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File 137340032747.jpg - (61.38KB , 699x498 , 129970955137.jpg )
12299 No. 12299 edit
This is a special game. It is very bare bones right now. But you can use the power of resurrection to piece the story together and get to the truth.

Good luck.
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>> No. 12300 edit
File 137340040082.png - (115.52KB , 500x500 , 2013070804.png )
The Rokkenjima Murder Case, as told by the genius detective who solved it all: Erika Furudo.

It all started when I washed up on the shore of Rokkenjima, home of the wealthy Ushiromiya Family. My master had tasked me with solving the eventual murder massacre that was going to take place.

I wasted no time in heading toward the main house, the pathway and the rose garden meant nothing to me. I didn't care about beauty or any such thing, I was here for one thing only, to solve the murders. I was the detective. Until corpses would start piling up, everything here would be boring.

Everything was a bore, the roses, the house, the roof, the group standing in the rose garden- Wait. What?

I headed over to said group. Something was different, the number of people, it... it didn't make sense.

Two unknowns existed. Two people I had never seen before. Just what was going on.

Upon noticing my presence everyone rushed to me, and the routine of asking me how I was doing and getting some clothes for me happened all over again.

Though while this was happening I learned from the female servant Shannon, who the two unknowns were; Rosa's fiancee: Takashi, and Nanjo's granddaughter: Kyoko.

This was a strange kakera. I began to doubt that Kinzo was even dead.

I tried to enter his room, but this proved to be fruitless, not matter what I tried I couldn't get past the lock on his door.

And that little twerp of a granddaughter kept following me around asking me questions, it prevented me from doing what I wanted to do.

It was like she was glued to me, she kept following me wherever I went. If I went down the stairs to the cellar, she'd follow behind me. I couldn't lose her.

Master... how do you expect me to investigate with this going on.

Maybe with some luck she'll get killed in the first twilight.”

I suppressed my wishes and tape sealed all the rooms after I believed everyone had gone to sleep, before going to sleep myself. That brat had worn me out, not even I Erika Furudo could stay awake.

I woke up to sound of a scream. It seems I had overslept so now my seals were pointless, or at least most of them were. I quickly assessed the situation heading over to the room across the hall from mine. Everyone in the guesthouse who appeared to be alive were in the room, Jessica, Battler, Maria, Kyoko, Rudolf, Kyrie Takashi, and Kanon. In front of them laid the corpses of George, and Nanjo.

That makes 2. And since, Eva, Hideyoshi and Rosa aren't here, they might be other victims.

We all hurried to the main house and looked all around. We split up, I followed Kanon, Rudolf and Kyoko seemed to follow me. We met up with Genji and Gohda and soon spotted a room on the first floor with one of the fake magic circles. Genji unlocked the door with his master key and inside we found the corpses of Eva and Hideyoshi.

We also heard the sound of Jessica scream, we hurried upstairs and found her in her room with the others. Rosa's corpse was inside. I stepped into the room, but when I did I noticed something out the window. It passed by almost instantly, but I could tell it was something.

I called everyone outside and we headed to the rose garden. The second I stepped outside I saw it. It was a person dressed up like the witch Beatrice, complete with a blond wig that was falling off to reveal brown hair underneath. The body was impaled on the sharp spikes of the metal fence. It was Shannon.

Natsuhi and Krauss seem in shock when they heard about the news and we were all paraded into the palor. The little brats Maria and Kyoko were playing with silly childish toys while all the adults talked. It was so boring they weren't letting me investigate or listening to me.

Finally after what seemed like forever people grew restless and some left the room. I was also allowed to leave the room. But before I could fully investigate all the crime scenes I was pulled away by the 2nd twilight.

I happened to be the first person to discover it. Two rooms side by side with fake circles. I ran and got Genji and he helped me unlock them, however. Both had chain locks, preventing us from getting inside.

Genji went to get the chain cutting while I waited making sure nothing was out of the ordinary. We cut the chains, and I checked all around the rooms. The corpses of Kyrie and Rudolf were inside them. They seemed almost like they were sleeping. They had their hands pressed against the walls as if trying to reach out to each other through them. But this wasn't by choice, their hands were nailed to the walls. And a stake was buried into both of the back of their necks.

