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File 132798214317.jpg - (163.43KB , 600x600 , intersection1.jpg )
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Lux frowned. Before her was the Big Ben, without the usual meandering crowd shuffling to take pictures of it. Tourists were a bother, but so were her conflicting feelings on whether or not to continue on her quest.

Earlier, Lux had received an invitation to the channel "#IBB" from her channel op.
Therein, the members of the channel discussed various theories on a spam e-mail each of them had received. Lux had indeed fallen victim to the e-mail, and indeed opened the attachment. Thus, she suspected the op @_DARING to be mastermind behind the ploy.

The e-mail's contents were as follows:
1.) Take the sewer North, and there you will find the Ladder to Heaven.
2.) Strike the Bell and there shall be your path to daylight.
3.) Now, head up Babel and flip the switch.
4.) Find the Door to the Golden Land.
5.) Remember days long past; obscured by the flow of Time. And thus you shall reach enlightenment.

It was quite obviously nonsense, but here these people were, discussing it seriously. Lux could not begin to comprehend what was going on, but cheerily saluted the channel.

<+fulguriens> How are you~?
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25 Minor Mind Control devices and 10 Total Mind Control devices remaining.
Use one or the other, or leave it alone.
>> No. 5924 edit
>remember the devices?
>Basically you can write out a list of actions/demeanors for the next two minutes with the minor device
>These will be adhered to as strictly as possible with the character's inhibitions and personality
>With a major device, you can dictate each action to the T for ten minutes
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I'm still a bit out of the plot here. As cirno suggested I say we do nothing this time.

File 132461896376.png - (112.54KB , 400x400 , dontcheckemplease.png )
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This is a sort of CYOA "mystery" gameboard.
The goal is not to solve the "mystery" but to unveil clues so as to make it a mystery, and to uncover the story, the setting, etc.

The Rules:
The story will be posted a few paragraphs at a time. Nothing is planned at current; you will choose setting and characters. After the setting and characters are chosen, you will obtain 25 Minor Mind Control devices and 10 Total Mind Control devices. At key plot points, you will be given the choice to use one of these Mind Control devices to control the character specified at the key plot point (called an Intersection). A Minor device may control a character's upper thoughts and the character's body functions normally. It only controls the character for two minutes. A Total device controls everything about the character, even violating his/her basic principles, and functions for five minutes. It is up to the collective to decide what to do with these devices.

First, we choose the Basic Setting. There are four choices for the Basic Setting time and four for the Basic Setting place.
-2011 (Modern Day)
-Undiscovered new island along Hawaiian hotspot chain
-Unnamed minor forest in Great Basin
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>those stats
All of my votes
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File 132773910858.png - (151.72KB , 421x558 , makksmile.png )
>mak556: as for the potential detectives
>mak556: the rule is, they are all in the story, but depending on your choices one will turn out to be the true detective (or none)
>> No. 5814 edit
mehico mehico mehico mehico mehico mehico
>> No. 5921 edit
It begins tomorrow.
I'm currently mapping out Illuminati Big Ben (tentative name, and no, the Illuminati is not involved).

File 132725330287.jpg - (45.63KB , 960x540 , Lili no Orszu_.jpg )
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Welcome to my gameboard! In this gameboard, I, EVA-Beatrice, face the challenger, Eva in a battle of wits. None other than the one behind "Eva" is qualified to be my opponent in this matter!

There are two fundamental rules to this realm.

1) What is spoken in red is the truth, with absolution. No lies or untruths shall be spoken on red, on penalty of immediate forfeiting of victory to the challenger. However, this does not require the words spoken in red to be partisan in meaning, nor does it require that all presumptions to the meaning of the red must be accommodated.

2) What is spoken in blue is a theory supported by reasoning. A claim such as "Kanon did it!" is entirely out of the question, unless the challenger can provide why Kanon is the rightful culprit.

The challenger faces me as a solely singular entity, although spectators are encouraged to lend their voices to the fight.

At any time, the challenger may forfeit the battle.
At any time, the claimant of the name "Beatrice" may forfeit the battle.
At any time, the challenger may declare in purple. Words declared in purple will be taken as a request to have them repeated in red; the claimant of the name "Beatrice" is not required to repeat these words to the letter, nor is she required to repeat them at all!

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File 132727615733.png - (119.14KB , 359x466 , enj_waraia1.png )

Thanks for clearing that up. Names can get confusing to me around here.

Not helping the issue by using several names myself already.
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File 132725409059.png - (176.10KB , 573x480 , ev2_waraia1.png )
Mysteries are more fun when they get solved. That's the point of a mystery. The very first game I viewed had a Kanon that was neither alive nor dead, but rather undead - it was jiggery pokery of the lowest level.
>> No. 5648 edit
File 132740952192.png - (357.55KB , 782x494 , yugo6.png )
I wonder how many GM's here feel that way Lili. I do, I want my games to be solved, but I wonder how many others here want that when they start a game.

I probably won't use "Amy" anymore at least not until I finish my second fanep. "Mira" I probably won't use again until I start up my next game. I'll probably use Rubilax or Rosa mainly, so hopefully it won't be too confusing.
>> No. 5656 edit
File 131312828768.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
How silly, I would never go without shoes around a mansion.

