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>> No. 12608 edit
File 137678866942.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1013.png )
S’up ? Enjoyed your tour ? Hopefully you got something out of it.... I hope.
You better be ready now.
And don’t forget... Three tries.
>> No. 12610 edit
File 13770305477.jpg - (275.57KB , 900x562 , b70b821c6fc8c5887cd3a9a1813ab7c2adb655ca.jpg )
It was nice.

Well, luckily I have two more tries after this with other distinct ideas in mind. I just wanted to get this out of the way first, since I’m finding this simpler/shorter than the others and probably taking the game we had a little more literal.

As per rules I’m only addressing the howdunnit for the three unsolved paradoxes so this isn’t very long:

Genji's briefcase key. Is that the key I’m holding? Let me expand with your analogy on the boats.

Although this key was originally created to simply open the single briefcase it is then labeled so. But its uses were expanded to open the newly created locks on the doors of the new guesthouse. But deep down, it's just Genji's key with more uses. It can open and lock room 1. THEREFORE, the ring has been representing this key-- something that has been apparently absent from this entire game until now.

Paradox 2, the culprit exited after axing Krauss in the face using Genji's briefcase key to lock the door behind themselves. Like you said, the last time this door was locked it was from a key.

Paradox 4, that's how Rudolf entered the room with the culprit. After some skirmish with the ax, Rudolf locks out the culprit. After opening the door again, either the culprit or Rudolf, that’s when they stab him.

Paradox 5, the dining room had its lock swapped out with the torch and saw, plain and simple. It is still thought of the actual lock to the room! It's still holding it together! Perhaps it was replaced with the dining room lock from the original Ushiromiya mansion or something that was considered a “dining room lock” that is now unresponsive to the numbered keys! So Rosa was murdered with the hacksaw between the time when the door was missing said lock when it was being switched out, or this new lock was always there and can be opened and locked with the briefcase key in order to escape.

tl;dr: Briefcase key opens/locks doors, Dining room lock was swapped with another dining room lock.

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>> No. 12611 edit
File 137703456883.jpg - (531.36KB , 740x1000 , Shishigami_Leo_full_1289595.jpg )
...Hm. Nice. But "expanded" you say ? What do you mean by that ?
I wonder exactly how you can "expand" the usage range of a key. What I'm sure it could be done with magic though, so that's an answer you can settle with.
Anyway clarify that part. With your definition or something.

The lock to the dining was not swapped at any point during the game.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)14:47:13
>> No. 12612 edit
File 137703509141.jpg - (371.80KB , 850x1398 , sample_a8b733d5b3c88958e04b3ea0169189b9fe3f4061.jpg )
As in, the briefcase and respective key was created before the guesthouse was fitted with the locks. The locksmith allowed for the briefcase key to become a psuedo-master key. Or the key was modified at one point in the game to open/lock more doors, specifically the door to room 1.

The lock to the dining room was swapped before the game. From the beginning, this door's lock was different from the other dining room door.

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>> No. 12613 edit
File 137703573543.png - (238.49KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m6q99kduRL1rq22lqo1_1280.png )
The briefcase key's only purpose when it was created was to open the briefcase.

Again with that "add" usage to the key thing uh. Is such a thing even possible, I wonder. No one on the island is knowledgeable enough in keysmiths to be able to "make it" open more doors/locks.

This lock exactly the same as the other one.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)14:56:29
>> No. 12614 edit
File 137703634564.jpg - (173.10KB , 850x850 , sample-ba0f4ffe8297b07f1bbe91d6a82c32b7.jpg )
So? It had a change in purpose after it was created.

It's purpose was expanded when the guesthouse was being built. The locksmith took Genji's briefcase key and added that to the list of keys that can open/lock door 1 or other doors.
. . .
They didn't have to be knowledgeable about keysmithing, they just stuck the key in the door to change it's shape. Maybe it's made out of some malleable material, something like a pseudo-duplicate key now.

You're going to have to be specific that this lock was there from the guesthouses's creation to the end of the game, wouldn't want to be caught up in some dirty red.
The lock you are referring to in that red is an old one that was swapped before the start of the game.

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>> No. 12615 edit
File 137703682740.png - (241.16KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m6q99kduRL1rq22lqo2_1280.png )
The locksmith never modified the key after its creation.

Heh, that would be an awfully convenient key now.

