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File 131805685022.png - (235.02KB , 400x493 , Trolling.png )
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First twilight , Mion ,Chie-sensei, akasaka, Takano , Oryo and Satoshi , were found dead and tied together near the bridge of hinamizawa

Oishii :the ones that will speak in purple may lie or may tell the truth.I am of course innocent.as for my myself I wouldnt trust a Sonozaki

Akane Sonozaki : Probably Someone in our family wanted to Shion to become the next head.....

Shion: It was horrible, seeing the six bodies , of my beloved sister and Satoshi-kun
The only ones that saw this horrible murder were Hannyu and Rika

Satoko: Nii-Nii why did you left me alone... but at least you are with mama and papa. I wouldnt trust Rika

Rika: Satoko and Shion are telling the true~Nipah I wouldnt judge a book by its cover

Rena:You know, Oyashiro-sama punished them for being bad persons. Sometimes......people lie because they fear someone
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File 131809116743.png - (129.44KB , 395x490 , grin.png )
Unlike other games you have the right to unlimited theories..so you can make any theory

from time to time I will leave a clue :

and the first one is :

One of the characters is a complete liar.
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File 131804227948.jpg - (47.34KB , 720x400 , 85.jpg )
Irie-sensei is a liar, because these people get killed and the Hinamizawa Syndrome cannot kill them until they reached the level 5 of disease. They didn't reach this level, especially Takano, who knows too much about the Syndrome. They murderer by a culprit, no one but Irie-sensei. He lied about their corpses and their signals of death.
>> No. 3185 edit
adjust it , until you are pretty sure.

Its time for another hint :

Irie-sensei , have been acting weird , Satoko is a witness of that.
>> No. 3189 edit
So, additionally, Irie is a victim of Hinamizawa's Syndrome, so this why he killed them all. He lied about their Hinamizawa's Syndrome. With Takano dead, no one could atest Hinamizawa's Syndrome but him. So he used that lie to save himself.

File 131790419554.jpg - (422.61KB , 1277x717 , roulette3.jpg )
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Good morning, /seacats/!

It's that time of year again -- October 6th!

As a special present, I have prepared a game of roulette for you all to play.

Whenever I get back, I'll play a game of red and blue with you, but until then please enjoy this game of roulette.

The download link is below:


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File 131805322149.jpg - (26.88KB , 716x358 , dr_ozaki skime 1.jpg )
I'm assuming you mean using the the Devil's Roulette?
>> No. 3139 edit
File 131804009852.jpg - (33.38KB , 720x400 , 4842.jpg )
I'm interested in the rest of the Twilights. Another game could be fun too, I vote for both, if possible.
>> No. 3140 edit

And I agree, we should start tomorrow if anything. It's late and I'm sure everyone's brains are tired anyway.

Second Thread
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File 13180452525.jpg - (32.02KB , 720x400 , 11.jpg )
No, no, my friend... my games are pretty obvious. I'm better to solve puzzles, not to creating them.

File 131683550578.png - (220.96KB , 337x600 , 01.png )
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It was a gloomy and horrible issue that I had with this police department, My boss was a grumpy old man that liked to hit Young boys and Young girls. My supervisor was a middle-age man that liked harrasing me and my fellow workmates were lewd to the eye.

I should quit but, my girlfriend is the daughter of my boss...
And if I quit, then she would probably break up with me.
Anyway, my name is Akito zaru and I have been working on this police station over 2 years and....


I am coming!!

One thing I hate about this place is my boss...he is bossy, and mean
While I was walking I noticed that this place haven’t been cleaned for a while

The walls were dirty and the floor looked disgusting. I with horror, walked over while containing myself from vomiting."

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you wash their faces....and you notice that the skin is on a weird color
>> No. 2902 edit
What color?
>> No. 2903 edit
light-green skin.
>> No. 2912 edit
Like I said. They suffocated. On their own farts.

File 131313135777.png - (451.91KB , 425x600 , Mira.png )
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Second topic of my game with Anon.

First topic here:

Anon has:
A master key
A map of the main house and the rose garden
3 help tokens

Current Location: Dining room.

Characters in the room: Anon, Krauss, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Maria, Shannon, Genji, Gohda, Ikuko.
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>> No. 2600 edit
You return to the lounge. Upon entering you notice that Eva and Hideyoshi are no longer in the room. Rudolf is sitting at the bar, gun in hand. Jessica is still looking on the window deep in thought. Rosa seems to be thinking about something, and Maria appears to be reading a book.
>> No. 2601 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
anon sit near to Rosa
"I couldn't find Kumasawa-san, Shannon-san said she went to the bathroom. By the way, do you know where's Eva-sama?"
>> No. 2602 edit
"Eva Nee-san, and Hideyoshi Nii-san, said they were feeling tired so they were going to rest upstairs."

Rosa frowns. "But that was a while ago now. I hope they are ok."

"Maybe we should call them." Jessica suggests.

"That's a good idea." Rudolf agrees telling Jessica to call.

Jessica goes over to phone and tries to call Eva's room. However she frowns after a little while.

"No one is picking up." She says in a worried tone. "I'm getting worried." After trying to reach them once again. "I'm going to check on them and make sure they are alright."

Jessica leaves the room and heads upstairs.
>> No. 2603 edit
It was a soft sound. Eva had barely heard it in fact. She was lost in her thoughts so when the soft knocking happened she had barely noticed it.

She looked over at her husband, he was sleeping. Eva let out a sigh, picked up the gun off the table and headed over to the door.

Eva unlocked the door and opened it. She kept the chain latched so just in case it was someone she didn't know they couldn't get in.

Eva opened the door prepared to just slam it in someone tried to grab the door and force it open. But that didn't happen.

Eva let out the breath she didn't even know she was holding and looked through the crack in the door. Maria was standing in the hallway.

Decided that there was no danger Eva opened the door allowing Maria to come inside.

"Maria-chan, what brings you up here? Shouldn't you be with Rosa?"

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File 131231549865.png - (196.30KB , 640x480 , letter.png )
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Greetings Anon.

I hereby challenge you to a different kind of game of sorts. You have 1 goal in this game, and that is the save a certain selected target.
If that target dies by any means then the game ends with your loss.

You can do that 2 ways. By protecting them and keeping them alive until the end of day two. Or by capturing the 3 pieces I have given murderous intentions.

You can stop the selected 3 two ways. By either preventing them from being able to kill, or by calling them out on a crime they committed while using a theory that can't be denied.

One thing however you are forbidden to do, is kill someone.

You also have 3 help tokens. A help token can be used for 2 things. Using 1 you can be given a red of your choice, as long as it isn't 'is X one of the three culprits?' or 'is Y the target?'

Or it can be used to allow to call out for help. Your helper can then take over another piece temporarily and learn some bits of knowledge that they know, and then your helper can control them for a small amount of time. (What they do is up to that person.)

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>> No. 2378 edit
File 131312972936.png - (136.16KB , 453x464 , mar_akuwaraia1.png )
"At lunch, kihihihihi~"
>> No. 2379 edit
anon thanks Maria for her complex answer and then he ask Krauss.
"Krauss-sama, I'm a bit worried, Do you have any idea of where could be Natsuhi-sama?"
>> No. 2380 edit
File 131313120773.png - (106.28KB , 439x480 , kla_nayamua3.png )
Krauss looks down at the floor. "I'm afraid I don't. Natsuhi said she wanted to be alone in her room shortly after lunch."
>> No. 2381 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"I see. Krauss-sama do you mind if I search for them? I'll tell them to come here if I get to find someone"

Second Thread

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