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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 130836997930.png - (135.65KB , 405x480 , rio_defa1.png )
1372 No. 1372 edit
I open this gameboard to Challengue those that have confidence in challenging me.

before starting I want to mention that I am looking forward to the New persons's performance.

The special feature of this gameboard is that it contains very few murders (Five twilights only (not counting the third one which isnt a murder)
The first and the second twilight will remain intact.
The fourth fifth and Sixth Twilight will each have 4 murders

Like all my gameboards To win against me you will have to solve the Whodunnit Howdunnit and the Whydunnit
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>> No. 1373 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
Alright, Kinjo's game fired me up.
Feel free to start whenever you want.
>> No. 1374 edit
File 130837229998.png - (64.25KB , 347x480 , ozaki_akuwaraia1.png )
Ahaha, Kinjo's game did seem to have that effect, even though I'm not even done it yet.

I'll join in as well.
>> No. 1375 edit
File 130837413723.png - (153.14KB , 405x480 , RionTuloringu.png )

Roses are red Violets are blue This poem is unrelated to the gameboard and you have been trolled -*CACKLE*CACKLE*CACKLE*Lion laughed hard ,and grabbed a black chess pawn
-So you are my new challenger? , it have been so long since I had an opponent., so , I am looking forward toward to this game.
My game is very different from others since in this one I will rewrite the story and re-write the truth of what happened in Rokkenjima
I am also looking forward to see you surrender

In this kakera : Lion Shannon Kanon are different persons
Ange is here

20 human pieces are present

No Din and No Knox, Just........LION'S DECALOGUE!

1- Yasu-like characters cant exist So No Shkanon solutions are allowed
2-There must be hints.
3- Secret passages are forbidden
4- The Culprit is Someone that appears in the story
5- The Detective must be the reader
6- things like "When kanon was killed battler inherited his name" are forbidden
7- a too-obvious suspect cannot be the culprit.
8- Personal reasons must be the motive of murder
9- Things like Yakuzas are forbidden here
10- the method of murder mustv be logical

Anyway things were like this:

-Onii-chan is a pervert- said Ange
-Uuu Battler is a hentai- said Maria
Jessica didnt say anything she just glared at battler

-Battler-kun , It is innapropiate to touch a girl in that way-said George

-Its seems like it isnt like before- said Battler grabbing his sore cheek

The cousins were very happy to see each other, because this was the first time that the five cousins were reunited. Since they were reunited they could do alot of fun things like playing cards all night.

-Uuu I hope that Lion reunite with us as soon as possible- said Maria worried

-Since he will be the next head he have to attend the discussion -said Jessica in a calm tone

-It must be hard for him being the head , I am glad granfather already choosed a sucessor, Otherwise Mother would pressure me to become the next head- said George nervously

-Poor Lion , if i dont have bad memory , he was the kind of guy that was always busy I hope he can join us later...-said battler in a sad tone

The counsins entered in the mansion and they greeted their uncles and aunts.

-Brats I think you should go to to the Beach , the adults and Lion are going to talk about something.

-Go to the Beach I will see if I can catch you -said Lion

the cousins agreed with what Lion said and went to the Beach for a while.

-Mother they are gone now. -said Lion

-Then we can start the family conference -said Natsuhi

The seven adults and Lion were gathered in the parlor ,

Eva started to speak

Krauss-nii-san there is no point in hiding it anymore , say it Kinzo is dead

Rudolf Rosa and I will take legal actions if you dont bring Father right now!

Krauss just smiled and said : "Father can you come here?"

Eva Rudolf and Rosa were shocked by the notice


-So my dear son and cute daughters think I am dead? why is that?

Rudolf started to speak

-We were afraid that Krauss was mistreating you

-Mistreating me? You are the ones that are mistreating me , trying to divide my money even thought I am alive , trying to corner krauss so that he can give you some money

-What you did is Unforgivable!!! Lion can you leave the room please?

and tell your cousins that your parents and I will be at my office the rest of the day also , tell them to stay in the guest house.

-Yes Grandfather - said Lion

During the rest of the day the cousins were playing on the beach, they took their dinner in the guesthouse and they went to sleep......

==End of October 4==
>> No. 1376 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , 130531122190.png )
As long as you do not mind, I will participate.

