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File 138717444277.jpg - (65.13KB , 339x480 , 130361676455.jpg )
13471 No. 13471 edit
I decided to make this story on a whim. Whether or not you consider this a fair gameboard is up to you. So, let's get started.

But before we do, the rules:

-This gameboard is intended for Ozaki to solve.
-Ozaki will receive only one chance to determine the solution.
-The solution consists of the who, how, and why. Please state all three in your 'answer' post.
-Should Ozaki fail to solve this in one post, this gameboard will be open for everyone to solve.

October 5th, 1986

Rosa awoke to the sound of crashing thunder. She had overslept. It seems the alarm didn't go off because it was set for 6:00 PM, not 6:00 AM. What a bad mistake on her part!

Instead, it was already 11:30 AM, and breakfast was long over. But why hadn't anyone come to wake her up before now? She had expected a servant, such as Gohda, to have knocked on her door, or called her room. Was she that heavy a sleeper?

Soon enough, her senses came to her. Where was Maria? Wasn't she sleeping in this room with Rosa last night?

Rosa approached the door. It was locked. She unlocked it and stepped into the hallway, looking for signs of Maria. Oh, if she ever got caught! How would she explain this to anyone...?!

She peeked inside the cousins' room. Maybe she had snuck off during the middle of the night to go play games with Battler, George, and Jessica? Rosa saw those three inside the room, but there was no sign of Maria.

Continuing her search downstairs, she met her siblings in the guesthouse lobby. Krauss, Eva, and Rudolf all sat around a table, although none of them said a word. Kumasawa and Nanjo sat together at another table, both of them silent. Only the rain could be heard talking.

Rosa wanted to ask them where Maria might have gone. However, she also didn't want to be teased for being an irresponsible parent. Those siblings of hers often picked on her for being a bad mother to Maria. Too young, too inexperienced, too immature. So Rosa said nothing.

Instead, she went to the bar, where she found Genji organizing some wine bottles. Rosa asked Genji if he could make her some coffee, and the old servant obliged.

......Something felt odd. Yes, Rosa had felt something was off since she woke up, but now it was clear to her. As she looked at her siblings from her seat at the bar, she saw each of them held a Winchester rifle in their hands. Why would they...?

Rosa whispered her question to Genji, who had given her a cup of coffee in return. He turned to face the siblings, closed his eyes, and spoke to her: 'I apologize, Rosa. Something terrible happened today at breakfast'.

Rosa inquired further. Genji explained that Kinzo had come out of his study for breakfast, the first time in many months. Rosa asked why her father decided to do so. She was met with a chilling response.

Genji spoke bluntly: it was murder. Natsuhi, Hideyoshi, Kyrie, Gohda, Shannon, and Maria were all killed at breakfast this morning. He summoned evil demons to carry out the massacre. Everyone but Rosa was witness to this crime.

After Kinzo had killed those six, he fled into the forest. The siblings each broke into Kinzo's study, where they confiscated three of his rifles. They were unable to find the fourth gun.

Rosa had to ask Genji to repeat the names of the victims. Yes, Maria was among them. Genji sincerely apologized for her loss, but Rosa would have nothing of it. She refused to believe Genji, saying that it was all a bunch of lies! Unless Rosa saw a corpse, she would refuse to believe that her daughter had been killed!

......So, at her hasty request, Genji brought Rosa to the scene of the crime.

The dining room was a mess. Six bodies were seated at the table, in their usual places. However, all of these bodies were dead, with various wounds and spots of blood on their clothes. Rosa ran straight to Maria. Her head was torn apart, so it was hard to see her face. It almost looked like a plastic doll made to resemble Rosa's daughter.

Rosa refused to believe that her daughter was dead. Yes, it wasn't really her! Without a face, how can Rosa be so sure that's her daughter sitting there? Even when all the other corpses have faces, even though they're sitting there just like Maria, and are undeniably those people who were alive just yesterday... No, that couldn't be Maria slumped over on that chair!!!

