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File 13639247228.png - (10.48KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1bw.png )
11393 No. 11393 edit
Welcome to my teaparty!

The purple logic game was only a small appetizer for what I have truly been working on behind the scenes! It's a very special kind of gameboard, so for the sake of entertainment I refuse to explain it in full detail. But to simplify things a lot, let me say this:

The game will be a very complex RP game, and as such I need as many people to sign up for it as I can get!

I understand that many people are busy, and so I decided to have the game take place during the summer. This signup thread should hopefully attract attention during the few months in between, and I can get an ideal amount of players for the game!

I will ask, that while you may post in this thread to sign up, you must also E-MAIL me specific information:

-Your character's name, sex, age
-A brief biography of the character (include any interesting facts, quirks, or mannerisms)
-A sample picture of your character you will post with (anything goes)
-Give a list of one thing they are very good at and one thing they are very bad at
-Give a list of two things they love and two things they hate
-Give a list of up to five items they would bring to a desert island

Aside from the character, please also tell me:

-Your timezone, and what dates/times during the summer would be ideal to play
-Give yourself a rank of 1-10 (10 being best) of how well you can solve mysteries
-Also give yourself a rank of 1-10 of how well you can create mysteries
-Finally, I would like a password of exactly 9 characters; it can be anything you want

I'll e-mail you back to confirm that I have received it and that there are no problems.
I look forward to an intellectual, yet elegant game.

~Kinjo Goldbar
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>> No. 11394 edit
sage for rp
>> No. 11395 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , erika2.png )
Hm...I'm not too comfortable with actual full-on RPing, so I might have to pass on this one. Certainly sounds intriguing though, I'll definitely watch this with interest.
>> No. 11396 edit
File 135948749724.png - (265.42KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m359d2sBm81qh5tyvo1_500.png )
I know I've been less than regular in my attendance to this board, but seeing as it's not until summer, I can probably rustle up a character for this.

Before I start brainstorming, can I just ask a few questions? Firstly, what kind of setting are we talking about, will this be set in the late 1900s, like umineko, or do you have a different time in mind? Secondly, are we gonna need multiple images of our character, like the hundreds of sprites you guys seem to have?
>> No. 11397 edit
File 131794550038.png - (161.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia1.png )
Thank you.

Ah, that would be a shame! Depends on what you call full-on RP but I'm more concerned with the interaction between players and the gameboard than with "staying in character".

Also, once the game begins, only the participants will be able to read the threads. Only once the game ends will all of the threads will be allowed for public viewing!

The setting will be in an unknown place in an unknown time! I'm sorry I can't get more specific than that, but it's true!

The images thing doesn't really matter. It would just be ideal to visualize who you are if you post with consistent pictures, that's all.
>> No. 11399 edit
From what he has explained to me you won't need to act any different than you did in Rudolf's games.
>> No. 11400 edit
File 136396924422.png - (318.32KB , 603x480 , leo_b3.png )
Well, why the hell not ? Seems interesting enough. I'm in, I'll do the actual sign up with everything later though, too lazy for that right now.
>> No. 11401 edit
Wait, are you really going to use "that"?
Contact me later ok
>> No. 11402 edit
File 136397411434.jpg - (37.39KB , 300x542 , 134711850671.jpg )
Pretty sure he is.
>> No. 11403 edit
File 136397417211.jpg - (61.21KB , 508x590 , 259653.jpg )
I guess I'll sign up too.
>> No. 11404 edit
File 135958121327.png - (794.40KB , 968x1041 , erika7.png )
Hm, okay then. I guess I got the wrong impression from all the character information he was asking for, but if it's just for the sake of 'skillsets' and not having to create a new personality and backstory and all that, then that's fine.

I'll probably wait to sign up until I know how free I'm going to be in the summer, though.
>> No. 11405 edit
File 130827127155.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
Yeah, I may have worded that badly. Think about Kinjo from Repercussion. He's got a backstory but his personality is 100% my own, no roleplay involved (other than using information from the backstory, but this information has no effect on his personality). For this reason I would say that you'd be doing even less RPing than in Rudolf's game, as you can act entirely like yourself (and probably should).

One more thing I'd like to add. The reason I'm asking for a lot of players is because this literally wouldn't be possible to do with a small number. Don't worry about it if you're too busy, though, as it can't be helped sometimes.
>> No. 11406 edit
File 136234968842.png - (154.44KB , 640x480 , iza_2.png )

Same here. You'll have to wait for my sign up sheet. However, you can be expecting it by the end of spring. I should know my schedule by then.
>> No. 11409 edit
Can i join too? It will be my first game, and i don't want to be a nuisance for you all.
>> No. 11411 edit
File 135927168925.png - (1.19KB , 58x59 , hi.png )
I guess I will sign up~
>> No. 11412 edit
File 132668923149.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
Yep, anyone is allowed to join! An RP game might seem intimidating for a newcomer, but don't worry. Concerning the difficulty, it will only be as hard as you make it out to be.
>> No. 11413 edit
I'm glad to hear that, so, tomorrow(today?) i'll E-Mailing you with the informations that you asked, but, summer already ended to me, so, what i do with the "Your timezone, and what dates/times during the summer would be ideal to play" thing?

