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Audio Shiro Sagisu - 2EN15 0938 "Destiny" - (2.16MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 14 - 2EN15 0938 Destiny - edit.mp3 ) Length: 2:21
12261 No. 12261 edit
Previous thread : >>11939

So, will our detective finally hit some truth ? A mystery that is. Go ahead and continue, charge with your blue. And try to solve this mystery, if you can do it, that is~

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>> No. 12263 edit
File 13727331861.jpg - (50.75KB , 429x575 , better not be true.jpg )
Let me just confirm something before I post another actual theory.

First paradox: Genji complied to go to the storehouse, and/or tied up because someone threatened to throw off the plans if he didn't comply.

Fifth paradox: Natsuhi couldn't open the lock because it wasn't the actual lock to the parlor. In other words, the lock was moved or switched either with the saw and wiedling torch or by some other mean.

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>> No. 12266 edit
File 137176503090.png - (278.41KB , 503x480 , leo_v7.png )
The plans were unrelated to the reason that made Genji comply.

The lock in the parlor was the actual, expected lock that can be opened by the roman numbered keys and the master keys.

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>> No. 12268 edit
Audio - (5.74MB - 160 kbps - 22.05 kHz , Takeshi Abo - GATE OF STEINER (STEINS;GATE SYMPHON.mp3 ) Length: 4:49
What an interesting red. If it’s not Krauss’s key that’s wrong, nor the lock, then it must be... something else.

Let’s review:

>--1.) What did he need to check ?

>--2.) For such a proud man, his murder remains simple... Or is it ?

>--4.) How did he get in there ?

>--5.) What happened with the lock ?

In order to answer these questions, I'm hoping they can be dashed away with this one single trick. The possibilities are dwindling, and only so many other theories can take this one’s place without needless wordplay.

But once again, what is Theseus’s Paradox? It raises the philosophical question that if an object had all its components replaced, is it really the same object? With that in mind, I come to the conclusion that there are more guesthouses than what meets the eye. Let's just cut to the chase:

There is an additional guesthouse on another island. An exact replica, except for one difference: The locks are somewhat different. What are the implications of such an idea?



Genji needed to do something related to shifting everyone to another location. Why does Kinzo's will require an additional guesthouse? Perhaps as a failsafe, or to move everyone over if someone found the gold in time to not cause a commotion. I know that gold is very heavy and can't be moved that quickly, so instead of just moving the gold away for the winner of the riddle, why not just move the whole family? Once everyone fell asleep, the culprit (probably Kanon and/or Shannon) helped Genji move and drug
(all that tea and food amiright?) everyone to the other island because someone solved the riddle in time. On the new island, they all put back everyone in their respective rooms. Perhaps they then were trying to hide the boat back to the new storehouse or something, that's why Genji needed everyone to stay in their rooms. The culprit somehow coerced Genji to comply really quickly with something at that location; my next guess would probably be because he felt some sort of guilt towards the culprit, maybe how the results turned out. Bang. He died.


With a different guesthouse comes a different lock where Genji's words have no meaning and power. Someone who was not at the parlor locked the door with one of their keys that worked on this particular lock after killing Krauss.


See above. Method of murder solved.


See above. I still support that Rosa first solved the riddle and that's why she left for one reason or another. Natsuhi's key wouldn't work because Genji's word has no meaning in a new guesthouse.

The underground safe below never had to be locked and filled with gold in the first place as that was the other island, or if it was locked, someone just used or stole a roman numeral key, or the safe doesn’t need keys at all since it’s a different safe. The culprit (Kanon or Shannon) put back all the objects when they were done.

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>> No. 12269 edit
File 137080528227.png - (278.43KB , 503x480 , leo_v13.png )
Hahahahahahaha ! HAHAHAHA ! Hah !hahaha.... Haha..
Sorry, I shouldn't laugh... Heh. No alternate guesthouse or island existed. The game takes place on a single island containing a single guesthouse.
>> No. 12270 edit
Forgot that. Genji did not feel guilt toward the culprit.
>> No. 12272 edit
File 137279280983.png - (142.91KB , 300x289 , You think this is a game.png )
Paradox 5: The lock wouldn't work because it was broken. Doesn't have to be because the culprit busted it.

The lock wasn't broken, it was just jammed and everyone freaked out because death everywhere.

Last edited at 13/07/02(Tue)12:25:10
>> No. 12274 edit
File 137279319026.jpg - (106.76KB , 688x387 , 1370968552083.jpg )
The lock wasn't broken or jammed.

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>> No. 12275 edit
File 137279434765.jpg - (226.84KB , 803x1000 , too late.jpg )

Krauss's old key was damaged in such a way where it stayed whole, but the lock wouldn't work.

The parlor lock is special where it can be activated and deactivated somehow.

The air pressure between the room and outside was too great, making it hard to open the door.

There was a force keeping the lock still.

Natsuhi wasn't using the old key by mistake.

Last edited at 13/07/02(Tue)14:50:37
>> No. 12278 edit
File 136338326843.png - (318.60KB , 603x480 , leo_b5a.png )
Krauss's key wasn't damaged.

Why the parlor lock ? I'm guessing you mean the dining room... No lock has any special feature.

The air pressure had nothing to do with it.

No force was applied on the lock.

Natsuhi didn't make a mistake.

Last edited at 13/07/03(Wed)01:46:47
>> No. 12281 edit
File 137295424272.png - (156.13KB , 400x473 , kiru_defa1.png )
I wonder if a truths about the numbered rooms can be also applied to its bathrooms respectively.
Because of in other case, for paradox 2, the culprit just stayed in the bathroom and then, as was said earlier, blended into the crowd.
>> No. 12282 edit
File 137296523637.png - (253.22KB , 384x480 , leo_3a.png )
The bathroom is counted as belonging to the room. Every red that applies to the rooms applies to the bathrooms inside.
>> No. 12283 edit
Squitcher likes to post red, but they never use gold.

>> No. 12284 edit
File 137296555778.jpg - (130.72KB , 265x302 , 1346850918528.jpg )
>> No. 12285 edit
How rude they are to edit and punch that person.
>> No. 12286 edit
File 135694105285.png - (238.92KB , 900x741 , u_mad____toshio_ozaki.png )
Anyway lets get back on topic. I may as well give this mystery a shot now.
I haven't finished rereading the OP post, let alone check all the red however I wanted to try this theory before I forget.

>Krauss, Eva, Rudolf and Rosa along with their wives, husbands and children
>Genji, Kanon and Shannon would accompany them.

There is another character who we are not aware of who fits into one of those categories.

For example Lion. If Lion existed on this gameboard they could very well be considered Krauss's and or Natsuhi's child.

>Genji handed each of the direct children an old-styled key.
>He then handed the husbands, wives and children regular keys

This also means there could be not just a person but also a key we are unaware of.
>> No. 12287 edit
File 137232651088.png - (278.68KB , 503x480 , leo_v3a.png )
There are no more than 14 person on the island.

And an old one.

The only keys on the island are the three master keys, the 4 numbered keys, the 7 regular keys, the storehouse key and Genji's briefcase key. No other key ever existed at any point on the island.

Last edited at 13/07/04(Thu)15:22:03
>> No. 12288 edit
Not going to deny it? Ok
I guess I'll just continue reading the thread for now then.
>> No. 12289 edit
File 135569444662.png - (147.15KB , 300x450 , 394708-shiki3_large.png )
Krauss's Death

Alright you are going to need to be more specific in some reds.

In this post
You responded to Rosa's theory but it may have just been worded wrong.
Natsuhi had already opened the door once the group arrived. It was said they all came running after.
So Natsuhi just opened the door and killed him. Then screamed.

