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File 145826907166.jpg - (52.83KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
"Why, she's obviously referring to the culprit. It all fits too perfectly. The motive, the opportunity. Why, nobody even suspected her when she simply kept to herself.

Add some red contacts and hair dye, and any of you same-face students would look identical to one another.

Of course, you'd need quite a bit of computer knowledge to be able to pull this off. Files on websites, obituaries, the works. And she did it all right under our noses.

Heck, I bet she's hiding in here as we speak."

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File 145827169671.gif - (1.00MB , 500x252 , theend.gif )

Miyako smiled at Karma as he spoke. As he finished, she turned as if looking around the room, but let her eyes fall on each of the other students. In her hand, she held out the red contact.

"He's right. Here I hold a red contact. Out of our group, there is only one who has red eyes. So there is only one person who could be impersonated by using red contacts. A person whose body has not been discovered. Kuu Dere."

"There is another way that every crime could have occurred without having Ryusei as a culprit, but only as an accomplice. In the death of Sota! Haruto! You said that Sota did not leave the room as far as you were aware. That indicates a time you are not sure of, because you were not watching the room. During that time, Kuu walked in wearing the raincoat, stabbed Sota, and then got Ryusei to carry the body to the second floor with the raincoat while she returned to outside the room. As for Oka, who bought us here as a hunter and ended up being hunted, it happened as I said for Ryusei, but instead Kuu is the one who set the mechanism, and Ryusei only orchestrated the viewing. Of course, Ryusei still had the critical piece of capturing Oka after her fake kidnapping and locking her away, while convincing her that he was Budo. Nevertheless, he did not kill him. The person impersonating Kuu killed them both."

She walked to the center of the library, holding her arms wide and looking to the sky as if asking the stars that hung above the ceiling out of sight. "But then! Who could have been impersonating her? After all, we've accounted for everyone's whereabouts who could
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Clapping echoes in the room. And then laughter, a girl's laughter. Out from a storage cabinet appears, Kuu... no... it isn't Kuu, as is evident by her two different eye colors. She is holding a gun.

"Correct." She smirks as she points the gun at the group. "Now you all get to die though, a little different than I planned but it works. I wanted Budo to take the fall for everyone's deaths."

Budo is in shock. "W... why?"

"Why do you think! You just dumped me like yesterday's trash."

"I didn't cheat on you!" Budo defends himself.

"I know that." Soul-chan answers. "I know that Sota was lying to me. He was punished for it. But it doesn't change the facts. After I 'died,' you just moved on with Oka. You are a bastard."

She laughs. "I don't care anymore. Because you are going to die here. You are all going to die here."

Surprisingly Ryusei is the one who starts walking up to Soul-chan. "It's over Soul-chan. The game is over."
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File 14566263856.png - (317.38KB , 582x443 , ro2_akuwaraia1.png )
~Court Case of Ryusei Koki~

"Mr. Koki, what is your defense for your actions you've committed. The crimes you've committed." The lawyer questions Ryusei.

Ryusei chuckles. "I've committed no crime. I didn't harm anyone."

"Aiding a murderer is also a crime!"

His face darkens a little. "I did it simply because, it was a game. In a game you play your best to win. So I simply did the best I could, to win. I did it to create fun, because without fun, it can't be a game."

The court ruled Ryusei as being psychotic and gave him a 10 year sentence.

~~~ Ryusei's cell ~~~

Ryusei sat on his bed staring at the wall of the cell.
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File 145496907789.jpg - (54.99KB , 620x465 , Blog1a_Status quo corridor.jpg )
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A small and rather simple rp game to help me get back in the swing of things. The player will take on the role of the new student who just transferred to the school.

There are 2 ways to lose

1. You die.
2. The innocent dies.

What does (2.) mean? Well, you'll have to use your head in the game to find out. Oh, (1.) I'm going to prevent deaths on you in the beginning, but a little into the game if you are the only one with the murderer, than well, wolf and sheep puzzle, might occur. This also could happen if you go off on your own.

Win conditions:
1. Kill the murderer
2. Stop the murderer
3. Befriend the murder and kill everyone but the innocent.

These are 2 different ways for you to win, you can just try to figure out who the murderer is and win a majority vote with the other npcs. Or you can skip that and flat out kill the murderer. (You must take the murderer by surprise to win this confrontation, they must not be expecting you to attack nor in a ready to kill state) But if you'd take that route and you end up being wrong, well it could be pretty bad for you. Decisions.
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File 145779885582.gif - (957.37KB , 500x377 , haveathing.gif )

"Like why a master of bare-hand combat was attacking you with a knife, when he could have just beaten you up with his fists exclusively, and arguably been more effective and with less evidence?" Frowning, she looked at the windowsill one more time. "Hmm. No wear marks of a rope or similar. Interesting..."

She turned and faced him, leaning against a non-bloody spot on the windowsill casually. Showing the knife in her hand to him, even offering it to him to inspect, she tried to search her own memory of the video to verify his response. "Was this the knife, by the way? The one he used on you?"
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File 145776327449.jpg - (11.58KB , 340x226 , 68377-340x226-Locker-room.jpg )
~~~ Karma ~~~

