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File 14355096903.jpg - (86.54KB , 1200x800 , 76-2.jpg )
19543 No. 19543 edit
Lightning flashed across the sky, splitting and fragmenting the dark grey ceiling of clouds like cracks spider-webbing across a broken window. A particularly loud boom of thunder arrived a couple moments later, further enhancing the idea that the stormy barrier had been broken through by some great force.

It was around four in the afternoon, though there was no way to tell that from the color of the sky. On the beach of Rokkenjima, a solitary human figure had just washed up like so much flotsam. None could guess where he had come from originally, looking out at the sea. The clouds and the waves seemed to meet at the horizon, brought together by a wall of rain, sealing them on this lonely cursed island until the storm passed.

Meanwhile, in the guesthouse, Battler Ushiromiya was putting away the luggage he had brought with him, laughing and joking with his cousins whom he hadn't seen for years. As the thunder struck the guesthouse strongly enough for all to feel it in their bones, Battler fell silent for just an instant. In that moment, the Battler that could have existed in this iteration of the catbox vanished, and a different one appeared. This one was both a vessel and a piece for a soul that existed outside this world, and yet would endeavor to bring justice to those who were about to suffer their eternal tragic fate.

These two brave souls had broken through the walls of the catbox in order to challenge the mystery of Rokkenjima, and maybe even find the Cage of the Golden Witch.

Would these people be saviors, or heralds of doom?

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>> No. 19544 edit
File 146444317262.png - (3.97MB , 2429x1366 , note2.png )

I have created this game as a continuation of Capture of the Golden Witch, and a couple new detectives have taken up my challenge.

One will be playing an outsider to Rokkenjima, and the other will be controlling Battler.

This gameboard is essentially the same as the one used in "Capture of the Golden Witch," with a few facts changed so that anyone can be the culprit. No knowledge of that game should be necessary to follow along with this one. Just know that this is not an exact copy of the Rokkenjima that people know well.

Special Rules:
-People will be much more accommodating than they should probably be, but that is the limit of any special detective privileges. It is possible for the pieces to lie, harm, or refuse to help the detectives if it is in their best interests.
- If a detective comes across the murderer unprepared, it is completely possible for the detective to get murdered.
-The detectives have a reliable perspective while on Rokkenjima. Therefore anything they see, hear, or do actually happened as described. Anything not seen, heard, or done directly can be considered open to interpretation.
-The detectives cannot be be more certain of a corpse's identity or certainty of death than anyone else, but on the flip side any damage that could reasonably be assumed to be deadly (shot through heart, disemboweled, missing half of head, etc.) will be enough to assure death. If there's any doubt, ask the game master.
-The detectives can pause time and step into meta-time to discuss things with the game master.
-The detectives can only use the blue truth in the meta-world, and only if it is a complete theory describing who and how. Bonus points for why, as depending on what is investigated it might become apparent. After the blue truth is responded to, the detectives cannot use another one for at least an in-game hour.
-The new epitaph is solvable, but I cannot confirm nor deny that solving it is useful.
-Do not taunt Happy Fun Sisters of Purgatory

I reserve the right to edit these, as there may be some I forgot, but they'll be discussed with the detectives before adding.

It begins.
>> No. 19547 edit
His feet stumbled as his mind temporarily went blank. Clutching his head Battler reached for the nearest object to support himself on, which just so happened to be the frame of one of the two beds. A wave of sudden exhaustion came over him. However, it left almost as soon as it had passed. Still hanging onto the bed frame, a chuckle escaped Battler's lips. "Wow I'm still not really used to a big, fancy place like this huh? I already feel pretty worn out and I just got here. They say things get smaller when you grow up, but all this place did was get bigger."

He pushed himself away from the bed frame and rubbed the back of his neck, whistling to himself. "We've only been hanging out in the guest house and I'm still wiped. I'm impressed on how manage to walk around this big ass mansion every day, Jessica. You could fit my whole school campus in here!"
>> No. 19549 edit
File 144471855438.png - (3.83MB , 2429x1366 , g2f_r1bf.png )

Guesthouse, approx. 4 P.M.

"Oh it's not that rough, really," Jessica replied. "Maybe you're just still a little shaky after your trip over here. Right, Maria?" she asked with a chuckle.

"Uuu! Going to fall, going to fall! Uuu!" laughed Maria, right on cue.

At that point Shannon turned the corner and bowed at the entrance of the room. Apparently she'd heard the conversation, as she said, "Dinner will be ready in about an hour, so I am not sure if there is time for a nap, b-but if you would like to have one you are more than welcome to. Either myself or Kanon could wake you when it is time."

George laughed and walked over to her. "Thank you, Shannon, but I don't think Battler's an old man just yet. Though perhaps he could use some tea. I could, on a day like today at least..." he said, looking out at the raindrops that had started hitting the window. Then he smiled back down at Shannon. "How about we make some for all of us? I can help you carry it up."

