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File 136970558417.png - (744.28KB , 1493x449 , To challenge Mion.png )
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Awoken in the pitch darkness, death itself encircles. How long had he been unconcious? It could happen any moment now.

"Tch. What a fool I was..." the figure remarks to himself.

What an odd state he was in. He was alive, but he was already dead. Death could not be prevented, but nothing was wrong with him at the moment.

Just then, a cracking noise resounds, barely audible. The muffling effect could not stifle the reverberation of death's entrance to this stage.

"Ah, he got me."

The actor should hold his breath, perhaps then death would be unable to identify and snatch him up. So much as a peep, and he'd only be dead all the faster. But the actor has decided to not oppose, to not deny, only to accept death's betrothal. This acceptance was the only way he could manifest his courage, the only way he could avoid dying 'like a dog.'

And so death manifested itself, and infiltrated the confines of the room. The victim sat there, motionless, absolutely accepting of their ends. Their demise was neither swift nor painless, still they did not move.

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>> No. 11738 edit
Rudolf did not exited via the door before Mion suicided.

A water pump, relied to a fire hydrant.
>> No. 11739 edit
File 130855191029.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , 130859289341.jpg )
The water was not from a fire hydrant. Nor was a pump used.

Rudolf escaped after Mion suicided. Perhaps the gap in the door is large enough even with the chain lock applied, or perhaps he escaped while Kanon and Genji were checking Mion's corpse.
>> No. 11740 edit
File 136971459366.png - (67.25KB , 272x397 , BUP_0077.png )
Rudolf did not escape after Mion suicided.

A trap opened and let water flow into the room from the outside. Outside of the room was waterMaybe the room was in a lac, pool , ocean, watertank.
>> No. 11741 edit
File 136971470450.jpg - (107.58KB , 600x800 , yes.jpg )
Correct, the room was a barrel which was submerged in the ocean. The room itself was the trap. As the barrel sank, it would begin to crack under the water pressure, until it burst open.

File 136934004334.png - (686.21KB , 800x600 , stage1.png )
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Alright, are you ready for this? (...I'm not entirely sure I am!)

A quick refresher on the rules: I will begin with some context for my closed room. After you've finished reading it, you may post yours and a blue truth against mine. I will do the same for you, counter with a red, and we'll then go back and forth against each other. Whoever tears open their opponent's closed room first (or stumps their opponent for for over 5 minutes) is the winner!

On October 4th, 1986, Kinjo Goldbar washed up on Rokkenjima, and was allowed a place to stay in a guest room.

At 1:00 AM, the servant Genji received a call from a guest room. Kinjo was on the phone, and he requested some vodka be brought to him. Five minutes later, Genji had arrived at the door. Kinjo opened the door, thanked Genji for the drink, and went back inside. The moment Genji returned to the servant room, the phone rang again. It was Kinjo, who requested more vodka.

At 1:15 AM Genji returned to Kinjo's room with additional vodka. Kinjo again opened the door, thanked Genji, and went back inside. Genji was getting tired, but unfortunately for him, he had the night shift. There weren't any other servants on duty, so he had the only master key on the island. Upon returning to the servant room the phone rang once more. But this time, no one spoke through the other end. Genji dismissed it as a prank call and hung up. He then laid down on the couch for a quick break.

Soon morning came, and Genji awoke with a start. He quickly went around waking up the family members for breakfast, but when he got to Kinjo's room, there was no response.

Genji tried to open the door but it was locked. He took out his master key and unlocked it... But the chain on the door was set! Genji rushed to the storeroom downstairs, where the chain cutters were kept. After five minutes, Genij returned to the door, which now bore the mark of a red demonic circle. Genji cut the chain and entered the room, where he found Kinjo's corpse. Kinjo's head was blown off, as if by a gun, and there was enough of that red liquid in the room to believe it. Inside Kinjo's pocket
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>> No. 11625 edit
File 136083015812.png - (922.68KB , 1109x1037 , Erika_HappyPoint.png )
Aside from Krauss's corpse, no humans besides Erika, Natsuhi, Kanon, and Genji were inside the room at the time that the body was discovered.

Kinjo's corpse was in the bathroom or the closet when Genji, Krauss and Natsuhi entered! It was never mentioned that the room was searched again when they arrived to find Kinjo's corpse gone!
>> No. 11626 edit
File 131794687915.png - (144.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia1a.png )
After Kinjo's corpse was discovered, his corpse was never moved.

Natsuhi's headaches were causing her to hallucinate someone's existence. She didn't realize it, but that person was the culprit who hid in the room, which muddles this story for any outsiders reading it!

Last edited at 13/05/23(Thu)14:19
>> No. 11627 edit
File 136934417559.png - (156.56KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile42.png )
That solution is so beautiful that I almost don't want to deny it. Unfortunately, Natsuhi's point of view is completely reliable.

It was never moved? I think you might just have given the game away~

The room that Genji, Krauss and Natsuhi entered is a different room to the room in which Kinjo's corpse was found! The culprit scrubbed the magic circle off the door to the original room while Genji was fetching Krauss and Natsuhi, and he then drew a magic circle on a different door! This caused Genji to lead Krauss and Natsuhi to the wrong room!!
>> No. 11628 edit
File 132669749830.png - (47.98KB , 215x209 , kinjo_sux.png )
Yeah, that's right. You win, Rika.

At 1 AM, Kinjo decides to have a drink with a friend (the culprit) who is standing outside his window. Genji brings the vodka over, just as Kinjo wanted.

However, after Genji leaves, Kinjo asks the culprit if they want some vodka too, and they do. Kinjo calls Genji for more vodka, and Genji brings it to him. Kinjo then sets the chain on his door and jumps out of the window toward the culprit. Then, after Kinjo hands the culprit the vodka outside, the culprit smashes the bottle against Kinjo's head, killing him instantly. Culprit drags Kinjo to their own room, which is next door, and shoots his head off. This obscures the true cause of death, the bottle.

