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File 144345968166.jpg - (2.98MB , 2488x2184 , umineko edited.jpg )
18213 No. 18213 edit
Welcome, all, to a game of social deduction. A game of lies and betrayal, with 11 players each holding varying information.

This game is to be played like a game of Werewolf or Mafia. There are the traitors, the witches; and there are the innocents, the humans.

We will play in a daytime-nighttime format, with the witches acting during the night and the entire cast pointing fingers and voting to eliminate others during the day. Elimination occurs when one receives a majority vote (must be 51% or more).

Remember that you cannot reveal who you are to anyone (unless the specific criteria is met for Island Idiot)

I shall make it public the jobs that can exist within this game, so as to have no accusations of foul play:

Human - Ordinary villager. Typically are given some information to offset their lack of information

Lovers - Win condition is both being alive at the end. Cannot vote against each other. Will commit suicide if the other dies.

Seer - A human who has the ability to search for witches. They can check a person in secret once per night.

Seer's bodyguard - A defender who knows the seer and will die in the seer's place.

Martyr - A human who has the ability to give themselves up to protect another from being lynched.

Island Idiot - A human who may not abstain from voting. Can become immune to lynching by revealing their card upon being condemned to be lynched.

Witch - The traitors. Work together to kill a person every night.

Dire Witch - A traitor, but one who has a unrequited "Lovers" effect. They commit suicide if target of their love dies.


Now then, shall we begin this game? Our story begins with the island's inhabitant discovering the death of 6 of its inhabitants: Rudolf, Kyrie, Krauss, Gohda, Nanjo, and Kumasawa.

The survivors decide to group together for safety, but it's merely a wolf-and-sheep puzzle. The wolves clearly are outnumbered, but how can the survivors determine who to keep and who not to keep?

Clearly you need to talk it out. Discuss things, make accusations, use evidence. Try to determine who the culprits are and eliminate them! All discussions must be open discussion, no private talk allowed.

Day 1, Daytime

Best of luck~
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>> No. 18214 edit

Please post using pictures/sprites of your in-game character

There is a 48 hour limit to discussion after which case the group has 1 more hour to determine a lynching or forfeits the lynching for that day. (you can end the day early by coming to a majority vote to eliminate someone before the 48 hour limit is up)

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>> No. 18215 edit
File 137081120380.png - (84.33KB , 291x478 , ka2_defa1.png )
Kanon stands still because he is a chair. He also is wondering if anyone has information to help find who did this.
>> No. 18216 edit
File 143793570995.png - (53.81KB , 480x280 )
You wouldn't happen to know anything about this, would you?
>> No. 18217 edit
File 14434719062.jpg - (8.09KB , 198x300 , th (1).jpg )
I'm sorry Battler-sama, but I'm afraid we are in the dark as much as you. We had not heard about Beatrice-sama appearing this gathering. I'm sorry Battler-sama that we could not be of assistance.
>> No. 18218 edit
File 144347204289.png - (85.52KB , 291x478 , ka2_defa2.png )
Kanon tells the young master that he knows nothing regarding this matter.

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>> No. 18219 edit
File 144347633920.png - (108.63KB , 196x478 , Eva_a11_angry_2.png )
"Well SOMEONE must have noticed something! Six people can't just die without so much as a peep!"
>> No. 18220 edit
File 138986583873.png - (109.54KB , 478x480 , kin_fukigena1.png )
"It's really of no surprise that none of you heard anything. To expect anything more is merely inviting disappointment.

If no-one has witnessed anything, then perhaps you should discuss other methods of weeding out our culprit. Simply aimlessly demanding evidence will get us nowhere.

For example, perhaps some speculation as to the number of culprits? After all, incompetent as you all are, I highly doubt one of you could have managed this alone."
>> No. 18221 edit
File 144347713463.png - (622.55KB , 921x1219 , bat1.png )
Well, then. Don't worry too much about it, Genji.
Blindly pointing fingers is useless, so I'll wait for more to speak up.
>> No. 18222 edit
File 144347815261.png - (482.09KB , 745x1134 , sha_a11_困る1.png )
I dont know about the others but I can assure you that George-san is innocent
>> No. 18223 edit
File 131507707443.png - (135.60KB , 453x464 , mar_waraia1.png )
Uuuu Mama and I were watching tv so it cant be us.
>> No. 18224 edit
File 144348536213.png - (114.74KB , 240x479 , Jes_a12_weeping_1.png )

"Why Father?"

"What's more, why all of them? Was it just some random killing? Some perverted lust for death? Battler's parents. Gohda-san. Kumasawa-san. Nanjo-sensei. Father..."

"Why them?! What do they have in common?! It makes no sense..."
>> No. 18229 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"You are not the only one in the dark Milady. Beatrice-sama moves in mysterious ways. We can only fathom her thoughts and why she chooses things as she does."

"I am sorry Milady, about the Krauss-sama's passing. I may not have the skill as Gohda, but I can brew some calming tea, if it would help."

Last edited at 15/09/29(Tue)00:00:21
>> No. 18230 edit
File 13495719365.png - (107.46KB , 478x480 , kin_fumua1.png )
"Can your mother, or anyone else for that matter, confirm this? I'm hesitant to take the words of a child as gospel."
>> No. 18231 edit
File 144354276197.png - (154.07KB , 352x600 , geo_a11_majime3.png )
Hell of a thing to wake up to.

Did you see me last night? I got bumped on the head.

I'd hate to think someone in here did it. That's too heavy.
>> No. 18232 edit
File 144354703838.png - (180.25KB , 594x600 , but_a11_nayamu4.png )
Is that so...? Sure, I could hardly condemn my own flesh, but I sincerely hope you're not being swayed by your feelings, Shannon.
>> No. 18233 edit
File 144354705744.png - (481.53KB , 745x1134 , sha_a11_驚き1.png )
I did but you went to sleep early George-san. The culprit must have attacked you after I left, Are you okay?
I am being honest to my feelings Battler-kun, And will never stop defending George because I know he is innocent

Last edited at 15/09/29(Tue)11:38:59
>> No. 18234 edit
File 131518808910.png - (138.23KB , 453x465 , mar_nakua1.png )
Uuuu uuuu uuu Mama loves Maria so mama will tell the same truth.
>> No. 18235 edit
File 144354855269.png - (157.35KB , 352x600 , geo_a21_majime2.png )
Yeah I'm fine. Thank you. I think the culprit would have just killed me if they found me. Unless they're pretty close to me or something. We're all family here though.
>> No. 18236 edit
File 131365197015.png - (86.01KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana1.png )
Kanon wonders why George asked Shannon if she saw him when she said she had.
>> No. 18237 edit
File 144356904687.png - (108.96KB , 478x480 , kin_ikaria1.png )
"I doubt closeness to the culprits saved you. The first six sacrifices, as demanded by the epitaph... You were no doubt simply superfluous in the first step of carrying it out. If, of course, what you say is true.

As it stands, we have three people with supposed alibis. Would anyone else like to contribute on this matter? Or are you too spineless to stick your necks out in the name of family?"
>> No. 18238 edit
File 144357157786.png - (122.98KB , 436x600 , ros_a13_def1.png )
This is true, Maria was watching TV with me so we didn't do anything
>> No. 18239 edit
File 144357247036.png - (112.36KB , 260x479 , Jes_a11_tohoho--_1.png )

"Except...we aren't all family, George-niisan."

"I wish I could take your offer of tea, Genji-san. I really do. But at the moment I don't know if I can trust you. Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san are dead now. I trust that Shannon-chan's feelings for George-niisan are true, just as...my feelings for Kanon-kun are. You have always been a loyal servant for Grandfather, but I can't tell how you actually feel about the family."

"Though, now that I think about it... Maria-chan and Rosa-obasan. George-niisan and Shannon-chan. Grandfather and Genji-san. Kanon-kun and myself. We seem to be pairs likely to alibi each other, even if we have to lie to do it. Then there is Eva-obasan, Battler-kun, and mom. I don't want to suspect anyone, but surely a pair would have been more able to kill six healthy adults than a single person?"
>> No. 18241 edit
File 131331980495.png - (77.41KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea2.png )
"I'm sorry to have lost your faith Jessica-sama. But it is understandable in your situation."
>> No. 18242 edit
File 144357919477.png - (129.62KB , 378x600 , nat_a11_hisu1.png )
...I can't believe something like this is happening.. why this date? ugh
>> No. 18243 edit
Will you guys and girls be needing more time for the first round?

There are a lot of people and a very little amount of willingness to disperse information. I can give as much time as you folks need before a lynching is forced.
>> No. 18244 edit
File 138986583873.png - (109.54KB , 478x480 , kin_fukigena1.png )

"... Genji is my most loyal servant, and has only ever acted in the interests of the family. Under any other circumstances, I'd take your mistrust of him personally.

However, you raise a good point. For the most part, we have been split into pairs, although I find it curious that you align yourself with furniture first, and not your mother. The same is true of George and his mother, of course...

I suspect at least two people are involved, however it's dangerous to jump to the conclusion that those two are a pair providing alibis for one another."

(Perhaps a little longer so everyone has had the oppurtunity to make at least another post?)
>> No. 18245 edit
File 144361971711.png - (168.28KB , 464x600 , but_b11_komaru2.png )
Not to excuse myself with this slight separation, but it's almost a given that certain pairs will vouch for each other.

Jessica-chan created these pairs, grandfather, and did align herself with Kanon. However, note that she's the one who paired George with Shannon, maybe under the assumption love comes before family.
Shannon's defending George alright, and they seem to have been together recently, but George hasn't been as keen on proclaiming Shannon's innocence as she has his.

