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I open this game to inaugurate Tahyllis into their first gameboard. They will be the only player in this game.

This game will function similarly to my last few, having original characters and taking place elsewhere than Rokkenjima.
While this game takes place in the same world you don't need to read any other of my games to follow this one.

The game can end in multiple different ways beyond solving the mystery. Your actions can change the ultimate result to one I never intended.
With that in mind however do try to take care of yourself so I am not forced to have you die.

If you wish, use green for your actions. When investigating keep in mind I may not let you check a large number of things/rooms in one post for format reasons.

Finally like the last game, I will use some dice rolls. Just a very simple d20 roll in situations that require more uncertainty. These will not affect your chances to solve the mystery and will be used rarely.

The difficulty is moderate. Not too hard but not too easy.

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File 146750551866.png - (89.17KB , 467x371 , tape.png )
You notice one of the tapes, the one labeled #8 Ami, is missing. The others, as well as the rest of your items are all there. On closer inspections the numbers are carved into the label as well.
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File 146575817949.png - (126.28KB , 392x493 , 1.png )
I run towards the dormitory and check whether there is a door south of it blocking off the incinerator. If it's there, I wait for it to open counting the time for the red phase. If it's not there, I go into the dormitory right away and count the number of beds present.
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File 14672426874.png - (81.46KB , 687x513 , lights.png )
You don't find the door there, or any blocking off the halls for that matter.

Entering the dormitory area puts you into a hallway much shabbier than the rest of the basement area with six labeled doors. Kitchen, storage room, changing room, and bedrooms 1 through 3.
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Second Thread: Click Here

File 145619593579.png - (478.44KB , 668x457 , rosa gangsta days.png )
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is the official post to announce my game against Rosa.
It seems you youngsters don't do this anymore, but it was a thing back in my days.

In any case, I expect to be able to begin in two weeks or so, it depends on my schedules and how easily I can get RGD backgrounds to make the game work.

Meanwhile, enjoy my beautiful promotional edit of the Gameboard.
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Fearlessly, Mion follows the gangster upstairs, somehow remaining concealed from him. After reaching the fourth floor, Tomikake turns right and heads into a large room, guarded by a white haired man you don't recognize. And meanwhile you ponder about continue your ninja quest, you feel a hand touching your shoulder from the back, which whispers, "I wouldn't go there if I were you," says Lee, in a clesr attempt to joke/surprise you.
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File 146550956931.jpg - (16.17KB , 512x263 , evil_mion.jpg )
"But he looks so suspicious!" I whisper in answer, unaffected by the surprise. After a moment, I realise someone is touching my shoulder and re-enter the conscious world.

I turn around to face Mr. Lee, showing that face.

"I have to do something Mr. Lee, I can't sit while the murderer is still on the loose."

Last edited at 16/06/09(Thu)15:05:59
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Lee appears a little frustrated that his prank had no effect on Mion, evidenced by his dissapointed smirk he made after she turned around.

"I understand your determination, Mion. But I can't let you get in trouble with them. Besides, they aren't doing anything suspicious. After my argument with Caleb, I heard he wanted get the approval of the rest of the guests to propose himself to lead Primavera."

After hearing again about the "argument" you realize Lee's clothes appear a little less clean than before, and you see his left shoulder is a little injuried. Noticing your glance to his wound, he continues.

"Caleb isn't a bad man. He has s goal and a very strong will. Our argument was even fun, if you allow me to say it. He doesn't suspect me anymore, but he still believes my older brother is related to the murders."
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File 135077618910.jpg - (18.52KB , 180x240 , 82378.jpg )
I look at the freakface.

"Yes, that's correct. Can you tell me a little about yourself and what is going on? I'm still completely in the dark about basically everything."

