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File 144778727488.png - (442.83KB , 640x480 , chess2.png )
18495 No. 18495 edit
I had the idea early in the year to make a gameboard with multiple authors, similar to the Detection Club's "The Floating Admiral".

Our version went like this; One person would write a part, then the one who follows would try to solve it and write their part including hints for who they thought the culprit was. After finishing we went over our theories and howdunits, then made sure that there was a true solution that could work for the whole game.

Tahyllis made an initial scenario, I then did the prologue and a closed room following Tahyllis' part, then GreatEqualizer, finally Daedon finished the rest. I will act as the GM and respond to your theories.

This game is open for any number of people to try and solve. We will go one closed room at a time and at the end the whodunit can be attempted. After that is finished I'll post what authors originally theorized for each others parts.
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>> No. 18553 edit
Hm... Well, time to just try something. (because I don't know if I understand Maria's (?) position correctly)

There's a secret underground tunnel that leads from the outside into the parlor. Due to the rain it was filled up with water. The culprit used it to enter and proceeded to kill everyone in a surprise attack. At the end they forced Maria to drown in the secret passage and left her body to float there, then left the way they came.

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>> No. 18554 edit
File 137896074362.png - (1.34MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_110.png )
There is no other entrance or exit into the room besides the known doors and windows.

But yes, that's about where Maria's body would have been if that were the case.
>> No. 18555 edit
I can work with that. Maybe.

For some reason, there was some sort of hole/sink filled with water in the parlor. Maybe the culprit created it. Anyway, they got into the room before it was barricaded, then proceeded to kill everyone. The survivors arrived at the door just when the culprit was in the process of drowning Maria. After the survivors observed the door and left the corridor to check the windows, the culprit simply removed the barricade from the door and walked out.
>> No. 18556 edit
File 137877974915.png - (755.85KB , 804x549 , ozaki_20.png )
I too had a similar theory.

Maria was dead when the survivors checked the doors.
>> No. 18557 edit
It's a nod. Well it was my first thought because 3 of the deaths appear random. If you want an explanation I deliver one. I can assume the a a water filled room beneath the parlor and there are several huge furniture and the floor is made of wood.
An explosion (from a small bomb) can
- make a person fly and throm him/her against the wall, breaking the neck
- make furniture fly and slam against a person's chest, causing asphyxiation
- create a hole in the floor where a person can fall in, for this case it's filled with water
- bursting wood can pierce the chest

Maý new theory, but it doesn't matter whether the cousins or the culprit opened the water filled hole:
The culprit killed the 3 older cousins. After that he/she somehow persuade Maria to lock the window and jump into the hole, like: if she locks the window, the culprit will tell a witch/treasure is in the hole.
>> No. 18558 edit
File 13774781387.png - (805.99KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_38.png )
I assuming you mean Maria barricaded the door or window after the culprit left. None of the victims barricaded the room after the culprit left.

As for the bomb, that logic makes sense, but lets see... The asphyxiation wasn't caused by blunt force. If an explosion created a hole large enough for a person to fit it would have shattered the glass in the windows.
>> No. 18559 edit
Ok I revise it:The cousins let the culprit in before they barricade the door. But you mean "locking" isn't the same as "barricading"?
If I understand correctly, there's 1 minute timer after Maria's death for the culprit to leave.
After killing the cousins the culprit barraicade the parlor. Once the adults left the place to go outside, the culprit moved the barricade away and left the parlor. Krauss only noticed that things were moved, not that the door was actually blocked.
The question is how could the culprit make it in time?
>> No. 18560 edit
File 144900724862.png - (1.01MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_85.png )
It is assumed they both locked and barricaded it, however it was barricaded so well that the survivors weren't able to see inside through the windows or were they able to budge the door. Thus whether it was locked is irrelevant.

When the adults checked the door it was completely blocked and unable to open.
>> No. 18561 edit
The culprit is still inside the parlor and is in fact dead. They stabbed one person in the heart, broke another person's neck, then drowned Maria in the hole that supposedly contained weapons. Finally, they hanged themselves in the center of the room.

