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File 14190375034.png - (17.52KB , 100x100 , BattlerNeo2.png )
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Greetings, seacats.
I challenge you to a very special game today.

The game is actually not done. In fact, it started just now. The medium is a bit special, too.

If you wish to look at it, go here.

Each sunday there will be a new twilight, and around the 1st February 2015, you can try to pinpoint the culprit and see the truth / tea party. Speculations, as well as opinions, are welcome, of course.
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File 133810186870.png - (175.87KB , 406x472 , eri_waraia3.png )
It's October 4th, so I expect to see something from you, Ushiromiya Battler.
Don't let me down, now!
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File 142204011633.png - (17.52KB , 100x100 , BattlerNeo2.png )
Sadly, I could not keep my promise. Working on two large projects for months now, so barely any time to code the game.

Well, I can show you the menu screen, at least. I will try to finish in this year, but my projects take priority (you can guess why).

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File 144399598333.jpg - (137.49KB , 600x600 , Beatrice_600_340685.jpg )
I wont believe in your promises again.
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File 142979878120.png - (96.28KB , 352x520 , Aserua1.png )
I am so disapointed in you

No, joking, take your time (not too much e-e)

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File 144217436378.png - (190.50KB , 496x480 , bea_akuwaraia4.png )
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Welcome, gameboardians. I believe it's time to continue our adventure.
Let's continue where we left.
>>10077 (Geez, it was barely 20 months ago.)

Kinjo, Ozaki? It's showtime!
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File 140177786952.png - (563.65KB , 1057x590 , ozaki_gif_3.png )
I'll enter the parlor and see what's going on.

"Hey there what is going on?"

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File 134173861510.png - (122.32KB , 426x480 , bea_odorokia2.png )
Seeing Ozaki, Beatrice slightly escapes from Battler's grab and welcomes him as well.

"Welcome, guest! You must be another of the survivors," she energetically says.

"Well, we were trying to become acquainted with our guest over here," Battler admits. "I'm Ushiromiya Battler, and my she's fiancee Yasuda" he introduces to the detective.

"I'd prefer to be called Beatrice!" she immediately announces, trying to cover her red face behind Battler.

Last edited at 15/09/26(Sat)15:46:20
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File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
"I see, Nice to meet you. My name is Ozaki Toshio. I think the other guest is called Erika if I recall. Although I haven't seen her since dinner."
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File 131794509272.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )
"Like I said, my name is Kinjo Goldbar. I am just a nerd who likes to pretend he's a doctor, but I'm just Ozaki's roommate. I was on vacation on that boat when suddenly it crashed and I turned up on this island. My favorite color is orange, and my favorite animal is the penguin. My hobbies include reading comic books and playing Nintendo games. Also, my sign is Aries, and I'm not too sure about my blood type. But I like girls with long hair, brown or black, and a large chest, so unfortunately you're really not my type at all (both of you)."

File 14308937054.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
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Kenji stands up over the crumpled body. "...She is gone."

The other guests mumble in question. Soft sobs coming from her friend kneeling next to the corpse.

"Dead? Just like that?" the stout man questions.

Kenji turns to the rest of the guests, "Even if the power comes back on I will need everyone to remain here. This is murder."

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File 143128267360.png - (10.09KB , 744x540 , bardia.png )
"That might be possible if they were lucky, but it is unreliable to introduce poison in that way. Hmm, I need to check something with Kaori." Kaori is then beckoned and soon just the three of you are alone from the rest.

"Erina had a number of drinks tonight, right?" Kenji starts.

"Well, only three, and some of my own drink," Kaori says.

Kenji rubs his chin seemingly recalling back to something, "She ordered her third before going to the bathroom... When did she take a drink of yours?

"That was after she returned, a few minutes after."

"Alright, now do you recall if she had started to drink her third before or after going to the bathroom."

She responds quickly, "It was before, I am sure of it."
Kaori is dismissed and the two of you are left theorizing again.
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File 143093268229.png - (299.67KB , 550x412 , bar2.png )
You and Kenji decide that it would be about time to search through everyone's belongings.

Harada and Izumi show the contents of their pockets/purse, and shortly after Matsuo starts as well. In the back behind the group however Shuji doesn't move, his head held low as he quickly stands out with his lack of compliance.

Kenji walks up to him, "You aren't doing yourself a favor kid. If you don't empty your pockets I'll do it for you."

Shuji gives a dry laugh, "...there is no need." He brings his hand out of his pocket and throws a crushed beer can onto the ground flattened to the shape of a puck. You are close enough to make out smudged lipstick along the rim, the same from the others. "You got me."

Kenji picks up the can and smells it, "Yeah, it appears so. Then Sakura was-"

"My sister," he announces, "The sister who I have now avenged."

Kaori looks on with dread as the rest of the group watches.

