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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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20299 No. 20299 edit

"...Hm? Who goes there?" A voice speaks to you from the other side of the room. Where exactly 'the room' you're in is, you have no idea. Your memory is a blur. For thepast few minutes, you've been trying to get your bearings. Recall how you'd gotten to this strange place. But it just wasn't coming to you. And worse yet -- the more you thought about it -- you realized that you couldn't remember what day it was. Or the days leading up to your current predicament. Or your childhood. Or your name.

Somehow, it appears, you've lost your memory.

"Aah. I see." The voice speaks once more. As you finally muster the strength to lift your head, you see that the source is that of a beautiful blonde woman. One you don't recognize. Well, no surprise there, right? "Another guest, it seems. And one with no memory. What shame! ...Or should I consider this a blessing?" She lets out a quiet laugh. Followed by an elongated sigh. "...No. People like you can never truly be considered a blessing, can they...?" She wasn't making any sense.

You try to speak, but words simply refuse to come out. "Don't bother talking." She says simply. "You lack the proper form for such privilege." Another laugh. "...Oh, come now. Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one who put you in this position."

Who has, though?

"No clue." It's as if she's reading your mind. "What I do know, however, is that by some fate, you've wound up on my door. What a curse upon your soul must lie!" A giggle. "...Well then. Shall we begin? Surely, you don't want to drag this out?"

Begin what? Drag what out?

"You cannot leave this room. That's an undeniable fact. I can't either, as it turns out. So why don't we pass the time with a game? It's quite a simple one, really. All you need to do...

...Is prove that I don't exist."

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File 148985108857.png - (356.81KB , 640x480 , title.png )
Rules and Elaborations

Welcome to this new game! (Yes, another one in a relative short amount of time, because why not, I'm bored.)

The game will be told through the eyes of Ushiromiya Battler. Ushiromiya Battler is the detective - that is, his narration and point of view are completely reliable.

Unlike my previous games, this will be a traditional gameboard. In other words, red truths and blue truths will be handled in a traditional way. With one exception -- no shotgunning. Also, you are perfectly within your right to submit whatever blue your wish, but be aware that I can simply choose to not respond to it if I see another issue with your theory that needs to be explained. (Then again, is that not how it's always worked?) Still - this game will give quite a bit more leeway in terms of theorizing (an intentional choice, given that I've realized that my previous games often led to people running out of ideas fairly soon, so I've decided to try and go for something else this time). Still -- that doesn't mean you should necessarily expect wordplay here. I will do my best to still be as fair as I possibly can.

So, to start off with, a few guarantees:

There is only one culprit.
The culprit is the one who kills.
Suicide and/or accidental deaths are out of the question.
There are no accomplices allowed.
An accomplice is someone willingly assisting the culprit in the execution of the murders. (This would include lying on the culprit's behalf, whatever their reasons might be.)

The story will have meta-breaks, but those will be clearly marked and only used for the sake of giving more details about the situation to the player.

Also -- the win condition this time around is just the howdunnit. The other two are reachable in my mind but only reaching the howdunnit will be sufficient.
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File 148985113394.png - (454.39KB , 640x480 , 2.png )


...It was strange. To be back after all those years. Not in an awkward way, though. No, actually - it was the exact opposite. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms. People I hadn't spoken to in a long, long time. People I barely even remembered.

But they were my family. And after all that time, the fact that I could still say that without a tinge of nervousness or embarrassment or even shame in my chest... it felt good.

I took a deep breath. The smell of the ocean filled my nostrils.

"...See, I knew this would happen. Even as you're just lying on the beach, you're trying to show off." A hand playfully hit my shoulder.

"Showing off? Sorry to disappoint you, dear sister," I said, turning to look at the woman sitting at my side, "but I just look that good in a suit, y'know?"

"I know that that's not true." She chuckled. My sister Ange did always enjoy teasing me. She was two years older than me and what you'd call a class-act. A generally quiet and seemingly serious exterior hid a childish soul. A true Hollywood princess, I guess. And yeah. That included the part about her secretly knowing martial arts and being better than you in literally everything.

"Jessica, back me up here!" I said to the girl that was with us, looking over the sea's gentle waves.

"Back, up? Sure, I can do that." She responded nonchalantly, before getting up and quickly moving closer to where I was lying.

"W-Wait, what are you-- No, st--!" Before I could do anything, it was too late. In an instant, she'd picked up my entire body, and I found myself over her head, being supported only by her two strong hands. "J-Jessica! W-Wait! Let's negotiate! Is this about your massive tits?! I didn't mean it, okay?! Your tits are tiny! The tiniest I've ever se--!"

Insert sound effect worthy of getting dropped head-first in a heap of sand here.

"Just as you requested, master. Your back is now facing the sun." I couldn't see her, but Jessica always had this way of being absolutely smug about things if she absolutely had to be. And in her eyes, smugness was an absolute must whenever dealing with me. "Shall I prop thy buttocks up as well, oh great overlord?"

"No, I'm good..." I said meekly.

"Oh, dear, master. You seem to be having some trouble communicating. Is it the sand? Could you repeat that?" Jessica said.

"I heard him." Ange now spoke. "I believe he said -- 'prop it up and kick it'!"

I rolled over, very arguably defeated. "I concede defeat, ladies." I then proceeded to spit out the sand in my mouth, as the dignified gentleman I was.

"It's really sometimes easy to forget we're related, Battler." Jessica, seemingly reminded that she was, in fact, my cousin, sighed.

"...Bit of a shame that Aunt Eva and her branch couldn't have made it. I was looking forward to hearing more about George's college work." Ange mused.

"Aw, c'mon, Ange. No need to act like a complete adult around us. I mean, sure, we are all individuals of the highest prestige--"

"Hah!" Jessica laughed.

"--and you might be the oldest one here, but remember. You're 21."

"...Taking an interest in someone's studies in heresy now?" Ange raised her eyebrow.

"It's adult stuff, is what it is!" I said. And I said it more for my sake than anything, given that Ange and Jessica were the only ones I'd get to hang out. After all, we all had one thing in common -- we weren't terribly interested in the adults' discussion.

"The boy who could never grow up..." Jessica sighed. "Well, in any case. I guess it IS good to see you again. These annual conferences are the only chance I get to see you guys."

Ange smiled. "It's good to see you all as well. Family is important, after all." Then, as if she remembered something, she added: "By the way, how is your dad? I mean, being suddenly declared the family Head couldn't have been easy for him."

Jessica nodded. "Well, nobody could've really predicted Grandpa would just give his position up. Dad's been taking the job really seriously. Seems a bit more stressed than usual, but that's no surprise. Holing himself up on this island all day..." she sighed. "...Well. Still. He's happy, I think. And, y'know, if he's happy, mom's happy. And that's all I can really ask for, isn't it...?" She coughed nervously. "...Anyways. What about your parents?"

Ange's smile did not fade at the topic change. "Quite well. They've successfully paid off the last of their debts. The company's seeing an overall good turnover for this year. Before we know it, we'll be back in full swing."

I put my hand on my chin. "Overall, from what I've heard, all of the Ushiromiya family is starting to come back to the top. The business uncle Krauss took over has been kicking as over the past few months. They're calling him the new gamps, aren't they? Aunt Eva and Rosa have both been pretty successful as well."

"Aunt Rosa's firm has managed to score a pretty big fashion show. Or so she's told me, at least." Ange said.

"Good for her. Well, all of us, hihi." I noted, lying back down to my original position, having finally freed my suit off of all the sand. I knew that, despite the success, the family conference will ultimately devolve into bickering, but I rationalized it in my head by saying it was something all reach siblings had to deal with. I closed my eyes, shielding them from the sun above. "...Oh, right. I've been meaning to ask -- who's that Furudo girl?"

"Furudo Erika, you mean...? I have no idea." Jessica shrugged. "Grandpa let her come over for some reason. Who she is and why she's here, she wouldn't say."

"Well, the more the merrier, I guess." I smiled.

"You just say that because you think she's cute." Ange clicked her tongue.

Before I could protest, Jessica added: "Not even the new maids could quench your thirst, could they, Battler? Dear God..."

"What were their names again? Asune and... Sanon. They're new here, aren't they? What happened to the previous help?"

"They left shortly after dad became the head. The only one that stayed behind was Genji." Jessica said.

"So, that's how it is, huh...?" I yawned.

"Uh-oh. He's about to fall asleep." Ange pointed out.

"Battler really is like a burger." Jessica pointed out. "You gotta make sure he keeps being turned on both sides so he doesn't go bad under a sun like this."

"That's r-- Wait, no. No, no, no, no--!"

Insert sound effect worthy of getting dropped head-first in a heap of sand yet again here.
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File 148985118559.png - (508.86KB , 640x480 , 3.png )
"...What's that?" The blonde woman's deep blue eyes look at you with strange interest. "You're thinking that this isn't how you remember things being? Hoooh. How interesting. It seems you're someone from another fragment. Or perhaps you're the one remembering things wrong...?"

The woman grins.

"Either way -- whether you like it or not -- this IS how things are.

The people on the island are:

Kinzo [The former family head]
Kruss & Natsuhi [Kinzo's eldest son and his wife]
Jessica [Their daughter]
Rudolf & Kyrie [Kinzo's younger son and his wife]
Battler, Ange [Rudolf and Kyrie's children]
Rosa [Kinzo's youngest child]
Erika [Mysterious visitor]
Asune, Sanon, Genji [Servants]

Naturally, one of these 13 people is the culprit. Well. Sort of. After all, Battler is not the culprit."

The woman looks at you, as if hoping you could add something to the conversation. "Well? What do you think? I hope I didn't bore you too much. You know how it is. A game needs set-up before the killings start."


"Oh, come now, don't play dumb with me. You mean to tell me of all this culprit talk you still don't get it?" She leans in, just inches away from your face. "People are gonna die reeeeeeaaaal soon. But not that soon.

First -- more set-up. Again, my apologies.

But I'll make it worth the wait."

She grins from ear to ear.

"Oh, I'm gonna make it worth the wait..."

The woman begins to cackle, as in caught in some strange delirium.

>> No. 20303 edit
File 148985121983.png - (377.47KB , 640x480 , 4.png )
We made our way from the beach to the family mansion. I looked up. Despite it being a relatively nice day, the wind was a bit strong. "Hopefully it won't rain..." I said quietly as we stepped into the main hall.

"...Can't believe that painting's still there." I said, eyeing the large portrait hung up in the middle of the hall. It depicted a woman confidently sitting in a chair. Her knowing gaze and mysterious smile would've given the chills to anyone that dared to gaze upon it for too long.

In front of the portrait was a strange engraving of sorts:


Beware, Child of Man -- for this is my land.

You wish to walk in my footsteps, you say?
Foolish human. Only misery awaits the likes of you here.
My magic? It is out of your reach!

Buried in the deep core of this island,
I bathe in the lake of knowledge.
I am free -- and the grand power of 'magic'
Is bestowed upon me.

You wish to be me?
You wish to be powerful?

Then take my golden pistol and pull its trigger.
Etch its bullet deep into another mortal's heart.
Let their blood seep onto the weak ground you stand on,
And let the sin seep into yours.

Kill the Fake King, next. No less will do.
After all, how could you expect to face me,
The witch of these woods,
The ruler of Rokkenjima,
If you are not used to killing masters?

You will then catch my interest.
I will send my best.
Will they catch you? Or one of the ones you care for?
It matters not. Another shall perish. No exceptions.
You've made your choice, have you not?!

...Ah. But fear not. I am a merciful witch, after all.
One last chance, you shall be given.
Accept? The road will be untraveled.
Refuse? The path will be stained with the blood of the innocent.

You will remain.

And you will be



"...What a weird fuckin' epitapth." I said, shuddering. "Did gramps really put this here?"

"He put this up years and years ago." Ange said simply. "...I think it happened shortly before you left?"

"Gross." I crossed my arms. "...Who is that woman, anyway?"

"Beatrice." Jessica explained. "...Or, if you want it put differently -- grandmother. In her more youthful days, of course."

My eyes widened. "...I didn't even recognize her."

"After her death, grandpa kinda... lost his marbles and put all of... this up. He eventually managed to pull himself together, but he still refused to remove either the painting of the epitapth."

"...I actually seem to remember your parents being mad at him for not removing them. Kinda happened out of nowhere, now that I think about it. Both'd been up for well over a few months by that point..."

Jessica shrugged. "Ask them, I guess."

"It's just... really creepy. I mean... witches? Seriously?"

"Just as skeptical as you are, I assure you." Jessica smiled. "But grandpa is grandpa, y'know?"
>> No. 20304 edit
File 148985125150.png - (514.35KB , 640x480 , 5.png )
"...Oh? I look similar to her? Why, thank you for the complement! To be ascended to the title of witch so soon -- I wouldn't have dreamed of it! Hahaha!

