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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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12195 No. 12195 edit
This is a different type of 'game' it isn't really a game, there is no red and no blue. You the reader have no influence as this is not a roleplay.

This is just a story, the goal is to simply read it, follow it as it twists and turns, and solve the mystery. Once the story reaches its end, I will request theories to be made, before the truth is revealed.

All feedback is welcome and encouraged, as I'm trying to polish up the story and make it as best as possible, this includes finding out what difficulty level the mystery is at.

I will try to update it at least once a day with more sections of the story. Thank you for taking the time to read this mystery novel I've had in the works since before I started reading Umineko. I hope you enjoy it.

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Friday September 18th 2008 - 8:30 PM

A loud crackle burst through the sky as the thunder roared, illuminating the black night. The eerie farmhouse appeared and disappeared like a ghost. In the front yard a man laid unmoving. The man’s right hand was stretched out and the back of his shirt was stained with blood and a knife imbedded in his back.

In the side yard of the house and young man the age of eighteen laid with his back against the grass. His fingers started to twitch. Like the rising sun, he opened his eyes. Awaking from his rest, he rose to his knees. Where am I?

He glanced around the unknown location. He spotted the large farmhouse not far behind him. I feel cold really cold, and wet; my chest feels cold and wet. A sudden chill caused him to clutch his jacket. He froze when his hands grasped something wet. What is this? He looked at his hand but in the blackness he couldn’t make out what was on it.

A flash lit up the night. He started shaking as he saw that which coated his hands was blood. A large amount of blood was stained on his jacket and shirt.

What the. . . blood everywhere! His head started to pound and he clutched it in agony. Head. . . hurts. . I can’t remember, what am I doing out here? Falling to his knees, for the pain had gotten worse; he let out a loud cry. Memories of the past rushed through his mind, almost overloading his brain as all his memories went through his mind.
>> No. 12197 edit
Monday September 14th 2008 - 4:45 PM

Thump, thump, thump, thump; the car bumped as it drove along the old dirt road. The road was old and since it was out in the country the city figured it wasn’t worth the cost to pave it. The road curved this way and that way, almost as if it couldn’t make up its mind which way it wanted to go. Looking at the road from high overhead it looked sort of like a long snake weaving its way through a grassy plain.

But the road wasn’t smooth like a snake; no in fact it was probably one of the bumpiest roads in the county. The road was around twenty minutes away from the city itself. And the only people who drove on the road were those that lived on it, and that was a small amount. But the road wasn’t small by any means; in fact this particular stretch went on for 42 miles. It winded around fields, forests, hills, and even cliffs. There were even points where both sides of the road were boxed in by high rocky walls, almost as if the cliffs wanted to swallow any passengers.

The small car driving on the road bounced up and down as it drove over the path. This caused those inside to also bounce with it; and in turn have their heads smack against the roof. The young man that sat in the passenger’s seat of the car glanced out the window.

His name was Blake Akin, and he was in his last year of high school. This young man had been found lying face down on the streets when he was 10 years old and the four sisters that found him took him, and started taking care of him. The only possession he had with him was a book. Inside this book were written some of his memories of his family along with a portrait of them.

When asked about why he was on the streets, he would remain silent and close himself off, so after a while that subject was never brought up again. Blake was currently wearing a cap upon the order of one of the Aunts. Blake called them ‘aunts’ for they were too old for him to call ‘sisters’, and he didn’t want to call them ‘mother’, and then didn’t want to be called by their first name only.

His Aunt Sherry had forced him to wear the baseball cap, for it covered up his black hair. Blake had highlighted his hair with a large white almost lightning shape which went from the top of his head from the left side to the other side. Why he had done such a thing is only known to him, maybe he was going through a rebellious phase, or maybe he wanted to rile his aunts for fun for they would hate it for sure, or it was some kind of revenge. His Aunt Sherry didn’t really care, she had felt it was his body, so Blake could do whatever he wanted to it. . . . yeah right. She had been furious at first, but she calmed down when he told her that it wasn’t permanent, and it would wash out eventually.

Before heading home they had stopped at a store and bought the baseball cap Blake was currently wearing, much to his displeasure. Though he had given up quickly, he didn’t want to cause Sherry any trouble, she had enough dealing with her three older sisters.

Giving the scenery one last glance Blake looked over at his Aunt Sherry who was driving the car. She was rubbing her forehead with one hand and driving with the other. She seemed to be having a headache. Which could because of the stress she had from dealing with her older sisters.

Or it could also have something to do with her head getting smacked against the roof of the car so many times. Blake thought as he glanced at her.

On the outside it appeared that Sherry was a strong woman who looked clam and in control. But on the inside she was actually very fragile and was just trying to make the best of things. She hardly ever had a smile on her face. She was only 18 when her mother died and her older sisters turned the farmhouse she lived in into a rooming house. She wasn’t given a choice at all, she was forced to stay at the house and help her sisters run the rooming house.

Sherry turned the car onto another dirt road, which was actually the long driveway to the rooming house. Part of the driveway was the natural dirt road, but after a few curves and the house could be seen up ahead the driveway became a paved straight road. A large farmhouse could be seen up ahead.

The farmhouse was actually two buildings, the main house and the addition. The main house had been the house the four sisters had lived in. The addition had been built-on when they turned the place into a rooming house.

The car pulled to a stop along side three other cars. Blake with care opened the door so it wouldn’t hit the other cars. Sherry had parked in so tight that even Blake with his skinny form could barely make it through the gap. Sherry a thin woman with a curvy form had less trouble than Blake did.

Sherry let out a slight laugh. “Tight squeeze; but I could have gotten a little closer.”

Blake waved his arms about. “Are you kidding me?” He laughed. “I could barely fit, any more and I would be stuck in the car.”

Sherry let out another giggle. “That is because you are a boy, so you have muscles. I’m a woman, so I’m much thinner than you. And if I park close I can get my curvy figure. Nothing will slim your body like trying to prevent yourself from getting stuck as you get out of your car.”Sherry started laughing softly after she finished that statement. But her merriment didn’t reach her face; it still looked passive and unemotional.

Blake starred at the house as they walked up to it. The main house was a large building by itself, but with the addition as well, it looked massive. The main house had a total of four floors, 1st floor, 2nd floor, the attic, and the basement. Even though it was big there were only four bedrooms in it and one bathroom, if you don’t count that each bedroom had its own bathroom. The house originally had five bedrooms and two baths, but one wall was knocked out to make one large bedroom, and the 1st floor bedroom was turned into a small dinning room, and one bathroom was changed into a bedroom.

In height the addition looked smaller, but even with two less floors the addition was bigger. The first and second floors of the addition were twice as big as those floors in the main house. The addition was built so it was the same width from the north side of the building to the south side. Basically if you looked straight on from the main path to the house it wouldn’t look like there was anything behind the main house. The addition had twelve bedrooms not counting the ones in the servant’s rooms. And one bathroom besides those in the guestrooms, there were no bathrooms in the servant’s rooms.