Last edited at 15/09/30(Wed)06:30:18
>> No. 18246 edit
Judging by what some people said, we'll do a perpetual extension, one that lasts until you all reach a conclusion on whether or not to lynch (and who to lynch)
>> No. 18247 edit
File 144362313062.png - (123.59KB , 365x600 , ros_a25_ikari3.png )
Jessica is a witch. I don't know how we're even supposed to select someone to kill, so let's do it in blue. We'll have red confirmation when they die.

Jessica says three things. One, that there are multiple pairs. Two, that there are three people who don't have an obvious partner. Finally, a pair is more capable of killing. This is arbitrarily driving discussion and suspicion towards the paired characters rather than approaching the game the healthy way, i.e. everyone is suspicious until proven otherwise.

Only a Witch would be willing to close her eyes off to possibilities and drive us toward a conclusion for which there's no logical basis.
>> No. 18248 edit
File 13085532546.png - (108.45KB , 478x480 , kin_waraia1.png )
"Now, that's the kind of approach I can appreciate! A few counter-points for you though. She's driving discussion, which is more than others here are doing. Furthermore, what else is there to discuss at such an early stage in the game?

Finally, by your logic, she's driving suspicion towards herself, as she and Kannon are a pair by her standards. Now, would a witch really endanger themselves so early in the game?

Let's hear some input from the rest of you on this, I want to see a real witch trial here!"
>> No. 18249 edit
File 144363229599.png - (526.93KB , 851x1134 , sha_a13_困る1.png )
Its way early to raise fingers.. we dont have enough clues, If we try to lynch someone now it is very likely we kill an innocent person.. and help the witches.
>> No. 18250 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
Rosa-sama, please calm yourself. As Shannon has pointed out, pointing fingers wildly is like playing Russian Roulette, the odds of you shooting yourself in the head are high.
>> No. 18251 edit
File 131240103776.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana2.png )
Kanon tells the group he is unsure if he will be believed, but states that he knows Jessica is innocent and surely not a witch.
>> No. 18252 edit
File 144363464272.png - (154.11KB , 352x600 , geo_a11_majime2.png )
Hm? No she didn't.

What about you, Battler? What were you doing?

Last edited at 15/09/30(Wed)10:39:36
>> No. 18253 edit
File 144363533487.png - (483.19KB , 745x1133 , sha_a21_困る1.png )
George-san are you feeling alright? I definitely spent some time with you yesterday, Maybe you can't remember because of the assault

Last edited at 15/09/30(Wed)10:49:12
>> No. 18254 edit
File 144363568974.png - (176.33KB , 609x600 , geo_a12_majime3.png )
Yeah I can't remember. Sorry, Shannon.
>> No. 18255 edit
File 144364431613.png - (134.70KB , 453x465 , mar_akuwaraia3.png )
Why would Beatirce hurt George-nee butnot take him to the golden land?
>> No. 18256 edit
File 144364507513.png - (180.99KB , 594x600 , but_a11_warai2.png )
Just as expected.

Rosa oba-san is right in that everyone is suspicious until proven otherwise. Still... this doesn't change the fact that there is more than one traitor among us. It may not be any particular set of people, but there has to be more than one person involved.
I don't think Jessica-chan meant to turn the discussion against the pairs she stated, merely to point out that they are there. She didn't leave Eva oba-san, Natsuhi oba-san or myself out entirely after all.

I was alone at the time, so it's completely understandable if you don't trust me, but I was walking around the guesthouse.

Good girl, Maria-chan! This has been puzzling me, too. It's especially odd that Shannon saw this, but George doesn't remember much.
>> No. 18257 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
"Beatrice-sama's wavelength is not capable of being seen by everyone Battler-sama. Also head injuries can cause loss of memories, it is possible George-sama does not remember his time meeting with Shannon due to this.

As for the reason why he was not killed. Beatrice-sama only needs 6 for the first twilight, George-sama could have managed to stumble upon Beatrice-sama after she had already sacrificed the chosen 6. Thus instead of being killed he was knocked out, and made to lose his memory of the event."

Last edited at 15/09/30(Wed)13:52:55
>> No. 18258 edit
File 144364639677.png - (492.86KB , 745x1134 , sha_a12_驚き1.png )
I..I understand that it might make me look suspicious; but I would never hurt George-san or anyone else here
>> No. 18259 edit
File 13495719365.png - (107.46KB , 478x480 , kin_fumua1.png )
"Well, it's not an alibi, but it's close enough. With that, the number of people who appear innocent on first glance is four.

Eva, Natsuhi. I would like to hear your opinions on how to progress. Are you of the same mind as Rosa, and wish to seek out the witch now? Or do you think we should hold off until more evidence comes to light?"
>> No. 18260 edit
File 144364696091.png - (181.54KB , 594x600 , but_a11_komaru1.png )
Well, I hadn't thought to look at it this way. It would certainly explain why he's hurt at all, at least.

Surely you wouldn't hurt George-aniki. I know this. Anyone else? I'm not so sure. But my suspicions have been quelled, if only temporarily. I'm sorry, Shannon, but this whole situation has me on edge.
>> No. 18261 edit
File 144365099843.png - (423.99KB , 792x1155 , Eva_b23_bothered_4.png )

"We can't do come to any conclusions without evidence. If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if the culprit was trying to take advantage of our confusion to thin us out even more."
>> No. 18262 edit
File 144366780486.png - (40.62KB , 120x240 , Jes_a12_angry_1.png )

"R-Rosa-obasan, I didn't mean to imply you! Or anyone! I'm just trying to find patterns, trying to make sense of all this! I think there's a logical basis in at least that much! It could very well be that there is only one culprit, or that a pair of culprits could be made from seemingly unrelated people, or even that people we know in our hearts we can trust could prove false! I wish it weren't that way, but a heart does not use logic."


"Eh-heh, Kanon-kun... I suppose it undermines my point, but I too vouch for your innocence. Trust me or not, as you will, but I swear that Kanon-kun could not have done this."


"Eva-obasan...I know that you are right, that we can't make much headway without evidence, but what are we to do? We're not detectives, and we don't have a crime lab. You're right that the culprit might be happy if we thinned ourselves out, but wouldn't they be happier if they had more time to escape, or, God forbid, plan another murder? I don't want to point fingers at random, but if we can settle on a logical suspect somehow, or at least narrow it down, we should take our chance to stop the culprit or culprits now. I don't know who I would suspect, but I'm not ready to just sit back and let some murderer have their way with my family!"
>> No. 18263 edit
File 144367186417.png - (135.61KB , 453x466 , mar_akuwaraia2.png )
kihihihi There is one person none of you have thought about who has been rather persistent about a witch hunt. No one has spoken for grandad
>> No. 18265 edit
File 130855241946.png - (109.18KB , 478x480 , kin_majimea1.png )
"My granddaughters speak sense. We have everything to lose if we wait around and allow the culprits to plan their next move. Better we try to reason out their identities as soon as we can.

Furthermore, I must begrudgingly admit that Maria is right. I spent last night in my study, as usual, so there's no-one to vouch for my alibi. As for my desire for a witch hunt, well, it's as I said. The sooner we catch them, the fewer casualties we risk. If we manage to identify at least one of the culprits now, it would be a huge advantage over the other possible scenario, where they manage to strike first instead."
>> No. 18266 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
"If the wrong person would be chosen however, it would just give Beatrice-sama more of an advantage. If we were to choose someone to send out to Beatrice-sama, we must choose wisely lest we make a hasty and possibly fatal choice."
>> No. 18267 edit
File 144370591867.png - (168.18KB , 464x600 , but_b11_majime3.png )
So we have Shannon defending George-aniki, Jessica-chan and Kanon defending each other, and Maria and Rosa oba-san with a somewhat solid alibi, given each one is vouching for the other.

Out of these people, I'm willing to say George-aniki is innocent. He was attacked, after all... I find it hard to suspect him.

Choosing wisely is essential. We really shouldn't rush it, but I do fear we run out of time before something else might happen.

Natsuhi oba-san...? You haven't been very active in the discussion.

Last edited at 15/10/01(Thu)11:36:57
>> No. 18268 edit
File 144375241825.png - (127.27KB , 378x600 , nat_a43_tukare2.png )
I am sorry Battler-kun, I have been lately having headaches since the start of the morning, I refuse to believe anyone in the Ushiromiya household would be capable of murder, so that only leaves the guest that arrived today...
>> No. 18269 edit
File 131907203662.png - (133.26KB , 453x465 , mar_defa1.png )
>> No. 18274 edit
File 144354705744.png - (481.53KB , 745x1134 , sha_a11_驚き1.png )
A..A guest? Do we have a guest in the island? I-I didnt hear about that
>> No. 18275 edit
File 144357919477.png - (129.62KB , 378x600 , nat_a11_hisu1.png )
I must clarify that when I say household, I mean the people that lives in this house which means, me, my daughter jessica,my husband,father, gohda, genji, shannon, kanon and nanjo.
>> No. 18276 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
"So by 'guests' Natsuhi-sama you are referring to Eva-sama, Battler-sama, George-sama, Rosa-sama, and Maria-sama?"
>> No. 18277 edit
File 144377131813.png - (129.29KB , 378x600 , nat_a11_zutuu1.png )
that's right Genji,
>> No. 18278 edit
File 144382257221.png - (184.90KB , 500x600 , but_b23_komaru1.png )
This puts Eva oba-san and I in an odd position, doesn't it? Though... that's a lot of people you're claiming innocence for, oba-san...
>> No. 18279 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"Fear not, Battler-sama, while I can't vouch directly for your innocence as I remained in the servant's room at Natsuhi-sama's command to assist anyone if they called asking for anything. I do not believe either you or Eva-sama would kill someone."
>> No. 18280 edit
File 144357919477.png - (129.62KB , 378x600 , nat_a11_hisu1.png )
Well Eva-san has alot to gain if she killed us all...
>> No. 18281 edit
File 144388866963.png - (36.56KB , 99x238 , Jes_b33_in_tears_1.png )

Not especially, Battler-kun. You have to remember that, out of the list that Mother gave, Father, Gohda-san, Nanjo-sensei, and Kumasawa-san, whom she must have forgotten, are all...were all attacked. If we look at it from a 'guests' and 'residents' standpoint, the remaining 'residents' are only myself, Mother, Genji-san, Kanon-kun, Shannon-chan, and Grandfather. The 'guests' are yourself, George-niisan, Eva-obasan, Rosa-obasan, and Maria-chan. She's only saying she believes the innocence of a little over half the remaining group, and it's a reasonable assumption because she has spent more time with us.

