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File 136970558417.png - (744.28KB , 1493x449 , To challenge Mion.png )
11697 No. 11697 edit
Awoken in the pitch darkness, death itself encircles. How long had he been unconcious? It could happen any moment now.

"Tch. What a fool I was..." the figure remarks to himself.

What an odd state he was in. He was alive, but he was already dead. Death could not be prevented, but nothing was wrong with him at the moment.

Just then, a cracking noise resounds, barely audible. The muffling effect could not stifle the reverberation of death's entrance to this stage.

"Ah, he got me."

The actor should hold his breath, perhaps then death would be unable to identify and snatch him up. So much as a peep, and he'd only be dead all the faster. But the actor has decided to not oppose, to not deny, only to accept death's betrothal. This acceptance was the only way he could manifest his courage, the only way he could avoid dying 'like a dog.'

And so death manifested itself, and infiltrated the confines of the room. The victim sat there, motionless, absolutely accepting of their ends. Their demise was neither swift nor painless, still they did not move.


So then, howdunnit? How was the room infiltrated? How did the victim die?
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>> No. 11698 edit
On October 4th, in Rokkenjima, Rudolf was playing a game of chess against his new chess partner Mion.

At 8pm, the game was still going and Rudolf decided to call the servants for tea.
Kanon asked Genji if he could do it since he loved to see a good game of chess, and was ordered to do so.
He arrived at the door a short time later with the tea and was amazed by the tempo of the game.
He was even able to hear them from the outside of the room:
“You won’t get away with this kind of trick, Mion-kun!”
“Tsk, you have experience at this, Rudolf-san, but this is not over! ”
Kanon bowed, knocked on the door and said
“Im very sorry to interrupt you, but I brought the requested tea.”

The one who opened the door was Mion, Rudolf was still at the chess table, thinking about what would be his next move. Mion asked him politely to give him the tea and to go back, since they were in the middle of the fight, but Kanon wanted to see the game by himself. He wanted more, he asked them if he could stay for a while, they agreed.

At 8:30pm, the 3 of them were still in the room, but something unexpected happened.
Rudolf had finally corned Mion, and while waiting for Mion to play, started to show off his incredible knives skills. When Mion was finally ready to play, he suddenly got sick. He seemed like he wanted to throw up very badly, and had to go to the bathroom. The moment he tried to stand up, he was splitting blood out of his mouth and it went everywhere on the table, some of it even reached Rudolf, but he blocked it with his knife. Rudolf was so shocked, he asked Kanon to go get help and helped Mion to reach the bathroom.

When Kanon came back with Genji, the door was locked. They knocked on the door, and even had to cut the chain before entering since no one answered. What they found was really shocking. Mion was in the middle of the room, lying on his front side, dead. There was a massive pool of blood around him, and blood inside of the bathroom. Rudolf was nowhere to be seen.
The only window of the room was closed and locked from the inside.

Both the killer and the victim were in the same room when the murder happened, the victim was shot point blank with a gun.
>> No. 11699 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
The victim was not shot with a gun.

Whether or not it killed him, Mion was poisoned.
>> No. 11700 edit
Mion was not poisoned.

The victim is already dead at the start or the narration, he never woke up.
>> No. 11701 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , rud_defa1.png )
The victim was still alive at the beginning of the narration.

Mion was killed by a knife, probably the knife mentioned as "Rudolf's knife"
>> No. 11702 edit
The killer killed Mion with a knife. However, how did Rudolf escape?

The killer was in the same room when he killed the victim.
>> No. 11703 edit
File 131916592289.png - (73.57KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia2.png )
The killer was not inside the room when the victim died.

Rudolf escaped via the window. Perhaps an autolock or if it was locked behind him by Mion.
>> No. 11704 edit
Rudolf did not use the window inside of the room to escape.

The victim was killed by a trap set up inside of the room.
>> No. 11705 edit
No such trap exists within the room

Rudolf did not escape the room. He was brought out of the room by some external force, or is still in the room.
>> No. 11706 edit
Rudolf is not in the room anymore.

The trap was set up inside of the victim body and killed him.
>> No. 11707 edit
The victim did not have any trap set up inside of them.

Rudolf is not the culprit.
>> No. 11708 edit
File 135953001098.png - (59.98KB , 208x397 , BUP_0066.png )
Rudolf is not the culprit... Yet, he still disappeared.

The killer used a trap to kill the victim.
>> No. 11709 edit
The method of murder involved a trap.

Somebody moved Rudolf out of the room, probably Kanon.
>> No. 11710 edit
File 134328470497.png - (60.61KB , 208x397 , BUP_0060.png )
Nobody moved Rudolf out of the room.

The victim suicided with his owen trap.
>> No. 11711 edit
File 131916661091.png - (101.57KB , 398x480 , rud_akuwaraia2g.png )
It was a homicide, not a suicide.

Rudolf ran away on his own after witnessing Mion's death
>> No. 11712 edit
Rudolf did not put the chain on the door. Kanon did not put the chain on the door.

The killer is dead.
>> No. 11713 edit
File 131916826193.png - (100.69KB , 398x480 , rud_defa2g.png )
The killer is still alive.

The chain wasn't put on the door. By definition we will have to say that this refers to the way it is properly applied, though there may exist methods to force one to cut the chain even though it is not "put on"
>> No. 11714 edit
File 134322777520.png - (60.18KB , 208x397 , BUP_0069.png )
When Kanon came back with Genji, the chain was on the door.