If you will use red, will you to confirm that the additional people to the island are exactly the "original 18" (with Kinzo alive, and Shannon/Kanon separate) as well as Lion and whoever this 20th person is.
>> No. 1377 edit
Oh, the 20th is Ange...
>> No. 1378 edit
== Night of October 4th==

I am very dissapointed of your sins-said Kinzo

You Krauss you foolishly spended all the Ushiromiya fortune on useless things-

Eva you always wanted to be like a Man didnt you? You never learned to be a proper woman

Rudolf , you lust tainted the Ushiromiya Honor , and now You bear with that Sin.

and Rosa , you are also tainted with the feeling of lust........


Hideyoshi you are too soft to be a Food-chain leader

Natsuhi , you are too occupatied trying to be someone acceptable to the Ushiromiyas but you always forget about your Daughter

and Kyrie, what is more important to you? Love , Money?

Yes I know all about you , and what you been doing all the time and now is time for you to pa---------

suddenly alot of golden butterflies appeared , suddenly a figure appeared , it looked similar to a certain person.........it was....Beatrice

Everyone looked surprised at the golden Witch.

-Beatrice what are you doing here the ceremony was supposed to start on October 5

-No Kinzo, it starts at the night of October 4.

Hmmm I have 8 sacrifices............I can only kill Six...........

I see....Goats Grab the Eight sacrifices! put to sleep Natsuhi and Eva the rest of you will stay quiet While I introduce you my new Invention!

-My sphere of light!

Now I will insert them in your HEAD!

Beatrice then inserted her 6 light balls on Hideyoshi Kyrie Rudolf Krauss Rosa and Kinzo.

Everyone fell sleep...........

Gaap who was watching the murders decided to play a prank to beato , and took the "corpses" of Eva and Natsuhi

==October 5==

Jessica Lion Battler Maria Ange and George were Crying .......

Since they lost their parents........

Eva and Natsuhi , appeared in the parlor and asked what happened?

The murder is simple
Someone killed the six adults and Eva and Natsuhi escaped even thought they were sleep.
>> No. 1379 edit
anyone is welcome to participate!
>> No. 1380 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
Alright, let's see. If this is a mystery then I will ask for some basic clarifications.

*You said the detective is the reader, then do that mean we have no objective perspective at all?
*Saying the adults died can mean a lot of things, can you please elaborate a post explaining the time and how each corpse was discovered?
*And as Ozaki asked, is possible to get a list of the characters that have interaction in this story?
>> No. 1381 edit
1-The pieces of the game are: Kinzo Ushiromiya Krauss Ushiromiya Eva Ushiromiya Rudolf Ushiromiya Rosa Ushiromiya Kyrie Ushiromiya Hideyoshi Ushiromiya , Natsuhi Ushiromiya ,Lion Ushiromiya , George Ushiromiya , Battler Ushiromiya , Jessica Ushiromiya , Maria Ushiromiya , Ange Ushiromiya , Kanon , Shannon ,Kumasawa , Genji, Gohda and Nanjo

2- While Genji was on his morning duty he noticed that the parlor was locked , Genji found this strange so he used the master key
when he entered the Parlor he saw the corpses of the Ushiromiyas , at first Genji thought they were sleeping but he noticed that they had a Hole on their head.

3-To compensate for the lack of a detective I am going to use a traditional color I like so much Green With this You can request anything you want to know , in short words it is your weapong for discovering things
aditionally some characters will speak in green.
>> No. 1382 edit
Check to see if all of the wounds are identical. Also check for any room tampering, any sort of importance to corpse layout, and see if there are any other wounds.

Must get the basics done first
>> No. 1383 edit
addiotional information :they were found like in the first twilight of EP2 (Sitting at a table)
>> No. 1384 edit
Results of the Investigation:
All the Wounds are identical. the wounds are of the size of a thick pencil. they are the only wounds

The table is very dirty with blood, it looks like it was sprayed with red paint

The Windows are perfectly closed,and apparently everything is fine except the walls that are sprayed also with blood
>> No. 1386 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
Well then I'd like to ask about #3 of your Lion's Decalogue. Is there any difference from this and Knox's 3rd?

And just a reassuring question to stop my incoherent track of ideas.
Give me the details on what Battler did to(i assume)Jessica at the beginning.