...Why had Kinzo chosen to put his deceased lover up like this and given her such an engraving?

Well, I have guesses of my own. But that's not really relevant to the matter, I'd say.


My, my, you're persistent.

Well. If you ask me, the matter's quite simple.

It's because, in his own little way, Kinzo knew. Knew that his family was cursed. And in a way, perhaps, he realized that only a blood of a witch coursing through his line could justify it all. Naturally, he was the type of man to never consider for a second that his own blood was that of a demon.

But, oh well.

What do I know, really?

That woman is no me. And she was no witch."

>> No. 20305 edit
File 148985128349.png - (375.27KB , 640x480 , 6.png )

"Setting the Pieces"

"...Dammit. I lost again." I said, burying my head in the palms of my hands. Kyrie was going four for four. I thought I could trick her out with a few gambits in speed chess, but as it turned out -- I was just that predictable.

"Like it or not, you're quite easy to read, Battler." she chuckled. "And here I was, under the impression you knew how to play!"

"Ouch. That one actually stung." I said, smiling. "Rematch?"

"There's only so many times I can play before I lose interest entirely, I'm afraid. You've played a good game, but it's clear you're not going to surpass me anytime soon, I'm afraid." She concluded, leaning back in her chair.

I looked to the other side of the parlor. Dad was on the phone with Aunt Eva, it as far as I could tell. I had been paying attention to the chess games up until that point, so I understood very little of what was actually being said.

"...Yeah. Yeah, that's what she said.


I know. Yeah - yeah, I know. It's weird. Doesn't even make any sense. But it seems like the old geezer might not be as cruel as we thought.


...Heh. Yeah. As if he'd agree to just let it go.


Yeah, you could. But you're not here, so it'll be up to me, Kyrie and Rosa. And Rosa isn't exactly one to twist anyone's arm, is she...?


Right. Yeah, I'll get back to you. Later."

He hung up.

"...Sorry about that." He finally said. "What've you been up to?"

"Winning. Or, in Battler's case, losing." Kyrie yawned. "...In any case, by the look in your eyes, Rudolf, there's something you want to talk to me about?"

"Well - yeah, actually. It's about--"

"Please. Not in front of Battler." Kyrie said simply before looking over to me, the person casually interrupting their chance to do some planning on some probably devious shit (TM).

So, I shrugged. "Sure, no problem." Slid my hands in my pockets and quietly left the room.
>> No. 20306 edit
File 148985132096.png - (438.66KB , 640x480 , 7.png )
Once again, I'd found myself in the main hall, staring at the bizarre portrait. I was no art expert, but there was something in it that made even me admit that there was some value to it. You'd have never seen me actually hang something like that in my living room, though.

"...Battler." A deep voice spoke up behind it. Its source unmistakable. I turned and faced the tall figure of the former Ushiromiya family head. One would've trembled at the sight of the man after hearing all the rumors. But instead of the renown stern face that could see through you in a manner of moments-- a far more relaxed mood radiated off of the old man's eyes.

"Oh. Gramps. Hi." I said to him.

He smiled. "...Quite beautiful, isn't she?" He moved next to me, and we both found ourselves staring at the little exhibit. "I commissioned it from a Spanish artist. The eyes and the face have the element that reminds one of Japanese art, but the brushstrokes and the overall technique behind it give it all away."

"...What kind of woman was she? Grandmother, I mean. She died before I was born, didn't she...?" I knew it was a bit of a touchy issue, but I asked anyway.

Kinzo's smile did not fade. "Miracle."

"Er, sorry?"

"That woman. She was a miracle. There's simply no other way to put it. Everything she ever did -- it was like magic. She was... without a doubt, the light of my life. When she passed..." he stopped, as if something had suddenly pricked his heart. "...Well. You can imagine how it was when she passed."

"...Yeah. Yeah, I can." But still, something didn't quite make sense. "...Why the engraving, though?"

"It's something she had written prior to her death. Obviously, being a poet wasn't exactly a daytime job for her. And she knew that. But she wanted for everyone who steps on Rokkenjima to know that there is indeed a form of magic on this island. And I, frankly, agree."

I was tempted to say that there was no such thing as magic, but I figured I should let the old man have the moment. Especially since, knowing me, I would've pointed out that it didn't exactly instill the kind of "wonder" magic should. Then again, perhaps grandmother had found brutal deaths wonderous in its own right. Didn't exactly make it any less creepy, though.

"...Ah! Kinzo! There you are!" Suddenly, a female voice reached my earshot. It belong to the ever-elusive Furudo Erika. I was surprised she knew the old man so well that they were on a first-name basis. Just who was she...?

"...Erika. Good day. I trust your room is satisfactory?" He continued to stare at the portrait, despite the short woman's arrival.

"Indeed. I'm very thankful for you going out of your way for me like you have. Truly, I am in your debt" She gave a polite bow and a smile fitting for a lady. "...You must be Battler, are you not?"

"That, I am. Pleased to meet you." I said, reaching my hand out to her.

"Does one shake hands of ladies?" Her polite smile turned into a mischievous one. "My, my. How inappropriate. But then again -- given one of your 'outbursts' from earlier, I shouldn't be surprised. You do like getting physical as soon as you can, don't you...?"

She was referring to me attempting to grope one of the maids shortly upon my arrival on the island.

Not one of my proudest moments, admittedly.

Erika's attention slowly shifted to the portrait. "...Ah. Lady Ushiromiya in all her splendor, I see! Truly, quite a sight. Although, I would've imagined something like a western dress to be more fitting of a woman of such standing. But no matter. If she is to be a witch, she is to dance freely on our human tradition, is she not? To mock us from above and cackle as we all dance like fools to her illusion."

"Looks like grandma has some stiff competition over here in the poetry department!" I said, unable to resist grinning.

"My former English teacher would've no doubt called you a scoundrel and a charlatan upon such jests." She said, in an accent that I can only hope was meant to be a British one.

"Oh? You're not in school? Could've fooled me, heh." I added. "How old are you, anyway?"

"Breaking basic manners once more, Battler. Tsk-tsk! Honestly, did they even bother raising him?" she turned in Kinzo's direction.

"You would recall," he chuckled, "that he's been somewhat away from the family's influence."

"And how fine he turned out." Erika observed.

I figured it was as good a time as any. "...So, if I might ask, why are you here? I mean, no offense, but everyone else seems to be just as surprised at seeing a guest like yourself on a family conference."

"Oh, I assure you - my business here should be of no concern to you. After all, it's already been completed!" She shrugged. "I'm now doomed to waste time wandering around here. If nothing else, to give credit where credit is due, the books I found in the library are quite fascinating."

"...Eh? Already done? But you couldn't have been here for more than a few hours!" I said.

"Perhaps you should take that as a hint as to why I'm here...? Hihihi." She laughed rather coldly. Overall, I'd say she wasn't exactly fond of me, despite the nature of the conversation being kept in a relatively good mood. "But really. It's not something you of all people should worry about. It really only affects--"

"Now. Erika. Please." Kinzo smiled. "You've just said it yourself. This isn't a matter Battler should be involved with."

"...Of course, m'lord."

"Don't call me that." Kinzo finally turned to face her.

"What does one call a man who owns his own little slice of paradise? Especially one supposedly harboring the Emerald Pearl?"

"Emerald what...?" Once again, I found myself unable to follow a conversation properly.

"Oh? You don't know?" Erika asked, glancing over at Kinzo. I suppose she was waiting for some kind of sign that she was forbidden from sharing what she was about to share with me. Since grandpa ended up never giving such a sign, she proceeded. "Sometime during World War 1, this island had been owned by a man calling himself 'The Baron'. The man was quite wealthy. Partially because of inheritance. But risky and ultimately successful investments in major leading industries at the time were what led him to the top. Some say the Emperor himself at the time paid a visit to this island in hopes of getting the Baron to assist in the war, finance-wise.

It is said that before he died, he hid a treasure he simply called 'The Emerald Pearl' somewhere on the island. Nobody knows what it looks like, or how much it's worth. It's just something that was pulled from the man's journals. Naturally, nobody's found it as of yet. Well - as far as the world knows, at least."

I could've sworn Kinzo's grin widened ever so slightly on that last remark.

I whistled. "Cool. Well, not that we're really in need of treasures, given everything."

"True enough." she admitted. "...In any case. Kinzo. As I've said, my business here is finished. But while I'm here, there are a few other matters I'd like to get to while I have your undivided attention, if possible?"

"I expected as much." And just like that, the smile faded.

Erika's did not. "Don't look at me like that. You're the one who hired me."

"True enough, unfortunately. True enough." The old man noted, and the two walked off.
>> No. 20307 edit
File 148985134558.png - (393.52KB , 640x480 , 8.png )
It hadn't been even two hours since lunch, and I'd already found myself hungry. Figuring it might be a good time to apologize to the maids for the... way I'd mishandled them, I decided to pay a visit to the kitchen.

To my pleasant surprise, both of the maids were indeed there.

"...Oh. Battler-sama." The white-haired maid, Sanon, said. And despite her best efforts, her voice failed to hide the displeasure.

"Is there anything we can help you with?" The other maid, Asune, asked me. She was in the middle of cooking something. I thought about asking what on Earth she could be cooking given that lunch was already over, but then I recalled that the servants had their meals separately . The alternate possibility being, of course, that they knew that my stomach was rumbling and, being the kind maids that they were, prepared accordingly.

Alas. It was not meant to be.

"I just, uh... thought I should apologize for what I did earlier. It was wrong of me." I said, scratching the back of my head. "I guess I just kinda have a bad sense of humor, y'know?"

"You didn't have to tell us that, Master Battler." Sanon giggled. "...But very well. Apology accepted." Asune merely nodded her head, clearly amused after noticing the clear amount of embarrassment on my face.

"Is that all?" Sanon said, jumping to one of the other pots at the sound of the egg timer on the other side of the counter.

"Was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the island. I mean, I imagine you've been here longer than me, so..."

"Sorry, dunno much." Sanon admitted. "Asune's been here way longer than me. You're better off asking her about that sort of stuff."

"Just don't let it be about the Emerald Pearl, please." Asune herself said. "It's getting pretty tiring to explain to every person that asks that I don't know much about it and that it's just a legend."

"Aha, relax. I figured as much." I said. "I was actually more wondering about one person in particular -- Furudo-san. Do you know anything about her? Why's she here?"

The two maids exchanged glances.

"Sorry..." Sanon told me.

"...But we're not allowed to disclose such information." Asune smiled. "Order of the former family head. I'm sure you understand."

"Is that all?" Sanon asked.

"W-Well... I mean... There is one last thing, uh..." I began, stuttering. "I'm afraid I might be, uh... A bit hungry."

"It is no issue, Battler-sama." The head servant, Genji, told me as he walked into the room. "There are some leftovers. I'll prepare them straight away."

"Thank you." I bowed politely. Genji, the person that has been on the island for as long as grandfather, was essentially the perfect servant. He truly lived up to his name. Still - I was surprised that a man of his age decided to stick around for so long. However, I simply reminded myself that I knew next to nothing about him as a person and that he probably had his reasons in the long run. So, I didn't pry.

I took the leftovers and quickly made my way out of the kitchen.
>> No. 20308 edit
File 148985138770.png - (434.70KB , 640x480 , 9.png )
As I explored the mansion, I happened to walk by the parlor door. I decided to take a peek. Instead of mom and dad, the people inside were Rosa and Natsuhi. They were sitting next to each other, examining what looked to be a photograph of some kind. Out the two of them, Natsuhi seemed to be under minor distress.

"...See?" she told Rosa. "You can't tell me they don't look like the two of them!"

"Come now, Natsuhi... I admit, there are some... similarities, but honestly? You're going too far with this. I'm starting to think the rumors are getting to you a bit."

"It's... no, it's not just..." Natsuhi started to plead, but quickly seemed to give up. "I... I don't know. I guess I'm just under stress. Krauss' approach to being the new family head... I'm proud of him, but--"

"--I understand." Rosa put her hand on Natsuhi's shoulder. "I do."

"...I'm sorry I'm so weak." Natsuhi could only say after a long stretch of silence. Seeing her like that -- I wanted to just step in and say something comforting. But on the other hand, given her general demeanor, I realized she would've been more hurt if anyone else saw her the way she was at the time.

So I just continued to watch for a little longer.

"You're not weak. Given everything that's happened - you're the last person I'd call weak. You've been a supportive housewife and a good mother. Anyone who demands more is being plain unreasonable." Rosa told her. "How could anyone ask more of you - when you've given everything you have?"


"This family's been through a lot. So much that we sometimes forget we're supposed to -- well -- BE a family. But we are. No matter what, that'll never change. And that does count for something, doesn't it?"


"...Heh." Natsuhi laughed quietly. "I didn't... think this conversation would get so melodramatic."

"Well, we could talk about something else, if you'd like?" Rosa offered.