Eh? Mother told you to remain in the servants' quarters? I mean, it makes sense, but...

It's true that Eva-obasan would have a lot to gain from Father's death, Mother. But wouldn't she only really gain that if Grandfather were dead too? Unless she was planning to strike at him later. But then why not kill him instead of some harmless and nice woman like Kumasawa-san? The six deaths would have been filled so we'd suspect a witch, and she'd be closer to her goal. Unless she calculated that beforehand and knew we'd be looking for someone who gains something, so she started working in reverse...

....aaaaaaaagh! My mind is going in circles! I hate it! I hate all of it! Why did this have to happen? Why can't the killer just admit what they've done?
>> No. 18282 edit
File 132963448496.png - (115.07KB , 480x480 , kin_akuwaraia1.png )
"Alright, enough going around in circles! It seems a more decisive approach is required. Our options are simple, either we act first and strike out at a weak or suspicious link in our group, or we wait for the culprits to offer up the next sacrifice. Personally, I am of the opinion that waiting is the weaker of the two moves, and I feel it is time we all made our positions clear, as Rosa already has.

Jessica is a culprit. Aside from my own skeleton argument, I feel no-one else has offered up an adequate defence for her, not even herself. Unless someone can put forth a more compelling argument as to the identity of our killer, I am decided!"
>> No. 18284 edit
File 144390260862.png - (85.87KB , 291x477 , ka2_odorokia2.png )
Kanon expresses that he thinks someone closer to George is a more likely culprit since he was spared. Eva is a culprit.
He adds that her husband is not dead either.
>> No. 18285 edit
File 144390992488.png - (459.54KB , 788x1155 , Eva_b21_angry_2.png )

You're one to talk! Unless Father says otherwise, with my elder brother dead your daughter is next in line for family head! For an outsider, you sure would be in the best position to control the family behind the scenes, wouldn't you?


There's no way I would put George in such a dangerous situation in the first place! I can't say the same for that servant girl you're so close with, however!
>> No. 18286 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua1.png )
Kanon explains he thinks Shannon is innocent because her alibi was quickly put to question by George. If she the culprit then she would not have spoken up so soon and risked drawing suspicion on herself since she would have known about unconscious George.

He explains that while you wouldn't have put him into a dangerous situation, you would have taken every measure to protect him if he got in the way. Knocking him out was the only way to do so.
>> No. 18287 edit
File 144391617885.png - (117.07KB , 314x600 , ros_a12_nayamu1.png )
That's a lot of rhetoric that comes down to you doing nothing. Are you helping us find this suspect? All you're doing is throwing out some half-hearted arguments to look in some direction, but you don't run at the forefront of your own argument.

Who else but a witch would want to lead us by the nose and run us down the path of ruin? If all your babbling amounts to is telling us we should look for a culprit and then do nothing yourself, then hold your tongue!
>> No. 18288 edit
File 144391642154.png - (131.21KB , 436x600 , ros_b23_ikari3.png )
This entire argument is just mired in relationships. How about you look at what Eva has actually done this game and form your arguments based on that?

We're hunting witches. The best criteria are the actions people have taken right here and now. Anything they did in a past that existed before the first twilight should be completely ignored and discarded.

Base your arguments on the present.
>> No. 18289 edit
File 144357919477.png - (129.62KB , 378x600 , nat_a11_hisu1.png )
Rosa-san, remember that the culprit will rely on anything to get an alibi, so be careful with that reasoning,
>> No. 18290 edit
File 144357247036.png - (112.36KB , 260x479 , Jes_a11_tohoho--_1.png )

As you wish, Rosa-obasan. And you wish, Grandfather. I shall base my arguments on the now, both for my defense and, if we are to decide whom we suspect as the culprit, as my belief.

Rosa-obasan, you say that I'm throwing out half-hearted arguments, then accuse me of leading us all by the nose. If you're going to accuse me you need to decide if I'm a manipulative witch or a blubbering fool. However, I do not blame you. You fear for your daughter, and that fear makes you lash out. I swear, though, I'm not the one you should be attacking.

I was with Kanon-kun during those cursed hours when my Father and the others were killed. I am sorry, Mother, if this is inappropriate for me, and I promise to discuss it later, but for right now I swear to this. Kanon-kun and I can vouch for each other, just as strongly as you and your daughter can, Rosa-obasan.

As for whom I suspect, I agree with Kanon-kun on this. Eva-obasan is the culprit. Am I certain? No. That's why I didn't say it outright earlier. If it's a choice between saying it and getting sentenced a witch myself, though, I'll say it. Thinking back on our discussion, Eva-obasan sticks out the most as one who wished for us to sit on our hands and wait for evidence to fall in our laps. Although an alibi can be faked, she is one of the few who have none at all. Yet she does still have her son, who might be her supporter, and who only got knocked out by the culprit instead of killed.

Although I don't want to believe it, I think right now Eva-obasan's actions make her the most suspicious. I am sorry, Eva-obasan...

Last edited at 15/10/03(Sat)23:22:41
>> No. 18291 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
Forgive me for saying so, but killing 6 people is probably difficult for one person alone. So, by that logic isn't someone who actually was with someone also suspicious as well? Killing 6 alone in one night and then attacking a 7th, that is a lot of work for one person, but if that person wasn't alone, it makes things easier.
>> No. 18292 edit
File 144394201411.png - (39.69KB , 130x239 , Jes_a11_bothered_1.png )

Yes, Genji-san, as I had said. I do not believe that Eva-obasan acted alone. I only believe she is the most suspicious.
>> No. 18294 edit
File 138986583873.png - (109.54KB , 478x480 , kin_fukigena1.png )
"Pfft, why only mention your alibi now, and not when it was a topic of conversation earlier? You had nothing to lose by establishing it at the same time the others were doing so, yet you choose to leave it to the last minute?

Whilst this is an improvement on the lack of any defence whatsoever, it reeks of desperation."
>> No. 18296 edit
File 144397651036.png - (104.38KB , 453x465 , mar_defa1k.png )
Uuu..... Maria will side with mama. Im sorry Jessica nee
>> No. 18297 edit
File 144398129985.png - (37.71KB , 105x238 , Jes_a23_in_tears_1.png )

I'm sorry Grandfather, but while this all may be a game to you, where everyone gets their cards and plays them to win here and now, I must think of consequences. Kanon-kun had sworn my innocence, and I did the same for him. I had hoped that would be enough. At the end of it all, that must be as strong as Rosa-obasan and Maria-chan swearing each other's innocence because they were 'watching TV,' or George-niisan and Shannon-chan swearing each other's innocence, even though she left early and George-niisan may have been bashed on the head. I had hoped that the substance of the alibi wouldn't matter, and so I could save myself and Kanon-kun some embarrassment in the eyes of the family...especially you, Mother.

You say it 'reeks of desperation' that I say it now? Of course it does. Because I AM desperate. My 'loving' aunt has decreed me a witch, and now others are being swayed to believe her, just because I had the gall to try to think things through! I was driving the damn discussion, just as you said! I don't want to die! So if it's a choice between saving Kanon-kun and myself some trouble or DYING, yes! I will, out of desperation to live, explain exactly what my alibi was! There's my hand of cards, Grandfather! Are you happy?!

My Father is dead! Battler-kun, your father and stepmother are dead! But instead of being filled with a determination for vengeance, everyone starts saying why it couldn't be them?! And a person who tries to think it through as to who it might be so that we don't just start throwing unreasoning blame gets branded the culprit because of it...

I believe my arguments made sense...that my actions in this hellish discussion...made sense. I only wanted to share my reasoning, and see if anyone else could build upon it. If I am branded a witch for that, despite my innocence, I will at least die knowing that I tried to do something to help, and I will die wishing you all the best, and hoping that something I said ends up guiding you to the correct culprit. But please...I don't want to die. I want to live and get my vengeance for Father and the others, and I will forever swear to you all that I am innocent of this crime.

Last edited at 15/10/04(Sun)10:56:16
>> No. 18298 edit
File 144398784475.png - (456.02KB , 788x1155 , Eva_b21_smiling_1.png )

Of course, if I had been the first to point fingers, I'd be under suspicion as someone trying to divert attention away from herself. The problem with a lack of evidence is that you can come up with any rationale to accuse someone.

On the other hand, the circumstances used to accuse me could just as easily be taken as an indication of innocence. Neither my husband nor my son were killed, but the same goes for Rosa and Maria-chan, or any of the servants. Yet, only George was knocked unconscious, and while I was with my husband, he was with that servant girl!

I doubt anyone here is unaware that I disapprove of their relationship. So, if I were to render George unconscious to protect him, wouldn't the logical reason be, if I were the culprit, to kill her while he was unable to interfere? It seems quite clear that no such thing occurred.

Instead, we have Kanon suggesting me as a culprit by virtue of George's incapacitation, although Shannon would have been in a far better position to do that in order to hide her murderous actions afterwards! The kind of convoluted logic that led suspicion to me can only be described as the work of a conspiracy.

If I were willing to accuse others of guilt at this point, the only possibilities would point to the openly manipulative Kanon, the alibi-free Shannon, and possibly Jessica-chan by virtue of being Kanon's alibi. Of course, I will not participate in any vote of this nature until we have some actual evidence.
>> No. 18299 edit
File 144363229599.png - (526.93KB , 851x1134 )
Im sorry but I think theres an important detail that has not been brought up yet...

