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File 142190092862.png - (656.49KB , 795x594 , wandering.png )
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The wind screams as it sends shards of ice pelting into a defenseless face. It mutes a voice.

“… Where is ___?”

A thick crunch each time a new each leg enters the snow. They slowly delve deeper into the thicket. Branches start to hit their face, clearly they are not thinking about something so trivial.

“This ___ the ____...”

They race around, barely able to open their eyes let alone see anything but white. Stumbling, for hands provide little support.

____ must be _____ somewhere…”

They grab for something, a stick in the tree line, a branch, anything. Just to provide support a minute longer.

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File 143399787867.png - (552.52KB , 796x592 , wandering no snow.png )
"Kintaro eh... sounds familiar," he says while digging through his backpack. "Ichiro Fukushima is mine."

He then promptly pulls out a knife and plunges it into the carcass. The sound of tearing flesh unpleasantly crawls up your spine into your ear. He notices your reaction and speaks up, "I don't like an audience. Get going now."
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File 136911704860.png - (340.18KB , 500x375 , wdk_bird.png )
I continue my quest for wood and go to the house.
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File 142613462790.png - (581.11KB , 800x533 , wood.png )
You leave the large man to his work and get back on the main path.

After a while you finally make it back to that part of the village and to the Yamada household. You head around back and find the pile of wood. You also find Jiro working on something under the little overhang. He doesn't notice you as of yet.
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Second Thread: Click Here

File 143237425516.png - (176.10KB , 573x480 , 132725409059.png )
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This probably belongs here since its a game. Anyways, I'm proud to announce the open beta for Umineko Online, an online multiplayer game where we play mysteries, roleplay, and do a variety of fun things. We hope you will join us as this has been a passion project of mine for quite a while now. We have several mysteries written for new players. Hope to see all of you soon.
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File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
I left some feedback on there, assuming you get all the log files.
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Actually. I have no logs at this time. So any feedback posted to the tumblr or my skype, newagealchemy, would be appreciated. It was probably early enough to where no one was on, so I don't have it.
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File 143248389710.png - (169.46KB , 514x479 , Kin_a23_naku1.png )

...I regret nothing.

File 142157228094.png - (229.61KB , 500x281 , golden_land.png )
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First thread: http://seacats.net/gameboard/res/16805.html

Second thread: http://seacats.net/gameboard/res/17001.html


A golden butterfly glides carelessly over the trimmed grass of the Golden Land. Its brothers gather in an excited, swarm to welcome their new visitor, a young man by the name of Kinjo Goldbar. He appears next to a beautifully engraved fountain that shoots jets of water from one end to the other, reflecting the purple sky in its seemingly infinite depths. The air smells sweet, like candy, but a great sadness follows the man.

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File 142189804462.png - (639.86KB , 640x480 , scr_439.png )
"Good idea! But Uncle Rudolf is coming around and you want to be outside before he gets there, so you don't have time! The only thing you can do is open the window and climb out of it. But when Uncle Rudolf comes back..."

The glass shatters. Rudolf never bothered to make sure the window was still locked.

The room returns to its purple haze.

"You see?"
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File 132669749830.png - (47.98KB , 215x209 , kinjo_sux.png )
"...Wow, I really suck."
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File 142190063773.png - (317.71KB , 640x480 , scr_439.png )

"Kinjo doesn't suck. Even if we don't know who the culprit is, you tried your best to save everyone and solve the mysteries. When you disappeared on the game board, Battler was really worried. He'll be glad to know you're okay."

The room fades away...

"We'll go to the Golden Land. There, everyone is happy and nothing bad ever happens. Even Ozaki is there! We'll play games with Beato and Battler and nobody will ever hurt you again."

Maria pauses.

"Thank you, Kinjo."


The answer can be found here, in the first 5 minutes of the prologue to the now canceled Denouement of the Golden Witch.
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File 142190093374.png - (180.05KB , 639x479 , snowball.png )
Maria End.

File 142001549756.jpg - (135.57KB , 1200x853 , umineko-no-naku-koro-ni-episode-4-2953033.jpg )
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A fragment is brutally torn open and rewound. What secrets could it hold?

First thread:


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File 142156957298.png - (55.90KB , 224x224 , wdk_ava5.png )
"Don't talk. It's not good for your health."

I lay him down somewhere comfortable and sit down next to him.

"We'll use a secret code. Close your left eye for 'yes' and close your right eye for 'no'. Now, I'll start. Where did you hide the gun?"
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File 142157019334.png - (407.16KB , 640x480 , scr_420.png )
Ozaki weakly gestures to a corner of the room before he seems to pass away, but before you can look, time stands still. The last thing you can hear is someone saying 'What are you doing?'

Bernkastel appears in middair and offers a playful smile. "My sincerest apologies, but it seems like you've lost. "Rudolf and Kyrie are dead."
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File 13395583786.png - (152.11KB , 606x480 , wdk_niramub4.png )
"Hey, explain yourself! Why did I lose?!"
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File 142157125158.jpg - (10.02KB , 189x267 , witch.jpg )
"Maybe it would be easier if I showed you..."


Krauss Ushiromiya - Died on the first twilight.

Natsuhi Ushiromiya - Died on the first twilight

Nanjo Terumasa - Died on the first twilight

Kumasawa Chiyo - Died on the first twilight

Genji Ronoue - Died on the first twilight

Kinzo Ushiromiya - Died on the first twilight. Of course, he was dead before the start of the game.
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File 142024748833.jpg - (10.64KB , 180x240 , 35032.jpg )
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This gameboard will be a little experimental, because I like to try new things.

Seacats, you play the role as police investigator who goes by the skype username 'Seacatsforever'

A horrid murder has occurred, and the person who discovered the crime has hidden themselves away and refuses to see anyone, so all investigations will be done over a skype conversation (mock obviously)

You must ask yes or no questions to the discoverer to try and solve the murder. Ask about anything, the room, the victim, the witness themselves, or maybe what happened before the crime.

If the witness can not answer, a police file will be brought up, if that still can't answer the question then the witch will answer.

Good luck.
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Witch: "It is possible"

Police Report: "A hole was found in the glass of the window."

The how of the crime has been determined."

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File 13085518377.png - (64.64KB , 347x480 , ozaki_nayamua1.png )
Was the victim an immediate family member?
>> No. 17060 edit
Witness who wants summer back: "Yes."
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File 141618434573.jpg - (3.51KB , 64x108 , dlanor.jpg )
Did the victims do something to anger someone?

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