And finally some more basics,
How many keys are there in this game that can open the parlor? Might as well tell us how many Master Keys there are as well.
>> No. 1387 edit
File 130837929289.png - (95.69KB , 291x478 , kanonwithapinwheel.png )
Investigate all the visible areas of the parlor. Investigate and list every possible entrance/exit that exist in the room, and how do they work. For example the door to the parlor, is it possible to lock the door while it's still open?
>> No. 1388 edit
File 130837946671.png - (595.03KB , 995x1224 , ron_a11 default 1.png )
I guess I could give it a go...
>> No. 1389 edit
Same as Knox 3rd My decalogue is basically a compilation of rules, that can create a good mystery and that fits my gameboards

He touched her boobs,Battler always did this to jessica as a game when they were childrens. He tried this again and.........kihihi.

5 master keys Kumasawa,Gohda,Genji,Kanon,Shannon.

One more hint :
The lack of Knox and van dine is a great guide to solve this game.
>> No. 1390 edit
File 130837978978.png - (552.23KB , 723x1224 , ron_a13 default 2.png )
So, you're saying that we're not bound by any of Knox nor Van Dine's rules to solve this?
>> No. 1391 edit
Results of the Investigation
due to the age of the door it is only possible opening and locking it with the master key while it is closed.

There is only One door(the entrance) and four windows

The windows can only be opened from the inside

there is a damaged contact

The Major part of this murder is the murder itself.
>> No. 1392 edit
Yes , but you are bound by my decalogue :

1- Yasu-like characters cant exist So No Shkanon solutions are allowed
2-There must be hints.
3- Secret passages are forbidden
4- The Culprit is Someone that appears in the story
5- The Detective must be the reader
6- things like "When kanon was killed battler inherited his name" are forbidden
7- a too-obvious suspect cannot be the culprit.
8- Personal reasons must be the motive of murder
9- Things like Yakuzas are forbidden here
10- the method of murder must be logical

I have to go to the Bed but I am looking forward to your possible answers to this murder.
>> No. 1393 edit
File 130838047637.png - (594.87KB , 995x1224 , ron_a11 serious 1.png )
Gives me enough time to think through all of it, but I'll be asleep when it starts again, so I might get my ideas written down so that I don't miss this
>> No. 1394 edit
File 130838102581.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
The lack of knox huh?
Between the group of people who died in the first twilight one of them either commit suicide, faked is death or had an accidental death.
Between the group of people who died in the first twilight at least, if not all died because of a trap X!
The culprit/s used compressed air to kill the victims!

>> No. 1395 edit
File 13084017334.png - (568.48KB , 709x1224 , ron_a12 serious 1.png )
O-okay, here I go...

At least one of the victims died from a drug that the culprit/s had used on him/her
>> No. 1396 edit
There were a lot of characters not mentioned at all (none of the servants as well as nanjo were not mentioned in the story even though they are on the island
I propose these people are eliminated from the possible whodunnit immediately! The should make the whodunnit much easier
>> No. 1397 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , 130531122190.png )
I'm also tempted to ask what kind of table and what the seating arrangements were for the sacrifices.

The main table in the parlor must have been a coffee table, and there must have been couches and armchairs around it. This may or may not prove important.

Also I'm wondering about Natsuhi and Eva "appearing" in the parlor. Did they walk through the door or did they hop through a window, or did they appear from the shadows/behind curtains, etc? For more incentive, It is possible that Eva and Natsuhi avoided being killed by hiding (intentionally or accidentally) while everyone else in the room were being killed. If this is the case, I think it is odd that they would not be in the same room, which leads me to believe one of them is the culprit.

Although I'm also tempted to investigate further Battler's groping as it seems to maybe be a "personal reason." (Hope that's not a red herring.
>> No. 1398 edit
Well, until now is very "simple", I guess. It's a long time since I played this last Red vs Blue game.
Now, let's see if I still have mind for this.