Nice and simple.

Rudolf's Death.

>Rudolf was killed through the opening formed by the chain lock.
He was killed after locking the room himself.
>A key was used to lock the door.
If not for your recap nobody would even think this red was for Rudolf.

Rudolf entered through the window. It was left open/unlocked or he entered in his own way.
After all there is a general red saying "No doors or walls were removed." Nothing about windows.

The door was actually only set by the chain. The deadbolt being set was an illusion.

Rosa's Death

Seems there isn't much red for this one. I won't bother randomly guessing then.
The chair had been set up to fall as the culprit left in order to lock the room. It then gave the illusion the door had been broken/locked.
>> No. 12294 edit
File 137300867042.png - (25.42KB , 314x199 , ange sitting.png )
>Natsuhi didn't make a mistake.
>Natsuhi didn't lie

Natsuhi still did not use Krauss's key on purpose to open the door. All she said was "“What now... I think this lock is broken.” but I guess she lied about that? So maybe The lock was at some certain temperature where the lock material expanded or contracted too much for the key to register inside. Perhaps the culprit used the wielding torch, my seemingly favorite object in this game. Anyway, Natsuhi never even tried turning the key or at least she pretended to.

Last edited at 13/07/05(Fri)00:18:50
>> No. 12295 edit
File 136371338421.png - (279.54KB , 503x480 , leo_v11.png )
I'll redirect you to these reds :
Second Paradox
Krauss was already dead when Natsuhi left the parlor.

Fifth Paradox
Had a chair been placed to block the door, they would have found it when entering, however all the chair in the room were in order and far away from the door.

And for Rudolf's...

Fourth Paradox.
Well for that first blue, doors can only be locked while closed.

The window was left locked by Natsuhi when she left after having heard Shannon screaming.

Are you saying windows were removed ? No window was removed.

The room was indeed locked.

Fifth Paradox.
Nothing was wrong with the lock's temperature.

I already said she didn't lie, didn't I ? She did turn the key.
>> No. 12296 edit
File 137301195692.png - (34.42KB , 158x229 , im running out of ange now too.png )

Well, Natsuhi didn't lie to anyone in her own dialogue, but the narrative could have if you get my point. I'll just push this one more time out of stubbornness: Natsuhi did not use the roman numeral key one when attempting to open the door.

Other explanations:
There was a force holding the door in place besides the lock.

Natsuhi turned the key but pretended it was still broken/locked in place.

and to correct my latest derp:
Natsuhi couldn't open the lock because it wasn't the actual lock to the dining room. In other words, the lock was moved or switched either with the saw and welding torch or by some other mean.

Last edited at 13/07/05(Fri)01:57:24
>> No. 12297 edit
File 137314031293.png - (278.48KB , 503x480 , leo_v6a.png )
Fifth Paradox
Natsuhi did use the roman numeral key one to attempt to open the door.

No force held the door in place besides the lock.

That would fall under lying, wouldn't it ? Natsuhi believed what she was saying.

It was the actual lock to the dining room.
>> No. 12298 edit
File 137317618798.png - (376.09KB , 432x696 , crs_bmc01a.png )

Instead of calling it a force, how about there was an object or something adhesive keeping the door closed besides the lock, either in the hallway or in the dining room.

There was an object keeping the lock locked, or something inside the lock like described above.

Natsuhi is a "fragile" woman and was for some reason in a lessened state to be unable to open the door with the key.

Probably beating a dead horse, but:

>"“What now... I think this lock is broken.”

A thought popped into Natsuhi's head that the lock might be broken after she tried to open the door, so she didn't lie when she said that. Therefore, Natsuhi was still was honest on that end, but still had the ability to pretend. She was either in a state of believing what she was thinking on face value, or she believed what she really thought was really what she was "thinking". Uhh.. yeah.

And to return to the previous paradoxes (two and four) with wordplay time!

The "Natsuhi" you are referring to in previous reds may refer to the translation of Natsuhi meaning "summer day" (summer fire?) in Japanese. Therefore, the human Natsuhi could have left the parlor or group at any time, but the "summer day" could have left when someone closed the blinds etc when leaving to the corpse.

Last edited at 13/07/07(Sun)01:17:46
>> No. 12301 edit
File 13707999198.png - (250.67KB , 383x480 , leo_9.png )
Besides the lock, nothing kept the door locked.

Natsuhi was not so tired she couldn't turn a key or open a door.

... What ? I get what you're saying but... It doesn't work, does it ?

When I talk about natsuhi, I'm referring to the single person named Natsuhi.
>> No. 12304 edit
File 137340591167.jpg - (200.12KB , 320x541 , random doodle is random.jpg )
Uhhh, Natsuhi was able to unlock the door, but there was still an object/adhesive material either in the hallway, door, or dining room keeping it closed I suppose that part wasn't fully denied, since you said 'locked' has no other meaning in this game.

Natsuhi was feeling something else besides tiredness to be unable to open the door, like fear of what was on the other side.
>> No. 12305 edit
File 137340659899.png - (253.20KB , 384x480 , leo_15.png )
Nothing kept the door closed apart from the lock and whatever is called that metal thing that closes the door when you turn the knob.

Natsuhi was perfectly able to open and unlock the door from both a physical and psychological standpoint
>> No. 12312 edit
Audio - (3.09MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Kara no Kyoukai - (Theme of Ryougi Shiki).mp3 ) Length: 1:59
Sorry, trying my best. Although, I want this to end probably as much as you at the moment, so I haven't stopped thinking just yet.

First Paradox: He received an order from one Ushiromiya to their servant! So it's not considered "heir" authority, just his honorable duty to follow orders from the family he serves. It's not a normal condition because it's not just any ordinary person or fellow servant, it's probably an order from a survivor high up on the chain like Natsuhi, Hideyoshi, or Kyrie for instance. "Ushiromiya" status, if you will.

Second Paradox: Okay, trying to put myself into the closed room. I just put the key into Krauss's pocket after locking the door, or I entered via window if Natsuhi already locked the door when she left. How should I get out? The culprit kicked or rammed the door open, the lock (or at least the metal part holding the door closed) still intact and unbroken. a piece of the wall and/or door-frame outside the room from the hallway broke off. They use a welding torch or by some other means get that part of the wall back on, the door still in the locked position the whole time.

Fourth Paradox: With this now somewhat-broken door frame that was welded together, the culprit was able to open the door outward while locked when removing the piece, and stabbed him through the chain. The culprit closed the door and welded the piece back on.

I mean, what's a locked room besides the lock in addition to the wall holding it in place?

Fifth Paradox: Therefore, Natsuhi never unlocked the door to begin with when turning the key. She turned the key the wrong way. Either on accident or purpose, or the culprit somehow switched the lock upside down or flipped around and she was turning it to the locked position even though she thought she was unlocking it.

If that's not the case, I'm hoping you can just repeat a little something in red (or at least the parts that are true): "Natsuhi used Krauss's old key when trying to open the dining room door. She turned the key, and then successfully unlocked it. Natsuhi then applied a force in order to open the door but it still wouldn't budge."
>> No. 12361 edit
File 137381562715.png - (258.23KB , 406x480 , leo_1017.png )
I'm not holding out against you. If anything I'm thankful that you're still trying.

First Paradox.
No such status exist. Under normal circumstances the only person that could have made him comply to such an order is Kinzo. And as you know, he couldn't have made such an order.

Second and Fourth Paradox
The door wasn't tampered with in any way.