I went to get everyone, but I noticed someone was missing, I couldn't find Kumasawa. As I walked around the first floor, I noticed another door with a circle. The door that led to the boiler room. Once again I went to find a servant to open the door for me.

Inside we found Kumasawa with blood coming out of her head, a large piece of wood that was stained with blood was found nearby as well as a stake nearby.

Things got ugly and the servants were exiled to the servant room and locked inside to try and keep them safe. Krauss and Natsuhi held all the keys.

But it wasn't long before I did my rounds and found the room had a circle on the door. I went and got everyone and we opened the door found that the servants, who were inside, Genji and Gohda had both been killed. Kanon was still missing, he hadn't been seen since he went to the kitchen with Kumasawa after Shannon's corpse was found.

It wasn't long before tragedy happened again this time it was Jessica, found inside the locked pantry. Her throat was slit.

And thus I had all I needed to please my master and solve the murders. I gathered everyone inside and declared my answer.

“The culprit is!”


Bernkastel laughed as she stared at Ange. “So Ange, do you know the answer? Can you figure it all out. I'll even let you use your powers of resurrection to try and understand, call forth everyone present, try, just try and figure out the puzzle that is this kakera.”

Ange scoffed “So that is why you kept things to a minimum you want me to gather the facts for myself, what a witch.”

Bernkastel “Guilty. Now, come on. Solve it! I even have a guest to entertain you.”

Ange looked at Bernkastel confused, what was she talking about. And then out of the shadows stepped a woman; it looked just like... just like Natsuhi.

“Greetings Ange, I am Natsuhi the witch of Honor and Duty.”

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>> No. 12302 edit
File 133458777041.png - (161.67KB , 510x356 , ozaki door enter.png )
So this seems like a team effort type of game so I guess I'll start with this.

I ask Erika the state of the first room she investigated. With George and Nanjo.
Like the state of the bodies and the types of locks in the room. Basically the layout of the room and crime scene in general.

Not to forget if she asked who discovered the room and how did they say they entered it. Was it locked with a chain or just dead bolt? If she doesn't know that then ask everyone.

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>> No. 12303 edit
File 137340304933.png - (210.00KB , 800x600 , rosagamemurders.png )
oc do not steal

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>> No. 12306 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
"The bodies both had stab wounds. The door had the standard style lock, no chain. Both bodies were just laying on the floor in the center of the room, when I got there.

"According to what I was told Battler and Jessica arrived first after wondering what happened to George when they woke up. The room was Eva and Hideyoshi's from what I understand, and with the magic circle on it, both were worried, so they pounded on the door. Kanon who was coming up stairs heard it and unlocked the door for them."
>> No. 12307 edit
File 132713066024.png - (119.62KB , 359x466 , enj_defa1.png )
"I suppose that you are the gamemaster, Witch Natsuhi. Greetings to you too, I have a question for you.

Can you say in red that this is a mystery and therefore follows the Knox Decalogue, or at least part of it?"

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>> No. 12308 edit
File 131364399574.png - (142.61KB , 458x466 , mir_waraia1.png )
NATSUHI is about to answer, when someone new steps out of the shadows. She looks just like MARIA, yet her clothes are white instead.

"Kihihihi~ There is no reason to answer that in red. It is the duty of a GM to make the game fair and solvable. It is no fun, if it is a one sided slaughter." She laughs. "You'll just have to trust this black, I guess, kihihihi~ I'm MIRA the Witch of Destruction, it always nice to meet more toys."
>> No. 12309 edit
File 132713466779.png - (123.33KB , 359x466 , enj_fumana2.png )
"eh, of course I know that much, but some of the rules can be useful when looking for clues.

Well then, "

I ask Batller if he recalls when they entered the first room, if he, or anyone checked the corpses, moved them or approached them before Erika arrived.
>> No. 12310 edit
File 134053998115.png - (118.07KB , 352x480 , but_komarua3.png )
"We all kind of went into the room and went to the corpses. Jessica and I were pretty torn up about George's death. Kyoko went into a fit of sadness when she saw her grandfather and rushed over to his corpse, shaking it hoping he would respond."
>> No. 12311 edit
File 132728195925.png - (121.50KB , 359x466 , enj_nayamua1.png )
Someone with a master key locked the two first rooms from the outside after committing the crime.

