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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 130826634634.jpg - (627.77KB , 882x1264 , kinjo_portrait.jpg )
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Welcome to my tea party!
This gameboard is unlike any other. This is a specially-crafted gameboard, which took a long time to prepare.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This is my fourth and final Umineko fan-episode.

*Warning: This Game Contains EP8 Spoilers! Please Read EP8 Before Playing This!*
Download here (Final Version)
Install the game as you would install a Witch-Hunt translation patch, in your EP8 folder.
(Also included are my previous fan-episodes, for those who have not read them.)

There is no longer any mystery. There is no longer any need to think.
So, sit back, relax, and take pleasure in this fantasy.

This story dedicated to /seacats/.
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File 13179539737.png - (144.46KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia2a.png )
That sounds like a personal problem.
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File 132523160698.png - (581.26KB , 656x518 , summaryofkinjosgame.png )
Don't mention it.
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File 131416853924.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
Congratulations Kinjo-tan
>> No. 4649 edit
File 132528704618.png - (524.72KB , 956x1210 , ama_a25 yare yare-- 1.png )
>Finish to read Fan-EP2 on v1.2
>Kinjo brings final version

KINJO-SAN, Y U NO WAIT FOR ERIKO-KUN? Just kidding *giggle*

Well, I think tomorrow I'll start read Fan-EP3! I can surely say you are a great writter! Congratulations, Kinjo-san!

File 132522521048.jpg - (59.14KB , 320x230 , 3rudolf.jpg )
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Well then, shall we begin Bakura?

This duel shall consist of closed rooms designed by the both of us using the other as the victim. The nature of the room is that of a typical guest room in the mansion, including bedroom furnishing, a bathroom, a single door with a chain lock, and a single window.

Answer quickly, as this duel must be settled by tonight.

As with Ozaki's there must be a corpse of the opponent in the room.

You may shoot first, Meta-Bakura
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File 132523093789.jpg - (33.20KB , 410x308 , ygotas_39a.jpg )
pressure does activate the trap

the culprit was not in the room during the time of death. This includes the rafters, closet, and bathroom
>> No. 4643 edit
File 130854788314.jpg - (9.42KB , 180x240 , 79291.jpg )
The culprit was inside the room during the time of death.
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File 132523122659.jpg - (83.52KB , 600x290 , Destiny_Board___DEATH_by_Cursed__Soul.jpg )
>> No. 4646 edit
File 132523173115.jpg - (120.95KB , 701x290 , disney death.jpg )

File 131816369044.png - (510.98KB , 1011x1018 , ps3-mir_b11 evil laugh 2 copy.png )
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Fourth topic of my game with Anon.

First topic here:

Second topic here:

Third topic here:

Anon has:
A master key
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>> No. 4548 edit
Natsuhi looked over the list of possible servant replacements.

"This only happened because that one was so frail. For now we will get a male servant, one more durable then that one."

Final Thread
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File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Rosa there's something I need to do, so I might return until 8:30 or so.
>> No. 4603 edit
I think I am ready to post my answer, but I am still at work, once I return home and get a meal I think I will post it.
>> No. 4604 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
Anon was still confused by the words of that handsome, but somehow familiar man. Then he struggled a bit to try understand his words. Who was he? Who exactly was Anon? And what did the man mean by love? And just what is love?
There it is! The answer! Those man words did really save him. It was quite simple, but he just could not see it before! The asnwer is:

What is love? Baby, don't hurt me

Don't hurt me, no more Oh, baby don't hurt me

Don't hurt me, no more What is love? Yeah!

Oh, I don't know why you're not there
I give you my love, but you don't care
So what is right and what is wrong
Gimme a sign

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File 132480075936.png - (47.98KB , 215x209 , kinjo_sux.png )
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Giving Ozaki a second chance to fight me.

Same rules as last time. Time limit per post is 5 minutes.

When one of us solves the other one’s mystery, the person left will have one more shot to solve the mystery presented to him. If this happens then it shall be a stalemate.

This time each room will be outfitted with a chain-lock on the door. Once again, a corpse must be found inside.

We’ll start as soon as you are ready Ozaki. But I'll lead with this:

Naturally, the chain on my room's door was set. And Kinjo was found dead inside.
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>> No. 4540 edit
File 132480437681.png - (73.73KB , 346x500 , ozaki_santa_defa2.png )
When the chain is set it is impossible to use the door as an entrance/exit.


The culprit didn't psychically touch Kinjo, but the weapon he used to kill with did.
Thus a multitude of simple objects could have been used.
>> No. 4541 edit
File 132480551753.png - (95.34KB , 480x480 , kinjo_santa.png )
Close enough, I'll go ahead and concede defeat here.

The culprit went inside the room, set the chain, and also made a fire in the fireplace before going to sleep.
At some point during the night, Kinjo dressed up as Santa Claus and went down the chimney, into the room.
However, once he arrived at the bottom he came into contact with the flames, and was scorched to death.

Merry Christmas~

not even gonna try one last theory, I honestly have no clue
>> No. 4542 edit
File 13248019272.png - (73.66KB , 346x500 , ozaki_santa_waraia2.png )
Ahaha, I had a feeling it involved a chimney! Although in my theory he turned into ash and left the room that way. Anyway good game, props for the Christmas theme.

I've told Kinjo the answer over IM just like he did before for the last duel.
>> No. 4547 edit
Oh yeah and Rudolf, if you still want to challenge me then just make a thread and we'll figure out a good time. You can make the rules if you want. Although I'd like to keep the 5 minute rule. Since it is called Closed Room Blitz after all.

File 132435395282.jpg - (236.24KB , 1000x750 , 5ebfbef8a09fb397bb0e8b60721788e0.jpg )
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Just a Twilight :

Eva Natsuhi Kyrie Rosa Jessica and Maria
were found dead in a locked room the room was Jessica's bedroom
Each of the six women were found with a hole somewhere in their heads
Naturally It was a closed room.

It is not a hard mystery
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>> No. 4495 edit
*(protecting someone else)
ie not themselves
>> No. 4496 edit
the fact is that the victims certainly didn't want to die. Their movements were restringed
>> No. 4497 edit
File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
Well I guess that explains that then. Might as well finish it up.

They were all having a girly slumber party and when everyone went to sleep the culprit made sure to tighten their sleeping bags so they couldn't escape. The culprit started to kill them but one survived the first hit and killed the culprit to save the others, but it was too late. Then the one who killed the culprit died from the wound they had already sustained.
>> No. 4498 edit
with this I can hand you the victory congratulations Ozaki~

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