Keys don't work that way, or at least, this one certainly doesn't, as it is not malleable, just made out of boring old metal. It can't change shape that easily.

I am referring to the lock that was not swapped since it was put on the door at the construction of the guesthouse.
The other one wasn't swapped either since that time.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)15:14:32
>> No. 12616 edit
File 137703752296.jpg - (316.12KB , 653x655 , 08110a3cd49e4a2049b8a633bd80c9dd13e067d9.jpg )
Yes. The locksmith never had to modify any part of the key because they just used its shape as one that can register to the guesthouse's locks, mainly Door 1's lock.

This key was melted down in the kitchen. After pouring some candle wax in Door 1, taking that out, and then creating a mold with some other melted down material, they pour that melted key in. I don't think it takes that much knowledge on keys to do that. . . At least I think, the internet makes it look easy.

Okay, so the lock stayed on the original door.
The door was cut off its hinges and then swapped with a dining room door from another house, like from the Ushiromiya mansion.
>> No. 12617 edit
File 13770380696.png - (226.78KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m6q99kduRL1rq22lqo3_1280.png )
You say some things that look more like magic or some sci-fi for me.
When it was created, the briefcase key only opened the briefcase and nothing else.

Now that's something more plausible.
No mold of either the key or the lock was created.

You forgot some old red. No doors or walls were removed.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)15:35:48
>> No. 12618 edit
File 137704048970.jpg - (219.28KB , 700x994 , 19762d6c1e7e661f1896dec5facb92e8591c8b8f.jpg )
Okay, you have me there, I don't know much about locks or keys. But is it that unlikely that the key is made first for an intended purpose, and a lock is created after based on said key's shape long time after its creation that expands its intended use to unlock more items?

The melted down key was just literally poured in the lock. There was some sort of protective material or something that allowed the metal not to fuse to the lock.

I'll have to wait on paradox 5 for now.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)16:16:37
>> No. 12619 edit
File 137704161260.png - (234.24KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m6q99kduRL1rq22lqo4_1280.png )
Well, it could be possible I guess, but when the locks were created, none of them could be opened/unlocked by the briefcase key.

No such protective metal existed, and had such a thing be done, the lock would have partly melted.

>> No. 12621 edit
File 137704290494.png - (1.25MB , 1000x1418 , d91579231ea757fe467042c033f5c876db422ec9.png )
The locks were modified before the start of the game to allow the Genji key to function inside doors with the help of a locksmith/best key expert whatever that expanded its original use.

Another key was molded that had the ability to open door 1, and Genji's melted down key was poured inside that mold.
>> No. 12622 edit
File 137704333963.png - (247.93KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m6q99kduRL1rq22lqo5_1280.png )
The locks were not modified before or during the game.

You forgot another old red, didn't you ?
The only keys on the island are the three master keys, the 4 numbered keys, the 7 regular keys, the storehouse key and Genji's briefcase key. No other key ever existed at any point on the island.
>> No. 12623 edit
File 137704379160.png - (2.01MB , 1000x1766 , ad53a6c4d45e057e0e71805a5171baeaef90ca51.png )
I remembered. If Le doux repos is still Le doux repos after it lost its intended use loosing the beds and being renovated, why can't Genji's briefcase key still be called Genji's briefcase key after it turned into something new?

Genji's key was melted down into another key that opens door 1.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)17:11:56
>> No. 12624 edit
File 137704424974.png - (316.87KB , 614x480 , leo_1044.png )
That is, hm... Uh.. Gh...
H-how could it be possible for anyone to do that ? I already said no mold was used, and that no one is a keysmith here so...
>> No. 12626 edit
File 137685769538.png - (360.55KB , 498x523 , omg repeating pictures.png )
Repeat the mold part in red then.

By 'the key', one can only assume you were referring to Genji's briefcase key.
>No mold of either the key or the lock was created.

Otherwise, A mold was created of another key that opens room 1, not Genji's, before the start of the game by let's say a keysmith. Someone had to melt it down and pour it into the mold during or even before the game for it to harden, and there you have it.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)17:48:41
>> No. 12627 edit
File 137704622133.png - (414.07KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mpm8vbXqA31r0gdrwo1_500.png )
Yeah, sure. No mold was used before or during the game.
>> No. 12628 edit
File 13770465162.png - (554.40KB , 768x768 , crs_ala08a.png )
Can you define "mold"? Is it as broad as just an imprint of the key/object that can be used to pour something in to harden?
>> No. 12629 edit
File 137704688882.png - (432.83KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m8cajyGQGq1r0gdrwo1_1280.png )
Yes, a mold is an imprint of an object that can be used to pour something in to harden.