A dense forest, which went on from miles, grew behind the house. When Blake was younger the Aunts told him that if he would get lost and never be found again. That statement is certainly a stretch, but you probably wouldn’t be found before you died. The forest went on and on without even a small clearing, and with the trees so close to each other not even the moon could light up a path. Walking through that forest at night without a flashlight is like walking without eyes.

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File 137249749269.png - (14.24KB , 641x461 , main house floor 1.png )
Blake stopped walking; an idea had appeared in his head. “Aunt Sherry wait.” Sherry stopped walking and turned around. Blake continued, “I want to play a little prank. I’m going to go in through the porch and pretend I just woke up from sleeping, and that I skipped class. So can you wait a few minutes before you go inside?”

After hearing Sherry’s answer Blake raced to the side of the house. He ran up to the porch and opened the screen door. But he ran into a problem then, the wooden door to get into the house didn’t open, it was locked.

Blake angrily kicked his foot against the wooden porch, before dropping on the patio couch. I should have remembered that the porch is always locked, unless a guest or someone asks to use it. A sigh escaped his lips as he leaned his head back. The gentle rocking of the couch back and forth caused the thought in his mind to slip away, and the urge to sleep took its place.

Blake jolted up and away from the couch. No; I can’t sleep now. I could sneak in the house and get the porch’s key. Blake sped off for the other side of the house. Passing by Sherry he muttered. “Just be a few more minutes.”

Blake ran up to the white metal door that led into the basement of the main house. A smile appeared on his face when the door opened; it wasn’t locked.

In front of him he could see the stairs that lead down into the basement and the room that was straight across from the stairs. He turned and went up the stairs and opened the door that led into the kitchen. Glancing around the room, he saw that no one was in sight. Good. A clear shot.

Blake could see his target, the key-box in sight. It was attached to the wall right above the washer in the laundry room. From his spot in front of the door to the basement, the laundry room was straight ahead.

He sprinted over to the room and fished the key for the key-box out of his jeans pocket. All the bedrooms could be locked, and there was no such thing as a master key. Each room had two keys, one at the front desk which would be given to the guests upon arrival. And the other one was the spare that was in the key-box. Besides bedrooms, the porch on the second floor and the two porches outside, the basement door that leads outside, the door to the pantry, and the door to the attic were the only doors that could be locked.. The hallways and other rooms could not.

The box itself had a lock that needed a key. There were a total of five keys to the box, Sherry’s, Alexia’s, the worker’s, and Blake’s. There was originally supposed to be only four keys, but Blake secretly made a copy without anyone else knowing for prank purposes.

Blake took the bulky brown key that unlocked the side porch and stuffed it in his pocket before heading back outside. He rushed over to the side porch and unlocked the door, letting himself inside.

He stepped into the living room of the main house, and came to the sudden realization that he could have just gone from the kitchen into the living room. Stupid... stupid... stupid...

The living room had a large opening to the right which originally had two wooden doors there, but they were taken out when the house was turned into a rooming house. Inside that room was the staff area. There was also a small pathway which lead into the main entrance. Blake had no interest in those so he turned to the left and went into the small room used to hang coats.
>> No. 12199 edit
File 137250044090.png - (12.18KB , 641x461 , Addition 1st Floor.png )
Blake walked into that room, and opened the door straight across from him. The door led into the addition that was built on. It was the only door that lead into the addition on the first floor, and it lead into a large dinning room.

After going through the door into the dinning room, a long hallway greeted Blake. It was almost a tight space, for the walls were built close together. Two people couldn’t talk side by side in the room without bumping into each other. This place is a hassle...

Every few feet there was a window. There were lamps hanging high up on both sides of the walls. Because of this pattern the hallway seemed much longer than it actually was. Blake stopped when heard the sound of the two that worked in the rooming house talking from a distance. The hallway split in two different directions, you could keep going straight and go to the second floor, or turn right and head towards the sitting room.

Blake quickly bolted up the stairs heading from the second floor. When he heard the two turn down the hallway and head towards the main house, he tromped down the stairs while faking a yawn.

Both turned around upon hearing him. Both were about the same age as he was; one was a guy, the other a girl. The girl opened her mouth to say something, while the guy just stayed silent.

The girl brushed her short cider hair out of her face before finally saying something. “Blake, you were supposed to go school today. Miss Alexia will kill you for not going to school.” She shouted waving her arms about, clearly showing how nervous she was.

Blake let out a yawn pretending to just have woken up. “There was school today?” his tone full of skepticism.

Rebecca’s arm flew out more and more. “What do you mean Blake. Miss Alexia is going to be so mad, and I will get most of the yelling Oh no, this is bad, so bad.” Rebecca’s tone was hurried and hard to understand from her panic.

The guy watched the girl fly off the handle, before he muttered something, “He is lying.” A short and sweet statement; exactly what he was known for. They were the two workers who worked at the rooming house. And they were polar opposites; Rebecca the maid was shy, clumsy and when she was nervous would babble on and on. While Luke the handyman, was silent and only talked if he deemed necessary and he was never nervous, or at least if he was he never showed it.

Rebecca calmed down and playfully slapped Blake in the arm. “What a nasty joke. I thought you actually missed school.” The three of them walked back into the main house were Sherry was dusting off the TV cabinet in the living room.

Sherry turned around when she heard the three enter the room. “You forgot to dust this Rebecca. If Alexia saw this-“

“I’m so sorry.” Rebecca apologized switching to a more formal tone as she bowed to show how sorry she was. She always did stuff like that, she wanted to make sure people forgave her. “I will get right on it. You don’t have to do it, Miss Sherry. I will take care of it; I will make it so clean, it will sparkle. I will make sure there is no dust on it whatsoever.” Rebecca was nervous again, and everyone knew it. Her nervous habit of talking a lot when she was nervous wasn’t a good thing; it was a very bad thing because she would lose all of her formal tone.
Rebecca snatched the feather duster from Sherry’s hand and began to dust the entertainment system, but she was so flustered that she wasn’t paying much attention and ended up knocking the glass vase that sat onto it.

While letting out a series of noises as she tried to form words, Rebecca began to cry. Rebecca picked up the pieces of the shattered vase as a tear streamed down her face. “I’m…. so…. Sorry…” she said while sobbing.

Sherry starred down at pieces. “Don’t worry, we will deduct the money to replace the vase out of your paycheck. Sherry bent down to comfort her. “There is no reason to cry over what already happened. I will talk to Alexia, you don’t have to worry.” Sherry hugged the crying older teen until Rebecca stopped crying.

Rebecca sobbed silently. “I’m sorry about that, Miss Sherry,” Rebecca said as she cleaned up the mess. But the chipped pieces of the glass clipped her finger and caused it to bleed.

Sherry snatched Rebecca’s hand and held it out. She instantly took charge. “Luke go get some disinfectant; Blake get some cloth or something to bandage her hand in.” Sherry barked out the orders. “Don’t worry Rebecca the cut doesn’t seem that deep.” Sherry’s tone was soft and soothing. “You should really use a broom and dust pan to clean it up.”