Due to the way this game is structured, I'll assume I'm not obligated to explain how that'd work for the guesthouse murders for now. (assuming there's only one culprit)
>> No. 18562 edit
File 137928168961.png - (1.51MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_24.png )
None of the bodies in the room belong to the culprit, nor did any of them killed themselves.

And just because the two of you are using already in theories; Maria drowned in the hole that was said to contain weapons.
>> No. 18563 edit
It seems I was vague with my blue.
Someone let the culprit in before they barricade the whole parlor.
I think even if they had gun type weapons, wetness make them unusable.
The 4 dead people were killed by a surprise attack or one of them aided the culprit before he/she was killed by the culprit
I reuse my argument:
The culprit was in the barricaded parlor when the survivors checked the door. After they left the door to go outside, the barricade in front of the door was removed and escaped.

...Because "doors" are plural I throw this in:
The survivors only checked the door which was barricaded. The culprit left through an other open door. Then this door was locked.
>> No. 18564 edit
File 13569971377.jpg - (85.23KB , 1280x720 , ozaki.jpg )
My bad, I thought the initial red about Maria's death was different.

When the survivors checked the doors it had already been more than a minute since Maria was dead. All parlor doors were in the same state.
>> No. 18565 edit
There is an underground pipe or some other source of water in the room. After killing everyone (Maria was last) the culprit taped all the doors completely shut and left through one of the windows, closing it as good as possible from outside.
The water kept flooding into the room, filling it up completely. The non-locked window couldn't be opened anymore due to the water pressure.

Seems a little crazy, but it gives a pretty good reason why we're not allowed to see the interior of the parlor, so I'll try it.
>> No. 18566 edit
File 144910244041.png - (1.52MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_78.png )
The room was never flooded.
>> No. 18567 edit
Somehow confusing since you used door and doors and "survivors" and "adults" separately in your reds.

I think I explain my complicated theory, but it would be the same case like in EP5 when they announced "anybody who looked at XXX could confirm...": Surivors means that there is no culprit in that group.
Devil's proof: Maybe there's the culprit in the group, so I refer them as the "adults", not "survivor":
Because there's no group called "survivors" who checked the door, Maria can be alive at the moment when the group checked the door. It means all 4 people were alive.
Before Chiester 410 made ther red the culprit stay behind and somehow enter the parlor and killed the cousins. Rosa did not follow the group to the guesthouse so she could do it.

While blocking the parlor door with his body (and maybe with a tool), the culprit was able to pierce the door or used the door chink to stab Battler's hearts. Afterwards, his body acted like a barricade!
>> No. 18568 edit
File 139849127112.png - (558.55KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_58.png )
There is no wordplay with door/s or adults/survivors. Just a habit due to how the blues were worded.

Everyone in the parlor was already dead when the doors were checked.
>> No. 18569 edit
Ok. This makes things easier I guess.
I go for an easy one.
The culprit escaped through one of the windows. The group only tried to see through them.
There are several theories why the window looked barricaded but it's not:
It was the window which Krauss looed through. There was enough space to pass. Or the culprit pulled a furniture to the window and closed (but not locked)it. Or a big picture of a furniture was sticked on this window.
>> No. 18570 edit
File 13774121378.png - (805.58KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_8.png )
The group found all the windows locked when they checked however. Which is the truth.
>> No. 18571 edit
Oh man how many tries do I have?
You didn't deny that someone locked the window after the culprit left. Does "moving furnitures" include pulling and pushing?
After killing the 3 older cousins the culprit barricade the window from the outside by pulling. It's the window which Krauss peek through. It's not perfectly blocked with furnitures! Because of this someone could reached the window lock. Maria was the last one to die. She was told to lock the window after the culprit left and tricked to jump into the hole where she drowned.
If this don't work then I don't know.
>> No. 18572 edit
File 139231151265.png - (1.06MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_129.png )
Unlimited tries actually.

The room was barricaded from the inside and was never un-barricaded. The locks could only be set before it was barricaded.