...The rain continued to pour down. Yes, it had been raining this whole time. The weather continued mercilessly through the night. In fact, that was the reason Rosa was forced to stay here in the first place.

If only Rosa hadn't gone to sleep, if only she had monitored the whereabouts of her child. But how did she escape the room? How did Maria leave, lock the door, and wind up in that chair?

Rosa burst into tears. Genji tried to comfort her with words, but those had no effect on that poor mother. Rosa asked herself why this had to happen. She asked herself over and over, why...?!

And then, she knew. That person is the one behind all of this...!!!

Who is the culprit?
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>> No. 13472 edit
File 13798296962.png - (253.34KB , 374x347 , rukiddingme.png )
>Whether or not you consider this a fair gameboard is up to you.
My theory is based off this. In other words the funnest one that works.

>Rosa saw those three inside the room
>none of them said a word
>both of them silent
Everyone is already dead.

>It almost looked like a plastic doll made to resemble Rosa's daughter.
Lets say this really is true. Then Maria was spared.

Now who would kill everyone and save Maria?
My theory is Rosa is the culprit. For all we know Rosa is the new "Kinzo" she killed everyone besides Maria and Genji.

> Those siblings of hers often picked on her for being a bad mother to Maria.
That is the why. Just like any other umineko theory the unrealistic hate for the family plus maybe the duty as the new Kinzo allowed her to kill everyone. And you know that always tempting money.

Maria only appears to have left a closed room because Rosa set the chain and locks herself. There is the how.
After doing all the deeds she came back there to rest and from the trauma and shock she momentarily forgot everything. Genji then took it upon himself to remind her.

Well then, what do you say Kinjo?
>> No. 13473 edit
File 131794550038.png - (161.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia1.png )
Rosa is not the culprit. Sorry.

However, I must say I like that theory a lot. But it's not what I came up with, so that's your loss.

This game is now open to everyone. Unlimited tries, but please don't shotgun it. Hopefully there is no need for that.
>> No. 13474 edit
File 138717659769.png - (132.16KB , 432x477 , Wizardhuntingronoue_isthatso.png )
Rosa is not the culprit because the moment she took on the rank of family head, she ceased to be Rosa, and instead assumed the new identity of Rozo, a combination of the names Rosa and Kinzo! then she-

No, that's just stupid. I got nothing.
>> No. 13475 edit
File 138717760488.jpg - (39.62KB , 191x234 , 129438657233.jpg )
Kinjo is the culprit, he was mentioned at the very top of the post, also further evidence is this was written by you, and we all know you have to inject yourself into everything.

Also it wasn't Maria, but a homemade ^^^-doll make to look like Maria.

Why: Kinjo couldn't stand not having the real thing another minute, so he decided to kill and steal Maria away, he had to kill 5 others to make it seem like Maria had really died.
>> No. 13476 edit
File 131794509272.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )
Well I should have expected these kinds of theories... There are no name tricks. Someone whose name appears in the story is the culprit, and each name refers to separate, individual people. And Kinjo is not the culprit.

Last edited at 13/12/15(Sun)23:11:41
>> No. 13477 edit
File 137697310187.png - (251.27KB , 500x425 , tumblr_m7jxjpiaNz1rbgqnpo1_500.png )
Ok I'm just gonna take everything on face value for fun:

>Kinzo had killed those six
>They were unable to find the fourth gun.
>Everyone but Rosa was witness to this crime.
The real Kinzo is the culprit. Did exactly as Genji laid out but replacing the demon attack with a riffled ambush.

As Ozaki said, Maria never slept in Rosa's room in the first place, she locked the door behind her.

Kinzo killed his offspring's spouses for sacrifices and he's insane etc., and killed Maria to teach Rosa a lesson to not neglect her child! Such an astounding feat of logic right here.
>> No. 13478 edit
File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
Kinzo is not the culprit. Good try though.
>> No. 13479 edit
File 138717913987.png - (99.73KB , 205x307 , beato_owl.png )
My bad little girl Maria is the culprit. She wanted to help Beatrice or is just insane from bad parenting, I didn't slap her around enough.