1) About Natsuhi and Eva disappearence:
- Repeat in red: "At the moment Ushiromiya Eva and Ushiromiya Natsuhi entered in Parlor, none of two left the interior of Parlor by force"
- repeat in red: "Ushiromiya Eva and Ushiromiya Natsuhi weren't drugged. This eliminate the process 'Move the asleep body', which indicates that
Ushiromiya Eva and Ushiromiya Natsuhi in some moment of assembly left by there on"

2)Investigation (I don't know what is the code for green, sorry)
[gr]Ivestigate "hidden" areas: Under the table, under the chairs, sofas, etc[/gr]
>> No. 1399 edit
I think it will be hard to participate today as I will be traveling and will hve to use my phone
>> No. 1400 edit
there were no Accidental deaths or suicides

they werent killed by a trapThe only traps involved are zepar and furfur~~~~~

In this gameboard the parlor is very small
with only a Sofa and a cofee table with 8 chairs
and a chinmey

At the moment Ushiromiya Eva and Ushiromiya Natsuhi entered in Parlor, none of two left the interior of Parlor by force
Ushiromiya Eva and Ushiromiya Natsuhi were drugged.

>> No. 1401 edit
Lion's third : No secret passages are allowed

The only things that are in the room are the corpses , the table . the chairs . the sofa and the chinmey

>> No. 1402 edit
No secret passages still allows for th exit via chimney. It is not secret since we have been informed of it's existence. But exactly how one could leave and enter by chimney is hard to find out (inb4 Santa claus)
>> No. 1403 edit
You don't need to explain how chimney was used. Just use Devil's Proof and ta-dam! You don't need to explain! *laughs*
>> No. 1404 edit
Do not forgo th method, it is the essnce of the closed room! Meta would be ashamed (trollololol)
>> No. 1405 edit
indeed , but at least I can say this much :

there are not passages in the chinmey
>> No. 1406 edit
what does that mean? There is an opening big enough for a person and/or weapon shot to get through! I believe this is the key to the truth. A weapon shot includes anything that would or could be used to kill (intentionally or not) including bullets, arrows, magnets, pistols, projectile drugs, lasers, shrapnel, or anything of the like.
>> No. 1407 edit
1) Investigation:
[gree]Investigate this suspicious "damage contact" (I want you to, please, specify this damage contact, if you can)
>> No. 1408 edit
Btw, when will the other twilights occur? Do we have to solve at least the howdunnit for this one first? Or will it mve on, completed or not?
>> No. 1409 edit
There is only One door(the entrance) and four windows

Results of the investigation :
the contact is damaged , it looks like someone tried to tear it off.
>> No. 1410 edit
contact of what now? The window?

Also, that red does not suffice... The chimney could still be used as an exit or as a way to kill
>> No. 1411 edit
Electrical contact
The chinmey is not an exit of the parlor
>> No. 1412 edit
with this last red , All the clues and hints are in its place.
>> No. 1413 edit
electrical contact fir what? A defibrillator that aided in killing?

Still possible for th chimney to be used for transporting something in or out. The chimney is important and is not a red herring
>> No. 1414 edit

the chinmey is a red herring
>> No. 1415 edit
All of the servants as well as Nanjo are neither culprits nor accomplices as they were not mentioned in the story. Additionally, the children did not all necessarily all stay in the guest house all night long unless it is confirmed in red. Additionally, it is possible the killing could hav been done by one of the cousins before they all went to stay in the guesthouse
>> No. 1416 edit
at least for this murder the Servants and The cousins that went to the guest house arent the murderers
>> No. 1417 edit
The culprit will have to be either one of the victims or Natsuhi or Eva. Please confirm the names of all of the dead victims
>> No. 1421 edit
Lion's 7th : A too obvious suspect cannot be the culprit

the persons that were in the room before the murders were

>> No. 1423 edit
I take it you wont confirm in red that all 6 "victims" are dead? To not confirm the very basic leaves room for any of them to be the culprit. I get the eerie feeling that there is not one culprit, or something to the extent that 1 culprit killed another.

Can you confirm at least that anyone who did die must have died immediately?
>> No. 1425 edit
File 130828187393.png - (921B , 59x68 , 000Lion000.png )
there is a murderer
everyone died inmediatly
Kinzo was the first that died.

>> No. 1426 edit
Kinzo died first means they didn't all die at once, even though all the strikes were identical and insta-kills. I wonder if the death order is pertinent
>> No. 1427 edit
I suggest a scene reconstruction~
>> No. 1428 edit
Is this even a closed room?
The windows can only be opened from the inside, but that can be closed from the outside.
The last time the door was closed it was when the culprit escaped from the scene of the crime, simply closing it with a master key.

>> No. 1429 edit
The order dont alter the result.

Beatrice killed everyone with a Light ball she inserted in their heads , Gaap took the bodies of Natsuhi and Eva without Beato knowing.