Here is a hint: Check the red I made in response to your explosive theory.
>> No. 18573 edit
Ok but with this hint I could only interprete it like this:
Krauss noted at one window that the furniture was moved. The glass of this window was broken to unlock and lock the window
>> No. 18574 edit
There WAS an explosion in the room. The explosion wasn't strong enough to create a hole and therefore didn't shatter the windows. The hole was already there.
Maria passed out and drowned inside the hole.
Battler's heart was pierced by the hat rack he used as a weapon.
George was simply blown away and broke his neck somewhere near the window.
The death by asphyxiation was caused by one of Jessica's asthma attacks in response to the shock.

>> No. 18575 edit
File 13569250582.jpg - (21.82KB , 223x350 , 99782.jpg )
Yeah, I never denied a smaller explosion after all. There was a trap set to go off when someone opened the weapon storage. Battler fell on the very tool he created and George broke his neck.

Let it be known however that the asphyxiation and how Maria drowned were a direct result of the nature of the trap. We can move on but I'll leave that there so you can still try to solve it.

For the guesthouse I just want to hear theories regarding how exactly Rudolf died.
>> No. 18576 edit
Hm, so it was that. My guess is it wasn't quite just an explosion but something involving gas to make them pass out, but that's as far as my guesses go.

Onto Rudolf's death.
The ice in the whiskey was poisoned.
It has to be the ice. After all, Rosa drank the same without ice but was fine. Krauss did have ice with his drink, but the only thing we know is that he took one sip, which could have been before the ice had melted. Alternatively the vodka contained an antidote.

He was then stabbed quite a few times with the ice pick later.
>> No. 18577 edit
File 132116397839.png - (21.49KB , 217x157 , ozaki_heh.png )
Yeah it was a trap that mixed chlorine with bleach as well. The original had Lambda confused about 'saltwater' in Maria's lungs rather then the drowning part. It was to hint at the byproduct of the reaction, but the rest of the authors thought that might mislead too much.

As for Rudolf,
The ice wasn't poisoned.
Deadon wishes you to know he is thrilled you tried his herring.
>> No. 18578 edit
Wow, THIS was the red I thought a trap couldn't happen.


The culprit may be a woman. But Kanon could it be as well.

Rudolph was poisoned when he went to bed. It was dark and a feminine person laid in his bed. Thinking it was Kyrie they kissed and the culprit poisoned him in this act. Then the culprit stabbed him and escaped via window.
>> No. 18579 edit
File 137926934022.png - (1.64MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_37.png )
Gotta keep an eye out for that. Anyway,

Rudolf wasn't poisoned through a kiss.
>> No. 18580 edit
The glasses were prepared. Krauss knew which glas had poison in it.
But I should not be rash with Krauss.
Someone put poison in one as Krauss got the bottles.
>> No. 18581 edit
File 137929069475.png - (1.04MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_80.png )
Krauss didn't know if the glasses were poisoned or not.

None of the bottles were poisoned beforehand.

>> No. 18582 edit
I think the blue meant one of the glasses was poisoned while Krauss was busy getting the bottles. So the bottles not being poisoned doesn't deny it.

I'll just add this... because whether Krauss knew doesn't really matter much. Poison was put into a random glass beforehand, with no intention of killing Rudolf specifically. He just got unlucky.
>> No. 18583 edit
File 144934415032.png - (1.20MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_70.png )
Ah let's take care of that then. Someone would have noticed if a glass was poisoned while the drinks were being prepared.

And of course, Rudolf was poisoned intentionally.
>> No. 18584 edit
Thank you, that's what I meant.

I hope this murder doesn't require chemical and biological knowledge.
Rudolph consumed a chemical substance that does require alcohol to be deadly. He consumed it with the meal.
This make sense because Rudolph didn't feel so well.
The act of poisoning happened in the main room.
I'd exlude normal sleeping pills but barbiturate will do the job.
I'd add that,too:
The stabbing was done because the culprit wasn't sure about Rudolph's actual state. Krauss put the icepick in his pocket after crushing the ice.
>> No. 18585 edit
File 144910244041.png - (1.52MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_78.png )
Of course, no in depth scientific knowledge is needed.

