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Gameboard Guidelines


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>Rosa where is that hard gameboard you said you were working on.

>Rosa how goes that gameboard.

>Rosa is that gameboard almost done yet?

The black witch slumped in her chair trying to ignore the voices all around her. The voices of those calling forth a gameboard, a place to play and the pieces themselves.

She rested her head on her hand as she stared at the gameboard that had just manifested itself in front of her. It had come out of the blackness at the call of the voices around her.

"Well, this is interesting." She said out loud in the dark lounge, to no one in particular.

"I always did enjoy playing these games, those fools, Ryusei and Soul-chan. They were such boring pieces in the end. Filled in a boring world. It really is the same old same old all the time."

The witch let out a sigh as she gazed across multiple gameboards, they were all fantastic boards and had brought a lot of fun to the players. "But, they are all the same."

She let out another sigh. "Still, this one has come forth from the depths of the sea of kakera, beckoned by the voices. It would be rude to ignore my guests would it not?"

The black witch smirked as she began to arrange the pieces multiple times over until she understand just what made them move. She kept fooling around until she understood everything, the very nature of this universe that had appeared before her. And then right before her eyes one of the pieces changed color, it was neither black nor white, instead it was gray. What did this mean, she wasn't quite sure. This piece, there was something special about it, something even the witch herself couldn't see after moving the pieces multiple times.

"Well, that is enough fooling around." The witch got up from her chair and looked around the room. "I have to prepare for all my guests, I wonder how many I'll have this time." She laughed as she vanished from the room. Leaving only shadows behind.

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File 147406265014.png - (123.19KB , 314x436 , dla_defa1.png )
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File 147418178721.jpg - (158.49KB , 1920x1080 , 2011-03-16_00012.jpg )
The witch smiled as she looked at the room she had prepared. Across from her was a chessboard and across from that chessboard was a large number of empty seats. How many of those chairs would be filled at points during the game she wondered.

And then she noticed a few people standing in the room interesting in her invitation she had extended.

"I suppose I should explain how I've decided to have this game work." She pointed out to the chairs in front of her. "I will not have just 1 opponent ideally. You all will work as a team to best this world. At the end of a segment, you can conduct 1 action. It is recommended you all talk among yourselves in this tea-party of those not on the board to decide the best course of action. Once the action as been decided the 'representative' should conduct a roll to determine the 'will' of action chosen. The higher the roll the more likely the action will be completed as chosen, the lower the less likely. Let's test your will and see if you can change fate itself. Heh~"

The witch picked up one of the pieces and set in front of the side across from her. "However I believe it is only fair to give slight background to the pieces of this universe before we begin. Consider these little bonus hints so you have a fighting chance."

"Let's get you familiar with your piece you'll be manipulating like a puppet."
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File 147418252383.png - (64.00KB , 255x600 , Kiyoshi.png )
Kiyoshi Hashimoto

Age 17

After his parents divorce he moved in with his mother and didn't see much of his older brother or father, until recently. His mother died in a car accident and has since moved back in with his dad and older brother. Despite his efforts to fit in at his new school one girl has decided to target him for no reason other than spite and is making his life hell for him.
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File 147491392279.png - (128.68KB , 314x435 , dla_komarua1a.png )
No one else taking a seat for now?

Transfer student, yay~
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File 147586688431.png - (91.59KB , 248x186 , conan scary.png )

I am here, of course. Just waiting. Quietly. Like a creepy stalker man.
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Oh we were supposed to post?
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