File 146233844898.png - (410.31KB , 640x480 , img4.png )
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"The date is October 4th, 1986. You and your fellow cousins are gathered around the table in the guest house on Rokkenjima Island. Splayed before you are paper, pencils, dice, and maps. You are about to embark on a journey into the unknown. A journey of fantasy and horror, of damsels and heroes, and of intrigue and mystery. Your Dungeon Master smiles at you with a toothy grin, and for a brief second you think you catch a glimpse of a golden butterfly floating behind her. Welcome to Witches and Woodlands."

This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition game based on the Umineko fan game "Witches & Woodlands." Players may chose from one of 6 characters from Umineko. Details will be provided once applications have been accepted.

Requirements for this game include skype and willingness to voice chat and have fun meeting new players. Pregame organization will happen over skype. Those wishing to apply, please apply under the "apply here" topic on roll20.net. Details for applying can be found here: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/46484/witches-and-woodlands-5e

The Golden Witch, welcomes you all to Rokkenjima. Enjoy your stay.

File 14577478112.png - (216.79KB , 800x427 , 1455586152924.png )
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A rather easy little classic gameboard. Red and blue are to be used. Follows Knox's Decalogue except for #3, but the Kuwadorian passage is the only one used in this mystery. Anyone can put their theory in.
Heres a little text wall about the mystery because I don't want to create some really long purple prose about this.

Genji wakes up Natsuhi at 10am, saying that Kinzo has not yet awoken at his usual time of 5 a.m. Natsuhi goes up to the room and unlocks the door with Genji's master key after no response to their inquiry. Within, they find Kinzo gone, his bed not made. Natsuhi goes to tell Krauss, who is still sleeping, about Kinzo's disappearance. Genji, meanwhile, investigates.
After a while, Genji goes to tell Natsuhi and Krauss that he hasn't found Kinzo. They leave and, while searching the gardens, Natsuhi find Kinzo's body below the rose beds. A rope is bound tightly around his neck, with a strand trailing behind, deeper into the thorny bushes. His ring is gone, and his cloak is heavily torn, as if dragged across the ground. Natsuhi rushes off to call the police while Krauss and Genji wake up Lion to bring them to Kuwadorian. Krauss tells Genji to assist Lion to Kuwadorian and not to stop at any costs.
After Natsuhi finishes phoning the police, her and Krauss go to the passageway into Kuwadorian (the one seen in episode 4). There, they find Lion, sprawled on the ground, dead. His forehead is covered with blood. Amidst the various rocks and pebbles that dot the ground, they find a particular one, covered with blood. Krauss goes flying down into the passageway and, a few minutes later, calls Natsuhi, who was waiting at the top. At the bottom, they find Genji, a deep, bloody dent in his crimson head, in heavy contrast to the soft moss and dirt that covers the dilapidated passage. They wait there until the police arrive.
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File 145790822072.jpg - (106.85KB , 442x356 , mind_the_gaap_by_genex_by_umineko_club.jpg )
Kinzo's key was not used during the murder. Lion did not kill Kinzo.
Lion did not kill Genji. Furthermore, Lion died before Genji did.
Lion did not commit suicide.
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File 143831104043.jpg - (12.80KB , 400x300 , 764278_1309696860632_full.jpg )

Very well, how about this?

Genji killed Kinzo in the early morning, taking him out through the door of the study, locking it behind them. He drags Kinzo with the rope to the roses.

Genji tries to kill Lion, and gets into a struggle. He succeeds in killing Lion, but not before Lion gave him a concussion with the rock that fell beside him.

Genji tried to flee, but eventually collapsed and died from the wound that Lion gave him.

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File 14581643217.png - (79.47KB , 646x616 , 1457902528164.png )
Genji's key was not used during the murder of Kinzo.

Lion was not murdered.

Genji was murdered, and, furthermore, he died instantly.
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File 145842308193.jpg - (83.78KB , 800x592 , conan___wave_by_kyuubi_demonfox-d3avq0d.jpg )

Krauss is the culprit.

He was invited in to the study that night, killed Kinzo, and dragged his body to the rose bushes, allowing the auto-lock to lock the door behind him.