I ask Erika if she can be more specific about what she saw in Jessica's room from the window. What it far away from it, or near it? Also, I ask everyone concerned if someone knows if the window was locked/closed at that point.

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>> No. 12313 edit
File 137342577675.png - (170.43KB , 441x480 , nat_majimea1.png )
"Neither Jessica's room. Eva and Hideyoshi's room, or the Main House room were last locked with master keys from the outside."

Erika answers your question.

"Jessica's window seems to overlook the rose garden, the fence is right below the window."

Erika answers that the window was closed and locked, when she got there. No one else seems to remember. Aside from Kyrie who repeats the same thing Erika said.
>> No. 12314 edit
File 132719792535.png - (121.18KB , 359x466 , enj_komarua3.png )
"Good, let's clear this one too then.
Related or not to the first deaths, what Erika saw was Shannon falling outside of the window. She died in an accident/suicide after killing Rosa. She tried to exit by the window and failed."

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>> No. 12315 edit
File 137342793543.png - (217.60KB , 441x480 , nat_waraia5.png )
"Shannon was murdered. Only one Beatrice can exist, and her time is over, I NATSUHI am the new Beatrice!"
>> No. 12316 edit
File 137342854023.png - (89.88KB , 223x380 , en2_defa1a.png )
"Hello again, let me ask how they died ok?~ Maybe they remember something... but I'm sure the first twilight victims were sleeping or something, so Mom and Dad--"

I ask both Kyrie and Rudolf.... do you remember anything right before you died?

"Can I ask another question? Only one more, someone really popular:"

I ask.......Genji! Do you know if there's only master keys or if there were more that were handed to each person? Thank you in advance!

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>> No. 12318 edit
File 131365254426.png - (182.13KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia5.png )
Rudolf and Kyrie are about to answer when Mira lifts her staff pointing it straight at them. Before they can even open their mouths they are suddenly blown to pieces.

"Such fun: pinatas. Sorry, but asking such questions as, who killed you? Or did you see anyone right before you were killed won't work. Rudolf and Kyrie were alone together in a room shortly before they were killed."

Genji answers your question. "Each servant caries a master key, the number of keys are equal to that of the servants."
>> No. 12319 edit
File 137343200519.png - (90.23KB , 222x379 , en2_defa2b.png )
"...Illusions... not real pinatas. Th-they're already dead...

Okay, for George and Nanjo's howdunnit:

The culprit locked the door with a master key from the inside after killing or moving their bodies inside the guesthouse room, and then proceeded to escape via window or opening."

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>> No. 12320 edit
File 137343282027.png - (172.49KB , 441x480 , nat_waraia2.png )
"What type of opening do you speak of? And just how do you claim they escaped out the window?"
>> No. 12321 edit
File 137343329611.png - (87.28KB , 222x378 , en2_defa1c.png )
"I'm sure super-detective knows! Let's see what she has to say to that."

I ask Erika-san, this room was on the first floor right? And if it's on the second floor, is it possible that a ladder may exist?~

Actually, were the windows locked when you checked the room? That's probably more important. Lastly, during any point in your investigation, did you find any sort of opening that could explain how a closed room murder may have occurred?

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>> No. 12322 edit
File 133811206421.png - (176.71KB , 397x474 , eri_majimea1a.png )
"All three rooms had their windows closed and locked. Also, no type of opening that would be considered out of place was found in any of the rooms from my investigation."
>> No. 12323 edit
File 137343394281.png - (121.08KB , 359x466 , enj_nakua1.png )
"Seems like I won't be able to get much information from that way."

I ask Genji if Shannon, Kanon, Himself, Kumasawa and Gohda are the only servants on the island.

Then, I answer Erika.What if the opening is the door itself, let's say that it doesn't need to be closed to lock it from the inside, and that you can close it afterwards.

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>> No. 12324 edit
File 137343448479.png - (88.83KB , 229x380 , en2_defa3a.png )
"Well, you were late for George and Nanjo anyway. I don't know who arrived first, so I'll just guess that someone may have locked the window between when the door was first unlocked and when Erika arrived on scene.

Since I'm curious..." I ask Kyoko, do you know who was already inside the guesthouse room when you entered? Or the order of people to subsequently come after you? Maybe even if you recall the events between when you woke up and found your grandfather, that would be great.