Rudolf wasn't poisoned with his meal. Nor did a chemical react with alcohol to make a poison.
>> No. 18586 edit
Rudolph met Genji or Kanon outside of the main room. Because not feeling so well he asked one of them for medicine. Rudolph got poison instead.
>> No. 18587 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Rudolf never asked for medicine. Nor did he take any.
>> No. 18588 edit
The beds had poisonous traps in it. They were prepared when the group checked the rooms and the closets. Natsuhi and Krauss didn't go to bed so they weren't harmed.
>> No. 18589 edit
File 13798296962.png - (253.34KB , 374x347 , rukiddingme.png )
The beds were not trapped.
>> No. 18590 edit
Krauss put poison in Rudolph's drink. Because how he asked it seems that his body blocked the view of his doing.
>> No. 18591 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
That would be denied by this red >>18583
>> No. 18592 edit
Sorry, I distinguished "glass" and "glass of X".
The poison was the same one that killed Eva. Rudolf killed himself.
>> No. 18593 edit
File 137755455796.png - (559.45KB , 616x768 , ozaki_39.png )
Rudolf did not commit suicide.
>> No. 18594 edit
There are many scenes where Rudolf and Kyrie touched objects. The door knobs may be poisoned , but Kyrie seems unaffected unless Lambda write the next scene...
I have an idea. Rudolf had the poison all the time at his hands. There's something, or someone Kyrie didn't touched: Kumasawa's and Najo's corpses.
Kumasawa's or Nanjo's wrists (or necks) were poisoned.
I assume it must be consumed to be deadly.
Through touching the glass Rudolph placed the poison here and the condensate transported it to his mouth or the edge was touched.

There may other variants with Krauss as a "carrier"

But don't say that the
chair was trapped.
>> No. 18595 edit
File 13475782898.png - (257.31KB , 274x611 , fullbodydr.png )
Rudolf was intentionally poisoned, so something like that wouldn't work in this situation since it implies the poison was indiscriminate. No trap was used to poison Rudolf.
>> No. 18596 edit
Hold it. My theory implies that Kyrie know about the poison on the bodies and she asked Rudolph to check the pulses, making her the culprit or an accomplice.
But if the game was designed as an"adults don't try to kill their partners nor children"-game, then it's ok.

I would like to hear the definition of trap.

New blue with direct and intentional actions
The culprit
- used a syringe with poison
- poisoned the ice pick before attacking him (Genji was killed without toxic before)
- led poison gas in his sleeping and opened the window afterwards
- forced him to swallow poison
- used a poisoned hankerchief

>> No. 18597 edit
File 137739169940.png - (427.10KB , 505x532 , ozaki_4.png )
Alright, Rudolf wasn't poisoned by someone expecting him to touch something, then indirectly or direct introduce the poison to his body that way.

A trap is a device or mechanism that can be set up before hand to activate when something is triggered.

You can deduce the route of administration and moment of introduction from the provided text.
>> No. 18598 edit
....I hope you don't mean the beginning, right? It's sounding like they were prepared for something.
It would be the last move I'll use.
While his meal wasn 't posioned maybe his tea was. The deadly effect was delayed.
Of course it was not checked by the detectives.
Using the distraction in the dining room the poison was mixed in the tea.
But somehow the contents of the letter are not making sense if Rudolf died in the dining room,too, I'm right?
>> No. 18599 edit
File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
Since you say its the last thing you'd try I'll just answer it now. It was a different poison ingested before dinner. It was a delayed effect. Specifically when you see him talking with Kyrie. It finally killed him in the guesthouse around 6 hours or so later.

Alright, that is all for the howdunits. Answer who it was and how each mystery happened with them in mind. I'll wait a bit in case Rune or anyone else also wants to post a theory. After that I will post the intended solution, as well as the theories the authors had for each others.
>> No. 18600 edit

The mastermind is Kyrie. The accomplices are Rudolf, Eva, Rosa and Hideyoshi.

