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File 139554411188.jpg - (69.52KB , 800x600 , bea_defa2.jpg )
14209 No. 14209 edit
Welcome to my teaparty!

I have challenged Rudolf of /seacats/ to a game of wits! Our wager is 10 BP each.

The objective of the game is not to find the culprit but to save the family from their deaths. You will arrive on Rokkenjima on October 4th with information suggesting their family will be massacred the next day. It's up to you to convince them that you're telling the truth and save as many as you can.

Well now, are you ready?
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>> No. 14210 edit
File 139554419913.png - (156.11KB , 432x600 , 130134706179.png )
Affirmative. Shall we begin?
>> No. 14211 edit
File 139554428555.png - (285.24KB , 640x480 , letter1.png )
You've come to Rokkenjima with a wax-sealed envelope from your long-time friend Kinzo Ushiromiya, which you received just one week ago:

If you are reading this, then I am already dead, and Genji has sent this to you at my request. I am sure that Krauss will do anything to hide my death from the others, and so the family conferences will continue as usual. My children will still fight over my fortune, like vultures picking apart a corpse for a meal. In their minds, they must think they all have a chance at stealing my wealth. However, long ago I had decided the true successor should be my golden witch, Beatrice.

Genji was ordered to help my golden witch solve a ridiculously convoluted puzzle I placed beneath her portrait in the entrance hall. Then, she would finally remember her true form, and become the successor to the family. However, because you are reading this letter, something must have gone horribly wrong... Yes, this letter should be sent to you if my beloved witch has been found murdered!

While I fully trust all of my employed servants, I would not put it past my descendants to resort to murdering for the sake of greed. If you are reading this letter, then I anticipate the next family conference will also be the last. Even in death, I shall refuse to let the Ushiromiya name go extinct! You must warn the others and reveal the truth. But above all, do not let anyone die! Each death is a stab wound to my soul! For my sake, let the Ushiromiya name live on!

Now, because of the bad weather, your flight was delayed, and you arrived on the island on your personal yacht, safely docking just as the storm hit at 6:00. You brought your own umbrellla and know your way around the island no problem.

What shall you do?
>> No. 14212 edit
File 136137998828.png - (151.29KB , 344x600 , l_php.png )
Let's do some basic recollection first. See if I can recall from my memory some information.

Who all have I met in the Ushiromiya family? Just Kinzo? Or is it possible that, say, any of his children (or grandchildren) will recognize me? What about that Genji fellow mentioned in the letter? And have I met this Beatrice?

Is my arrival announced? Does anyone know of my arrival?
>> No. 14213 edit
File 13955449693.png - (94.04KB , 640x480 , scr_16.png )
You and Kinzo are business partners, and he has refused to tell you anything about his family whenever you two had time for chit-chat.

You've come to the island in the past, but each time Kinzo's family had been sent away. So you only know his personal servants: Genji, Shannon, Kanon, and Kumasawa.

Kinzo has told you that he amassed his fortune thanks to a golden witch named Beatrice, but that's really all you know. Again, he didn't like to disclose much of his personal life.

As far as you know, the family is unaware of your arrival. But you're Kinzo's friend, so you've followed his orders anyway!

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>> No. 14214 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
I'll head to the mansion. See if I can find the family
>> No. 14215 edit
File 13955452684.png - (666.17KB , 640x480 , scr_17.png )
On your way to the mansion you pass through the rose garden. You see a little girl who seems lost and confused. She notices your presence and asks:

"Uuu, excuse me mister! Have you seen Maria's rose anywhere?"
>> No. 14216 edit
File 139554540528.png - (204.23KB , 408x600 , 130143231561.png )
"Little girl, why are you out here in the rain all alone? You don't even have an umbrella. come inside, lest you catch a cold."
>> No. 14217 edit
File 139554562591.png - (655.88KB , 640x480 , scr_19.png )
"Uuu! But Maria's rose! Maria has to find her rose!!! In this weather, it'll, it'll...!"

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>> No. 14218 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"What do you plan to do with the rose once you find it? Pluck it out of the ground? That'll most likely kill it. It'll have a higher chance of survival if we leave it be."

If she shows no signs of giving up on the rose, I'll give her my umbrella and then head inside.
>> No. 14219 edit
File 13955459335.png - (348.79KB , 640x480 , scr_20.png )
You give the autistic girl your umbrella and step inside the mansion.

The entrance hall is empty, unless you include the woman in that portrait.
>> No. 14220 edit
File 136122938155.jpg - (46.56KB , 800x600 , ArcherFateStayNight.jpg )
I'll check the portrait and the writing that should be located nearby (probably below, as the letter indicated)
>> No. 14221 edit
File 139554633995.png - (315.96KB , 640x480 , scr_21.png )
Behold the sweetfish river running through my beloved hometown.
You who seek the Golden Land, follow its path downstream in search of the key

As you travel down it, you will see a village.
In that village, look for the shore the two will tell you of.
There sleeps the key to the Golden Land.

The one who obtains the key must then travel to the Golden Land in accordance with these rules
On the first twilight, offer the six chosen by the key as sacrifices.
On the second twilight, those who remain shall tear apart the two who are close.
On the third twilight, those who remain shall praise my noble name.
On the fourth twilight, gouge the head and kill.
On the fifth twilight, gouge the chest and kill.
On the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.
On the seventh twilight, gouge the knee and kill.
On the eighth twilight, gouge the leg and kill.
On the ninth twilight, the witch shall revive, and none shall be left alive.
On the tenth twilight, the journey shall end, and you shall reach the capital where the gold dwells

The witch will praise the wise, and should bestow four treasures.
One shall be, all the gold from the Golden Land.
One shall be, the resurrection of the souls of all the dead.
One shall be, even the resurrection of the lost love.
One shall be, to put the witch to sleep for all time.

Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch, Beatrice.

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>> No. 14222 edit
File 136137880577.png - (146.11KB , 260x578 , 130134749761.png )
"My, my, 'tis rather gruesome. Preventing thirteen deaths? Seems I have my work cut out for me."

I'll look to see if I can locate some more members of the family, or perhaps a servant or two.
>> No. 14223 edit
File 139554693233.png - (293.99KB , 640x480 , scr_22.png )
Just as fate would have it, the moment you turn around you see a man dressed like a servant looking your way.


The man seems a bit flustered, but tries to keep his cool.

"Madam didn't tell me we had more guests coming! ...Oh no, it's pouring outside, isn't it? I'm very sorry!"

The man hands you an umbrella engraved with the Ushiromiya crest. Fancy!
>> No. 14224 edit
File 136137534658.png - (203.50KB , 504x600 , 130989118696.png )
"Ah, thank you. You must be a new servant then? I am a friend of Mister Kinzo Ushiromiya. I'm afraid that the madam may not have been entirely aware of my arrival either, though I do not doubt that Genji, Kanon, Shannon, and Kumasawa may recognize me. In either case, there is a girl outside who refused all hails to return here from the rain. She is in the courtyard outside, the one filled with roses. Perhaps you should go retrieve her lest she get a cold."

With that, I will continue my search for the family.
>> No. 14225 edit
File 139554769647.png - (384.81KB , 640x480 , scr_23.png )
"Oh, a friend of Kinzo? He's been shut away in his study for so long, I almost forgot about him! In any case, I am Toshiro Gohda. Pleased to meet you!"

Gohda smiles.

"So Maria was in the rose garden? I'll go get her, and when I come back I can start serving dinner. Everyone is in the dining room, except for Kinzo, who asked it to be brought to his study."

Gohda goes outside, taking another umbrella with him.

Last edited at 14/03/22(Sat)21:10:21
>> No. 14226 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
Head to the dining room
>> No. 14227 edit
File 13955482589.png - (402.82KB , 640x480 , scr_24.png )
You open the door to the dining room. There, you see fifteen seats, twelve of them filled.

The people sitting there all turn to face you upon entering, and their faces all show surprise.

"Wh, who are you?! You're not Father!"

"Don't tell me this another one of your pranks, Natsuhi. You said he'd come down here any minute. Is this Father's stand-in? Don't make me laugh!"

It seems the family was already in a heated discussion...
>> No. 14228 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"Oh boy, seems my arrival was unannounced.... Hello to you all, I am Tertullian Archer, a business partner of Mister Kinzo Ushiromiya. I was brought here today by this letter, that you will all note has the wax stamp of the Ushiromiya family on it. I hope to discuss with you all at length my reasons for coming here, but first it may be necessary for me to be better identified so that I can at least earn a bit of your trust. If Genji, Kanon, Shannon, or Kumasawa are here, they should be able to identify me."
>> No. 14229 edit
File 139554898273.png - (293.63KB , 640x480 , scr_25.png )
Nanjo: "That's, that's really Kinzo's seal...!!!"

Kyrie: "Oh my. You've gone quite far this time, Krauss. To bring a stranger onto the island just for this...? How much did you pay him?"

Krauss: "Hold it. I've no idea who this man is. And Genji, Shannon, Kanon, Kumasawa... unfortunately, they no longer work on this island. Gohda is our only servant. Now please tell us why you're here."

Last edited at 14/03/22(Sat)21:29:42
>> No. 14230 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Oh shoot, looks like I'm really entirely unidentifiable......"

I grab a seat at the table, probably near the end to show that I admit to having the lowest rank of everyone at the table.

"Ok, well the letter's contents include the following:

'Genji was ordered to help my golden witch solve a ridiculously convoluted puzzle I placed beneath her portrait in the entrance hall. Then, she would finally remember her true form, and become the successor to the family. However, because you are reading this letter, something must have gone horribly wrong... '

Now if my hypothesis is correct, it seems that this paragraph may be hinting at events that have occurred on this island directly influencing a member.... This drastic change in servants. I've known and met many of them multiple times over the years. What would cause their dismissal from work?"
>> No. 14231 edit
File 139554975333.png - (433.10KB , 640x480 , scr_26.png )
Krauss: "Indeed, that is the question. Recently, those four decided to start disappearing one by one. First it was Kanon, then Shannon, then Kumasawa and Genji. I haven't the slightest clue where they are, and Father isn't telling me anything. So Gohda is our only servant. Did you come here just to tell us that?"
>> No. 14232 edit
File 139555015084.png - (108.15KB , 244x583 , 130135121555.png )
"Judging by your seating position, you must be the firstborn. The letter mentioned you as Krauss Ushiromiya, right? Mister Krauss Ushiromiya, might I speak to you in private this evening? There is a matter of rather dire importance that I believe you will need to disseminate upon your choosing. By the way, I am Tertullian Archer, you may call me Archer for short."

