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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 129920504062.png - (90.46KB , 148x223 , ZP4.png )
1008 No. 1008 edit
This game is a little different from the others since this is not a mystery I posted it Before in the old /Seacats/ so some should remember it.

The game is Simple, I will narrate a story and By the end of that story I will give you three choices.
These Choices determine the course of the story.
So choose wisely and Be careful of my Traps.

There is only one rule

*the first one that reply and that choose an option gains the right to choose.

Example : Zefur offer you 3 apples one green one yellow and one Red.

First one to reply : Red

Second one to reply : Yellow

As you can see I gave preference to the first one since he was the first one to reply so the choose was Red.

I promise you and can tell you with certainty that this game does not contain my usual LOLRANDOMDERP moments. but in exchange I ask you to be serious when choosing.

Now that I have told you all that you need to play
I shall start with the first part of the Story

You and your friends are walking in the forest
when suddenly you see a sweet and cute Granny walking in the forest she looks pitiful but she smiles at you and offers you an Apple.The apple is bright red and looks very delicious.

so you decide to?

A)Eat it
B)Dont eat it and politely said no
C)You throw the apple at her
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>> No. 1009 edit
>B)Dont eat it and politely said no
>> No. 1010 edit
I forgot to mention that you have unlimited Food, Money and you have big backpacks so that you can store anything you want.

The Old Woman smiles and Keep walking and tells you to stay in a safe place since it will be night soon...

You keep walking and Walking but you and your Friends are tired so you decide to?

A)Rest where you are.
B)Keep walking.
C)Find a place to sleep.
>> No. 1011 edit
File 129922518725.png - (53.66KB , 160x218 , mf11aa020.png )
C)Find a place to sleep.
>> No. 1012 edit
You and your friends walk throught the forest when suddenly you find a Mansion the Mansion is very creepy but you and your Friends are tired so you?

B)Dont Enter
>> No. 1013 edit

>> No. 1014 edit
You enter in the Maansion when suddenly you are recieved by a Butler who welcomes you.
He then ask you what is your favorite color?
(no option choose any color you want)
>> No. 1015 edit
File 129928537299.png - (54.61KB , 185x201 , mf04ca020.png )
>> No. 1016 edit
The Butler Leaves and a Middle-age Lady with a Purple dress appears and she present herself as Morada Violeta she welcomes you and tell you that she is the matriarch of the Colore family and that she will let you sleep here tonight
but with the condition of not leaving your room when it is 3:00 am. After she finished to tell you this she says that you can use any service that this house offers so you decide to?

A)Take a Bath
B)Have dinner
C)Go to the Library
D)Go to your room
E)Talk with the lady.
>> No. 1017 edit
File 129928680284.png - (52.17KB , 167x211 , mf08ab130.png )
A)Take a Bath
>> No. 1018 edit
File 130828187393.png - (921B , 59x68 , 000Lion000.png )
I will add a third element to the game...the Action points this points are for choosing a path that is not in the options....

Example: A)Red B)Blue C)Green
I use my Action point...So I choose Yellow!

The only condition to use it is that you must post with an Avatar.

You to take a bath.while bathing you start to feel cold even thought you are under the hot water you suddenly start to feel like you are being watched by someone.The cold sensation start to being more intense....


A)GTFO Of there...
B)Stay calm and try to dismiss this as a Mere delusion
C)Keep bathing
>> No. 1019 edit
File 129928763135.png - (56.15KB , 164x199 , mf05fb040.png )
D) Masturbate.
>> No. 1020 edit
File 129928805031.png - (783B , 59x68 , 345.png )
You start to masturbate in the shower
to raise your body temperaturebut the cold sensation doesnt run away and you suddenly start to feel scared
So you finish to bath and go to your room for a change of clothes after that you decide to?

A)Go to your room
B)Try to reason what happened
C)Go downstair to dinner
>> No. 1021 edit
not this shit again
>> No. 1022 edit
I promise you that this will not be shitty.
>> No. 1023 edit
>B)Try to reason what happened
>> No. 1024 edit
You try to think about what happened and
You realize that the Cold sensation was in the bathroom since you entered you also realized that each time that you felt that you were being watched The lights of the room were malfunctioning.

Suddenly when you realized It

It have been an Hour since you took a bath...

The night falls in the mansion and the Butler that welcomed you in the mansion tell you that the dinner is ready and ask you if you and your friends are going to dinner you reply :

A)Yes we will be there in a minute
B)No, we are not hungry thanks
C)SCREW YOUR FOOD it must be poisoned.
>> No. 1025 edit
File 129931107326.png - (50.76KB , 160x201 , mf02da140.png )
C)SCREW YOUR FOOD it must be poisoned.
>> No. 1026 edit
the butler is amazed with the offer he then rudely say that :Okay...its Okay...JUST DONT COME FROM YOUR FUCKING ROOM AT 3:00 AM

some hours later you to your room.......its 3:00 AM when suddenly you hear strange and Weird voices and Noises.....