That's fine. Natsuhi used Krauss's old key when trying to open the dining room door. She turned the key in the correct way.
The lock was not flipped upside down or around.

I'm gonna ask you to stop the blue-race for a short while, it won't be long.

Last edited at 13/07/14(Sun)08:27:31
>> No. 12440 edit
File 137659477517.png - (258.27KB , 406x480 , leo_1001.png )
Alright, it's about time we wrap this up. Camphor, I hope you're still there.
We'll enter the final phases of this game soon enough. I just need you to solve the 1st paradox first. As of now, no hints are available.
I'm waiting for you, don't disappoint me !
>> No. 12441 edit
File 137660236313.png - (112.96KB , 268x389 , Virgilius WIP by silentassassink.png )
I'll be here in short intervals seeing as my free time over the summer has ended, not as much as I or you would probably like. Hopefully other players may want to help. Sadly, I don't have any particularly insightful ideas on the truth after all this time. The best I can do is narrow it down:

Genji complied because it was a rational and logical choice, not because of any particular feeling held towards the culprit. Mainly, he was in a good state of mind not influenced by let's say something like alcohol, drugs, or predisposed feelings.

The culprit's authority in some way made him comply. Also, if Genji did not comply, he would face a negative consequence. Maybe the culprit never personally threatened to kill anyone, but he had the notion that if he didn't go through with this, more people may die or ill will may fall upon the Ushiromiya family.

Kinzo's will still has some role in his death. Perhaps Kinzo had additional plans for a fun mystery game to solve that may be supplementary to the riddle, but the culprit took advantage of the situation when helping out and shot him.

Kinzo is really alive! For example, he's in a boat outside of the island and instructed Genji to comply that falls outside the purview of his will.

Last edited at 13/08/15(Thu)14:33:53
>> No. 12442 edit
File 137660852219.png - (275.11KB , 540x480 , leo_1072.png )
A shame to hear, but can't be helped.
It was indeed a rational and logical choice, but once again it's a choice he had to make only because of the circumstances involved.

Well, you almost got it. [r]There is no culprit's authority to say. Genji complied because of a defined reason, not a simple uncertain notion.

Kinzo's will has nothing to do with his death.

Kinzo is dead

You know, you almost got it right way back, I just decided to nitpick on a detail, try to look back.
>> No. 12489 edit
File 137678302483.png - (423.89KB , 456x696 , consistent sprites is hard for me.png )
So, the circumstances under which Genji complied was that someone/the culprit solved Kinzo's riddle. With the will complete, Genji is just free to take orders from someone other than Kinzo.

Unless I glazed passed something else, just to be thorough, Genji would be rewarded in some way that involves money in a way that changes the circumstances of taking an order. Or Someone other than the culprit threatened to hurt/kill any family member/servant if he didn't comply.

Last edited at 13/08/17(Sat)16:53:17
>> No. 12492 edit
File 137678866942.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1013.png )
Well, finally, wasn't hard, was it ?
Someone other than the culprit threatened to hurt/kill any family member/servant if he didn't comply.

The First paradox is now finally fully solved.

Now, it's time to enter the final phase.
>> No. 12494 edit
File 13767912026.png - (318.88KB , 593x511 , brain.png )
Ready when you are, with whatever the final phase entails since I'm in a rut.
>> No. 12496 edit
Audio Michael McCann - 12. Endings - (4.98MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 12_ Endings.mp3 ) Length: 2:10
And so, here comes the final part, last hints are given, and the solution is the nearest it has ever been. Hopefully, you won't miss this opportunity to uncover it, and finally solve this case.

As things are present, you will be given three tries Camphor, yes, you Camphor, since you stayed until the end. If you want to offload one of your tries to another, you are free to do so.

The way these tries work is simple : A try corresponds to a theory, a theory to solve the howdunnit, the last three remaining paradoxes, and how they were made possible. Do not concern yourself with the who and why for now.
Of course, it is your win when your theory is correct, and your loss when it is wrong, denied by a red truth.
However, a single red won't make it fail if your theory is fundamentally correct : If your theory cannot be denied with just some changes, like not being as broad, changing some time, then you are allowed to continue on that theory freely until it works, or doesn't.

If at the end of your three tries, you still haven't found the truth, I'll take care of revealing it myself. Quite a downer ending, wouldn't it be ? Hopefully you won't let that happen.

Of course, in current conditions, I can't give you your tries and then let you off to brew your theories alone, since otherwise we wouldn't be where we are in the first place.
So, before the game of theories start, you will be sent to a peculiar version of Theseus's Island and be allowed to move freely there, I trust you'll find a lot of things of interest to you over there, and maybe you'll get the truth of it somehow.

So Camphor, do you accept the terms proposed ? Or do you continue the way it has been since now ?
Your choice.
>> No. 12499 edit
File 137679346093.jpg - (243.58KB , 600x720 , 0973c7b7d2deb289dc2cd9d6f48745c169463a76.jpg )

I accept the terms, ready as I'll ever be. Hope the solution is as fascinating as it is difficult.
>> No. 12510 edit
Through dubious means, you find yourself inside of a basement. Dark, shadowy, seemingly all made out of old stone and bare except for a stone table in the middle, some torches on the wall and a safe on the rear-end of the room. Yes your recognize it : It is the the so-called « secret basement » of the mansion.
You can see a pair of stairs leading upwards, to the rest of the guesthouse, you guess.
Taking a quick glance at the safe, you notice it looks like the door is open by some centimeters, but not enough to let you see what’s inside.
What do you do ?
>> No. 12511 edit
File 13768562832.png - (460.61KB , 612x549 , Kurisu Makise mad scientist.png )
I walk to the safe and open it to check it's contents while examining the stone ceiling for anything out of the ordinary like cracks or bumps.
>> No. 12512 edit
You motion towards the safe while scrutinizing the ceiling.
As the rest of the room, it is dark and old, and you can see a fair amount of cracks in it, though it seems they are mainly cracks in the dirty white paint of the room, and not in the stone itself.
As you get within hand’s reach of the safe, the door violently flungs open, making you jump in surprise. However, nothing comes out of it, and you’re left wondering just what happened.
Leaving that question for later, you examine the content of the safe : it is all the objects that were found on the last day by everyone. That is, a knife, a handgun, a wielding torch, an hacksaw, a bloodied raincoat and.... Nothing else ? You’re sure there was something else in there too back then.
They all seem to be slightly glowing, seemingly hypnotizing you while you lay eyes on them.
>> No. 12513 edit
File 137685699350.png - (269.89KB , 360x624 , crs_asb03a.png )
I check for any residue on the objects that may be causing the glowing (if it's something other than the glow reflecting from the torches.) I look at the edge or hinges of the safe, perplexed on what could of caused the automatic motion...
Hmmm... It seems Genji's key is missing. I'd better check upstairs soon.
Before heading upstairs, I finally take a closer look at the stone table in the room.
>> No. 12514 edit
As soon as your fingers touch one the objects, they all disappear in a single instant, leaving your hand to reach into dead air, however, you feel as if you know where they are. If you want to use any of them, you’re sure simply thinking about it will allow you to use it.
You can see nothing wrong while checking the edges of the safe, but you seem to hear a faint cackle coming out from somewhere.
The stone table is old, dusty, a dirty white-grey and utterly featureless, as much as the rest of the room. You see nothing of interest, besides a rectangular spot seemingly devoid of any dust. Looks like something was there not so long ago.
>> No. 12515 edit
File 137685769538.png - (360.55KB , 498x523 , render_makise_kurisu-1.png )
Rectangular spot. . . Something like a briefcase perhaps... Oh well, Time for some testing!
I look up at the ceiling again, and go through each object as I either jab at the ceiling or attempt to light it up with the torch as I stand on the table for any weak spot above me.
>> No. 12516 edit
After looking at it again, you figure the spot is too small to have contained a briefcase.
You try to violently murder the ceiling with the various objects you collected, and you achieve the great feat of completely removing the old paint, leaving only the natural grey of the stone until you change that as well by burning the it with the wielding torch, leaving a great burning mark on the spot. You figure you won’t manage to take your revenge against the ceiling today.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)13:40:35
>> No. 12519 edit
File 137685882781.png - (552.40KB , 696x768 , crs_alb03a.png )
Ah wait, I didn't really examine the items very closely before I used them. . .! Might be too late now.
Recalling how many bullets I fired, I check to see how many bullets were left in the gun and how much welding fuel was left inside.