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>> No. 12325 edit
File 133810186870.png - (175.87KB , 406x472 , eri_waraia3.png )
Genji answers "Yes, the 5 you listed are the servants of the Ushiromiya family. And the only ones presently on duty."

Erika smiles "From my tests that I did, I can conclude that the doors of those three rooms must be closed completely to be able to lock."
>> No. 12326 edit
File 137344046432.png - (108.01KB , 365x480 , kyo_meirua1.png )
"When Kanon unlocked the door for Battler and Jessica, the windows were closed and locked."

Kyoko answers your question. "I was the last to arrive before Erika did. One of them killed my grandfather..."
>> No. 12327 edit
File 137344156034.png - (89.71KB , 224x380 , en2_defa2a.png )
I ask Battler, Kanon, and Jessica... each of your answers would be appreciated, were Nanjo and George dead when you opened the door? Or did you see the stab wounds already on the body?

"If not, I think Kyoko's on the right track that George and Nanjo were killed after Kanon unlocked the door."

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>> No. 12328 edit
File 131415765930.png - (128.32KB , 370x462 , jes_ikaria1.png )
Jessica at first gets upset at Kanon being accused. But Kanon and Battler calm her down. All three echo the same answer. "When Kanon/I opened the door we saw George and Nanjo already lying their with their stab wounds."
>> No. 12329 edit
File 137344242248.png - (701.55KB , 288x622 , T12B44S.png )

I ask Shannon, which room were you in before you were pushed out the window?
>> No. 12330 edit
File 13123395766.png - (104.22KB , 356x480 , sha_komarua1.png )
"Pushed out a window? I wasn't pushed out a window."
>> No. 12331 edit
File 137344335672.png - (88.08KB , 222x379 , en2_defa1d.png )
"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to accuse anyone... Just all three of you in general! Anyway..."

I ask George and Nanjo... what rooms did you guys fall asleep in the night before you were murdered? also, I'll ask Jessica and Battler again, when you left your respective rooms, did you notice the duct tape sealed to the doors? If so, did you notice that any of them were torn? Especially the room of the murder.

"Might as well get this out of the way too, but I like the power of resurrection more."
>not pushed

Shannon was forced to kill herself because of the culprit by jumping out of the window thus murder. Shannon was pulled out the window instead of pushed.

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>> No. 12332 edit
File 137344362590.png - (788.10KB , 304x662 , T11B41S.png )

Ehhhhh? But Natsuhi the witch of Honor and Duty stated in red that you were murdered. Don't tell me you slipped or somethin'? No, no, no. Shannon, were dead before you went out the window?
>> No. 12333 edit
File 137344758632.jpg - (77.28KB , 640x360 , 134844286992.jpg )
Seriously, if the GM doesn't want to cooperate you just keep pushing him.
There's a different way to lock or unlock a door besides from the master keys and locking/unlocking it manually from the inside.

Also, teriyaki.
>> No. 12334 edit
File 131364969780.png - (143.07KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia4.png )
Neither George or Nanjo seem to remember falling asleep.

Jessica answers "I left the room first, I don't think I remember any seal, or anything breaking. I don't think of the rooms had stuff like that either. Or if they were, they were broken."

"Shannon did not commit suicide. Explain how someone could have been 'pulled' out the window."

Shannon answers "The last thing I remember was cleaning, and then hearing some footsteps behind me."

Mira smirks "And just what method might that be. Lock-picking is forbidden. kihihi~"

No chicken exists on Rokkenjima, you teriyaki is denied!

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>> No. 12335 edit
File 137349025596.png - (20.24KB , 676x311 , like this.png )
Ange demonstrates how.

"That's obviously how it happened! But The culprit could have also stood on a ladder and pulled her out, and Shannon could have just heard Rosa's footsteps before she and herself were murdered."

Anyway, the lock could have been taken and off and put back on for George and Nanjo. Uh, yeah! That's not lock picking.

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)14:04:58
>> No. 12336 edit
File 137349064475.png - (218.17KB , 441x480 , nat_futekia1.png )
"Shannon was not pulled out a window. And for the lock. The lock to the Guesthouse Room was not removed."
>> No. 12337 edit
File 13734915261.png - (89.19KB , 226x380 , en2_defa1f.png )
"Let's just wrap up Shannon."