The windows can only be opened from the inside, but that can be closed from the outside.
The last time the door was closed it was when the culprit escaped from the scene of the crime, simply closing it with a master key.

As I mentioned before the locked room is the minor part of this Murder
>> No. 1430 edit
Hmm it would seem the window is the way Natsuhi and Eva escaped. I see no other reason for confirming in red it can be closed from the outside.

The actual weapon I hope is not some complicated device (especially not one that utilizes ignited flammable powders via springs and hammers that projects lead objects and produces a great amount of heat)
>> No. 1431 edit
I can assure one thing : the method of murder is a little complex but at the same time simple.
>> No. 1432 edit
File 130843531296.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
>Otherwise Mother would pressure me
The murder weapon is a pressurized air gun. It was used in the neck of the victims.
>> No. 1433 edit
Air pressure is one of my favorite murder methods.
however......No one died due to air pressure
>> No. 1434 edit
File 13084358819.png - (13.72KB , 217x157 , shannon_heh_ib4f.png )
Alright alright, can we at least get to know where exactly are those pencil-sized wounds in the corpses?
>> No. 1435 edit
the back of their heads.(the hole is in the Nape)

sharp Pencils werent used in the murder
>> No. 1436 edit
File 130843797120.png - (340.94KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 worrying 4.png )
>Get bored while waiting for Kinjo to make a mystery, see this

The holes are from inside the body, not outside. As in something from inside their body shot out and killed them. Also I didn't even read the story.
>> No. 1437 edit
File 130843892266.png - (904B , 59x68 , 2Lion2.png )
The Holes come from Outside
>> No. 1438 edit
File 130843905520.png - (418.40KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 glaring 2.png )

Suuure they did. I see through the trick now. All I needed to do was look at your little poem.
>> No. 1439 edit
File 130843920255.png - (859B , 59x68 , 0Lion1678.png )
I am looking forward to your answer.
>> No. 1440 edit
File 130843937235.png - (419.00KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 worrying 2.png )

Nope. That's all out of me. Let these tools think about what I said.
>> No. 1441 edit
>> No. 1442 edit
Solve it then... Also, I had hoped to start my gameboard tonight, but it seems travelling is taking longer than expected
>> No. 1443 edit
I am looking forward to your gameboard ^^
>> No. 1444 edit
File 13084415622.png - (64.64KB , 347x480 , ozaki_nayamua2.png )
Everyone died while they were sitting down in the chairs.
>> No. 1445 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
The culprit used a strong light that blinded and surprised the victims. There was a trap ready on everyone chair and it activated when the victims moved their neck back
>> No. 1447 edit
They died while sitting on the chairs
There was something that was restraining the victims
The only traps on this game are the twin demons , so no traps in this murder.
>> No. 1448 edit
File 130844448834.png - (32.63KB , 200x200 , test.png )
Restrained and in their chairs? So the real deal is the weapon?
Pressurized water.
A thin stake or another kind of sharp object.
A blunt object applied with some pressure, for example a hammer.

>> No. 1449 edit
Restraining dont necesarily means something physical.
Yes, there was a murder weapon.
>> No. 1450 edit
The way you answer to the blue is a bit misleading, and I'm not totally sure if that's because of your style as a GM, or your "moe style".
Since you didn't properly denied;
The victims of the first twilight were drugged!
And if that doesn't work...
The victims of the first twilight were too scared to react, they had no chance but to accept their fate.
>> No. 1451 edit
<Good> as expected of a my other-self Seacat

Yes a substance assisted in the murder.
>> No. 1452 edit
check the bodies csrefully for any signs of drug use (attempt to determin the kind) via physical searching of both body and attire as well as smelling around and searching fireplaces, ash trays, etc

it feels like he green can only reveal something if I specifically check for it
>> No. 1453 edit
Result of the Investigation :
Drug wasnt found in the wounds.
trace of food was found in the mouths of the murdered people. the food wasnt poisoned
It smells like iron, Wood , and Carbon

>> No. 1454 edit
File 130845379392.png - (554.13KB , 723x1224 , ron_a13 serious 2.png )
The culprit/s killed the murder victims by using a gun to shoot them while they were eating, this explains the thick pencil like holes in their bodies and why they found food in their mouths.
>> No. 1455 edit
Hmm It is interesting ,however Firearms were not used for this murder.
>> No. 1456 edit
I can't see why iron, but wood and carbon could easiy come from a chimney/fireplace (though using the fireplace is questionable as the mansion has central heat (furnace room).