"Anyway, the letter states that I am to make sure that this family conference ends peacefully. The letter states that there may be a resort to force, which I am supposed to prevent. Please do all remain agreeable this weekend, everyone."
>> No. 14233 edit
File 139555052845.png - (338.26KB , 640x480 , scr_27.png )
Krauss: "A resort to force...? What kind of force do you...?"

Suddenly, the door flies open, and Gohda enters with the little girl by his side.

Rosa: "Oh my god, I knew I forgot something! Maria, I'm so sorry!"

Maria: "Uuu, Mama, Mama! We found the rose!"

Gohda: "That's why they call me Magical Gohda Chef! I'm good at knife tricks too! Wanna see?"
>> No. 14234 edit
File 136137998828.png - (151.29KB , 344x600 , l_php.png )
"Knife tricks? Perhaps later, it may be best that you serve dinner first.

Krauss, the sooner we can speak in private the better. I can explain everything then, perhaps we could step out for a moment?"
>> No. 14235 edit
File 13955510494.png - (397.81KB , 640x480 , scr_29.png )
Krauss: "Yes, of course. Gohda, go ahead and serve dinner. The two of us will step outside and be back shortly."

Gohda follows Krauss's orders, and the two of you go out into the hallway.
>> No. 14236 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
Hand the letter to Krauss. After letting him finish reading, I will say the following:

"Mister Krauss, I have no proof that anything written here is true, and if it is true that Kinzo is dead, I have no reason to tell anybody at all. That is your prerogative when to reveal such things. I simply wish to prevent the loss of life which is likely to occur. Can we work together here?"
>> No. 14237 edit
File 139555182849.png - (397.24KB , 640x480 , scr_30.png )
"His beloved witch...? Found murdered? I have no idea what he's talking about... But it may be related to the disappearances of the servants. In that case, it really may be best to take precautions.

...And yes, we must work together. Please don't tell anyone. But Father really is, uh... you know."

Krauss looks around the hall just to make sure no one is spying.
>> No. 14238 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"Thank you for trusting me. There's nothing more we can do for now. Let's just go back into the dining room. I am rather scared that something may happen when we least expect."
>> No. 14239 edit
File 139555285424.png - (440.00KB , 640x480 , scr_31.png )
Both of you return to the dining room. It seems everyone finally started eating dinner.

"Everyone, please welcome Archer to Rokkenjima. He will be staying with us tonight. Now, in order, please introduce yourselves."

The people name themselves as Krauss, Natsuhi, Jessica, Eva, Hideyoshi, George, Rudolf, Kyrie, Battler, Ange, Rosa, Maria, Gohda, and Nanjo.

(You may either start up conversation during dinner or skip ahead.)

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>> No. 14240 edit
File 139555324983.jpg - (71.18KB , 403x644 , d393e19b6e5e7e550cf15b811e15f355.jpg )
I recall the date in my head, if not I'll ask Krauss what today's date is

"So Krauss, Eva, Rudolf, and Rosa are Mister Kinzo's kids? He certainly enjoys western names. I take it, then, that Natsuhi is Krauss's wife; Hideyoshi is Eva's husband; and Kyrie is Rudolf's wife? A pleasure to meet you all. And to the my dear friend's grandchildren, nice to meet you all as well.

Krauss, when did these other servants disappear?"
>> No. 14241 edit
File 139555394691.png - (286.01KB , 640x480 , scr_32.png )
It's October 4th, 1986.

Krauss: "It was over the past three months. I'm not really sure of the exact days, but they just stopped coming into work. I've tried calling them, but they don't answer."

Rudolf: "I guess they got tired of working for that old bastard and just stopped showing up, huh?"

Natsuhi: "P, please refrain from calling Father that! It's dishonorable!"

It seems the family can't avoid the subject of Kinzo...

Last edited at 14/03/22(Sat)22:53:14
>> No. 14243 edit
File 139555461173.jpg - (177.89KB , 850x1161 , sample-9538f796c92765bbc7e938e90103c69c.jpg )
"I do believe Mister Kinzo mentioned a 'ridiculously convoluted puzzle in this letter.' I assume this is referring to the rather unpleasant epitaph written below the portrait in the foyer? What do you all know or think about that epitaph?"
>> No. 14244 edit
File 139554633995.png - (315.96KB , 640x480 , scr_21.png )

Krauss: "That epitaph has been there for years. No one has figured out what it means. So Father must be talking about it in that letter."

Rudolf: "So what does he mean by that 'golden witch'? Any ideas?"

Maria: "Uuu, the golden witch is Beatrice!"

Rosa: "Maybe... Maybe she was his secret lover? Like a mistress?"

Eva: "I wouldn't put it past Father. He wants some random woman to steal his fortune from us."

Hideyoshi: "Now now, let's not jump to conclusions! This golden witch... What does he mean by that?"

George: "Well, it's clear that by solving the epitaph, the witch gained something. So should we all try and solve the epitaph as well?"

Battler: "I'd like to try, but I'm sure I'd be useless! Maybe Maria or Ange can help?"

Ange: "Maria's good at puzzles! She's so good at them!"

Nanjo: "Hmmm..."

Everyone begins to discuss the epitaph with each other. Soon, everyone's plates are empty, and it's 8:00. But nobody notices, because they're so obsessed with that riddle......

Kyrie: "I've solved it."
>> No. 14245 edit
File 136208191663.jpg - (8.08KB , 225x225 , Archer(Fate_stay_night).jpg )
"Hold it there, Ms. Kyrie. While I really wish to know your answer, I do feel that we should first discuss a few things.

First, this golden witch? Does this refer to Kinzo's supposed gold fortune, or is it perhaps linked to the golden haired person in the portrait?

Second, assuming this epitaph is solved, which is supposed to lead to finding the hidden fortune of Kinzo, should we perhaps first determine how you four intend to split up the money, lest we have issues after seeing the gold which may lead to disagreements?"
>> No. 14246 edit
File 139555638763.png - (508.78KB , 640x480 , scr_33.png )
Kyrie: "The person in the portrait is Beatrice. Of course, Father always tells those stories about how she gave him the ten tons of gold. However, I don't think he's referring to an actual witch when he uses that term. Rather, I think he's referring to... an illegitimate child.

It's not too much of a stretch to think that one of the kids he 'adopted' from the Fukuin House was actually an illegitimate child between himself and a mistress. After all, no one would ever know, and if he hates this family so much, he would rather give the fortune away to this child.

...Genji was probably asked to give away the answer to ensure that the fortune was passed on, but something happened, and now that person has gone missing."

Kyrie goes on to explain that they must go to the chapel to find the gold, according to her theory.

Kyrie: "But you do have a good point. First, we should come up with a plan to distribute the gold. And this matter does not concern any outsiders or innocent children, so please..."

She motions for you to leave the room, along with Nanjo and the cousins.

Last edited at 14/03/22(Sat)23:33:45
>> No. 14247 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"Madame, my only purpose here is to ensure a peaceful solution. I believe I am the most objective here, being an outside party. It may be for the best that I be involved, so that I may prevent anything bad from happening, as this letter indicates. It may also be to in the best interest that we at least bring the children along later to the location of the puzzle's answer such that we keep level heads if only for the sake of the presence of the children."
>> No. 14248 edit
File 139555706496.png - (344.36KB , 640x480 , scr_34.png )

Rudolf: "Hey, he has a point. Keeping it objective will make sure nothing gets out of hand."

Kyrie: "......Alright, but at least don't have the kids here. Nanjo, please take them with you to the guesthouse. We'll meet up with you after we've decided how to split the money."

Nanjo and the cousins leave the dining room. Now the family conference may begin.
>> No. 14249 edit
File 139555763056.png - (259.52KB , 640x480 , scr_35.png )
You remain in the room with the adults, talking about money. The discussion goes on for another two hours before anyone can come to an agreement. It had caused a lot of debate, and at times the adults got thirsty. So Gohda went to and from the kitchen to get the family some drinks. Luckily for you, nobody decided to resort to murder.

Krauss: "I'm glad we were able to come to an agreement. Splitting the 20 billion among the four families evenly, for 5 billion each."

Hideyoshi: "You've got that right! I was surprised we were all able to keep calm!"

Rosa: "And to think that we were worried about anything getting out of control!"

Krauss: "Well then, it's time we get the children and head to the chapel. What do you think, Archer?"
>> No. 14250 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"'tis certainly for the best, then.... Let us be off"
>> No. 14251 edit
File 139555901381.png - (437.48KB , 640x480 , scr_36.png )
Everyone in the dining room moves as a group to the guesthouse. It's raining hard, but fortunately Gohda has provided enough umbrellas, thank god!

The group moves into the guesthouse and goes upstairs, to the cousins' room...
>> No. 14252 edit
File 139555902953.png - (299.86KB , 640x480 , scr_37.png )
...Inside lay five corpses, covered in blood. It's hard to tell, because their faces are all smashed up... but from their clothing, they're all recognizable as the cousins!

The parents all go crazy at this horrible sight, screaming and sobbing uncontrollably at the same time. Kyrie checks the nearby room and finds the corpse of Nanjo in the same fashion.

>> No. 14253 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
I'll inspect the all corpses thoroughly. I want to determine the cause of death for each of the six.
>> No. 14254 edit
File 139559966133.png - (323.09KB , 640x480 , scr_38.png )
Their heads have all been horribly disfigured, laced with a foul odor. It's difficult to tell what caused this, although you suspect you could obtain the same result by sticking their heads inside a blender.

The rest of their bodies are covered in that same red ink. Upon closer inspection, it seems there is damage all over, not just the heads. It's clear that whoever killed them must have been enjoying it. Even six-year-old Ange was completely unrecognizable, apart from her clothes. Nanjo is the same.

Eva: "George!!! What happened?! Who killed you?! Noooooo!!!"

Rudolf: "Battler, Ange...!!! Why tonight?! You were both so young!!! Dammit all!"

