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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 14308937054.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
17465 No. 17465 edit
Kenji stands up over the crumpled body. "...She is gone."

The other guests mumble in question. Soft sobs coming from her friend kneeling next to the corpse.

"Dead? Just like that?" the stout man questions.

Kenji turns to the rest of the guests, "Even if the power comes back on I will need everyone to remain here. This is murder."

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>> No. 17493 edit
File 143093403495.png - (67.63KB , 256x182 , table.png )
"Lets see... hobbyist, vacation, and continuing vacation," she says.
>> No. 17494 edit
File 137729960364.png - (258.23KB , 406x480 , leo_1007.png )
"Well, I guess you have nothing to help me, or don't want to share it. That's fine, I'll know things eventually. Call Kazumi next please."
>> No. 17495 edit
File 143127893860.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
"Well you are a skeptical one," she comments before heading off.

Kazumi eventually arrives and takes a seat. She doesn't say anything however, presumable waiting for your questioning.
>> No. 17496 edit
File 137678866942.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1013.png )
"Greetings Ms Matsuo. You seem to have a sharp eye and have noticed our victim near the fence. Do you have anything else of interest to share, about the victim, the persons present here, anything?"
>> No. 17497 edit
File 143127893860.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
"It was just coincidence that I noticed her. As for the others I cant say I paid attention. I was focused on my work," she explains briefly.
>> No. 17498 edit
File 143129080873.png - (258.14KB , 406x480 , leo_1011.png )
"I see. Then what about the broken glass? What exactly happened?
Also, if I may, why come here to work? I'm sure there's hundred of other places that would be quieter than here to work."
>> No. 17499 edit
File 143129106679.png - (26.84KB , 275x183 , nightsky.png )
"Admittedly I wasn't paying attention and bumped into the girl at the bar. Fortunately the glass was already empty so there wasn't a mess," looking down you can still see some small remains of the glass.

"I find noise helps me work more efficiently. If I am alone or listening to music I just get distracted," she explains.
>> No. 17500 edit
File 143128825256.png - (257.93KB , 406x480 , leo_1019.png )
"Wait, whose glass was it? Kaori's I take?
Then for personal questions, what is the purpose of your stay in this hotel? What is your job?"
>> No. 17501 edit
File 143129178689.png - (47.07KB , 200x200 , torches.png )
"Right, it was hers. I work as accountant in Kyoto, my boss said I was working too hard and should take some time off. I ended up working while I was here anyway it seems."
>> No. 17502 edit
File 137381562715.png - (258.23KB , 406x480 , leo_1017.png )
"That's what people call overwork. You should go rest yourself for real after that.
I suppose you have nothing to add? Did you know anyone? Notice any of them doing something odd, you don't have to limit yourself to today."

If she doesn't, I'll just send her back and call for Daisuke.
Before he comes I'll inspect the broken glass closely.
>> No. 17503 edit
File 143093268229.png - (299.67KB , 550x412 , bar2.png )
She doesn't have anything to add, but agrees with you about getting some rest.

Taking a look at the shards shows that the class is the same as the cocktail glasses on the bar. You find a shard with some red lipstick, but nothing else jumps out at you.

Daisuke comes around from the planet bed quickly, "Now I know what you are thinking. `That guy was next to her at the bar so he is probably the culprit.` Well I say not, I don't even know the girl. You know what I think? It was whatever your friend had that did her in, allergic reaction or something like that."
>> No. 17504 edit
File 137678866942.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1013.png )
"Now that you mention it, you were sitting beside her. Thank you for reminding that fact Mr.Hamada. It is so kind of you.
I assume you have a better explanation to protect yourself than allergy, don't you?

