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File 130855191029.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , rudolf.jpg )
1167 No. 1167 edit
Still working on it, but preemptively posting this to announce it. I will be doing my normal rules (green text is action and you play the role of a moral detective). I will allow anyone to play but I specifically want my old detectives Meta-Battler, Kinjo, Ozaki, Krauss, and Great Equalizer.
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>> No. 1168 edit
File 130854931832.jpg - (59.14KB , 320x230 , 3rudolf.jpg )
My brother (played Alice) is willing to play
Can't get a hold of Meta or Kinjo...
>> No. 1169 edit
I can get ahold of both of them but they will not be willing to participate with each other.
>> No. 1170 edit
I have most of them on MSN, except for GE and Krauss, but I think you can handle that.
It just depends...
Did you ask already or are you assuming?
>> No. 1171 edit
I know.
>> No. 1172 edit
That still isn't asking. That's almost like giving up before you even try. Unless one of them said it bluntly then it would be different.
>> No. 1173 edit
That still isn't asking. That's almost like giving up before you even try. Unless one of them said it bluntly then it would be different.
>> No. 1174 edit
They did say it bluntly.
That they'd never speak to each other again.
>> No. 1175 edit
File 133411326188.png - (78.71KB , 320x480 , rud_ikaria2.png )
Meta and Kinjo don't get along anymore?

Why is that? A major disagreement? (although maybe it's private and I shouldn't ask...)

If I had to choose one it may be better for Kinjo to play since he tends to not bother everyone else who plays. But Meta was practically a permanent piece in my gameboard...
>> No. 1176 edit
Also, is this a consensus (did both agree?) or is it that one just hates the other?
>> No. 1177 edit
File 131805116132.jpg - (42.51KB , 140x180 , shiki_toshio.jpg )
Well anyway, do you have a time planned? Or are you going to wait for the main detectives to get in contact with you?
>> No. 1178 edit
File 130472268320.jpg - (14.86KB , 375x300 , dr_ozaki smoke light.jpg )
Well anyway, I saw that your still thinking of a few things to do, so does that mean you have a certain time/date you want this to start by?
>> No. 1179 edit
I'd like to start as soon as I can get all my thoughts complete (hopefully we will have enough detectives by then)
As for a technical ETA, I couldn't tell you.
>> No. 1180 edit
File 130472445293.png - (18.24KB , 511x166 , geo_when_done.png )
Yeah that's fine, I was just checking since busy this weekend.

Also I feel that it wouldn't hurt to have post editing. I have a feeling the real problem it hasn't been implemented isn't because of laziness.
>> No. 1181 edit
I blame non-polar compounds found within the human body that has a value of 3500 calories/pound
>> No. 1182 edit
File 130477498453.jpg - (11.53KB , 194x260 , dlanor_chess.jpg )
Count me in, if possible.
>> No. 1183 edit
But of course, although with me starting work soon I'm not sure when the actually game may start
>> No. 1184 edit
That guy who lurked on my old games (Lurker) has agreed to play
Kinjo has also agreed to play
Still cannot contact Meta
Can't get a hold of Krauss either (he was here that one day that he said hi on my Teaparty of introducing myself again)
>> No. 1185 edit
File 130480118672.png - (228.28KB , 1366x768 , Rudolfsux.png )
Hi Rudolf. I'm somewhat disheartened that I wasn't part of the initial post :[
>> No. 1186 edit
File 130480919793.gif - (85.14KB , 480x600 , son-i-am-dissapoint.gif )
You don't frequent this site. In fact, the only time you ever came to the ib4f site was to participate in my games...
>> No. 1187 edit
File 130482762276.png - (558.79KB , 1186x1158 , cla_a12 evil laugh 1.png )
The great Krauss-sama is down for another game so count me in.
>> No. 1188 edit
Rudolf better not kill you again...

Oh, but you don't know that for sure. By no means am I obliged to tell you everything I do. The majority of the time, I simply just don't post. I'm usually just the reader (who makes silent criticisms/complinents).
>> No. 1189 edit
File 130483929156.png - (513.06KB , 963x1158 , cla_a14 evil laugh 2.png )
Even in death, the mighty monarch of the moon can get the job done.
>> No. 1190 edit
File 130486323629.jpg - (13.64KB , 189x267 , dlanor_glasses.jpg )
Looks like I'll be frequenting the site to check when this game will start, then.
>> No. 1191 edit
File 130854944056.jpg - (25.54KB , 270x493 , rudolf 2.jpg )
Uso Da!