The person who attacked George-san was most likely not a witch, but the seer

Last edited at 15/10/04(Sun)14:22:40
>> No. 18301 edit
File 132963448496.png - (115.07KB , 480x480 , kin_akuwaraia1.png )
"Hahhahaaaa! Yes, this is truly what tonight is! A wonderful game, between us and the Golden Witch!

This discussion has gone in circles for long enough, so listen up, you whelps, because I'm only going to say this once! Look at the suspicions, as they now stand!

Against Eva, we have Kanon and Jessica.

Against Jessica, we have Rosa, Maria, myself, and Eva.

Six of the eleven survivors have chosen their suspects.

So, of you five who have yet to choose, it is time to cast in your opinions! With two votes, Jessica will be cast out as the witch, or with four, Eva can be. Should all five of you, by some miracle, unify your votes against another of Eva's suspects, then perhaps you can alter the fate decided for us, but I doubt that you maggots can manage such a feat!

Make your choice! Will you cast out Eva or Jessica, or will you await the next strike of the Golden Witch?"
>> No. 18302 edit
File 144401091568.png - (405.21KB , 792x1155 , Eva_c23_shocked_2.png )

Now now, father. I said I wouldn't participate in any vote without better evidence, so I believe Jessica-chan would require at least three votes. Of course, I can only hope that the rest of you will listen to reason and abstain as well.
>> No. 18303 edit
File 14440134048.png - (34.07KB , 92x238 , Jes_b21_tohoho--_1.png )

Eva-obasan, I am sorry that I find you the most suspicious. You could side against me but you aren't, and for that I thank you.

As I have said, it is merely my reasoning that leads me to suspect Eva-obasan. If others feel that it is not strong enough, I will withdraw my vote and instead vote to wait. Rosa-obasan's declaration frightened me, coming out of the blue like it did, and she said I was just casting suspicion around. I felt I had to declare a suspect, or everyone would follow her. So yes, I stand by what I say, that Eva-obasan is logically the most suspicious, but I readily admit that I may be wrong. If others side with Eva-obasan and agree to wait it out, I will understand.
>> No. 18304 edit
File 144401348138.png - (180.25KB , 594x600 , but_a11_nayamu1_chiru.png )
I'm with you here, oba-san... It just doesn't feel right.
>> No. 18305 edit
File 144357919477.png - (129.62KB , 378x600 , nat_a11_hisu1.png )
I select Eva-san
>> No. 18306 edit
File 144401974631.png - (418.49KB , 468x1141 , Eva_a11_bothered_1.png )

Suspiciously bloodthirsty in-law aside, you there, servant girl. Why do you think the person who attacked my George was a seer?
>> No. 18307 edit
File 144407391266.png - (476.56KB , 745x1134 , sha_a11_不満1.png )
I-its kind of simple. George-san have been the only person who have said anything about being attacked last night. M..maybe this person heard of the murders at night and suspected George, so he assaulted him to look for clues inside of his room.

If this is truth, that would also reinforce George innocence, but I dont think the seer should reveal itself until he find a witch
>> No. 18308 edit
File 131240626076.png - (134.79KB , 453x464 , mar_fukigena1.png )
Uuu... Dose that mean there are more then one Black witch?
>> No. 18309 edit
File 144407564212.png - (480.97KB , 745x1134 , sha_a11_真面目3.png )
P-probably Maria-chan
>> No. 18310 edit
File 144407701214.png - (458.22KB , 788x1155 , Eva_b21_surprized_1.png )

Of course George is innocent. What kind of fool would suspect him, I wonder!
>> No. 18311 edit
File 131940670529.png - (78.95KB , 319x478 , gen_odorokia1.png )
Why would the 'seer' 'attack' George-san? I don't see the seer being violent, so attacking someone is strange. That sounds more like a witch.
>> No. 18312 edit
File 14440790349.png - (493.13KB , 745x1134 , sha_a12_真面目1.png )
Maybe to remain safe? Im sorry Genji-san this is just a theory
>> No. 18313 edit
File 13495719365.png - (107.46KB , 478x480 , kin_fumua1.png )
"Well, if someone else reports being knocked out tomorrow, then perhaps we have a means of proving innocence. Until then, discussing this has no possible productive outcome. George is not among the possible suspects right now, after all.

Eva, your decision not to take action disappoints me. As much as it sickens me to admit it, you should perhaps take after your sister's example.

As it now stands, Eva and Battler are against taking action. If one more person were to agree with them, a majority would not be possible. If you really think the two candidates for suspicion are unworthy, then nothing does appear to be an option. A disappointing one, but a conclusion nonetheless."
>> No. 18314 edit
It appears we have nearly reached an impasse. I will place a 24 hour timer on the game, in which case the turn will pass without elimination if there is no agreed upon majority.
>> No. 18315 edit
File 131331980495.png - (77.41KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea2.png )
"I'm sorry Kinzo-sama, but I can not vote against Jessica-sama or Eva-sama, they are also my masters."
>> No. 18316 edit
File 144410188445.png - (178.02KB , 609x600 , geo_a12_ikari4.png )
Shannon has done nothing but defend me the whole time. Leave her alone she wouldn't kill anyone!

I know my mother isn't the most likeable person but that doesn't make her a killer. No, Rosa and Maria are the witches!
>> No. 18317 edit
Jessica is my daughter she wouldn't do anything!
>> No. 18318 edit
File 144410250532.png - (118.38KB , 453x466 , mar_odorokia1.png )
But Maria can't hurt anyone. Maria is too small and magic isn't ment to be used to hurt people.
>> No. 18319 edit
File 144417031554.jpg - (14.39KB , 400x242 , 400px-Mare'sleg.jpg )
After a long day of arguing until you are all blue in the face, no majority is reached. Therefore, the day passes without lynching. The evening comes and the sleeping arrangements are made.


You wake up the next morning to the shock of yet another person killed. Natsuhi, mauled in her sleep, lay dead. Clearly, there are still witches and they are still bloodthirsty.

After some debate there is a proposition that the group all move to Kinzo's study. Kinzo's study is much more secure than the parlor you all stayed in. Plus, Kinzo had firearms. It'd be much safer to be armed and secure.

New mechanic unlocked!

The person holding the mare's leg firearm holds the title of sheriff. The sheriff must be elected by majority vote. In this game, the gun is merely symbolic, giving a single player the weight of two votes during elections. Should the sheriff die, the title will be put up to vote once again.

So then, please discuss among yourselves who can hold the only firearm.

Oh, and you really should look into trying to lynch someone, or else the witches will win~
>> No. 18320 edit
File 144401974631.png - (418.49KB , 468x1141 , Eva_a11_bothered_1.png )
Natsuhi-san has also become a victim...? Even if Grandfather died, she wouldn't have had any claim to family leadership, so does the culprit have some different criteria?

As for the gun we found, I would like to request that Battler-kun be given the responsibility of carrying it for the time being. There's still not enough evidence to determine guilt, so a party that has remained neutral until this point would be ideal, and I should be ruled out due to the suspicion some held against me yesterday.
>> No. 18321 edit
File 144417955866.png - (143.24KB , 329x600 , sha_a12_odoroki1.png )
Poor Madam, she worked hard to be liked by kinzo..

Last edited at 15/10/06(Tue)19:11:43
>> No. 18322 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
Unless we have some new information, Battler-sama would probably be the most logical choice, as he has shown to have had a calm disposition despite the situation."
>> No. 18323 edit
File 137081120380.png - (84.33KB , 291x478 , ka2_defa1.png )
Kanon informs the group he also feels Battler should be fine with the weapon.
>> No. 18324 edit
File 131240626076.png - (134.79KB , 453x464 , mar_fukigena1.png )
Not another one uuu.
>> No. 18325 edit
File 144356904687.png - (108.96KB , 478x480 , kin_ikaria1.png )
"Pfft, it hardly matters who has the gun. Until it's in the possession of the culprits, holding onto it is equivalent to painting a bullseye on your forehead. So, if you wish to join the dead so quickly, you are welcome to it.

Now then, enough empty mourning. There will be time for that once this affair is settled. Let us move onto discussing the identity of the killer once more. Perhaps now you'll all take this more seriously!

A good place to start may be discussing the reasoning behind Natsuhi as a target. There are three things of note that may have marked her out, in my opinion. Her denouncement of the guests on the island and her choice to ally herself with her daughter perhaps struck too close to one of the culprits for comfort.

The second possibility relates to Jessica again. If you suspect Jessica, then this could be reasoned as an attempt to cover her tracks; by attacking someone supporting her, she draws suspicion away from herself.

Finally, Natsuhi was not exactly a hugely active contributor to the discussion. After all this is a game, and all of us should do our utmost to play our parts! Now come, show your reasoning, lest you be targeted for attempting to hide in shadows!"
>> No. 18326 edit
File 144425887178.png - (454.67KB , 788x1155 , Eva_b21_bothered_1.png )

As for the second point you made, Father, might it be too hasty to suspect Jessica-chan alone on that basis? If we take the reasoning a step further, it could just as easily be a culprit who has some interest in protecting Jessica-chan while she herself remains innocent, trying to draw attention away from her. Not that I would be inclined to guess who that could be at this point, of course.
>> No. 18327 edit
File 144363464272.png - (154.11KB , 352x600 , geo_a11_majime2.png )
Oh hey, I'm alive. Maybe it's not Rosa after all.

I also think Battler should get the gun.

Kanon comes to mind.

Why are your eyes red anyway? Am I taking crazy pills?
>> No. 18328 edit
File 144427421026.png - (422.22KB , 792x1155 , Eva_b23_laughing_1.png )

Who knows, there are plenty of others that are friendly with Jessica-chan. That harlot maid you're enamored with, for instance.
>> No. 18329 edit
File 144427552452.png - (78.63KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana1g.png )
>> No. 18330 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
Did anyone get attacked like before 'by the seer' as Shannon had claimed?
>> No. 18331 edit
File 144367186417.png - (135.61KB , 453x466 , mar_akuwaraia2.png )
Maria hasn't been attacked by anyone.

