotted slots have been filled I shall use a random number generator to select the pairings and then I will post them onto the site. During the time we can then discuss the times and days when each pair will face off.

If you have any more questions I failed to mention feel free to ask in the thread.
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File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
Also after the final match be prepared for a stream by yours truly, along with a special surprise. It'd be neat if everyone who participated in the tournament was there to see it, anyway.
>> No. 11954 edit
File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Very well, it was decided the last match will be tomorrow at 1 PM board time. Hope to have you around etc.
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File 133480972472.jpg - (20.13KB , 157x200 , ozaki epic wind back edit.jpg )
The winner is anon due to mistaken logic error. Good game.

Thank you for all who played I hope you enjoyed it.
>> No. 12029 edit
File 136338668537.png - (252.93KB , 384x480 , leo_1.png )
Well played everyone. Wish i could have taken part in it. t'was fun to watch.

now everyone can play my game

Last edited at 13/06/09(Sun)16:08

File 137080786385.gif - (397.94KB , 584x274 , 29-umineko-twilight-erika-vs-battler-gif-umineko-t.gif )
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Alright then anon, time to dance. I hope you got prepared(because I sure didn't).

You can have the first move.
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File 136198864671.jpg - (9.35KB , 280x220 , sgshrug.jpg )
Looks like I made a logic error with that last post. You win anon.
>> No. 12025 edit
File 132704716760.png - (56.61KB , 336x138 , kan_eye1.png )
Goddamnit, will you guys ever let me give up?
>> No. 12026 edit
File 135656702519.jpg - (19.23KB , 210x240 , char_34451.jpg )
Anyway here is the answer. Its pretty silly but barely scrapes past the red. Shame I logic error'd on something unrelated to the answer.

edit: apparently it turns out it wasn't a logic error but I believed it was and went over the time limit.

>It is impossible to pass a key into an area when the locks are set.

This implies two or more locks, Mion posted "All the prior red concerning the locking of the rooms does not apply to the chains and/or windows." In which I responded "Those reds apply to the chain and window locks."

There is actually a 3rd lock/door. It's on a dog door on one of the other doors.

Anon also tried "Another door or a window existed at some time in one of the rooms. The culprit used it to escape or attack the victims from the outside"

Which I responded. "The culprit never escaped through an opening like that." That is because it was the key which passed through.

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>> No. 12027 edit
File 131416853924.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
Rather clever, I see. You perfectly deceived me with just that. Mine is a little more silly, but in theory not very hard either.

The victim died because of Cardiac dysrhythmia, in other words, he was electrocuted. The culprit set a trap on the doorknob of the victim’s door and waited until he was inside to turn it on. The trap consisted in an electrical connection from the underground power room to the doorknob. The doorknob by itself it isn’t a trap, but it’s metallic and it’s a good electrical conductor.

On the other side, the silly victim was going to pull a prank on his friends. To do so, he poured some blood a doctor extracted from him some weeks ago over him and held in a huge knife on his left hand (how clever of him!). However, when he tried to leave, he was electrocuted and accidentally stabbed himself. The “weird thing” in the blood was the volume (too much) and the color (fresh and not fresh blood mixed).

His friends disappeared because they hated him, and the argument the witnesses mention is actually the victim having a phone call. His thick/terrible accent made them confuse it by a language they didn’t know (The murders in the Rue Morgue, anyone?)

File 137030411790.jpg - (39.89KB , 353x449 , 1367944562444.jpg )
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Welcome Welcome, I salute you my name is Lion and I will welcome you to this Carnival in which the Ushiromiya family is the main attraction, welcome welcome,

but first, we will salute our golden mistress, Beatrice-sama, who will gave us the honor of showing us magic and ptrove that Magic exist......

-Welcome everybody, I am beatrice the legendary Golden witch
This time I have an opponent on my mind and that one will beAkihiko-kun.

This heretic claims that witches don't exist, therefore I will challengue him to a Special gameboard

The setting will be Rokkenjima
and the pieces will be the Ushiromiya family, with Ange and Lion as additional pieces. Therefore this are the special rules for this gameboard:

Lion Ushiromiya, Kanon, Shannon are separate persons
Ange had good health and could go to the island
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>> No. 11935 edit

Not at all
>> No. 11936 edit
Specify the time that door stayed locked, it's impossible for the door to have been locked for this entire time, or else it'll be a logic error for you.
>> No. 11937 edit
Since the start until Eva the servants and the cousins the door was locked.
>> No. 11938 edit
Okay. They might have died before the start, which means that they were dead in the first place, locked in the lobby the entire day until the morning when everyone woke up and opened the door.

Also, repeat in red "It's impossible to unscew the door hinges"

Last edited at 13/06/09(Sun)14:08

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