File 132703281033.jpg - (772.30KB , 825x1200 , 651848.jpg )
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I welcome you to a simple mystery.
I have opened this game in challenge to anyone who feels up for the task of solving it.
There is only one murder you need to solve. Should be simple right?

This game follows Knox’s Decalogue.
I shall not allow ‘blueshotgunning’; I do not suspect it should be needed.
Without trust there can be no game; Red is the absolute truth. Blue is used for your theories.

You can use Green to do some investigating if you want. Although there is no limit for the blue and green, just remember that you can only make a single blue or a single green for each post, not both. However Questions and or asking for clarification are excluded in this rule.

Without further ado, let us start. I will also add this: Jessica is the detective.
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File 131933576491.jpg - (170.62KB , 608x776 , ozaki epic wind back.jpg )
It's close enough. Like it said, the last part required knowledge not normally known and couldn't really be deduced. If the police would have come they would have figured it out pretty quickly. Or if you specifically checked the area of interest.

How much do you know about raw hide? Basically you soak the hide and mix it with lime and after a while it becomes real soft and was used to make drums and rattles by Natives. When it drys it slowly shrinks. Genji took the trimmings of hide from Gohda and soaked it with lime. He then put a strip of it inside the collar of Natsuhi's nightgown and threaded the ends together. Later on in the day Natsuhi called Genji to request some tea, Genji made sure to spike the Puer tea with muscle relaxants so he only had to call Shannon and she would deliver it unaware of the crime. Natsuhi drank it and when to sleep while wearing the trapped clothing: thus left to slowly suffocate her to death. Kinzo was an accomplice, he was basically reduced to a child with his mental problems so he did what Genji said, thus the call during dinner.

This is the answer.

It defiantly wasn't simple, and the last part wasn't so easy either. I had fun though. Good game to all the players.
>> No. 5474 edit
File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
Oh my, good one Rudolf.
>> No. 5475 edit
File 132724501310.jpg - (274.78KB , 972x1188 , reisen_well_played.jpg )
Nicely done, Ozaki.
>> No. 5520 edit
File 132703397451.png - (121.74KB , 359x467 , enj_waraia2.png )

That is a nice trick. You got me. Good job Rudolf!

File 131991634616.png - (262.67KB , 640x480 , different_spiral_special.png )
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Good afternoon, Mr. Hercule Poirot's Piece Owner.

By seeing others Kakera inside this wonderful land (Rosa-san vs. Anon-kun game) and hearing your wish, I honorably grant your wish. I challenge you to unmask The Culprit. I know I am not a perfect Game Master and Puzzle Maker. Still, I wish you to grant my will and solve this game. You can discover who is The Culprit by any method you want to use. I don't care what method is it.

If you join me, however, you are forbbiden to use Poirot's piece because Hercule Poirot cannot exist inside Rokkenjima's Gameboard. For this type of emergency, I allow you to incarnate inside one of these pieces I present to you:

Ushiromiya Family Piece:
Ushiromiya Lion
Ushiromiya Maria

Guest/Servant Piece:
Terumasa Nanjo
Toshiro Gohda

Personality Witch-like Piece:
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>> No. 5418 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
Gohda was moved. His tears didn't stop. Still, he calmed down.

"You really aborted, didn't you? Then, this 'Beatrice'... who is she? Why this name?"
>> No. 5420 edit
File 132707873018.png - (370.80KB , 608x1015 , kum_a11 serious 1.png )
"Unfortunatly, I did it. But I don't know who is Beatrice's identity. This is a mystery that all of us, together, need to solve. Three people died and other 6 are missing. And don't know what this Witch is capable of."

Rosa is still chocked. She never waited something like that form Kumasawa. If this is truth, about Kumasawa and Kinzo... Then...

"Kumasawa-san, do you want that we leave you alone?"

"Yes, thank you. I need to think alone by now."

"Ok." Rosa turns around. "Let's go to the Lobby (remmember: You are in Guest House, NOT in Main Building), Gohda-san. Everyone might be awake by now."
>> No. 5421 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"She doesn't tell what or where Kuwadorian is. Obviously, she knows the indentity of the Witch... because the Witch treat her like her mother and..."

Chesterton facepalmed himself.

"AH, OF COURSE! The child miraculously survived the abortion. So Kinzo built Kuwadorian to keep his child hiding from the rest of the Ushiromiya's Family! I am so dumb!"
>> No. 5422 edit
File 132717557894.png - (593.79KB , 752x1211 , wal_a11 bothered 1.png )

"Eriko, your laugh is inelegant." Virgilia says.

"OH REALLY? GYAHYAHYEAYHAUEHAUHUEUEHAYEA!! Kumasawa aborted Kinzo's child when she was, more or less, in her 1o month. It's impossible for a child survive! Not even a miracle can do this!

But that is a good theory, Chess-kun. *clap**clap**clap* Now, let's go back to our gameboard, right?"

((The second thread and the first part of Eriko's other game were deleted due to management of a spambot. If you wish to read them the archives are in the download below.))


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