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19297 No. 19297 edit
A rather easy little classic gameboard. Red and blue are to be used. Follows Knox's Decalogue except for #3, but the Kuwadorian passage is the only one used in this mystery. Anyone can put their theory in.
Heres a little text wall about the mystery because I don't want to create some really long purple prose about this.

Genji wakes up Natsuhi at 10am, saying that Kinzo has not yet awoken at his usual time of 5 a.m. Natsuhi goes up to the room and unlocks the door with Genji's master key after no response to their inquiry. Within, they find Kinzo gone, his bed not made. Natsuhi goes to tell Krauss, who is still sleeping, about Kinzo's disappearance. Genji, meanwhile, investigates.
After a while, Genji goes to tell Natsuhi and Krauss that he hasn't found Kinzo. They leave and, while searching the gardens, Natsuhi find Kinzo's body below the rose beds. A rope is bound tightly around his neck, with a strand trailing behind, deeper into the thorny bushes. His ring is gone, and his cloak is heavily torn, as if dragged across the ground. Natsuhi rushes off to call the police while Krauss and Genji wake up Lion to bring them to Kuwadorian. Krauss tells Genji to assist Lion to Kuwadorian and not to stop at any costs.
After Natsuhi finishes phoning the police, her and Krauss go to the passageway into Kuwadorian (the one seen in episode 4). There, they find Lion, sprawled on the ground, dead. His forehead is covered with blood. Amidst the various rocks and pebbles that dot the ground, they find a particular one, covered with blood. Krauss goes flying down into the passageway and, a few minutes later, calls Natsuhi, who was waiting at the top. At the bottom, they find Genji, a deep, bloody dent in his crimson head, in heavy contrast to the soft moss and dirt that covers the dilapidated passage. They wait there until the police arrive.
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>> No. 19298 edit
Forgot to add; but of the two keys to the study, one was on Kinzo and the other on Genji.
>> No. 19303 edit
File 135069939351.png - (23.68KB , 320x468 , you_don't_see_me.png )
The culprit attached a kite to Kinzo's neck and then threw it out in the typhoon. The strength of the wind dragged Kinzo out of bed, where we got dragged on the ground and through the rose garden after going splat because he is too big, fat, and heavy to get carried by a kite.

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>> No. 19305 edit
File 14578115382.png - (84.68KB , 250x300 , profile_picture_by_amaiawa-d4kxubj.png )
No kite was at the crime scene, nor was one used.
>> No. 19306 edit
File 144288086640.jpg - (14.95KB , 299x251 , conan2.jpg )

In the early morning Genji entered the study with his key, wrapped a rope around Kinjo's neck, and tossed him out the study window, hanging him. Then he loosened the rope, letting him fall, before shutting the window and locking the study. Then he dragged Kinzo's body to the rose bushes, causing the cloak to be torn. At some point during this, the ring was removed.

After Genji and Lion enter the passage, Genji killed Lion. Perhaps this was done with a sling or similar weapon, as it would allow the bloody rock to strike with enough force to kill him.

When Genji tried to escape, he lost his footing on the soft moss and dirt, falling back into the passage and dying from concussion.

>> No. 19307 edit
File 145781667796.jpg - (284.63KB , 1440x1080 , [Sephirotic]Evangelion - 10 [1080p 8bit AAC] [ENG .jpg )
Kinzo's body did not leave his study through any of the windows.
Lion was not killed with any instrument to manipulate the rock shards.
The bottom of the passage was moss and dirt, and it was not hard enough to kill Genji if he fell.
>> No. 19327 edit
File 143935906961.png - (1.30MB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mh5s65EHXt1s373sfo1_1280.png )

Lion was invited to speak with Kinzo late the previous night. Kinzo revealed the truth to Lion, which made him fly into a rage. At that time, Lion killed Kinzo. He took the ring, as he felt he was the family head now. Due to his weak body, he had to tie a rope around Kinzo's neck and drag him out of the study, at which time he used Kinzo's key to lock it. He continued to drag Kinzo out to the roses and left him there.

When Genji took him into the passage, Lion grabbed a rock and bashed his head in. This was in revenge for keeping the secret.

Lion killed himself with poison.

>> No. 19338 edit
File 145790822072.jpg - (106.85KB , 442x356 , mind_the_gaap_by_genex_by_umineko_club.jpg )
Kinzo's key was not used during the murder. Lion did not kill Kinzo.
Lion did not kill Genji. Furthermore, Lion died before Genji did.
Lion did not commit suicide.
>> No. 19358 edit
File 143831104043.jpg - (12.80KB , 400x300 , 764278_1309696860632_full.jpg )

Very well, how about this?

Genji killed Kinzo in the early morning, taking him out through the door of the study, locking it behind them. He drags Kinzo with the rope to the roses.

Genji tries to kill Lion, and gets into a struggle. He succeeds in killing Lion, but not before Lion gave him a concussion with the rock that fell beside him.

Genji tried to flee, but eventually collapsed and died from the wound that Lion gave him.

>> No. 19367 edit
File 14581643217.png - (79.47KB , 646x616 , 1457902528164.png )
Genji's key was not used during the murder of Kinzo.

Lion was not murdered.

Genji was murdered, and, furthermore, he died instantly.
>> No. 19443 edit
File 145842308193.jpg - (83.78KB , 800x592 , conan___wave_by_kyuubi_demonfox-d3avq0d.jpg )

Krauss is the culprit.

He was invited in to the study that night, killed Kinzo, and dragged his body to the rose bushes, allowing the auto-lock to lock the door behind him.

Lion died from an illness, while Genji was assisting him, in his weakened state, to get to Kuwadorian. Genji dropped Lion, getting the blood on the forehead and the rocks.

Krauss chased after and killed Genji with the bloody rock before calling Natsuhi down to meet him.

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