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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 138317144220.png - (6.64KB , 96x96 , aa5badge.png )
13410 No. 13410 edit
This is your Attorney's Badge. There are many badges like it, but this one is yours. Without your badge, you are nothing. With your badge, you are still nothing, but at least you have a badge, and that makes you feel better about yourself.
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>> No. 13425 edit
File 137661988379.png - (67.89KB , 480x280 , 2(535).png )
Your client, Dew Yousee. He's been accused of theft of a bomb. He claims to have been mistaken for security detail.
>> No. 13426 edit
File 138335933273.png - (201.83KB , 417x525 , Haruhi11.png )
Public prosecutor in charge of this case. She speaks with determination and in a loud voice. She has a reputation for pursuing justice fiercely. Supposedly, whenever she gets bored with a case, bad things happen?
>> No. 13452 edit
File 138455203627.png - (1.02KB , 70x70 , note.png )
Note bearing Yousee's signature. It's a statement saying the undersigned has arrived and will be guarding the location.
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