After inspecting those items, I walk slowly up the stairs. I suppose that spot is too small for a briefcase. A gold bar perhaps? That's something missing from the safe as well.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)13:47:39
>> No. 12520 edit
You check the ammunition left on both items, but to your surprise, they’re fully loaded. You’re sure you used them though. Looks like you won’t have to bother about ammunition.
You take the stairs. After what seems like too long of a walk through a too narrow staircase, you reach the end, a plain grey wall barely illuminated thanks to an antiquated torch a little further behind. You spot what looks like light switch on the right wall, just beside the corner between the walls of the corridor and the one which blocks your way. You press it with your finger, and to your surprise, it does not activate any light. Instead, the featureless grey wall slowly moves away from you, then turns 90° and moves again, this time towards the right until it touches the right wall.
Through the newly made passageway, you see a way more modern and clean corridor, and a fair amount of doors of varying sizes.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)14:15:30
>> No. 12521 edit
>> No. 12524 edit
File 137686041140.png - (298.35KB , 480x624 , crs_asa07a.png )
Right, the guesthouse. How could I forget. . .
I suppose I'll check what's in closest proximity first.

I make my way down the hallway towards the dining room, and closly examine the door and it's handle before I attempt to turn it in order to enter. While doing this, I call out for any signs of life.

"Hello! Anyone here!?. . ."
>> No. 12525 edit
Your call echoes in the corridor, and only deadly silence answers it. As you walk down the corridor, you notice how lifeless everything feels, it is as if time had stopped, and you were the only living person in the whole building, maybe even the whole island. You also notice a sort of dark purplish aura which seems to float in air, making the scenery all the more unreal.

You do not see anything out of the ordinary while examining the dining room door and its handle, but as you put your hand on it to enter, you’re taken aback by a sudden pain and remove your hand as suddenly. You can still feel a burning sensation going through your hand, but the pain quickly fades away. As you step back from the door, a big, blood-red five appears on it somehow.
Looks like you won’t be able to enter for now.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)14:26:41
>> No. 12526 edit
File 137686155029.jpg - (109.68KB , 850x848 , sample-458f55060289bfb8e919be19210c4f16.jpg )
Hmph, that's some way to treat a guest.
I shake my hand to cool it off in pain, and turn down the hallway towards Room 1. As I approach the next door, I try once more to enter. This time I put my jacket between my hand and the handle.
If this happens again, I guess I have to resort to other means. . .
>> No. 12527 edit
This time being more weary, you approach the door to room 1. You approach your jacket-covered hand to the handle and... Suddenly you feel a unknown force sending you flying backwards.
You painfully stand up, noticing that there is now at least 5 meters between you and the door. You really need to watch out for doors it seems. Once you’re effectively standing up again, you observe the appearance of another number on the door, this time, the number two.
>> No. 12528 edit
File 137686258226.jpg - (365.45KB , 800x676 , Makise_Kurisu_full_555518.jpg )
Eh, I don't know what I expected. . . Though I don't want to give up on doors all together just yet.

Wanting to make my way towards the servant's room for signs of any keys, I get up and heads towards the door leading to the main entrance hallway in the hopes that these doors are probably different.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)14:50:28
>> No. 12529 edit
Strangely enough, the doors to the entrance hallways and the one to the servant room offer no resistance. The room is devoid of anyone, and the only key you can find is the Storehouse key, glowing like the previous objects, as soon as you touch it, it disappears the same way.
>> No. 12530 edit
File 137686364312.png - (196.81KB , 300x450 , 508571-steins_gate_02_large.png )
I exit through the main entrance and walk a short distance from the guesthouse to look around. After examining the gazebo, I note the storehouse. I walk to the metal door and attempt to use the key.
>> No. 12531 edit
As you step outside, you come upon an impressive view : The whole sky shines the same dark purple that the aura in the air, and up until the horizon, there is no sight of a single patch of blue. In the middle of the sky sits a huge round figure, emanating a pale yellow light, you cannot say whether it is the moon or the sun, but it seems to be big to be either.

The gazebo presents nothing of interest, save for an empty teaset left on the table.

The storehouse, though is another story. You couldn’t say for sure how it looked before, when the story was unfolding, but you’re rather sure it looked nothing like it does now. You fail to translate into words its appearance until your tongue somehow stumble onto the « void ». Yes, in fact, the whole storehouse seems like it’s made out of void, of non-matter. It sits there, black , shadowy, and clearly out of reality. Something in your gut tells you it wouldn’t be a bright idea to try to enter it now. For some reason, in front of the storehouse lay an axe and a fire extinguisher.

While thinking that, you hear a cracking sound, and suddenly onto the shadowy walls of the storehouse appear yet again red insciptions.

First appears a big number one, similar to the other numbers, but it doesn’t stop there, and now many phrases appear at all levels on the dark non-matter.

The door of the storehouse cannot be locked from the inside, be it with a key or without.

The culprit never handed the key to someone else. Nor was it handed to him.

The key couldn't have returned in his pocket simply by throwing it from the window, and the string was not used that way.

The key was already in Genji's pocket before the group entered and discovered his body.

The window was unlocked from the start.

and a countless others appear and disappear. Until finally appears Someone other than the culprit threatened to hurt/kill any family member/servant if he didn't comply.

And just below, This paradox is now fully solved.

Suddenly, the storehouse key appears out of thin air and falls down, lacking its previous glow.
Once down on ground, it disappears in a flurry of golden butterflies.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)15:34:17
>> No. 12532 edit
File 137686564561.png - (479.66KB , 500x683 , tumblr_mg0o6gHDy81rkdga9o1_500.png )
"Rest in peace Genji. . . I'm sure you had the best intentions for this family."

I pick up the fire extinguisher and ax on the ground. After talking to myself I shook my head, and walk back into the guesthouse remembering the red 2 on the next door, a formidable number. I approach it cautiously. Instead of touching the handle I touch the frame.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)15:43:58
>> No. 12533 edit
You pick up the fire extinguisher and the axe, who disappear again, but you’re used to that now.
You start to head back towards the guesthouse, but another cracking sound make you look back on the storehouse. Still made of void, all inscription have disappeared but one.
Someone other than the culprit threatened to hurt/kill any family member/servant if he didn’t comply.
It blinks once, a second time and then the latter half of the phrase disappear, leaving only
« Someone other than the culprit » to blink, after 10 seconds it finally disappears altogether.

You shrug it off, and head towards room 1. You put your hand over it, and suddenly your vision blurs until you can’t see anything at all, and you faint.
You come to after an undetermined amount of time, drowsy.
« What is this place ? » You ask yourself. The entire corridor has disappeared. In fact the whole world seems to have disappeared into nothingness, the only thing here are you, an endless black void which seems to span out for miles, and a room in front of you. As you examine the door, you notice it is the same as the one to room 1, except the huge red number 2 has disappeared.
You are sure in fact, that this is the same room, despite the lack of corridor.
For some reason, you feel like you need to enter that room. At all costs.
>> No. 12534 edit
This room... I can't tell you the countless ways I've thought about this room.