Shannon was pushed from the roof or other high vantage point. She was a really good maid for cleaning up there. Shannon was pushed from the rose garden into the spike, and then was further impaled by the culprit pushing down. It can be considered homicide if Shannon was forced kill herself by jumping from a high vantage point.

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)14:31:35
>> No. 12338 edit
File 137349175645.png - (171.80KB , 441x480 , nat_zutuua1.png )
"That is correct. Shannon was pushed off the roof."
>> No. 12339 edit
File 137349259515.png - (88.98KB , 222x379 , en2_defa1.png )
"Poor Shannon... Oh well, still more murders."

I ask Erika, do you remember the time when you went to bed, woke up, and then found the first corpses?
"If George and Nanjo don't remember falling asleep, I'm just wondering how late it really was and if events transpired she's unaware about."
Maybe if I ask Takashi what he was doing before Nanjo and George were found, or the people he was with and room he was in before he heard the scream "...for alibis etc."

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)14:53:15
>> No. 12340 edit
File 129666493627.png - (77.14KB , 400x480 , tak_fumana1.png )
Erika answers "I fell asleep around 11PM. Woke up about 8AM. Finding the first corpses was about a minute or two later."

Takashi answers "I was with Maria in the room, the three of us shared. She was a little upset upon waking up and finding her mother missing, so I was trying to calm her down. We heard the scream and let the room to check it out."
>> No. 12341 edit
File 137350799157.png - (150.88KB , 932x567 , 1314913301591.png )
Lockpicking? I'm talking about any method that would allow you to lock a door while being from the outside of that room. Fishing lines, strings, magnets, your call.

Besides, were the keys for Kyrie and Rudolf's rooms inside of their respective rooms? Ask that to Erika please.
>> No. 12342 edit
File 133887832078.png - (176.14KB , 397x474 , eri_majimea2.png )
"No string type trick could lock the door from the outside, this applies to magnets as well."

Erika answers "Upon checking Rudolf and Kyrie's corpses I found the keys to the rooms they were inside their pockets. The key to Rudolf's room was in Kyrie's and the key to Kyrie's in Rudolf's."
>> No. 12343 edit
File 137351095430.png - (89.13KB , 222x379 , en2_defa2.png )
"Oh, Genji was being mysterious then! There are more keys..."

I ask Erika, can you list the specific keys found on the rest of the corpses if any were found? Thanks!
>> No. 12344 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
"Rudolf's key was found in Kyrie's pocket
Kyrie's key was found in Rudolf's pocket
Kumasawa's master key was found in her pocket as well as the key to the boiler room.
The key to the servant's room was found on the table in the servant's room.
Jessica's key to her own room was found in her pocket, as well as the key to the pantry."
>> No. 12345 edit
File 137351179859.png - (89.38KB , 222x379 , en2_defa2c.png )
"Interesting, so no Eva and Hideyoshi key, eh? Well, let's just see if it exists first."

The culprit last locked the guesthouse room with Nanjo and George with it's respective room key from the outside.

I ask Genji again, do you remember all of the keys that existed during the entire duration? Or the one's that you're at least aware of?

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)20:04:04
>> No. 12346 edit
File 137351224460.png - (218.42KB , 441x480 , nat_akuwaraia1.png )
NATSUHI answers your question instead. "The following keys are the only ones that exist and matter.

The master keys.
Jessica's Room key
The key to Rudolf's Room (Where his corpse was found)
The key to Kyrie's Room (Where her corpse was found)
The key to the boiler room
The key to the servants room
The key to the pantry
The key to the sunroom.

In other words. There exists no special key to the upstairs rooms in of the guesthouse, or the room where Eva and Hideyoshi's corpses were found."

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)20:19:52
>> No. 12347 edit
File 137351315251.png - (89.32KB , 223x380 , en2_defa3c.png )
"Hmmm... at least we confirmed it's a closed room."
The door was locked from the outside with a master key after moving or killing George and Nanjo, and then was locked from the inside again during one point in the game. The window was removed. There still exists some secret passage for the culprit to escape from.

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)20:26:19
>> No. 12348 edit
File 137351355047.png - (221.01KB , 441x480 , nat_akuwaraia2.png )
"Between the time George and Nanjo were killed up until the time said corpses were found the door to the Guesthouse Room was only locked once.

The window in the Guesthouse Room was never removed.