Anyway, please tell me anything you know, have noticed, have caught a glimpse of, anything that could help you be less suspicious."
>> No. 17505 edit
File 143089400729.png - (230.94KB , 550x412 , hotel front.png )
After getting over that you ignored his theory he thinks for a moment. "Well, I don't know if suspicious, but the fact that the police were already on their way seems off to me. Maybe another murder happened elsewhere in the hotel, something like that?"
>> No. 17506 edit
File 141042325873.png - (258.95KB , 406x480 , leo_1021.png )
"Indeed, that is something I thought off as well. It might be a cause behind the blackout. But either way that's something for later, we have enough on our hands with one murder for now.
If you have nothing to add, could you tell me what drink you chose? And from then on hmm... Occupation, are you a pro-wrestler, reason for stay, etc...
>> No. 17507 edit
File 14309361919.png - (102.12KB , 348x260 , barfloor.png )
"Drink? Well Kirin of course. Nothing beats it. What do you mean pro wrestler?" he asks a tad annoyed. "I run a brokerage thank you very much."

He also adds that he is on vacation like Izumi said.
>> No. 17508 edit
File 143129080873.png - (258.14KB , 406x480 , leo_1011.png )
"Sorry, just a slip of the tongue. Those things happen so often I barely notice them anymore myself.
Anyhow if you have nothing to add call Kaori, she's the last person"
>> No. 17509 edit
File 143129106679.png - (26.84KB , 275x183 , nightsky.png )
Daisuku leaves and Kaori quietly comes around and sits down. She looks more composed than before to say the least. She awaits questioning.
>> No. 17510 edit
File 137729658384.png - (258.59KB , 406x480 , leo_1010.png )
"Greetings Kaori, I'm sure it must be very difficult for you, but as the person closest to the victim, what you know can help me and the police find the murdered. It can also avoid suspicion from being drawn on you.
This is entirely dependent on how well you can answer, and how truthfully. Please listen well.

First off, how long did you and the victim knew each other? In what context? Can you imagine anyone having a grudge against her?
What drinks did you two take?
Do you know anyone here? Witnessed anyone acting suspiciously?"

I'll wait for her answer before continuing
>> No. 17511 edit
File 143127893860.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
"We met in our first year in college, that was 5 years ago."

She tells you that Kaori only ordered Kirin but had a few sips of one of her own cocktails. She also reports that she doesn't know anybody here, nor did she see anything she can see as suspicious.

However when the topic of grudge comes up she pauses a bit. "Well, there is something, something similar to this. Someone died just like this before."

After a short pause she continues, "During our final year we used to go out to some clubs and had a small group, Erina was something like the leader. One time there was a girl, Sakura, who wanted to join us. Erina thought, just as a joke, that once there she would spike her drink to get her to loosen up. We all had the same stuff, just, something went wrong... they said something about her heart...and just..."
Seems like that's all she can manage.
>> No. 17512 edit
File 13772903961.png - (258.30KB , 406x480 , leo_1012.png )
"Alright, I need you to answer me calmly. Is that Sakura girl still alive?
Regardless, do you think that what happened today would be something like a revenge?
Did Sakura have any sibling? What were her parents like? I need as much information I can get out of this. As hard as it might be for you."
>> No. 17513 edit
File 143093403495.png - (67.63KB , 256x182 , table.png )
"No, she died during that incident, I think revenge could be likely but... I never heard her talk about her family so I don't know."
>> No. 17514 edit
File 143129918660.png - (258.58KB , 406x480 , leo_1029.png )
"I see.
Did you just come here as a vacation? Just the two of you?
Also, can you tell exactly what happened earlier when your glass broke?"

I'll examine to see whether she's wearing any lipstick.
>> No. 17515 edit
File 143127893860.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
You note she is not wearing any lipstick.

"Yes, just the two of us. That girl tripped and bumped into me making me lose my grip on the glass. Was there something important about it?"
>> No. 17516 edit
File 143129982510.png - (258.72KB , 406x480 , leo_1014.png )
"Not really, I was just making sure I had the right grip on it. By the way, your glass was empty right?
In any case, I have few more questions to ask you. From your story, I assume you and your friend graduated from university? What are you doing then? What did you study?
Did you see anyone here do something strange, whether today or previously? Anything can be used."