"Oh don't give me that look," he yells at Kaori. "She deserved it! Time and time again, I told myself it wasn't anyone's fault. That it was just bad luck... and I thought I had gotten over it... But I saw her, Kaori. Last year, at some club. Just by coincidence, as soon as my sister was brought up she dismissed her death like it was nothing!"
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File 143089419868.png - (575.85KB , 1017x660 , beach.png )
You stood outside of the hotel the next day, refreshed from the night of rest. The police had arrived and with the confession took Shuji away. The other members of the party were questions of course but were eventually dismissed. While everything was cleaned up nicely, you sat organizing the logic behind this event.

It turned out the one who turned off the power was the friend of Shuji who worked at the hotel. His intuition proved to be the true hero of these events, trapping the culprit right before he was about to escape. It turned out that Shuji wasn't even imployed there to begin with. You thought he had just taken a shift, but you heard that from Shuji. Thinking back on it his actions stood out. He had no idea where the coffee machine was behind the bar, nor did he really seem to know much about the hotel. The first thing you noticed upon arriving, the broken escape staircase was something that any worker would have noticed many times over, yet he had to check the side of the building.

Overall however it was the checking of the pockets which resulted in his capture. Reviewing the facts, you conclude that simply figuring out what happened to the can and the lipstick was the real problem here. There was a few possibilities, for instance first looking at the table would suggest that her third drink was missing since there was only two with lipstick (since you knew she had ordered three drinks). Harada could have taken it, mistaking it for his own since they were the same type, or maybe the Matsuo or the worker took it. Upon finding the lipstick and cloth in the bathroom however you start to question this; she could have just removed the lipstick before hand and this was just a red herring.

Looking at the facts and interrogating some more led to clues that she took a sip of Erina's drink right after returning from the bathroom, which does not have any lipstick on it(the one that was shattered was said to be empty
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File 144375803386.png - (53.79KB , 357x222 , report.png )
Kenji gives you a soft jab in the back, "Daydreaming again huh?"

With a bit of joking around you talk about the case, expressing your displeasure with how you couldn't solve it.

"Hey, I didn't even expect you to interrogate or investigate on my behalf. You collected all the pieces and didn't let anyone mess with the scene, all while being in a unfamiliar situation. Technically you did bring the truth to light. Don't be too hard on yourself, if anything I should be the one feeling bad letting you do everything when I wasn't able to control the situation. You'll get it next time right?" he finishes jokingly.

With that said the three of you enjoyed the rest of the vacation, before returning to Nagano a few days later.


File 134963918072.jpg - (107.58KB , 600x800 , yes.jpg )
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So I'm planning an oddity of a game. Something perhaps truly unique.

If you have ever played a game like Mafia or Werewolf, a social deduction game, I intend for my game to be like that. An Umineko themed Werewolf game (I guess it's Witch hunting instead of werewolf hunting but w/e)

The thing is, I want to be able to have a stack of characters to give out to players at random, each with small tidbits of information. That being the case, I need to know how many people would be interested in playing.

In Umineko there are 20ish humans available for the island (including Erika, Kinzo, and Beatrice), and 20 people is obviously too many, so I will need to be cutting characters. The game is still in the creation process so we'll see.

So far, Ozaki, anon-kun, Deadon, and Cirno have expressed interest in playing, so we need more players (preferably somewhere between the 8 to 14 range of players)

EDIT: To clarify, I will be having people assigned to their character randomly. Each player will receive a "letter from the witch" containing information pertaining to the game: their roles and perhaps a bit of information to aid them in accomplishing their goals.

Last edited at 15/09/21(Mon)08:28:56
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File 144315222919.jpg - (162.29KB , 861x1261 , pizzasauce.jpg )
>> No. 18197 edit
File 144315258989.jpg - (39.89KB , 353x449 , 1367944562444.jpg )
It seems my name isn't filtered. OK, I will join in.

Last edited at 15/09/24(Thu)20:43:38
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File 144330139144.jpg - (178.19KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Tribe Cool Crew - 34 [1080p]_mkv_sn.jpg )
sorces pls
>> No. 18209 edit

Also here is the thread for this game.

File 144163187623.png - (334.19KB , 480x480 , ravencover.png )
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So, don't know if this is the right section for this (but then again,I can't really imagine if there's a better one for it, so here we go).

The Golden Witch's Most Treasured Raven

This was originally intended as a gameboard, but quickly turned into a short story after I realized there was a major problem in some of the definitions and how the game would progress (plus I figured it'd be a shame it all my three days' worth of work go to waste, so... y'know). In other words, the doc itself has both the mystery portion and the solution included in it, so there won't be a game. This is just put out there for people to read and (hopefully) get a kick out of it.

So, without further ado:


Last edited at 15/09/07(Mon)06:18:26
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File 143927359961.png - (22.86KB , 256x256 , kyouko1.png )
That was a pretty fun read. Too bad the whole solution-thingy didn't work out, though.
>> No. 18119 edit
File 143868616193.png - (46.59KB , 366x456 , hmph.png )
The funny thing is that the part DWaM had a problem with was actually pretty much given as it would have been impossible otherwise... The real problem for me was that first murder lol. In retrospective, I guess I was pretty dumb.

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