The whole murders were set up to corner Natsuhi and Krauss. The cousins died of an unfortunate death.
Rudolf and Eva used themself as sacrefices.

letter and dummy: Rosa gave Maria the letter and prepared the dummy and stick the umbrella on it.
dining room: Eva and Nanjo's food was poisoned. Kumasawa aided with the prank to lure Nanjo outside. The meal was swapped to make sure nobody but Eva die in the study. Her death is the pretense to go in Kinzo's study.
study: Natsuhi or Krauss ordered Kanon to bring Kinzo to the furnace and hide the key in an arranged place. Genji gave this key to the group.
boiler room: Kinzo was burnt to hide his death.
servant room: Nanjo died of poison. Someone splitted up from the 5 man-group (Hideyoshi or Rosa) and killed Kumasawa and Godha (he was not planned and was thrown out the window). The murderer escaped via window. Kyrie and Rudolf pretended to be "clueless" in front of Kanon and joined the other group.
parlor: It's an accident.
guest house: Kyrie, Rosa aqnd/or Hideyoshi damaged Rudolf's body and killed Genji.

>> No. 18601 edit
Edit: Oops I posted it without a name. Nevermind...

Last edited at 15/12/11(Fri)09:49:34
>> No. 18602 edit
File 145015532012.png - (456.53KB , 640x480 , glob_1cr.png )
I think you'd find it hard for the large group to split up without anyone saying anything, but none the less here is the ending (also written by Daedon). I'll post the other author's solutions when I find the time.


With a final flourish, the great Lambdadelta put the last words on the page. The entire work glowed, signifying that it was complete and contained no errors. With a cackle, the group of three once more disappeared around the corner as the Witch of Certainty called out, “Aaaaaand ACTION!”


A loud repeated banging cut through the tense silence. Everyone looked at each other, confused, and then the banging came again. It was from the door to the guesthouse. Kyrie’s finger tightened on the trigger, but she didn’t fire. “Kanon, go let them in.” Rosa and Hideyoshi kept their rifles trained on him, until they realized that Kyrie was keeping hers on Krauss and Natsuhi.

Kanon unlocked the door, and before he could open it the door was flung wide. With a flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder, Kinzo Ushiromiya stood framed in the entranceway. His body was soaked with rain, but his eyes were alight with determination. Everyone present seemed shocked to see him, but none more so than Kanon and Kyrie.

“Y-you’re dead…” whispered Kyrie. Then she shouted. “You are supposed to be dead!”

Kinzo laughed low, but it then built into a great belly laugh. “Wahahahahaha! Am I now? The great Kinzo, head of the Ushiromiya family?” His gleeful look died, and he glared daggers at Kyrie. “No. No I am not dead. I was simply watching.”

Kanon stepped back, and showed an emotion on his face that was quite rare for him: fear. He turned and ran up the stairs. Rosa and Hideyoshi let him pass, as everyone seemed utterly lost for what was going on. Kanon hid behind Kyrie, his mouth working but no sound coming out.

Kinzo continued, addressing everyone present. “There is a disease in this family. Like a slow rot that works on a tree, hollowing it out and making it weak, until eventually it cracks and falls, toppling down in the forest. I noticed it in a moment of clarity a few years ago, and I decided that I would identify its source. To do so I had to be able to be able to witness everything with an untainted eye, learn the true natures of those whom I called my family. What better way to do this than to die?”

The façade broken, Natsuhi spoke, “But…Father…we saw you. Krauss and I…you were dead…”

Kinzo looked to her scornfully. “Ha! What would you know of corpses, girl? You and my dutiful dunce of a son as well? Nanjo told you I was dead, and you believed him! Indeed, Nanjo and Genji were the only ones that I could trust with the truth. They were the only ones truly loyal to me.” He looked back to Kyrie, who was trembling with either fear or rage. “And now they are gone.”

The others in the room noticed his look, and Rosa whispered, “Kyrie…?”

“Don’t listen to him!” shouted Kyrie, her normally calm demeanor cracking. “If he has been going around this whole time unobserved, all these murders make perfect sense! He’s the killer!” She raised her gun and pointed it at Kinzo’s head.