Lion died from an illness, while Genji was assisting him, in his weakened state, to get to Kuwadorian. Genji dropped Lion, getting the blood on the forehead and the rocks.

Krauss chased after and killed Genji with the bloody rock before calling Natsuhi down to meet him.

File 145782675364.png - (875.84KB , 765x1198 , Shadow Witch promotional poster.png )
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File 145826907166.jpg - (52.83KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
"Why, she's obviously referring to the culprit. It all fits too perfectly. The motive, the opportunity. Why, nobody even suspected her when she simply kept to herself.

Add some red contacts and hair dye, and any of you same-face students would look identical to one another.

Of course, you'd need quite a bit of computer knowledge to be able to pull this off. Files on websites, obituaries, the works. And she did it all right under our noses.

Heck, I bet she's hiding in here as we speak."

Last edited at 16/03/17(Thu)19:44:47
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File 145827169671.gif - (1.00MB , 500x252 , theend.gif )

Miyako smiled at Karma as he spoke. As he finished, she turned as if looking around the room, but let her eyes fall on each of the other students. In her hand, she held out the red contact.

"He's right. Here I hold a red contact. Out of our group, there is only one who has red eyes. So there is only one person who could be impersonated by using red contacts. A person whose body has not been discovered. Kuu Dere."

"There is another way that every crime could have occurred without having Ryusei as a culprit, but only as an accomplice. In the death of Sota! Haruto! You said that Sota did not leave the room as far as you were aware. That indicates a time you are not sure of, because you were not watching the room. During that time, Kuu walked in wearing the raincoat, stabbed Sota, and then got Ryusei to carry the body to the second floor with the raincoat while she returned to outside the room. As for Oka, who bought us here as a hunter and ended up being hunted, it happened as I said for Ryusei, but instead Kuu is the one who set the mechanism, and Ryusei only orchestrated the viewing. Of course, Ryusei still had the critical piece of capturing Oka after her fake kidnapping and locking her away, while convincing her that he was Budo. Nevertheless, he did not kill him. The person impersonating Kuu killed them both."

She walked to the center of the library, holding her arms wide and looking to the sky as if asking the stars that hung above the ceiling out of sight. "But then! Who could have been impersonating her? After all, we've accounted for everyone's whereabouts who could
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>> No. 19440 edit
Clapping echoes in the room. And then laughter, a girl's laughter. Out from a storage cabinet appears, Kuu... no... it isn't Kuu, as is evident by her two different eye colors. She is holding a gun.

"Correct." She smirks as she points the gun at the group. "Now you all get to die though, a little different than I planned but it works. I wanted Budo to take the fall for everyone's deaths."

Budo is in shock. "W... why?"

"Why do you think! You just dumped me like yesterday's trash."

"I didn't cheat on you!" Budo defends himself.

"I know that." Soul-chan answers. "I know that Sota was lying to me. He was punished for it. But it doesn't change the facts. After I 'died,' you just moved on with Oka. You are a bastard."

She laughs. "I don't care anymore. Because you are going to die here. You are all going to die here."

Surprisingly Ryusei is the one who starts walking up to Soul-chan. "It's over Soul-chan. The game is over."
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File 14566263856.png - (317.38KB , 582x443 , ro2_akuwaraia1.png )
~Court Case of Ryusei Koki~

"Mr. Koki, what is your defense for your actions you've committed. The crimes you've committed." The lawyer questions Ryusei.

Ryusei chuckles. "I've committed no crime. I didn't harm anyone."

"Aiding a murderer is also a crime!"

His face darkens a little. "I did it simply because, it was a game. In a game you play your best to win. So I simply did the best I could, to win. I did it to create fun, because without fun, it can't be a game."

The court ruled Ryusei as being psychotic and gave him a 10 year sentence.

~~~ Ryusei's cell ~~~

Ryusei sat on his bed staring at the wall of the cell.
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