You open the door into the shower room and head inside. You look around the room, but you don't see anyone, the door to the gym seems slightly open. The shower is still running.

~~~ Miyako ~~~

"I egged him on. That isn't the kind of thing that would make me look like the victim. Eventually I broke him, enough that he took out a pocket knife. So no, it wasn't that knife."
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File 145558701033.jpg - (191.42KB , 600x600 , intoyoursoul.jpg )

"Day in and day out for a long time? They must have been some powerful words. He does have a strong temper though. Still, if all you did was talk and he escalated to violence, he was in the wrong."

She takes one last look around the room, seeing if there was any evidence as to who might have been waiting in the room for Sota to arrive.

After that final check, she turned to Haruto. "Thanks for humoring me. I think we should work our way towards the gym, next. See if we can meet up with the others. I know you and Budo don't see eye to eye, but it's probably best to have a lot of people around."

As she got ready to head out, she asked, "As we walk, can you tell me about what you said to Budo that made him so mad?"
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File 145585688313.jpg - (48.54KB , 640x480 , Stairs to the second floor (Small).jpg )
~~~ Karma ~~~

You hear someone enter the locker room and call out for you, it is Midori. You come out of the shower room and explain to her that Budo is missing.

She goes into a panic and runs off to look for him. You follow right behind her.

~~~ Miyako ~~~

Haruto suddenly gets angry. "This may sound strange, but Budo isn't that violent of a person normally, so don't go calling him one." He frowns. "And it isn't that we don't see eye to eye... alright..."

You two begin walking toward the door leading to the gym building.

"It wasn't that hard. I just kept bringing up his dead girlfriend. The reason he was going after me was about that in the first place, so adding more and more fuel to the fire was easy."

Haruto doesn't seem to happy, wasn't this his goal in the first place?
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File 145594019649.jpg - (91.38KB , 640x480 , snowroad.jpg )
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First Thread: Click Here

Second Thread: Click Here

Third Thread: Click Here

Recap: Kinjo fled the city to get away from the press interested in the Rokkenjima incident. Murders have occurred in the mountain village of Nisekawa and now he is drawing close to the end of the tale. Will the culprit be brought to light?
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File 145673467139.jpg - (40.96KB , 640x480 , snowup.jpg )
BGM: Lamentation

You awoke three days later, having to hear what happened from Masato.

The police arrived at the scene but could do very little with the storm. Ichiro had gone out and braved the weather saying he knew the area better then anyone and found you on a ledge halfway down the ravine. He was not able to find Shizuka however.

The police were able to confirm afterwards that Saeko died from suffocation, later testing the pillow case found suggests it was most likely the murder weapon. Heihachiro died from the stab wound likely caused by the stick found on the roof of the Yamada house. Eiji the father who you never asked his name died from the stab wounds you found him with. After that however, not much was figured out. With the prime investigator and suspect missing it came to a standstill with the storm. Most of the evidence - what little there was - got covered up. The hardest part is that the only villagers who seemed to know anything hushed up about it.

After the storm had cleared and you had been evacuated out of the village they continued to search for the ravine but by the time they had found it she would have been certainly dead. The search effort for the body continued for a few weeks before being canceled, in hope some light would come in the summer.

You sat in the hospital hearing all the news trying to piece things together. Masato brought Yuuichi to talk with you and you were able to figure out why he asked you if you had a girlfriend. He heard Saeko talking about it with Shizuka when he had wandered out due to sleepwalking and hurt his feet. From the evidence you presume what he actually had heard was her talking about Shinjo, one of the men on the list. The police looked into the individuals on said list and found there had been potential arranged marriage meetings planned between Shizuka and them.
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File 132963310899.png - (50.23KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar4.png )
"I don't hold anyone responsible. And neither should you."
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File 145560155479.png - (230.67KB , 640x480 , bui_o1a.png )
With a mix of confusion and outburst you duck out of sight before they can pester you any further.