Once she answers, I'll send her back with the others, then proceed to inspect the glass again, logically the lipstick mark should be on the top of the glass, I try to note the color, then whether any liquid is around the debris.
I'll proceed to do a general check of the bar area, finish my coffee and I'll head over to the victim.
>> No. 17517 edit
File 143093403495.png - (67.63KB , 256x182 , table.png )
"Erina dropped out... I ended up getting a degree in the arts."

She tells you the cup was indeed empty and that she didn't notice anything strange leading up to this incident. She then leaves leaving you to investigate.

As you examine the small shard you found with the red lipstick on it you are able to determine that it was on the rim of the glass as expected. Taking a look at the general bar area again you end up looking at the empty cans and glasses again. Two of the cans in front of Erina`s seat also have red lipstick on the rims. You finish your now cold coffee and walk over to the body.

At some point before you started interrogating Kenji placed his coat over the top half of the body. You can see the others gathered in the distance closer to the elevator, the body is currently out of their field of view.
>> No. 17518 edit
I'll focus on the upper part for now, first take a look at her lips, as she should logically be wearing lipstick, then I'll examine her mouth as carefullyas possible, trying to see if any liquid, saliva, froth it coming out.
Then put the coat aside and do a general search, pockets, etc...Any bruise, mark, anything.
>> No. 17519 edit
File 143130133919.png - (215.70KB , 640x480 , LetsJustNotAskWhatThisIs.png )
It appears that she is not wearing any lipstick. Inside her mouth however you do find some remnants of froth backed up in her throat.

You fail to find any wounds on the body. Under the coat beside the body is a purse. Opening it you find some make up (no lipstick), key to her room, unopened package of tissues, some credit cards and cash.
>> No. 17520 edit
I'll take the tissue, unfold it and place it in the palm of my right hand. I'll then put that hand over her lips and very slowly, but firmly enough, bring it down until it connects.
Then observe.
>> No. 17521 edit
File 139025776454.png - (144.37KB , 640x480 , note1.png )
The tissue comes back clean.
>> No. 17522 edit
File 143128825256.png - (257.93KB , 406x480 , leo_1019.png )
After smelling the tissue just a little, I'll pocket it. Then, I'll head for the group.

"Alright, I have to thank everyone for cooperating with me so far. Unfortunately, that won't reveal itself to be enough. I will need your help for something in a short while.
During that meantime, please rest quietly.
Except you Shuji, could you come here a sec?"

While he's coming my way, I'll try to see if either Kazumi or Izumi is wearing any lipstick.
I try to take enough distance from the group so that they wouldn't be able to hear us.

"I need you to tell me what drink you served and to who, if possible in what order."
>> No. 17523 edit
File 143093268229.png - (299.67KB , 550x412 , bar2.png )
The tissues were scented so you get a nice whiff of tissue smell.
Neither Kazumi or Izumi are wearing any lipstick.

Shuji looks a bit dubious at first but attempts to do so, "Lets see... Matsuo asked for some water before the victim arrived. After that Erina and her friend ordered a beer (Kirin) and a cocktail. Shortly after that they ordered the same two drinks again.
The detective came and ordered after that, and then I believe Harada and his partner arrived and ordered the same combination as the victim and her friend. Erina ordered another cocktail and beer, which was before she left to the bathroom. After she had left Harada asked for another beer as well. I think after that something happened and a glass broke, but I didn't see it happen.
That should be all."
>> No. 17524 edit
File 143130454515.png - (260.41KB , 406x480 , leo_1024.png )
"Okay, thank you. That should reveal itself useful... Hopefully...
I need you to help me with something. Can you stand at the bathroom's doorway and keep a look on what everyone's doing while I'm inspecting the bathroom? I will need to you to be very careful."