"No, it's... I guess I'm just scared. I always am, in a way. These family conferences never help." Natsuhi admitted. "...I'm scared that nothing really changes. That no matter how much we try, things just keep on repeating. I'm starting to see a lot of it in people, and... and..." She sighed. "...No. No, I have to be more hopeful than this."

Rosa chuckled. "I guess that fear does explain why you found this photograph to be so frightening."

Natsuhi looked at it once more. "Heh. I guess it is." She sighed again. "...It'll be okay. I'll be okay. We'll all be okay."

"We will." Rosa concluded.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before I was caught, and feeling quite embarrassed listening over an exchange like that, I quietly left.
>> No. 20309 edit
File 148985141170.png - (548.26KB , 640x480 , 10.png )
"...Oh. Battler." Ange glanced over in my direction as I approached her and Jessica in the rose garden in front of the mansion.

"Man, where have you been? I went looking for you ages ago and couldn't find you!" Jessica said, lightly punching my shoulder.

It still hurt.

"Sorry. Just kinda been running around. Possibly crapping in the bathroom, too." I said, grinning like an idiot over my own 'shit' joke.

"<Jesus Christ.>" Thankfully, the amount of respect Ange lost for me per joke was slightly lower that day. Mainly because she was probably aware she would end up killing me in a blind fit of rage otherwise. "...In any case. How're you feeling, Battler?"

"I'm... I'm fine, thanks. Overall feeling pretty good today." I said. She was worried about me, understandably. Given the fact that this was my first major 'outing' in a while. "Don't worry, geez. I'm surrounded by people who'll come to my aid should anything go wrong, no? Hihi."

"Well, you won't be when you end up going to sleep. And that--"

"--It's fine. Really." I reassured her. We were all sleeping over in the mansion. I ended up having a room all to myself. Which meant that I would be completely unmonitored for a few hours.

"Um... what, uh, are you guys talking about?" Jessica was quite obviously confused. Two people talking about things the third doesn't know much about was starting to emerge as a strange pattern of some sort.

"Heh. Don't worry about it." I told her. "Everything's gonna be just fine."

Aaaaaand it wasn't.
>> No. 20310 edit
File 148985143696.png - (353.75KB , 640x480 , 11.png )
Night fell. Dinner came and went. Nothing of note happened except for the fact that Uncle Krauss didn't attend. He hadn't attended lunch, either. Natsuhi explained that he was simply busy, but I wasn't being convinced. After everyone started to go along their separate business, I decided to try and pay him a visit in his room, where he was doing his work.

I knocked on the door once.

Then the second time.

And then -- the door opened, to my surprise. I'm sure why I'd been subconsciously expecting it not to open, in retrospect. I suppose reading all those mystery novels in my spare time had left me somewhat paranoid.

"...Ah." Uncle Krauss emerged from the door. "Battler-kun? Is there something wrong?"

"Uh, no." I said. "I was just getting a bit worried, given that you didn't show up for lunch or dinner and was wondering if everything was okay.

Krauss grinned. "...I see. Interesting. Well -- I'm quite fine. I had the maids bring me a plate up here."

"Work that bad, huh?" I asked.

He nodded. "Without a doubt."



"...Um. So, yeah. Uh. Good to, uh, know everything's fine!" I declared, ready to just escape the conversation like a mature person.

"...Battler-kun." Krauss, however, stopped me. "This is the first time you're here in years."

"Yeah. Yeah, it is."

Silence again.

Then, he laughed. "...It's funny, really. To think that I share the same irrational fears as my wife. I suppose it can't be helped. This island does that to you after a while." He leaned against the doorframe. "It's cursed, you know. This place. Father will tell you that there is a source of magic here -- and there just might be. But none of it's good, trust me. We, the Ushiromiya family... We all wear masks. We appear to be something we're not. We're all wolves in sheep's clothing. All it takes is something to set us off and we become the worst monsters imaginable. You've been away for a while. I don't know what you've seen so far or what you think you've seen. But it's only a matter of time. Run, boy. Run from us as fast as you can. You can still make it."

"I'm... I'm sorry, I don't understand."

"...And I hope, for your sake, you never have to."

And with that, he retreated back to his study.

I was starting to get light-headed and decided to go and get some sleep.
>> No. 20311 edit
File 148985146247.png - (402.25KB , 640x480 , 12.png )
"...Very well. All the pieces are now in place." The witch tells you, spreading her arms. "Now then, are you prepared to witness the deaths of all these people? Or perhaps there is a fleeting glimmer of hope in you that's at least banking on some of them surviving? Well. We'll certainly see, won't we? After all, what is worse? Witnessing the deaths of the people you cherish and living the rest of your days, knowing that all your good memories will forever be sullied with that moment of witnessing their dead, cold corpse? Or simply cutting right to the chase and dying with them? *cacklecacklecackle*"

This woman, you decide, truly is a witch of some sort. But then again, was there ever even room to question it?


All of a sudden, the room becomes blurry to you. Despite the fact that you've been sitting this entire time, you find yourself losing balance. Soon, you find yourself in what looks to be a dark room.

You hear a voice...

"D-Damn them... Urk... Argh..." A cough. "Why... did it end like this...? What did I do wrong...? What did HE do wrong...? Why did they just... stab him like that...? He was... always good to them... wasn't he...?"

It's a woman.

You can feel her pain.

Something huts.

"So why... did... that happen...? Why am... I... hiding... in a place like this now? Why... am I going to die here?"

You hear voices in the distance.

"Find the Baroness! We'll bury her next to him! Find her, dammit! If you don't, then burn the entire damn mansion to the ground! Hell - burn it anyway! Leave nothing behind!"

She woman hears it too.

She lets out a silent whimper. "This was... not the future... you'd promised me... Ack... Dammit... Haaa... I'm bleeding... Hah... You told me... That this island... That we would always be on this island..."

"Hey! I hear something from over there!"

"So... Even though you're gone... Even though I'm about to die... I won't let you... Walk out on that promise... You got it? No matter what... I'll... We'll..."

Light begins filling the room. The voices on the outside are excited, knowing that they've probably found the woman.

"...We'll meet again."


Suddenly, a slap. You're back in that room with the witch.

"Don't doze off on me." she orders. "I don't know what you were seeing, but I would suggest doing your best to keep your consciousness to here. I am a cruel witch. But the darkness out there is far worse at times. Because regardless of what cruelty I might hide, I assure you -- the evil that men do is far worse. Rokkenjima. This Rokkenjima, I mean. It's one of cruelty. Understand that and understand that well, if you hope to have a chance of defeating me. These humans... deserve no redemption."

You're unable to say anything.

"...Right then. Let's begin properly, shall we?"

>> No. 20312 edit
File 148985148514.png - (215.02KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

"The Alibi Problem"

I awoke to find myself in the darkness of my room. I was sweating. "Must've been a nightmare." I concluded. I rolled around in my bed for a while. Couldn't get comfortable anymore. "Damn it..." I sighed, and sat myself at the edge of my bed. I happened to glance out my window. Rain.

It was then that I noticed.

In the darkness of the room - sitting in a chair placed in the corner - I could see someone. Someone was in my room. I pinched myself. Squinted, just to be sure. I considered it might've been Ange, trying to look after me. I considered I was still just half-asleep and getting scared over nothing. I considered I also might be dreaming.

But it was no dream.

The person spoke: "Nightmare?" The voice was female, but in my drowsy state and overall state of panic that was creeping in, my mind couldn't associate it with anyone I knew, even if it had belonged to an acquaintance.

"...Who's there?" I asked.

"The witch of the island." The person said calmly.

"Right. And I'm a tanned fuckboy. We can all dream." I said, slowly rising up. "Who are you?"

"I told you. The witch of the island." The woman(?) giggled.

"What do you want, oh witch?"

"I've come to see if you've remembered anything of your past life, of course." Another giggle. "To see if you remember me. If there's still hope."

"Past life? What are you talking about?" I asked her, evidently still confused.

"You have scar on your chest. A scar whose shape fits a blade of a knife penetrating your chest and lungs." She said, still perfectly calm.

"...How do you know that? Who are you?" I demanded.

"Perhaps I merely took a peek while you were asleep. Or perhaps you have that scar for a reason. Who knows? Either way, it doesn't really matter. It's clear you don't remember." She sighed. "And, given how it's all turned out the last time, chances are it'll all just end in tragedy again."


"Do you need me to spell it out? You and me... We'll probably be... killed tonight."

And then it happened.

A loud noise echoed through the mansion.

A gunshot. No doubt about it.

I jumped to my feet. "What the hell was that?!" And without even thinking, ran outside of my room. I happened to glance at my wristwatch. 1:15 AM. I also happened to pass through a clock in the hallway. The times matched.

As I got to the stairway, thinking that the shot came from somewhere downstairs or upstairs (it was pretty hard to tell), I ran into Ange and Jessica. "You heard it too?" Ange asked. I could only nod. "We were downstairs when it happened." she began to explain, "By the sound of it, it'd come from somewhere upstairs."

And so, we moved up.

We then saw Rosa and Natsuhi, standing in front of the door to Krauss' room. Natsuhi was excitedly pounding at the door. "Darling...? Darling?! Darling, is everything okay?!" she practically screamed.

But no response came from the other side.

"We were just about to pay Krauss a visit when we heard it." Rosa told us. "There's no doubt that... whatever it was, it came from his room."

"Darling?! Answer me!" Natsuhi continued to bang on the door.

Footsteps formed behind us. Mom, dad and Genji were ascending the stairs.

"What on Earth was that?!" Dad asked, quite panicked. I suppose it made sense. Being someone who was no stranger to guns - he would've had no trouble identifying something like a gunshot.

"I don't think it's hard to deduce, given the commotion." Kyrie pointed out.

More footsteps behind us. This time, it was Erika and the two maids. "...What's all this commotion about?" Erika was the first of them to speak.

"Is Master okay?" Asune asked.

"Darling! Darling, please open the door!" Natsuhi wasn't letting up. A feeling of panic was beginning to seep in amongst us. Natsuhi then tried to open the door herself but it simply wasn't budging.

I decided to give it a try. No dice. It was locked.

"Do you have a master key?" Ange asked the maids.

The two of them shook their heads. "N-No. I mean, we do have master keys, but they don't open this room."

"Alright then. Guess we're doing this the hard way, dear brother." Dad concluded. "Genji, Battler! A hand?"

The two of us nodded and began helping him break down the door. After three solid strikes -- bam. The door came tumbling down.
>> No. 20313 edit
File 148985151047.png - (303.06KB , 640x480 , 14.png )
And inside... lying on the floor... was Krauss' body. A stream of blood had poured down his mouth. A big splotch of it on his chest as well. Even from that distance, it wasn't hard to tell that he was dead. Natsuhi immediately ran over to him. Pleading. Beginning him to open his eyes.

"D-Dad... No... No...!" Jessica herself was just as devastated. "Why...? What... happened...?!"

"Everyone, be on your guard." Kyrie advised us. "The culprit could still be in the room."

"Then, I'll find the bastard!" Dad declared and began to frantically search around the room. I decided to re-focus my efforts to something else. The only window to the room was right across the door. I decided to check it. It was locked. By the looks of it, the only way to do it was from the inside too. The locks on it were a bit old and harder to move, so it didn't look like any string trick would've sufficed there.

Dad began searching the closet. Then, under the bed. Then, between the shelves. But with each look, he couldn't find anything worthwhile. I decided to take a look at the dressing drawer. And on it, I found a key. I took it and presented it to Asune.

"...Hey. This key..."

"It's... It's the key to the room." she admitted. "It's the only one that could've unlocked this door..."

"Dammit... Dammit, there's nobody here!" Dad finally had to admit.

Just as I'd suspected. This was...

A locked room murder.
>> No. 20314 edit
File 14898515353.png - (517.68KB , 640x480 , 15.png )
"Alea iacta est!" The witch declares. "Oooh... I can already see it in your eyes! The theories! The speculation! All the little tricks forming in your head! Oooh, I love it! And I'll love crushing them all to bits later down the line! Kyahahahaha!"

You find yourself unmoved by her threats.

"First things first. Ushiromiya Krauss is dead. The cause of his death was a gunshot wound to the chest! The door to his room was indeed locked when Natsuhi attempted to open it.

...Hm? What's that? You assumed as much? Well then. I look forward to seeing all the futile attempts to explain this. And trust me, I know the ones you'll suggest. This isn't my first rodeo, after all. I could give so many reds to deny all of them right from the start. But where's the fun in that?!


But fear not. I know what you think. 'This mystery is boring! It's easy! I've seen this already!' You're right. Let's make it more interesting...!"

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>> No. 20315 edit
File 148985155166.png - (53.98KB , 640x480 , 16.png )
We all gathered in the parlor to discuss what happened.

"I suppose we should discuss the matter of alibis." Erika got straight to the point. "When did the shot occur again?"