A bit late, you did not really clarify the axe and gash situation.
>> No. 12632 edit
File 137704833662.png - (268.08KB , 480x624 , crs_bsa03a.png )
The culprit and Rudolf entered the same room together. They fought, an axe grazed his head. Rudolf was able to take control of the situation and locked the culprit out. Trying to enter from the window, they took a raincoat. It was locked. They either knocked again or opened it with a key, but Rudolf set the chain. The culprit stabbed him in the chest as he came close at the right moment and locked it again with the same key.

This was all dependent on the key changing into something else, so after this I believe I'm going to wait until my second attempt, at a date later to be determined as I think of something more comprehensive.

Last edited at 13/08/20(Tue)18:26:21
>> No. 12634 edit
File 13770486559.jpg - (79.05KB , 500x549 , tumblr_m8uewhclcm1qjugdxo1_500.jpg )
The culprit and Rudolf did not get into a fight.

Well, you're free to do so if you want. However it's not like it has been denied altogether.
>> No. 12660 edit
File 137728683885.jpg - (17.10KB , 336x280 , public speaking kursiu.jpg )
I'll consider trying more on attempt 1 before other theories: An attachment was added/welded to Genji's briefcase key that's either a duplicate of one of the keys' blade that opens room 1 or attached the key itself/part of it directly on to the briefcase key. Basically, the key was modified by someone other than the locksmith. This can explain Natsuhi's frustration in a way for paradox 5, Natsuhi attempted to use the roman numeral 1 key, but it's now fused with Genji's briefcase key/wrong key and she inserted the wrong blade.

To revise the previous situation with Rudolf: Rather than fight with Rudolf, the culprit launched a surprise attack on Rudolf's forehead that turned out to be unsuccessful from behind the locked chain, or the culprit was using the axe to break said chain before the stab and struck his head as the culprit lost grip on the axe.
>> No. 12661 edit
Audio 06__dai_-_Final_Answer.mp3 - (3.18MB , 06_ dai - Final Answer.mp3 )
.....Kuh !
T-the keys looked normal, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and if keys were... "mutant" like what you described, someone would have noticed.

The culprit didn't try to kill Rudolf from behind the locked chain with the axe.
He didn't try to break the chain with it either.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)13:20:19
>> No. 12662 edit
File 137729005440.png - (66.82KB , 299x187 , makise_kurisu_by_nailotb-d5xzuqz.png )
Normalcy is relative.The possessor of such key(s) never had to show anyone/many people, and they are aware of the state of the key.

Even if that is the case, everyone noticed anyway. They already saw this key before and noticed the fact, so it didn't cross their mind as unusual.

The additional blades on the key(s) were hidden in such a way that no one noticed.
I'm thinking something like a Swiss army knife or it blended in like some sort of decoration on the handle piece.

The culprit attacked Rudolf in the room with the axe but no fighting occurred there as he was knocked out before the event with the chain. Alternatively, the culprit attacked Rudolf with the axe outside the room, and Rudolf ran inside room 1 and locked it trying to avoid a fight. The culprit stabbed him and threw the axe inside.
>> No. 12663 edit
File 13772903961.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1012.png )
...No...additional blades existed on any key !

Are you saying the culprit has such a poor accuracy that he missed a passed out victim ?
The culprit would have not missed had this happened.
The culprit did not throw the axe inside the room.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)13:41:52
>> No. 12664 edit
File 137729273784.jpg - (22.63KB , 310x503 , pointing.jpg )
For paradox 2 and 4 since Natsuhi's and Krauss's key stayed whole: Genji's briefcase key is mainly the base. The keys on the island have detachable blades fit for one slot! All keys are considered what their base is labeled rather than the blade. Detachable in this case would not be considered broken. For this, perhaps Genji's base was attached with Jessica's blade. Eh, kinda like the ship I put together.

