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File 136911651816.png - (437.40KB , 800x449 , 67738615.png )
11581 No. 11581 edit
Welcome to the gameboard.

Due to the large gap of time between upcoming games (including postponed ones) I have decided to bring back an old concept and polish it up.

Some of you may recall the term “Closed Room Blitz”, a style of game which only saw action for a short period of time.( http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/4422.html) Well using that idea I propose a tournament.

The concept is simple. Each match would consist of two players attempting to solve each other’s closed room before the other does. To make it interesting, if you don’t post within 5 minutes your opponent's blue automatically goes through, assuming no previous red counters it. Naturally the winner is the first to solve the opponent’s closed room.

Now you may be wondering what I meant by “polish”. Well, unlike back then the amount of freedom shall be slightly restricted. What that means is you must also write a minimum of one paragraph describing the room or the events leading up to it. This just enforces the idea of an actual closed room rather than a guessing game.

As we progress through each match all the reds you made will be visible to your next opponent so keep that in mind. Oh, and editing your posts is not allowed, so make sure you have the red and or blue perfect while remaining inside that time zone.

Now then, we will need 8 people to make this work. Enough people have expressed their interest so I doubt that should be any problem. This is first come first serve by the way. After the allotted slots have been filled I shall use a random number generator to select the pairings and then I will post them onto the site. During the time we can then discuss the times and days when each pair will face off.

If you have any more questions I failed to mention feel free to ask in the thread.

The tournament has now ended. Below is a directory for convenience sake.

Preliminary Rounds





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>> No. 11582 edit
File 13346358047.jpg - (40.78KB , 466x466 , 348460.jpg )
Naturally, I too am one of the participants.

7 slots remaining.
>> No. 11583 edit
File 136911679431.png - (590.84KB , 872x492 , I_will_make_it_to_regionals.png )
>> No. 11584 edit
File 136911693910.jpg - (74.56KB , 400x450 , signup.jpg )
I would like to join too!
>> No. 11585 edit
File 136911704860.png - (340.18KB , 500x375 , wdk_bird.png )
Sure, why not.
>> No. 11586 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
>> No. 11587 edit
File 136911887565.png - (291.08KB , 642x383 , theories.png )
6th place is mine, and I don't plan to mess up this time.
>> No. 11588 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , erika3.png )
Oh, this sounds like fun! I will take the seventh slot. I really enjoyed reading those old closed room blitz games...Now I just need to try and come up with some good ideas.

By the way, does Knox apply here? It would seem difficult to apply some of the rules (can you really present sufficient clues to the solution in a single paragraph without making it obvious?), but others might be viable.
>> No. 11589 edit
File 136397417211.jpg - (61.21KB , 508x590 , 259653.jpg )
For that I suggest a vote. Only because I feel a few of the people already signed up may be opposed. If we do apply Knox I think we may also need to increase the number of minimum paragraphs though.
>> No. 11590 edit
File 136234338172.png - (153.46KB , 640x480 , iza_3.png )
Closed Room Blitz Tournament?! Sounds hella fun! Can't wait to read it.
>> No. 11591 edit
File 136915225417.png - (163.04KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile3Pose.png )
Well, it's not like I'm particularly in favour of it; I was just wondering about whether there'd be any restrictions on just how obscure the solutions are allowed to be.

I feel that some level of restriction is necessary, but bringing it to the point where the answer is deduced primarily from the text rather than from skilful use of the blue would sort of kill the spirit of the closed room blitz in my view. Obviously a balance needs to be found.
>> No. 11592 edit
File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
Alright then.

Talked it over with other players on skype.
Our conclusion was Knox's 2nd, 3rd and 4th are the only ones the game should need.
>> No. 11593 edit
File 13691874927.jpg - (20.28KB , 160x178 , suprised.jpg )
This lurker would like to join if possible... though I wouldn't be able to start 'till Friday if that's okay.

If not, it's alright, good luck to you all!
>> No. 11594 edit
File 13691899457.png - (16.68KB , 825x441 , CRBtourny.png )
Now with all 8 players the tournament is ready.

Here are the pairs and the order each match will take place.