Natsuhi: "Jessica, I, I...!!! I'm sorry...!!!"

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)11:37:11
>> No. 14255 edit
File 136137998828.png - (151.29KB , 344x600 , l_php.png )
I will check the pulses of each of the six. I will then check them all for rigor mortis to determine the approximate time of death.
>> No. 14256 edit
File 139560094962.png - (470.01KB , 1410x480 , first_twilight.png )
None of them have a pulse. Rigor mortis hasn't started yet.
>> No. 14257 edit
File 139560218256.jpg - (320.50KB , 799x1119 , 4abe785363d37e0fd2242de0def7789b.jpg )
Examine the room. It is likely that there are clues strewn about, I simply need to locate them. Check the doors, windows, any other methods of entry, check the furniture, the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the bathrooms, the locks, check everything thoroughly
>> No. 14258 edit
File 139560252656.png - (300.61KB , 640x480 , scr_39.png )
The door was unlocked when you arrived, and it looks like it's in normal condition. One of the windows is actually open, which accounts for that cool draft you felt coming in. The locks on both the door and the window function normally.

The floor, ceiling, and walls have various splatters of blood which accurately follow the blood of the victims. The furniture also has blood all over it, but aside from that it doesn't look like anything was turned over or otherwise disturbed. The bathroom looks like no one even went inside.

While you are investigating, Eva storms out into the hall, grabbing Gohda by the collar.

Eva: "It was you!!! You and your goddamned knife tricks!"

Gohda: "W-what?! Miss Eva, there's no way a knife could do something like that!"

Eva: "So?! You were the only one who left the dining room!!! You were out getting drinks for us, but who knows what else!! Maybe you entered their room pretending to bring them something, and then...!!!"

Hideyoshi tries to interfere, but Eva pushes him away. She's angry!

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)12:25:29
>> No. 14259 edit
File 139560303526.jpg - (29.31KB , 209x360 , Archer-Fate-Stay-Night-1.jpg )
"Ms. Eva, calm down. Was Gohda ever away from us long enough to run across to this building, murder them all, change clothes because blood stains, compose himself, and then return to bring us drinks? It's possible there is someone else moving about the island. Heck, for all we know it could be a whole group of people. I propose we lock ourselves up for the sake of safety. It is best that we all move as a unit. Even if Gohda is a culprit, and I have no evidence that that can even be the case, it is best we keep an eye on him.

I propose we find the safest place on the island. Oh, perhaps some of you may know where they are located. Y'see, my dear friend Kinzo always used to talk about his favorite western actor.... er what was his name.... John Wayne I believe? Kinzo was quite a fan of American Western films, and had even told me he went out and bought several Winchester repeater rifles after watching the film True Grit. Perhaps those rifles can still be found in his gun cabinet? Would any of you happen to know where we may locate those? Even if you don't want to have to resort to shooting the enemy, it is likely that our arming may act as a deterrent against whoever else is on the island."
>> No. 14260 edit
File 139560365499.png - (289.46KB , 640x480 , scr_41.png )
Eva goes silent after listening to your reasoning. Her tears shrivel up, and she regains her composure.

Krauss: "Right. We must all remain calm, and stick together. Father does have a gun collection, so it may be best to arm ourselves if we wish to survive."

The others agree, and Krauss starts to lead the group down the stairs and to the mansion.
>> No. 14261 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"So where are we headed? Back to the mansion? As you had mentioned, Kinzo had locked himself away in his study. Is it likely he'll let us into the room?"
>> No. 14262 edit
File 139560414223.png - (220.57KB , 640x480 , scr_42.png )
Krauss: "Yes, we will go to Father's study. ...Although Genji left, his key to the study remained here. I've kept it with me in case of emergencies, so we will enter without any trouble."
>> No. 14263 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Then let us be off. Not that haste is of most importance, but that dilly dallying does us no good at this point."
>> No. 14264 edit
File 139560505062.png - (631.19KB , 640x480 , scr_43.png )
Krauss leads the group out into the night. The rain pours down without hesitation, and the walk back to the mansion is a cold and lonely one.

The group enters and goes upstairs, to the third floor. Krauss takes out a key from his pocket and inserts it into the lock...
>> No. 14265 edit
File 139560507381.png - (310.89KB , 640x480 , scr_44.png )
The group enters Kinzo's study. It's quiet, and Kinzo is nowhere to be seen.

Krauss leads the group to the gun collection, tucked away in a corner of the room. He distributes the guns to his siblings, four guns total.

Krauss: "Now we should be on even footing with the murderer who stole our children."

Rudolf: "We'll just have to stay here the whole night. And when the typhoon passes, we can go home."

Rosa: "That's right. We need to survive. ...When the seagulls cry, we'll leave this island alive...!"

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)13:04:55
>> No. 14266 edit
File 139560514017.png - (420.23KB , 640x480 , scr_45.png )
Eva and Kyrie had been talking to each other.

Eva: "Gohda, I'm sorry I accused you back there. Maybe it was too hasty of me to think that a servant like yourself could kill six people so easily. But I know of someone who could."

Kyrie: "Eva's told me her theory. I think it makes the most sense."

Eva: "...There is one other person on this island. You know who he is, right? ...It's Father. He's not here, right? Then where is he?"

Kyrie: "By this logic, Kinzo must be outside, waiting for the next opportunity to pick us off. Unless, of course... he's already dead."

Natsuhi becomes visibly upset, but can't find the words to say anything...
>> No. 14267 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"By process of elimination, it certainly seems that that is the case, but 'tis faulty logic... This hypothesis excludes the potential of an outside force, a person on the island whom none of us are aware of.

It is within our victory condition to simply wait it out. Being on the third floor, the only possible method of entry is the door, seeing as how the window is too high up (though perhaps it would not be a bad idea to keep an eye on the courtyard lest ladders become usable)."
>> No. 14272 edit
File 139562519227.png - (360.24KB , 640x480 , scr_47.png )
Natsuhi: "Th, that's right! I'm sure Father just went out somewhere... It's unfortunate that he's not with us at the moment, but I believe he knows how to protect himself from whoever else is out there."

Krauss: "And Archer is right. We should just wait here. There's no reason to start getting into arguments over nothing...!"

Eva: "But we can at least make conversation, right? Or should we just sit here in silence? What's your plan, Archer?"
>> No. 14274 edit
File 136137880577.png - (146.11KB , 260x578 , 130134749761.png )
"Actually, I was hoping we could discuss the answer to the epitaph... Kyrie? Could you please share with us your thoughts? I know it seems rather cold to discuss such things at this time, but it is rather important. Besides, guessing that money may be related to these murders, it can become rather dangerous to have a single soul know the whereabouts of the family fortune. That person would become a prime target for abduction and interrogation..... Putting us all on equal footing also aligns all of our incentives so as to disincentivise any betrayals."
>> No. 14275 edit
File 139562596110.png - (376.72KB , 640x480 , scr_48.png )
Kyrie: "Above the chapel door is the word 'QUADRILLION'. Each twilight refers to playing around with those letters until the passage to the gold opens. ...I'm fairly certain this is the answer, but we won't know unless we try."

Rudolf: "We won't try. Going outside with a murderer on the loose would be suicide."

Kyrie: "...That is, if we can be sure there really is a murderer outside at all. How exactly could someone arrive on this island without anyone knowing? ...Maybe Archer has an answer? How exactly did you arrive on this island? Did you happen to bring anyone with you that we don't know about...?"
>> No. 14277 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"I arrived via my private yacht. I was the only one on the yacht to my knowledge, though a person stowing away on my boat is certainly within the realm of possibilities.... Either way, it would seem more probable that they entered the island via their own vessel, what with the size of the island I bet anybody could find an inlet to anchor their ship at. Heck, maybe there was another dock entirely on the other side of the island. Kinzo had once mentioned to me that there was a military base here during the Second World War.

Seems like there are plenty of possibilities, does anyone else have any ideas?"
>> No. 14278 edit
File 139562704844.png - (446.96KB , 640x480 , scr_49.png )
Rosa: "...A hidden mansion. There's another mansion on the backside of this island. It might even be connected to that military base, if Archer's words are true.

And, um, this whole situation... It's a wolf and sheep puzzle, right? Maria liked to play with those. Who are the wolves? Who are the sheep? Can I trust Archer? Can I trust Gohda? ...Are we sure that everyone here can be trusted? Is there a way to know we're all sheep?

For Maria's sake... I'm not sure who I can trust...!!! What would Maria do...?"

Rosa's arms shake and her grip tightens, but she tries to keep her cool.

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)19:10:48
>> No. 14287 edit
File 13613828016.png - (148.79KB , 360x577 , 130134553340.png )
"Wolf and sheep puzzle, eh? I'm afraid it's not such a useful analysis. It'd be much stronger of proof if we had motive and opportunity. However it looks like none of us nine have opportunity. I watched everyone over the course of the two hours we spent discussing splitting the money.

The only person who even ever left that room during the two hour period was Gohda to get drinks. Gohda did not have enough time to perform the murders and therefore is innocent."
>> No. 14288 edit
File 139563192751.png - (277.10KB , 640x480 , scr_50.png )
Rosa: "......I see. Then we're still not sure who could be the culprit. Is Father really...?"

Krauss: "Please forgive me, Natsuhi. But considering this is a life or death situation... I think it's best I come forward with the truth. ...Father had already passed away before today's conference. Therefore, the culprit can't be him."

Natsuhi at first frowns, but then takes a deep breath and sinks into a nearby chair. She seems a little relieved, considering the circumstances.

Hideyoshi: "So it really is some stow-away? One of those servants? Archer, did that letter say anything else that might be of help to us?"
>> No. 14289 edit
File 136121886052.jpg - (89.22KB , 800x600 , 98b18b504c_38712587_o2.jpg )
"Ah, now that I am no longer vowed to secrecy at the behest of Krauss, I can share the entirety of this letter's contents to you all."

If you are reading this, then I am already dead, and Genji has sent this to you at my request. I am sure that Krauss will do anything to hide my death from the others, and so the family conferences will continue as usual. My children will still fight over my fortune, like vultures picking apart a corpse for a meal. In their minds, they must think they all have a chance at stealing my wealth. However, long ago I had decided the true successor should be my golden witch, Beatrice.