The culprit swung the axe at him inside the room, and he yelled. To avoid attention, the culprit dropped the axe and fled the room while Rudolf was too weak to chase them or yell that long for someone to actually notice. The culprit would apparently come back later to finish the deal, but Rudolf already locked up in defense.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)14:21:23
>> No. 12665 edit
File 137729314951.png - (257.99KB , 406x480 , leo_1031.png )
....Guh...None of the keys...*cough*...have...detachable blades

The culprit did not put the axe while Rudolf was in the room

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)14:29:35
>> No. 12666 edit
File 137729389317.png - (245.72KB , 312x624 , crs_bsc06a.png )
Just to be thorough since I'm thinking of the definition of detachable as something that is done without tools and can be done over and over, perhaps rather someone broke Genji's briefcase key in half, and welded another broken-in-half key's blade that can open room 1. Jessica's, master keys, etc.

The axe was added after his death and the closed room breaking.
>> No. 12667 edit
File 13772944853.png - (257.69KB , 406x480 , leo_1032.png )
........................Neither...Jessica's.....nor...the master keys...were ever broken...in the whole game.

The axe was already there before the closed room was broke.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)14:49:35
>> No. 12668 edit
File 137729610331.jpg - (55.10KB , 600x333 , Makise_Kurisu_600_542538.jpg )
Then, at the very least... Genji's key, was broken...... and the base was welded to another key like a master key... therefore only has one blade, but it's still considered Genji's briefcase key..... Uhh, Genji's briefcase key, or any other key carries on a legend beyond disuse. . . . I really want to believe that's the case.

Rudolf walked in with the axe, and with some sort of accident after he was stabbed it sliced his head. As a last ditch effort, he attempted to throw the axe at the culprit but was too disoriented and threw it some ways away from the door.
>> No. 12669 edit
File 137729658384.png - (258.59KB , 406x480 , leo_1010.png )
...Hahaha, then what key ? An another non-existing one ? A magic one I created ?
Come on Camphor, don't tell me you can be fooled this easily.

The slash was no accident. Rudold did not attempt to throw it at the culprit.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)15:27:57
>> No. 12670 edit
File 137729766268.gif - (743.50KB , 245x216 , ___.gif )
Genji's briefcase key with a new use.

It's missing... its original blade like the ship is missing the beds. I'm not sure how else I'm exposed to take that in regards to this theory.

After walking in the room with it, Rudolf purposely slashed himself. He threw it to the ground when he was done.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)15:41:21
>> No. 12671 edit
File 137729788562.png - (258.76KB , 406x480 , leo_1009.png )
So ? Maybe it has ? But with what keys ? This doesn't solve anything does it ?
Camphor, you'll be laughing at yourself soon enough.

Correct. Rudolf slashed himself and then threw the axe.
>> No. 12672 edit
File 137729862058.gif - (1.09MB , 640x360 , lol.gif )
Err, uhhh. Would you like that in blue again?

This broken-in-half briefcase key's base is welded to another key's base. It's welded alongside a master key base to be specific. Now with this new " actually Genji's briefcase key ™ " The culprit is able to escape Paradox 2 from the door and lock it afterwords. This is how, in paradox 4, Rudolf is able to enter the room. After giving the key back to the culprit and being stabbed through the door, this is how once again the culprit is able to lock the door after he stabbed Rudolf.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)15:58:36
>> No. 12673 edit
File 137729892475.png - (316.74KB , 614x480 , leo_1040.png )
Well, wouldn't you like a red to go with your blue ?
No additional bases existed on any key.
>> No. 12674 edit
File 137697310187.png - (251.27KB , 500x425 , tumblr_m7jxjpiaNz1rbgqnpo1_500.png )
Genji's briefcase key was melted down and poured around the base of a master key to harden. You wouldn't see "two bases" now would you? A singular piece holding the blade together.

Alternatively, Once you weld the base (everything not the blade) to another base, it effectively becomes a single base.
>> No. 12675 edit
File 137729960364.png - (258.23KB , 406x480 , leo_1007.png )
In such circumstances, the added metal to the base would have made it bigger, and it would have stuck out to anyone who'd see it.
>> No. 12676 edit
File 137730008454.png - (298.39KB , 480x624 , crs_asa01a.png )
Can you define broken? As in any piece of a key came off or it's completely dysfunctional to open/lock doors? If the latter, Then a base/part of a base can be removed and be replaced by the briefcase key and it would still be perfectly functional.