Maria told you that Mama was innocent.
>> No. 18333 edit
File 144366780486.png - (40.62KB , 120x240 , Jes_a12_angry_1.png )

"Mother! Mother... Rest in peace, with Father... Maybe I'll be joining you both soon..."


"Eva-obasan, while I agree that normally a neutral party would be good to hold such a responsibility, right now that would be giving more power to someone who might refuse to act. My mother is dead! The first six were clearly just the beginning. We can't waste any more time on inaction.

So I will vote that no one holds the gun for now. No one can be trusted with that responsibility."


"Grandfather, you raise excellent points. Mother denounced the 'guests,' and it should be especially noted that she voted with me that Eva-obasan was a witch. The obvious perspective is that Eva-obasan would kill her to weaken those who suspected her.

Then, as you say, it could have been me, assuming the first perspective would hold so that, with Mother's...murder...I would sway people to my point of view. The flaw, though, is that I would never kill my mother. I have no proof, aside from the fact that I was once again with Kanon-kun last night. He can provide my alibi, just as I can provide his. That is all the proof I can muster, though...

And for your third point, you are correct that Mother did not contribute much, but did enough that she could have been considered a viable target.

So that leaves us with two options. One, that it is Eva-obasan or an ally. Two, that it is me or an ally.

I choose option three.

There are those who would win no matter which option was chosen, those who are perceived as neutral. Battler-kun, for one. But more so, I think of you and Genji-san. It's true that you voted against me yesterday, so you're not truly neutral, but I find it odd. You encourage suspicion, do your best to drive us at each others' throats, all for the sake of this thing which you sickly call a game. And in doing so you handily guide the discussion, point out reasons why we should suspect each other, and subtly avoid the spotlight yourself.

As to why I suspect you instead of Battler-kun, it's precisely because you're not entirely neutral. You voted against me when it seemed like I was the most likely candidate, even though I was 'driving discussion.' You don't care who gets voted a witch, you only care that someone does.

So yes, unless someone can explain why my reasoning is wrong or give me better reasoning of their own, I think you are a witch, Grandfather!


"...in response to your question, Genji-san, I was not attacked last night."
>> No. 18334 edit
File 13085532546.png - (108.45KB , 478x480 , kin_waraia1.png )
"Hmph. I knew you'd make an attempt to shift the spotlight away from yourself today, I just hadn't expected it to be so... Feeble.

Don't get me wrong, it's an admirable effort, but your true colours show through in your words. What was it, 'There are those who would win no matter which option was chosen, those who are perceived as neutral.'

Do you see the flaw? Let me point it out for you. An innocent would lose in said situation, if the wrong person was chosen. That such a possibility has escaped you is indicative of how you have come to think, Jessica! Yes, this is a game, a game of the innocents versus the witch. Do not expect, however, that merely because it is a game I will not commit everything I have to it!

I encourage discussion because, without it, we have a shambles such as yesterday, where suspicion is not focused, and the culprit is allowed to move freely. I direct discussion, because otherwise you seem content to rest on the laurels of your 'alibis'. As for avoiding the spotlight, please, enlighten me as to how I have done this. I have voiced my opinions time and again in an attempt to keep discussion going.

As for your final point, you are simply incorrect. Whilst I may have initially risen to your defence, I have since realised that doing so was a mistake. I care quite deeply that someone in particular is labelled the witch, Jessica.

You continue to follow the mentality of one side against another, be it those who are paired against the individuals, or the guests on the island against the inhabitants. You rely time and again on Kanon as your alibi. Then, finally, you make such a half-hearted attempt against myself? Your series of poor decisions has cemented my opinion.

You are the culprit.
>> No. 18335 edit
File 144366780486.png - (40.62KB , 120x240 , Jes_a12_angry_1.png )

"Alright, Grandfather, just for this time, I will face you head-on. It's been your sick and twisted mind that lead our family to this state, and while we all have tried to give you the respect you deserve as the head of this family, it's about time someone stood up to you and said 'that is enough.'

You say the innocents lose if the wrong person is chosen. That's true, but I've turned the chessboard over, as Battler-kun's mother, may she rest in peace, was fond of saying. I'm trying to think of it from the culprit's perspective. If they are hiding amongst us, why attack Mother? As you so handily pointed out, that leads to believing that it was my side or Eva's side, because we had obvious motive. But this psycho has already proven with the first six deaths that they need no real motive. So why attack someone that could lead to suspicion beig directly cast on them? Sure, evidence and argument can shift the odds, but if this were pure chance the culprit would be betting it on a coin flip. Everyone will be focused on whether it lands on heads or tails, and not even care about any other options! So yes, Grandfather, I was wrong to say that a neutral innocent would win if the wrong person was chosen. A witch perceived as neutral, though, would win no matter if the coin lands heads or tails. Doubtless you would call fault on me for thinking from the witch's perspective, but who else should I think like in order to catch this bastard?"

"And since you can't seem to grasp how you've evaded the spotlight, let me be more blunt. At a debate where there multiple people, each being called upon to explain their position or answer questions, does anyone truly care about the person asking the questions? Driving the discussion? Of course not, because they're too busy coming up with answers and defending their points of view. Since the beginning you have called upon people to act and voice their opinions. You've challenged others points' of view. You even flipped sides as to whether my calling out people in pairs was a move that meant I was innocent because no witch would highlight themselves, to now saying that the mentality of 'one side against the other' is a glaring point marking me as a witch!

You even used that view yourself only a few moments ago, Grandfather, when you called it a game of the innocents versus the witch!

So yes, you've voiced your opinions. Your opinions which consist of demanding that we discuss who was guilty and who was innocent, and which handily kept the fact that you had no alibi quiet until Maria-chan was smart enough to call you out. Immediately after which, I might add, your most faithful servant Genji-san chimed in and didn't let us linger on that little fact.

I still have my alibi, Grandfather, even though you said that using it when I did 'reeked of desperation.' Well I smell that same reek coming off you now. Belittling my argument by calling it 'feeble' and 'half-hearted.' Well I don't feel it is! I feel that my alibi is stronger than your lack of one! I feel like my logic is more sound than your attempts to turn your family into a chaotic bloodbath of treachery! I feel like I'm going all-in in this madness you insist on calling a game! I've lost my Father! I've lost my Mother! So sit down and shut up, old geezer, because you will not take down Jessica Ushiromiya without a fight!

The truth is I am innocent! I have killed no one! But I am prepared to take responsibility for the death of this witch, and I stand my ground and say that you are that witch, Grandfather!
>> No. 18336 edit
File 144461900012.png - (459.79KB , 788x1141 , Eva_b11_bold_1.png )

It does seem that Father has been occupying a bit of a blind spot, doesn't it? If he doesn't have a sufficient rebuttal, I may be convinced to consider some of Jessica-chan's points to be evidential.
>> No. 18337 edit
File 144464367751.png - (107.72KB , 478x480 , kin_waraia2.png )
"I'm happy to see you making more than a token effort. More than can be said for the rest of these slimes, at least!

To start with, your first point. Let's begin by disregarding the notion that the culprit needs no motive merely because of the first six deaths. They occurred before there was any suspicion whatsoever, and now that we are aware of the culprits' actions, they will have had to change their strategy completely. Moving on to thinking from the perspective of the culprit, I will admit, we've both been blinded here.

We've forgotten that, in all likelihood, there is more than one culprit. The chances of all of them being on one of any side, no matter how we divide the survivors, is relatively small. Whilst this is worth keeping in mind, let us continue this section of the discussion under the assumption that the culprits are currently working in the interests of preserving a specific member on whom suspicion has currently been cast.

Let us move onto your second point. The only dichotomy that exists that is of any value is that of the innocents against the witches. Naturally, this is one that can be leant on. Attacking me for using this is absurd. What should not be relied on too heavily are the other divisions we are making based on pre-existing relationships before the game. By these, I mean guests vs residents, pairs vs unpaired. Your side vs Eva's side is an exception, as this is an arrangement that has come to exist since the start of the game, and is based on things that have come to light since.

As for your third point... I'll concede to the remark about my lack of an alibi. That is a fact, and one that will place some suspicion on me, I'll admit. However, you cannot point that out as exceptional. Genji, Eva, Natsuhi, Battler, Shannon and myself all lack alibis for the first night, however no-one has made a point thus far on lingering on any of those. Indeed, Battler appears to be the most trusted among us at present in spite of it. If you wish to level an argument against me, then the others should fall under the exact same scrutiny.

Let's see, what else is there... As I've previously admitted, my early remarks as to your possible innocence were made as a skeleton argument that I had hoped to drive discussion with. Indeed, the point that you seem so pained about, that regarding the pairs, was merely made to point out a flaw in Rosa's reasoning at the time. In the context, you will find that I am applying Rosa's criteria for what indicated someone being the culprit, not my own.

To close, this discussion will grow stale with only two viewpoints. It's about time the rest of you weighed in on this situation! Jessica and I are not the only players, after all!
>> No. 18338 edit
File 131331980495.png - (77.41KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea2.png )
I'm sorry, to have caused you a little misunderstanding, my assensment you claim was to pull away from that fact, that is not entirely correct. I was just saying we shouldn't be jumping around to conclusions at that moment. My intention was not to mislead or sway directly, but to just think deeply about things before making a choice. One would hardly want to make a choice they'd later regret.