“I’m sorry,” Rebecca said as she held back more tears. Blake and Luke returned and the wound was cleaned up and wrapped in a bandage. “Thank you,” Rebecca said cheerfully trying not to let her mistake get her down. But by the way she starred at the ground it would seem that she was failing miserably.

Blake racked his mind for a something he could say that would take Rebecca’s thoughts off of the broken vase. And he found himself blurting out the first thing that popped into his head, “What college do you plan on going to Rebecca?” The seconds the words left his mouth he realized they were the wrong thing to say.

Rebecca looked up and Blake. “I was planning on going to one of those high ranking college’s next semester, but,” She let out a sigh before she continued. “I probably can’t afford it now…” She let her statement trail off showing her disappointment.

“Don’t worry, if you need a little extra I will provide it.” Sherry spoke in a motherly tone. “If you want to go to college, you should get a chance to go.” Sherry told her with a smile; but it seemed

Rebecca let out a gasp from surprise. “Really? But I couldn’t possible except that, Miss Sherry. I thank you for your kind offer, but I couldn’t-“

Sherry sharply interrupted her. “Nonsense, just because you are a little short, shouldn’t mean that you don’t go. You should be allowed to go after your dream.” The forced smile disappeared and she looked at the ground with odium. “Everyone should be given a chance at happiness.” Sherry looked back up at us; a frown was plastered on her face. She rubbed her forehead, a sign that she had a headache. “Rebecca clean this up please.” She ordered before she walking away heading to her room.

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File 137250224746.png - (8.99KB , 641x461 , main house floor 2.png )
Sherry got out of their just at the right time, for a loud argument sounded from the stairs. A man and a woman stormed down the stairs followed shortly by two women. “We are out of here!” the man shouted taking his wife's hand before going out the front door.

“Wait.” The woman with long brown hair called out. “Come back.” Upon hearing the slam of the front door, she turned around to face the other woman. “How dare you drive customers away!” She said in a loud angry voice to the red haired woman.

The red haired woman kept her smirk on her face even under the vicious gaze the other woman was giving her. “I will remind you Miss Armour that I am a guest here; and not just any guest at that.” The woman said with a sneer. “I’m a special customer that is allowed privileges.”

Alexia Armour clenched her fists together. “If it was not for that contract, I would throw you out.” Her tone was low and dangerous “And do not think you’re safe, just because of that contract. We are having a lawyer look at that. We will find a way out of it Mara.”

Mara Diamond just laughed. “Good luck; I paid a lot of money to get that contract written just right. But in the end it will be worth it.” Mara spiteful laughter echoed throughout the otherwise silent room. “I think I want a different room. I’m tired of the one I have right now.” Mara glanced around the room; her eyes fell upon Blake. “You servant boy, move all my bags out of my room.”

Blake glared at her for that comment. “I don’t work here remember.” He answered spitefully. “I’m the boy they took-”

Mara hastily interrupted him. “Yeah whatever, Here is 100 dollars, go move the bags.” She whipped out a single hundred dollar bill and held it out to him.

Blake glared at the single bill held between Mara’s two middle fingers. “No, Do it yourself.” His tone was sharp and unfriendly.

Mara let out a scoff before she turned to Alexia. “Are you going to let that brat say that to me?!” She howled in rage. “I would advise that you punish him.” Mara said through grated teeth.

Alexia let out a sigh; this was something she really didn’t need. “Blake go to your room.” Alexia ordered sternly.

“You’re going to let that witch control you, Aunt Alexia?” Blake complained.

“Blake you don’t understand,” Alexia said firmly, “Now go to your room.”

“That brat doesn’t deserve anything to eat,” Mara seethed in rage. “You shouldn’t allow him to have dinner tonight,” her words sounded like a suggestion, but her tone showed it was an order
“Blake no dinner for you tonight,” Alexia told him. “No buts; go to your room.” She added when he opened his mouth.

Blake let out a series of grumbles and complaints as he stomped up the stairs to the second floor. As he did he heard Mara call out to Luke. Poor guy; Blake thought. When he reached the top of the stairs, he could have sworn a sound in the attic.

What? Is someone in the attic? Blake opened the attic door and walked up the creaky stairs. He heard the sound of a young woman talking. When Blake reached the top of the stairs he saw a young woman with short blonde hair holding a large stack of papers and reading the words off them with powerful emotion.

“Evangeline,” Blake called out. “What are you doing?” He asked as he walked up to her.
Evangeline Hale was an actress, she wasn’t a huge one, but she was well known. She was a frequent guest at the rooming house, for whenever the press attacked her, she would run crying to the rooming house. But the reason she came this time were different, or at least that is what she said. She is studying what living on a farm would have been like for an upcoming role.

Evangeline jumped a little from surprise. “Blake, I didn’t hear you open the door, you shocked me,” she told him. Her hand rested on her heart as it seemed she tried to slow down its sudden burst. “Do you want to hear me practice?”

Blake frowned and shook his head. “No thanks and the attic is off limits. Guests aren’t allowed up here. How did you get up here; the door is supposed to be locked.”

“I’m sorry,” Evangeline apologized politely. “I didn’t know; the door was unlocked, so I just thought. I will leave right away.” Evangeline said hastily as she rushed out of the attic.

Blake scratched his head in confusion. Well that was strange. He shrugged and left the attic. As he left the attic he heard the sound of voices yelling.

“Stop that; this is my room!” a female yelled. “Let go!”

Luke was pulling on one side of a large suitcase, while a young woman tugged on the other side. The young woman looked about the age of 23, she had long black hair that trailed past her shoulders. Her bright emerald eyes sparked with frustration.

Mara laughed as she watched the scene. “I want this room, hurry up,” Mara said with a laugh.

A skinny man stood next to Mara. “We really don’t need this room. Mara lets leave this room alone, our room is fine.”

“I want this room!” Mara screeched. “We must have this room, or else.”

“Understood,” Luke answered coldly, as he continued to pull on the suitcase.

“Let go, this is my room,” the young woman pulled on the suitcase. “I’m not moving.”

“Mara we really don’t need this room. Let’s just leave the girl alone.”

“Fine,” Mara muttered. ”Forget it; we will stay in our room. Return our luggage to our rooms,”
Luke let go of the suitcase and picked up the other three. “I will carry them back for you,” Luke told them.

After Mara, her husband, and Luke went through the doorway and into the addition. Blake walked over the young woman. “Jasmine are you ok?” he asked. “Do you want some help?” Blake moved forward and grabbed the suitcase.

“No I got it,” Jasmine smiled at Blake, quickly grabbing the suitcase.

“Let me help you, this looks heavy.”

“No please, it is no trouble.”

