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1133 No. 1133 edit
Well Guys I will open this New gameboard for the sake of ending all ...and to announce my retirement from Gameboards after I finish this One. since its my Final One this will be more difficult than the other I have made.

*Since I will forbid Blue Shootguns
and I will only allow you to use 20 Blues for Person.

Of course you can challengue this as a Team that will give you the right to 100 blues.

*You have to explain how were they murdered.
Example: They were poisoned. someone Put poison in the food they eated in line number 3 paragraph 1.(mentioning the line and paragraph is optional)

*To make this more interesting......I will disable All the rules of Van Dine and Knox...

And for Last this are the Pieces that Will play in this game they are 27:

Ozaki (Will be portrayed as Gohda)
John Smith
Ryuga (Will be portrayed as Virgilia)
Knox (Will be portrayed as Kohaku)
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>> No. 1134 edit
It was a calm Friday afternoon on /Seacats/ everyone was relaxing on /Tea party/ with warm cups of Coffee and Tea and some bright smiles. The only thing that was missing to make this a perfect night was the presence of all the members.

-It’s a Shame we can’t recover the old data –said Anon-kun

-I will talk with the IB4F Administrator to see if we can recover it-said George

-But what is the point of recovering that data? after all, it’s just a bunch of casual chats-said Lion while sipping his Tea

-B-but Lion they are all important stuff for Seacats. After all, it contains very precious memories, ne?-said 556

-Of course that they are! They are very precious to us Usacchi!

-But still, didn’t Gogo store them in big files?-said Lion

-But its better to have them at hand-said George and 556 at the same time with a smile

-Okay…I was just suggesting…by the way Kinjo how is your progress with your fan game? -said Lion.

Kinjo saw Lion with a shocked face …Lion at the instant realized what he had unleashed..

Kinjo with anger and concern said the following words : You shouldn’t have said that.

At that Instant a figure appeared behind Kinjo…….It was Meta………

-Now that I remember is your next mystery ready Kinjo? I am of Being here with all these mongrels You said that today was going to be ready!-said Meta

-I-I have some things to adjust eh…..It is not ready yet………b-but I have created a great mystery you may want to solve……..

Kinjo and Meta left the room…..at that instant Kinjo turned away for an instant and glared at Lion.

Lion fearfully said – I-I’m sorry…..

-You shouldn’t have said that……poor Kinjo due to the many details he is putting in his fangame ,he haven’t managed to finish it , In that sense I can understand him.
-said Rosa with a calm voice.

By the way, where are George Bernkastel Astaroth Asune and Anon, they were here until just a moments?-said Lion

While you were dealing with Kinjo Rin appeared and mentioned that she had done something on /limbo/ and all the players followed her-said Rosa
-Really? I didn’t notice………..Why am I so clueless?

What Lion didn’t notice is that everyone heard him and started to laugh

Lion was red of embarrassment….

After a while the dinner time came , and everyone started to eat
When they finished……..Gogo noticed something under her Food dish

It was a letter Gogo started to read it :

Dear /Seacats/:

My name is the Golden Witch Beatrice,and I send you this letter to announce you that I will come to visit you this night……for my arrival I will need 22 gifts……..

For the morning I will need 6 gifts

For the Noon I will need other 4 gifts

For the Afternoon I will need other 10 gifts

And For the Evening I will other need 2 gifts

Beatrice the Golden.

Everyone started to laugh but after a while they realized that none of the present could have put that letter under gogo plate……and Obviously Gogo didn’t?

Who was the one who put the letter under Gogo’s plate? And how? The answer is Obvious MAGIC OF THE WITCH!
>> No. 1135 edit
File 13475782898.png - (257.31KB , 274x611 , fullbodydr.png )
>mfw "I'm" not in the Op picture.

Gohda did it.
>> No. 1136 edit
You need some sprites man.
>> No. 1137 edit
Haha yeah. I'm making some for Kinjo's game acually.
>> No. 1138 edit
Yes you are
Ozaki (Will be portrayed as Gohda)
Gohda dont exist in this game
Ozaki is not the culprit
19 blues left
>> No. 1139 edit
Very well. I don't see any red there though.
>> No. 1140 edit
Gohda dont exist in this game, Ozaki exist in this game
>> No. 1141 edit
File 131805322149.jpg - (26.88KB , 716x358 , dr_ozaki skime 1.jpg )
I believe my blue still has yet to be answered.
>> No. 1143 edit
File 13004119017.jpg - (20.69KB , 466x362 , dr_ozaki mild confused relization.jpg )
So your saying that the dinning room always has plates in it which magically make food appear?
>> No. 1144 edit
That is right...........anyway....

what if i change it to: /Seacats/ have robots that do the chore for thems so with that they dont have to cook???
>> No. 1156 edit
So anyone that will challengue the first mystery?
>> No. 1157 edit
Well, when I said "Gohda did it" I meant Ozaki put the letter, but since he didn't cook the food...

>> No. 1158 edit
You werent the one that put the letter under Gogo plate...
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