Confirm the death of th corpses via pupil dilation! (this involves holding the pupils open and shining a light onto it and see if it shrinks, the pupil would have to enlargen if their eye lids were closed on a living person that still had sight. A dead person would hav no dilation)
>> No. 1457 edit
None of the six are alive

Rudolf is dead
Rosa is dead
Kinzo is dead
Kyrie is dead
Hideyoshi is dead
Krauss is dead

Blood have the smell of iron Rudolph-kun
>> No. 1458 edit
Ah yes, I suppose it does.

Check the fireplace for aanything other than wood that may have been burned there. Also feel it to see if there is any heat from recent use Any camper should know that a fire can die out by morning but still have warm coals buried below
>> No. 1459 edit
Result of the investigation :
there are only wood ashes ,judging by the status of the fireplace No substance was burned in this fireplace.
>> No. 1460 edit
So it's still a red herring. Then why does it smell like wood and carbon...

Also the food wasn't poisoned, but was it possibly drugged? (maybe I'm splitting hairs too much with terminology)
>> No. 1461 edit
>> No. 1462 edit
File 130851453527.png - (388.86KB , 919x1208 , but_b25 oya-- 1.png )
I'm tired of this, none of you realized one possibility.

The culprit knocked out the victims via drugging their food, and then proceeded to plant a seed in the back of the victims' necks. Over time the seed cracked and rooted into their spines, killing them.

The killer is Kinzo. He spared Natsuhi and Eva because their sins weren't as bad as the rest in his eyes.

The motive is to "root" out the problem children and in-laws.

>> No. 1463 edit
File 130851709797.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
Wait a second, wouldn't that take several days?
>> No. 1464 edit
File 130851767044.png - (417.89KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 oya-- 1.png )

Depends on the plant I believe, then again I'm no botanist. I'd assume it would be between a day and four.
>> No. 1465 edit
Kinzo sucks at Gardening, He didnt plant anyuthing
Althought You are right that the assasain drugged them ,proceeded to kill them and spared Natsuhi and Eva
>> No. 1466 edit
File 130851826827.png - (384.30KB , 756x1219 , but_b11 serious 2.png )

Oh you think you can trick me with that?

Genji planted the seeds on Kinzo's order.

I already knew Kinzo didn't plant them.
>> No. 1467 edit
Seeds werent used in the murder

the murder weapon was created by a man
>> No. 1468 edit
File 130851915549.png - (427.47KB , 879x1208 , but_b23 serious 1.png )

That makes everything easier now.

The culprit is Kinzo. He drugged everyone and then left the room with Natsuhi and Eva's bodies, he locked the door on the way out with them to make sure none of them escaped.
>> No. 1469 edit
File 13084017334.png - (568.48KB , 709x1224 , ron_a12 serious 1.png )
Remember Meta, drugs weren't found in the bodies. So, it doesn't seem like drugs would be the cause
>> No. 1470 edit
You are right
the murderer threw the bodies of eva and natsuhi outside ofthe room , then closed the room and started murdering people
>> No. 1471 edit
Drugs were used to restrain the ushiromiyas not for murdering them.
>> No. 1472 edit
File 130852116072.png - (429.36KB , 879x1208 , but_b23 worrying 2.png )

Alright. There are three culprits I have in mind, question though, Nanjo doesn't count as a servant right?
>> No. 1473 edit
File 130852161481.png - (569.93KB , 709x1224 , ron_a12 surprized 1.png )
Okay, this makes sense.

The culprit was Lion
>> No. 1474 edit
File 130851826827.png - (384.30KB , 756x1219 , but_b11 serious 2.png )
>He guesses his culprits without any reasoning.
>> No. 1476 edit
File 130837978978.png - (552.23KB , 723x1224 , ron_a13 default 2.png )
Well, I'm sorry we can't all be perfect at figuring these out like you are Meta, besides I'm only trying to get better at these.
>> No. 1477 edit
>he guesses the method with only a small correlation
>> No. 1478 edit
File 130852298454.png - (418.60KB , 921x1219 , but_a11 bold 1.png )

A certain angle needs to be set before adjusting it.
>> No. 1479 edit
Lion's Seventh : a too obvious culprit cannot be the culprit
>> No. 1481 edit
File 13085411288.png - (396.17KB , 816x1208 , but_b22 glaring 1.png )
Well anyway.