You decide to:
A)Screw the noises I will sleep
B)I will not leave my room but I will not sleep
C)Leave the room to investigate.
>> No. 1027 edit
>> No. 1028 edit
You leave the room and try to check
every part of the mansion However since you are scared you can only explore one room so which room do you choose?

A)The Bathroom
B)The Mini-Puppet Theather room
C)The Main Hall
D)The Kitchen
E)The Room of one of your friends
F)The Garden
>> No. 1029 edit
>> No. 1030 edit
You return to the room your friends
When you enter you see that they are also disturbed by the creepy sounds of the Mansion
and also angry because you dont have to share a room with someone.
Now that you reunited with your friends you decide to?

a)Explore the mansion with them
b)Sleep with them
c)go back to your room.
>> No. 1031 edit
>> No. 1032 edit
Anon,Ryuga and the others Decide to explore the creepy mansion

The only places you can explore are these:

A)The Bathroom
B)The Mini-Puppet Theather room
C)The Main Hall
D)The Kitchen
E)The Garden
F)Music Room
>> No. 1033 edit
File 129937747360.png - (53.55KB , 160x218 , mf11aa040.png )
G) I have no friends, therefore I head to the Mini-Puppet Theather room alone.
>> No. 1034 edit
Ryuga decides to Separate from the Others and head to the Mini-Puppet Theather Room
The room have a creepy atmosphere.....
Suddenly when you enter a puppet show of Alice in Wonderland start to play...

You decide to?

A)Stay and Watch the Puppet Show
B)Leave the Room
c)Continue exploring the room
>> No. 1035 edit
>B)Leave the Room
>> No. 1036 edit
File 129944138970.png - (859.93KB , 548x816 , Lion5.png )
You leave the room and notice that the weird voices are coming from another part so you decide to explore a little more and you notice that the voices are coming from the main Hall after walking for a while you arrive at the door of the Main hall and you notice that there is a Strange odor coming from the Main hall.

so you decide to?

B)Dont enter
C)Go back to you room.
>> No. 1037 edit
enter of course
>> No. 1038 edit
You enter throught the Main hall and realize the horror that lies in that evil room......

Miss.Morada Violeta is a Satanist and she warned you to not leave the room at 3:00 am because she didnt want you to become the next sacrifice you try to leave but Two big men grab you from the arm and they......Sacrifice you...

>> No. 1039 edit
You can try again...
>> No. 1040 edit
>C)Go back to you room.
>> No. 1041 edit
You go back to your room and you find your friends in the Hall you tell your friends to go back to the bedroom. You and your friends sleep
The next morning you wake up and you enter in the main hall however there is not trace that something happened there....you eat your breakfast and leave with your friends....Miss.Morada Violeta gives you farewell and you continue your Journey
Some hours later your friend are starting to have a discussion because you dont know where to go.
Your friends decide that you are the one that will decide and you choose?
>> No. 1042 edit
>> No. 1043 edit
You go to the East and keep walking and Walking until you found a Beach with a beautiful blue sea
You and your friends found some wood Rocks and a rope

so you decide to?
(No options choose anything you want)
>> No. 1044 edit
Catch a whale with the wood, rocks and rope.
>> No. 1045 edit
You capture the whale and you and your friends decide to eat the whale for 2 weeks
after that you decide to construct a Ship to navigate throught the sea
You can navigate throught 3 seas:
A)Black Sea
B)Moon Sea
C)Dark sea
>> No. 1046 edit
>B)Moon Sea
>> No. 1047 edit
You and your friends travel in the Moon sea with your ship made of wood when suddenly you see a Weird and Abandoned war ship you and your friends are fascinated with it so you decide to ?

B)Dont Enter and continue navigating.
>> No. 1048 edit
File 12994564652.png - (49.53KB , 156x216 , mf20aa010.png )
C)We play mahjong.
>> No. 1049 edit
You decide (sorry for taking this long to reply)
to play Mahjong with your friends ignoring the creepy Ghost Ship....you and your friends arrive at a Tropical Island where you are recieved by an Old Man that Welcomes you to the Island he then ask you if you have a place to sleep you said :
C)Dont say anything
>> No. 1050 edit
>> No. 1051 edit
The Old man smiles and take you to a Hotel the Hotel looks gorgeous since its a Hotel Five stars
Then the Old man ask you a question.....

Lest say that you are going on a trip..but the trip is 23 hours long what of this 5 will you bring?
A)a Book
B)an Ipod
D)a puzzle
E)a computer
>> No. 1052 edit

Computer, so I may get some writing done.
>> No. 1055 edit
The old man smiles and give you a key ,that key is the key to one of the rooms of the hotel...you and your friends enter throught the hotel..but when you enter you feel that there is a weird atmosphere in the Hotel.....
The first place you decide to go is :
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