"1:15 AM." I said. "I know because I checked the time."

Erika nodded. "Alright, then. Let's establish a timeline then. Where was everyone?"

"As I said," Rosa began, "Natsuhi and me were close to the door when it happened. The two of us were pretty much together throughout the day. I mean, there were a few times when we were apart, sure -- but from midnight onwards, we were together the entire time."

Natsuhi confirmed as much.

"Alright. Then next would be me and the maids." Erika continued. "From about 11 PM to the time of the gunshot, we were in the servants' room playing cards. I can confirm none of us left each other's vicinity."

"Next up is me and Jessica, then." Ange said. "We were in my room. Just like Rosa, I can't say we were together ALL the time, but I can definitely confirm we were together from 11:30 PM onwards."

Jessica nodded.

"Kyrie, Genji and I were in the parlor. We invited Genji to have some tea with us, and he accepted. We must've been together from... oh, about midnight to the gunshot."

Both Kyrie and Genji confirmed as much.

“As for Kinzo… well, I personally find it very unlikely he’d do something like this.” Erika said simply. “But if nobody’s seen him, then I guess he’s a valid suspect.” She then finally turned her attention to me. "What about you, Battler?"

"Well, I mean -- I went to sleep at around 9. I... heh, I can't really say I have an alibi."

"Th-Then it was you!" Natsuhi jumped to her feet. "You killed my husband!"

"N-Now wait just a moment!" I demanded. "Look. When I woke up, someone was in the room with me, okay? It was a woman! She said that... she was saying something about us dying!"

"...An intruder?" Ange suggested.

"A likely story!" Natsuhi had no intention of letting up. "There's no chance of there being an extra person on the island! You're the only one without an alibi and now you're trying to cover for yourself! Admit it! You killed him!"

"I would suggest you calm down, Natsuhi. Because even without an alibi, it's hard to think of Battler is the culprit. Consider the situation, please." Kyrie interrupted. "Recall that you were in front of the door when the shot occurred. Obviously then, nobody could've left through the door without you noticing. The window was locked from the inside. There was nobody hiding in the room. The key to the room was inside. And Battler managed to meet up with all of us to break down the door. How, pray tell, do you propose he did this?"

"W-Well, that's..." Natsuhi seemed to have been at a bit of a loss.

The discussion, it seemed, had ended in a stalemate.
>> No. 20316 edit
File 148985158645.png - (473.76KB , 640x480 , 17.png )
"...This concludes the events of the first murder." The witch finally speaks. "...I know. You're still not pleased, are you? My, my. How bloodthirsty all these endless games must've made you! Kyahahaha! No matter! I guarantee by the end of all this you'll be nothing but a shambling corpse, riddled by your own bullets!

And really, even if you manage to form some semblance of a theory, right from the beginning you're faced with a problem of the person Battler saw in his room! Kihihi!

That's right... this mystery... will prove to be more challenging that you believe it to be right now...!"

>> No. 20317 edit
File 148985160314.png - (251.02KB , 640x480 , 18.png )

"The Dreadful Study"

Once the commotion died down, we all ended up spreading out again. Not a wise decision, given that there was a killer on the loose, but it was tough to just sit in a single room and do nothing. Only Erika and I stayed behind.

"...Should we not go inform Kinzo? I imagine he would be interested in knowing the family head has passed away." Erika suggested. I had to agree.

The two of us began making our way up the stairs. Gramps' study was all the way on the top floor. It was the only room there, in fact.

It was as if we were going up on the second floor that I saw them. It was a person, their face covered by a mask, their hair covered by a hat, and their body hidden by a long overcoat. Upon realizing we'd noticed them, they broke out into a sprint up the stairs.


"--I saw him too! Let's go!"

We gave chase. We followed him up through all the floors, never losing sight of him. It was only when we reached the top floor that the stranger took a hard right.

And when we made it to the top of the stairs -- the hallway was empty.

The hallway itself was laid out in a way where, once you reached the top of the stairs, you were met with a dead end your left. To the right was a small hallway -- key word being 'small'. The only door was to your left side as you walked down it - and it was the door to Kinzo's study. The rest of it was a dead end. It didn't even have a window.

"Where... did...?" I asked, realizing that the stranger had somehow vanished.

"...Hmph." Erika said. "Isn't it obvious? The only place they could've gone to. Kinzo's study." She approached the door and attempted to turn the knob. "...Locked. Aah. That's right. It's this door." She knocked. "Kinzo? You in there?" No response. Another knock. "Kinzo...?" Silence. "...Battler. Shall we have a repeat of Krauss' room? Come. I'll help you break it down."

I was a bit worried over just breaking down the door like that. It would've been far smarter to go and get everyone, but -- if the stranger really did get into gramps' study, then he could've been in danger. So, I went along with it.

One, two, three.

And just like Krauss' situation, the door was broken down.

It should come as no surprise that we did find Kinzo there. And he was lying on his back, dead. A knife still sticking out of his chest.

"D... Dammit, no! No! You bastard! You goddamn bastaaaaard!" I yelled at the culprit, who must've still been hiding the room. Erika followed the same train of thought and began searching with me. The study itself consisted of the main quarters, a bedroom and a bathroom. We searched all three rooms. On the bathroom floor, I happened to spot something. It wasn't a person. Far from it -- it was necklace. One depicting a flying horse. I took it, just to be certain. But aside from it, I didn't find anyone hiding. Erika didn't seem to have much more luck than me. I checked all the windows. All were shut tight and locked.

I decided to check grandpa's corpse. He really was dead. Searching his pockets got me a key. "I imagine it's to this study." Erika said.

"God... dammit!" I finally said, realizing that this was probably another locked room.

"...Relax, though. The door to Kinzo's study has an auto-lock in place. In other words, this isn't nearly as complicated as it could be."

Still. My mind wasn't focused on solving the locked room as much as it was focused on the fact that my grandfather was dead.

"Why... did this happen...?!" Is all I could say in the end.
>> No. 20318 edit
File 148985162570.png - (563.80KB , 640x480 , 19.png )
"And thus, the second murder occurs! Naturally – Ushiromiya Kinzo is dead! The cause of his death was a knife wound to the chest! And while Battler has himself stated as much, I'll say it in red: There is nobody hiding in the study! Aside from Erika, Battler and Kinzo's corpse, no other human exists in the study!

...Hoh. Another simple one, you say? Well then. I'm looking forward to seeing how your reasoning develops, indeed! Kihihihihihiahahahahaha!"

Just like before, you sense that there is more than meets the eye with this mystery.

>> No. 20319 edit
File 148985164482.png - (144.35KB , 640x480 , 20.png )
It was then that I noticed some papers scattered around the ground, behind the desk. I decided to take a look. Most of them were business-related documents.

"Is it really okay to simply shuffle through a dead man's private documents?" Erika asked, peering over my shoulder.

"Well, might as well at this point. It might hold some clues as to why this happened..." I began to search through. But really - none of them seemed to be of particular importance, unfortunately. "Damn..." I was almost prepared to give up, when I happened to come across a piece of paper seemingly torn out from a notebook.

It read:

I've finally found it. 'The Emerald Pearl'. Never in my wildest dreams could I have a imagined such a treasure. I will make the preparations to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands. However, should you be reading this and you are not me -- then the chances are high that I am dead. If you ARE indeed reading this through perfectly legitimate means, then know that you have been blessed, for I have chosen you to know about this island's greatest secret.

To get to the Pearl, you need t

The rest of the paper was torn.

"...Gramps found the pearl, it seems." I concluded.

"And given what happened here - chances are the culprit did, as well. This was something that wasn't supposed to be given or shown to anybody unless he died." Erika said.

"...I figured as much myself."

I sighed. Two deaths in such a short amount of time.

And I had a feeling that the storm raging outside was telling a tale of our doom.

"...Let's get out of here and get the others. They... have to know about this." I suggested. Erika agreed.

"Ah, but before that... Don't you think we should... preserve the scene?" Erika suggested. "And make sure that the crime scene... is S E A L E D U P P R O P E R L Y ?" The strange excitement she had as she pulled out a roll of duct tape was quite something to see.

"Where'd you get that?" I asked.

"A girl always comes prepared." she said, quickly putting some duct tape on the windows.

Despite having to break it down, we fairly soon found that the door was still perfectly functioning. Upon closing it from the outside, a satisfying click was given. I tried to open it -- locked. "<Good.>" Erika said, taking a piece of duct tape and putting it above the doorknob - between the door and the frame. "...And there we go. The room is now perfectly sealed!"
>> No. 20320 edit
File 148985166825.png - (442.48KB , 640x480 , 21.png )
It took a while to gather everyone, since we all seemed to be scattered about, but we eventually succeeded. And we were both gathered in front of the office to Kinzo's study. Erika and I checked the seal -- it was still in place. The door was also locked.

"<Good.>" Erika said once more. "Now, then, Battler--"

"I know, I know." I pulled out the key I'd taken off of Kinzo's corpse and unlocked the door. As I opened it, Erika's seal was broken. We all entered and...

...It was gone.

Grandfather's corpse was gone.

"Im... Im... Impossibleeeeee!" Erika declared frantically. We quickly checked the seals on the windows. They were still in place as well. I broke all of them and looked outside. Specifically, I was interested if the corpse could've been thrown out the window. But even the darkness and the rain, I could tell there was nothing down below. We checked the room again. There was nobody hiding. The corpse had just... vanished. There wasn't even blood on the floor, given that the knife had still been in him. Meaning that the culprit could've transported the body without leaving a trail hinting as to how and where they could've taken the body.

"But... But it was... it was here! It was right here dammit! I... I know what I saw!" I insisted.

"I can confirm Battler's story. Kinzo really was here and he really was dead. I... I can't explain how he could've disappeared at this moment, but a rational explanation must exist!"

Everyone looked at each other. I could see doubt in their eyes. It seemed that once again, I was talking about people magically disappearing. But it was true, dammit! I knew what I saw...!

"I... I don't...!" The world around me was beginning to get dizzy. Was I losing my mind? In the end... two for two... I witnessed an impossibility.

And before I knew it, I had passed out.
>> No. 20321 edit
File 148985169139.png - (561.08KB , 640x480 , 22.png )
"...Aah. Once again, that look in your eyes. Good. You have ideas. Very good." The witch giggles. "I wonder if you'll manage to survive this battle... I sure would like to see you try! After all – I guarantee that Erika's seals on the windows and the door were unbroken from the time she set them to the time she and Battler re-entered the room!

That's right... I've made sure to make this study... a living hell for you!

Do your worst... if you can even bring yourself to fight!" The witch declares.

However, before you can even do anything, the darkness from before ends up overtaking you yet again.


You find yourself in the mansion parlor. It’s empty. But it's also noticeably different. The decorations are completely different than the ones you've seen in the story.

You can't move. But you can hear voices coming from somewhere in the mansion.

"What the hell happened here?!"

"Jesus, that blood! Are they... are they dead?!"

"...Where is she?"

"Find her! Find her this instant!"


Another slap, bringing you back. "Hey! What did I JUST say about losing your consciousness?! Ugh, I swear, you people never listen...

In any case, let's continue with the game, shall we?"

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>> No. 20322 edit
File 148985171516.png - (409.09KB , 640x480 , 23.png )

"The Perils of Paranoia"

When I came to, I was in my room. Sanon and Asune were next to me. I felt sick. My breathing felt weird.

"...Ah! You came to!" Sanon declared, a legitimate look of relief on her face. "For a moment there, we thought the culprit had poisoned you or something! We weren't sure what to do, really..."

"Ngh... How long have I been out?" I asked.

"Three hours." Asune told me. "You looked like you were dealing with quite a bit of a fever there."

"We were getting a bit squeamish ourselves just by looking at you, honestly." Sanon laughed awkwardly. "Um, we changed you while you were out because of all the sweat. Kyrie-sama told us it was okay, but--"

"--It's fine." I said, still unable to get up from bed.

"...If I might ask, um." Asune began. "Is this... a regular thing? Your sister wasn't surprised when it happened and, well, we saw the scar on your chest, so--"

"...Yeah. It's kinda a regular thing, I guess." I said, closing my eyes. I really could've done with some more sleep but I was feeling too sick to get any. "If you really have to know -- a few years ago, I got in an accident. I don't remember much about it. I just remember waking up in the hospital and mom and dad telling me that my lung had been punctured and damaged to hell. During that time, a hospital mishap also happened. And I ended up getting the wrong medication, which ended up, in turn, damaging my metabolism beyond repair. Ever since then, I was to be put under constant supervision, and watched over by either a nurse or a family member. The truth is... this family conference... isn't just me coming back to the family or something like that. I never left it. I just couldn't come because of my health. I... I'm ruined, in a lot of ways. Even this much was a huge risk, and..."

"...Battler-sama." Sanon spoke gently to me. Much different than how she treated me earlier. "It's all okay. You should've told us sooner. We'll make sure to take good care of you."