You have been a very good sport about all of the unfortunately timed dead ends you ran into

Unfortunately, my strongest skill is procrastination....
>> No. 1192 edit
File 13048817437.png - (511.02KB , 963x1158 , cla_a24 bothered 1.png )
My death at least serves as a cautious tale to the other detectives.
>> No. 1193 edit
File 130854897178.jpg - (6.06KB , 113x100 , rudolf 6.jpg )
You died much later in the second game... to a fellow detective...
>> No. 1194 edit
File 130488312266.png - (545.56KB , 1129x1158 , cla_a13 bothered 1.png )
That's just...how do I put it? Yes, it was unfortunate that a fellow detective had to soil his hands with my blood.
>> No. 1195 edit
File 132917740938.png - (72.61KB , 321x480 , rud_nayamua1.png )
A teacher of mine, a nerd and big time D&D player had said before that if players do not stay on task, it is the DM's fault...
>> No. 1196 edit
File 130488429010.png - (548.83KB , 1129x1158 , cla_a13 evil laugh 3.png )
No hard feelings, it's difficult to keep insane people on the task when half of their screws were missing from the start.
>> No. 1197 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
It was still funny I guess, especially with Kinjo's letter and the hunt for Meta...
>> No. 1198 edit
File 130488572124.png - (548.29KB , 1129x1158 , cla_a13 evil laugh 1.png )
So many twists I could hardly keep up.
>> No. 1199 edit
File 134885154378.png - (74.56KB , 321x480 , rud_waraia2.png )
I never could live the orthodox way, have to make things interesting for everyone.
>> No. 1200 edit
File 130488745748.png - (448.24KB , 853x480 , Krauss_04.png )
It truly was entertaining, quite fun with the Meta hunt and his random explosives.
>> No. 1201 edit
File 130489713697.png - (409.62KB , 832x1193 , rud_a12 laughing 2.png )
Didn't you actually live and then someone came by to make sure you were dead?
>> No. 1202 edit
File 130490220173.png - (514.89KB , 963x1158 , cla_a24 bothered 2.png )
Yes but it was to be expected, as we know our detectives are as thorough as they are paranoid.

Not only stabbed but my body was defiled and clothes stolen.
>> No. 1203 edit
File 130490442021.png - (461.01KB , 1023x1193 , rud_a13 evil laugh 2.png )
Was that Meta who did that? I wish I had a record of the previous games...
>> No. 1204 edit
File 130490530521.png - (545.78KB , 1129x1158 , cla_a13 default 1.png )
Yes it was Meta, he stole any cash I may have had in my pockets and paraded around in my marvelous attire for a bit.
>> No. 1205 edit
He did that to see if you were robbed right? To confirm motive was not greed...

I think the mansion burning was paranoia to kill everyone before you die...
>> No. 1206 edit
File 131942306727.jpg - (27.85KB , 225x350 , Shiki Anime Characters & Voice Actors - Toshio.jpg )
From what I remember of the second game, after we "solved" who was the culprit Meta decided to keep the gold for himself. So he decided to kill all the NPCs as well as GreatEqualizer with the "Meta-bomb". After that(along with my oversighted help in the chapel) Meta, lurker, and I were the only people left. Which at that point I set fire to the mansion trying to get Lurker. After failing to get him I set fire to the forest and escaped to the Kuwadorian.
>> No. 1207 edit
I survived because I started swimming in secret (I never revealed this so this could be invalidated)
>> No. 1208 edit
File 130490656415.png - (409.45KB , 832x1193 , rud_a12 surprized 1.png )
Alice survived with Gohda by hiding....
>> No. 1209 edit
File 130490676533.png - (383.93KB , 853x480 , Krauss_15.png )
No, he was just greedy...