Both of them pulling on the suitcase caused it to open and scatter clothes all over. Jasmine turned red from embarrassment and anger. “I told you I had it,” Jasmine as she began picking up her clothes off the hallway carpet. “Don’t look!” she snapped quickly scooping up all the underwear before he looked at it. “It wasn’t that heavy, I carried it in and out of my car.”

“Shouldn’t your suitcase be empty?” Blake questioned trying to look away from her. The ceiling seemed very interesting all of a sudden. “Teddy bears, cute,” he said with a slight laugh.

Jasmine let out a gasp. “They are panda’s; and I told you not to look!” Jasmine quickly grabbed her suitcase and put it in her room. She glared at him from her room. “I didn’t really have time to take everything out, besides a few outfits,” If you don’t mind; I want to finish unpacking, and also I have a report I need to do, and an essay about blood, and shots, so I have a lot of things to do.” Jasmine said as she quickly slammed the door in his face.

Jasmine Waters she was a young woman, who had beauty and grace. But she was a complete busybody and never sat still. She was a medical student who wanted to become a nurse. She had no idea of personal space unless it was hers.

Blake let out a sigh and decided to go to his room and finish his homework. “Aw.. man, I just realized I forgot to ask, Luke and Rebecca if any new guests checked in.” His tone was whiny and showed how upset he was. Oh well can’t do anything about it now…

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File 13725093323.png - (6.52KB , 695x346 , Addition 2nd Floor.png )
Monday September 14th 2009 - 5:40 PM

Blake let out a sigh. He let the textbook in his hand fall gently to his side on the bed and starred up at the ceiling. “I’m so bored.” He began counting the number of roses on the pattern on the ceiling fan. The ceramic bottom was a feature about the ceiling fan that showed grace and elegance. A rose with thorny vines pattern ran around the bottom. Aunt Alexia made sure at least one of these fancy ceiling fans were in each room. But despite their beauty they were quite loud.

Each room had the same basic set up, one queen sized bed, a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower. Certain rooms also had a tub, but only a few. Almost every room also had a small deck. Only two rooms didn’t have one. Aunt Alexia’s and Aunt Paige decks were much larger than the ones in the guest rooms too.

Out of boredom, he began watching the blades spin around and around. “This is so boring.” Blake gaze started wandering about the room. His eyes scanned the room out of boredom, the posters he put on the wall, the books sitting on his shelf, the extra hook for a chandelier, the photos he kept on the wall and so much more.

He hopped off the bed and went over to the board that had photos pinned to it. Most of the pictures were recent, taken with friends or the Aunts or Uncles. But one picture was old, looking at the little boy in the picture you could hardly tell it was Blake. The little 8 year old was standing in front of an older girl about 5 years older than him. They both had the same shade of midnight black hair, and blue eye color. She had her arms warped around the boy and was also smiling. A man and a woman were kneeling right behind them and were hugging both the boy and the girl.

Blake smiled sadly as he starred at the picture. If only things could have remained like that, but they ruined it. His fist shook from the rage building up inside him. Those heartless monsters!

He took a deep breath to cool his anger. He picked up the notebook and a pen on the desk in front of him and left the room.

Straight in front of him was a hallway that led to two other rooms. One of the room’s door was right next to his own. This was done because Aunt Paige’s little girl; Ellie stayed in that room, and the doors were put next to each other just in case if she needed something quick, she could easily get to Blake. Aunt Paige at first wanted her daughter right next to her own room, or across from it, but Ellie insisted that she wanted her room next to Blake’s.

Instead of going straight he turned right and went down that hallway, heading right to the stairs to go down to the first floor. As he passed by one of the rooms he heard Mara and her husband arguing, well Mara arguing, her husband just received the harsh comments and screams.

Blake shook his head. That man really should dump her, or grow a backbone. It really is an oddity that they even got married in the first place. It wouldn’t shock me if Mara forced him into it.

Blake went down the hallway until it split off. When it did he turned instead of heading towards the dinning room. He headed into the den. He sat down on the couch pretending to be reading his textbook when he was actually writing in the notebook.

“What are you writing Blake?” Rebecca asked as she smiled down at him.

Blake turned so she couldn’t see the notebook. “What are you talking about I’m reading my textbook.”

“It is ok, Alexia isn’t around,” Rebecca told him. The second those words left her mouth, said person entered the room.

“Rebecca I told you I wanted the windows dusted. Only the windowsills were dusted, I want the whole window cleaned.” Alexia’s tone was loud and angry. She was letting out her frustration about Mara on Rebecca. Anyone would get mad after talking with her, so it was a natural thing to be upset after words.

Blake tried to shrink away into the couch, so Alexia would not see him. He pretended to be reading while he listened to Alexia scold Rebecca about everything that came to mind.

Rebecca began twiddling her thumbs. “I’m sorry; I’ll get right on that.”

Alexia rubbed her head. “That is. ‘I am sorry; I will get right on that.’ I want proper speech to be used in this establishment. And Blake what are you writing?”

What does she have eyes in the back of her head? Blake lowered the book and looked straight at Alexia. “What are you talking about Aunt Alexia, I’m reading my textbook.”

“Blake stop writing and do your homework.” Alexia said in a harsh tone.

“Give the kid a break Alexia,” Davis Eason said.

Blake smiled back at Davis as he winked at him. Uncle Davis is sometimes my favorite adult, he defended me sometimes. But that was before I learned the truth. He is really lazy at times a pushes all his jobs around the house on me; like I don’t have enough to do already. He is also stingy and bossy so he gets on my nerves quickly.

Alexia let out a sigh. “Fine, Blake you may continue doing what you are doing for now.” With those words Alexia walked away.

Davis walked away saying his trademark phrase. “You owe me one kid.”

Blake let out an annoyed sigh and tried to focus on writing. But the peace and quite lasted for only 4 seconds before Rebecca came running in screaming. In one swift motion she used the back of the couch as a springboard and cleared the glass coffee table. For someone who seemed so fragile she really could be agile when she wanted to be. “Protect me.” She said as she dove to the ground trying to hide.

“Come on Rebecca just a few more questions.” Jasmine pleaded as she entered the room.

Rebecca popped her head up from behind the table. “No, last time I answered your questions I got in so much trouble.”

“Rebecca please, I promise I won’t tell anyone in the house.”

“That is what you said the last time, and you blabbed everything to everyone. About my anger at Alexia and how I felt she was treating me unfair. I almost got fired because of it. And then there is that other thing!”

“What other thing?” Blake asked getting interested about the subject suddenly.

Rebecca turned bright red in an instant.
“Nothing, it is nothing. Nothing at all, not even worth mentioning, it is completely pointless. Doesn’t even need to be said, or talked about ever again.” Rebecca started to go on and on, a clear sign she was extremely nervous.

Blake smirked it was clearly something interesting. “Oh really.” He replied slyly. “Then you won’t mind if Jasmine tells me.”

“It was about Rebecca’s crush-“ Jasmine starts telling, but she was quickly interrupted by Rebecca’s hands clasped over her mouth.