Kinzo glared back at her, and though he spoke quietly, his resonant voice echoed throughout the room. “No, Kyrie. I know it all. I’ve known your plan since before you even enacted it. Every move you’ve made was carefully crafted and precise, but since I knew your endgame it also made your every move completely predictable. I imagine Rudolf is somewhere in here, appearing stabbed? Did anyone hear him cry out?” As he was met with silence, Kinzo nodded. “Then you indeed poisoned him earlier, as I suspected.”

Krauss had finally found his voice. “Please, Father, explain yourself. Kyrie is behind this all?”

Kinzo nodded, keeping his eyes on the woman he was accusing. “She is. She gave Rudolf poison earlier today, before dinner. I imagine it was something simple, like perhaps fixing him a drink as they talked. There are plenty of poisons that take several hours to cause death, though I imagine he wasn’t feeling well before he died.”

“But…Eva, Nanjo, Kumasawa…” Krauss continued before Kinzo cut him off.

“All her, through clever manipulation of everyone else’s plots. Rosa,” Kinzo said, looking briefly at his youngest daughter, “Gohda was going to kill you tonight. He had been muttering about how you were insane, that you had to be sick to reject his advances. Krauss, the idea of using the Golden Witch was Eva’s as a way to scare you and Natsuhi. She also knew that you had hired Gohda not only because of his cooking skills, but also because he had polydactyly just like me. After all, if you couldn’t make me disappear, you would need a corpse, right?” he asked, and Krauss looked down, ashamed. Kinzo kept going, his eyes returning to Kyrie. “With all these plots and counterplots, all she needed was to make sure they crossed to her liking. For that, she needed an accomplice. A poor fool with a weak mind and weaker heart, who only wanted to be loved and who could overhear everything. Yasu, whom you know as Kanon and Shannon. My son, and with everyone else dead, heir to my fortune.” All the listeners’ eyes went wide, except for Kyrie’s and Kanon’s.

Kinzo began to calmly pace. “With the poison acting on Rudolf, she proceeded on to the dinner. She had promised Eva to help with the charade of the Golden Witch by having a figure placed out on the lawn, which could be destroyed by a remote carried by Kanon. Eva was content with this, and agreed to play the part of the Golden Witch in the sense of dressing up and presenting the letter to Maria. After all, she just thought there would be a scare. Then there was the part with Gohda. It turns out he was quite the connoisseur of poetry, especially those of William Blake. There’s one that he was obsessed with lately, ‘The Sick Rose’. He’d been muttering about it over and over. He’d also told the servants that the name he was giving to the maple angel food cake he would serve was Crimson Joy, but to keep it from the guests. He wouldn’t say why, but it was easy to figure out. He had made a way for a single piece to be poisoned, and by making sure the pieces were arranged properly when being served, he could get the poisoned piece to Rosa. Now, I wasn’t there for the dinner, of course, but how did it go, Kyrie? Did you distract Gohda and the others by making him get lost in explaining his dish? Is that how you made sure that Yasu got you the poisoned piece so that you could switch it with Eva’s? Your silence tells me I was right. Of course, with all these poisonings, especially the long slow one of your husband, you couldn’t have a doctor running around, so you likely manually poisoned his plate as well. He was a bigger man, so maybe the two wouldn’t even be linked to being poisoned at the same time. When everyone was distracted by the figure in the garden, you switched the plates back in case anyone tried to quarantine the scene for the police, later. I’m touched that you put that much faith in my family, but it was pointless.”

He glanced at a wall clock and then continued. “I had just left my room, leaving the note I had found there unopened. I imagine it was left by Yasu at some earlier point in the night. Leaving the key in the prearranged spot for Genji to grab on his way up, I heard all of you pounding your way up the stairs. Everyone, that is, except for Kyrie and Yasu, who had slipped out of the group while it was panicking. Think back. Do any of you remember them with you, hmm? Of course not, because they were in the servants’ room. Nanjo had just succumbed to poison, and Gohda was just opening the door on his way to get everyone. Kyrie stabbed Gohda in the chest and slashed Kumasawa’s stomach. Together they carried Gohda to the window and dumped him out, then Yasu went outside as Kyrie arranged Nanjo’s corpse and locked the door. She then clambered out the window, shut it firmly behind her, and together they transported Gohda’s corpse to the furnace and chucked it in, placing the other key to my study beside the furnace. I had been missing it for some time now, and it seems Yasu stole it. When the smell attracted the others, they slipped back into the ranks, and Gohda was passed off as me.”

