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File 131991634616.png - (262.67KB , 640x480 , different_spiral_special.png )
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Good afternoon, Mr. Hercule Poirot's Piece Owner.

By seeing others Kakera inside this wonderful land (Rosa-san vs. Anon-kun game) and hearing your wish, I honorably grant your wish. I challenge you to unmask The Culprit. I know I am not a perfect Game Master and Puzzle Maker. Still, I wish you to grant my will and solve this game. You can discover who is The Culprit by any method you want to use. I don't care what method is it.

If you join me, however, you are forbbiden to use Poirot's piece because Hercule Poirot cannot exist inside Rokkenjima's Gameboard. For this type of emergency, I allow you to incarnate inside one of these pieces I present to you:

Ushiromiya Family Piece:
Ushiromiya Lion
Ushiromiya Maria

Guest/Servant Piece:
Terumasa Nanjo
Toshiro Gohda

Personality Witch-like Piece:
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File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
Gohda was moved. His tears didn't stop. Still, he calmed down.

"You really aborted, didn't you? Then, this 'Beatrice'... who is she? Why this name?"
>> No. 5420 edit
File 132707873018.png - (370.80KB , 608x1015 , kum_a11 serious 1.png )
"Unfortunatly, I did it. But I don't know who is Beatrice's identity. This is a mystery that all of us, together, need to solve. Three people died and other 6 are missing. And don't know what this Witch is capable of."

Rosa is still chocked. She never waited something like that form Kumasawa. If this is truth, about Kumasawa and Kinzo... Then...

"Kumasawa-san, do you want that we leave you alone?"

"Yes, thank you. I need to think alone by now."

"Ok." Rosa turns around. "Let's go to the Lobby (remmember: You are in Guest House, NOT in Main Building), Gohda-san. Everyone might be awake by now."
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File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"She doesn't tell what or where Kuwadorian is. Obviously, she knows the indentity of the Witch... because the Witch treat her like her mother and..."

Chesterton facepalmed himself.

"AH, OF COURSE! The child miraculously survived the abortion. So Kinzo built Kuwadorian to keep his child hiding from the rest of the Ushiromiya's Family! I am so dumb!"
>> No. 5422 edit
File 132717557894.png - (593.79KB , 752x1211 , wal_a11 bothered 1.png )

"Eriko, your laugh is inelegant." Virgilia says.

"OH REALLY? GYAHYAHYEAYHAUEHAUHUEUEHAYEA!! Kumasawa aborted Kinzo's child when she was, more or less, in her 1o month. It's impossible for a child survive! Not even a miracle can do this!

But that is a good theory, Chess-kun. *clap**clap**clap* Now, let's go back to our gameboard, right?"

((The second thread and the first part of Eriko's other game were deleted due to management of a spambot. If you wish to read them the archives are in the download below.))


File 132609888881.png - (187.32KB , 496x480 , bea_waraia1.png )
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There is no detective in my game, therefore ANY of the detective's rules such as Knox's Decalogue or Van Dines Isologue do not apply here

This is my gameboard, please enjoy this gift from me to you.

[[Setup Act]]

BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plZX3cD_BLk

Two old men were talking in a room that resembled a study, one was an old man in white, the other was an old man in a cape, with a one-winged mark on it who was drinking a aromatic green liquor.

Nanjo: "Kinzo..."
Nanjo: "As a doctor, I have to ask you to stop drinking that venomous liquor.. It's destroying your body."
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File 132660792815.jpg - (107.70KB , 800x1123 , reisen_make_my_day_2.jpg )
Don't think you'll get away with just denying one of those theories. Repeat it. "Eva died instantly! Her body was never moved after death! No one touched the weapon after the murder!"

Natsuhi was murdered indirectly without leaving a wound, but the method wasn't gas, poison, suffocation, or heat, huh? Then she was electrocuted using a trap involving the lamp and Jessica's body. Beatrice set it up after Battler left the room.
>> No. 5151 edit
File 132662769598.png - (134.26KB , 406x480 , bea_fumanb1.png )

Eva didn't die instantly, since it was a stab to her stomach, but it matters not. Her body was never moved after death, she tried crawling to George in her last moments, but couldn't get anywhere significant. No one touched the weapon after the murder!

A part of Natsuhi was electrocuted, in a way, perhaps... Scrambled would be a better word for it.
>> No. 5308 edit
File 132591471718.png - (774.87KB , 673x918 , reisen_take_that.png )
Scrambled...? In other words, Natsuhi suffered brain or personality death due to an electric shock disrupting her consciousness?

Guess I'd better have you clarify the meaning of "disappeared". Eva's wound didn't bleed because the the murder weapon was extremely hot and cauterized it. While Eva was crawling, the weapon fell out on its own, and Eva collapsed on it. No one moved her body, so they never realized it was there. Or else, perhaps Eva herself kicked it away after it fell out, and it rolled off somewhere. Since she didn't die until afterwards, it wouldn't count as "touching it after the murder".

Oh, and if you don't like regular fire and ice, how about ice that burns!? She was stabbed with a weapon made of dry ice which froze the wound on contact. Afterwards, the weapon quickly evaporated simply by being exposed to the air!
>> No. 5371 edit
File 132599405297.png - (133.92KB , 406x480 , bea_waraib1.png )
Yes, a dry ice dagger did it.

Sorry for late, virus.

File 132668236194.png - (74.24KB , 527x442 , anon_point.png )
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Kinjo, I challenge you to a duel!

We will follow the standard rules of the Blitz duels than you guys have been playing, and some extra ones:

If you dont post within 5 minutes your opponent's blue automatically goes through, assuming no previous red counters it.