“Jasmine, don’t tell Blake, or anyone else,” Rebecca whined before letting Jasmine go.

“As I was saying it is about Rebecca’s crush on-“ The rest was completely muffled and was impossible to understand.

“Jasmine, if you tell anyone; I will kill you.” Rebecca whispered in a low harsh tone. “Come on Jasmine; let’s go help Sherry with dinner.” Rebecca told her as she whisked her away.

Blake ignored the cries of the two of them and went back to writing. He only wrote a few more sentences before he was interrupted by a small hand poking his knee. Glancing up from his notebook he saw a little girl wearing a large baseball cap that was too large for her on her head and a t-shirt and jeans meant for a man.

She pointed her finger at Blake. “Yo.” She trying to imitate some teens she had seen on TV. “What’cha writing Blake?”

“Stuff.” Blake answered in that same cool tone she did. “I see you’ve been raiding your dad’s closet again.” Blake set the books aside and got up from the couch. “Ellie; how about we put these clothes back and you put on clothes that you can actually walk in.”

Ellie pouted. “I can too walk.” She said in the suborn tone and to prove her point she began prancing around the room. But because the jeans were twice as big as she was she quickly tripped and fell. “Ok fine.”

Blake smiled at her, took her hand, and led her upstairs to her room. Blake waited outside of the room as Ellie changed her clothes. Blake started to rock back and forth to quell his boredom. When this grew boring he began counting the number of olden style ceiling lights. Alexia wanted the whole house to have an old world feel to it; she even had the walls covered with wood paneling in the hallway.

“Blake have you seen Ellie, it is dinnertime.” Paige called out from the other end of the hallway. Paige Eason was Ellie’s mother and Davis’s wife. She like her husband also pushes the chores she is assigned on others. She spends almost all day everyday shopping or at a bar or club. She and Davis drink almost 24/7.

“Yeah Aunt Paige, she is here with me. She was playing dress-up, I will take her down afterward.” Blake said back. He saw Paige nod and go back downstairs. Everyone besides the guests knew what the term ‘dress-up’ meant. It meant that Ellie had gone into her mom and dad’s room, or Blake’s room and went through the drawers and was now wearing that person’s clothes. And this is why Blake decided to always lock his room when he wasn’t inside. He didn’t want a four year old girl going through his clothes.

The door opened and Ellie stepped out no t-shirt, no cap, no jeans, just a sparkly pink dress. Her arms were folded and she was pouting. Ellie at times was very hard to please, she is a bit spoiled. “I hate pink.” She yelled before stomping away.

“Yes your majesty, I will take care of returning the garments to there proper places.” Blake entered Ellie’s room and picked up Davis’ clothes. He put the clothes back in the right drawers, but going downstairs for dinner.
>> No. 12203 edit
Monday September 14th 2009 - 6:25 PM

Blake opened the door to the dinning room and entered. The room was already filled with people. Dinner was set up cafeteria style; one long table was against the wall of the room and on it sat all the dishes. A long oval table lined with chairs sat in the center of the room. This was the table were almost everyone sat. A much smaller round table with eight chairs was a little ways away from the main table. This table was known as the teen table.

The people who sat at the teens table were; Blake, Rebecca, Luke, and Jasmine. As Blake walked towards the table he noticed two other teens sitting at the table. Blake sat down across from Luke.

Rebecca instantly noticed Blake and mentioned his presence to escape answering the question Jasmine asked her. “Blake there you are, what took you so long? These are the two new guests who checked in today; Lyre Scarlet and Raven Vere.”

Blake let out a chuckle. “Which one is the guy?” He snickered more when the male teen let out a growl.

The male teen looked about the same height as Luke. He had darker brown hair like the color of mahogany. His eyes were a deep shade of blue, and his eyes didn’t give away what he was thinking in the slightest. “Raven is a unisex name, not just a female name.”

He is about the same height as me; maybe a little taller. His arms have a bit of muscle, but I don’t think he has that much more than me. I think I could take him. Blake couldn’t help snickering more. “Sure it is, sure it is.” Blake answered in a sarcastic tone. “You believe what makes you happy.”

Raven growled again and angrily rose from his chair. “I’m not making it up. A lot of names are actually used for both sexes. Like Shannon, over 10% of people named Shannon are actually guys.”

“Huh, I didn’t know that.” Blake said uninterested. “So why are both of you staying here by yourselves?”

The other teen a girl looked up from her food. Her gaze was far off; it seemed she was thinking of something. Her hair was the color of honey, and her eyes the same as grass. “I am staying here while I visit my ailing grandma.” She spoke with a tone that had grace and elegance. For the way she spoke and talked it seemed she was raised from a rich family, but she denied this.

Rebecca stopped eating and asked Raven the same question to which he replied. “I ran away. My parents are getting a divorce and are trying to settle who gets me and my little sister. I got sick of all the fighting and yelling so I just left.”

Rebecca glanced sadly at Raven. “So who would you prefer going to live with?”

Raven shrugged. “It is already decided that my mom will get my little sister, so maybe my dad, that way he won’t be lonely. But I don’t want to abandon my little sister either. My mom will have to work all day, so she will be all by herself.” He let out a sigh. “It is hard; I don’t really want to either to be alone.”

Blake glanced at Raven and as he did he even began to feel a bit of sympathy for him. What a tough situation. If he goes with his mom, Raven will feel he left his dad alone, and if he goes with his mom, his little sister will be by herself a lot. Sometimes life just isn’t fair to anyone.

Raven tried to ease himself by letting out a chuckle. “That is why a place in the country like this is nice. No cell phones, or internet, so my parents can’t bug me with the divorce.”

“I agree” Lyre spoke her tone was on the soft side. It makes a person wonder if she is just shy or soft spoken. “No cell phone reception is very nice.” Everyone except Raven looked at her blankly, not understanding why she thought that way. So she elaborated. “I also ran away from home. My parents weren’t going to let me see my grandma so I just ran away.”

“So we have two runaways staying here now; interesting.” Jasmine said as she took down notes about the newest guests.

Blake let out a laugh. “Watch out for her, she will corner you and bombard you with questions.”

“It is her plan.” Luke said before continuing to eat.

“Her plan is to become a part-time nurse and part-time journalist.” Rebecca said. “Luke doesn’t say much most of the time.”

Jasmine muttered something as she took more notes before looking up at everyone. “I plan on showing the truth, not like most reporters, the truth should be revealed. Those who hid in the dark with their crimes have no right to stay safely hidden.”

A dark look crossed Lyre’s face and she looked down. “If only others thought that way.”

Everyone exchanged looks and the topic was quickly changed. The topic ranged from schooling, to hobbies, to friends.

Rebecca looked at him Raven and Lyre a little strange. “That is kind of funny we get two people who both love to read mysteries staying at the same time as a mystery author is also staying.”

“Really who!?” Raven and Lyre both shouted with excitement.

Rebecca paused as if she was making a big announcement. “Tomas Kyler.”