Truly a weird turn of events, if you haven't stabbed me in the chapel and I probably would have gotten killed in the forest.
>> No. 1210 edit
File 13049079904.jpg - (146.91KB , 698x615 , sneaky ozaki.jpg )
Ah, I forgot to count them. Since they were the culprits and all. But, doesn't that mean they weren't hiding in the forest? I remember the last time we heard of them they were in the forest or something. Which might have been the reason i set fire to the forest int he first place.
Really? I seemed to remember something like that. Either way Meta made the "status" at the end so he probably thought that you would try to escape anyway.
The gameboard must have it out for Krauss. Most likely, if i hadn't of gone homicidal and you decided to run, you probably would have made it.
>> No. 1211 edit
Couldn't find anyone that archived it...
>> No. 1212 edit
File 130490913371.png - (439.47KB , 853x480 , Krauss_28.png )
Unfortunately I would have met my end anyway, I would have ran straight for the forest.
>> No. 1213 edit
Everyone involved with Rudolf's games posted so far excepy for Kinjo and Meta :|
>> No. 1214 edit
Well, Kinjo doesn't post much. And besides,
>> No. 1215 edit
It's been a while since I took up Krauss for something...
>> No. 1216 edit
File 130491601872.png - (409.62KB , 832x1193 , rud_a12 laughing 2.png )
Is there an alias you prefer over Krauss?
>> No. 1217 edit
File 130491676273.png - (281.45KB , 750x480 , Krauss_71.png )
Not at all, I just haven't used it much for a while.
>> No. 1218 edit
Gohda always seems to be the "initial but not feeling it" name. Rudolf was also originally planning on choosing Gohda until he realized that he's a womanizer (not reallly).
>> No. 1219 edit
File 130491925155.jpg - (82.33KB , 853x480 , Gendo_Krauss.jpg )
I felt Krauss's charismatic nature was just right for my eccentric personality.
>> No. 1220 edit
File 131684323331.png - (387.40KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 laughing 2.png )
I love how that's worded. Such tact, as to be expected of Aniki.
>> No. 1221 edit
File 130495910084.jpg - (81.51KB , 600x600 , 1259520287660.jpg )
It's to be expected from the man who conquers stars with his mere fists.
>> No. 1222 edit
File 130854912222.jpg - (26.42KB , 146x159 , 967511cbed2c57ee661b3acd9a89c03ef32fce61.jpg )
I need BA pictures like that lol...

Need a goat to fight in the mean time (while we're waiting)?

Also, part of my procrastination was waiting for my bro to finish his finals (he's done tomorrow). I hope to be starting eventually....
>> No. 1223 edit
Speaking of finals, I have a Statistics final tomorrow. I believe it's best to postpone it if you're really making me a detective.
>> No. 1224 edit
File 132704166775.jpg - (22.09KB , 562x400 , dr_ozaki laugh.jpg )
It always seems like Rudolf's games need their own thread just to wait for it to start.
>> No. 1225 edit
Prepare yourself, for I'll be taking a nap right after school. Gotta love terrible study time management (still haven't slept).

That's because Rudolf is great at procrastinating :p
>> No. 1226 edit
File 130505416479.jpg - (8.33KB , 223x223 , 12.jpg )
Rudolf (piece)
Jyouji (Meta-George)
Krauss (piece)(Meta-Battler might fit here...)
Rudolf (me)
Meta-Battler (again)
Everyone on /Seacats/
________ (blank)

Who would be put in the blank? I doubt it's solvable, but I'm sure it may be clear what I'm getting at by the end

[color=green]Testing to see if this will still work...
>> No. 1227 edit
[color=green]Shoot, this doesn't appear to work
>> No. 1228 edit
Rudolf, the code changed.
Please use [ green] and [ /green] now
>> No. 1229 edit
The blank, it is obviously God.
>> No. 1230 edit
The blank is obviously me/the self-dubbed Goldsmith :p
>> No. 1234 edit
File 130531188571.png - (186.74KB , 479x512 , 7b.png )
The puzzle is based on the first part of Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia, the Inferno. The levels of hell are such:

Limbo - Shion's /limbo/
Lust - Rudolf's penchant for breasted creatures
Gluttony - Meta George: "I am Fat, praise my name"
Greed - Krauss's plan for moon invasion
Anger - Meta Battler's rage
Heresy - Rudolf's Blasphemy
Violence - Meta Battler's rage ep2
Fraud - same on you all for ripping sprites
Treachery - Alice was a spy for the other team in the last gameboard

Can't say I got this on my own, bro gave me some hints, namely Shion having a board of her own.

P.S. Hello again everyone
>> No. 1235 edit
File 132108829983.png - (72.82KB , 321x480 , rud_majimea2.png )
The only hint I gave was asking "Do you know anything about Christian literature?"

I was put under heretic because I know so much and believe so little in the religion I was raised to follow...
>> No. 1240 edit
meta is playing, tabun
>> No. 1241 edit
File 130561042481.png - (7.26KB , 217x147 , 556heh.png )
The amazing Meta-Battler is coming to join this game, so, you'd better make it really enjoyable and difficult for him, Rudolf!
>> No. 1243 edit
That's great to hear.
>> No. 1245 edit
File 13085504033.png - (87.39KB , 354x480 , edit.png )
A few rules regarding detective's authority:

I will revoke the detective's ability to confirm facts including deaths.

I will revoke searching areas without reason (such as spam opening every room in the house).

I will allow a detective to once or twice deny the entrance of other detectives into an area for the sake of the detective's defense or to prevent others from stealing credit for solving the epitaph (as in what happened last game).