Now then the first players Kinjo and Rika, prepare a time and date which works for both of you. Ideally the first match should be within this week. Due to time zones I imagine we will not start for another day or two.

Once the date has been chosen the next pair is asked to do the same until the first rounds have all been planned.

Last edited at 13/05/21(Tue)19:35
>> No. 11595 edit
Friday is good, but I might not be able to play until sunday. Anyway, do you have an IM or some way to contact you? Skype account if possible.
Hey, do you have a Skype account? We have a group there with the players.
>> No. 11596 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
Gah, I hate going first...

Anyway, I'm on a rather nocturnal schedule. I tend to wake up at about 4 or 5 PM my time, which is evening where you live. Would something like that work for you, Rika?

...And as for the date, I want at least a day to prepare, so is Thursday evening acceptable?
>> No. 11597 edit
File 136920689760.png - (152.00KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile4.png )
I don't, sorry. Barely even aware of its existence, actually.

Could you define 'evening'? I'm not sure how many hours apart we are. I should be fine for any time between about 6 and 10 pm on Thursday. For anything outside of that, I might be able to arrange it if I know in advance.
>> No. 11598 edit
File 134170555454.png - (41.35KB , 434x480 , wdk_up.png )
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

You're 5 hours ahead of me, right? I'll wake up a bit earlier in the afternoon, then.
>> No. 11601 edit
File 136922601321.png - (155.50KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile32.png )
Okay, that should be fine then~
>> No. 11603 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Well that was easy. Forgot Kinjo was nocturnal as of late.

Anyway anon and Camphor, you guys are in the second match so it would be best if you figure out which date you will play before Kinjo and Rika face off in their match. Then once your match is planned Mion and Rudolf can set a date. Followed by Rosa and I.

Last edited at 13/05/22(Wed)09:22
>> No. 11604 edit
File 13692361922.gif - (454.51KB , 640x360 , 1365874226028.gif )
I'm monitoring this shit.
>> No. 11605 edit
Sorry to keep you waiting, finals week isn't helping my case very much. Any day on or after this Friday until the next week actually works for me, so I can do Sunday or whatever is most convenient for you. I probably can't talk today, but my skype is camphorfloatage Decided to register for just the occasion...

Last edited at 13/05/22(Wed)10:35
>> No. 11606 edit
Considering my schedule just become a little tougher than the usual, would you be interested in taking my spot in the tournament? No pressure, just asking.
>> No. 11607 edit
File 136355325283.png - (862.71KB , 968x1041 , Erika_ConfidentSmilePose.png )
Okay, I'm here. Ready when you are, Kinjo!
>> No. 11608 edit
File 131312828768.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
He might not appear until another two hours or so, probably.
>> No. 11609 edit
File 131795521113.png - (144.12KB , 434x480 , wdk_itaia1.png )
I'm here, I'm here!
>> No. 11610 edit
File 136933918946.png - (151.67KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile2.png )
Sure, go ahead I guess!
>> No. 11612 edit
>> No. 11629 edit
File 131803167260.png - (144.19KB , 434x480 , wdk_fumana1a.png )
Well, looks like I'm out.

Good game, Rika.
>> No. 11630 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 , Erika_AmusedPose.png )
Haha, I think you gave up a little quickly there! I didn't get the part about the culprit hiding under the bed, after all. You could have stalled for a little while with that. Good game though!
>> No. 11631 edit
File 132116397839.png - (21.49KB , 217x157 , ozaki_heh.png )
Alright then, the first match has been concluded. Rika moves on to the semi finals.

Now then, it seems the 2nd pair is having a few problems planning so if the 3rd pair is ready before them then I'll allow them to budge in line if they so desire.

Last edited at 13/05/23(Thu)18:05
>> No. 11632 edit
If Mion or Rudolf wishes to compete tomorrow or on Saturday the offer is still up, until then it seems anon vs Camphor has now been scheduled for Sunday 11am.