I simply attempt to open the door with the handle as my hands grasp tightly.
>> No. 12535 edit
You put your axe into your left hand to open the door. And... it's locked. What were you expecting exactly ?
Wait... Axe ? You realize you had the axe in your hand the whole time. Your hand... Is it really your hand ? Your whole body... What is happening ? You check your body and see that you now are a shadow, or look like one, most like. Your entire body is as black as the void around you, but you are able to distinguish it thanks to a faint glow emanating from yourself. Your hand look neither male nor female, and as soon as you concentrate on your height, it seems to change. You can't figure out who you are now, but you aren't Camphor anymore.
All you know is, you have an axe in hand, and you really need to get into that room.
>> No. 12536 edit
I swing the axe in the middle between the door and the frame, aiming towards the lock and the metal thing that keeps the door closed with all my force to break them.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)16:16:05
>> No. 12537 edit
The axe strikes down on the lock, and bounces off it with strength, leaving it unharmed. Words appears.
No part of the room was removed or destroyed.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)16:23:34
>> No. 12538 edit
I knock politely on the door waiting for someone to respond as I hide a nice present behind my back.
>> No. 12539 edit
You wait, and wait... But no one answers. You're sure that you're in the right though.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)16:26:42
>> No. 12540 edit
I walk to the opposite side of the room near the windows and knock and shake again as I peer inside.
>> No. 12541 edit
You walk around the room until you reach the windows. Peering through it, you can see Krauss, sitting in his desk, head buried in his hands.
You knock, he stands up, and walks up to the window, he motions to unlock it, then opens it. As soon as it is open, you rush inside, not controlling your body anymore, and severely apply your axe to Krauss’s skull, not letting him utter a single word in the process. Your deed now done, you have control your body once again.
You need to get out. Need to get out. Need to get out.

The windows suddenly close. Next to it, appear the words «The windows were already closed and locked when Natsuhi opened the door. » and «It is impossible to lock the window from the outside. »
On the north wall, appear « Apart from when the door and the windows, there exist no space big enough for anyone to enter in the room. » and « No part of the room was removed or destroyed. »
Finally on the east wall, the phrase appears along the whole of the wall, passing onto the door in the middle. « No living person was inside of the room at the time Natsuhi opened the door. »
Despite all logic, you hear footsteps closing in from the door.

...Need to get out.
>> No. 12542 edit
I unlock the door and exit before anyone finds me as I run off.
>> No. 12543 edit
You put your hands on the knob, and your hand gets burned once again. «The door was locked with a key. »
Your reach for your pockets and do not find a single key. In panic, you look around the room, and discover a strange glowing object : a replica of a boat ? No... More like the rear end of a boat figure.
You touch it, and it disappears, going into what you're guessing now is some kind of magical inventory. After disappearing, it left behind a ring, what looks like a signet ring. It glows, but not a pale yellow glow like the rest. It glows a bright orange-yellow color, and you feel compelled to wear it.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)17:07:46
>> No. 12544 edit
I wear the ring. I attempt to search the room for more objects at my disposal.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)17:20:57
>> No. 12545 edit
As you put on the ring, you feel... powerful. The ring is a classic gold signet ring, but it has no mark, nothing graved on it to indicate any family, or name.
Once the ring is put on, the door starts to glow as well. In a movement that isn’t your own, you hold your ring up in front of the door, and suddenly everything becomes blank, and you lose consciousness.
You wake up in the corridor, the one you had previously left. No footsteps to be heard. Looks like you’re safe... You notice the axe has faded back to your magical pocket inventory or whatever, and the gold ring has magically disappeared, the boat modele piece, however, is still there. Also, looking at your hands, you assert that you’re back to the old you again.
The door to room 1 now displays the number 4.
>> No. 12546 edit
File 137687209581.png - (548.41KB , 648x768 , crs_alc04a.png )
"Well that was an... experience."

I touch the door again, this time a little more force.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)17:28:36
>> No. 12547 edit
Just like before, you feel your hole body thrown flying back, this time you feel it as if you receive a huge kick in the belly. This time, you seem to have flown a whole 15 meters. You could probably break a world record if you tried it again. Or maybe not, more distance would probably send you flying into the other end of the corridor.
On the door, the number 4 grows larger in size. You feel as if there was a number between 2 and 4, but you’re not sure where you got that silly idea.
>> No. 12548 edit
I stomp my feet toward the kitchen and touch that door.
>> No. 12549 edit
As expected, the number 3 is on the kitchen’s door. It offers no resistance when you turn the knob, you take a step in and... You feel your body falling partly as no ground exists to support the foot you
had set. You quickly take hold of the door and manage to keep your balance and not fall completely into the endless void below you.
Yes, the whole kitchen disappeared and turned into void, somehow. Words appear again on what could be considered the walls of the place.

« The window of the kitchen is too small for someone adult-sized ( Everyone except Maria ) to enter or exit the room.

Eva died from immolation. The fire extinguisher was in plain view for her when she was set on fire.

No trace of fire was found in the room beside Eva. Basically even though half of the kitchen was burnt, it's only concentrated around Eva's corpse.

The fire extinguisher was perfectly reachable.

Eva was never told or instructed anything about the fire extinguisher.

And finally, « This paradox is now fully solved »
Out of nowhere, a pie falls down onto your head from above, , and a cackle is heard far away. Looks like this wasn’t your lucky room.
As you lick the area around lips in an attempt to wipe yourself, you do not that at least it is delicious. Can’t say much about the delivery though.
You motion to close the door, but before that, the fire extinguisher appears, loses its glow and then disappears the same way as the storehouse key did.
>> No. 12550 edit
File 137687367014.jpg - (125.94KB , 1000x560 , wha.jpg )
". . .Ok. Well, Eva you dead. Let's see what's behind lucky door number four."

Eating the pieces of the pie off my head, I walk back to room 1 and attempt once again to touch that door knowing it won't trying to kill me.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)17:56:20
>> No. 12551 edit
You head back towards room 1, and as you touch the door, the same thing happens, and you wake up in the similar black, lifeless void as before, the room in front of you.
You feel different now, you look at yourself, and given your height, the way your hands look and your stature, you conclude that you’re a fairly well-built middle-aged man. Looking at your clothes, it’s now obvious, that blue suit... You can only be Rudolf.
Once again, you feel the need to get into that room.
>> No. 12552 edit
I walk toward the door and open it with the handle, and walk inside.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)18:36:16
>> No. 12553 edit
You turn the knob. Fat chance. It’s locked.
>> No. 12554 edit
I use my roman numeral key to open the door.
>> No. 12555 edit
You find the key numbered III in your pocket. You insert it into the lock, and it does fit, but you don’t have as much luck while turning it. That won’t work.
>> No. 12556 edit
I try knocking on the door if someone's still inside. If no one responds, I go around to the windows to see if their unlocked or to knock on them for signs of life
>> No. 12557 edit
The knock receives no response. You walk around to get to the other side and inspect the windows. Clearly, they’re locked. From where you’re standing, it’s obvious no one’s inside the room, so it’s no use knocking on the windows at this point.
>> No. 12558 edit
I search my pocket for anything else besides my single key. I stand in front of the door and wait for someone/the culprit to open the door for me.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)18:56:34
>> No. 12559 edit
You wait a fair amount of time but no one comes opening the door for you.
In your pockets, you find a ring, the same as before.
>> No. 12560 edit
I attempt to break the windows. I attempt break the door. I try looking for a key placed elsewhere around in the void near the door. I feel the walls for anything... A change in material maybe.