Genji was ordered to help my golden witch solve a ridiculously convoluted puzzle I placed beneath her portrait in the entrance hall. Then, she would finally remember her true form, and become the successor to the family. However, because you are reading this letter, something must have gone horribly wrong... Yes, this letter should be sent to you if my beloved witch has been found murdered!

While I fully trust all of my employed servants, I would not put it past my descendants to resort to murdering for the sake of greed. If you are reading this letter, then I anticipate the next family conference will also be the last. Even in death, I shall refuse to let the Ushiromiya name go extinct! You must warn the others and reveal the truth. But above all, do not let anyone die! Each death is a stab wound to my soul! For my sake, let the Ushiromiya name live on!

"So it would seem that a person must have been found murdered here. Does anyone know who this person could be? It is of the utmost importance that all information, no matter how minuscule it may seem, be brought to light. It could mean the difference between life and death for us. Again, I've no reason to judge, and I have no intention of turning any of you in. I simply wish to survive, and we can make it through this together if we stay calm and function as a unit."
>> No. 14290 edit
File 139563328393.png - (403.45KB , 640x480 , scr_51.png )
Kyrie: "So that golden witch... She's the successor he wanted, but she died? And so Genji sent this letter to you, Archer..."

Rudolf: "You think Genji's hiding on the island somewhere? Is he the killer?"

Rosa: "But wait. Whoever they are, they also killed the golden witch. Right? Whoever killed the witch must also want to kill us."

Kyrie: "Ah, I see. Six people were killed just now. That's the first twilight. Just like in the witch's epitaph, the culprit must want to take us out one by one."

Hideyoshi: "Th, that's right! That's exactly what it said on the epitaph!"

Kyrie turns and points to a small portrait of Beatrice hanging in the study. Underneath is another plaque, with the same riddle inscribed.

Kyrie: "...At the second twilight, tear apart the two who are close. So two people die next."

Krauss: "No one else is dying! I'll see to it, as Kinzo's firstborn!"

Natsuhi: "We must protect the family. That's all we have..."

Gohda: "I will do my best to help, too! But what can we do other than wait?"

Kyrie: "It seems the culprit is the same person who killed the witch. In that case, we need to figure out who this witch is, and how and why they were killed. Does anyone know?"

Rosa: ".........I might, umm... I might know something. But I, I... No, nevermind. Forget it!"

Rosa looks left and right, seeming a bit nervous. The others continue speculating about the witch, but fail to gather any leads...
>> No. 14291 edit
File 13956335582.jpg - (156.75KB , 545x765 , b319c541b21d3acf075818b790a576ea.jpg )
"So two murders this time? Then let us simply cling together in a group. I doubt any of us should come to be in danger. As for the two murders due next, I am willing to bet one or more missing people may show up as corpses within the next day. Thought I doubt this is fair to the fulfillment of whatever magical ritual it is... you can't exactly kill a dead person.

As I stated, it is of the utmost importance that everything be examined thoroughly. Rosa, if you could please explain what you are thinking."
>> No. 14292 edit
File 139563388053.png - (214.39KB , 640x480 , scr_53.png )
Rosa: "Well, please, don't make any judgments, but... I wonder if what Father's talking about, I wonder if he's talking about me...

I think it was about 19 years ago. When I was a little girl, I ran away from the mansion, into the forest. There, I found that hidden mansion, but I also... I also found a witch.

She looked just like the witch in the portrait. And so I... I let her outside her cage, but she... she fell to her death...!!! And I didn't know what to do, so I never told anyone!

Do you think... this might be what Father is talking about? B, but please, realize I'm not the murderer! Just because I'm responsible for the death of that witch, it doesn't mean I killed anyone just now!"
>> No. 14293 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"The thing is, it seems like this event far predates the topic of the letter. Has anybody else ever been found dead who was related to this island? What about the servants? Did they really all just disappear without a trace?"
>> No. 14294 edit
File 139563480128.png - (295.27KB , 640x480 , scr_54.png )
Krauss: "Indeed, that incident seems too far in the past to hold any meaning. ...The servants who disappeared left nothing behind, and as far as I know, no one has been found dead before tonight. Natsuhi? Gohda?"

Natsuhi: "That's right. The three of us haven't found anything suspicious on the island."

Gohda: "...Is it possible that someone discovered the corpse without telling anyone? Jessica? Genji? Or someone else...?"

Everyone else remains silent. There are no leads...
>> No. 14311 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Tch. If only I'd thought to bring this up sooner. Oh well, can't change the past. Best we focus on the here and now. And for now it seems like waiting is all we can do. Unless anybody else has any ideas?"
>> No. 14312 edit
File 139571984713.png - (291.37KB , 640x480 , scr_55.png )
It seems everyone else is, in fact, out of ideas...

Soon, the thunderous sound of a bell is heard throughout the study. It's midnight, as decided by the grandfather clock nearby.

Krauss: "...The weather won't be clear until the 6th. And even then, the boat won't come until 9:00 AM. We can't all stay awake."

Natsuhi: "Should we take turns? Husbands and wives...?"

Krauss: "That sounds reasonable. When those of us with rifles are tired, each spouses can take their position. ...In Rosa's case, I suppose Gohda would be willing to cover."

Gohda: "Absolutely, I will do my best for Miss Rosa!"

Eva: "I'm still hesitant to give him any sort of dangerous object."

Hideyoshi: "Remember Eva, the enemy's outside. If anybody ends up killin' in here, we'd all know who it is."

Rosa: "Wolf and sheep puzzle. Even if one person shoots their gun, we have three other guns to retaliate. No culprit would fire under those conditions."

Rudolf: "Yeah. There's no need to worry about that."

Kyrie: "Unless our culprit goes mad."

Krauss: "Then, as far as sleeping conditions... The floor is probably not very comfortable, but there is Father's bedroom..."

Eva: "So then we hole up inside of the bedroom?"

Kyrie: "If we do that, we can't keep watch over the courtyard's window. And of course, the main door."

Hideyoshi: "We'd be backin' ourselves right into a corner..."

Natsuhi: "But the floor is... so unclean..."

Rudolf: "Either we get a little dirty on the floor, or risk death in the bedroom. Personally, I always go with the former!"

Kyrie: "Rudolf, please......"

Krauss: "Archer, what do you think?"

You recall that the study is divided into four rooms: the main area, which contains the main door and window. Three other doors lead into a bathroom, a bedroom, and a library. All of the survivors are in the main area.

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>> No. 14314 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"Kinzo's bed can be moved out here in the main room. There's also the couch in the corner. I'll sleep on the floor, naturally. Let us go and quickly secure the other windows just to be safe, and close the doors to the other rooms unless one of us needs to go in there."
>> No. 14315 edit
File 139572265490.png - (301.76KB , 640x480 , scr_57.png )
Krauss: "That sounds reasonable. Gohda and I shall do the heavy lifting. Natsuhi, take my rifle."

Natsuhi: "Thank you, dear."

Krauss: "It's nothing. It's a husband's duty ensure his wife doesn't sleep on a dirty carpet."

Krauss and Gohda walk over to the bedroom, while Kyrie and Rudolf check the window. Eva and Hideyoshi shut the doors to the bathroom and library, while Rosa keeps her eyes on the main door. It seems like everything is going according to plan...
>> No. 14316 edit
File 139572267091.png - (290.93KB , 640x480 , scr_58.png )
Less than a minute after the two had disappeared into Kinzo's bedroom, their voices could be heard alongside the sounds of a razor-sharp wind. Natsuhi ran to the door in panic...

Gohda and Krauss lay face-down on top of the bed, which hadn't moved an inch. However, their heads had been separated from their bodies, and nearby lay several large and bloodstained razor disks. ...Naturally, the bed was also covered in red, and Natsuhi wanted to vomit at both the sight of her husband and the idea of sleeping on an unclean surface.

>> No. 14317 edit
File 139572408284.jpg - (141.26KB , 600x759 , 536225d9c6368705aaa3510a0c962f64.jpg )
"What in the world just happened in here?!"

I search the room for what I suspect may be some sort of trap
>> No. 14318 edit
File 139572457998.png - (329.08KB , 640x480 , scr_61.png )
Upon close inspection you see that, just in front of the bed, a piece of the floorboard has been overturned. A wire stretches across to both walls, where there are thin slots just big enough for razor blades to appear from.

Kyrie: "Aaaaaahh!!! This place isn't safe either! We're all gonna die!"

Rosa: "The study is trapped! Is the whole mansion also...?!"

Natsuhi: "Krauss!!! Noo, nooo, nooo...!!!"
>> No. 14388 edit
File 139588844198.png - (508.62KB , 800x1080 , fb819b798fff89a907570f18dda7a1d6.png )
"Everyone calm down! Panicking will get us nowhere! We need to calm down and think. That appears to be the extent of the traps. We can simply wait in the main room where there like are no traps, as I suspect we would have already triggered them. Assuming we don't do anything more than what we've already been able to do safely, we should be able to wait the storm out safely.

'tis a shame, but it seems we'll have to leave the bodies here. When the storm ends and the police come, then they can get a proper burial."
>> No. 14389 edit
File 139560505062.png - (631.19KB , 640x480 , scr_43.png )

After hearing Archer's words, everyone quiets down.

Rudolf: "...He's right. Let's not get distracted and forget what we discussed."

Hideyoshi: "I'll bet those traps were set to try and spread distrust among us! If we stop thinkin', the culprit wins!"

Rosa: "...I guess you are right. If we don't do anything, if we just go to sleep right here..."

Kyrie: "........."

Natsuhi is sobbing on the floor, holding her gun tight. She's clearly too scared to say anything, afraid of what might happen next.

Kyrie: "...Then, the people with guns will remain on watch. We'll take two hour naps and switch roles in between, until morning comes. Is that good?"

Everyone nods, waiting for Archer's input.
>> No. 14390 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Rosa, shouldn't we contemplate the wolf and sheep puzzle here? It may be best to have two people with guns stay awake at a time. They'll have to sit and watch each other so as to prevent the possibility of one of us being guilty and killing everyone during their sleep because they were the only one on watch."
>> No. 14391 edit
File 13958944094.png - (351.71KB , 640x480 , scr_63.png )
Rosa: "I see... Two people? There's seven of us remaining, so... Let's think about this."