"I... thank you." Is all I could bring myself to say.

I didn't know where to go from there. "...Is everyone else alright?"

Asune nodded. "All quiet on the western front! Well - at least we’re pretty sure it is. Me and Sanon have been pretty much here the entire time. People have come to check in and everything seemed fine at the time. If anything happened, I have no doubt someone wouldn’t have come to tell us if something was up."

"I see. That's... That's good..." I said, letting out a faint grunt. My chest hurt a bit. "Hey... you guys have been around this mansion for a while. You're the next best thing when it comes to grandfather and Krauss' business. Is there anyone you think might've had a reason to kill them...?"

The two maids thought about it, but ultimately shrugged hopelessly. "I haven't been here long, as I told you." Sanon said. "And Asune know some things about the island, but not things people outside haven't heard of already. Mostly rumors."

"...I see." I said. "...Well, what about... The Emerald Pearl? You avoided the question earlier. I know you don't believe in it. But what have you heard?"

"Well," Asune began, "I know that it was the treasure of some guy called 'The Baron'. I know he was rich overall. I know he died a pretty terrible death."

"...Huh? What happened to him?"

"Well, from what I've heard, The Baron had refused to help financially support Japan's involvement in World War 1. So, rumors say that the Emperor decided to hire assassins to come over to his property in the middle of the night and kill him in retaliation. He was hoping a raid on the property would also turn up the Emerald Pearl.

The assassins came, shot the head servant and stabbed The Baron in the chest, killing him instantly. They then cut his head off as proof of his death. The only remaining person on the property was The Baroness. She ran and hid in the mansion. The assassins searched for her -- and ultimately found her.

By the time the authorities showed up, it was too late. They found the two bodies in the parlor and desperately tried to save the woman. The Baroness'... had simply vanished off the island. Her body turned up a few hours later, though, in the middle of a city that was kilometers away from Rokkenjima. Nobody could explain how she'd ended up there. Or why.

Legend has it, though, that before she died, she made a promise to her husband. That they would both be reborn sometime in the future. And that they would meet again."

"...I see. That's... That's a sad story." It's the only thing I could really say.

My chest still hurt.

The door to my room creaked open. It was Kyrie. “…Ah. You’re awake. Feeling a bit better?”

I coughed. “Yeah. Yeah, I am.”

She sighed. “I told you this wasn’t a good idea. For better or for worse, as much as I’d like it to be otherwise, you’re still in no condition for trips like these.”

“I’ll live.” I assured her.

“You better.” She said jokingly, but oddly enough didn’t smile. I realized something wasn’t right. “Listen, Battler…”

“What happened?”

A moment of silence. Hesitation on her part.

“…It’s Ange. She’s disappeared.”
>> No. 20323 edit
File 148985174061.png - (200.91KB , 640x480 , 24.png )
She began to explain.

“After what happened, we decided it was best if we all stuck together. Natsuhi, Jessica, Rosa and Erika, unfortunately, found your behavior to be too suspicious. So, they chose not to spend hold up with us. Thankfully, Genji was on our side, if nothing else. The four of us – me, Genji, Ange and Rudolf - gathered in the dining room. We were scared that moving you any more would hurt you, so we left you with the maids. We figured we could trust them. And now that you’re awake, I suppose we made the right choice.

…Anyway. As we were all in the dining room, Ange at one point decided that she had to go to her room. She remembered she brought along some of your meds and having some on-hand if anything went wrong just made sense. So, we sent Genji to go with her.

This is what Genji says happened:

They entered the room together and Genji locked the door behind them. As a safety precaution, of course. Ange began searching through her things. She asked Genji to go and check the bathroom and make sure nobody was there. And also to check the medicine cabinet and get whatever he could. Another wise decision, given that there was a chance the culprit could fail to finish the job and we manage to actually save someone.

So. He did as he was told. It took him less than a minute.

But by the time he walked out – Ange was gone. Not a trace of her. He went and check the door. It was also locked. He searched the room - again, nothing. He says he went straight to us and told us what'd happened. We've spent practically an hour searching the mansion for her at this point. Nothing. Zilch. I guess you can understand how this is all troublesome. Not only the fact that we can't find her, but the fact she supposedly just disappeared like that...”

“…That's not necessarily an issue, you know.” I said. “She could’ve just walked out and locked the door behind her, all using her own key. I mean, it was her room…”

Kyrie shook her head. “She’d handed the key over to Genji. You know how she is. Bothering with that stuff is just too much of a pain.”

“…The windows?”

“Locked. I told you – nothing was out of place.” Kyrie said simply.

“…Isn’t it obvious, then? Genji’s just lying about everything. If she couldn’t have left on her own, then she couldn’t have very well just disappeared by magic.” I quickly concluded.

“Our thoughts exactly. However, the others in the mansion disapprove of putting him under some kind of supervision. And obviously tying him up seems to be out of the question. A foolish move, if you ask me. But they’re going for option C.”

“Option C…?”

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>> No. 20324 edit
File 148985176669.png - (424.52KB , 640x480 , 25.png )
“It’s all a bunch of lies!” Natsuhi declared, pointing at me. I finally managed to get up and make my way downstairs to the parlor, where everyone had gathered. But just barely. Sanon and Asune practically carried me down. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if the trip was worth it, considering that instead of relief that I was still alive, I was met with accusatory glances. “Since the beginning of the night, something’s been up with your entire damn family! First, you two –“ she said, pointing to mom and dad, “- were clearly scheming something earlier in the day! Oh, yes! I’ve heard about that! Then, Battler ends up being the only one without an alibi for my husband’s death! Then, he just so happens to be the one to discover Father’s corpse-“

“-In his defense.” Erika interjected. “It was my idea that we visit him. He just followed along.”

“Then you’re just as suspicious as he is, goddammit!” Natsuhi angrily determined. “Because then, you’re telling me the corpse just happened to disappear. Why? What would anyone need with Father’s corpse after he’d died?! And to top the whole performance off – he passes out! And now,” she scoffed, “now you’re telling me your daughter just so happened to disappear? Nonsense. This is all just a diversion!”

“You’re talking nonsense, Natsuhi.” Kyrie said bluntly.

“Oh, yeah? And what are your alibis for when she was up there? Ah – why do I even ask? You’re all in it together! It’s obvious you’ll just make something up! Once we tie up Genji like you want us to, you’ll just shoot us all in the back! This is all a ploy to get us to turn against each other!”

“If it is, it’s working quite splendidly, if I may point out.” Erika said, leaning back in her chair.

“…In all fairness, Natsuhi.” Rosa said, seemingly in our defense. “I’m not sure why they’d need an alibi for when Ange disappeared if she was in on it as well. Which would make a total of five people on your suspects list. But even if you wanted to talk alibi for that – I mean, not like we had one. Because you were so convinced Battler was the culprit and was being watched by the maids, we all let our hair down and moved around quite a few times. We’re in no better position than they are when it comes to that question.”

“This is the part where one might suggest that the maids are in on it too and are covering for Battler, who was never really out to begin with – and that all of this is further masquerading for us to relax when we’re inevitably left alone with him later.” Erika shrugged.

Judging by Natsuhi’s expression, she wasn’t sure if she was being supported or mocked.

“We’re not covering for anyone!” Asune shouted defiantly at her mistress. “Battler-sama was really out the entire time and we were doing the best we can to watch over him!”

“All of the mysteries can be explained if he’s the culprit, though!” Natsuhi exclaimed.

“…Now, there, she has a point.” Erika giggled. “Well, it works better in a ‘Battler + accomplice’ theory. Krauss’ death – your accomplice entered Krauss’ room, shot him, then hid somewhere inside. When the room search happened – a search performed by Rudolf and you, if I might remind you – you could’ve simply lied about there being nobody there. It’s also interesting how you were the first to find the key, Battler.”

“That’s…!” I wanted to object, but the fatigue at that point was just too much to handle. I could do nothing but listen.

“Kinzo’s murder. I will admit that we both saw a figure walking up the stairs. That was your accomplice. When they ran, they made it to the top floor and used Kinzo’s key to enter the study. The door auto-locked, and they used what little time they had to plant the key on Kinzo’s body. Afterwards, they hid. When the room was searched – by you and me – you pulled the same trick. You simply lied about there being nobody there!”

“You’re wrong…” I protested, albeit somewhat pathetically.

“Once we sealed the room up, it’s simple. Your accomplice simply got out from their hiding place, opened one of the windows I’d sealed, and threw the body outside. They then simply left the room through the same means. When we re-entered the room, the seal on the door was undisturbed. And of course it was – the culprit had never used it. Then, while we were all in shock that the body was gone, you proceeded to open all of the windows. You will probably claim it was to check if Kinzo’s body was underneath the window after being thrown out by the culprit or some nonsense like that. But in reality, it was to break all the seals and mask the fact that one of the seals on the windows was actually broken the moment we’d walked in!”

“Lies!” I exclaimed. “All lies!”

“Fourth mystery. Ange’s disappearance. Well, it isn’t even a mystery, is it? If we assume you’d bribed the maids, all you had to do was get a master key from them and lock the door behind her when she left!”

“That’s not how it happened!” Sanon objected.

“You’re the one piling on accomplice fantasies, I’d say.” Kyrlie smiled sarcastically.

Erika, on the other hand, was grinning from ear to ear. “Do you have an alternative explanation, then? You’re an intelligent woman, Kyrie. Surely, everything I’ve just said must’ve crossed our mind at some point! Tell me! Do you not concede it’s possible?! Well, everyone?! What do you think?! This level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika!”

“I don’t concede!” Kyrie said sharply. “And I never will! Battler’s my son! And I know him well enough to say confidently he’s no killer!”

Erika’s face turned into a nightmarish grimace of joy. “Of course you would. Because you see, Kyrie, I’m an intelligent woman myself! And another thought crossed my mind – the same one that crossed Natsuhi’s! That perhaps – just perhaps – you ARE all in on it. And that your motherly denial is nothing more than covering for a monster! Of perhaps you’re the mastermind? Hm, who knows?”

“Battler being the culprit is the only thing that makes any sense! No – the only thing that makes any sense is that you’re all a pack of wolves!” Natushi reaffirmed.

“B-Battler…” Jessica looked at me in disbelief. Was she really buying into it as well?

“I bet Eva’s in on its as well. Isn’t she? Isn’t she?! Of course she would be. This is revenge for making Krauss the heir directly, isn’t it?! This is a scheme to try and steal this family’s inheritance! By the end of the day, you thought of killing me as well, didn’t you?!” Natshui was in a frenzy. There was no other way to describe it.

“Natsuhi…” Even Rosa, who was probably agreeing with her but wasn’t saying it out loud, was realizing she was getting out of control.

Without any warning, she jumped for one of the antique shotguns hanging on the wall. Elegantly, she spun around and pointed its barrel directly at me.

“Aunt Natsuhi… Please… I didn’t…” My chest was hurting like hell.

“I’ve had just about enough of your lies!” She screamed. “I’ve lost my husband, my future, and I’m sure as hell not gonna let you take my-“

She didn’t get to finish that sentence. Jessica’s kick had already connected with her hands, causing her to drop the shotgun. Thankfully, the safety way on.

“Jessica…” Natsuhi said in disbelief, glancing over her daughter.

“…I’m not going to just stand there and watch you become a murderer.” She told her. And without a proper answer to that, Natsuhi simply went to the couch, and slumped over. “I won’t let you die.” She whispered.

“I’ll be fine.” Jessica smiled. Then turned over to us. “No matter what you might say, the fact of the matter is Erika’s explanation makes perfect sense, given how things stand. Can you give a rebuttal or alternate theory?”

We couldn’t.

“…Then, please understand when I ask you to just leave us alone. This doesn’t have to get more bloody than it already is.” A moment of silence. “…Please. My dad’s dead. Grandfather’s dead. Please. Don’t make me watch more of my family die.”

We did as had been asked of us without much further objection.

At that point, I wonder if it was really and truly too late for us?

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>> No. 20325 edit
File 148985178842.png - (545.00KB , 640x480 , 26.png )
“…It’s at this point that I must make an exception to my rule. Just this once, for a moment, we’ll leave the safety of Rokkenjima and Battler’s perspective. I want to show you something. Don’t worry. I won’t be doing this to show you something like a magical scene. What you will see is absolutely real. I want you to know that.”

She leans in closer, once more just inches away from your face.

“I’ve been practicing this one for a looooong time. I really… really hope… this is the one that breaks you.”

The witch giggles. Her smile is nothing short of mischievous. At the snap of her fingers, the reality and the room you’re in disappear, and you find yourself…

…On a rooftop.

You look around, trying to get your bearings. You’re in the middle of a city. You can hear cars moving. Sirens. The bright lights. You walk to the edge. You can see people moving. They look like ants from where you’re standing.