Last edited at 13/08/23(Fri)16:23:05
>> No. 12677 edit
File 137730087972.png - (258.38KB , 406x480 , leo_1025.png )
The key is considered broken when it is physically damaged enough so that it is not whole anymore.
As such, a dented key is not considered broken.

So you mean that additional metal has been added to the shaft of it uh ? The key wouldn't have fit in any of the keylocks.
>> No. 12759 edit
File 137748092278.jpg - (199.37KB , 510x289 , konachan-com-104704-blue_eyes-brown_hair-long_hair.jpg )
>a dented key is not considered broken
Just to get this out of the way:
Paradox 5: Roman numeral 1 key was too dented in such a way to register to the lock but remain unnoticed.

Alright, dented... dented... could that perhaps be mistaken as an engraved mark? Ahaha...!!

Genji's briefcase key was the key left in Krauss's pocket for Paradox 2! That's how this key's use is expanded. Like the description says, this key looks exactly like the other old keys minus the roman numerals! It was disguised when the culprit slashed (and therefore dented) a roman numeral 1 on it! Taking the true Roman numeral 1 key that opens room 1, they escaped and then locked the door leaving the fake key in his pocket. Natsuhi took that key. When paradox 4 rolls around, the culprit/Rudolf is able to enter and then lock the door after stabbing him in the chest. For paradox 5, Natsuhi now has what is assumed to be the roman numeral one key, but alas! It's Genji's breifcase key with a mark! The culprit removed/hid the real roman numeral 1 mark by the time they have to put the key back inside the safe either with some sort of clayish material or welded it away as the temperature blurred the engraved numeral. I could go on with the methods on how to remove/hide the roman numeral mark, but I digress. . .

Last edited at 13/09/16(Mon)14:22:02
>> No. 12774 edit
File 137678866942.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1013.png )
Pfheh. My bad, I shouldn't say things that can be misinterpreted this easily.

No key were dented before or during the game.

Last edited at 13/08/26(Mon)02:39:09
>> No. 12777 edit
File 137753799276.png - (364.06KB , 456x696 , crs_bmb03a.png )
I'll assume there's a difference between engraving and denting, because how else did the keys get those roman numeral markings if it's not before the game?

Amending the previous theory, Genji's briefcase key was engraved during the game with the welding torch drawing out a roman numeral 1. It was etched in a way where no physical material was lost keeping it whole.

Last edited at 13/08/26(Mon)10:43:26
>> No. 12779 edit
File 137754894147.png - (316.84KB , 614x480 , leo_1045.png )
Then what about the key they found in the safe that clearly was Genji's briefcase key, and had no number nor anything engraved on it ?

Last edited at 13/08/26(Mon)13:29:20
>> No. 12785 edit
File 137755533916.png - (363.81KB , 456x696 , crs_bmb07a.png )
>"The key looked like the others old keys, only it had no number engraved on it."
I thought that was the only distinguishing feature.
The engraved roman numeral 1 marking was hidden. Some material (clay, liquid metal poured in to harden) was pressed into the engraving and was painted over etc. Or the welding torch melted that marking down and blurred it away.
>> No. 12789 edit
File 137755658163.png - (258.22KB , 406x480 , leo_1008.png )
No number was hidden within the key discovered in the safe.

Ah Camphor... making the same mistake twice are you ? Doing a great job at being near the truth and then completely losing face against a single meaningless detail...
>> No. 12977 edit
File 137903172438.gif - (0.97MB , 500x375 , Gif.gif )
Ack, I... I thought you would have given up on me responding after so long and reveal everything, and then I'd never show my face around here etc as the weeks go by on a game I had ran away from.... Remember, a month Squitcher? A downer ending, remember?

Ehh, I mean, is it terminology?
There was a key bit/shaft/piece that opens door 1 on Genji's briefcase key, rather than a blade per say.

There was a key bit/shaft/piece on Natsuhi's Roman numeral key during paradox 5 that made it unable to open the door.

There is more than one key that opens the briefcase, say for instance a key marked with the roman numeral 1. The roman numeral 1 key can't open the door during paradox 5 because it's a briefcase key. The red "the only purpose when it was created was to open the briefcase. " only applies to that key.
One of the key's label on the island can be identified a different way.