If he goes along with this, I'll head for the bathroom, open the door and tell to keep it open. Then inquire with Yoko about Kenji's State.
Finally I'll start a general search of the place.
>> No. 17525 edit
File 143130524481.png - (417.26KB , 640x480 , air_t2a.png )
Shuji agrees and follows you to the bathroom, taking post in front of the doors.

You look into the male bathroom and can hear some heaving, but not vomit at the moment. You see Yoko rubbing Kenji`s back.

Heading into the female bathroom you find it to be surprisingly clean for the women`s bathroom. There doesn't appear to be anything that stands out besides the trash can, in which you find some paper towels, some make up wipes, and an empty lipstick container. You find the wet wipes and paper towels to be coated in the same color of lipstick.
>> No. 17526 edit
I'll try to see if I can make out the brand of the lipstick. Then I'll go up to Shuji.

"Hey, did you notice anybody wearing lipstick tonigh?"
>> No. 17527 edit
File 143127893860.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
It is rather worn down and you cant make out a brand, but the design is rather distinct.

Shuji tells you, "Lipstick? No... I don`t think I noticed anyone."
>> No. 17588 edit
File 143130454515.png - (260.41KB , 406x480 )
I'll pocket the lipstick.
"Thank you. I don't have any more business here. Let's go back with the others."

I walk over to the group, analyze everyone's expression. I'll take the lipstick out and show it to everybody.

"Has anybody seen this lipstick today?"
>> No. 17589 edit
File 143093242498.png - (52.23KB , 199x201 , roof2.png )
"Ah that is..." Kaori responds, "That is Erina`s, I am pretty sure."

Nobody else seems to deny her claim.
>> No. 17608 edit
"I see. I found it in the trash, but she wasn't wearin any lipstick when she passed away. Do you have any idea why that may be?"
>> No. 17609 edit
File 143093268229.png - (299.67KB , 550x412 , bar2.png )
"I noticed she didn't have any on when she returned from the bathroom, at least," Kaori explains unsure to what it means," She was wearing it up until then."
>> No. 17610 edit
File 143292338042.png - (258.29KB , 406x480 , leo_1003.png )
"I see. Thank you.
As I said before, I need all of you to help me. To do that, I will need to inspect everyone's personal luggage and do a body check. Yoko will take care of the women, while I'll take care of the men. I know it is annoying but it's a necessary thing to do. The girls can go in the women's bathroom. Men, come with me."

I'll make sure everyone gets in each bathroom, ask yoko to take care of that. Then take care of the deed.
>> No. 17611 edit
File 143127893860.png - (197.41KB , 474x338 , roof.png )
"Well I suppose that makes sense," Harada admits. Before you all head over there however you notice Kenji and Yoko come out from the bathroom. Kenji looks significantly better.

"Seems like you did my job for me, sorry about that. What exactly has happened since I left?" he asks you.
>> No. 17612 edit
File 143292421845.png - (258.09KB , 406x480 , leo_1020.png )

I'll answer only after having hushed everyone in their respective bathroom.

"Well, not much. I did a bit of search and asked everyone's version of the event.

As far as hints go, the victim's lipstick seem to be the leading one.
I found the victim's empty lipstick container in the bathroom, and traces of lipstick on the cans she supposedly drank. Yet she wasn't wearing any lipstick at the time of death, though her friend says she was wearing some before getting to the bathroom."
>> No. 17613 edit
File 143129178689.png - (47.07KB , 200x200 , torches.png )
Kenji thinks for a moment and quickly tells you to stay put, he then runs around the roof top searching in each and every corner. He then returns shortly finding nothing, but that seems to be the intended result.