You turn around to face the witch. And at her feet – you realize that there’s a person lying on the floor. You see blood. You see it slowly oozing out of an injury they have on their head. You step closer.

You realize who it is.

The time now is the roughly the same as the one that was on Rokkenjima in that last scene. And I’m not talking about just timezones – I mean, as we stand here, the scene you’ve just seen is playing out on Rokkenjima. The city we are in is, quite obviously, not on Rokkenjima. Rokkenjima is not a part of this city. This city is roughly a 100 kilometers away from Rokkenjima.

This person is Ushiromiya Ange. Ushiromiya Ange is dead. The cause of her death was blunt force trauma.

To put it simply – Ushiromiya Ange is no longer on Rokkenjima! Her corpse is currently on this rooftop! Her corpse will remain here until the game’s suspension!

…Do you get it? Are you beginning to understand what’s happened?

I took Battler’s precious little sister all the way from him and gave her a terrible, horrible, monstrous death… and I did it off-screen! Kyahahahaha! Can you imagine? That subconscious pain only a brother who shares a true connection to his sister could feel? Can you imagine that feeling of knowing she’s dead – but choosing to live in foolishness and simply hope that your gut instinct is wrong? Can you? Well, well? Can you? Can you?!”

You stare at her, unsure of what to say.

The witch regains her composure. “In any case… This is all I wanted to show you.”

The witch snaps her fingers, and you’re both sent back to that dreadful room. “Naturally, what I’ve just shown you is the objective truth. After all, what fun – what mystery – would there be if I hadn’t?

You seem surprised. I know. I should’ve made a bigger spectacle about it, shouldn’t I’ve…?

But you got the point. If I showed too much on this one, you might get too heated up to solve it first. And what fun is that supposed to be? The idea isn’t to make you scared. Well, not too much. The idea is to make you believe that you can do it and then crush that hope inch by inch. Aah, but maybe that’s just my overconfidence talking…? We’ve yet to see… *cacklecacklecackle*

We’re reaching the end. I do hope you’ve been thinking about these problems. For your own sake, above all.”

>> No. 20326 edit
File 148985180740.png - (232.40KB , 640x480 , 27.png )


‘Ange is dead.’

The three words I refused to say out loud. I refused to acknowledge it. But regardless of how much I tried to resist them, they kept ringing in my mind. That’s right… I knew. Somehow, I knew. After all, she wasn’t the type to just leave all of a sudden. And she wasn’t the type to go and disappear on us. And given everything that’s happened – given the murderer on the loose and the fact that outside in the storm there was nothing to be found…

What else was I to think?

I wanted to accuse Genji. Get him to tell him what he’d done to her. But would attacking him achieve anything? Was my only line of reasoning actually correct? After all, if one were to follow logic alone, everything Erika had said was absolutely and undeniably true. Both of the murders could’ve easily been explained with my involvement. I knew I had done nothing wrong, of course. But would it have been a difference in the long run? The testimony of the accused is hardly solid proof.

I wondered if Genji was in a similar position. Or if I’d just been ignoring the obvious because I was too caught up in my own bullshit and was letting a potential murderer of my own sister get away?

I couldn’t tell anymore at that point.

For years, I’d been hold up in a small room, isolated from the rest of the world. Told it was for my own good. Every walk they would let me have around the facility felt like I was a dog being let out to play in the back yard. For so damn long, it all felt like I just… wasn’t living. That I was stuck. That I would always be stuck.

I thought that this conference would be a chance to finally prove myself wrong.

And look what had happened.

Of course… maybe me being there had absolutely no influence over the culprit’s plans. Maybe all of this would’ve happened no matter what? But, even so… I imagine it would’ve been easier. Hearing that my family had all been killed instead of having to witness it all. Chances are, I would’ve ended up giving up on life. And I would’ve turned into an empty husk. But even that, in the long run, is far easier. Isn’t that what some people are after? An excuse to simply stare at a wall and just let time slip by?

…Or maybe I’ve got it wrong. Maybe people are struggling against just that? Maybe that’s what my life over the past few years had been? Maybe that’s what had led me to become so cynical deep down?

For so long, I felt like I was slipping away from my own body.

When all was said and done… was I really worthy to be ‘me’?
>> No. 20327 edit
File 14898518294.png - (294.92KB , 640x480 , 28.png )
Without so much as a word, I made my way out of the mansion. I’d told mom and dad I was just going to the bathroom. I still felt weak. I could barely walk. The storm outside was only getting worse by the minute. Yet, the cold rain felt like a good place to be in.

What else was I to do at that point?

Something felt like it was coming to an end. We were all on a train that was about to derail and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Maybe that way of thinking was wrong. Perhaps it was just my exhausted and traumatized mind continuing to beat me down.

‘Ange is dead.’

‘Battler is the culprit.’

‘There is an alternate personality within Ushiromiya Battler. Hence, why he can perceive himself to be innocent and guilty at the time time.’

‘Battler lied in his narration.’

‘Battler could’ve pulled it off by himself. No accomplices necessary.’

“Ngh… shut up… Just stop… Just… Please…”

Slumped over near one of the path of roses in the garden. My legs had finally given out. Water seeped into my suit. Breathing was still just as heavy. Vision even blurrier.

“You’ll catch a cold in this weather.” Someone was next to me. I looked in their direction. Judging by the voice itself, it was the same person from before. The person that was in my room at the time of Krauss’ murder. Once again, due to the darkness, the rain and my horrible vision, I couldn’t make out who it was.

“…Who are you?” I asked.

“The witch of Rokkenjima.” She said calmly.

“You said that before. And I’m still not buying into your shit.”

“Then who do you think I am?”

“By logic alone, you can’t be one of the 13 people.”

“Oh? And if I told you an outsider doesn’t exist?” She giggled.

“Then I say…” I was getting dizzy again. The world was starting to spin. “Then I say… you’re full of…” I was passing out. “…Aw, shit.”

And then – blackness.
>> No. 20328 edit
File 148985185058.png - (338.59KB , 640x480 , 29.png )
I awoke to the sound of squeaking. I was sitting down, but I could feel I was moving. Or, rather, that I was being moved. I was in a wheelchair. As to what exactly was going on and where I was going – it was hard to tell. As best I could tell, I was being moved through a dark corridor. It was cold. I could feel a cool breeze touching my face. I could smell rain. It was obvious I wasn’t that far from the surface.

“What’s… going on…?” I asked.

“This is a rescue mission.” The voice from earlier spoke up behind me. Guess I found out who was pushing me.

“Rescue mission, huh? From… what?”

“The same fate as before awaits those at the mansion. It is inescapable. This island is nothing but a loop of tragedies. I’ve chosen to spare you of the misery.”

“I don’t… I understand.” It was then that I noticed that something was in my hands. It was a torn photograph. A pretty old one, judging by how grained it was. In the photograph… was me, though. Even though I had no memory of such a photograph ever being taken. I looked older, too… “What the hell is—“

Suddenly, the ground shook violently. The person pushing me grabbed me tight by the shoulders and pushed me down inside the wheelchair. I think she(?) was making sure I don’t fall out of it. After about half a minute or so, the shaking stopped.

“…What was that?” I asked.

No response.

“Hey. Answer me. What was that…?!”

“Earlier…” the voice began to explain, “I said that the two of us will die. Since then, I realized that’s not a fate we deserve. So – I chose to save us. What happens to the rest… Well. In all honesty, that’s’ no concern of mine. And really, should it be any of yours? Your sister is gone. Half of your family believes you to be a murderer. The other half has kept you locked up for most of your life. Was it care? Or were you just an inconvenience? What was really left for you back there, anyway?”

I couldn’t respond.

“It’s okay. You’re safe.” She concluded, pushing me off into the darkness.
>> No. 20329 edit
File 148987448130.png - (424.85KB , 640x480 , 30.png )
<Tea Party>

“<The End.>” The witch tells you. “Now then… are you prepared? I hope you are. I very much doubt you’ll be able to just walk out of here otherwise.

Do your worst! *cacklecacklecackle*”

Last edited at 17/03/18(Sat)15:01:21
>> No. 20330 edit
File 149004933515.png - (13.31KB , 208x210 , opening.png )
Let's just walk right in then.
This one's probably the most predictable one to start with. But hey, somebody's gotta do it.

Krauss' murder:
The locked room: The culprit locked the door from the outside. They then discreetly placed the key inside after the discovery, just before Battler found it.

Now the obvious objection is that there were already two people in front of the door, so the culprit couldn't just have walked out like that, so I'll add this for the sake of completeness:

The murder happened quite a while before 1:15, so just leaving through the door unseen was possible. A gun was manipulated to go off near the crime scene to give the culprit an alibi at the time everyone showed up. Alternatively, something (like a recording) was used to give the wrong impression of a gunshot.
>> No. 20331 edit
File 14900557367.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
The Ange on Rokkenjima is not the same Ange as the one that died from blunt force trauma., unless you'd care to explain how she managed to travel 100 KM away from Rokkenjima during the time everyone was on the island.

Furthermore, since someone had to have killed Ange, and suicides/accidental deaths are not allowed, I claim that Imposter!Ange killed the real Ange prior to the start of the game, and took her place on the island.

Last edited at 17/03/20(Mon)17:22:16
>> No. 20333 edit
File 149012126060.png - (686.37KB , 1070x1162 , image.png )
For a moment, you could swear that in the place of this woman stands a figure similar in both complexion and stature - but fundementally different, somehow. But the moment fades quickly, and you're left only wondering where such a thought originated from.

"Well, come now. I admit it's a rather uninteresting part of the overall ordeal, but do give me some credit. The key to Krauss' room was not placed in it after the door was broken down! Fret not, I'm sure you'll get it soon enough." You get the feeling the witch was sincere when claiming the part to be uninteresting. "Now, onto more important things. The sound heard by everyone was caused by the murder weapon! The weapon in question was fired only once during the course of the story! That should, I think, end your fantasies of fake gunshots, should it not?"

"Such mistrust! Tsk, tsk. Where would the fun be if the solution was something as simple as that? The person on the rooftop was the same person perceived as and referred to as Ushiromiya Ange at earlier points in the story! In other words, I've simplified things. You don't have to worry your head about whether or not that was the true or fake Ange or if I've made some wordplay about the names or something of the sort. All that matters is - this person WAS on Rokkenjima, now they're on some rooftop far, far away!"

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)11:35:18
>> No. 20334 edit
File 14900557367.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
Regarding Krauss's death and locked room, there's a couple of things I'd like to get out of the way.

First, the key found in Krauss's room is the only means of locking and unlocking the door from the outside.

Second, the culprit was hiding inside the room at the time the door was broken down. Battler and Rudolf's investigation was either incomplete or Rudolf is unwillingly assisting in the murders.

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)11:54:35
>> No. 20335 edit
File 149012308734.jpg - (146.34KB , 850x781 , yuukagun.jpg )
Krauss locked the door himself. He was then killed by a gun-trap that wasn't found by Rudolf, or which Rudolf kept quiet about for whatever reason.
>> No. 20336 edit
File 149012352433.png - (205.11KB , 587x600 , image.png )
Once more, the image of the woman from before flashes before your eyes.

"I'll acknowledge it. The key found in Krauss's room is the only means of locking and unlocking the door from the outside.

As for your other issue - I remind you that one of the 13 characters listed at the start of the story must be the culprit. Every one of those 13 characters, save Kinzo, had gathered in front of the door after the gunshot. Therefore, how is it possible for the culprit to be hiding inside the room?

"As for that approach - at the time of Krauss' death, the door to his room was unlocked. I was tempted to say something like "after Krauss' death, the culprit was the one to lock the door", but then you could argue that's referring to after discovery and I didn't want to deal with that headache."

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)12:18:13
>> No. 20337 edit
File 14900557367.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
Intriguing. So, since all still living people on the island managed to gather outside Krauss's room before the door was broken down, and it's been stated in red that suicide is out of the question...

The culprit was not in Krauss's room at the time of the gunshot that caused Krauss's death.

Also, since you edited your post...
The culprit locked the door after Krauss's death, but before the corpse's discovery. Since it's been made clear the key was not placed inside the room after the door was broken down, and the door was indeed locked when Natsuhi tried to open it, there exists some "Escape Route X" that Battler and Rudolf's investigation didn't reveal.

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)12:27:14
>> No. 20338 edit
File 14901246246.jpg - (887.69KB , 2880x1800 , image.jpg )
The witch grins. "Au contraire, mon ami! The culprit was in the room at the time of the gunshot that killed Krauss! Of course, 'the room' referring to Krauss' room.

Your other point is one that must logically be true. The culprit locked the door sometime after Krauss' death but before the body's discovery. But alas, aside from the door and the window, there is no other way in or out of Krauss' room!"

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)12:32:08
>> No. 20340 edit
File 14900557367.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
Very well, since the key is the only means of locking or unlocking Krauss's door from the outside, this precludes the possibility of some "Device X" that can lock the door from the inside while the culprit is outside.