The survivors with guns are: Natsuhi, Eva, Rudolf, and Rosa.

The survivors without guns are: Hideyoshi, Kyrie, and Archer.

Rosa: "I suppose if we trade off guns, we could have at most 4 people awake at one time. That would leave 2 to sleep... No, those numbers don't add up, so we should have 3 and 3... Then, who...?"

Natsuhi: "Please... Someone else may take this rifle. I've failed as the wife of the head. Someone else deserves this weapon."

Both Rosa and Natsuhi await your response.
>> No. 14392 edit
File 136122688473.png - (638.69KB , 1920x1200 , url2.png )
"Even with 2 staying up at a time, it is still possible that both may be guilty. To reduce this as much as possible, we should have the couples not on at the same time. That means Hideyoshi and Eva as well as Rudolf and Kyrie must be on different shifts. If you are willing to trust me, I'll certainly take a shift as well.

First shift:
Eva and Natsuhi
Meanwhile Rudolf and I will sleep while holding guns

Second shift:
Myself and Kyrie
Kyrie will get Rudolf's gun, and I'll use the same one.
That leaves Eva and Natsuhi with guns to hold while sleeping.

Third shift:
Rudolf and Rosa
Rudolf will get the gun back from Kyrie, and Rosa will get Eva's gun.
This means that Natsuhi and myself will sleep holding guns.

I hope this is agreeable, everyone? If you're wondering why I want to hold onto one of the guns the entire time, it is because of two reasons:
1. I know I'm not guilty so this is a deterrent to any potential guilty parties.
2. I am still outnumbered by the amount of guns not in my hand, 3 to 1, so you guys should still feel safe.
>> No. 14393 edit
File 139563328393.png - (403.45KB , 640x480 , scr_51.png )
After discussing this idea in a little more depth to get clarifications, the group agrees that it is the best course of action.

The guns are passed over to Eva, Natsuhi, Archer, and Rudolf. And Archer, Rudolf, Rosa, and Kyrie go to sleep.


>> No. 14394 edit
File 139589937523.png - (370.14KB , 640x480 , scr_66.png )




You're suddenly jolted awake by a deafening roar. You instinctively try to grab hold of your gun, but can only find useless air...

Taking a quick look around, you see the others are still asleep... Despite that noise, they're asleep--

No, not asleep. They're... just like the ones before. They too, are covered in that same red decoration...

Except for two people.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8j7w3sUB_M

Kyrie: "Did we wake you? Sorry about that. But I wanted to fire this thing at least once. ...It wasn't easy slitting everyone's throats, but I did it without Eva and Natsuhi noticing."

Rudolf: "She's one clever girl, my Kyrie. Even solved the epitaph. That's where we're headed next. You get it now, right, Archer...?"

The two of them start to cackle in unison, smiling at the thought of getting away with murder. Oh, how easy it had been this whole time! He had fallen for their every move! And to finish things off, he had even allowed them the chance to kill everyone as they slept...!!!
>> No. 14395 edit
File 139589959563.png - (257.21KB , 629x594 , archerswords.png )
"H-how in the world?! What the heck happened. How did everyone die without so much as a peep?!"
>> No. 14396 edit
File 139589977497.png - (466.61KB , 640x480 , scr_68.png )
Kyrie: "I'm just that good, you know? It's not like this is a mystery novel where I'll confess to you the truth. That'd be too nice, for a cold-hearted person like me."

She readies her gun.

Kyrie: "Good try, Archer. But I won."

>> No. 14397 edit
File 139589990084.png - (365.95KB , 640x480 , scr_67.png )

...You are again jolted awake, by another loud noise. ...This time, it's crashing thunder.

You see Kyrie standing in front of you, still with a gun. But there's no blood, and Natsuhi and Eva are right beside her, alive...

Eva: "We were about to wake you as well, but that thunder did the trick."

Natsuhi: "That noise is quite scary, isn't it?"

Kyrie: "Indeed. Good night, you two."

Natsuhi and Eva go to sleep. It seems that was just a horrible nightmare.
>> No. 14398 edit
File 136121997664.jpg - (263.43KB , 1024x768 , url.jpg )
I grab a seat in the chair opposite Kyrie.

"Kyrie, that is still not chambered right? That's probably for the best. Mine isn't either. These guns have been in the possession of our group since the get go, and I never saw any of them get chambered. The coolest part is that the Winchester repeated happens to make enough noise that you'd never be able to chamber the bullet without waking the people in the room who are already so on edge. I think it best we keep these guns the way they are unless there happens to be a known danger approach.

I know you think in cruel and calculating way like me, so let me be frank. I am afraid that if you are guilty, your husband may try to sneak up on me. The best way for me to guarantee this doesn't happen is for me to glance around the room from time to time to check everyone's positioning. As a result it is for the best that we keep the guns unable to be fired without chambering the gun.

But other than that, we should be as civil as possible. Care to talk to pass the time?"
>> No. 14399 edit
File 13959007889.png - (469.80KB , 640x480 , scr_64.png )
"I agree. Do you have anything in mind?"
>> No. 14400 edit
File 136137534658.png - (203.50KB , 504x600 , 130989118696.png )
"Tell me about your suspicions. Is there anything you're thinking that you have not yet stated regarding any of these mysteries?"
>> No. 14401 edit
File 139590136099.png - (436.20KB , 640x480 , scr_69.png )
"I'm afraid not. I've thought about it every way I can. And there are only two possibilities. Either an outsider wants us dead, or someone among us does. And there's no easy way to find out which is true."

Kyrie pauses, closing her eyes.

"...To be honest, there is one thing that bothers me. ...Am I really right about that epitaph's riddle? It seems so convoluted, and although I believe my reasoning makes sense... I can't accept that six people had to die for it. I started this mess, didn't I, when I suggested they leave the dining hall...?"

Kyrie tilts her head down, opening her eyes. She looks at Rudolf, sleeping soundly on the floor, and she lets out a sigh.
>> No. 14402 edit
File 136121886052.jpg - (89.22KB , 800x600 , 98b18b504c_38712587_o2.jpg )
I'm still being super careful and stuff because I'm suspicious of body movements that could be signals.

"I don't think the deaths are necessary to the answer of the epitaph. It's just that the person is following the epitaph in murders for their own sick fun."
>> No. 14403 edit
File 139590205856.png - (421.05KB , 640x480 , scr_70.png )
"No, I mean... I feel responsible. If I hadn't said those words, and we had all stayed together... Maybe the children would still be alive. And Doctor Nanjo, too. If my answer to the epitaph is right, at least there's the ten tons of gold... But at what cost? Could we... Could Rudolf and I be happy with that kind of money, even though our children are dead...?"
>> No. 14404 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"That's something that can only be determined by the two of you. Being in danger now, we don't exactly have the luxury of philosophy. Survival is the primary instinct, and survive is what we need to do. How many hundreds of millions of years of evolution have led up to this scenario?"
>> No. 14405 edit
File 139590295060.png - (143.02KB , 640x480 , scr_71.png )
".........I don't know. After so many years of waiting, after finally getting what I wanted, ...That happiness is taken away from me."

Kyrie gives a bittersweet smile.

"Just now, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was in a beautiful rose garden, and both Battler and Ange were there, smiling. They looked so happy to see me... I went up to them, and although they looked happy to see me... By the time I had ran far enough to reach out my hand to them, the two of them quickly faded away... And I awoke to see Eva and Natsuhi in this dreary study."

Kyrie pauses, looking at the two sleeping women.

"...It really makes me wonder. What do you think that means, Archer? "
>> No. 14406 edit
File 136137998828.png - (151.29KB , 344x600 , l_php.png )
"Dream's aren't meant to have some higher meaning. It's just proof that they both existed and that you loved them. Seeing Eva and Natsuhi is unsurprising as they were the ones that woke us up because they had the shift before us."
>> No. 14407 edit
File 139590365849.png - (528.56KB , 640x480 , scr_72.png )
"...I suppose you're right. Sorry, I've probably said too much."

Kyrie tries to regain her usual composure. She stays silent, only allowing the sound of the relentlessly pouring rain to be heard within the study.
>> No. 14408 edit
File 139555015084.png - (108.15KB , 244x583 , 130135121555.png )
Casually glance around the room a bit more, see if anything is awry. Check to see all the doors are closed, back to Kyrie, the people sleeping, back to Kyrie, the window, back to Kyrie.
>> No. 14409 edit
File 139563328393.png - (403.45KB , 640x480 , scr_51.png )
Nothing is out of place. All the doors and windows are closed, and each person is sleeping exactly as planned out for the second shift, Eva and Natsuhi with their guns. Kyrie sits silently with her own.
>> No. 14410 edit
File 139560505062.png - (631.19KB , 640x480 , scr_43.png )
Eventually time passes and it becomes 4 AM.

Kyrie wakes up Rudolf and Rosa, who take their guns, and Kyrie goes to sleep.
>> No. 14411 edit
File 139560218256.jpg - (320.50KB , 799x1119 , 4abe785363d37e0fd2242de0def7789b.jpg )
>> No. 14412 edit
File 13959875064.png - (679.46KB , 640x480 , scr_73.png )
You wake up, thanks to Natsuhi and Eva this time, not the thunder. It's 8 AM.

...It's still raining outside, but at least you can see daylight come in through the windows. Kyrie wakes up once again, thankful that nothing bad happened overnight.

Last edited at 14/03/27(Thu)23:18:53
>> No. 14413 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
My last shift before I wake everyone up.....

Glance out the window into the courtyard, then grab a seat opposite Kyrie.

"Two more hours and it may be best to have everyone get up."
>> No. 14414 edit
File 139606698254.png - (506.76KB , 640x480 , scr_74.png )
"I agree. We all will have gotten enough sleep by then."

There's nothing out of place in the courtyard. Two hours pass, and Kyrie begins to wake up the others.

One by one, everyone regains consciousness. Their faces show their surprise, nothing having gone awry the night before.

Kyrie: "I think we've all gotten enough sleep. The next order of business is our stomachs. I believe we are all getting hungry, and there isn't any food in this study. Shall we remain inside for the next 24 hours, or will a trip to the kitchen be necessary?"