The next morning Genji knocks at Kinjo's door, waking the culprit up. He tries to enter, but the chain is set, so he goes to get the cutters. The culprit draws a big red circle on their own door. They then go back inside the room and hide in the closet.

Genji returns to see the red circle, assumes it is Kinjo's room, and cuts the chains on it. Inside he finds Kinjo's corpse. Genji checks the bedroom, and then the windows, which are locked. He then checks the bathroom, and then the closet. During the time Genji checks the bathroom, the culprit hides under the bed. After Genji checks the whole room, he leaves. The culprit also leaves, taking the chain cutters Genji had left behind.

Finally, the culprit draws a red circle on Kinjo's door and leaves. Genji returns to this door, believing Kinjo's corpse should be inside, when it never was!

File 132779210724.png - (274.37KB , 498x441 , repercussionfangame.png )
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Welcome to my tea party!

I originally opened this game to seek revenge, but that is long over now.
Kinjo lost and I have won. However the truth remains hidden.

I now welcome any and all challengers to a battle of wits!


*Warning: This Game Contains EP8 Spoilers! Please Read EP8 Before Playing This!*
Download (Full Version)
Install it like just you would a Witch-Hunt translation patch.

The difficulty is appropriate. For a game of revenge, the opponent should be mocked and scorned until the very end.
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>> No. 11570 edit
Well that is still meta gaming because of my actions caused a action not originally intended, but that is a witches game.
But my main flaw is that the threatening solution is silly, and sounds more like a joke which stems from the one you made about me being terrible teacher rather than something I would expect a human to do.

Actually I could make it work, but w/e.

Last edited at 13/04/18(Thu)12:25
>> No. 11571 edit
It works well enough already, imo. I'm more concerned about different part of this game, in which you actually messed Kinjo's plans and he had to make it welp.
>> No. 11572 edit
File 136633811970.png - (5.69KB , 467x184 , mrobvious.png )
I guess it's all my fault then. Otherwise there would not have been any problems with the mystery in redemption since if this were to be irl the culprit would have been caught after the first murder.

Whatever. What is done is done. Like you said it works.

Last edited at 13/04/18(Thu)19:32
>> No. 11573 edit
hahaha don't make me search for another embarassing screenshot

File 135062692824.png - (109.14KB , 326x412 , RENA-Beatrice.png )
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It has been ages since I set a foot on gameboard..
For those that doesn't know me, I am RENA-Beatrice, and one of the many forms of Lion.

First, the gameboard will start once the Visual novel is available for download.

Second, This game will rely alot in purple and red.
Since the pieces of this games are seacats....Purple will be always for telling the truth to innocent people, I will always lie to the culprit with purple.

Third, You and you Piece-counterpart share a link..You have the ability to inspect everything in the twilight you were murdered......If you werent murdered in one of the nine twilights..and didn't appear on the gameboard, you can't have this ability.

Fourth, Red and Blue works like always, and blue shootgun is forbidden, Just theories are available.....

As the game master of this game, I wish the opponents good luck...
Since Meta-gaming is importnat in this gameboard.
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>> No. 8881 edit
Anything is allowed...

As I said, there is wordplay in one of the murders....
>> No. 8882 edit
File 135498684718.png - (1.21MB , 1486x1310 , Erika_DisinterestedScythe2.png )
First theory. The culprit is Piece. He was acting suspiciously at the beginning, nowhere to be found when Eriko was looking for him and not having been seen by Cirno until he arrived at /teaparty/. Black Battler kept being mistaken for Piece and he even said that he was okay with being called Piece at several points. Also, there was no mention of Piece entering Meta's room but he suddenly spoke while the others were discussing the corpses, which fits the method for the second twilight. And Feenie insulted Black Battler by saying that he looked the same as someone else on the site.

We could also assume that Piece takes on the identity of Black Battler when committing the murders so that might be able to get around some of the reds somehow.

>> No. 8883 edit

After the first murders,George and Piece didnt separate from each other therefore making impossible for Piece to do all that. George is innocent
>> No. 11563 edit
Finally After Six months, The answer will be finally revealed.

Tonight at my stream at 8:00 board time.

File 136484396437.png - (576.62KB , 640x480 , different_space_2d.png )
11426 No. 11426 Locked edit hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I welcome you to this unique gameboard.

While working on my next big game I have decided to try out a style of game play I have had in my head for a while now. For this game you will be asked to escape a logic error.
Instead of using blue truth to solve this mystery you must investigate the room yourself and escape. The setting has been made so that anybody can play, although you will only be able to control the single piece trapped in the room.
Use green to control the piece and attempt to escape. I will use red to remind the piece of the theories it had already denied.

Now then let us begin with a little recap.

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>> No. 11556 edit
File 136566495627.png - (84.63KB , 288x439 , itbarelytookmethreeyearstowinagame.png )
Huh, so that's it? I was thinking in a way to block the latch from the outside, or make the door wider... anyway, there's some stuff I gotta ask here.
What happened when the detective got outside of the room? In this new truth, did she just decided to break through the chain door because welp?
And, what was the original answer you had thought of, and why would more red conflict with it?
>> No. 11557 edit
File 136514045992.png - (6.06KB , 184x225 , ike443.png )
I want to know what you had in mind as the real answer too. I probably wouldn't have stopped if I knew you could solve it with a trick.
>> No. 11558 edit
File 13657019877.png - (420.90KB , 704x480 , ohyou.png )
You seacats are always so silly.
>> No. 11559 edit
File 131899132335.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
Wel,l I assume that asking for the real answer isn't very Umineko-like, but I would like to read it if possible.

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