I finally put on the ring if nothing works.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)19:16:25
>> No. 12561 edit
Your attempt the window remains fruitless, as the words «No windows were broken or removed during the whole game » plaster themselves along the walls and windows.

You find no key among the void. You notice nothing while feeling the walls.

You put on the ring, and the same sensation of strength flows through your body. Your vision fades out.

You came to inside of room 1. You see the door is almost fully closed, and the chain lock is set, through the door, you can observe that the void gave its place back to the corridor. You feel that the ring has now disappeared, too.

Not being the master of your own body, you approach the almost closed door, look through the space left by the chain and you feel a deep pain in your chest.
You look down, and see a knife lodged inside your chest, straight to your heart, on the handle of said knife, lies dark, shapeless fingers relied to a similarly dark and shapeless human figure wearing a raincoat, now bloodied with your own fluid of life.
The pain is unbearable, and you feel blood coiling in your throat, not allowing you to speak. The human shadow releases the knife from his hand, then gives you a good kick on the right shoulder, making your whole body spin 45°, crashing left side down, away from the door, and just beside the nearest bed.
You lose consciousness once again.

You wake up, feeling particularly sick from the experience.
You’re still in room 1, and you can see a body on the ground. Your own, or rather, what used to be your own a second ago. A quick look at your clothes confirms that you are back to normal.

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)19:26:35
>> No. 12562 edit
File 13768806352.png - (413.17KB , 600x696 , crs_ama03a.png )
I pull the knife out of Rudolf's lifeless body, since he's not using it at the moment and put it in my inventory.

I walk to the door while examining the room around me.
I attempt to exit the room through the door

Last edited at 13/08/18(Sun)19:50:35
>> No. 12563 edit
You try to pull the knife out, but unfortunately, no matter how much strength you use, it doesn’t even budge in the slightest. Looks like it’s stuck there via some magic alright.

Apart from the obvious existence of a corpse beside you, there are some other notable things in the room.
First, down on the ground, rather far away from the corpse stands an axe, the same you previously used. Second, on Rudolf’s forehead you can notice the existence of a rather slim slim slash, the form corresponding to the axe. Thinking about it, you can’t actually say whether or not you already had it when you were Rudolf. Anyway, whether you did or not, simply from the size of it, you can positively say that the one who did this clearly had no intention of killing, even harming, unless he really fucked up and just missed to hit properly.
The last thing you notice is another boat part, lying on the top of one of the beds, this time, it looks like it’s the top part.
>> No. 12564 edit
File 137688230365.png - (269.85KB , 360x624 , crs_asb06a.png )
Looking at Rudolf's head... That's definitely a new clue.... It must be...very important of course!... in some way. Although I'm wondering if this was a wound before or after his death.

I touch part of boat and axe, hoping something will happen. I also try to figure out how far the axe was in comparison to everything. Finally, I exit the room.
>> No. 12565 edit
The boat simply disappears into your inventory as soon as you touch it. The axe though, dissolves into butterflies. Looks like it outlasted its purpose.

Doing some very amateurish and ‘home-made’ measurements, you figure that the axe was at least 3m away from the body, and 5m from the door.

You exit the room, and a tearing sound comes from behind. You see that the door’s number has now vanished. You try to open the door once more, you manage, and see that behind it now lies only void, similarly to the kitchen.
>> No. 12570 edit
File 137695051037.jpg - (48.88KB , 552x600 , Makise_Kurisu_600_657035.jpg )
I make my way to the dining room. But first I attempt to open the parlor door if anything remotely of interest is there.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)15:15:58
>> No. 12571 edit
You try to open the door to the parlor without success, it’s locked.
That done, you approach the the door to the dining room. As you gaze upon the number five on the door, you assume this is the final one.
A single touch makes you unconscious again, and you wake up lying on the now-familiar darkness of the void. The dining room is here before you, way larger than room 1 was. You notice without surprise that your body has changed again, as you now wear a rather pompous looking purple dress. Now Natsuhi, you should know what you have to do.
>> No. 12572 edit
I check my pockets or something for roman numeral I key. If it's not that key, I stop. Examining the door thoroughly, I then insert the key into the key hole all the way completely. I attempt to turn the key both ways.
>> No. 12573 edit
As expected, you find the key you were looking for in your pocket. Not noticing anything special about the door except how handsome the wood looks, you insert the key.
It does fit, but as you it turn both ways, you can clearly see that the door won’t open this way.
>> No. 12574 edit
I examine that lock as I did the handsome door. Not just a normal examination, I mean I get up in that lock and look what's wrong. I put my eye to look in the key hole, and look in between the door for the lock metal mechanism keeping it closed. After, I check if I'm alone in the void. If anyone's there, I ask for their help.
>> No. 12575 edit
The lock seems normal from what your non-locksmith mine can tell. Nothing seems to be obstructing the wall, and you can faintly see the inside of the room from here. The « lock metal mechanism » seems completely ordinary as well.

You see no one around you, but as you start to open your voice to ask for help, you start saying something without willing it, as if it was someone else saying it with your voice.

« What now... I think this lock is broke »

Just as you say that, you hear heavy footsteps tumbling on the shapeless ground, and the door violently breaks off its hinges as a loud thump resonates.
You can now access the dining room.
>> No. 12576 edit
After looking around the room, I step in and attempt to pick up the door, checking for it's weight. I look at the door frame at the hinges for residue like glue. I then sigh and look at the body probably in the corner, and then scan the room for items.
>> No. 12577 edit
Trying to further examine the door ends up fruitless, as for some reason, you only see the door as blurred and can’t seem to reach it despite it being not two inches away from you.

Rosa’s corpse sits on one of the chair, as it was described before.
The only item you can see is a letter on the table, just in front of Rosa.
>> No. 12578 edit
Assuming the key is in her pocket, I check her corpse to grab said item. I look at the blood dripping over, if it's somewhat fresh dripping down or dried on her clothing, pretty much to check if blood is gushing fast out of her neck at this very moment. I go to read the letters on the table.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)16:29:59
>> No. 12580 edit
Despite your will, you begin marching towards the letter, in a way that isn’t yours. You pick up what you had assumed to be a letter, but can now see is an enveloppe.
You open it robotically, and find inside a tiny panel on which is written «THESEUS ». It disappears into your inventory.
Your body continues to move itself and leads you toward the exit of the room. Where you can now see that the corridor as reappeared, and once you’re actually out of the room, your body finally reacts to what you order it. However it is too late, as you see the door to the dining room has already closed, and you guess that only void lies behind now.
Your body has now turned back to normal too.

Now that you have visited all the crime scenes, what are you going to do ?

You can hear some faint noise coming from below your feet.
>> No. 12581 edit
File 137695678795.jpg - (329.65KB , 550x650 , dda601b7b02101c9b1ad852ebb632979c38a3f4b.jpg )
I check my inventory and examine the «THESEUS » panel. Noticing the sounds below me, I head to the side tables from where I originally came from.
>> No. 12582 edit
Your inventory now contains the two boat pieces, the miniature panel, a wielding torch, a hacksaw, a bloodied raincoat, a knife and a handgun.
However, as soon as you get them out, the latter three turn into golden butterflies.
There’s nothing noteworthy about the panel as is. However its size corresponds more or less to the ship’s parts, you figure they have something in common.