The trap is the murder weapon.
>> No. 11715 edit
File 132238303254.png - (100.90KB , 398x480 , rud_defa1g.png )
The trap delivered the murder weapon, the trap was not the murder weapon in and of itself

Genji put the chain on the door.
>> No. 11716 edit
Genji never touched the chain.

The trap shot the murder weapon at the victim. The murder weapon is a sharp object.
>> No. 11717 edit
File 132048314977.png - (91.48KB , 432x480 , rud_akuwaraib2g.png )
The murder weapon was not a sharp object. Nor was it a blunt object which was delivered with such force that it acted like a sharp object.

Mion put on the chain lock
>> No. 11718 edit
File 135953001098.png - (59.98KB , 208x397 , BUP_0066.png )
Mion put on the chain lock.

The trap released poison that killed the victim.
>> No. 11719 edit
File 13230385928.png - (91.99KB , 432x480 , rud_akuwaraib1g.png )
The victim was not poisoned

Mion set the chain lock after Rudolf left the room via the door.
>> No. 11720 edit
File 136971062568.png - (60.24KB , 208x397 , BUP_0068.png )
When Mion set the chain, Rudolf had not left by the door.

The trap activated a gas that is not poison but acted like it and killed the victim.
>> No. 11721 edit
File 131916592289.png - (73.57KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia2.png )
The murder weapon was not a gas

Kanon killed Mion.
>> No. 11722 edit
Kanon was outside of the room when Mion died.

The murder weapon caused the victim high pressure before he died.
>> No. 11723 edit
File 132048314977.png - (91.48KB , 432x480 , rud_akuwaraib2g.png )
The victim did not die from high blood pressure.

Mion did not die instantly from the knife wounds. Like I said, Kanon is the culprit.
>> No. 11724 edit
When Mion was given the killing blow, he could not do any action.

The victim suffered Hemorrhage before he died.
>> No. 11725 edit
File 132238303254.png - (100.90KB , 398x480 , rud_defa1g.png )
No hemorrhaging occurred.

The killing blow was dealt through the gap that can be made between the door and the door frame after the chain has been set.
>> No. 11726 edit
File 135959572012.png - (59.79KB , 208x397 , BUP_0072.png )
No killing blow was dealt through that gap.

The victim used the item delivered by the trap and caused his own death without comitting suicide since he did not know that using the item would kill.
>> No. 11727 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , rud_defa1.png )
The victim died by means employed by the culprit which did not include the actions of the victim. That is, the victim didn't do anything to cause their own death.

A trap was used.
>> No. 11728 edit
File 135953570621.png - (59.35KB , 208x397 , BUP_0070.png )
No traps killed Mion.

The trap removed the air from the room.
>> No. 11729 edit
File 132238303254.png - (100.90KB , 398x480 , rud_defa1g.png )
The method of death entered the room. If the room were made into a vacuum, that would not fit this definition.

The killing blow was not dealt by Kanon. Still, Kanon is the culprit.
>> No. 11730 edit
File 13632770564.png - (67.73KB , 272x397 , BUP_0074.png )
Kanon did not give the finishing blow on Mion. How can he be the culprit?

Something filled the room then, the trap filled the room with a substance.
>> No. 11731 edit
File 131917025368.png - (107.98KB , 399x480 , rud_ikaria2g.png )
The trap filled the room with a substance

Mion's action(s) led to his own demise, but Kanon is still the culprit.
>> No. 11732 edit
File 134324468643.png - (66.56KB , 272x397 , BUP_0084.png )
Kanon is not the culprit.

The substance killed the victim. He slowly died as the substance filled the room.
>> No. 11733 edit
File 131250851398.png - (73.26KB , 321x480 , rud_majimea1.png )
The substance killed the victim. But what is this "substance"?

Genji is the culprit.
>> No. 11734 edit
Genji did not have any chance to kill Mion.

The substance is liquid.
>> No. 11735 edit
File 132048314977.png - (91.48KB , 432x480 , rud_akuwaraib2g.png )
It's a liquid. But what liquid and how was it delivered into the room?

Suicide. Mion killed himself with the knife after applying the chain lock.
>> No. 11736 edit
Mion suicided. That doesn't explain Rudolf's mystery.

It was water, the liquid was filled by a hole that relies to the outside.
>> No. 11737 edit
File 130863423956.jpg - (37.96KB , 446x446 , 130854200445.jpg )
Correct, the room was filled with water. One last part then: explain how sufficient amounts of water was used to flood the entirety of the room to kill the victim.

He exited via the door. Then Mion applied the chain lock and suicided.
>> No. 11738 edit
Rudolf did not exited via the door before Mion suicided.

A water pump, relied to a fire hydrant.
>> No. 11739 edit
File 130855191029.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , 130859289341.jpg )
The water was not from a fire hydrant. Nor was a pump used.

Rudolf escaped after Mion suicided. Perhaps the gap in the door is large enough even with the chain lock applied, or perhaps he escaped while Kanon and Genji were checking Mion's corpse.
>> No. 11740 edit
File 136971459366.png - (67.25KB , 272x397 , BUP_0077.png )
Rudolf did not escape after Mion suicided.

A trap opened and let water flow into the room from the outside. Outside of the room was waterMaybe the room was in a lac, pool , ocean, watertank.
>> No. 11741 edit
File 136971470450.jpg - (107.58KB , 600x800 , yes.jpg )
Correct, the room was a barrel which was submerged in the ocean. The room itself was the trap. As the barrel sank, it would begin to crack under the water pressure, until it burst open.
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