I have to admit Jessica-sama your points about Kinzo-sama are valid. You keep saying and have said from the beginning, by stating me as Kinzo's 'most faithful servant,' while I'm honored you would see me as someone so faithful, I have a duty to all Ushiromiya family members, not solely Kinzo-sama. And you've said I've been tried to defend Kinzo-sama all this time. I have done neither defend nor attack anyone this whole time. Please do not attack me for my indifference, I'm simply trying to think things through before acting. I have accused no one this game, nor defended anyone. Do not make it seem like I have, furniture must remain indifferent when two of its master's are fighting. It can't pick a side because it is furniture. It only exists to comfort and support all parties.

So Jessica-sama, and Kinzo-sama, I will side with ultimately who I decide is worth serving. If I deem someone worth defense, who I believe is innocent I will, if not I will stay silent. Don't assume there is more to any statements unless I say so. I was just asking questions and thinking about the situation, nothing more, nothing less. Until Beatrice grants me rest, I must continue going on, trying to figure out 'her' intentions. Will she choose me to live or to die? Until my rest is granted, I can only wonder, and try to serve my masters in staying alive by helping them get out of Beatrice's web.

Also this is unrelated, but where are Battler-sama and Rosa-sama?

Last edited at 15/10/12(Mon)03:09:23
>> No. 18339 edit
File 144468858676.png - (133.35KB , 453x465 , mar_majimea1.png )
Maria has no idea where Mama or Battler nii is.

Last edited at 15/10/12(Mon)15:23:06
>> No. 18370 edit
File 144487902934.png - (168.60KB , 464x600 , but_b11_niramu1.png )
Not Natsuhi oba-san, she... she hardly even spoke against anyone! Why her of all people, I wonder...

Wh-why does it feel like you're voting against me in a roundabout way? It's such a big responsibility... Heck, I wouldn't trust myself with it. I for one admire Jessica-chan's resolve as opposed to my current neutrality. As hard as this is, it appears to be wise to condemn someone as witch, and I doubt my own capacity to make use of the gun at all.

Sorry for the silence, but I've... been thinking things through a little. Don't know about Rosa oba-san.

It might be worth noting that the one person Natsuhi oba-san was against is Eva oba-san...

Last edited at 15/10/14(Wed)20:17:10
>> No. 18371 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
Battler-sama makes 2 good points, Natsuhi-sama didn't say much. This means that what she did say is important.

She called out Eva-sama as a witch and was voting to lynch her.

Which suggests 2 possible answers. 1. Eva is a witch and went to wipe out those who voted against her. Or 2. Someone wants us to suspect Eva.

And you're right Battler-sama, I never thought about it like that, that the person who has the gun is like sentencing them to death, I think I'll take back my vote, I don't want to do that to anyone.
>> No. 18372 edit
File 144391642154.png - (131.21KB , 436x600 , ros_b23_ikari3.png )
Nee-san, Father, everyone, I'm sorry for the wait. I needed to do some thinking. Alone. I can't think clearly with all this back and forth.

Come here, Maria.

Now. We don't have time for these constant arguments, so let me be blunt: we should lynch Battler. Right away.
>> No. 18373 edit
File 144504186559.png - (107.62KB , 329x480 , Eva_c23_surprized_2.png )

Eh? Battler-kun?!
>> No. 18374 edit
File 144504250137.png - (170.00KB , 464x600 , but_b11_odoroki2.png )
Oba-san!? Where does this come from? Suddenly speaking up again and.. s-saying this... What do I have to gain, killing family members off one by one!?

Suppose you weren't attacked last night, either...?

Eva oba-san, can you think of anyone who might want to make you look suspicious, or... a reason Natsuhi was lynched?
>> No. 18375 edit
File 144362313062.png - (123.59KB , 365x600 , ros_a25_ikari3.png )
That's right, nee-san. Why should we trust someone who has no one to vouch for them? Why should we immediately think to hand them a weapon?

Turning it down was a hollow gesture, Battler. The only people here who know exactly who can be trusted are the wolves. The rest of us have a single person we can rely on, at best. You are nobody's support. You are already a weak link, one that should be eliminated. The witches have no need to target you, and nobody has any reason to trust you. In that case, why would you be offered anything? You should be an unknown to everybody.

Are you even who you say you are?

All you have done is throw seeds of doubt here and there and wait for them to take root. Perhaps you wanted the weapon to be offered so you could turn it down. Maybe you changed your mind on taking it, because it would be obvious that anyone who is able to keep it is a witch.

Last edited at 15/10/16(Fri)17:55:30
>> No. 18376 edit
File 144410250532.png - (118.38KB , 453x466 , mar_odorokia1.png )
Uuu...Battler-nii isnt Battler-nii?
>> No. 18377 edit
File 144391642154.png - (131.21KB , 436x600 , ros_b23_ikari3.png )
Mama isn't sure, Maria. Did you remember him at first? You were very little when he last came.

You can't trust strangers.
>> No. 18378 edit
File 131907203662.png - (133.26KB , 453x465 , mar_defa1.png )
>> No. 18379 edit
File 144505088492.png - (131.51KB , 436x600 , ros_b23_akuwarai1.png )
What do you say, everyone? Father? We must take action right now and remove the first wolf. The culprits are right here, in this very room. They are right where we want them. We can act, or we can sit and chat while we're picked off one by one.

I'll be frank again. Genji, Kanon -- one of you is a wolf. Depending on how many there are, maybe even both. I'm sorry, Father, but you can't trust rabble you pick up off the street over your own blood. I suspect Genji most of all.

I would suspect you too, nee-san, since you suggested Battler, but after last night I have no reason to. I suspect you allowed his subtle activity to influence you into thinking that he isn't a threat. I know you seem to be alone, and that might make Battler sympathetic to you, but think carefully. Think very carefully, and use the process of elimination. There is less reason for witches to group themselves clearly. Even alone as you are, you should be more trusting of pairs. Think about your own situation, and how that might apply similarly to others. Jessica was right about that. The witches wait for a human to make a mistake in their reasoning, and then pounce on it to artificially boost it. They take the attention away from themselves by waiting for everyone else first. Battler has tricked you.

Once we remove Battler, I will confirm whether Genji or Kanon is innocent, depending on who we find the most suspicious. After that, I urge you to kill the other. Because they will likely kill me on the third night, and I can't help you after that.

But no matter what, they can't stop me from determining one of them by tomorrow. If we play our cards right, we can stop them from even reaching the third night.

Last edited at 15/10/16(Fri)20:04:33
>> No. 18380 edit
File 144505178773.png - (117.83KB , 314x600 , ros_a12_akuwarai1.png )
And I will be taking the gun, if you allow me. I won't die tonight, that I can say with certainty. Therefore, I am the best candidate today. We can vote again on it tomorrow if need be.

If you don't trust me, I ask you give it to Jessica. She might die, but I think the witches must find me more of a threat by now, regardless of who takes the gun. If the majority agree, the wielder is irrelevant to them.

Or are we going to let nobody have it?
>> No. 18381 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
If Rosa-sama desires the gun, I will vote to give Rosa-sama the gun.

As for voting to lynch Battler-sama. I understand we need to lynch someone now, but... I just don't want to make the wrong choice.

(But for the sake of moving game forward, I'll vote with Rosa on this matter.)
>> No. 18382 edit
File 144397651036.png - (104.38KB , 453x465 , mar_defa1k.png )
Mama would be well suited for an anti magic weapon. (vote rosa for gun)
Sorry Battler nii
>> No. 18383 edit
File 144509590737.png - (424.17KB , 607x1118 , Jes_a11_evil_laugh_1.png )

"You'll confirm which one is innocent? How? Are you saying you're some kind of detective? And then you say you're certain that you won't die tonight. Why? And I have said it time and again, and will until I am in my grave: Kanon-kun is innocent, and I am his alibi."

"Regardless, that was a passionate argument. But I see a few things about it that stick out. The main one the timing. As you said, the witch will wait for everyone else and then pounce on a flaw."

"You were the last one to speak, and accused someone no one else was accusing. This could end up splitting the vote out of confusion. After that you insist that the vote be taken as soon as possible, removing the opportunity to think, like the one you allowed yourself. This was also the first real defense of Grandfather aside from what I provided him, as suddenly pointing the finger at Battler-kun distracts from my accusations against him. Even Genji-san seemed to not offer up a defense for Grandfather. But you did by accusing Battler-kun as a witch without even trying to argue why Grandfather is not. You didn't even mention him as one of your suspects!"

"So let's take something you said and push it further. You said the witches have no purpose in grouping themselves. Revising my earlier theory in light of this argument you made, I now see Grandfather and you as the most suspicious. You have an alibi, after all, in Maria-chan. I suspect,though, that she is used to telling people that you are with her when in fact you're elsewhere. All you have to do is tell her to, and she'll say anything you want her to."

"Still, you did make good points about Battler-kun, and a possible perspective as to why he could be a witch. However, even though it may have been a hollow gesture, turning down the gun was at least a gesture. I see him more as a scapegoat than a witch, but I admit that I could be wrong."

"However! It is not enough to sway my vote!"


"Grandfather, I have taken into account the motive. The motive of the witches is to hide and keep killing. That is why you killed Mother, because she was in no way directly tied to you since the start of this madness. Her death would throw suspicion at Eva or myself."

"Now that I've thrown suspicion on you, Rosa-obasan has distracted us by putting suspicion on Battler-kun, hence preserving the one member on whom suspicion has been cast. I have admitted that Battler-kun is suspicious to me, but not nearly so much as you!"


"I will take the gun if you wish, because I know I am trustworthy. However, I doubt that I can prove to anyone else that I am trustworthy, so I do not expect that I'll get it. I will not vote to let you have the gun, Rosa-obasan, for the reasons I've just given.

If people wish for me to have the gun, know that I will level it first against Grandfather, unless a very solid reason is given for me to point at someone else. I accept that I will likely die, but I suspect that I might tonight anyways."