"Something tells me that you have a theory to go with those findings," he says, "And I think you might just be right. The body search will most likely prove it."
>> No. 17615 edit
File 143292755436.png - (275.14KB , 540x480 , leo_1071.png )
"A theory you say...
Well, I feel like I'm still lacking crucial information, but I can still come up with something.
So if we go with the idea that poison is the murder weapon, then of course lipstick was used.
That would explain why we found the lipstick container in the trash can. Indeed, if we were to believe the victim actually threw it herself, well, she just doesn't have any reason to just throw it like this, unless she was planning suicide.
She may just have found it empty, but if she was wearing it, then she would have thrown it back when she first used it.
In any case, the lipstick container was clearly thrown away by the culprit, while they would keep the actual lipstick somewhere on their person.

But nobody saw anyone other than the victim enter the bathroom. How then? Simple enough, the culprit took advantage of the fireworks and the subsequent blackout.

As for how the lipstick would have been poisoned, I'm a bit unsure, but I'd say the culprit probably replaced her's beforehand, or used some trick to poison it/replace it while close to her. For exemple, using some distraction like breaking glass.

Then, to cover up tracks, the culprit would throw the lipstick container, wipe the lipstick off the victim's lips, then come back with everyone.

Basically, I would say Kazumi is the culprit, poisoned or replaced the lipstick while breaking her friend's glass. Planned the blackout, used it to do the aforementioned things, then got back with everyone and blended in. She might have placed the body around this time.

She then further covered her tracks by falsifying her time of death with a false testimony, creating an illusionary timespan which would have washed her of doubts.

As for motive, we'll see later, but I do think I have a pretty good hunch about it.

Well, we'll see the ins and outs of it if the lipstick is found on her I guess.

What do you think?"

Last edited at 15/05/29(Fri)12:27:08
>> No. 17616 edit
File 143129106679.png - (26.84KB , 275x183 , nightsky.png )
"Can I see that lipstick?" Kenji asks before taking it.

After a few moments he hands it back, "It looks like it had been all used up, rather than removed. She probably just threw it out herself, so I don't think that theory holds up. Also the odor from the poison is potent enough that I should be able to smell it on the lipstick here, but there is nothing. In fact none of the cans or glasses over their smell either," he explains
>> No. 17637 edit
File 143325531155.png - (275.51KB , 540x480 , leo_1093.png )
"Ghh... Well, if so there's only one thing I can think of.
She was removing her make-up with a soft cloth, or whatever girls use, which was poisoned beforehand by the culprit, which retrieved it during the blackout.
So should we find either a soft cloth with soft lipstick mark or something similar on anyone we got the culprit... Probably.
I'm still betting on Matsuo, but at this rate it could pretty much anyone."
>> No. 17638 edit
File 143128267360.png - (10.09KB , 744x540 , bardia.png )
"That might be possible if they were lucky, but it is unreliable to introduce poison in that way. Hmm, I need to check something with Kaori." Kaori is then beckoned and soon just the three of you are alone from the rest.

"Erina had a number of drinks tonight, right?" Kenji starts.

"Well, only three, and some of my own drink," Kaori says.

Kenji rubs his chin seemingly recalling back to something, "She ordered her third before going to the bathroom... When did she take a drink of yours?

"That was after she returned, a few minutes after."

"Alright, now do you recall if she had started to drink her third before or after going to the bathroom."

She responds quickly, "It was before, I am sure of it."
Kaori is dismissed and the two of you are left theorizing again.
"I was slightly off... If she did drink her third beforehand, then there should be some lipstick on the can. There are no indications of it being wiped down either," he concludes.

>> No. 18225 edit
File 143093268229.png - (299.67KB , 550x412 , bar2.png )
You and Kenji decide that it would be about time to search through everyone's belongings.

Harada and Izumi show the contents of their pockets/purse, and shortly after Matsuo starts as well. In the back behind the group however Shuji doesn't move, his head held low as he quickly stands out with his lack of compliance.

Kenji walks up to him, "You aren't doing yourself a favor kid. If you don't empty your pockets I'll do it for you."

