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File 137266565877.jpg - (662.51KB , 600x840 , 1c3267bb9d90c09c55aa8dfafddfa141.jpg )
12221 No. 12221 edit
I make this thread today in order to put a game to rest.

Almost two years ago the first 1vs1 RP game was played out. Created by GreatEqualizer and played by Black Witch Rosa the game spanned 208 days due to multiple delays. However eventually despite this they were able to push forward and end the game with Rosa's victory.

That isn't the truth.

Due to many reasons the game's solution wasn't questioned and by pushing it away like a withered bouquet it was then forgotten. Time passed and due to a site mishap the first thread along with many others were deleted.


Luckily, I saved all the threads. Once I checked I had indeed archived it correctly I noticed that there was still some trickery left unsolved. In fact the whole solution Rosa proposed was never confirmed and was even avoided with the red. I brought this to the attention of the players and spectators back then, however again we soon forgot about it.

Until today.

Today I finally opened the archives and started reading purposely trying to avoid the "accepted" answer. Within a few hours, to my surprise I had reached a new, plausible answer. I debated whether or not to post my results so I consulted another. I asked Kinjo to also read the thread and attempt to solve it in the same way. Kinjo ended up making the same theory I did, even though I hadn't told him mine until after he had finished reading.

Now I realize this is all rather dramatic but the idea of a game that was never solved was exciting and it would be a shame to leave it unfinished.

Below is the download to our notes and conclusions.


While I doubt we will ever get a response in red. This is our solution! This is the truth!


Recently we were able to restore deleted threads. I'm leaving the download up because many of the thumbnails were lost in these restored versions.
First Thread
Second Thread
Third Thread
Fourth Thread
Expand all images
>> No. 12226 edit
File 135069939351.png - (23.68KB , 320x468 , you_don\'t_see_me.png )
If this is the case, I can understand why I didn't really get, aside from being stupid with how I played the game (rping is not my thing, I don't believe.) I've never once thought about Kinzo = title. Also I believed the servant = no culprit red, and I don't believe I really tried to think around it.
>> No. 12240 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
I believe one of the other factors is the delayed play. The only 1vs1 RP game where the detective won took less than 40 days. Every other game took around 150 or more.

Over time the players develop tunnel vision. "Alright X may have done X" --> "Alright X did this so this is impossible" or they simply get stuck on one person as the culprit. It also affects the investigations apparently. Detectives get lazy or slip up(ref Genji death in repercussion and Shannon death in this game) I guess those are just excuses though.

Regardless it is good the game was finally put to rest. I'm surprised it wasn't done sooner.
>> No. 12264 edit
File 13727624634.jpg - (50.81KB , 600x526 , j1.jpg )
Well it certainly is easy to forget about lots of facts if the game lasts a while. Because we have other things that get our minds. It is an advantage the GM has. Also the player understands the desire to want to move the gameboard and 'get to the good' part, per say. So they move the game faster forward than what would be in their best interest. Both in theory-crafting and investigations.
>> No. 12265 edit
File 137080269437.png - (86.66KB , 480x280 , souda (2).png )
Thanks a bunch for throwing up the archived threads, Ozaki! This was actually the gameboard that first attracted me to the site (well, this and the devil's roulette games), but the first half or so was already missing by then. It's nice that I'll finally get a chance to read the thing in it's entirety now.
>> No. 12625 edit
File 137704464363.jpg - (10.12KB , 181x278 , dlanor.jpg )
It's been a while since I've visited this board ever since real life pulled me away pretty harshly.

I can say that I did intentionally leave some elements a mystery after the 'core' riddles were solved. Some of those things had to do with my feelings about the world and characters of the story at the time.

The bad news is that the game board was done a long time ago and my own notes on it are gone. Even as I'm re-reading it I can't recall all the details I had so carefully planned out at the time.

As I'm typing this I've only skimmed over the game and read both set of notes, however, so the information might come back to me. I do read the theories as completely valid interpretations, however, the same way as the confirmed answer was.
>> No. 12630 edit
File 137704755791.png - (877.62KB , 902x510 , cheerleader.png )

Long time no see! It's great too see you again!

How have you been?
>> No. 12631 edit
File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
So you are saying that both answers are conflicting, and thus can both be the truth? I was hoping for a more definitive response to be honest...

Well either way it was fun to go back and try to "find the truth" sorta say. Reminded me of when people would make theories because they didn't want to accept Shkannon. Speaking of that you may want to check this game as well.