She blushed and Jessica smirked.
>> No. 19552 edit
File 146447018421.jpg - (24.62KB , 174x392 , a legend.jpg )

The guttural groan of a gruff, bearded man. Surely looks older and more rugged than he truly is, but that's part of the packaged deal in his side of the big blue Earth. That's speaking of the planet assuming the wild Western had any more of a propinquity with his current setting than an ant has with the tundra. This is mighty unfamiliar territory, that's for sure. The nature of how he ended up in the Pacific Ocean so far from the American Southwest was lost in his memory; now he's here on this Japanese island, and it's time he figured out how to get himself home. And, as with his current trade, dispense justice. It ain't gonna dispense itself after all.

Thankfully for a cowboy, their cigarettes never got ruined. Whipping the red poncho up, he pulled out a nice fat Latin out from his pocket and a match. With that all said and done, he drags his feet across the familiar sand under his feet towards the surprisingly close establishment.

"Welp.. It's high noon somewhere in the world."

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>> No. 19553 edit
File 146447156465.png - (3.18MB , 2429x1366 , o_beach_1ac.png )

Beach, approx 4:15 P.M.

The mansion stands out in the distance up a winding set of steps and across a large and opulent rose garden. To the left of the garden, partially blocked by a few trees, seems to be a smaller house, possibly for housing guests and the like. As the cowboy was looking, there were lights in both places. Both floors of the guesthouse seemed to have lit rooms, while the larger mansion only has lit rooms showing on the first floor, at least as can be seen from this angle and distance.

Luckily the rain from the storm has only begun to hit the island, so going up the steps from the beach isn't terribly treacherous, and soon the cowboy found himself in the large rose garden, with a mansion in front and a smaller house to the left. There was also a thin dirt path winding its way off into the woods that surrounded both buildings.
>> No. 19561 edit
File 133945145232.png - (118.95KB , 352x480 , but_defa1.png )
"H-hey let's not talk about what happened on that boat, ever again, alright?" Oh god if even Jessica and Maria were chucking it up about it still, he could only imagine what god awful exaggerations his father and his aunt Eva were telling the servants and everybody else.

An easy smile came to his face as soon as Shannon entered the room. "Yeah Aniki's right, I'm just a little dizzy, not like I'm gonna drop over and die just yet. A little tea should wake me up!"

He stretched his arms out a bit, cracking his fingers, before winking at the group. "Hey if Aniki's gonna help out with the tea I might tag along, show you that I have SOME redeeming qualitites."
>> No. 19564 edit
File 144509590737.png - (424.17KB , 607x1118 , Jes_a11_evil_laugh_1.png )

Guesthouse, approx. 4:15 P.M.

"Ah! Ahahaha, well, Battler, thank you for the offer, but I think two people would be plenty to make tea for all of us. You can stay here and chat with the others," replied George, clearly surprised by your offer to help. Shannon, for her part, just blushed and smiled slightly at George's response.

"Yeah, Battler! While George is gone we can all strategize about how to beat him tonight! Right now he's got a 5 year winning streak. It's high time we broke it! Right, Maria?" asked Jessica.

"Uuu!" replied Maria, happily.

Jessica smirked at George. "Hear that? Take plenty of time with that tea, you two. Enjoy it George, because we're going to take you down tonight!" She laughed in a confident manner.

George chuckled. "It seems that I am going to be outnumbered and the underdog. I'll enjoy the challenge. If you'll excuse us." With that, George and Shannon exited the room, shutting the door behind them.

Jessica looked to Battler and smirked while rolling her eyes. "Geez, Battler, way to read the room. I know you didn't know this yet, but couldn't you see they wanted some time alone? They're a couple!"
>> No. 19852 edit
The cowboy found himself in a lively, colorful garden amidst the unpleasant air mucked with rainy weather. Thankfully the ole western hat had kept his cigarette still lit. Finishing it, he flicked it to the ground and ground it with his heel. Walking up to the porch, he politely knocked on what he assumed to be the mansion's entrance. Hopefully someone could be here to explain to him where he might be.

"S'cuse me, anybody home?"
>> No. 19853 edit
File 143552314757.png - (74.87KB , 302x479 , Gen_a11_def11.png )

Mansion, approx. 4:30 P.M.

After about half a minute, an elderly gentleman in butler attire answered the cowboy's knock. His brow furrowed slightly and the corners of his mouth turned down for just a moment, but otherwise he showed no indication of confusion or concern at this stranger's arrival.

"Welcome to the home of my master, Kinzo Ushiromiya. I am Genji Ronoue, his servant. May I ask your name and why you are calling upon us?"

Despite the wind and rain outside, Genji does not step aside to allow the stranger in.
>> No. 20162 edit
>> No. 20167 edit
File 147872547421.png - (43.90KB , 245x247 , But_a11_aseru1.png )
Battler's expression contorted into one of surprise at Jessica's reveal. "W-wait seriously!?"

He could hardly believe it. That young girl that he grew up with was really dating George? It was only now that the red headed young man realized how long it had been since he'd stepped foot on Rokkenjima. The Rokkenjima now and the Rokkenjima back then couldn't be any more different.

