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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 144129820376.png - (209.96KB , 679x600 , rosa5.png )
18102 No. 18102 edit
This is a gameboard with only 1 challenger. It shall be a red vs blue battle.

The invitation is to Cirno. No other players are invited. If she rejects this invitation the game will not commence.

The difficulty is deceptive.
The wheel of fate turns round and round once more, what will be the final end.

The victim of the first twilight is Maria, she was found in the cousins's room.

Last edited at 15/09/03(Thu)09:39:47
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>> No. 18103 edit
File 144129958439.png - (833.01KB , 885x627 , kihih.png )
M-Maria was killed...?
>> No. 18104 edit
File 144130021076.jpg - (10.64KB , 180x240 , 35032.jpg )
Maria is in the golden land. Thus you are correct she is dead.

A witch is the culprit, isn't that right.

The cousins decided to leave the room, leaving Maria all by herself. The witch made them leave with magic so that Maria was alone. The witch warped into the room using Gaap's powers and then killed Maria.

The cousins returned to the room to check on Maria an hour later, Jessica unlocked the door and inside they found Maria dead.

See only a witch could have done it.
>> No. 18105 edit
File 14413028037.png - (220.13KB , 480x480 , oi.png )
A witch, huh? I beg to differ.

The door was left unlocked when the cousins left Maria.

Within the hour during which they were gone, another person entered the room.

>> No. 18106 edit
File 14413032797.png - (338.91KB , 800x1300 , Vel Creepy.png )
When the cousins left the room Jessica locked the door.
>> No. 18107 edit
File 144130381964.jpg - (277.26KB , 720x748 , um.jpg )
Locking the door upon exit still allowed Maria to leave the room if she so wished, or simply unlock it herself. Maria did one or both of these things.

Or perhaps someone in the house picked the lock to gain entry.

Last edited at 15/09/03(Thu)11:11:20
>> No. 18108 edit
File 144130425232.png - (338.56KB , 800x1300 , Vel Smirk.png )
When the cousins discovered Maria's body, the door was locked Jessica had to unlock it to get in the room.

The door can only be unlocked/locked from the outside with a key.
>> No. 18109 edit
File 144130550679.jpg - (282.42KB , 600x839 , umm.jpg )
We~ll... I'll get back to this eventually. May I inquire as to the condition of the body?
>> No. 18110 edit
File 144130571116.png - (337.10KB , 800x1300 , Vel Laughing.png )
Maria died due to asphyxiation. No wounds except those around her neck were discovered.
>> No. 18111 edit
File 144130647120.png - (347.89KB , 700x1020 , lollipop.png )
The wounds around her neck! What do they look like? Hand marks? Rope marks? A thin line? Maybe she was choked to death?
>> No. 18112 edit
File 144130680357.png - (353.92KB , 800x1300 , Vel Scared.png )
The wounds are a thin line.

The witch had the siesta's strangle Maria to death gently. She was released from the pain of this world and her soul was freed from her body and floated up into the golden land. May she always enjoy endless parties and happiness there.

Last edited at 15/09/03(Thu)12:00:17
>> No. 18113 edit
O-okay! Now, to more or less run this question into the ground:

There is more than one key with which to open the door to the cousins' room.

Someone outside of the cousins had a key to their room.
>> No. 18114 edit
File 13727624634.jpg - (50.81KB , 600x526 , j1.jpg )
When the cousins left the room Jessica locked the door. The door remained locked until Jessica unlocked it to discover Maria's corpse.

So, even though there are other keys, they are pointless in this scenario.
>> No. 18115 edit
File 144150412231.jpg - (274.69KB , 3200x2400 , Octy.jpg )
If you're having trouble Cirno, try to gather more information about the events, they may help you proceed.
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