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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 141613960499.png - (367.22KB , 640x480 , titlecard.png )
16928 No. 16928 edit

Welcome to Rokkenjima. I'm glad you could make it. I've been expecting your arrival for some time. I'm letting you explore as much as you wish, but don't misunderstand. This game makes no claim to be a mystery. You are no detective. This story is meant to make you face the truth.

The difficulty is irrelevant.

There are rules to the game that you will discover while playing. When you feel satisfied with your adventure, we can participate in a classic red vs. blue battle. Rather than guessing the answer to any locked rooms, however, you'll attempt to answer this question:

What is the true nature of this game board?

Good luck.

Ending 1: ???????
Ending 2: ???????
Ending 3: ???????
Ending 4: ???????

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>> No. 16929 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Really unsure with what you mean, but I'll give it a shot.

The nature of this game is that it is a prison for the culprit who committed these deeds. Having to live it over and over, like some sort of purgatory.
That or a witch did it
>> No. 16930 edit
File 130869852468.png - (160.61KB , 434x480 , wdk_nayamua1.png )
The deaths in the game represent the first twilight, with six victims: Battler, George, Jessica, Maria, Kumasawa, and the player. This game is a look into the Kakera for that gameboard in which these deaths occur.
>> No. 16931 edit
File 141618434573.jpg - (3.51KB , 64x108 , dlanor.jpg )

The question is open to interpretation. You can try to guess the game's themes, explain what really happened behind the magic and deception, or go on a different tangent.

This board is not a punishment. It is an explanation.


The deaths in the game represent the first twilight. Battler, George, Jessica, Maria, Kumasawa, and the player are all potential victims of the first twilight. This game is a look into the Kakera for that gameboard in which these deaths occur.
>> No. 16932 edit
File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
Explanation eh?

The explanation is the inescapable fact that people die on this one night on Rokkenjima, and that you cannot do anything to stop that. Every route and possible ending will result in at least one death, and is also implied the rest die as well. The reason Kumasawa liked the 'hope' answer and couldn't deny the 'meant to die' answer is because those are the facts. You run around with the hope of finding another way out, only to find that death happens at every turn.
>> No. 16933 edit
File 141618706940.png - (72.37KB , 322x247 , nice.png )
The inability to escape destiny is not an intended theme of this board.
>> No. 16953 edit
File 141621138730.png - (236.98KB , 400x800 , Bunny Girl.png )
The way I saw it was that the game represented all the possible paths a character on Rokkenjima could go through as far as routes. You have your accept/deny witch/magic and get consumed, you have your killed by random human culprit, you have your survive the twilight and and live to the next twilight and finding a closed room, and then you have your become the culprit yourself. Basically the way I saw it as a representation of all the possibilities umineko gives you in the story and the possibility for the characters.
>> No. 16954 edit
File 139380188999.jpg - (157.34KB , 494x700 , tumblr_ly85dziz9k1qj1qsqo1_500.jpg )
Different routes in this games represented the different possible endings for Umineko.
>> No. 16955 edit
File 141644133934.png - (197.21KB , 337x732 , thysania.png )
The cousins and Kumasawa want to teach the money-obsessed adults a lesson, so they cooperate with the witch and acknowledge her existence. Together they create a murder scenario. When the parents see their children dead, maybe they will remember what is really important. Business comes second to family. By cooperating, they might have a chance to revive their loved ones and find happiness with the witch's gold.

The unexpected visitor's alien view of these people turns them in their imagination to dangerous witch worshippers. They try to find a way to defend themselves, and even hallucinates killing Jessica in self-defense. With enough paranoia, they might start seeing everyone on the island as enemies.

There are two witches.

The first witch is the true master of Rokkenjima. She can walk through doors with her master key, summon familiars as accomplices and revive the dead after the murders have taught their lesson and opened the doors of the golden land. The witch of hope.

The second witch is you, the player behind the visitor. You believe in only a tragedy, so you come up with a plan to kill Kumasawa, and eventually all the people on Rokkenjima. After all, Rokkenjima is just a game board for you. To you these people are already dead, if they were ever alive to begin with. The witch of death.

Human Culprit Theory:

Kumasawa is fakes her death at 10:30. The cousins are visited by the witch at 12:00 to prepare the fake murder, you included if not protected by the scorpion charm. The visitor faints from fear as they turn around to see the witch, wearing a scary mask. In the Fool's Mate Ending, they are knocked out. In either case, they are then made into a victim of the first twilight.

Surrender to the Witch Theory:

The witch's power is real, and she kills Kumasawa, the cousins and the visitor just to revive them later. At least if the epitaph is solved.
>> No. 16956 edit
File 141644761995.jpg - (11.27KB , 303x166 , dlanorr.jpg )
The cousins created the illusion of the witch in order to teach their parents a lesson. Kumasawa joins them as well. In some timelines, they let you in on it at the end. In another timeline, you become paranoid and kill everyone.

If you hold the scorpion charm, they decide to use this to their advantage and you're still in the dark.

There are two witches. The Witch of Hope and the player.

This is the core of my story
>> No. 16957 edit
File 14000909738.png - (1.01MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_59.png )
That's that I suppose. Short but sweet. Nice work on this fangame GE.
>> No. 16958 edit
File 141649971216.png - (373.25KB , 640x480 , thy_screen1.png )
Ooh, I solved it! At least most of it.

If I understand correctly, Yasuda is not involved, it's just Kumasawa and the cousins?

I kind of deliberately wrote my answer like the witch could be almost anyone, as I speculated that Kumasawa was the witch in this game. I still ended up thinking of Yasuda because there is apparently someone else downstairs when Kumasawa 'dies', hence the true master part.

Was forcing the parents to solve the epitaph part of the plan or not?

In retrospect, it's pretty silly to use someone unaware of the plan as a fake victim and I can't imagine why the cousins would do that, but I wanted to try explaining why the game ends like it does. Then again, there would be no game if we saw what happened after the Consumed and Fool's Mate Endings.

It was a great short game, good job! Creepy atmosphere with a good story behind it, reminded me of Higurashi a little.

Last edited at 14/11/20(Thu)08:08:32
>> No. 16959 edit
File 141651664159.jpg - (3.87KB , 55x126 , images.jpg )
Nope, Beatrice wasn't involved in this game.In most of the endings, the witch wasn't one person, but a construct created out of a shared wish.

The player's viewpoint wasn't reliable. Anything they saw is subject to scrutiny, including the timeline of events or the immediate prelude to the endings.

Forcing the adults to solve the epitaph was a part of the wish, but I think the cousins would have been satisfied even if this part hadn't come true.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I used some classic tricks with an experimental format, so I'm glad everything worked well. I plan on whatever project I work on next being much different tonally. Until next time.
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