One would have thought the way Raven and Lyre were so excited before that they would cheer, but they made no noise, and their smiles faded. Raven let out a scoff. “That loser. Lame.”

Lyre frowned. “Boring. Who cares about him? He is one of the worst mystery writers ever. He insults the profession itself. He should stop writing all together.”

The sound of silverware being slammed against the table echoed through the room. Everyone flinched as the wooden chair fell backwards due to the person sitting in rising up so fast. “You brats don’t know anything about true writing!”

“We know enough about it to see that your books are trash.” Raven’s tone was snide.

“Your books are just copies of other mysteries stories. You just changed one of the suspects and changed everyone’s names. You claim these stories are written by you, even though they are written exactly the same as other mysteries.” Lyre’s tone was harsh and cruel. Her eyes seemed to laugh as she watched Tomas start to crumble. “You are just an idea stealer. Someone who only uses others ideas can not be called an author!”

Tomas shook with rage. He opened his mouth several times to respond, but in the end he just stormed away. After all what Lyre had just accused him of was true. Tomas Kyler was an author who lived on stolen ideas or ideas that were already used. The worse kind of author, and he held no remorse for it.

Blake felt a slight amount of pity for Tomas, but it was quickly discarded. Tomas got what he deserved. All Lyre did was bring his deeds into the light. The small amount of respect for Tomas was shredded away. When I become a writer I won’t be like him.

“What an outburst.” Alexia said in displeasure.

Luke got up and set the wooden chair upright again. “Taken care of.” Afterward he went back to his chair and sat down.

The door to the dinning room flew open suddenly and a woman wearing a fancy outfit entered. “Bonjour everyone. I’m back from Paris.” She lifted a hand up and brushed her long blonde hair out of her eyes. She took off her sunglasses and her blue eyes glanced from person to person in the room.

Blake recognized her immediately as his Aunt Helen. Helen Daye was the second oldest being 3 years younger than Alexia. She was fabulously wealthy and since her husband died and her children are away at college or have houses of their own, she spends her money going on trips to other countries. Helen visited the rooming house about once a month for one week. Though when she will shows up is only known to her.

“Welcome back Helen.” Alexia stood up and greeted her younger sister. One by one the other sisters and their husbands greeted Helen as well.

Rebecca and Luke both stood up as well. “Miss Helen allow us to take your coat.”

Helen shook her head. “No that’s alright.” She glanced towards Blake. “Blake how you been? Stop stuffing your face and greet me.”

The red devil rose from her chair. Well that is something that Mara could be called, her personality fit and she almost all the time wore a blood red dress. “That filth isn’t allowed to eat anything today!” Mara’s tone was fierce and loud.

Alexia pointedly gazed at Blake. “Blake, I told you that you could not have anything to eat for dinner.”

Blake let out a snarl before getting up and leaving the room. As he passed Mara, her husband whispered to him. “I’m sorry about this.”

Sam Diamond was the opposite of Mara. He was nice, quiet, and calm. If he had a foul tongue no one knew of it.

Blake sat down in the den and continued writing. After dinner ended Blake heard Alexia bossing Sherry, Rebecca, and Luke around. Telling them to do this and that, and telling them they didn’t do this right, or messed that up. What she really was doing was letting her anger at Mara out on them.

Blake shook his head at this. He reached forward and took a drink out of the can of pop he had set on the table. After he took this sip the can still had about half of its contents left. Blake put the can down and continued writing.

“Dust faster.” Alexia shouted at the flustered Rebecca. “Honestly, learn to clean up after yourself.” Alexia scooped up Blake’s pop can and before he could even say anything she had dumped its contents down the sink in the bathroom.

Blake was about to complain when the notebook was ripped out of his hands. Cameron flipped through the pages only briefly reading it. “How many times do I have to tell you.” Cameron’s tone was filled with anger and irritation. “You will never amount to anything if you continue this foolish dream.”

Blake let out an annoyed sigh. “Many times.”

Cameron’s stare was hard. “And it seems you don’t listen, so I will have to get tougher.” Cameron let out a sigh. He turned the notebook on its side . . . and ripped it in half.

All of Blake’s dreams and ideas were shattering like glass right in front of his eyes. Blake glared hatefully at Cameron.

Cameron didn’t shake under Blake’s gaze. “You’ll thank me for this someday.” Cameron turned and walked away.

Blake’s fists shook from anger. “I hate you.” Blake snarled at Cameron’s back.

Blake stormed upstairs and into his room. He pulled out his journal and began to pour out his feelings. After writing his thoughts out he began to sulk. A knock on his door pulled him out of his dark mood.

Blake opened the door and was greeted by Sherry holding a hot plate of food. “I thought you might be hungry.”

Blake smiled at Sherry. “Thanks, you’re the best Aunt Sherry.”

Sherry softly smiled back and gave Blake the food before closed the door. But right before the door closed Blake saw Sherry’s smile fade. He shrugged it off as it being stress from Alexia and began to eat his dinner.

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>> No. 12206 edit
Monday September 14th 2009 - 7:50 PM

Blake laid on his bed and started pulled out a notebook. As he wrote he narrated what was written out loud. “The evil Blood Witch with her snake like tongue forced Lake the knight to go without food for one week, if he ever wants to see the princess Areca again. The princess was currently being held hostage and forced to work as a chamber maid to the three Medusa sisters. But this wasn’t enough to please the witch, she ordered Lake to do a certain task. But as he went on this quest the Dark Knight appeared in front of him. The Dark Knight tried to rile Lake, and it worked. Lake summoned a plant monster. Its vines wrapped around the Dark Knight’s limbs immobilizing him. Lake knew that Dark Knight wore layers of armor, so he knew the only way to hurt him as to attack his head where there was no armor. He had the thorny vines wrap around the Dark Knight’s neck and pulled backwards snapping his neck. Lake pulled out his sword and raised it into the air ready to stab the Dark Knight's head with it. He then sliced-”

A knock on the door interrupted him. He set the notebook Blake and opened the door. Rebecca stood in the doorway smiling at him. “We are are going to play some games, do you want to join us?”

Blake agreed and the left his room. As he stepped out of the room he heard Davis and Paige telling Ellie a bedtime story. A soft smile floated onto Blake’s face. Davis and Paige are selfish sometimes and lazy and they want others to do their work for them. But they really are good parents to Ellie at times.

He let out a chuckle as he listened to the story they made up on the spot. Throwing in all the crazy things Ellie suggested. What was originally a story of a princess became one about a hip gangster trying find his lost daughter in the ocean. Ellie’s mind really was a piece of work. She loved watching gangster movies with her mother, instead of the kiddy movies most kids liked.

Blake followed Rebecca down to the first floor and into the library where the others were waiting. Raven, Luke, and Jasmine sat next to each other at a large table setting up a board game. While Lyre sat a few chairs down reading a book.

Rebecca’s eyes lit up as she saw what game it was. “I love this game, I call the top hat.” She quickly snatched up said piece and set it on the ‘Go’ space. Afterward she sat down next to Luke.