When one of us solves the other one’s mystery, the person left will have one more shot to solve the mystery presented to him. If this happens then it shall be a stalemate.
As agreed on each room will start out blank. Kinjo will have Room X. I shall take Room Y.
Nothing else is known about the room besides that it must contain a window and your own corpse.

Also a special rule: At the end of the game, if Kinjo can prove a logic error exists on my gameboard I will accept my defeat and his win, no matter how this game ends.

We start about 8 PM board time, you can take the first shot. Once you make your first post the time starts.
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>> No. 5298 edit
File 132443700522.png - (74.24KB , 527x442 , anon_point.png )
Actually, as I lost I have a last blue.

There was gravity inside of the room, this gravity was the "force" that caused Kinjo to die. We still can't define what gravity is, but we know it's there. Inside of the room, as a silent murderer.
>> No. 5299 edit
File 131795595756.png - (143.05KB , 434x480 , wdk_fumana2.png )
Your blue is effective, after all there's such a thing as a gravity particle.

Congratulations, it's stalemate~
>> No. 5300 edit
File 132670119380.png - (49.18KB , 798x453 , evil.png )
Evil gravitions inside of the room did hurt Kinjo! And since there was no logic error in my game I don't need to accept complete defeat!
>> No. 5301 edit
File 132671962997.png - (647.43KB , 640x480 , 1296666607.png )
.................................. This is definitly better than Small Bombs.


File 132622410735.png - (45.52KB , 172x218 , FifthTwilight.png )
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Since the other thread already hitte 200 post
I will post in this new one.....

George devasted with Hideyoshi's Death cried loudly due to the death of his father

Rosa hugged George and took him with others to Kinzo's room.....but when they returned they realized that Kinzo was missing and that his room was locked, since The only key that could open that door was Genji's master key

Genji opened the door, and saw that Kinjo was burned completly,

-a closed room Battler said

George and Krauss checked the windows and told the others that the windows were never opened.

and that certainly Kinzo followed them to witness Hideyoshi's death

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>> No. 5212 edit
Yes.....it was hard~also check the solution of the last murder.
>> No. 5213 edit
Also thank you, I enjoyed murdering my own family making the twilights~
>> No. 5214 edit
File 132601122763.png - (187.60KB , 495x480 , warai_tea1_only.png )

Thank you for making them~

I'll make my game in maybe a week or two, since I'm not rushed now. I'll definitely be able to make something awesome~ hehehee
>> No. 5215 edit
you welocme~

File 132487396436.jpg - (28.53KB , 300x400 , CreepyDoor.jpg )
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Suddenly everything in the world stopped moving. A loud bell echoed over and over again. It is the final hour. The bell signaled that the finale was at hand.

It was cry for the opponent. It was a summon. A doorway slowly rose from the ground. A cloud of mist that was pure black surrounded the door. The sound of the bell grew louder as the door rose to its full height.

The door was a portal to the final stage. To the last battle. Any one permitted to enter the portal. All were welcome to enter through and watch.


First topic here:

Second topic here:

Third topic here:
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File 132488701859.png - (133.07KB , 471x464 , Young_genji_content.png )
Just as the witch uttered these words, Anon began to feel woozy, and his footing grew increasingly unsteady. The walls around him undulated and warped, and as if materializing from nothing, an unusual figure now stood in front of him, as the time around the two sped to a halt. He gave off a decidedly familiar aura, but as hard as he tried, Anon just couldn't place it. The figure gave him a warm, but unnatural smile, before at last speaking up:

"To see it, you must have love. Both for yourself, and for another. Without this single quality, there is no chance of victory."

Anon felt the seriousness of the man's words. They were no mere catch-all being parroted back at him with cryptic intent; they were real, and they were meaningful to anon and anon alone. Who was he? Who exactly was Anon? And what did the man mean by love? To understand such personal words one would surely have to understand anon's heart. And yet... Anon wasn't the culprit, so what was the man trying to say? How could such vague and simplistic words possibly pave the way to victory? It was maddening. But for all the thorns he'd encountered, anon's passion was -burning-, and his resolve unwavering. If only he could see, see what the mysterious stranger meant by "love for oneself". If he just had love... didn't he have love? Didn't he once know love? Had he veiled himself for so long that such knowledge was beyond his grasp? ...No! That itself was it, that was the answer, right there! He had become so used to it, so habituated to it that he had forgotten it carelessly... and yet, there it was plain as day, in the last place that he, being Anon, would ever willingly choose to look.
>> No. 4605 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua3.png )
Anon was still confused by the words of that handsome, but somehow familiar man. Then he struggled a bit to try understand his words. Who was he? Who exactly was Anon? And what did the man mean by love?
Could this be what that man meant? Anon took the paper again, the words he wrote some seconds ago vanished. Could this mean he got a second chance?
Anon just could not waste this opportunity, so he took that pen and wrote the following in it:

The one who killed Ange is Shannon
The one who killed Ikuko is Battler
The one who killed Krauss is Shannon
The one who killed Genji is Shannon
The one who killed Gohda is Shannon
The one who killed Natsuhi is Shannon
The one who killed Eva is Shannon
The one who killed Hideyoshi is Shannon
The one who killed Kumasawa is Jessica
The one who killed Jessica is Shannon
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>> No. 5205 edit
Epilogue for the game.


Custom Folder

Put the custom folder in your Umineko Ep8 folder like a witch hunt patch. Delete the 0.txt in the folder and place the script file [0 (Anon)(1)] in and change the name to 0.txt to replace it. Run the game via .exe in the folder and away you go.
>> No. 5208 edit
File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Can't be angsty with such a good ending.

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