Last edited at 13/05/23(Thu)21:39
>> No. 11633 edit
File 136959122574.png - (152.40KB , 326x667 , bat39.png )
Haha, didn't think I'd be so nervous... Ready whenever anon is...
>> No. 11634 edit
File 136959239932.png - (1.29MB , 1920x1080 , 1368386403720.png )
I'm rooting for you man, good luck !
>> No. 11636 edit
Oh man, sorry for the delay. Give me a minute, need to wake up a little bit.
>> No. 11637 edit
If you check the box beside a post and then go to the bottom of the page you will find the delete button. Good to know for the future.
>> No. 11695 edit
File 136397417211.jpg - (61.21KB , 508x590 , 259653.jpg )
In an unexpected victory Anon will move on to face Rika in the semi-finals.
Camphor had to leave but he will post his answer later.

Mion vs Rudolf is next. Please get the date and time for your match prepared.

Last edited at 13/05/27(Mon)20:32
>> No. 11696 edit
your face was unexpected
>> No. 11743 edit
File 13180445261.jpg - (49.70KB , 347x593 , 264826.jpg )
With that the third match come to a close with Mion as the victor.

The final match of the preliminary round is next. Rosa vs Myself.
The winner will move on and become the last semi-finalist.
>> No. 11761 edit
File 136987616286.png - (8.32KB , 527x225 , crbsemi-finals.png )
Well it seems I won.

With that match now finished we shall move onto the semi-finals. I have updated the bracket as such so please remind yourself of who you shall be facing.

Rika vs Anon is the next match so I ask the both of you to scheduled a time and date once again.

Last edited at 13/05/29(Wed)18:10
>> No. 11764 edit
File 136630994791.png - (121.33KB , 700x700 , 13030761057.png )
Alright, how about Sunday again? Board time, usually at what hour are you online?
>> No. 11765 edit
File 136355325283.png - (862.71KB , 968x1041 , Erika_ConfidentSmilePose.png )
This board could really do with a clock, huh? I'll post this to check the time and then edit once I've ascertained the time difference.

...Okay, any time from around 11:30 board time should be okay, I believe. If that is okay with you. If not, we can probably arrange something else; I am pretty much free that day.

Last edited at 13/05/30(Thu)00:30
>> No. 11766 edit
File 136960004727.jpg - (26.96KB , 392x444 , murder2.jpg )
A timer huh? Maybe that can be arranged another day. Anyway, to avoid a problem like last time, 1PM would be pretty good for me.
>> No. 11767 edit
File 136991388715.png - (163.81KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile4Pose.png )
Sure, 1 pm is fine with me. See you then~
>> No. 11768 edit
File 131240103776.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
I'm already here, brb 10 minutes.
>> No. 11769 edit
File 13702032519.png - (150.93KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile3.png )
I'm here too, feel free to make a thread whenever you're ready~
>> No. 11772 edit
File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
>> No. 11832 edit
File 135565013393.jpg - (14.17KB , 211x240 , Ozaki_Toshio_240_339278.jpg )
Again with a surprising match, anon will move on to the final round.

Mion vs Myself is the next match. This will decided who will face anon in the finals.
>> No. 11850 edit
File 137031048492.jpg - (89.68KB , 744x1000 , Ozaki_Toshio_full_247344.jpg )
And with that we have the finalists: Anon and Myself

The champion match will take place tomorrow.

Last edited at 13/06/03(Mon)20:26
>> No. 11871 edit
The match ended up being rescheduled to Sunday the 9th.
>> No. 11934 edit
File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
Also after the final match be prepared for a stream by yours truly, along with a special surprise. It'd be neat if everyone who participated in the tournament was there to see it, anyway.
>> No. 11954 edit
File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Very well, it was decided the last match will be tomorrow at 1 PM board time. Hope to have you around etc.
>> No. 12028 edit
File 133480972472.jpg - (20.13KB , 157x200 , ozaki epic wind back edit.jpg )
The winner is anon due to mistaken logic error. Good game.

Thank you for all who played I hope you enjoyed it.
>> No. 12029 edit
File 136338668537.png - (252.93KB , 384x480 , leo_1.png )
Well played everyone. Wish i could have taken part in it. t'was fun to watch.

now everyone can play my game

Last edited at 13/06/09(Sun)16:08
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