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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
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Kinjo Episode 3 Teaparty is ready, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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File 130437516075.png - (16.62KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh_ib4f.png )
Here's an updated version, fixing all of the known glitches. If anyone finds any more, please tell me. Thanks~

Also, EP8 is required, or else some files will be missing. Have fun.
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File 130437971823.png - (16.62KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh_ib4f.png )
Here's an updated version, fixing all of the known glitches. If anyone finds any more, please tell me. Thanks~

Also, EP8 is required, or else some files will be missing. Have fun!
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File 131820517176.jpg - (225.02KB , 500x727 , 356073.jpg )
Did you fix the ones I mentioned? Or was there a reason for that?

File 130025720327.png - (17.98KB , 262x172 , 1.png )
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Well Guys I will open this New gameboard for the sake of ending all ...and to announce my retirement from Gameboards after I finish this One. since its my Final One this will be more difficult than the other I have made.

*Since I will forbid Blue Shootguns
and I will only allow you to use 20 Blues for Person.

Of course you can challengue this as a Team that will give you the right to 100 blues.

*You have to explain how were they murdered.
Example: They were poisoned. someone Put poison in the food they eated in line number 3 paragraph 1.(mentioning the line and paragraph is optional)

*To make this more interesting......I will disable All the rules of Van Dine and Knox...

And for Last this are the Pieces that Will play in this game they are 27:

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>> No. 1144 edit
That is right...........anyway....

what if i change it to: /Seacats/ have robots that do the chore for thems so with that they dont have to cook???
>> No. 1156 edit
So anyone that will challengue the first mystery?
>> No. 1157 edit
Well, when I said "Gohda did it" I meant Ozaki put the letter, but since he didn't cook the food...

>> No. 1158 edit
You werent the one that put the letter under Gogo plate...

File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
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Virtues: Linearity. Originality. Rationality. Longevity. Vincibility. Directivity. Solubility.

1.By the virtue of solubility is guaranteed that the mystery has an answer.
2.By the virtue of vincibility is guaranteed that the mystery may be solved.
3.By the virtue of originality is guaranteed that the mystery has not repeated truths.
4.By the virtue of rationality is guaranteed that the mystery is based on logic.
5.By the virtue of directness is guaranteed that the mystery will not stop without you.
6.By the virtue of linearity is guaranteed that the mystery always remains in the timeline.
7.By the virtue of longevity is guaranteed that the mystery will not die without outside interference.

<Claire>:"What do you think?"
<Battler>:"They are of little use. Besides, they are only valid if this game is really a mystery."
<Claire>:"I do not agree with your first statement. These rules, or virtues, I made especially to benefit you. However, regarding your last

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>> No. 1152 edit
Oh yeah, changing the subject:
I'll tell you guys once Rokkenjima in Minecraft is ready. I'm learning how to edit a map, I think this will be more easy to do than making everything ingame. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some pics.

Cheer up.
>> No. 1153 edit
File 130056721958.png - (197.59KB , 444x347 , ozaki looking down happy.png )
Ah so is is going to be like a Fan-game. Well then.
>> No. 1154 edit
Oh yeah. I was actually looking into that. Supposedly the island is 10km around. If you make the island full size it'll take quite a bit of work to make the shape of the island. Once you get the geography down I'd be glad to help if you need it.
>> No. 1155 edit
File 130833580277.png - (143.89KB , 434x480 , wdk_itaia2.png )
Gah, that reminds me, I need to update my tutorial with more recent information.

Might as well do that now.

File 129963813926.jpg - (44.96KB , 507x460 , jpegartifacts.jpg )
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I had just received fifty thousand dollars in cash.

Where this came from, I know not, but I deigned to use it to go hiking; to explore the wilderness. My sister suggested I go to the rain-forests of Brazil; I inclined to agree, seeing as how life most vibrant flourished there. So, going on that plane, she waved me good-by and I waved good-by to her, and I was on my way.

Shit, I'm lost in this hell-hole alone! Where'd the guide go? Back when I was running from that huge-ass snake, did he...?!
Ah, shit!
In any case, gotta collect my thoughts... Shit, I'm missing a shoe, gotta keep walking, or as it were, hopping on one foot... ah, shit! I lost my balance! I lost my fucking balance! My foot touched the grimy floor, to be splintered or infested with maggots or ticks or something!
No pain came, though.
I only felt numb.


An unspeakable pain. Blood began to drip forth from my mouth and, I realized, my ears, my nose, and a few other orifices it's not appropriate to mention. I don't know why I'm so calm. Is it because I'm going to die?
I look at my bare arm. Although I sprayed it with insect repellant, it's ... bleeding from the pores... my entire body, it's bleeding, from everywhere possible...!

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>> No. 1063 edit
To check our boundaries: she payed off the guide to poison the victim - if a more specific theory is necessary, let's say the guide poisoned the insect repellent; after which the guide took his leave at the first opportunity. I suspect that Rule 11 contradicts this, but it's best to be sure.
>> No. 1064 edit
The guide did not poison the insect repellant. The guide was not paid by the sister.

Try some abstract thinking. Actually, I want this sad excuse for a mystery I thought up on my way home from school finished. Have you ever heard of a suicide mission?
>> No. 1065 edit
Are you implying that the sister simply suggested a dangerous locale for the victim's trip, under the assumption that her naive sibling would be killed by the wildlife? Perhaps I've been overthinking this all this time.

The victim stepped on poisonous animal X (I have not researched which one yet) which delivered its toxin by touch.
>> No. 1066 edit
The narrator stepped on an assassin caterpillar.

File 129920504062.png - (90.46KB , 148x223 , ZP4.png )
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This game is a little different from the others since this is not a mystery I posted it Before in the old /Seacats/ so some should remember it.

The game is Simple, I will narrate a story and By the end of that story I will give you three choices.
These Choices determine the course of the story.
So choose wisely and Be careful of my Traps.

There is only one rule

*the first one that reply and that choose an option gains the right to choose.

Example : Zefur offer you 3 apples one green one yellow and one Red.

First one to reply : Red

Second one to reply : Yellow
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>> No. 1050 edit
>> No. 1051 edit
The Old man smiles and take you to a Hotel the Hotel looks gorgeous since its a Hotel Five stars
Then the Old man ask you a question.....

Lest say that you are going on a trip..but the trip is 23 hours long what of this 5 will you bring?
A)a Book
B)an Ipod
D)a puzzle
E)a computer
>> No. 1052 edit

Computer, so I may get some writing done.
>> No. 1055 edit
The old man smiles and give you a key ,that key is the key to one of the rooms of the hotel...you and your friends enter throught the hotel..but when you enter you feel that there is a weird atmosphere in the Hotel.....
The first place you decide to go is :

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