You get to the side tables, and your body mechanically draws out the drawer, then through a maneuver you can’t describe, you manage to open the wall again.
You head down the stairs, your body moving on its own, attracted to the sound which gets louder and louder each step.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)18:00:41
>> No. 12583 edit
Audio Happiness_of_marionette.mp3 - (2.11MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Happiness of marionette.mp3 ) Length: 2:19
After another long walk through the stairs, this time heading down, you reach the end of the stairs, and come across a wooden door in front of you. You’re pretty sure this wasn’t here before, and its clean, fairy tale-styled color and appearance constrasts heavily with the gloominess of the stairs, but it makes more inviting if anything.
You now recognize the sound as a music, some orchestra music.
You open the door, and what you see before you quite surprise you. You begin wondering if you have manged to take a wrong turn in the stairs or something.
The room before you is nothing like the old and dusty grey room you appeared in previously. It now looked like a perfect little underground parlor, everything looking fancy and colorful. The stone table has disappeared and in its place, a circular, way smaller table sits. The rest of the room is furnished with expensive-looking wooden furniture, and in the back, you can’t see the safe anymore, as the painting now covers where it was before.
As you get closer, you notice that the painting doesn’t picture Beatrice as it previously did. Now , what you can see is a calm-faced, straight silver-haired lady wearing an impressively frilly dress and a similarly frilly hat. You judge her age around 28years old or so by the smoothness of her face, yet her serene smile makes her look as if she had seen several hundred spring going her way.

As you wonder who she could be, you hear a small cough behind you. Facing back, you lay your eyes upon the very woman in the portrait, sitting down in one of the chairs of the small round table.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)17:53:15
>> No. 12584 edit
File 13769602898.png - (126.70KB , 348x480 , wal_waraia2.png )
You she’s wearing the same clothes as the painting, and bears a similar serene smile. She points to the chair in front of you and speaks with a soft, delicate voice which soothes your mind.

« Won’t you come sit down with me ? » She elegantly puts her hands together on her lap, and her smile seems to beam more radiantly.
« How are you feeling now ? Was your visit of interest ? »
>> No. 12585 edit
File 13769610282.jpg - (74.05KB , 741x820 , 3b5443afdbc2727de263022e11fbebae26c8a0f8.jpg )
I sit down comfortably, putting leg over leg. I address her directly

"Ah! I'm doing just fine. . . I could say otherwise about my stay in terms of "enjoyableness" with experiencing the same sort of death and murder on a regular basis, although it has been entertaining so far.

And what name may I call you by?"
>> No. 12586 edit
File 137696227271.png - (126.35KB , 348x480 , wal_waraia1.png )
« Oh, just call me... Hm, yes, Virgilia will do fine. »
As elegantly as before, she raises her right hand and snaps her finger. Two teacups and a teaset appear out of thin air.
« Would you care for some tea ? I’ve noticed over the years that my mind is clearer over a cup of tea. And it happens you might be needing such a thing too, in preparation, at the very least. »

As she say that, her smile widens a bit, you feel somewhat wary hearing her words, but you can’t feel any threatening intent in her voice. She seems to be simply teasing you, though for what, you can’t say.

« Entertaining, you said ? Enjoying yourself is never a bad thing, I reckon. However, I wonder if all of it was just for entertainment. It would be terrible to miss the intent and message when there is one, don’t you agree ? »

Behind the woman calling herself Virgilia, you notice a rather average-length table against the the wall. On it you can see a wielding torch and an hacksaw, and you finally notice you have no access to the ones you picked up earlier. You still have the boat parts and the panel though.
>> No. 12588 edit
File 137696310940.png - (553.54KB , 768x768 , crs_ala04a.png )
I stand up from my chair, not loosing my expression nor are my eyes leaving her face. My hands fly towards the table as I lean over, prepared to discuss things above this realm.

"Sure, tea sounds good. But I'll be perfectly frank with you, rather than bluff on my confidence. I'm trying to put the pieces together as best I can, and the interlude of going through each room was very revealing in terms of what's important and what's not, putting myself in their shoes so to speak. It's just... that..."

I lean back up letting out a sigh as I catch myself rambling on. . .

"But--but... Ah, that's me just being incompetent I guess. I'll ask you directly Virgilia since you seem pretty important around these parts, did you watch how I was doing? Did I find everything I needed to?"

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)18:59:19
>> No. 12589 edit
File 137696426467.png - (123.77KB , 348x480 , wal_defa1.png )
She snaps her finger once more and the tea starts filling the cup in front of you.

« Did you find everything ? » She raises her hands and cups it over her mouth, and a sweet giggle escapes her. « My dear, do you think I would be so careless as let such a thing happen ? You were made to find everything you had to. Don’t fret about that... Now on the other hand, whether you are now able to make something of them, well, you will be on your own there. That is not what I was called here for. »
She lets out a sigh.
« Oh, but stop worrying. There is still one thing more left, and that is why I am here. »
She bows her head curteously, not letting her beaming yet serene smile fade away.
« I think you found some things of interest , didn’t you ? »

She takes her teacup and start sipping in a very ladylike manner.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)19:05:55
>> No. 12591 edit
File 137696487722.jpg - (146.97KB , 512x512 , 96c31abe051f72943082c855498168dedd34b941.jpg )
I sip the tea as I sit back down, somewhat calming me down from the warm aroma.

"This tea——It's so good. What kind is it?

And yes, I have these broken boat pieces. . . I'm assuming they go together? Or was that the end of their use?"

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)19:17:01
>> No. 12592 edit
File 137696426467.png - (123.77KB , 348x480 , wal_defa1.png )
« Oh, that... It’s a secret, but I can tell you the main ingredient is magic and butterflies, specially brewed to soothe both the mind and the body.
Well, why don’t you take them out ? »

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)19:31:11
>> No. 12593 edit
File 137696563868.png - (363.91KB , 456x696 , crs_bmb06a.png )
I take the two boat pieces out along with the panel, and attempt to put them together.

"Like this?"
>> No. 12594 edit
File 13769602898.png - (126.70KB , 348x480 , wal_waraia2.png )
As you take the two pieces out, you notice something queer. The two parts looks like a typical 18th century frigate, or something similar. You’re not an expert in boats, so that’s about all you can say.
However, if you do manage to stick the two pieces together to form one regular-looking ship, the colors of the front and the back are a bit different. The front seems to be made of a different, lighter wood than the back.
When you manage to put the panel in a slot suited for this purpose, the boat jerks off from you, glows a shiny gold and starts floating a meter above the table.

« It seems you noticed something. » Virgilia quietly takes another sip as she examine your face with a curious look on her ever-still smiling face.
>> No. 12595 edit
File 137696698177.png - (394.17KB , 432x696 , crs_amc03a.png )
I look in awe at the boat, my body frozen.
". . . . . . It's definitely giving me ideas. How the wood is different... and they fit together. . . Theseus's ship."
I smile and look up at Virgilia as I nod.
>> No. 12596 edit
File 137696227271.png - (126.35KB , 348x480 , wal_waraia1.png )
Virgilia lets out another sweet giggle as she hear your words.
« I have a confession to make. This is not Theseus’s ship, after all, such a ship could not have been used by the old founding hero of the great city of Athens. »

The boats starts to lower itself until it is right in front of your face. As you gaze upon the name panel, you see the crudely written name of ‘THESEUS’ fading away, and in its place appears, much more refined, ‘Le doux repos’.

