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Kinjo this is a challenge I'm posing only to you. The reason is simple; it isn't fair that while we are all deeply thinking about your fan-ep, you get to just sit around and laugh at our thinking process.

Simple: 6 victims, figure out


They may, or may not apply.

However this is a fair mystery. Clues to the Who, How, and Why, and presented in the story

To make things interesting; decide how many guesses you get. 1, 3, or 5?
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What, hey you little ...
You didn't answered my blue! After that the game already finished!
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File 132704166775.jpg - (22.09KB , 562x400 , dr_ozaki laugh.jpg )
Well, in the end i still like the idea of the Balloons filled with poison.
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That was actually how I was at first having the 5 die, and then getting shot later to make it look like Battler had killed them. But I couldn't fully figure out a way to fit Battler's death into that sequence, so I discarded it. Since from the beginning of my planning I had the thought. "Everyone but the victims are in the parlor at the time of Battler's death." To fortify it even more I was originally going to have Erika be in the story as well, and her eye witness that everyone was in the parlor would prove that. But since I got tired of writing, I cut Erika out of the story, expect the beginning mention, and I changed parlor to 'off Rokkenjima.'
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File 132123371375.png - (226.10KB , 567x357 , ozaki shocked.png )
Dang i would have gotten it if you hadn't changed it. Oh well, maybe the next one.

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