Blake looked at the board sadly. “My older sister used to love to play this game too.” He shook his head and picked up the race car before sitting down on the other side of Luke. “Look Rebecca my car is speeding towards you. It is going to hit you. Crash! We have an accident!” He laughed as he made an engine sound and drove the race car piece towards the top hat.

Rebecca’s eyes grew larger and she shook slightly “No!” Her scream echoed through the small room. She instantly scooped her piece and caressed in between her hands.

Everyone starred at Rebecca with a puzzled expression. After a few seconds Raven cleared his throat. “Um.... Ok. . . how about we start the game now.” Everyone nodded and the game started.
>> No. 12207 edit
Monday September 14th 2009 - 9:50 PM – Bluebill Bar

Cameron and Davis sat on bar stools as they drank their liquor. They sat at the counter drinking their stress and problems away. They might have sat next to each other but in the size of their strain and troubles they were worlds apart.

Cameron slammed his drink down. “That brat really doesn’t understand. I try to make him, but he never gets it. He is stuck in his dreams; but reality isn’t that nice… dreams don’t happen.”
Davis looked down bitterly at his beverage. “Happiness really is just a fleeting thing. After I got married to Paige almost 6 years ago, I thought everything would be smooth sailing. But dreams never happen, or if they do they never last.” He let out a sigh. “Paige really should stop spending so much money.” He paused and frowned and starred at the drink with distain. “We can’t afford it.” Another pause before he finished his statement. “Anymore.”

Cameron laughed bitterly. “What am I doing just talking about one of my problems; you have it worse.”

Davis shook his head. “You’re mistaken, Cameron your problems are worse than mine. Your problems could cost you everything soon…” Davis paused. “You might even go to jail in the end.”

Cameron chugged the rest of his liquor down and ordered another one. “I’ll get through it. Alexia and I promised each other we would do what ever it takes to get through this.” He turned to look at Davis. “Want another?”

Davis shook his head. “No thanks; I’m going to head back.”

“Be careful on your way back.” Cameron said as a warning.

Davis got up from the stool. “Don’t worry; this scar reminds me all the time to.” Without another word he grabbed his coat and left the bar.
>> No. 12208 edit
Monday September 14th 2009 - 10:00 PM

“`Yes.” Rebecca jumped up from her chair and cheered. “I won.”

Raven tapped his fingers against the table as he made a frustrated sound. “It’s all luck.”

Rebecca playfully stuck her tongue out at him. “And you’re just jealous.” She turned and beamed at Blake. “Thanks for helping me win.”

Blake rubbed the back of his head slightly with his hand. And he starred down at the floor when he felt his cheeks turn red. “It was nothing.”

Rebecca smiled triumphantly at the game board. “I’m kind of hungry; I’ll bring us some snacks.”

Blake stood up from his seat when Rebecca headed towards the door. “I’ll help you.”

They left the library and headed to the kitchen in the main house. “You didn’t have to help me,” Rebecca said when they entered the kitchen. “I can do it myself.”

Blake smiled at her. “I know, but I wanted to help.” He scanned the counter-top looking for a snack. “What should we bring?” He frowned for he didn’t see what he wanted. “Oh; how about the chocolate rice bars.”

Rebecca smiled at him. “That sounds good. But it was just made today so we have to cut it.” She began opening drawers looking for a knife. After looking through all of them she looked back at Blake with a worried expression. “Oh no; all the knives are dirty. If only I would have washed the dishes when Miss Alexia told me on Saturday; why did I put it off?” Rebecca’s mouth was going a mile a minute. Her panicked tone and speed of the words made it hard to understand what she was saying. “Now I’m going to be in so much trouble, and we don’t have anyway to serve the bars. And Miss Alexia is going to be so mad at me when she sees in the morning that we don’t have any knives. And I can’t tell Miss Alexia the truth that Luke told me we had plenty of knives. It isn’t my fault. I don’t ……….; why does …. always …... .. ..? If only …. ….. pay more ………; I hate It. Why; it .. … fair.”

Blake blinked in confusion at Rebecca’s words. Maybe I misheard, or I would have understood if I heard more than just bits and pieces. “Let’s just use one of the special knives.”

Rebecca let out a gasp. “But, those are for special occasions only.”

Blake put his finger on her lips. “Don’t worry; I’ll take the blame if anyone finds out.”

Rebecca frowned but she agreed nonetheless. She walked over to the cabinet next to the front desk. She opened one of the drawers and took out one of the knives. The knife she took out was a long sharp knife. It had three ridges in its cherry wood handle.

Rebecca took out white lace handkerchief from her pocket and wrapped it around the handle, so that she wouldn’t get finger smudges on it. She steadied the pan with one hand why she cut the bars with the other. But with Blake watching her she became nervous and in the end clipped her finger with the knife.

Drip drip drip drip. The red liquid dripped from Rebecca’s finger. The white handkerchief began to be stained red. “I’m such a klutz.” She said in the small voice as she set the knife down.

“Are you ok?” Blake asked, his tone was laced with worry. “Let me see.” He grabbed Rebecca’s hand and looked at the cut on the front side of her finger. He examined it and pressed lightly on it which caused Rebecca to wince. “It doesn’t look bad; it looks like you just grazed it. I will slice the bars; you get a bandage on the cut.” Blake unwrapped the bloody handkerchief and handed it back to Rebecca.

“I’m sorry; now you can’t use the handkerchief.” Rebecca said as she gazed at it.
Blake smiled at her. “Don’t worry about it; I told you if anyone finds out I will take the blame and I will.”

Rebecca went to find a bandage while Blake cut the bars into squares. By the time she returned he has finished and was washing the knife off. “Let me finish that.” She said as she grabbed some sheets of paper towel. She took the knife from Blake and began to wipe the water off while she walked back to the cabinet to put it away.

When she returned they grabbed the pan of bars and took them back to the library. “What took so long?” Raven asked as he tapped his fingers impatiently.

“We were out of knives.” Blake answered Raven’s question as he coldly starred at him.

“Didn’t use special knives?” Luke said in the loud panicked voice. Rebecca shyly nodded and Luke glared at her.

Lyre looked up from her book. “Rebecca you’re hurt. What happened?”

“I just nicked myself, so Blake had to cut the bars instead of me. You know how clumsy I am.” Luke made a sound in agreement, which earned him a playful slap from Rebecca.

Blake set the pan down and snack time began. It was filled with light conversation while everyone ate the bars. After they finished another game was started. This time the goal of the game was to have your army conquer the world. Once again Lyre didn’t join in, she preferred reading her book.

This time the winner of the game was the silent but deadly Luke. He seemed to have planned out his strategy early on, and it was a wise one. Blake and Jasmine’s armies were quickly massacred, by the other three players. Raven’s aggressive style quickly put him in the lead as Rebecca and Luke struggled to keep up with him. The two of them formed a treaty and put a stop to Raven’s domination. Raven held out as best as he could, but in the end he was defeated, but Rebecca’s forces were so small by the time they won that Luke easily crushed her.