The culprit used a syringe and drained the victims of their blood, evidence is supported by the wounds, the blood all over the place, and of course the whole looking like it was sprayed out of a can of paint spray.
>> No. 1488 edit
Close , but a Syringe wasnt used for murder
>> No. 1781 edit
File 130869088578.png - (151.70KB , 606x480 , wdk_waraib1.png )
The culprit used a turkey baster!
>> No. 1782 edit
File 130837413723.png - (153.14KB , 405x480 , RionTuloringu.png )
a Turkey baster wasnt used for the murder
>> No. 1783 edit
File 130869852468.png - (160.61KB , 434x480 , wdk_nayamua1.png )
Then, a vacuum cleaner and chopsticks were.
>> No. 1784 edit
No, but Electricity was used......however they werent electrocutated
>> No. 1785 edit
I will give you a last hint

The murder weapon is something that can murder or damage you severely if you touch it.
>> No. 1786 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
A metal rod heated up by the electrical curent was used to kill them.
>> No. 1787 edit
and that is a......?
>> No. 1788 edit
File 130862896113.png - (65.31KB , 347x480 , ozaki_waraia2.png )
I don't know, you tell me.

Perhapsa makeshift taser.
>> No. 1789 edit
File 130872100983.jpg - (92.62KB , 1600x1588 , murderweapon.jpg )
>> No. 1790 edit
a taser is
not involved in the murder

>> No. 1791 edit
All the Clues have been presented and the solution should be a little obvious..
>> No. 1792 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )

An electric powered drill.
>> No. 1793 edit
File 130872466250.png - (103.58KB , 356x480 , sha_waraia3.png )
The culprit is me, Shannon.
I drugged their tea, and showed them Kinzo's corpse. Then I let overheat a modified welding kit and used it to kill them. I spared my lover's mother and my own "mother" so I could frame them later.

>> No. 1794 edit
YES! a small Drill was used....this is what happened

The deceased accomplice drugged the other 5
and killed them with the drill , since he was ordered to kill himself he made a hole in his/her nape , while bleeding he/she managed to die peacefully, One person the came in the room and took the drill Natsuhi and Eva with him.

and with this the first twilight is solved Contratulations Ozaki.
>> No. 1795 edit
Shannon and Kanon are not the culprits
at least in this kakera
>> No. 1796 edit
File 130837978978.png - (552.23KB , 723x1224 , ron_a13 default 2.png )
...well I didn't contribute that much in the end...
>> No. 1797 edit
You will have more chance on the second twilight
Bt the way he was ordered to kill himself not counting as suicide
>> No. 1798 edit
File 130877601748.png - (342.25KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 serious 4.png )



the intentional taking of one's own life.
destruction of one's own interests or prospects: Buying that house was financial suicide.
a person who intentionally takes his or her own life.

Genji is ordered to kill himself.
He has a choice to disregard the order, yet he follows it and kills himself.
Thus, suicide.
>> No. 1799 edit
File 130877649071.png - (417.40KB , 921x1208 , but_a21 bothered 2.png )

Also the whole Genji part was an example, since he seems to be extreme enough to actually take the order and kill himself.
>> No. 1800 edit
hmmm.....with this I confirmed that anyone at rokkenjima could have been the murderer...anyway..at least for me it is not suicide and since this game revolve around my truth. I declare the first twilight solved by ozaki.
>> No. 1801 edit
File 130884762972.png - (700.17KB , 800x600 , 12396200_p0.png )
How shameful, changing the very definition of the word suicide to suit your own needs! You are contradicting your own red! A red that can't be trusted on merit of its words might as well not be a "red truth". Own up to your mistake.
>> No. 1802 edit
File 130884791615.jpg - (88.50KB , 854x480 , 1307162589202.jpg )
It's about simple deception, one of the most common tricks in Umineko.
>> No. 1803 edit
It is just perception.
Interpret it as you want. this murder is solved and that wont change anything..

Anyway......Second twilight will be ready once I finish it.....
>> No. 1804 edit
also remember that the game master have the right to define everything according to him

why do you think Battler ask beatrice?
"tell me your definition of X"

Accept your Lose and good luck in the next twilight
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