I will revoke most (if not all) chemically based weapons.

I will be limiting the detective's ability to collect items on the first day without cause ("to defend myself later" does not count).

Detectives confirmed to be playing:
Great Equalizer, Krauss, Kinjo, Ozaki, Meta-Battler, Lurker, Alice, and Ooishi

I will confirm in red when we start that none of the detectives are being played by me, and that any of the suspicious ones (people I know in real life: Alice, Lurker, and Ooishi) are not in any way accomplices.
>> No. 1246 edit
sounds good Rudolf-sama
>> No. 1247 edit
File 130575192523.png - (493.21KB , 938x1158 , cla_a11 evil laugh 3.png )
That should make it slightly harder for me to be murdered.
>> No. 1248 edit
File 130854979333.png - (396.99KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 oya-- 1.png )
This better not be a waste of my time.
>> No. 1249 edit
File 130576905241.jpg - (81.09KB , 258x674 , huh.jpg )
I guess I could give it a shot.
>> No. 1250 edit
File 130854526895.png - (388.39KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 laughing 1.png )
I believe you may enjoy it. Although you may need to be patient as I have not had many days so far this summer that lacked complete business...
>> No. 1251 edit
File 130577186769.png - (408.94KB , 832x1193 , rud_a12 evil laugh 2.png )
The more the merrier! Just remember that you do play a mortal detective.

BTW, how do I post in gold (trolled)? And is there any way to post more than one file?
>> No. 1252 edit
Oh, it's gonna be like that? Didn't expect it.

Not sure. Ask George.
>> No. 1253 edit
File 130854773436.jpg - (10.95KB , 321x480 , corner watching.jpg )
>> No. 1254 edit
File 130863147375.png - (342.54KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 worrying 2.png )

I saw it by chance and left the decision up to someone else since I couldn't be bothered while solving other mysteries.
>> No. 1255 edit
File 130863245489.jpg - (5.40KB , 96x251 , tmw96_12923.jpg )
Other mysteries?

Also, will he be playing with you or will you be the only one I'm battling with from that side?
>> No. 1256 edit
File 130577442916.png - (427.75KB , 879x1208 , but_b23 oya-- 1.png )

Just me. I've gotten better you know.
>> No. 1257 edit
File 130854734619.png - (410.22KB , 832x1193 , rud_a12 evil laugh 1.png )
Better? How so?
>> No. 1258 edit
File 130843797120.png - (340.94KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 worrying 4.png )

No need to think so hard anymore, deduction is what I need, not foresight.
>> No. 1259 edit
File 130854856855.png - (388.00KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 1.png )
I hope by deduction you are thinking both investigation and thinking. Pure reason is best left to Hercule Poirot.

Also I assume you have reviewed the modifications I have made to the detective's authority? I would like some feedback from everyone on their opinions of it.
>> No. 1260 edit
File 130852116072.png - (429.36KB , 879x1208 , but_b23 worrying 2.png )

Didn't read it at all. No need to read it because I won't be using anything other than reliable eyesight and thinking power.
>> No. 1261 edit
File 130863389243.png - (457.65KB , 1023x1193 , rud_a13 worrying 1.png )
The ability to deny entrance to an area to other detectives (will be limited to 1 or 2 uses per person) has been gifted in hopes of allowing detectives to defend themselves from other detectives (both with killing and with solving)
>> No. 1262 edit
File 130577576812.png - (396.63KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 bothered 2.png )

Killing each other as the detective is a disgrace.
>> No. 1263 edit
File 130854444191.png - (384.93KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 default 2.png )
Being mortal is the main point of my game that makes it fun. Otherwise you just have systematic red and blue (which can be fun, but variation is nice)
>> No. 1264 edit
File 130843937235.png - (419.00KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 worrying 2.png )

Blue and red aren't needed in a mystery--so I won't be using blue.
>> No. 1265 edit
File 130577614216.png - (461.72KB , 1023x1193 , rud_a13 laughing 2.png )
Does this mean you won't ever be asking me to confirm anything in red?
>> No. 1266 edit
File 130577638274.png - (389.70KB , 919x1208 , but_b25 bold 3.png )

No blue/red nonsense, no killing intentionally or unintentionally, attempt to stop all murders or suicides, etc...

I've gotten my detective rules set up in my head. If I can't follow them I cannot call myself a detective.
>> No. 1267 edit
File 130577696593.png - (389.32KB , 700x1198 , rud_a21 frightened 1.png )
A code of honor or some sort? Hopefully you can adhere to such childish dreams. Not all other detectives may be so merciful to you.