"So! Do as you will! Unless I am not seeing something about Battler-kun that others are, I still say Grandfather is the witch!"
>> No. 18394 edit
File 144521888180.png - (418.54KB , 468x1141 , Eva_a11_serious_1.png )
Hmph. While I appreciate Rosa's empathy, I can't agree with suspecting Battler-kun at this point. Even if both members of a pair aren't culprits, if only one was a culprit they'd benefit from having an ally that would blindly defend them. Moreover, if their unwitting ally died, it'd remove a great deal of suspicion towards them. In fact, the more pairs infiltrated, the better the chance that the culprits could succeed in wiping the rest of us out.

Currently there are four clear pairs left alive: Genji and Father, Jessica-chan and Kanon, George and Shannon, and Rosa and Maria-chan. Since George is obviously innocent, I am currently prepared to suspect the remaining three groups, as well as that harlot maid.

If the culprits had infiltrated each group as I suspect, their actions become somewhat easier to predict. In the event that none of the culprits are suspected, they'll kill off a member of a culprit-free group or a groupless person like me or Battler-kun in order to thin our numbers. If a culprit is suspected, they will likely kill the member of their own group that is not a culprit: this could cause reduced suspicion towards people who think culprits won't kill their own group members, and also for people who think that killing a group member would be likely for suspected culprits, so no culprit would do it after this explanation.

While Battler-kun was suitable to hold the gun for his previous neutrality, it also has the benefit of keeping it out of the hands of the groups. A culprit with a living group partner and a gun in the group would be virtually impossible to convict without a massive consensus that is unlikely to before additional unnecessary deaths occur.
>> No. 18396 edit
File 144522977173.png - (117.40KB , 314x600 , ros_a12_majime1.png )
I know it takes a lot to convince you, Nee-san, but I hoped Jessica would be convinced.

I don't think you are a witch, Jessica. You can see that. As for you, Nee-san, by default I would find suspicious, but I have my own reasons which I think make it near impossible for you to be a witch, by deduction. I'll counter your points in time, but now, I'll calm down a bit. Let's all calm down and think about what we know.

First: the wolves have almost no reason to accuse anyone. We must lynch, or we just line ourselves up for slaughter one by one. They know. They'll sit back, laugh at our vague arguments, and lynch whoever it is the sheep are lynching. There is no reason to stand up and put themselves directly in suspicion. They don't care who is lynched, they only care about defending a fellow culprit in the rare circumstance that we attempt to lynch them. Currently, only have a 1/5 chance, assuming the culprits are two.

There is one additional circumstance where they will openly accuse: to make us be mislead by this very argument. But that is more advantageous to them when there are less of us. Currently, it's foolish. The most they will do is pretend to be a neutral but cautious partly and ask us to think for them with things like "it might be worth thinking about" or "maybe we should note" or "I don't know about this, but it seems that". Sound familiar? Useless displays that we're supposed to take as them being a valuable, level-headed sort of person.

So, Jessica, you seem to suspect those who accuse you or strongly accuse anyone. That is the wrong line of thought. I don't suspect Father currently, because he knew that someone must be lynched. I see you as against him because he was against you, but remember this -- nobody KNOWS you are innocent. Most are struggling to find some line of reasoning to follow that has a chance of them being less wrong than others. For Father, that was accusing you. Father also knew the gun was not particularly valuable at this stage, and was kind enough to let us all know. But it's also true the culprits don't care about the gun when our chances of voting for the wrong person are high by default.

Do you understand? If you do, I'll put voting aside for a bit and make my next suggestion.
>> No. 18397 edit
File 138986583873.png - (109.54KB , 478x480 , kin_fukigena1.png )
Whilst I object to the idea that Genji and I form a group, it's nice to hear you making an effort for once. With regards to your point about the gun, at this early stage in the game, it should still be relatively easy to overthrow the opionion of whichever group holds it. We should only be seriously concerned about it much further down the line.

Rosa, once again you make a compelling argument. However, before I even consider the possibility that Jessica is not the culprit, I'd like to know precisely why you've changed your mind on her.
>> No. 18398 edit
File 14452535108.png - (125.31KB , 436x600 , ros_a33_ikari3.png )
Of course, Father.

My accusation of Jessica was predicated on the fact that she tilted suspicion towards pairs, rather than individuals. We were lacking any clear hints at the time, and we have no choice but to lynch.

However, most of the people she has accused directly are not pairs. I came to realize that it was simply a mistake on her part, and far more suspicious people have surfaced now.

I can't say that she isn't a witch, but the chances, by default, are low.

Last edited at 15/10/19(Mon)04:18:30
>> No. 18399 edit
File 13495719365.png - (107.46KB , 478x480 , kin_fumua1.png )
Hmph. I'm still not entirely convinced. Perhaps some words from the accused might help clear things up somewhat. If this comes down to the wire, and Battler ends up being the only possible choice besides myself or another absence of a lynch, then I'll follow, but until then I stand by my argument against Jessica.

Battler, it seems that everyone's focus on you stems from your unwillingness to cast suspicion on anyone else present. If you wish to survive, I suggest that you make a case against someone, and prove your value to the group. Indeed, I expect the same of everyone else at this point in the game. If you fail to contribute, you are of no use to us, alive or dead.

With regards to the use of the gun, I'll vote for it to go to Battler. If Rosa, Maria or Genji obtains it now, Rosa's argument will only need one more follower before it reaches a majority, something which I feel would be premature, given Battler has not yet had a chance to offer a proper rebuttal. In the interest of self-preservation, I cannot give it to Jessica.
>> No. 18400 edit
File 144527228017.png - (123.53KB , 365x600 , ros_a25_komaru4.png )
To Battler!? Father, surely you wouldn't want him ending up with the gun after all I've said?

I strongly advise against it, but I suppose this is so you can be sure your vote isn't for my side?

As for Jessica... perhaps we should get her to confirm something for us? I'm interested. Do Kanon and her defend her defend each other because they know each other to be innocent, or is it because they are the lovers and will do anything to keep each other alive?
>> No. 18401 edit
File 13085532546.png - (108.45KB , 478x480 , kin_waraia1.png )
I don't wish for him to get the gun. This is simply the most reasonable way for me to prevent the gun from reaching your hands until he's had a chance to voice his argument. After all you've said, I highly doubt he'll come to get it. Fear not, I fully intend to change my vote once the argument has progressed further.
>> No. 18402 edit
File 144527308080.png - (119.59KB , 314x600 , ros_a32_ikari3.png )
I understand.

Let me give you all a suggestion then.

It's possible for us to have pairs we suspect of being the lovers vote against themselves. If they can vote, we know they aren't the lovers. In fact, we could have everyone sequentially vote for everyone else in order to prove they have no lover effect. But I can't understate how dangerous this is. One of the lovers may be a witch, or both of them may be, but if both are innocents and we isolate them, then we're just handing the witches two with one stone.

There's one other point to this strategy. If everyone confirms they are not the lovers except three people, we know one of them is the dire witch. In fact, we would likely to be able to tell immediately which one is, because the other would make an obvious pair.

This is what confuses me most about Natsuhi's death. The most logical target was one of George, Jessica, Shannon and Kanon. Could it be they had some reason not to target either pair? Did they overlook it? Or are they planning to kill the lovers later on to catch us suddenly?
>> No. 18403 edit
File 13495719365.png - (107.46KB , 478x480 , kin_fumua1.png )
This strategy is incredibly risky, simply because if neither of the lovers are witches, we risk handing over two kills to the witches.

As for your second point, turn the chessboard around. Don't ask why the witches gunned for a single target. Consider why they had to choose someone who wasn't a member of a group. It's possible that the witches have a worst case scenario, where one of them is a lover to an innocent, and another is a dire witch to an obvious partner. I want to emphasize that this is not just limited to Jessica, Kanon, George and Shannon. Rosa, you and your daughter also fall into this category. If the witches are in such a situation, you can understand their trepidation and unwillingness to reduce the number of pairs still in the game.

An alternate reason is simply to maintain suspicion. At present, there are several pairs, and it would be a strange feat of chance if all members of all pairs are innocent. So long as this is the case, the alibis offered by virtue of being one of these pairs is weakened. Indeed, this is why Jessica is a potential witch in my eyes, because she added herself and Kanon to an already relatively saturated pool of pairs. An alternative interpretation is that some of the pairs have perfectly valid alibis without being lovers. If the culprits attacked a member of such a pair, and the partner failed to die alongside them, then we have a confirmed innocent amongst us, placing the culprits at a disadvantage.
>> No. 18404 edit
File 144527577866.png - (123.21KB , 436x600 , ros_a13_ikari3.png )
If you were listening carefully you should know what my role is, Father, and that role is the one the witches most want to eliminate, but then I suppose it isn't proven. I can't die tonight, unless they already tried to kill me last night, or in the 1/11 case where Natsuhi had the right power, but I fear they will try to eliminate me over the next two nights.

By the numbers, the strategy is actually a sound move to make if there are only two witches. In the innocent-innocent case, three innocents die to kill one witch. Take a look at these numbers I've written down.

8, 2 -> 5, 1
7, 3 -> 4, 2
6, 4 -> 3, 3

With two witches, our odds go up. With three, they go down, but it should be easy to win at that point with me helping you. If it's four or more then it's suicide. And if that's the case, we're already in an extremely perilous situation already, one which the gun almost tips.

This strategy might seem merciless even if it's effective, but you built this family from the ashes, Father, and it can be done again. I want to punish the culprits for making fools of us, and have our name live on in spite of them.

You're right that this places the pairs under suspicion again. But we can't discount the possibility that the culprits overlooked it, or didn't want us to know. They might have wanted us to think they were always one step behind of where they were, so they could take us suddenly by killing both lovers.