The air of spring coming through the slightly opened window, you drive off prepared to move on from this incident.


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File 145689143184.png - (45.47KB , 358x221 , togdreport.png )
BGM: Protest




"...Yeah it is finished. No problems."

A man with an eye patch holds a phone loosely by his head as he sits in a dark basement. A small light flickering in the corner.

"Necessary? ... No, I wouldn't say so. He can still be used at least."

He flips through some papers while listening whatever response from the other line.
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File 14520215183.jpg - (165.85KB , 800x600 , x_bg07c.jpg )
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First Thread: Click Here

Second Thread: Click Here


Recap: Kinjo fled the city to get away from the press interested in the Rokkenjima incident. Now in the old mountain village of Nisekawa he is staying with his old friend Masato. On the fourth day death falls on the village, and Kinjo takes it upon himself to solve the mysteries presented.
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File 142344301350.png - (531.46KB , 779x694 , wdk_niramua2e.png )
"So does that mean you've suddenly remembered something about the case, huh?"
>> No. 19066 edit
File 145236257283.jpg - (37.07KB , 400x300 , yhbg1.jpg )
"Something like that..."

He tells you a brief summary of what Lee told you about his background and hopping from different town every now and then.

"The old man and I were friends. One of the few connections I made through the company that I could really trust. He offered us the house here, being this far out and with his resourcefulness nobody was likely to find us. He also was been paying our living expenses.

And that's what I need to bring up. I, well, he would often come by late at night and we would visit but it was mainly so he could drop off money for us. In the morning when we found his body... well, it would have been bad if anyone found out so I took the usual from his pocket, but that's all I swear. It was just to protect our connection, nothing more."
>> No. 19067 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
"So he came by that night to deliver money... It's possible someone knew about the money and then tried to kill him for it, but -- why wouldn't they take it? So that must not be it. If it wasn't for money, was it a personal grudge?"
>> No. 19068 edit
File 142207550490.png - (238.65KB , 569x481 , roadupedit.png )
"I don't quite know. I imagine he made some enemies in his life time, but I wouldn't know any of them..."

As the two of you talk Lee pipes up again. "So what exactly happened again here?" he says referring to the spot where the body was. "He was found without any footprints around the body in the morning, yet there was some found halfway down the hill from his house?"

"Well," Jiro responds "there was no footprints around this area until Kinzaki and Masato walked over. That much I am sure of. It had already started snowing as I went to bed, around 1 in the morning."

"So in other words since those footprints were mostly filled they must have been made sometime during the night, yet if they were his, then why did none appear around the body... Any idea Box Whisperer?" he says finally directed at you.

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File 145556708182.jpg - (70.45KB , 630x892 , Beato.jpg )
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No, really. Is it?

Pic irrelevant
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File 130863423956.jpg - (37.96KB , 446x446 , 130854200445.jpg )
We have new posts from last night. We're still quite alive.

Are you somebody new?
>> No. 18987 edit
Yeah, I'm pretty new here. And yes, I am interested, so, where can I start and all? Are there any rules? Basically I want to learn the basics.
>> No. 18988 edit
File 145556835252.jpg - (142.76KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m6q0n7jnFa1rvwzn7o1_500.jpg )

The rules are listed in this link. You don't have to read it all, but it does a good job of documenting the types of games we play around here.

As for playing in a game, were you hoping to play as a player or as a game master?

If you want to play as a player (like a detective) in someone else's game, you just need to find someone who is willing to start/host a new game.

If you want to play as a game master (like a dungeon master) you need to create a story, determine how many players you want (and if you want any specific players) and what kind of game you want to host.

I'd recommend reading some of the examples listed in the rules page to get a feeling for the types of players and games that go on around here. We tend to be pretty friendly and open to new games, but some players certainly have different kinds of play styles than others
>> No. 18989 edit
I don't mind either roles. I can do both pretty well, so, I might switch between the two. Also, thanks for the link. I'll be sure to read it.

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