“Things went quickly now,” he said, smirking as Kyrie trembled under his gaze. “You had to keep the children safe, and she had to kill them. She had discovered the secret weapon stash a long while before, due to the fact that the space underneath the parlor made the floorboards creak. Or perhaps it was Yasu. It doesn’t really matter, does it? A few months ago Genji told me that a large amount of bleach and ammonia had gone missing from the cleaning supplies, so I imagine she had taken the supplies out of the weapon stash and replaced it with the chemicals, separating them in such a way as they would combine when the lid was opened. Was it her who suggested that the kids barricade themselves in the study? Or did you do it yourself, Krauss? Either way, you’d have a vested interest in not interfering with what you believed was your daughter getting weapons to protect themselves, and she had an easy way to kill them all. Maybe they broke their necks while falling unconscious trying to escape. Maybe they simply asphyxiated. Maybe some unlucky one even drowned in the chemical mixture. Either way, they’d be taken care of.”

All the other remaining adults turned to look at Kyrie. “George…” “Jessica…” “Maria….” they muttered, tensing.

Kyrie stepped back so that she could get all of them in view of her rifle. “Enough! I didn’t do it!” She pointed her rifle threateningly. “Drop your guns! You’re all being taken in by his lies!” The others hadn’t been prepared, and so, reluctantly, they dropped their guns.

Kinzo merely smiled and continued. “With the children out of the way, it would be ideal to get everyone to a smaller place, so that she could keep an eye on them. That meant that the corpses in the servant room had to be discovered. Perhaps with another note, one that she carried in with her and simply dropped by her feet? That would certainly aid the process. Well, with that done, you all came here, and I had enough time to look around the mansion and verify everything I’ve said. I also got to set a few things up that I needed to get done.” Kyrie looked at him quizzically, but he went on without pausing. “While you all were here, she just had to wait for the death of her husband and a chance to pick off anyone else she could as people fell asleep and separated. I surmised that her husband was stabbed because it would cover up the fact that he was poisoned. The stabbing of Rudolf might actually have been perpetrated by Yasu, come to think of it. How about it, boy? Did it feel good to shred the body of the husband of this woman who has duped you into thinking she loved you?” When Kanon didn’t respond, Kinzo smiled at Kyrie. “And now here she is, playing the detective and the enraged widow, ready to have Krauss and Natsuhi shot dead out of fear. Then she would have only had to deal with you two. Rosa. Hideyoshi. Her pawns. Only she didn’t account for me still being alive. I am her fly in the ointment, the real detective in this case. Your plan is exposed, Kyrie. I’ve figured it out. It’s over.”

Kyrie looked at him, stunned. Then she laughed. And laughed. Finally, tears in her eyes, she calmed, and pointed her gun directly at Kinzo. “Alright! I admit it! I admit it all! You’re right, you ghost of the past! I killed them all, with the help of my little Yasu here. Even my husband, worthless dunce that he was. You didn’t stop me soon enough though, old man! I still win! You can’t save your family! Yasu and I will get it all!” Her finger tightened on the trigger.

Kinzo only smiled. “There is a rot in the Ushiromiya family tree, Kyrie. When a tree is rotten, it must be allowed to die. This is not a family worth saving. Let it fall. But when this tree falls, I can make sure that the whole world hears a sound.” The clock began to chime midnight.

Something that he said earlier clicked in Kyrie’s head. “You…”

Kinzo laughed once more. “That’s right, Kyrie! If you know Yasu, you know the gold, and if you know the gold, you know the clock that I had to set before I came here! This game ends the same way the game always ends! Stalemate, Beatrice! STALEMATE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-“

The police boats only found a smoldering crater on the island when they came to Rokkenjima. The storm had passed.


That is the solution. Congrats, you got the whodunit. This was a bit of a weird game, but thanks for playing.
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