Last edited at 15/10/19(Mon)10:29:38
>> No. 18407 edit
File 131940670529.png - (78.95KB , 319x478 , gen_odorokia1.png )
Rosa-sama, are you the Seer?
>> No. 18408 edit
File 14453200127.png - (123.50KB , 365x600 , ros_a25_komaru1.png )
>> No. 18410 edit
File 144536432233.png - (118.08KB , 284x476 , ros_a32_ikari4.png )
Let me add that revealing myself so early might not be a wise move, but currently, we are lacking information. I'm trying to offset that.

So let me ask all the innocents here: come forth with any information you have. You don't have to reveal your role like I have. In fact, it may be best not to. But if you know that someone is innocent, or anything else of importance, tell us.

And most importantly, this is a life or death situation. Don't make any arguments based on emotion!

I want to stress that. My reasoning goes like this: assuming the lovers are both innocent, we have have 6 special roles and I think no more than 3 witches. That leaves at least two innocents with no ability at all. The lovers are in an even worse position than those two.

Now, remember what we know about Beatrice's game. A lack of information is offset. If we assume the offset is proportionate to the disadvantage, then a few of us could have been provided with extremely valuable information. Say, information that drastically changes the balance of the scales if it can be believed.

Something like "all of the residents of the island are innocent". What Natsuhi said before she died. We now know Natsuhi was innocent, so she was not trying to deceive us. That leaves two options. One, she was telling the truth; or two, she made an argument from emotion, without really knowing it was true. We can't ask a corpse which one it meant. If we could trust her statement, then I could tell you right now that the witches are Nee-san, George, and Battler, and I would only need to convince the others of that.

Of course, I don't believe Beatrice would put herself at such a disadvantage, which leaves one option: it was an argument from emotion. Even though dying should have elevated all of her statements to truth, we still don't know if we can believe what she said. Even in that case, I don't fully understand why she said it. We have all seen Natsuhi be unkind to servants. Why did she vouch for them like that?

But in the end, I think it was from emotion. I ask everyone not to make the same mistake. You won't be able to correct yourself when you're dead.

Last edited at 15/10/20(Tue)13:30:33
>> No. 18415 edit
File 144548927481.png - (112.18KB , 260x479 , Jes_a11_worrying_1.png )

"You have said that I accuse based on who accuses me, Rosa-obasan. If you believe that, you have not been listening. I accuse based on who seems to be trying to lead discussions in certain directions, whoever might be trying to blind the group to possibilities. For instance, the possibility that you might be lying about being the Seer. That you and Grandfather are the witches, and are trying to form a lynch mob under your guidance while trying to seem separate enough that an obvious alliance is impossible to see."

"Now that I've said it though, I should add that I find it an unlikely scenario, at present. If you had continued your constant pressure against Battler-kun, I perhaps would have continued to consider it, but your reasoning seems sound even without being pointed at him. I still suspect that you might be lying about being the Seer, but whether you are or not doesn't concern me. Keep making sense, and I'll keep listening."

"Everyone, though, remember to consider the possible ulterior motives of everything everyone says or does here. Why are they acting as they are and saying what they are, when they are and how they are. If you find your train of thought derailing, figure out why that is and who caused it. Magic is the art of misdirection, so we all must do our best to not be fooled."

"That being said...Rosa-obasan, for the moment you've convinced me, and while I feel Battler-kun's silence is more a sign of his innocence than his guilt, I am willing to switch my vote if he does not offer a convincing argument. As for Kanon, I will tell you, as a fact, that he is innocent. Believe me or not, as you will."

Last edited at 15/10/21(Wed)21:59:27
>> No. 18417 edit
File 144549669150.png - (115.72KB , 284x472 , ros_a12_komaru3.png )
Thank you, Jessica-chan. Maybe I haven't been listening enough.

But I think putting your suspicion on the direction of discussion is dangerous. What if you subconsciously focus on those most active in discussion? When at this point, the most logical strategy I can see for the witches is keeping quiet and allowing us to pick wrong all by ourselves? If they aren't doing that, then they're adopting a risky reverse psychology strategy they have no need for.

Believe me, the reason why I entered discussion when I did had nothing to do with either you or Father. While you might have accused him at that point, I don't believe this would have led to a lynching, and I certainly don't believe it was something that he couldn't argue his own way out of. For the mean time, I would like to trust you both. I have reasons to. I don't want you at each other's throats.

First, both you and Father were the strongest proponents of lynching, when others abstained. Second, you both push suspicion on each other so strongly even though a more passive approach to someone else's suggestion would work. If one of you was the witch, that one could just kill the other without needing to draw attention. Third, even with my argument, you both aren't willing to change your mind just yet, at least not without a little more discussion.

For you specifically, you directly warned us that you would point the gun at Father if it was handed to you. Even though that might have been obvious at the time, there was no need to stress it. Stressing it only makes innocents less likely to hand it to you unless they absolutely agree. You also continually beg for us to believe your innocence, and Kanon's innocence. To me, that seems like a wish from the bottom of your heart to convey that information not only to help yourself, but to help others. It reminds me of my own situation. Perhaps I should confirm your innocence, before Genji? That would most likely give me two people at once that I can trust, assuming one of you is not the dire witch.

As for Father, his arguments always seem based on logic, and he puts himself at the forefront. But like you, he makes the mistake of looking for deception right in front of his face, when it really could be lurking in the shadows.

What do you say, Nee-san? Are you also willing to reconsider Battler?

Last edited at 15/10/22(Thu)02:00:14
>> No. 18426 edit
File 144427552452.png - (78.63KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana1g.png )
Kanon says he will vote for Rosa because she appears to want out of this world. Although he expresses that it probably won't matter because getting a majority to vote at all won't happen this far into the night.
>> No. 18427 edit
File 14459186024.png - (115.63KB , 284x472 , ros_a12_komaru4.png )
So not only do you pile on the suggestion to give Battler the gun, you vote for me when I accuse him?

Even though you defend each other, it seems like you and Jessica aren't on the same page, doesn't it...?
>> No. 18431 edit
File 14440134048.png - (34.07KB , 92x238 , Jes_b21_tohoho--_1.png )

"Kanon is not furniture, Rosa-obasan. He is a human being, just like anyone, and is allowed to have his own opinions. I know that Kanon-kun is innocent, and Kanon-kun knows that I am innocent. However, that is all that we can say for certain. If he believes you are truly the witch, then he has the right to voice his opinion!"

"However, just to be clear, as it currently stands, the votes against Battler-kun are: Rosa-obasan, Maria-chan, and Genji-san. Grandfather and I are willing to vote against him as well, if we find his counter-argument lacking. Kanon-kun is voting against Rosa-obasan."

"George-niisan, Shannon-chan, you've both gone quiet. Eva-obasan, what do you think? And Battler-kun, please... I don't want to believe you're behind this, but you need to convince us at this point."
>> No. 18521 edit
The game appears to be dead, most likely on account of the slowness of trying to play werewolf on an imageboard. As such, I will be posting the information regarding identities and relationships.


anon-kun (who was originally Shannon) had to drop out, so Lion (who died as Natsuhi) took over as Shannon
Liliane (who was originally Rosa) had to drop out, so Piece took over as Rosa

Kinzo - Witch
Natsuhi - Human
Eva - Dire Witch
Rosa - Seer's bodyguard
Jessica - Lovers (with Kanon)
George - Island idiot
Battler - Martyr
Maria - Seer
Genji - Witch
Shannon - Human
Kanon - Lovers (with Jessica)

Last edited at 15/11/17(Tue)12:09:34
>> No. 18522 edit
Dear Kinzo,

You are a witch.

The other witches are Genji and Eva.

If you make it out of this alive, perhaps we can once again be together.




Dear Natsuhi,

You are a human.

You do not know who the witches are, but you do not trust Eva or her family. Something about them simply isn't right.




Dear Eva,

You are a witch, but a witch who has found meaning in her life.

You love your son George dearly. So dearly, in fact, that you would kill yourself if your son were to die. You must protect George at all costs, even against other witches, for your own life depends on it.

The other witches are Kinzo and Genji.

If another witch becomes a threat to George, perhaps finding a way to put them under suspicion may be your best bet. Your victory condition lies with you and your son surviving.




Dear Rosa,

You are a human.

You are a bodyguard to your daughter, Maria. You love her so dearly that you would take a bullet for her. If anyone would ever attempt to take Maria's life, you will perish protecting Maria from that harm.

Maria appears to have some magical power to detect witches, but is not herself a witch.

You can trust Maria.




Dear Jessica,

You are human. You are in love with the human Kanon.

You and Kanon share the trait "Lovers." This means that neither of you can vote against each other as well as the fact that one of you will commit suicide if the other were to die first.

You can trust Kanon.




Dear George,

You are human. You are the island's idiot. You are required to cast a vote during any and all witch hunt/lynching phases.

Do note that if you are voted for lynching, you can reveal that you are the island idiot to become immune to lynching for the rest of the game, at the cost of losing the ability to vote for the rest of the game.




Dear Battler,

You are a human.

You are the martyr, which plays identically to a normal human except for one thing: that you can allow yourself to be lynched in place of another who has already been convincted during the witch hunt.

Seems like a terribly useless power, huh? But who knows, maybe you can find a way to make it less useless?




Dear Maria,

You are a human.

You are the seer. This gives you the power to determine whether or not someone is a witch once per night during the seers turn.

Your mother, Rosa, loves you dearly. So dearly that she would take a death in your place. You can trust her.

I do hope that you use this power to find and defeat the evil black witches.




Dear Genji,

You are a witch.

The other witches are Kinzo and Eva.




Dear Shannon,

You are human. A normal, everyday human.

You can trust George, he is not a witch.

The other thing to note is that you are not allowed to speak to or communicate with Kanon at all.




Dear Kanon,

You are human. You are in love with the human Jessica.

You and Jessica share the trait "Lovers." This means that neither of you can vote against each other as well as the fact that one of you will commit suicide if the other were to die first.

You can trust Jessica.

The other thing to note is that you are not allowed to speak to or communicate with Shannon at all.


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>kinzo was a witch
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