Was the key really melted down/modified in some way? Was I on to something with the detatching?
Detachable key bit. Detachable shaft. Detachable base. Detachable part that opens/locks doors.

To be completely blunt, I'd be okay if you just reveal everything at this point. Theseus's Paradox has been a completely humbling experience to say the least.

Last edited at 13/09/12(Thu)18:45:54
>> No. 13038 edit
File 137915450568.png - (257.98KB , 406x480 , leo_1030.png )
Running away sure is no good, please don't make me reconsider who I put my trust into.
Well, climatic, anti-climatic... Can this get something else than a downer ending given how much it dragged on?
I wonder, really. Might be too late for anything else.
Ah well. I tried to fix this as much as possible, even did that silly rp thing... But seems it's no use in the end. So let's just end this.

The Roman numeral key 1 and the briefcase key were cut in half with the hacksaw. Then the blades were switched and wedged together with the welding torch so the base of the briefcase key, effectively the briefcase key because it is devoid of any number, would function as key 1. Key 1, on the other hand would only open the briefcase.

The culprit took Krauss's key after murdering him, and went into the secret basement to carry out the "switching", that is what Maria saw. He then came back, put the new, useless roman numeral key 1 on Kruass's corpse and locked the door using his newly made briefcase key.

Ah... I wonder if this was good enough to warrant this painfully long journey. But well, at least it will be able to rest now. Well, not yet.

Truth be told, this is not the end yet. There is one more thing you have not solved yet. I feel like it is obvious now that everything's solved. But then again I thought a lot of things would be a given here. So, your choice.

"humbling" experience you say? Well, it was for me too. I'll just be glad if you anything out of it.

Last edited at 13/09/14(Sat)06:03:36
>> No. 13150 edit
File 137927446364.jpg - (247.17KB , 800x661 , Konachan_com - 159227 sample.jpg )
Okay, I'm definitely laughing at myself. You should feel a little happier for beating me Squitcher, I don't believe the only proper role the GM plays is losing in the end. Well played. If anything, it taught me not to give up too early. But you have to admit, I got pretty close with finding the howdunnit in terms of the "spirit of the law" rather than down to the "letter of the law". Mainly, it was this red that was pretty cruel:

Krauss's key was found whole and stayed that way for the whole game. Natsuhi's key stayed whole too.

With that red, I'm hoping you can see my fumbling thought process. I suppose you meant it stayed whole for the rest of the game thereafter being found, but when you state the "whole game" I'm thinking from the beginning when they get on the island to the very end. I was trying to find a way around that with "welded keys together without breaking them" to the "number was melted down or hidden." When those were denied along with the existence of that red, I just didn't see a way out. Sorry for not seeing that and dragging your game on... I wouldn't wish that upon any game on purpose.

The last thing, the who and why-dunnit right? Or is there something else with the how? I think you're forgetting who you're dealing with in picking what's obvious. To start, I’ll stick with Kanon and Shannon as the culprit and accomplice. I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure why Rosa and Rudolf did what they did though.
Kanon is the culprit. Shannon is an accomplice. She threatened to kill people if Genji didn’t comply. Genji gave them all the items from the store house. For the second paradox, Kanon knocked on the door but was told to go away. He went around the back and knocked on the window. Maybe he threatened Krauss at gunpoint to open the window that would otherwise be obscured by the door. Kanon axed Krauss. He fled with the key and went to the secret basement to switch and open the safe. He had prior knowledge or solved the riddle in time. Kanon then went back to the room with the false key. Third paradox, Kanon or Shannon never had to step into the kitchen for this one. He had prior knowledge of a fire extinguisher. Fourth paradox, Kanon went to stab Rudolf in the heart through the chain lock when Natsuhi left the servants for a minute. Rudolf was dragged into the room from the time between when Natsuhi and Jessica left to when Kanon came on scene for the third paradox. An axe was previously left hidden in the room or Kanon threw it in. As the pain was too much for Rudolf as he was bleeding out, he used the axe to cut his throat and bled out faster, but the real finishing blow was still the stab to be considered a murder. Kanon used the special key to lock the door. Fifth paradox, Shannon placed the letter to cause a fight so Kanon could sneak out. Rosa left Maria: Out of fear, needed to check something, solved the riddle, or was coerced to do so. Kanon took the chance to slash her throat and leave her in the dining room.

