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1805 No. 1805 edit
First of all I want to apogolize.....for the first twilight i think.....that it was wrong to use that.......anyway.....it was solved.....

I am looking forward to the answers of all and I apologize if I was rude to others with my answer.

Jessica and the cousins heard the noises from the room and then they saw the horror

-Dad DAAAAAAAAD-cried Jessica
-Jessica dont loook -said Lion with tears in his eyes

Battler and George were also crying for the deaths of their parents while not letting enter Ange and Maria

The cousins cried together and went to the cousins room

Jessica didnt wanted to be there so she went to her room

Lion concerned about it sended Kanon for her aid

Kanon followed Jessica

-Yoshiya-kun my dad is dead-

-its okay jessica.....just cry..

-Oh anon-kun , I dont know what I would do without you

suddenly the voice of a young woman was heard

-Oh dont you look cute together? Its a shame I came to kill you

-I wont let you touch Jessica-said Kanon defiantly

-Oh? a Lowly servant like you will challengue the Witch? Even thought if it werent for me you wouldnt be with Jessica-said Beatrice

-Who are you.....-said Jessica

- I am the golden witch Beatrice , but dont worry , I didnt come to fight , I came here , to bless your relationship.-said Beatrice

-Our relationship?-said the two at the same time

-Yes your Relationship -said Beatrice in a happy tone- Take this magical pendant as a gift.......if you want to be together forever you need to touch the gem
Kanon and Jessica quickly touched the pendant.

and then they were transported to a White place where Angels and God would bless their Union................

Facts of this twilight :

Kanon and Jessica where found in Jessica's room
Jessica and kanonwhere found with a Stake in their Stomachs.

This is not a Closed Room , The Weapon is not in the room , Suicide by the definition of Lion didnt happen , and none of the two commited "Lovers suicide"
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>> No. 1806 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Check the room for anything unnatural or directly noticeable. Further examine the wounds. How where they found?
>> No. 1807 edit
Results of the Investigation :

There was a hole in their stomachs
The stakes that were in the stomachs were there for decoration
and the room Only have 1 bed 1 door 1 closet and 1 desk , Jessica and Kanon are on the floor
The scene is exactly like Episode 2 second twilight minus the wounds and the cirmcustances.
>> No. 1808 edit
I must mention that each time I post with result of the investigation it should be treated as Red
>> No. 1809 edit
And what's to be solved here, exactly?
The culprit used a gun.
>> No. 1810 edit
a gun wasnt used, both died at the same time

How they died at the same time?
>> No. 1811 edit
They died exactly at the first time?
A weapon was used to thrust they bodies while they were hugging.
>> No. 1815 edit
>> No. 1816 edit
File 130843531296.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
>> No. 1817 edit
File 130923429576.png - (899B , 59x68 , 0Lion00.png )
Not at all.

T-these are n-not tears...something is stuck in my eye~~~~~
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