BTW, I have revoked the ability to gather and use chemicals to the detective. Although I am contemplating instead of forcing the detectives to swear to not use any sort of help to learn about chemicals (to not google search how to make a homemade bomb of sorts, forcing them to use prior-learned knowledge)(of course it would be honor based as I cannot monitor any of you in real life)
>> No. 1268 edit
File 130863668330.png - (341.17KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 serious 5.png )

No chemical usage? I can understand how that'd get a bit overused but that's stripping away a lot of things. I don't plan on making anymore bombs or explosives, I plan on solving the mystery, that's a detective's job--to untie the knots of truth.
>> No. 1269 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
Still have you added on YIM/MSN (though you're never online... perhaps I was blocked?)

Still prefer Skype but few people seem to use it.
>> No. 1270 edit
File 130577751599.png - (417.50KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 serious 1.png )

I wasn't on for quite awhile, I just finished moving. You should still have me, no? Give me your MSN.
>> No. 1271 edit
File 130577770171.png - (461.63KB , 1023x1193 , rud_a13 surprized 1.png )
Aren't the 2 integrated? I use nam1le1@yahoo.com as my YIM name. Unless you got a new name, I still have you added (takumi nishijou?)
>> No. 1272 edit
File 13085411288.png - (396.17KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 glaring 1.png )
By the way, hopefully we'll be starting this this week. My schedule will be swamped in the upcoming weeks.
>> No. 1273 edit
File 130854832679.png - (387.01KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 bothered 1.png )
I'm swamped right now... and until... well, forever...
>> No. 1274 edit
File 130877601748.png - (342.25KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 serious 4.png )

What a jerk! Don't invite me to a game, and then not have any time to start and play it!
>> No. 1275 edit
File 132289761138.jpg - (84.70KB , 913x720 , 392680.jpg )
From the sound of it your going to be busy this week. Would you mind being more clear? Even if it's bad confirmation would be nice.
>> No. 1276 edit
File 130854703624.png - (383.54KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 worrying 1.png )
Ya, this coming week I will likely be very busy. I have Sunday off of work, but I may end up doing a lot of yard work that day...
>> No. 1277 edit
File 130852116072.png - (429.36KB , 879x1208 , but_b23 worrying 2.png )

I'm bothered by the fact that you haven't started yet either. Oh well, contact me whenever we're going to start.
>> No. 1317 edit
File 13269796292.png - (512.61KB , 963x1158 , cla_a14 serious 1.png )
What of the progress now?
>> No. 1318 edit
File 130854832679.png - (387.01KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 bothered 1.png )
Don't rush perfection...

I'm having a lot of trouble with coming up with ideas... perhaps this should be considered postponed until further notice...

Although one other idea seemed to come to me. The detective's purpose on the island was never well established. Because of that, I wish to make it so that in the story, Krauss has invited them under the guise of being friends while in actuality they are detective's whose goal is to prevent a murder Krauss believes may occur. With this being the backstory, a detective cannot win if their employer (Krauss) dies.
>> No. 1319 edit
File 130877601748.png - (342.25KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 serious 4.png )

How boring and cliche. A detective club, more like a mystery club from Jessica's school would be better. Krauss invites her "friends" over and well, you can imagine the rest.
>> No. 1320 edit
File 130854856855.png - (388.00KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 1.png )
It almost sounds like you're trying to forgo storyline for the sake of your own victory. I have to make it challenging, and protecting Krauss would make for quite the interesting scenario.

Perhaps you can be a man who is also closely associated with the moon. (btw, I can't remember the reason Krauss is associated with the moon...)
>> No. 1321 edit
File 130689805485.jpg - (89.15KB , 600x800 , All I Need Is My Star To Come.jpg )
Because moon tourism.
>> No. 1322 edit
File 130691185278.png - (417.09KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 serious 2.png )

I wish I could slap you for that remark. I'm not doing it for my own victory, I'm doing it because it makes the most sense.

>Players know each other
>Players have a tie-in with the family
>No nonsense about hurrdurr someone is gonna die
>Have skills with detecting things, mysteries, etc...(Even though most of you don't)
>Interesting and non-cliche start
>Krauss can still be protected
>Krauss can still further his hurrdurr I think someone is gonna die plot by using Jessica's friends
>Suddenly, the story just got a whole lot better
>> No. 1324 edit
File 130863389243.png - (457.65KB , 1023x1193 , rud_a13 worrying 1.png )
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate being busy?

I hate being busy
>> No. 1480 edit
Rudolf you seem to keep saying that it might happen tonight. Even if it is not tonight you seem to be getting less busy.
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