Anyway, i'm looking foward to this game's start.
>> No. 11414 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
Uh, summer ended already...?

I won't be free to start until the second half of May. Any time from then up until August I'm wanting to be able to host it, so I was mostly interesting in knowing whether people would prefer it near the beginning or the end of that time period.
>> No. 11415 edit
File 136410228156.png - (89.04KB , 279x431 , P_User_Dark_niyari2.png )
I only noticed now that still is early wherever this site is hosted, or something like that.

Anyway, good night for you, and sorry for my engrish, i'm leaving for now.
>> No. 11420 edit
I'll send things later, but count me in.
>> No. 11434 edit
I'm game, thanks to Ozaki indoctrinating me. Long-winded sign up e-mail sent, weeoo.
>> No. 11515 edit
File 131794550038.png - (161.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia1.png )
Just thought I'd post an update regarding the game. First, some statistics:

There are currently 6 players signed up! An additional 4 people have expressed interest in the game but have not yet sent their e-mails. Please get them in soon!

So, for those of you who are debating whether or not to join, there is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that 10 people is definitely enough to host the game!

The bad news is that I'll need to place a limit on the number of participants, maxing out at 15!

So, if you really want to play, and everyone who has expressed interest sends their e-mails, there are only 5 slots left open!

And finally, while there's no hurry, do know that halfway through next month I will stop accepting signups in order to set up the game. It's important that I give myself enough time to prepare the game you're all signing up for, and of course I can't even begin until I know who's playing!
>> No. 11516 edit
File 136547417285.png - (61.57KB , 300x293 , Iza chi 4.png )

What's your email address?
>> No. 11517 edit
File 131794509272.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )
>> No. 11574 edit
File 13669612765.png - (153.30KB , 326x667 , bat51.png )
Ihihi, I just sent my application, hopefully there's more spots. I'm new at this, so I'm looking forward to play.
>> No. 11575 edit
File 133386297629.png - (98.68KB , 281x424 , Alch_Kinjo_Defc2.png )
Hello, everyone!

(Note: I will also send an e-mail containing this information to those already signed-up.)

It's been a little over a month since I opened sign-ups for the RP game. I was surprised to have received such a good number of players with very interesting character designs. I am also happy to say that we have enough to actually carry out the game. I'm aware that several others still want to sign up, but keep in mind that I will continue to accept e-mails until May 21st. Sign-ups are on a first-come first-served basis, so getting them to me sooner is better for both of us!

Let me also announce that the expected starting date for the game is June 11th, and I will send another e-mail a week beforehand to remind everyone. It turns out most of you have very flexible schedules over summer, although some are busy during early June. I'm not expecting the game to continue into August, but starting the game sooner is better. If it turns out that June 11th is not a good date to start, please let me know as soon as possible.

Everyone's timezones also don't seem to pose much of an issue considering your free schedules. But I think the only way to see how well it works is to try it out when the time comes. With that said, I'd like to remind everyone that this gameboard is heavily experimental and has not been attempted before. I really need your cooperation in order to make sure things go smoothly.

...I might even go so far as to say that your roles are more important to this game than mine~
>> No. 11576 edit
Don't be silly, player's roles are always more important than the GM.
>> No. 11577 edit
File 13685565133.jpg - (1.34MB , 2618x2491 , 129591783761-2.jpg )
Posting as a reminder that I will only be accepting e-mails for one week only! May 21st is the last day for e-mails!

Furthermore, there are only 3 open slots available! That means people like Squitcher, Izanami, and Lion better send their e-mails if they want to play. Lurkers can and will come out of nowhere to steal the spotlight!

I am seriously impressed I managed to get 12 people on board for this thing. Thanks again everyone for your interest!
>> No. 11578 edit
I did say I was interested, but I don't think that'll be possible for me.
I'll be sure to pay a close eye to it though. Have fun everyone !
>> No. 11579 edit
I will send you the mail at the adress you have on MSN.
>> No. 11599 edit
File 135993304299.png - (82.94KB , 199x214 , wdk_avatar9.png )
...And that's it! Time's up!

13 out of 15, definitely better than I expected!

I'll be taking the next 3 weeks to make sure everything is ready for the game!

Estimated Start Time: June 11th/12th, 2013

There is a reason why I'm suggesting two dates. Simply put, you'll be free to begin playing once I post on the 11th, but the game won't truly take off until the 12th sometime, whether everyone has posted or not. It's to give enough time for people with different timezones to all begin playing at their own pace.

Again, I will send an e-mail to everyone involved as a reminder one week before start time: June 4th!

I really do look forward to seeing how everyone fares in this game. Best of luck!~
>> No. 11600 edit
File 130827127155.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
Oh, and one more thing. For the people who aren't playing:

This game will take place in private boards, so outsiders won't be able to watch. However, at certain points I'll be able to post updates, and I'll do so in this thread. This way, people who want to watch will be able to, and once the game is entirely over all the private threads will be made public. But until then, as I said, the primary updates will be posted here.
>> No. 11949 edit
File 132668923149.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
A quick bump to make sure all players check their emails for the Starting Instructions I sent on June 4th.
>> No. 12039 edit
File 130869852468.png - (160.61KB , 434x480 , wdk_nayamua1.png )
I have sent out the e-mails to all players.