Everyone looks to you for an answer.
>> No. 14415 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"You won't die from a lack of food for quite some time. The danger is simply too great."
>> No. 14416 edit
File 139623588372.png - (350.95KB , 640x480 , scr_75.png )
Rudolf: "Yeah, he's right again. If we can just stay where we are for the entire day, without moving an inch... We'd be able to make it."

Hideyoshi: "If givin' up food is all it takes, ...Well, I think that's the best course of action!"

The women all nod their heads in agreement.

Rudolf: "...It's gonna be a hell of a long day."
>> No. 14417 edit
File 139632811840.png - (571.67KB , 640x480 , scr_aprf.png )
A bomb goes off, instantly incinerating you and everyone else on Rokkenjima.

You lose.

Last edited at 14/03/31(Mon)21:59:52
>> No. 14418 edit
File 136121997664.jpg - (263.43KB , 1024x768 , url.jpg )
Repeat it in red.
>> No. 14419 edit
File 131916917453.jpg - (17.22KB , 134x192 , 268527.jpg )
Don't repeat it in red.
>> No. 14420 edit
File 139632944369.jpg - (19.27KB , 199x298 , 98e251790d43c835fe930aa1faebc27d.jpg )
Ozaki is incompetent

>> No. 14421 edit
File 139632811840.png - (571.67KB , 640x480 , scr_aprf.png )

Shut up, you're dead.

Last edited at 14/03/31(Mon)22:19:31
>> No. 14422 edit
File 139632961726.png - (313.35KB , 640x480 , scr_77.png )
Kinjo: "Dammit guys, this gameboard is getting derailed fast! We need to work together to solve the mystery of this other Game Master's identity! I can't let some impostor just end my game like that!"
>> No. 14423 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Well I already know who it is. You should just start playing again rather than breaking the 4th wall and trying and solve this.
>> No. 14424 edit
File 132107719739.png - (72.69KB , 321x480 , rud_defa2.png )
You're Kinjo pretending to be not Kinjo
>> No. 14425 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
>> No. 14426 edit
File 139633013432.jpg - (8.60KB , 300x168 , dlanor1.jpg )
I am death, destroyer of worlds. April Fools

Last edited at 14/03/31(Mon)22:29:06
>> No. 14427 edit
File 139633109969.png - (232.88KB , 640x480 , scr_78.png )
...The survivors sit in silence for the next hour. It's just past 11 AM, when suddenly...



Everyone's attention shifts to the phone sitting near the back of the room.

Rosa: "S-someone's calling?!"

Natsuhi: "I thought the lines were down...!"

Eva: "What if it's Captain Kawabata? He can save us!"

Hideyoshi: "Should we answer it...?"

Well, should you?
>> No. 14428 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"Could be a trap. Though I doubt some culprit would have access to plastic explosives."

I'll flip the phone of the hook (using anything long that I can find... a broomstick or a backscratcher, etc) so that it gets answered, but I'm not going to put it near my face until I'm certain it's safe. I'll try to listen without getting too close.

"Ushiromiya residence, this is Tertullian speaking."
>> No. 14429 edit
File 139633230577.png - (223.12KB , 640x480 , scr_80.png )
You determine that the phone is safe for listening.

"...Tertullian? So you must be my opponent."

You hear the voice of a woman speaking.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTXVblPUnhU

"Nice to meet you. My name is Beatrice. I am the golden witch, Kinzo's mistress and alchemy counselor. Are you enjoying my game so far? You're eight pieces down, and there's still so much time left! Ahahaha! To think that Kinzo summoned such a foolish individual to this island to face me...!!! Even after death, he refuses to let me rest in peace and do as I please!!!"

The others gather around you. As they listen, their faces visibly turn pale. The sound of this woman's voice shakes them to their very core...

"Well then, before you hang up on me. In light of Gohda's death, please know that I've prepared a banquet for you all in his place. You may find it already prepared in the dining hall downstairs. Do not worry. I play fair. The food is safe to eat, and no harm will come to you on your way there. My opponent and his pieces must be fully prepared for battle, or this game has no meaning! Ahahahaha!!! Please, accept my banquet as a symbol of this game's true start!!!"

...The line goes silent.
>> No. 14430 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"It's a trap. Only a fool would go down there."

Last edited at 14/03/31(Mon)23:13:49
>> No. 14431 edit
File 139633397719.png - (348.53KB , 640x480 , scr_83.png )
Hideyoshi: "Even though she said it was safe... Well, it is hard trustin' people these days, and in this situation..."

Rosa: "There's no way we're falling for that witch's trap. She wants us all dead! That's why she wants us to go to the dining hall!"

Kyrie: "But what difference does it make? We're already in a coffin. We can't go in any rooms out of fear of traps, and this woman seems to think this is a game. Turn the chessboard over. It's in both our best interests to le--"

Just before Kyrie can finish her sentence, her eyes go wide at the sight of the open window, which had been closed the entire night...

Last edited at 14/04/05(Sat)20:43:29
>> No. 14432 edit
File 139633399547.png - (332.91KB , 640x480 , scr_82.png )
Eva: "It was a decoy!!! The phone call was a distraction! Which one of you opened it?! While we weren't looking, someone opened that window!!! There's no other way!!!"

Rudolf: "H-hey, no need to start interrogations! I'm sure it's nothing...!!!"

Eva: "Nothing?! Don't you get it?! The killer wants to flush us out of hiding! With that window open, who knows what the hell's going to happen now!!!"

Natsuhi: "It's just a window, right...? I mean, there's nothing to be worried about, right...?"

Eva: "Then go take a look. You retard. If you're so confident, then go look out that window right now!!! And you tell me what you see!!!"

Natsuhi slowly walks over to the open window........
>> No. 14433 edit
File 139554540528.png - (204.23KB , 408x600 , 130143231561.png )
"That's dangerous! Get back over here!"
>> No. 14434 edit
File 13963345459.png - (421.12KB , 640x480 , scr_84.png )
Natsuhi: "...!!!"

Natsuhi stops in her tracks. She comes back toward the others, glaring at Eva.

Natsuhi: "I bet YOU did it! You wanted to set me up, open the window when you had the chance... and get me shot or something by that lunatic witch! It's not enough that Krauss and Jessica had to die, not for you! You want me dead too! Isn't that right?!"

Eva: "Oh, you're accusing ME?! Haha, you dumb bitch. At least I have a husband who can back up my innocence. Maybe YOU decided to send all of the servants on a killing spree! What do you think of that theory?!"

Natsuhi: "You dare insult my name?! You dare insult the names of the servants who work for the Ushriomya family?!"

Natsuhi raises her gun in anger!
>> No. 14435 edit
File 139560218256.jpg - (320.50KB , 799x1119 , 4abe785363d37e0fd2242de0def7789b.jpg )
"We can't afford to get mad at this point. Turn the chessboard over. Given the actions of that person on the phone, it is highly unlikely they are able to do anything against us at this point. We still stand quite a chance at surviving given that she's had to resort to contacting us."
>> No. 14436 edit
File 139639542610.png - (351.34KB , 640x480 , scr_85.png )
Natsuhi glares at Eva once more. She puts down her gun.

Natsuhi: "......Eva......"

Eva: "He's right. Maybe I overreacted. But someone did open up that window."

Hideyoshi: "Let's stop pointin' fingers. Don't worry about the window. It's gotta be some attempt at makin' us all paranoid of each other!"

Eva: "I suppose so. Then we can just wait here quietly."

The others agree with Eva's suggestion.

Last edited at 14/04/01(Tue)16:38:02
>> No. 14446 edit
File 139633109969.png - (232.88KB , 640x480 , scr_78.png )
More time passes. It's 12:00 noon.



The phone rings again. This time, Kyrie has her eyes on the window. The others nervously look around the room just in case.

...Shall you answer the phone once more?
>> No. 14447 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"If they call back I might answer, but lets ignore this one for now."

I push a shelf in front of the window
>> No. 14448 edit
File 13959875064.png - (679.46KB , 640x480 , scr_73.png )
Everyone waits, and the phone eventually stops ringing. However, shortly after it starts up again. This time Kyrie, moves to answer it.

Kyrie: "Turn the chessboard over. There's no trap in the phone, and this golden witch must be the person referenced in Kinzo's letter. If we want any more answers, we need to talk to her. So even if you won't, I will."

Kyrie picks up the phone.

Last edited at 14/04/01(Tue)22:40:37
>> No. 14449 edit
File 13964173129.png - (226.43KB , 640x480 , scr_86.png )
"My, my! What happened? Didn't want to touch that phone again? Ahahaha, you're all so scared, it's hilarious!

Please know that the dining room has now been cleared of the banquet I presented to you earlier. Such a shame that you didn't go while you had the chance!

But as I said, I play fair. If you want to hole yourselves up in the study for the entire day, so be it. However, if you wish to survive, you really must leave the study...

...On this island, or should I say, underneath it... is a ticking time bomb which shall explode and kill all of you if nothing is done to prevent it! 900 tons of explosives, can you believe that?! Ahahaha, I can't wait for the fireworks show this evening! The bomb is set to explode at the witching hour, 12:00 midnight tonight. So you have less than 12 hours to disarm the bomb. But considering your refusal of the banquet, you probably don't believe me.

...Well, the choice is yours. I wish my opponent the best of luck!"

The phonecall ends.

Last edited at 14/04/01(Tue)23:30:11
>> No. 14450 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Welp, looks like we've got two options.... we either go down to whatever the hell they're planning down there, or we make to the docks and hope my yacht is still there.... and we brave the seas to some extent (although we could just sail around the island where the calms are....)"
>> No. 14452 edit
File 139563328393.png - (403.45KB , 640x480 , scr_51.png )
Rudolf: "A bomb? She's getting desperate to try and get us to leave this room."

Hideyoshi: "That's right! We skipped out on lunch thinkin' it was a trap... What makes this any different?"

Rosa: "But if it is true... Then sitting around here won't do us any good... Maybe we could do as Archer said and look for his yacht, but this weather is quite dangerous..."

Kyrie: "Please, think about it. She insists that she plays fair. If mass murder is a game to her, then she's telling the truth, as crazy as it sounds..."

Eva: "It's all a bunch of lies to get us to leave this room. You can go if you want, but it's safer in here!"

Natsuhi: "Even if there is a bomb, where would we start? We don't have the slightest idea where it could be."