Shuji gives a dry laugh, "...there is no need." He brings his hand out of his pocket and throws a crushed beer can onto the ground flattened to the shape of a puck. You are close enough to make out smudged lipstick along the rim, the same from the others. "You got me."

Kenji picks up the can and smells it, "Yeah, it appears so. Then Sakura was-"

"My sister," he announces, "The sister who I have now avenged."

Kaori looks on with dread as the rest of the group watches.

"Oh don't give me that look," he yells at Kaori. "She deserved it! Time and time again, I told myself it wasn't anyone's fault. That it was just bad luck... and I thought I had gotten over it... But I saw her, Kaori. Last year, at some club. Just by coincidence, as soon as my sister was brought up she dismissed her death like it was nothing!"

"You're wrong!" Kaori suddenly bursts, "She didn't mean any of that, she regretted that day more than anyone besides you. She didn't dismiss it, it haunted her, even Sakura's name would set her off!"

The stunned Shuji looks hard at her, then says with absolute malice "If that's true then my real mistake was freeing her from that torture."

In the background police sirens chime out and the power comes back on shortly after.

>> No. 18226 edit
File 143089419868.png - (575.85KB , 1017x660 , beach.png )
You stood outside of the hotel the next day, refreshed from the night of rest. The police had arrived and with the confession took Shuji away. The other members of the party were questions of course but were eventually dismissed. While everything was cleaned up nicely, you sat organizing the logic behind this event.

It turned out the one who turned off the power was the friend of Shuji who worked at the hotel. His intuition proved to be the true hero of these events, trapping the culprit right before he was about to escape. It turned out that Shuji wasn't even imployed there to begin with. You thought he had just taken a shift, but you heard that from Shuji. Thinking back on it his actions stood out. He had no idea where the coffee machine was behind the bar, nor did he really seem to know much about the hotel. The first thing you noticed upon arriving, the broken escape staircase was something that any worker would have noticed many times over, yet he had to check the side of the building.

Overall however it was the checking of the pockets which resulted in his capture. Reviewing the facts, you conclude that simply figuring out what happened to the can and the lipstick was the real problem here. There was a few possibilities, for instance first looking at the table would suggest that her third drink was missing since there was only two with lipstick (since you knew she had ordered three drinks). Harada could have taken it, mistaking it for his own since they were the same type, or maybe the Matsuo or the worker took it. Upon finding the lipstick and cloth in the bathroom however you start to question this; she could have just removed the lipstick before hand and this was just a red herring.

Looking at the facts and interrogating some more led to clues that she took a sip of Erina's drink right after returning from the bathroom, which does not have any lipstick on it(the one that was shattered was said to be empty, meaning it must have been the first or second glass). Then through further questions it was confirmed she drank from her third drink before going to the bathroom, meaning that a Kirin can must have lipstick on it.

With this knowledge it then becomes the question of where did it go. The whole roof was searched and nothing was found. So assuming they didn't just miss it, then either it was thrown over the fence, or was kept in someone's pockets/purse. Normally you wouldn't expect a can to fit, but crushing it works nicely. Throwing a poisoned can over the fence wouldn't work either since it would have been quickly located by police.

With that figured out your head clears, everything makes sense now.

>> No. 18227 edit
File 144375803386.png - (53.79KB , 357x222 , report.png )
Kenji gives you a soft jab in the back, "Daydreaming again huh?"

With a bit of joking around you talk about the case, expressing your displeasure with how you couldn't solve it.

"Hey, I didn't even expect you to interrogate or investigate on my behalf. You collected all the pieces and didn't let anyone mess with the scene, all while being in a unfamiliar situation. Technically you did bring the truth to light. Don't be too hard on yourself, if anything I should be the one feeling bad letting you do everything when I wasn't able to control the situation. You'll get it next time right?" he finishes jokingly.

With that said the three of you enjoyed the rest of the vacation, before returning to Nagano a few days later.

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