As you can see I have been having fun with your old games.
>> No. 12633 edit
File 137704854014.jpg - (206.91KB , 764x1046 , Dlanor_A__Knox_by_JulikXGirl.jpg )

Hi! I've been doing pretty well overall. I've been having reading on here ever since I rediscovered the site.


Just because they conflict doesn't necessarily mean they can't both be valid. The author is dead and whatnot. And yeah, I did forget a good chuck of it. Reading back, I do remember that Nanjo and Genji were intended as culprits, but Rosa never really went into what Shannon/Kanon's role was, which was originally supposed to tie into a much larger element of the game. At a certain point I kind of said 'Good enough' and intended on clarifying things later. Later never really happened and here were are.

Completely my fault, to be honest. I'll start reading that link you gave me right away.
>> No. 12635 edit
File 137704900190.jpg - (26.80KB , 550x309 , 270901-shiki02_6.jpg )
Ah I see. Well at least that gives some closure.
If the board seems dead that is mainly because most people ended up moving to skype. /gameboard/ is one of the few areas that is reasonably active now.

Hopefully you have more time on your hands now, you missed quite a few great games. After all it would be a shame not to read them. Hell rather than bumping old threads this one may be better to post in.
>> No. 12636 edit
File 137704906375.jpg - (17.50KB , 240x320 , dlanorrr.jpg )
I remember making at least two or three more on the Golden Gameboard back when it was round. I dun't suppose there's any way to access an archive of it. I never brought the games here since I figured there was an overlapping readers-base.
>> No. 12637 edit
File 135656702519.jpg - (19.23KB , 210x240 , char_34451.jpg )
Rudolf has tried to find games from there using wayback machine and other programs but to no avail. I don't think I ever read them either so my memory can't help this time.
>> No. 12638 edit
File 137704951353.png - (150.60KB , 407x420 , rosa7.png )
That's good, to be honest, we've been worried about you, since you just vanished one day.

As Ozaki pointed out, seacats has mostly moved to 'skypecats' we still have streams, but teaparty is mostly dead. If you have a Skype you should join us.
>> No. 12639 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
Ah yes, Skypecats.... the best bad idea we've ever had.
>> No. 12640 edit
File 136198864671.jpg - (9.35KB , 280x220 , sgshrug.jpg )
Well besides the large delay, and the logic near the end I think it turned out well in the end.
>> No. 12644 edit
File 137705022138.jpg - (12.95KB , 281x180 , dlanor_art.jpg )
That sucks. It's not too much of a problem since I could probably rewrite those from memory well enough since they were relatively simple. I might start another game eventually if anyone's still interested. Reading these (and Kinjo's new VN) is putting me in a motivated mood.
>> No. 12645 edit
File 137676587924.gif - (314.93KB , 373x255 , 1374419432332.gif )
Well, I'll just come to say hello at least, so hello, a new member here for a year now. I'm guessing you must be quite confused given how things have changed over the years, but I think the others can tell you as much. Anyway, welcome back I guess ?

Not like it'd matter, you have as much time for both. (Read:none)
>> No. 12646 edit
File 13180445261.jpg - (49.70KB , 347x593 , 264826.jpg )
Naturally I am interested. I am sure others would be as well.
>> No. 12647 edit
File 137705074620.png - (202.95KB , 504x600 , 130133734867.png )
I'm interested. I don't think we ever really fixed the problems created by my games having unsatisfactory endings....
>> No. 12648 edit
File 137705105827.png - (313.71KB , 600x600 , eve2_17.png )
I'd read them.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)19:11:29
>> No. 12649 edit
File 137705125598.jpg - (37.68KB , 225x350 , dlanor_proud.jpg )

Sorry about that. Like I said, life pulled me away and after that I just got distracted and kind of forgot about the board. I'm definitely glad I remembered, though.

How does one join Skypecats?


Hey! I was active a while back. I mainly hung around /gameboard and made and participated in different games.
>> No. 12650 edit
File 137705153741.png - (290.17KB , 600x600 , eve_16.png )
Can't be helped, life happens after all. We just need to know your Skype address. Then we can add you to the Skypegroup.
>> No. 12652 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
We actually have more several Skype chats, though the most notable ones are "/gameboard/ general" and "Skypecats general"
>> No. 12658 edit
File 136920689760.png - (152.00KB , 340x366 , Erika_Smile4.png )
Heya, GE. I'm a relatively new member who joined around the same time as Squitcher-san, but I've heard a lot about you, so it's nice to see you back here again. I'll definitely be following your game with Ozaki, although I'm expecting to be distracted by Lion's game for the next little while.

...I really should look into Skype myself some time, huh.
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