Blake scratched his head as the second game was set up. “I’m just going to get crushed again. All of you are way better than I am. I’m not good at strategy.”

Lyre set down her book. “I’ll help you.”

He blinked in response. How good is Lyre at strategy, I wonder. She seems pretty confident. Hope she is as good as she sounds.

Lyre began instructing him in a soft whisper so the others wouldn’t hear. “Move your forces back to New Zealand.”

Blake smiled as he looked at the board. I’m winning, and by a lot. I have all of Oceania and most of Asia, and a little of Africa.

Raven lifted up his hand at the start of his turn. “I call a meeting of all the empires besides Blake’s.” Everyone but Blake and Lyre got up and went into the hallway.

Lyre leaned down and whispered to Blake. “Raven is smart he probably realized if things continue like this they have no chance of winning. They will probably form an alliance against you.” Lyre tapped a spot on the board. “But don’t panic we are still in a good position, and I have a counter from theirs. We will focus on two of them Rebecca and Raven. We will corner them so bad they will have no choice but to align with us.”

Lyre was right on the mark and the others had formed a union. But with her tactic Rebecca and Raven were forced with no choice but to break the agreement and join Blake’s side. But in the end no one could stand up against Blake’s power and after Jasmine and Luke were defeated he quickly squashed Raven and Rebecca.

Raven and Luke began cleaning up the pieces from the game. “Good game, should we play again, play something else, or should we stop-” He let his sentence linger to show his uncertainty.

Rebecca let out an outburst at Raven’s statement. “What; why should we stop; the night is still young. Let’s play something wild.” Rebecca paused to think for a second. “Like; King, or Truth or Dare, or Strip Poker.”

Blake’s mouth fell in shock. “Wha.. wha.. What?” He struggled to get the words out. “What did you say? Rebecca that is… doesn’t seem like you at all.” What is this really Rebecca; sweet, quiet Rebecca?

Rebecca’s mischievous smile faded and was replaced by a frown. “There are two sides to every coin Blake.” Rebecca turned her gaze to the floor. “Just like that, my shy self isn’t my only side. I always have a wild, fun, party girl side.”

“Um… I don’t think we should play those games, after all we don’t know each other that well. But I have an idea of what game we can play.” Raven expertly changed the topic and avoided those games. One would think he meant those things he said, and he might have, but the look on his face told that he didn’t want to play those games.

Raven paused before going on. “We will take a few things from those games. We will take the poker, the truth aspect, and the random selection from those games and combine them to make a new game. We will play a round of poker and the losers will have to pick cards.” Raven said as he took out a deck of cards. “The ace of spades will signal the ‘king’ while the ace of hearts will be the loser. Like in King the king will choose a topic and the loser will have to reply to that topic. This way we will play a game and learn more about each other at the same time.”

Blake looked at the cards skeptically, before he let out a scoff. “It sounds kind of boring.”

Raven smirked at him. “Will see. Lyre you’re playing too.” Raven passed out five cards to everyone and the game started.

Blake found out at least one thing about himself while playing the game. I’m terrible at poker. But at least I have a decent amount of luck; I have yet to be the loser.

The loser of the first game was Luke, and he had to tell something that he would be embarrassed about if anyone found. Who would have thought Luke had a stuffed animal collection with over 150 animals.

Rebecca’s face was mixed with horror. “Oh no; I’m the loser again.” She glanced at everyone. “Um.. who is the king?”

Jasmine lifted up and showed the ace of spades, which made Rebecca gulp. “Hmm.. what should I ask you. I want it to be something I don’t know; otherwise I won’t learn anything new. Last time Luke asked you about a memory from your childhood. While it was interesting learning about your parents, it isn’t something I can use against you.. I mean it isn’t that interesting for this game.” Jasmine quickly covered up her mistake, but everyone noticed it. “How about… Rebecca what was the most interesting dream you’ve ever had?” Rebecca opened her mouth to answer but Jasmine quickly cut her off. “Maybe I should clarify, an interesting dream to you, not strange, something that made you basically become giddy.”

Rebecca frowned and put her finger to her lips while she thought. “Does it have to be the ‘most’ interesting?” Rebecca asked turning bright red and starring down at the table.

Blake was about to say something but Jasmine beat him to it. “Yes it does.”

Rebecca frowned before letting out a sigh. She looked up at everyone; she seemed completely distant, like she just wanted to vanish right that second. Maybe she wished now that she wouldn’t have suggested playing some more.

She starred at the ace of hearts sitting on the table in front of her, as if she was trying to burn a hole through it. Letting out another sigh she glanced up once, but her gaze quickly returned back to the card. Her eyes were half lidded. “It was sometime ago; the dream wasn’t that big of deal so I don’t really remember when I had it. Maybe it was a year or so ago, maybe sooner, I don’t know.”

Rebecca paused before continuing. “It was just me and the guy I liked.” Rebecca turned bright red and looked down lower at the floor trying to cover her face. “We were hugging; well he was hugging me I guess. That’s it; it was just a sweet dream. His touch was so soft and tender, and yeah and birds were chirping because we were in a grass field.”

“That’s it?” Jasmine said questioning Rebecca’s statement.

Rebecca started twiddling her thumbs. “Well there were some fond words spoken.”

“And what did you feel after you woke up?” Lyre asked joining in.

“Happy; that was what Jasmine asked.” Rebecca replied her tone was strained and she was clearly getting annoyed by the topic.

“And what is the name of this mystery guy?” Raven asked also deciding to pry in the subject.

Blake frowned at him. He didn’t like Raven and Lyre’s tone and the expression on their faces. They were just prying in the subject because it was something that made Rebecca uncomfortable. They were playing with her frustration on the subject for their own amusement. Even though it enraged Blake, he didn’t say anything because he really wanted to also know the answer to Raven’s question.

Rebecca slammed her fists against the table. “What is this, twenty questions.” She glared viscously at Raven and Lyre. Her eyes said ‘you will pay for this’. “Next round time.”

The game went on and on, everyone lost at least once. The cuckoo clock on the wall chimed, and the little wooden birdie flew out of the top hole as a little drumming bunny came out of the lower and moved to the end of the platform and bashed its drum three times.

Blake let out a yawn. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired.” Blake let out another yawn. “I’m going to bed.”

“Agreed.” Luke answered also getting up from his chair.

Raven put away the cards. “Yeah, I think it is time to stop.”

Rebecca reached into her pocket and pulled out a small bottle. Out of the bottle fell 2 clear purple pills. Rebecca quickly took the pills and swallowed some water with them.

“What are those Rebecca?” Jasmine asked.

“Sleeping pills; I’ve been having trouble sleeping. They really help; if I don’t use them I can’t fall asleep.”

The conversation stopped shortly after and everyone headed back to their rooms, and went to sleep for the night.
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