She killed the others, and is either hiding or is dead. Everyone is lying to Rosa because they don't want her to know the truth. But Rosa figures it out instantly that it was Maria, female intuition or something or other, maybe the mother's can read your mind thing or something. Knows her child's actions. Take you pick.

Maria is culprit.
>> No. 13480 edit
File 131794687915.png - (144.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia1a.png )
Maria is not a bad little girl the culprit.
>> No. 13481 edit
File 138717950741.png - (162.56KB , 388x480 , phoenixtakethat.png )
A person on Rokkenjima is the culprit!
>> No. 13482 edit
File 134170555454.png - (41.35KB , 434x480 , wdk_up.png )
That seems to be a reasonable assumption.
>> No. 13483 edit
File 13871796986.png - (384.10KB , 500x661 , wood.png )
The cousins are the culprits. How they could play card games when murderers are on the prowl is proof, everyone lied to protect their kids.
>> No. 13484 edit
File 13588144173.jpg - (43.87KB , 269x263 , 236244.jpg )
Genji culprit.
Rosa never checked the window which could have been unlocked. Alternatively Maria never even slept in the room.
Genji faked Maria's death because Rosa was being a bad parent. It was to protect Maria.

>> No. 13485 edit
File 138718013054.png - (142.83KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia2.png )
Howdunnit? Whydunnit?

Genji is not the culprit. The window was locked and plays no part in the solution. When Rosa went to sleep, Maria was in the same room.
>> No. 13486 edit
File 138718044646.gif - (1.00MB , 500x374 , 1353349714222.gif )
Maria never left Rosa's room in the first place. She stayed in it hidden either of her volition or due to the culprit's meddling. The rest were killed by the culprit who is making everyone pretend Maria was killed because this gameboard makes sense that way.
>> No. 13487 edit
File 131803167260.png - (144.19KB , 434x480 , wdk_fumana1a.png )
Ouch, that hurt! Correct, Maria simply hid in the room. The corpse Rosa found was a fake after all. Anyone you want to name as the culprit?
>> No. 13488 edit
File 138718109637.png - (132.58KB , 302x285 , 138370957488.png )

Seems to make the more sense.

Last edited at 13/12/16(Mon)00:05:08
>> No. 13489 edit
File 13871813672.png - (308.59KB , 640x480 , 138674204972.png )
Seems that was denied already...

Well, it could be any of the men really, since they can easily make everyone pretend their own loved one (ex : Natsuhi for Krauss) is dead by threatening them or some shit.
I guess I'll go with Krauss because why not.
>> No. 13490 edit
File 13871815076.jpg - (77.69KB , 329x323 , kurisu.jpg )
Gohda because he's a chef and can fake stuff with red pastry.

Everyone's not dead, and rather hiding in Rosa's room for a surprise party. The person behind all this is Gohda because he decorated the fake corpses and convinced Genji to stall time to talk about fake murders. Genji was organizing the wine for the celebration. The culprit is defined by the one who made the fake corpses per say.
>> No. 13491 edit
File 132519693937.png - (49.59KB , 196x195 , wwwwwww.png )
Congratulations! That is correct Krauss is the culprit!

The Solution: Krauss, Eva, and Rudolf all played a prank on Rosa. They got their spouses to fake their deaths, and even Gohda and Shannon were in on it. They wanted to scare Rosa into taking better care of her child. So Maria intentionally changed the alarm clock so Rosa would oversleep and just so happen to miss a massacre at breakfast, where her daughter is supposedly killed. Maria never died and just hid in the room. Guessing any one of those three people would be considered a win.
>> No. 13492 edit
File 136971470450.jpg - (107.58KB , 600x800 , yes.jpg )
Having a nine year old fake her death.....
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