There exists no hidden passage in the Guesthouse Room"
>> No. 12349 edit
File 137351382654.png - (90.29KB , 222x379 , en2_defa4a.png )
"Eh--wait. Witch of Honor and Duty, you said the last time the door was locked, it wasn't from a master key from the outside. I still don't know when that time frame ends."

The door was locked again after the corpses were discovered from the inside. The person could have locked the door when everyone was gathered in the room, or sometime later and they just unlocked the window and left. So, The culprit still locked the door from the outside with a master key.

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)20:40:21
>> No. 12350 edit
File 137349175645.png - (171.80KB , 441x480 , nat_zutuua1.png )
"The only time during this game when the door to the Guesthouse Room was locked from the outside with a master key was after Erika and the others had seen the corpses and investigated the room. This was done by Kanon to preserve the crime scene as Kyrie told him to do. So in short, The crime had already occurred and the closed room had been broken into."
>> No. 12351 edit
File 137351501785.png - (88.48KB , 222x379 , en2_defa3b.png )

"Okay. I'll just cut this possibility too."

The culprit was hiding in the room after locking the door from the inside, somewhere Kanon, Battler, and Jessica couldn't find them. Then when the scream was let out or more people came rushing in, they blended in and pretended to enter and act shocked.

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)20:57:33
>> No. 12352 edit
File 137351555653.png - (171.52KB , 439x480 , nat_majimea2.png )
"When Battler, Jessica, and Kanon broke the closed room, no other living person was alive in that room."
>> No. 12353 edit
File 137344156034.png - (89.71KB , 224x380 , en2_defa2a.png )
"Just some more red classifications:

One of the corpses killed the other, locked the door from the inside, and then killed themselves or was forced to kill themselves in a way that would be considered murder. Or both died like that instead of one murdering the other.

George and Nanjo were stabbed through an opening, the culprit never entered the room.

The culprit was able to escape by removing a part of the wall, door, floor, or roof, and then may have patched it back up.

Last edited at 13/07/10(Wed)21:19:28
>> No. 12354 edit
File 131364399574.png - (142.61KB , 458x466 , mir_waraia1.png )
"Neither Nanjo nor George committed suicide.

Door/Window/Floor/Wall/Ceiling, none of those were ever removed or partly removed.

And just how did the corpses get in the center of the room if they were stabbed from outside."
>> No. 12355 edit
File 137344335672.png - (88.08KB , 222x379 , en2_defa1d.png )
"The corpses did not die instantly, they were able to move before dying of exsanguination. After they were stabbed they moved into their location near the center of the room. Rather, the main idea is one of the corpses helped with the locking before dying.

And another train of thought...

The corpses were not in the room when Kanon, Battler, and Jessica opened the door. They were thrown in after at some point. Team efforts are always fun.~"
>> No. 12356 edit
File 137342577675.png - (170.43KB , 441x480 , nat_majimea1.png )
"Neither George nor Nanjo looked the Guestroom Door.

The corpses were in the room when Jessica, Battler and Kanon broke into the closed room."
>> No. 12357 edit
File 137359696440.png - (88.61KB , 222x380 , en2_defa3.png )
"The corpses helped lock the window after they were stabbed. Either the culprit stabbed them from the outside or in, they still had a delayed death that allowed them move and lock.

Hmm, can you also define "lock picking"? It seems I only understand that as the art of unlocking a door.

The culprit locked the door or window from the outside without a key through a method and/or mechanism without a string or magnet. A knife, tool, bed sheet, etc.

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>> No. 12358 edit
File 137359714913.png - (160.52KB , 441x480 , nat_nayamua2.png )
"....Your second blue... That is correct the window to the Guesthouse Room was locked from the outside."
>> No. 12359 edit
File 137342854023.png - (89.88KB , 223x380 , en2_defa1a.png )
"Great, great. Actual progress feels good. On to the next!

I ask Jessica, can you tell me what happened before you screamed to find Rosa? Or what your group was doing before you found her? I'm just wondering if you or someone had to go unlock the door too.

I also ask Erika the state of the room and Rosa's corpse.
>> No. 12360 edit
File 133926821515.png - (176.70KB , 375x475 , eri_gamana2.png )
Jessica answers. "I unlocked the door. I had the key to my room after all. I saw Rosa Oba-san's corpse right away and screamed."