Kyrie: "There's only one place. The location of Kinzo's hidden gold. The bomb is probably down there somewhere..."

The others look at Kyrie doubtfully, as though she had lost her sanity. A bomb? The gold? It's all too unreal. It's just a pack of lies to get them all to split up...!!!
>> No. 14453 edit
*69 the telephone
>> No. 14454 edit
File 139633109969.png - (232.88KB , 640x480 , scr_78.png )
You dial 1169. However, this is Japan, so the code is actually 1363. Lucky for you, Kinzo bought an American rotary telephone, so it works just fine.


The line connects, but the other side remains silent, as if waiting for you to say something.
>> No. 14455 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"I'm assuming you want me to call you Beatrice. Ms. Beatrice, you seem to act as if this is all just a game to you. Now, I'm a big fan of games, but I do not so much enjoy them at the expense of lives, particularly my own. Is this game really fair? Is there a relative degree of solvability that would result in your loss, or are you just enjoying making it look like we have hope?

And this is important to me, one of your opponents in your so called game. I have to understand the rules and boundaries lest I be put at a disadvantageous position due to lacking clarity."
>> No. 14456 edit
File 139647364869.png - (124.86KB , 640x480 , scr_88.png )
"...This game is fair. My goal is to complete my resurrection ceremony, which requires 13 sacrifices. During this entire game, dead or alive, exactly 16 humans exist on this island, no more and no less! So there are certainly enough sacrifices available for me to carry out the ritual.

If I can complete the ceremony, in other words if the death count reaches 13 people... then I win.

As long as the deaths are prevented long enough for the survivors to escape this island alive, and I am therefore unable to complete the ceremony... then you win.

Both win conditions are fair, and both win conditions are possible for each respective side to achieve.

...Any other questions?"
>> No. 14457 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"Is my yacht still where I left it, intact? Even if it is, it may not be worth braving the storm, but if that option is entirely ruled out I'd have no choice but to leave this study."
>> No. 14458 edit
File 13964995148.png - (219.37KB , 640x480 , scr_89.png )
"If you go back to the docks, you'll find your yacht right where you left it... But overnight, the yacht was damaged beyond repair. If you try to use it in this condition, it surely won't survive the storm."
>> No. 14459 edit
File 139649996524.png - (203.37KB , 504x600 , 131001139976.png )
"To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape. Show him there is a road to safety, and so create in his mind the idea that there is an alternative to death. Then strike."

I hang up the phone. I check my watch.

"Okay, people. We've no alternative. Give up and die for certain, or fight and possibly live. There's no other way out of this.... we simply must leave the study in hopes of either subduing this mystery person and/or defusing this bomb. Judging by this person's sick sense of humor, they will be unable to kill us all at once with any sort of explosive weapon because they must kill in a certain manner, strike the head and kill et al. Ergo if we stick together we are most likely to have relative safety. The guns are probably best in the current hands of Eva, Natsuhi, Kyrie, and myself."
>> No. 14460 edit
File 136137534658.png - (203.50KB , 504x600 , 130989118696.png )
"No promises, but I think we stand a fairly good chance at surviving this together. We simply need to maintain a tight formation. I'll lead, we're heading straight for foyer and the front entrance/exit."

I'll open the door to the hallway, check the corners judiciously, and then lead us out at a quick pace if I determine it is safe
>> No. 14462 edit
File 139657618118.png - (356.93KB , 640x480 , scr_90.png )
You check your watch. It's about 12:15.

Kyrie: "Archer understands. We need to at least fight back. His plan will work, if we all stick to it."

Rudolf: "......It seems dangerous. But hell, we've lost our children already, right? Let's make that bastard pay!"

Hideyoshi: "Dyin' here, trapped like sitting ducks, that won't do us any good. A shame we missed out on the food though."

Natsuhi: "I don't know who this Beatrice is, but I will not let her erase the Ushiromiya name!"

Rosa: "For Maria!"

Eva: "........."

It looks like everyone is willing to go along with your plan. The guns are distributed to Eva, Natsuhi, Kyrie, and yourself, as you had suggested.

You open the door. The corners are clear; it's safe. You step out into the hallway.
>> No. 14474 edit
File 139663645936.jpg - (137.03KB , 850x685 , sample-be66554df1a7a83181f34340a921b88e.jpg )
Down the stairs and out the front door. Might as well grab some of the umbrellas in the foyer as I'm leaving.
>> No. 14493 edit
File 139674697751.png - (686.06KB , 640x480 , scr_92.png )
You and the group successfully go out the front door, all carrying umbrellas.

It's raining quite badly outside, the wind blowing ever stronger. However, it's not enough to stop anyone from pressing onward.

Kyrie: "So, Archer. If we are to test my theory about the epitaph, we must go to the chapel."

Natsuhi: "Father's personal chapel... I can lead you all there."

Although you were one of Kinzo's friends, you were never informed about this chapel. You could try to find it on your own, or allow Natsuhi to guide you. Or possibly do something else...

Last edited at 14/04/05(Sat)18:17:01
>> No. 14494 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"Kyrie, I was sure you'd have understood what I was planning. We need to check the guesthouse before the chapel."
Head to the guesthouse and confirm the corpses of the deceased
>> No. 14496 edit
File 139674781631.png - (334.03KB , 640x480 , scr_93.png )
You lead the group to the guesthouse.

Once inside, you all go upstairs to check on the corpses. But the doors to the cousins' room and Nanjo's guest room are both locked.

Natsuhi: "...That would be my fault. I had asked Gohda to lock the doors before leaving that horrible crime scene."

Rudolf: "So did anyone think to snag the master key from his pocket?"

Everyone looks around at each other, speechless. Guess not.
>> No. 14514 edit
File 136137880577.png - (146.11KB , 260x578 , 130134749761.png )
"No problem, we just need to apply a tad bit of force."
Kick the door in
>> No. 14518 edit
File 139675408342.png - (291.22KB , 640x480 , scr_95.png )
You kick the door, but it's quite solid and doesn't budge. You try again and again, but it doesn't open...

"Oh come on. Stand back!"

Eva pushes you out of the way and motions into a fighting stance. She takes a few deep breaths...


With all of her strength, she spectacularly spin-kicks into the door, blowing it right open!
>> No. 14520 edit
File 139675411718.png - (280.84KB , 640x480 , scr_96.png )
The adults rush inside the room. The corpses of the children... are all missing. The blood which had come from their corpses is still present, but the bodies themselves... nowhere.

Rosa: "They're all gone?! Archer, do you have any idea what's going on?!"

Hideyoshi: "The door was locked, and it looks like the window is too... How did they get out without leavin' a trace?!"

Kyrie: "On the nighstand... There's another envelope! Sealed with Kinzo's wax-seal!"

Praise my name.

That's all the letter says.
>> No. 14533 edit
File 136137998828.png - (151.29KB , 344x600 , l_php.png )
"Praise who's name? They forgot to sign the letter."

Chapel time
>> No. 14537 edit
File 139675926665.png - (645.54KB , 640x480 , scr_97.png )
BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfVA1F1mdV8

The group leaves the guesthouse, travelling all the way to Kinzo's chapel.

Kyrie begins to mess with the letters Q U A D R I L L I O N above the chapel's door...

The lion statue turns its head, facing Rokkenjima's untamed forest... Everyone stands there in shock, waiting for either you or Kyrie to tell them what to do next.
>> No. 14540 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
"It would seem our path is set for us."

Lead everyone in that direction.
>> No. 14621 edit
File 139701731237.png - (457.37KB , 640x480 , scr_99.png )
You lead the others in the direction the lion statue indicates. After about a minute's walk, and a few twists and turns later...

...You uncover a staircase, leading into an underground tunnel...

Immediately upon descending, you see there are three paths to take. What will you do?
>> No. 14622 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"A three way path, huh.... I feel like there must be a definitive answer but it seems we missed a hint somewhere..... anybody have any ideas?"
>> No. 14702 edit
File 139819910569.png - (414.87KB , 640x480 , scr_100.png )
Everyone looks at you and Kyrie in confusion.

Kyrie: "...If we split up now, things will only be more confusing. We need to remain together, especially in such a dark tunnel. If nobody has any starting ideas, then I suggest we take the left path and go from there."
>> No. 14703 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Why the left path of all paths? Isn't that the path that you would normally expect a person to default to if they are required to use the process of elimination to determine the correct way? Well I don't really have any better ideas, though, so we might as well go down the left lane."

Proceed to go down the left lane, exercising extreme caution, etc.
>> No. 14704 edit
File 139820115996.png - (462.71KB , 640x480 , scr_101.png )
At the end of the path, you encounter another fork in the road. This time, two options.

You also notice what looks like... a body, lying in the middle of the junction. It's hard to see from this distance, so you could approach it for a closer look.
>> No. 14705 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
Approach the body for a closer inspection.
>> No. 14706 edit
File 13982015684.png - (68.34KB , 640x480 , scr_102.png )
When you move closer, you notice it's wearing a suit like a servant, but don't see anything unusual... other than the goat head. It's clearly a lifeless body nonetheless.

Natsuhi and Rosa almost let out screams, but Hideyoshi and Rudolf keep them quiet.
>> No. 14707 edit
File 13982025193.jpg - (24.11KB , 1539x735 , map1.jpg )
Clearly a lifeless body, eh? Must by one of the disappeared victims. My money's on George.

Remove the mask to determine who this corpse belongs to
>> No. 14709 edit
File 13982165919.png - (407.65KB , 640x480 , scr_103.png )
You take off the goat head, obviously a mask -- to reveal a heavily decomposed skull. It's clearly been dead for a long time. A sharp object resembling an ice-pick can be seen protruding from the skull, as if gouging it.

Natsuhi: "This is... What on Earth is this?!"
>> No. 14710 edit
File 139554540528.png - (204.23KB , 408x600 , 130143231561.png )
"It appears to be a body. Perhaps a missing person, perchance a long miss and long deceased servant. We should at least make preliminary attempts to identify this person."

I will attempt to identify this body's sex by genitalia. If this is impossible due to decay, I will use the pelvis instead.

"Gouge the head and kill, huh? Clearly not the right order given the current state of these remains."
>> No. 14711 edit
File 139555902953.png - (299.86KB , 640x480 , scr_37.png )
You undress the corpse, and determine by its pelvis that it is most likely a male.