Kanon had the means and motive to do so, as the money would be funneled to the Fuikin house rather than the greedy parents. He may have had prior knowledge to the layout of the guesthouse, and had access to the corpses. As he was becoming more obvious of a culprit, he figured his master key would be taken from him at one point, so he devised a plan for a “Theseus’s key” to set up the final paradoxes.

Last edited at 13/09/15(Sun)18:07:22
>> No. 13195 edit
File 13770486559.jpg - (79.05KB , 500x549 , tumblr_m8uewhclcm1qjugdxo1_500.jpg )
Ah, well yeah, that was what I was going with, but I guess I could've phrased it better. Balance between easy, fair and hard is a difficult thing to accomplish.
But yeah, you were very close to finding the truth, which is why I previously said that you would laugh at yourself, you did well in most respect honestly, and thank you just for staying this far.

Heh, well let me state the truth as it is.

Kyrie was the culprit, Rudolf the accomplice.

The motive is a bit blurry and as I said back on the first post, the why was never really thought-out that much.
But basically it went as such :
After the family reunion, they were both, as much as everyone very preoccupied with solving that riddle. Since they couldn't make sense of it, they tried to get something out of Genji by following him. Lucky for them, they saw him getting inside the secret basement by following him, and managed to sneak behind him, wrecking the entirety of Kinzo's plan.
Then, they so discovered that the safe which contained the gold could only be opened with the four roman keys. Since the rules stipulated that whoever would find the gold first would get it, this would mean that the four siblings would ideally discover it together, and then so share he gold equally.
Kinzo tried to get the siblings closer this way, and push them to cooperate.

However, Kyrie didn't interpret it this way, and decided that the other way to get the keys was to take them from everyone else.

Then, they devised a plan. Using a handgun Kyrie had personally brought, Rudolf faked to threaten to kill Kyrie in front of Genji in the courtyard, which he was going to get back the teacups left there by Hideyoshi and Eva (A minor detail, how I love them.), he said if Genji didn't give him the gold, he would shoot her, however, Genji wouldn't comply, seeing that he wouldn't go against Kinzo's orders, Rudolf ordered him to go take the Storehouse key from the servant room.
This is why Genji looked so strange to both Kanon and Shannon that night, Rudolf was threatening Kyrie just outside.

Then, Genji got into the storehouse himself under the orders of Rudolf, which explicitly said nothing would happen to anybody if he complied, Genji got out the objects that were missing for them, then was ordered to set up the string thing.
At this point it was decided that he needed to be killed, since letting him free now would be the worst decision. So using the string trick that genji himself set up, they shot him from outside the window, effectively setting the first paradox.

Well to be perfectly correct, Kyrie shot him, in a very cinematic scene I had in my head, where the gun in rudolf's hand goes into Kyrie's, and saying some badass one-liner she shoots him mercilessly.

Then they take the numerous objects the retrieved into the basement.

Krauss is killed by Rudolf, Kyrie stayed in the parlor when it happened, simply covering for him. He got to Krauss's room by getting out the window of his room, since Krauss's was near, it was easy to do. Then he did the forging thing which was done for practical purposes only at first.

During the dinner they drugged a lot of people's drinks, explaining why they had to be waken up with water : They did so to get Eva out of the room easily and so that battler wouldn't find out they weren't there anymore, of course Kyrie only pretended to be.

They got eva out of the room by threatening the sleeping George and Hideyoshi with the gun, pushed her to get into the kitchen, inside of which was put the trapped extinguisher, ordered her to lock it, and then burned her from outside the room using a hand-made flamethrower using spray and Rudolf's lighter.

Then, they got into their room and waited for morning. Once they heard Shannon's cry and Natsuhi and Jessica rushing out of their room, Rudolf got in, thinking he would only fake his death. This is why he slashed himself, to fake his death (which would have been discovered pretty fast had it stayed that way.)

However Kyrie decided to betray him, called him up to the door and stabbed him, wearing a raincoat which she quickly hid under her own bed afterwards, and then pretended to be asleep, before being woken up by the others.

The reason for Kyrie's betrayal is sorta blurry, but the final letter is what sorta explains it : she simply didn't find in him what she once loved, plus greed, and all that good stuff.

The letter found the next day was meant both as a way to instill chaos to allow everyone to be separated, so to carry out murders more easily, and also the content itself reflects her own betrayal.