Ergo, the only method of escape the culprit had was to escape through the window.
>> No. 20341 edit
File 149012569333.jpg - (385.09KB , 1000x750 , image.jpg )
"Putting aside the still ever-present issue that everyone seemingly had an alibi at the time of the gunshot - let me remind you that Battler, the detective, was the person to examine the window and found it to be closed and locked. And I can assure you, that window can only be locked from inside the room!"
>> No. 20343 edit
File 14900557367.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
One more thing I'd like to confirm...
Since there is only one culprit, the culprit is the one who kills, and no suicides or accidental deaths are allowed, this means that the culprit is someone who is still alive at the story's end, thus eliminating Krauss, Kinzo, and Ange from suspicion. And of course, Battler is not the culprit.

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)13:04:48
>> No. 20344 edit
File 149012872536.png - (874.45KB , 1715x1136 , image.png )
"I acknowledge it. The culprit cannot be Battler, Ange, Kinzo or Krauss, and must be alive at the time of the game's end."
>> No. 20345 edit
File 14900557367.png - (59.33KB , 256x192 , TheDoctor's Portrait.png )
Regarding the alibis for Krauss's murder. It's said that no one can lie on the culprit's behalf. Does this include lies of omission? (e.g. The culprit gives themselves a fake alibi, and the person(s) the culprit claimed to be with don't object for whatever reason).

Regarding the room's escape route. The culprit was in Krauss's room at the time of the gunshot. The room was locked after the murder, but before the corpse's discovery. The key was not placed in the room after the corpse's discovery, and the window cannot be locked from the outside. In that case, the culprit shot Krauss, locked the door, escaped through the window, then locked the window from the inside after the door was broken down, but before Battler examined it.

There exists no method by which the key to Krauss's room can be placed on the dressing drawer from outside the room.
>> No. 20346 edit
File 149013029149.jpg - (47.23KB , 700x700 , yuukaglass.jpg )
This killer has no alibi
No matter what they say
At some time when they did not see
The culprit slipped away

The window was then left unlocked
And Battler failed to see
He really deserves to be mocked
His view not trustworthy

But then, he is reliable
So this we cannot say
So maybe, perhaps viable
there was another way

This Battler isn't really him
Please say it is not so
Because that would be rather dim
he puts on quite the show

>> No. 20347 edit
File 149013183077.png - (144.59KB , 376x408 , image.png )
"If the culprit had simply lied about having an alibi with person X, person X not pointing out that lie would make them an accomplice. In addition, had the culprit left person X's company in the span of time they'd confirmed each other's alibi for, person X would have definitely said as much. " The witch coughed. "God, what a shitty red. But you get the gist, right? Nobody could've just lied or gone along with the culprit making up an alibi, and nobody could've just failed to mention the interval of time the culprit was conveniently missing for.

Moving on!

Battler was the first person to examine the window after the door was broken down!

As for your last blue - I refuse to answer it, given that I did place that key there from outside. With magic, of course!"

"The narrator and the detective is the one and only Ushiromiya Battler! Straight-up lying to you ruins the fun, does it nooooot?!"
>> No. 20348 edit
File 149013647748.png - (51.00KB , 192x192 , IMG_0589.png )
Hmm. Alibis are looking pretty solid the way this has been presented. However, let's confirm one more thing...

Natsuhi and Rosa definitely would have noticed if anyone exited Krauss's room at the time everyone heard the gunshot.

Last edited at 17/03/21(Tue)16:20:36
>> No. 20349 edit
I acknowledge it. Natsuhi and Rosa definitely would have noticed if someone came out through the door at the time everyone heard the gunshot.
>> No. 20350 edit
File 14901383361.png - (250.91KB , 640x640 , yuuka5.png )
There's an impostor on the island. This impostor has an alibi, but that frees somebody up from the list to hide in Krauss's room.
>> No. 20351 edit
File 149013885982.png - (206.42KB , 587x600 , image.png )
"At no point in the game are there more than 13 people - 13 human bodies - on the island! Of course this could technically be exploited given that Ange disappears, giving room for a +1, but seeing as how it's the last crime, I'd say it denies the idea of your impostor well enough, wouldn't you say?"
>> No. 20352 edit
There are two other ways around the alibi situation I can think of.

The sound heard by everyone was caused by the murder weapon. The weapon in question was fired only once during the course of the story. However, prior to the start of the story, someone used the murder weapon to fire a blank, and they recorded that sound and played it back at the time Battler perceived as 1:1.5

Alternately, Krauss was shot prior to the start of the game. The Krauss Battler meets is either dying or an impostor. The murder weapon was then fired again at the time Battler perceived as 1:15.
>> No. 20353 edit
File 137055954725.png - (630.19KB , 907x1136 , image.png )
"Really caught up on that recording thing aren't ya? Well, apologies - but the gunshot heard was no recording. In addition, the person Battler had spoken to and was assumed to be Krauss was indeed Krauss! And it was his body that was found in the room!"
>> No. 20354 edit
Just to confirm, I hope you understand: "Dead" and "death" and all logical variations thereof refer to the point where all of a person's physical metabolic processes have ceased, as opposed to death of personality, wounded beyond point of saving, and similar.
>> No. 20355 edit
"I acknowledge it. 'Dead' and 'death' and all logical variations thereof refer to the point where all of a person's physical metabolic processes have ceased, as opposed to death of personality, wounded beyond point of saving, and similar. No dirty tricks to be found there."
>> No. 20356 edit
File 149013647748.png - (51.00KB , 192x192 , IMG_0589.png )
Requesting confirmation: The culprit was in Krauss's room at the time everyone heard the gunshot. The gunshot everyone heard was the same gunshot that killed Krauss.

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)09:10:10
>> No. 20357 edit
File 149013647748.png - (51.00KB , 192x192 , IMG_0589.png )
Actually, hold on a second...

The gunshot everyone heard did not kill Krauss. Krauss was killed with a different gun, probably with a silencer attached. But wait... wasn't the gunshot everyone heard caused by the murder weapon? Yes, but not the one that murdered Krauss. Using Method X, the culprit managed to use this gun to produce a gunshot. It was then used later to bludgeon Ange to death, thus satisfying the "murder weapon" and "only fired once during the course of the story" conditions.

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)10:17:32
>> No. 20358 edit
File 149020522895.png - (211.48KB , 479x600 , be3_a13_akuwarai2.png )
The image of the familiar figure, at long last, fades completely into the depths of your subconsciousness, and you're left entirely with the woman that initiated this entire twisted ordeal.

"For the first request - I naturally refuse." she says, without much hesitation. "After all, consider your situation." she gestures over to the chessboard between you. "The problem at this stage is figuring out which of the two things are questionable - the alibi or the gunshot. Answering your request would solve half the problem and give you a pretty big advantage of me. And we simply can't have that, can we? As for your other request, I'd say it ties into the theory you presented afterwards, so I think I'll just deal with them both at once..."

"The gunshot heard by everyone was caused by the murder weapon that killed Krauss - and only Krauss! I think that, coupled with my previous reds, makes your theory fall apart quite nicely, wouldn't you agree, old sport?"

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)10:54:27
>> No. 20359 edit
I'll say it again. The gunshot that killed Krauss shot him before the story began. Somehow, Krauss survived long enough to talk to Battler, and died sometime after due to the gunshot wound. This satisfies the "weapon used to kill Krauss, and only Krauss, was fired only once during the course of the story." condition.

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)11:13:22
>> No. 20361 edit
File 149020724485.png - (233.09KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai5.png )
Your blue takes aim, fires...

...And stops inches away from the witch's face.

"Now we're getting interesting. Sure. I'll allow it! For now, at least.

But you understand the ridiculous proposition, do you not? Krauss wouldn't have exactly just done nothing for essentially over a day with a gunshot wound in him. It's something he definitely would've noticed, no matter how hard the culprit might've tried.

And what about the locked room?

And what about the actual gunshot heard?"

You get the feeling that you should tread carefully now...
>> No. 20362 edit
Ridiculous as it may be, let's run with this for a moment...
The culprit was in the room at the time of the gunshot that killed Krauss! Of course, 'the room' referring to Krauss' room.
If the gunshot that (eventually) killed Krauss took place before the story, then there should be no problem with this...
The gunshot people heard was caused by Device X, firing the gun a second time. The culprit managed to place the key in the room after locking it from the outside by using Method X to place the key on the dresser. Perhaps a hole in the wall or ceiling would suffice.

As for how Krauss could have been shot and not mentioned anything...
Krauss was actually shot a long time ago. The culprit was unknown at the time. He survived, but they couldn't remove the bullet fragments from his chest. Ever since then, those bullet fragments have been a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off. On the day of the conference, the fragments finally nicked something important, leading to his death.
So as not to make this reliant on coincidence, we'll say that the culprit possessed some way of manipulating the fragments, perhaps by putting Krauss through a great deal of stress, beating him up, or some Method X that I haven't thought of yet.

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)11:52:33
>> No. 20363 edit
File 149020923130.png - (233.62KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai4.png )
Your blue steak expands, shakes violently -- and then shatters in front of the woman's face.

And yet...

"<Well done!> Granted, I'm not a fan of your overuse of 'Method X', but pushing and demanding any further than this would be silly semantics at this point. The mechanics of the murder were figured out and that's good enough for me. Don't think I'll let it slide on other occasions, though.

Indeed - Krauss was shot a long, long time ago. He survived, but the bullet could not be successfully extracted from his chest at the time, and was thus, as you say, a ticking time bomb. The rest of the logic develops from there. Regarding how his death came to pass... well, that's not relevant to disproving my existence, so I won't pressure you with that either, for the time being. As for the gunshot - your 'device' can be found in the story, if you care enough to find it. As for the key - I would've honestly accepted any explanation. That was only in play as long as you didn't hit the heart of the problem.

Thus, the first murder is solved." The witch cackles. Despite all that taunting from before, she seems... almost delighted you'd solved the riddle. How bizarre.

Something also still seems amiss, but... you can't tell what it is at the moment. It's probably best to just continue on as she suggests.

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)12:01:26
>> No. 20364 edit
File 149021492178.png - (134.49KB , 256x192 , Velvet Room Igor.png )
Moving on to Kinzo's locked room for the time being...
Erika's seals are not absolute. There's another route in and out of the room that she failed to find.

No one but the culprit would have moved Kinzo's corpse.
>> No. 20365 edit

The culprit is Erika.

She was brought to the island to care for Krauss' gunshot wound. The reason he was in his room all day was he was recovering from surgery. However, she used the opportunity to dislodge fragments or otherwise create complications that led to his death.

She confirmed his death prior to playing cards with the maids, locking the door on the way out and getting the key on the dresser using the string-under-the-door method. She set the gun to go off using the egg timer.

Kinzo was playing the witch in Battler's room for some different plot that he was planning to use Erika for but that Erika altered without his knowledge. Due to that, she was able to catch him as he tried to sneak back to his study in disguise. While Battler and Erika were delayed outside, he quickly stashed his disguise, but in the bathroom encountered a variation of a spring-loaded knife trap Erika had set in anticipation, likely using the necklace.

The body was removed while Erika was supposedly helping to gather people. This was done by using the fact that the bottom half of the door could move without disturbing the top half.

It is admitted that her group does not have airtight alibis for the time of Ange's death. She used a master key she'd pickpocketed from one of the maids to hide in Ange's room, anticipating she'd come for medicine. When Ange was alone she struck, killing her and tossing her out the window before locking it and leaving the room, locking it behind her.

Outside, she tied Ange's body to a large balloon and released it, allowing the strong winds mentioned to carry it to a city on the mainland a few hours later.

Erika is Battler's long-lost sister. Ange was killed out of jealousy, and she made him the culprit in her theories to drive a wedge between him and his family. She was in her mother's (not Kyrie's) womb when Krauss was initially shot.

>> No. 20366 edit
File 149022261676.png - (230.67KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_fukigen3.png )
"I'm having some trouble determining what you mean by 'absolute'. They are absolute in the sense that, they cannot be broken or secretly replaced to be considered 'unbroken'. For the time being, I have to consider the point of whether or not it was the culprit that moved the body irrelevant, until you can give me a theory that would require me to conclusively confirm or deny it. As it stands, neither assertion contributes to a theory of how it could've been done."


"Ushiromiya Kinzo was not killed by a trap or any such remote-activated device.

Kinzo was not the person Battler saw in his room.

I mean... seriously. Don't think even Kinzo could've pulled that one off.

Battler had Erika in his sights from the time they discovered Kinzo's corpse to the time he passed out.

Neither Genji, Sanon or Asune gave, lost, or had their master keys stolen from them during the course of the game.