Please begin playing within the 24-hour time interval, starting now.
>> No. 12040 edit
File 137101486999.png - (110.81KB , 342x424 , Alch_Kinjo_Majimep1.png )
Alright, time's up. We're moving onto the real game, so anyone who hasn't posted yet won't be playing.

The players so far have simply introduced themselves and gotten to know each other a bit before the starting time. Hopefully you all took advantage of this time together while you could.

I'm going to sleep now, so the game will start ~10 AM GMT-5 (my time; just add 2 hours to the board's clock). See you then!
>> No. 12041 edit
File 132668923149.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
Posted, etc.
>> No. 12042 edit
File 137106082773.png - (41.31KB , 1380x720 , op_title.png )
And the game begins!

Our 12 players have come to Camp Seacat, but unless they kill another player (without getting caught) they will not be allowed to leave! Will they fall into despair or rise above hope's peak?

Welcome to Seacat Ronpa!

>> No. 12060 edit
File 137162393836.png - (120.15KB , 480x272 , 254-monokumatheater.png )
End of Day One.

Monobear Theater

Monobear: "You know, I always try to do my best, but sometimes I just get distracted. It's really annoying when you're sitting there innocently, and all of a sudden a fly comes and interrupts your thoughts! And it happens again and again! It's almost like they want you to hit them! ...However, if I hit them, I question my morality. What makes it okay to kill bugs, but not people? Why is it okay to torture farm animals in factories to feed ourselves but feel great shame from watching those animal shelter commercials featuring dogs and cats? ...The ramifications of this double standard plague my thoughts too often."
>> No. 12073 edit
File 137176539438.png - (147.29KB , 480x272 , 004-monitor.png )
* Ding-dong-ding-dong *

"Attention, you bastards! A body has been discovered! Following a brief period of investigation, we will commence our camp trial!

Let me explain the supplementary rules regarding 'graduation'!! The fact that 'someone who kills another can graduate the school' remains unchanged, but... There is one more clause to that rule that must be checked, right? It’s no good just killing someone. You must hide what you’ve from everyone else! And so, the system to judge whether that was accomplished or not... ...is a 'camp trial' session we will enact a short time after a killing occurs! This 'camp trial' will commence a few hours after murder takes place! It will be a battle between the 'culprit' who committed murder... And the 'innocents' - the rest of you students!!

During trial, you will get a chance to debate 'who among us is the hidden killer' among yourselves. The result will be decided by vote, held at the end of the trial session. And then, if the answer you reach is the correct one... The culprit who disrupted public order will be 'punished', and the rest can go on living our camp’s communal lifestyle. On the other hand, if the wrong person is voted for as the culprit... The real culprit who committed the crime stays alive, but all the innocents will be 'punished'. If that happens, that will also be the end of our communal lifestyle, of course!

If I may speak bluntly... I’m talking about execution, of course! Execution means execution. Eh-kse-kyu-shon. Zap-zap in the electric chair! Choke-choke from poison gas! Maybe I’ll tear your body up in a hurricane storm! Judging people is a duty not to be taken lightly. Your very lives depend on it! Those are the rules of the 'camp trial'!!

Isn’t it time you start your investigation into who the culprit is? This is a file I’ve written, containing details about the body. It’s name is... ...The Monobear File!! It didn’t escape me that I’m dealing with a bunch of amateurs here and there’s a limit to what you can learn from examining the body... So instead, I gathered up technical details like the circumstances and cause of death for you. Isn’t that handy?! Aren’t you dying to know how I know the cause of death? I saw the whole thing happen through the surveillance cameras! I’m a first-hand witness!! Anyways, good luck with your investigation! It’s not like you have any choice! Well then, I’ll see you in a bit at the camp trial!"

MONOBEAR FILE: The victim is Drosselmeyer. The time of death was around 11:45 PM. The body was found in his room. Cause of death is a wound to the face made by a sharp object. Other than that, there are traces of damage to the head and right leg.

Last edited at 13/06/20(Thu)14:56:48
>> No. 12105 edit
File 137210771992.png - (157.23KB , 480x272 , 019-monokuma.png )
The murder has been solved, and the players will continue to Round 2 starting tomorrow.
>> No. 12107 edit
File 137214377632.jpg - (9.49KB , 100x95 , kinjo_portrait_v3a.jpg )
Welp, we've decided it's best to end the game on a high note, so all the threads are public now.

Go to http://www.seacats.net/danganronpa/res/1848.html
>> No. 12184 edit
File 137239408951.png - (260.09KB , 640x480 , ewewewe.png )
Yahoooo~☆ I've been waitin' for weeks to read this! If I had signed up early instead of procrastinatin' like I usually do, I wouldn't be in this predicament. Anywaaaaay. Don't worry, Kinjo. I bet ya it'll be great just like all your other works.
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