"W-when did this happen? Come on you have to give me all of the juicy details Jessica. Does Aunt Eva know about this?"
>> No. 20201 edit
File 14440134048.png - (34.07KB , 92x238 , Jes_b21_tohoho--_1.png )


Jessica laughed heartily at Battler's shock. "It's been building for a couple years now. Aunt Eva keeps trying to set George up with socially-acceptable pairings, but I guess George is dead-set on Shannon. I think they'll turn out well, though, based on what Shannon's told me. She's head over heels for him. Though...no, Aunt Eva doesn't know about it, and knowing her and her hard temper there might be one heck of a storm coming their way unless they elope. Even then..." She sighed and looked out the window at the storm outside.

"Uuu! George and Shannon will be ok! They have magic, uuu! Beatrice likes them!" said Maria, happily rummaging around for the cards.
>> No. 20280 edit
File 148887539055.png - (180.71KB , 594x600 , But_a11_oya2.png )
He whistled as he listened to Jessica's story, keeping a firm hand in his pocket. His cousin was really taking his next step towards becoming a real adult wasn't he? He was happy for George, but somewhere deep in his heart he couldn't shake off the vague feeling of loneliness at seeing them both about to step into adulthood. George-Aniki sure is a lucky guy, being able to live his dreams like that.

His thoughts were disturbed, however, when Maria brought up a certain name. He stared down at the small girl curiously, his smile fading. "Beatrice...? You mean that witch of the forest? People are still spreading stories about her?"

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>> No. 20287 edit
File 148894837364.png - (406.05KB , 617x1018 , Ushiromiya_Maria3.png )

"Uuu! They're not just stories, silly Battler! If Beatrice was here, she'd be able to make everybody happy, especially George and Shannon! That's why this year Maria's going to cast the spell to set her free! It'll work this time! Uuu!" said Maria, happily, as she located the cards and put them on the table.

"After we beat George, though, right Maria?" asked Jessica, in the tone used when an adult is just trying to gently keep a little kid on track.

"Yes! It's needed for the spell, uuu!"

Jessica looked at Battler and rolled her eyes so that only he could see.
>> No. 20332 edit
File 149009299692.png - (168.82KB , 464x600 , but_b11_hohoemi1.png )
He gave Jessica a grin before walking over to Maria and sitting down next to her. Now he got it, this was some kind of play Maria was partaking in. He wondered if Beatrice was a popular subject with the girl. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination, as Maria seemed to be in love with witches. He decided it was probably best to play along for now, indulge in the girl's fantasy.

"Ohhh, a spell huh Maria? Why do we need to beat Aniki? Is beating his six year long winning streak important for breaking some curse?" He grinned over at Maria, before reaching over to pat her on the head.

"Well, you're lucky I decided to come this year. The past six years you didn't have me, now that I'm here his winning streak's gonna be smashed for good!"
>> No. 20499 edit
File 149135447976.png - (129.97KB , 294x478 , Mar_a23_gloating_1.png )

"Uuu! Gonna win the crown, gonna win the crown!" said Maria, happily.

Jessica smirked. "You know that would be easier if we didn't constantly try to shoot the moon, right Maria? There are other ways to win in a game of Hearts."

"But we have to get to the moon, remember?" replied Maria in the tone that all children use when explaining things to clueless adults. Then she began to recite something:

"Behold the Golden Witch, savior of the One-Winged Eagle, trapped now in the world of spirits.
Those who seek to free her from her Golden Cage must open the Seven Portals which block the path.
Seek the Crown’s Pedestal, for from there one who is wise can sense all Portals.
To begin the journey to the Golden Cage you must stand on the Moon, and to reach the Golden Cage you must reach the Moon.
Disembowel the six who hold the keys, to clear the way to the Portals.

As the path to freedom is walked, sacrifice from what remains to open the Portals to the Golden Cage.
To open the Storm Portal of Air, feed it the invisible sacrifice.
To open the Clay Portal of Earth, feed it the crushed sacrifice.
To open the Frozen Portal of Water, feed it the drowned sacrifice.
To open the Smoke Portal of Fire, feed it the burned sacrifice.
To open the Steel Portal of Hell, feed it the bloody sacrifice.
To open the Cloud Portal of Heaven, the two shall be brought together and made whole, raised high for all to see.
Only truest power can open the Portal of Gold.
Once the Portal of Gold is open, the witch shall be revealed.
Once the path is walked to completion, all doors shall open, and there shall be no secrets.
The wise shall be praised, and shall have bestowed upon them four treasures.
One shall be, the Ushiromiya name shall have great respect.
One shall be, the land shall be restored.
One shall be, those who walked the path shall be given immortality.
One shall be, to end all struggles forevermore.

I await your return, cursed and beloved witch Beatrice.

It's the spell to free Beatrice! If we win and get to the moon, then we'll be able to save Beatrice!" she finished, happily.

Jessica sighed and smiled. "Alright, Maria, we'll try to shoot the moon. Again." She looked at Battler and shrugged in a what-can-you-do gesture.
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