« Sweet Rest in french, it means. This is an old french frigate now currently visitable in some museum in France. The name has an odd legend that explains it.
Apparently, for some reason when the ship was built, the designer and manufacturer was a lazy bum, and quite skilled in the dark arts. He was so lazy in fact, that it was said he slept directly in the sheep while it was being worked on, otherwise he wouldn’t have left his home to get up in time. As such, he ordered that the rooms for the crew all be furnished with the most comfortable beds possible, and he had a weird habit of switching beds every night.
When the boat finally was ready to sail free, the crewmen reported something strange after the first time out in the sea :
Apparently, at night, they entered the sweetest of dreams, and every wish would came true in their sleep. They would always wake up feeling better than they ever had, and some refused to do anything all day but lie in their beds. Words say that it was the enchantment of the manufacturer that caused them to have such sweet rests at night. Now it is only thought to be merely an urban legend propagated by the museum’s owner to gather attention and draw people to come visit.
However, as a witch myself, I can confirm to you that this legend is quite true, but things have changed since its creation, as you can see, the ship has undergone a lot of changes, and repair, due to the battles it participated in, and in fact, the beds now found inside of it are not the ones created by our lazy sorcerer.»

She pauses, takes a sips of tea and carefully examines your face again. 

« Now this is not the end of this story. »

As she says so, she snaps her fingers for the third time and this time, a second boat appears flying. From what you can see, it is almost identical to ‘Le doux repos’ in design, but as it moves you’re not able to make out its name.

« This is a spanish frigate from the same time period, now in a museum on the British coast. What is interesting is that, for some reason, at a date we approximate at around the middle of the 19th century, the boat was refurnished with the same sweet, sweet beds that were previously on ‘Le doux repos’. The actual means and reasons are unknown, but they really do not matter presently.

You see there is something I findly oddly fascinating about this story, our boats of sweet dreams has now lost the reason for which it was called so in the first place.
I ask you : which boat really is ‘Le doux repos’ ? »
>> No. 12597 edit
File 137696942251.png - (396.31KB , 456x696 , crs_amb01a.png )
"Hmm... I suppose you could argue both ways, could you not?
Although personally, I'd like to think Le doux repos would be the newer one with the real beds... something about keeping a name for namesake when it's no longer what it claims to be seems intrinsically wrong. That's just my opinion. "
>> No. 12598 edit
File 13769602898.png - (126.70KB , 348x480 , wal_waraia2.png )
She shines a gleeful smile at your response.

« Yes it is true that if you were to ask who’s the ‘real’ one, both ways can be argued. But now, which one is actually called ‘Le doux repos’ ? The one in France. And this is just the way it is. After all it is the original ship, albeit it has been somewhat refurnished. It battled and sailed under that name, and as such, even without the beds now, its legacy lives through its name.
And even if the meaning of the name itself does not apply anymore, you can’t change it altogether because of that. It is the origin of the name, but it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way either.
So in the end, what we have is a boat which because of what was in the past, has a legacy, a legend which does not suit its current condition, and another boat, which, unknowingly for the public, accomplish a purpose that no one thought it would do.
These are like people in a way, don’t you agree ? A great quality, a perk, a quirk, a trait of character that makes a person so charming disappears, and despite them looking the absolute same on the outside, they lack what brought you in in the first place. »

Virgilia takes a last sip of tea before constating that her cup is now empty. She raises her finger and both her teacup and the teaset disappear, leaving only yours on the table.

« Well, it looks like we are reaching an end. I have a last place to make you visit. »

A fourth snap of fingers and the underground tearoom disappears and you two appears in what looks like the inside of an old styled-boat, the table and chairs brought along.
On each side you can see rows of comfy looking beds.

« These are the famed beds. If you feel all you want is simply to lie down and have the night of your life, and accomplish your wildest fantasies in your dreams, feel free. 
Otherwise, it will soon be time for you to go back with that man. Do you have any last questions ? »
>> No. 12599 edit
File 137697179630.png - (269.85KB , 360x624 , crs_asb02a.png )
"I see your point.

Ah, and no thank you. I had enough tea to keep me awake. Dreams can stay dreams, as the Le doux repos can remain the Le doux repos."
I drink down the rest of the tea
"So where is he?"

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)21:10:43
>> No. 12600 edit
File 137697198457.png - (125.26KB , 348x480 , wal_defa2.png )
« So be it. He is waiting for you now. I will send you to him when you are ready. »

Another snap and this time it is your teacup that disappears.
>> No. 12601 edit
File 137686564561.png - (479.66KB , 500x683 , tumblr_mg0o6gHDy81rkdga9o1_500.png )
"Thank you for your time, Virgilia. This was very enlightening. At least I think it was. No, it was. Make your tea again sometime, ok?~

I'm ready."
>> No. 12602 edit
File 13769602898.png - (126.70KB , 348x480 , wal_waraia2.png )
« The pleasure is shared. » She simply says, as the scenery fades back to the tearoom.
« A last thing : Think closely about what you saw here, as quite a lot of things have a meaning behind them, even if it might be obvious. Also, don’t be thinking in straight terms, those hints are witch’s hints, never straightforward, always fishy, underhanded and obscure. Because such is the way of us witches.
I wish you the best luck. »

She snaps her finger for the last time, and she fades into golden butterflies. Once she’s gone, an enveloppe appears just in front of you.
The portrait at the back of the room starts shaking and glowing, and soon enough it lifts itself up in the air, revealing a golden door behind it.
Finally, the boats stop flying and fall on the ground. One just disappears into butterflies while the other, which you recognize as ‘Le doux repos’, leaves a golden ring in its wake, that golden ring.
You pick it up and it transforms into a golden key, the same color as the door at the far end of the room.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)21:31:25
>> No. 12603 edit
File 137697310187.png - (251.27KB , 500x425 , tumblr_m7jxjpiaNz1rbgqnpo1_500.png )
I open the envelope to read its contents.

Last edited at 13/08/19(Mon)21:33:02
>> No. 12604 edit
You open the enveloppe, seeing it not one, but two letters. As you come upon the first words you realize you know both of them. The first one is the message that was found in the parlor, the second the last letter found in the basement. You figure there is some reason behind it, but as you turn over the first letter, you find written behind it in an elegant handwriting.
« Don’t think too hard about those. »
>> No. 12605 edit
File 137697370147.jpg - (506.16KB , 850x1128 , sample_ec48980c180f4676126ed2761692b5a442f7da9d.jpg )
"Alright, almost forgot about those letters for the howdunnit, so that's somewhat of a relief."

I take the key, and walk towards the door and enter it into the lock to turn.
>> No. 12606 edit
You approach the golden door, feeling tenser at each step. Once close enough, you take a deep breath and insert the golden key inside the keylock.
The key turns on its own and the door opens the same way. All you see behind is white, blindingly white light.
You step in wearily and the light starts to engulf you. As you leave behind the island and hear the music fading away you think about everything that you saw. You’re sure there were things of importance.
You think of the phrases in red, and remember that strange event at the storehouse
« Someone other than the culprit »
Then you remember the sensation of being someone else , and using the ring to get out.
You refeel the sensation of the pie falling on your head as you think about room 3, and groan slightly, then it was the use the ring to get in, the strange axe-made gash on rudolf’s forehead, the axe somehow there.
Then at last the final room. The torch and the hacksaw on the table... You think of all the objects before that disappeared, leaving only butterflies behind, outlasting a purpose you knew about... Then those two...
You think of your encounter with Virgilia, the tale she told you... And the boat. Yes the boat made out of those things you found in these three rooms. Then the ring again. And the golden key.
The truth. Theseus’s paradox.

The light starts to dim slightly as you end your collection of the events. And you find yourself in a familar room, a man stands in the middle, smiling as he sees you.
>> No. 12609 edit
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