Then, she lures rosa out of the room with a letter sent through the window slit saying she knows how to find the gold, and quickly kills her after she gets out of the room.

Also, I didn't mention, but for each murder they were used on the safe before being put back. Now being able to open the safe, she hids the gold under a destroyed part of the basement's ground, which she covers up afterwars. She poses the letter and then proceeds to return to her room.

Her plan is now simply to get out of the island with everyone, then to get back the gold later on her own.

Well, there you go. I planned a lot of things about it, but to be honest it never needed to and was never meant to be solvable as such.

Though, I thought Rudolf's death would bring light to the fact that he was an accomplice (Since slash and all), and so obviously make Kyrie the mastermind. But well, I had taken special care to make the howdunnit solvable independently from the whodunnit, so I guess it turned out fine anyway.

...Woah this was really long to write, longer than I'd ever thought it'd be.
Honestly I probably have a lot of things i'm forgetting that I have to add. Especially about the Meta-sequence and the Final letter, but I can't think about it clearly right now.

In the end, it didnt really turn out like I expected to, and I think I can blame myself a lot for it, and for numerous decisions. I guess such a lengthy game was in the first place not meant to be carried out in this way.

Ah, well, what is done, is done. I could deem it a failure, but I thorougly enjoyed myself nonetheless. I just wish things would have gone differently, but it's not something I can blame you for. All in all. A good experience. Dunno if I'll make another gameboard.

Well, such was the end of an unpopular gameboard. Let it rest forever in the abyss of this place. For good now. Thanks for staying so long Camphor. Thanks to everyone who participated. Imagining there is some, thanks to the lurkers to. If anyone feels like making some comment about this. I'd be happy to hear them out. But I'm probably getting ahead of myself here.
>> No. 13199 edit
File 137928814560.jpg - (1.27MB , 850x1258 , sample_624dde85e6039165a7692d652690632e48583dbb.jpg )
Great job Squitcher, I wouldn't call it a failure though. You can think of it by mere chance that you chose a less-than satisfactory opponent, so I thank you for bearing with my long absences. The set up was great, probably what got me hooked. And everything came together nicely. The turn out during the heated parts of the actual gameplay were exciting, the how-dunnit trick was fresh and deserving of its title, albeit hard to pinpoint with all the semantics involved with two keys at once. The RP game really was a godsend though, I don't think it would be possible to have the right mindset without it, so I thank you for setting up that. The who-dunnit was a little less clear, but after reading it makes sense. I think I was just tunnel-visioned with Kanon and Shannon as possible suspects for too long. I mean, they had the damn master keys, so that should have been plain and clear that they're not involved with another key. The part about Rudolf being the obvious accomplice did come to mind, but for some reason I was just caught up in minor details of pronouns labeling the culprit male. All in all, this was really entertaining over the summer and I hope the experience didn't make you drop /gameboard/ altogether, because I know this had quite the opposite effect on me (When I was less fustrated anyway). Hopefully, I can one day make something near as thought provoking as this gameboard was, either as another game here or some other medium.

Anyway, I'm just really happy this game is over now, even if it's not the best outcome. Hope you didn't get the wrong impression that I didn't enjoy it with my melodramatic responses. You did good.

May it rest in peace...

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>> No. 13202 edit
File 130854934890.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
>not female culprit
>> No. 13206 edit
File 137928947370.png - (150.50KB , 309x407 , ya ok.png )
>He then came back, put the new, useless roman numeral key 1 on Kruass's corpse
>He then came back,

Last edited at 13/09/15(Sun)16:59:26
>> No. 13245 edit
File 137703456883.jpg - (531.36KB , 740x1000 , Shishigami_Leo_full_1289595.jpg )
Always undermining yourself Camphor. I wouldn't consider you less than satisfactory. As I said, I consider you to have been at least a decent detective. Your skills are not the problem, just the dragging out of the game itself was.

Anyway, thanks. If you got that much out of this messy creation, then I'll simply be happy.
Now, this experience actually makes me want to create more gameboard to fill the frustration left behind, but I'm afraid classes won't let that happen that easily.
But it's not out of the question neither.

Thanks anon. I hope if there is ever a next one, such a problem won't occur again.

Follow through, Rudolf did.
Kyrie was in the parlor. Rudolf entirely took care of the 1st paradox by himself.
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