Erika answers. "I didn't get a chance to look at the corpse or the room really, due to Shannon falling everyone pushed me out to check that out. And the door was locked when I had a chance to get back to it."
>> No. 12365 edit
File 137582836632.png - (762.95KB , 1051x1228 , enj_d21_.png )
Ange dozes off for a moment in a strange, strange place... In that moment, she almost stopped thinking. But to stop thinking would mean to certainly die in this place.

She needs to push on.

"Alright. I did make a mistake, my sincerest apologies. Let's do this in order.

I request to summon Erika once again. Since she was unable to examine Rosa's room properly, perhaps she had better luck with Eva and Hideyoshi as I backtrack. Erika, if you may provide the state of the room and their corpses please.

Also, a blue for good measure:

This closed room was created in a similar manner as George's and Nanjo's closed room, where a window was locked from the outside to provide a means of escape."

Last edited at 13/08/06(Tue)17:20:09
>> No. 12366 edit
File 133811381023.png - (175.40KB , 398x474 , eri_akirea2.png )
Erika answers

"Both corpses were stabbed, and in the middle of the room. The room was fairly normal, nothing seems out of place, 2 dressers with nothing inside, a closet, bathroom, 2 beds, a standard room."

"It is impossible for a human who is outside of the room to lock the window."
>> No. 12490 edit
File 13767861217.png - (188.13KB , 400x459 , enj_d31_不満1resized.png )
Then a mechanism locked that window from the outside where a physical act by a human is not required. Something like a mechanism set off by the heat or sun from outside etc.

After painting the circles on the door, the culprit murdered Eva and Hideyoshi. The culprit then locked the door from the outside through a means or method.

The culprit was hiding in the room, bathroom, or closet before Genji opened the door. When Erika went to perform her search, the culprit moved around behind her field of vision to either exit the room or blend in with the crowd.

There was an opening to stab the victims or to escape because the wall/floor/ceiling was removed or partly removed.

Last edited at 13/08/17(Sat)17:35:21
>> No. 12491 edit
File 137678785257.png - (205.55KB , 441x480 , nat_jishinnashia1.png )
"Th-that is correct. A mechanism locked the window, in the room Eva and Hideyoshi were found in. Also known as an-auto locking window."
>> No. 12493 edit
File 137679068212.png - (274.96KB , 500x591 , enj_d11_不満1resize.png )
" Already asked Erika about the next room. . . I'm just going to dive in.

The window was unlocked as Erika never had a chance to examine the room. The culprit exited through there. Or Jessica lied when she said she unlocked the door, they escaped through an opened door.

Rosa faked her death as Erika was unable to examine the room properly, and locked the door and window behind her.

Lastly, Jessica murdered Rosa and screamed shortly after to make it seem as if she just discovered the scene."
>> No. 12495 edit
File 137679129174.png - (170.91KB , 441x480 , nat_nayamua3.png )
"Rosa was indeed alive at the time Erika and co gathered in Jessica's room."
>> No. 12497 edit
File 137679297286.png - (171.05KB , 400x467 , enj_d21_不満1resize.png )
"And here I was so keen on my Jessica-theory with killing herself in the cupboard or Erika killed her after finding out she was the culprit through her famous beheading. . . I suppose it's not over yet.

Well anyway, Shannon is done with as well on the howdunnit as far as I can tell. In regards to the second twilight,

The culprit murdered Kyrie and Rudolf in their respective rooms and took their keys and nailed them to the wall. After locking the door and setting the chain lock for each, they exited through the open windows and switched the keys around. From the outside, the windows were locked through the same mechanism as before with autolocked windows as they shut them."

Last edited at 13/08/17(Sat)19:30:29
>> No. 12498 edit
File 137679322199.png - (159.38KB , 441x480 , nat_defa1.png )
"Neither Rudolf's nor Kyrie's rooms have auto locks on the windows."
>> No. 12579 edit
File 137679068212.png - (274.96KB , 500x591 , enj_d11_不満1resize.png )
After murdering both of them and taking their keys like explained above, the culprit locks the door behind them in room A with the opposite key and goes into room B and exits through door or window after planting the key, and locks them from the outside through a methods or mean without an autolock.

They do the above, but do not leave the room and instead hide. When Erika enters, the culprit manages to stay behind her and everyone else's field of vision to escape.

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