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)15:49:48
>> No. 20367 edit
File 149022678966.jpg - (67.46KB , 510x600 , yuuka3.jpg )
There's a secret room on the top floor connected to both the hallway and Kinzo's study. (sorta hinted at by the general layout of the top floor, lack of a window in the hallway and Kinzo's note- which suggests a secret hiding place)

I hope I won't have to elaborate to get that one denied.
>> No. 20368 edit
File 149023441926.png - (231.05KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"There are no secret passages between Kinzo's study and the hallway. And for that matter, there are no secret passages leading in or out of Kinzo's study to begin with."

[Edited because I realized that I accidentally said that there were no passages between the study and the hallway. Considering there's the door, that's pretty wrong. Whoops.]

Last edited at 17/03/23(Thu)03:26:16
>> No. 20369 edit
File 149023602490.png - (2.20MB , 1061x1500 , yuuka4.png )
That still leaves the possibility of a secret room in the hallway that isn't connected to Kinzo's study.

The culprit killed Kinzo and learned about this.

They then fled there after being spotted, causing Battler and Erika to assume they ran into the study.

After the inspection, the culprit simply re-entered through the door without breaking the seal. The door was actually still damaged from when it was broken down - so they could just take it off its hinges or something, leaving the seal on the other side of the frame intact. They removed Kinzo and restored the door to a decent state afterwards.

>> No. 20370 edit
File 149021492178.png - (134.49KB , 256x192 , Velvet Room Igor.png )
Without Battler noticing, someone managed to move Kinzo's body before Erika sealed the room. For obvious reasons, this takes place after the red that states Ushiromiya Kinzo is dead! The cause of his death was a knife wound to the chest! There is nobody hiding in the study! Aside from Erika, Battler and Kinzo's corpse, no other human exists in the study!

Last edited at 17/03/22(Wed)22:02:56
>> No. 20371 edit
File 149026438181.png - (230.48KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_def1.png )
"I don't need to deny the theory on the hidden room for the time being. Let's be more simple than that. The structural damage to the door was minor. It is still impossible to remove it from its hinges from the outside!"

"Kinzo's body was still in the study when Battler and Erika left!"
>> No. 20372 edit
Hoh? If that's the case, contradict this, if you can.
Kinzo's body was still in the study when Battler and Erika returned.
>> No. 20373 edit
File 149028412952.png - (232.93KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai2.png )
"I'll take that action.

Kinzo's body was NOT in the study when Battler and Erika returned!"
>> No. 20374 edit
File 149029141531.png - (78.46KB , 250x250 , 250px-Layton_Logo.png )
If that's the case, there was at least one entrance/exit from the study that Erika's duct tape seals failed to cover, either accidentally or intentionally.

Last edited at 17/03/23(Thu)10:50:16
>> No. 20375 edit
File 149029620416.png - (231.92KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai3.png )
"Erika's seals covered all of the entrances and exits leading from or to the study."

Last edited at 17/03/23(Thu)12:10:31
>> No. 20376 edit
File 14903018452.gif - (124.48KB , 256x192 , Battler-Right.gif )
Aside from Erika, Battler and Kinzo's corpse, no other human exists in the study!

I can't help but notice there's no comma between Battler and Kinzo; therefore, Battler and Kinzo's corpse refer to the same human body.

On that note, this is likely a minor semantics issue, but since no other human exists in the study,Kinzo's corpse could have easily disappeared if there was an animal in the study. For example, there could have been an anaconda in the study that swallowed Kinzo after Battler and Erika left, but before they returned, all without breaking the seals. The anaconda could have been in one of the rooms Erika checked, so for whatever reason, she failed to notice or mention its presence.
>> No. 20377 edit
File 149020923130.png - (233.62KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai4.png )
"A... A... Ana..."

The witch looks at you - amazed, simply put.

"Pfft... Pfffthahahahahahaha!

An anaconda! I love it! I loveitIloveitIloveitIloveiiiiit! Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Kyahahahahaha! It's so good!

...You're getting creative. I'm starting to like that. But the joke's, in the end, on you, I'm afraid, since there were no animals in the study when Battler and Erika left. Or at any point afterwards, for that matter. I would just flat-out wipe out all anacondas on the island, but if it means getting theories as entertaining as these -- it would be doing a disservice to the world!

And, of course - 'Kinzo's body' refers to the body of Ushiromiya Kinzo! Ushiromiya Battler is not Ushiromiya Kinzo!"
>> No. 20378 edit
File 149030831753.png - (1.05MB , 1920x1080 , c_e0103_la.png )
Kinzo's body was removed from the study indirectly. For example, there was a remote controlled vat of acid that spilled onto Kinzo and dissolved his body while Battler and Erika were gone.
>> No. 20379 edit
File 149031114890.png - (211.19KB , 481x600 , be3_a12_fukigen3.png )
"You should be aware at this point that I won't just settle for 'direct' or 'indirect' moving. 'Method X' won't get you out of this one. Kinzo's body was not dissolved in acid. If you're going to think that level of crazy, I would suggest you first eliminate the options that should've left huge and obvious traces behind them. Such as - well - that one. Would save us both some time. Not that the method is on that level, just to be clear. But a suggestion."
>> No. 20380 edit
File 149031399913.png - (61.26KB , 256x192 , Contradiction.png )
It's possible to move a body through the study windows without breaking Erika's seals by carefully popping them off their tracks, then carefully replacing them afterwards.
>> No. 20381 edit
File 149020724485.png - (233.09KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai5.png )
Your blue barely manages to get to the other side of the desk before being crushed to bits. "The windows cannot be popped off their tracks!" The witch giggles. "I wonder... with all these reds, am I tying the noose tighter around your neck... or mine...?"
>> No. 20382 edit
File 149031555728.png - (50.68KB , 256x192 , Monokuma.png )
The glass can be removed from the window frame without breaking the seals.
>> No. 20383 edit
File 149031580994.png - (92.25KB , 308x278 , show.png )
"Instead of arguing, how about I just show you?

These are the kind of windows in Kinzo's study!"
>> No. 20384 edit
File 149032456143.png - (844.02KB , 1073x600 , IMG_0616.png )
The culprit possessed a remote controlled robot which happened to be the cloaked figure Battler chased into the study. After the room was sealed, the culprit used the robot to cut Kinzo's body into tiny pieces and wash them down the bathtub drain.

Alternately, there was a man eating plant in the study, situated on a remote control cart. The cart was moved to Kinzo after Battler and Erika left, after which, the man eating plant ate Kinzo's corpse, and was moved back to its original position.

Last edited at 17/03/23(Thu)20:02:41
>> No. 20385 edit
File 149033353467.png - (84.88KB , 256x192 , Study Lights.png )
In addition to the above, since I'm still waiting on a response...

The culprit stabbed Kinzo outside the study. Kinzo then rushed to the study, in hopes that he'd be safer there, but alas, the knife wound was lethal, and Kinzo died shortly after entering the room. With the autolock mechanism in place, that solves the first half of the locked room mystery.
>> No. 20386 edit
File 149034854723.png - (209.12KB , 479x600 , be3_a13_def1.png )
"The figure Battler and Erika saw running up the stairs was human! This fact did not change at any point. Now, to save your reasoning some time -- after Kinzo's death, his body was not damaged in any way. This includes being dissolved in acid, eaten by animals or plants, having his body parts torn up or anything else of the sort. If you still wish to proceed with this sort of line of reasoning because you think me not mentioning something specific is cause for suspicion - be my guest! But don't blame me if you end up chasing your tail in the end!"

"I'm afraid you're fighting for a piece of the battlefield that was already yours to begin with. Recall the auto-lock. As Erika herself said in the story, with it, the locked room becomes quite simple, does it not?"

Last edited at 17/03/24(Fri)03:21:25
>> No. 20387 edit
The corpse seen in the room was not Ushiromiya Kinzo's corpse.

Kinzo's corpse was moved into the bathroom or bedroom and concealed there. Erika lied about not finding Kinzo. The bathroom or bedroom or both do not count as being in the study.

>> No. 20388 edit
File 149036429291.png - (211.53KB , 481x600 , be3_a12_akuwarai1.png )
"The corpse seen in the room was Ushiromiya Kinzo's! And, just to be clear - the study consists of the main room, bathroom and bedroom!"
>> No. 20389 edit
File 149036629892.jpg - (1.51MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0126.jpg )
The entire window frame, seals and all, was removed from the wall, then replaced before Battler and Erika returned
>> No. 20390 edit
File 149036758075.png - (209.93KB , 479x600 , be3_a13_odoroki1.png )
The witch sighs. "None of the windows were removed from their frames. I might be a nasty witch, but I would've at least given you some leeway earlier when you suggested removing the glass or popping them off their tracks and accepted either of them as being close enough. I'm no nitpicker. Once the mechanics of a trick are figured out, the small details stop mattering to me."

The witch's eyes suddenly widen.

"N-Not that there is a trick, of course! This was all done by magic!"
>> No. 20391 edit
there was no opening in the room with that Erica did not cover with duct tape, however, the killer made a brand-new opening in the room after Erika sealed the doors and windows, then covered up the new opening to where it was indistinguishable from the way it originally looked.
>> No. 20392 edit
File 149029620416.png - (231.92KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai3.png )
"The only ways in and out of the study were the door and the windows. This fact changed at no point through the course of the game."

Last edited at 17/03/24(Fri)09:22:53
>> No. 20393 edit
File 149013647748.png - (51.00KB , 192x192 , IMG_0589.png )
The corpse mover cut a hole in the door, around the lock and duct tape seal, so the door could be opened regardless of the seal's existence. After moving Kinzo's body, the mover then used super glue to get the door stuck back together.
>> No. 20394 edit
File 149037400542.png - (209.27KB , 479x600 , be3_a13_fuman3.png )
"No holes or additional passageways were made to the door."
>> No. 20395 edit
Just to be clear, Kinzo's body could only have been removed from the study via the door, the windows, or with magic.
>> No. 20396 edit
File 149020724485.png - (233.09KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_akuwarai5.png )
"I think I will <refuse> to answer that one, for the time being. I've been getting a bit trigger-happy with these reds and you've been tootin' the same horn. If I say 'yes', you'll just pester me about ways I could've wordplayed and created a 'new window' or a 'new door that's still somehow just a single door'. If I say 'no', you'll continue to try and work around the red about no secret passages. I've confirmed that the only entrances and exits out of the room were the door and the window and that that fact changed at no point. This prevents any additional passageways being made. Likewise, I've confirmed that Kinzo's body was not damaged in any way after his death. In other words, he could've have exactly just melted. With the way your current line of reasoning is going, when you couple these facts together -- it would appear that Kinzo... had simply stopped existing!

Oooh, I wonder... Is that a hint I've just thrown in there? Or perhaps a subtle way to tell you to perhaps change your line of reasoning?

My, my... I must say, either way, that I'm surprised this little conundrum is giving you this much trouble! Pfft... Khyahahahahahaha!"
>> No. 20397 edit
File 14903813878.jpg - (60.19KB , 338x600 , IMG_0568.jpg )
The study Battler and Erika returned to is not the same one they left from. The other study is identical, including duct tape seals that Erika could have placed before she and Battler entered the first study. The main difference between the rooms is the lack of Kinzo's corpse in the second.
>> No. 20398 edit
Kinzo Ushiromiya came back to life and hid under the bed, so his corpse stopped existing. Erika lied about not finding him.
>> No. 20399 edit
Sorry, it's already said that Kinzo's body was NOT in the study when Battler and Erika returned! It wasn't specifically restricted to his corpse.

Last edited at 17/03/24(Fri)14:52:11
>> No. 20400 edit
File 149039946749.png - (209.60KB , 479x600 , be3_a13_odoroki2.png )
"I see we're going that route now. Well, I can see several ways in which a prolonged discussion could come out of this, so let's just... get rid of them all in one go! The door Erika had put her seals on was the exact same door Battler unlocked upon them returning. The windows Erika had put her seals on were the exact same ones Battler opened when checking if the body was outside. There is only one room in the mansion referred to as 'Kinzo's study'. Kinzo's study is located on the top floor of the mansion, as stated in the narration. And, just to be absolutely sure -- the room Battler and Erika had found Kinzo's body was, indeed, Kinzo's study! The room they returned to was, you guessed it - Kinzo's study!"

"Indeed, as pointed out, the blue is flawed. But I want to take this opportunity to make it clear that dead people can't come back to life."
>> No. 20401 edit
There was a trap door underneath Kinzo. Kinzo fell through the trap door that led to a secret compartment that is considered "outside" the study, but the secret compartment is a dead end, so it doesn't technically break any reds. I say this because Let their blood seep onto the weak ground you stand on,
>> No. 20402 edit
File 149044817477.png - (231.19KB , 587x600 , be3_a11_aseru1.png )
"No such trapdoor or compartment exist. I... would give something that spans a wide arrange of possible things similar to this and deny it all in one go, but at this point I'm, uh, kinda running out of ideas on how to generalize this sort of stuff."
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