You pervert!
>> No. 14712 edit
File 136137998828.png - (151.29KB , 344x600 , l_php.png )
"A male corpse...."

Use the remains to next determine age next. Via the teeth (both the wear and the development). This could also be aided by the size of the remain themselves, how big the bones are, etc.
>> No. 14713 edit
File 139820115996.png - (462.71KB , 640x480 , scr_101.png )
It's obvious by the size that this is the skeleton of an adult male. Nothing more can be determined from inspection.

Where shall you go from here?

Last edited at 14/04/22(Tue)21:31:16
>> No. 14714 edit
File 136137603628.png - (151.80KB , 344x600 , 13013463948.png )
>> No. 14715 edit
File 139822821654.png - (115.14KB , 640x480 , scr_104.png )
Your group follows the left path again.

You reach a dead end. You can see what looks like water, or rather what one might consider a river, flowing through the rocks below. It looks like it's flowing from right to left and then splits, going in two directions: your left, and in front of you. You could probably trace its path if you backtracked from this information alone.
>> No. 14716 edit
File 139822996835.jpg - (29.03KB , 1539x735 , map2.jpg )
Let's go back to the previous fork and then go down the other way
>> No. 14717 edit
File 139701731237.png - (457.37KB , 640x480 , scr_99.png )
You take the other path.

Another junction of three paths. There's also another path leading back toward your original starting point.
>> No. 14718 edit
File 139823260285.jpg - (71.22KB , 1612x1007 , othermap3.jpg )
Take the left path
>> No. 14719 edit
File 139823312327.png - (249.96KB , 640x480 , scr_105.png )
You go left.

Eventually the group finds the river once again, but it's not just a river... It's a large body of water, and in the middle of it sits a giant submarine! The words 'Cavallo Bianco' can be seen on two plaques attached to the side of the ship. The door to the sub looks slightly ajar.

Other than that, this area doesn't seem to hold much despite its size. It's completely surrounded by rocks, so it's another dead end of sorts. The water seems quite deep, so it's probably best not to dive in.
>> No. 14720 edit
File 13982334217.jpg - (30.98KB , 843x728 , map4.jpg )
"A dead end of sorts. But if the door on that sub is open, we can probably enter."

I will attempt to board the sub.
>> No. 14721 edit
File 139823381482.png - (264.37KB , 640x480 , scr_106.png )
You crack the door open and board the sub, the others following close behind.

There's a lot of machinery and not much room to move around. Keeping your guard up, your group is suspicious of anyone hiding... but there's no one in sight.

Rudolf: "What the hell is a submarine doing underneath this island...? Is there something we all don't know about?"

Rosa: "Father told stories about being involved in the war... Do you think this is from that time?"
>> No. 14722 edit
File 139823398943.png - (202.82KB , 640x480 , scr_107.png )
While walking through the tight space, Natsuhi clumsily hits her head against the ceiling. She lets out a small 'ouch', but she seems alright.

...In the process, everyone hears a latch open, and something falling onto the floor. It's a white key... Kyrie kneels down to pick it up.

Kyrie: "So we followed this river and found a key. Do you see where this is going, Archer?"

Last edited at 14/04/22(Tue)23:33:26
>> No. 14725 edit
File 136137719878.png - (203.25KB , 504x600 , 130133696682.png )
"Oh boy, here we go..... now to see if there's something cool to unlock"

Keep searching

Last edited at 14/04/22(Tue)23:24:57
>> No. 14726 edit
File 139823489110.png - (255.06KB , 640x480 , scr_108.png )
You search the interior for any more clues, but find nothing of interest.

Kyrie: "There's nothing useful in here. But I think I know what to do next."

Kyrie moves toward the submarine's exit. She steps outside and finishes her thought.

"...We need to solve the epitaph again. Find the six chosen by the key. This key is white, and the sign outside says 'BIANCO', which is six letters long and Italian for that color. So, something must be hiding back there, right?"

Last edited at 14/04/22(Tue)23:35:32
>> No. 14736 edit
File 139555015084.png - (108.15KB , 244x583 , 130135121555.png )
"Huh, a puzzle within a puzzle. Something tells me this one was not intended as a part of the original epitaph."

Assess the situation to determine everyone else is still here. Then I'll make my way to the outside of the submarine and more closely examine the words Cavallo Bianco
>> No. 14799 edit
File 139823312327.png - (249.96KB , 640x480 , scr_105.png )
Everyone is still with you.

The two words are both on separate plaques. Upon close examination, the 'BIANCO' plaque can be lifted up to reveal a small compartment in the sub.

Kyrie checks the compartment and holds up a blue key.

Kyrie: "Another key. This might be useful later on."
>> No. 14810 edit
File 136121886052.jpg - (89.22KB , 800x600 , 98b18b504c_38712587_o2.jpg )
"Looks like we're done here"

Go back and try the middle path at the fork.
>> No. 15087 edit
File 140124514280.png - (385.07KB , 640x480 , scr_110.png )
Your group decides to go down the middle path. It's a dark and narrow corridor, but you see some light near the other end.

Your group remains cautious as you walk toward the light...

Suddenly, a sound! Footsteps?! At the other end of this hallway?!

Rosa: "Is that... the culprit?!"

Last edited at 14/05/27(Tue)19:45:42
>> No. 15349 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , 130134659513.png )
"Must be, can't imagine anyone else around.

Hey, Mr. Culprit, show yourself. Surely our climactic showdown is about to begin."
>> No. 15350 edit
File 140364389727.png - (307.81KB , 640x480 , scr_111.png )
After you say that, you hear the echo of the footsteps picking up pace.

Rudolf: "They're trying to get away! Let's go!"

The others instinctively chase after the fleeing culprit. Down the hall is another corridor, now brightly-lit. There are several closed doors paving the walls, but only a single door among them open.

Just as you arrive in the hallway, you could see a shadowy figure entering that room with the opened door... Looks like that person is the culprit after all.

...As you look around, it seems there are several more of those goat-butlers lying around in the halls, all dead. None of the survivors are concerned with them, however, considering the culprit is right inside that room...!

Natsuhi: "Stop! I will not allow you to get away with murdering the Ushiromiya family! For my husband and my daughter, I will be the one to kill you!"

Natsuhi dashes into the room, and a moment later, a gunshot rings out across the hall.

Last edited at 14/06/24(Tue)14:05:13
>> No. 15351 edit
File 139380917240.png - (193.10KB , 360x600 , rudolftoldmeto.png )
I run in after her.
>> No. 15352 edit
What he said
>> No. 15353 edit
File 140366049832.png - (388.38KB , 640x480 , scr_114.png )
You run into the room after Natsuhi. The others follow right behind you.

Natsuhi can be seen fallen on the floor, her head smashed into a bloody mess. There's hardly anything left...

You smell smoke coming from the barrel of a gun. And you see the person holding that gun, in the center of the room... Ushiromiya Kinzo!!!

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35dnAFiOz1k

"Fufufufu...!!! So this is how the game ends. You've really cornered me. Does everything make sense now, you fools...? Or shall I be the one to explain everything for you?"

All of the adults are frozen in shock.

Last edited at 14/06/24(Tue)18:42:12
>> No. 15445 edit
File 139663645936.jpg - (137.03KB , 850x685 , sample-be66554df1a7a83181f34340a921b88e.jpg )
"I'm still not quite sure of my importance in all of this? Dear friend, why was it important that I be summoned here for this occasion?"

Last edited at 14/07/14(Mon)19:10:48
>> No. 15446 edit
File 140539085777.png - (329.25KB , 640x480 , scr_115.png )
"Friend? You call me your friend? Does the pawn or the rook call the hand that moves them his friend? You were placed on my chessboard, to serve my purpose, and now that it has been fulfilled, I desire your friendship no more!

I regret nothing! My sons and daughters deserve nothing from me! They and their children are all failures, none of which deserve the title of the head of the family! The Ushiromiya line ends here! The one who gave new life to the family name shall also be the one to take it away!

And it is not enough to simply kill you all! One does not slaughter dogs. They must first grow to have a fighting chance, and only then can they be mercilessly crushed to pieces! What better way to strike fear into my children's hearts and paranoia into their minds than to slowly kill the ones they love?! I could have simply detonated this bomb, but first it was necessary to mentally torture all of you!

And you Archer, played right into my hands! To kill them slowly and perfectly, without a chance of failure... How disgraceful! It was necessary to find someone willing to fight back! Without risk, there can be no reward, and the larger the risk, the larger the payoff in the end...!!! You are an opponent, a challenger! By summoning you to this island, I raised that risk immensely, all for the sake of my own entertainment!

Do you get it? That letter I sent was a fake, a lie! Not a word written on it was true! And all of my faithful servants stayed home today, after I told them that a bomb would be going off at midnight, killing everyone...!!!

Do you have any more words for me, ...dear friend?!"

Last edited at 14/07/14(Mon)19:21:55
>> No. 15447 edit
File 136122688473.png - (638.69KB , 1920x1200 , url2.png )
"Any hints to share before I shoot you?"

If not, I'll shoot him.
>> No. 15448 edit
File 140539470345.png - (277.46KB , 640x480 , scr_116.png )
The old man laughs as you ready your gun.

Kinzo: "A hint? The game is over, you win. The bomb is in the clock over there. Disarm it, and you may leave."


You shoot Kinzo in the chest, and he topples over backward to the floor. Silence falls.

The survivors (Eva, Rudolf, Rosa, Hideyoshi, Kyrie) are still in shock after witnessing these bizarre events. Kinzo was alive the whole time, hiding down here, plotting to kill them all? And it was all big practical joke none of them were laughing at?

...Eva, who had been just as dumbfounded as the others and had been staring at her father's dead body for several moments, suddenly began walking to the other side of the room.

Eva: "He said the clock, right?! ...Does anyone know how to disarm this thing?! It looks like there's a switch here... Can we really trust Father's word, or is this another trap that will get us killed?!"
>> No. 15449 edit
File 139555461173.jpg - (177.89KB , 850x1161 , sample-9538f796c92765bbc7e938e90103c69c.jpg )
"That should be the end. I can't see the point of any more surprises by now."
>> No. 15450 edit
Eva flips the switch.

The end.
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