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File 134963918072.jpg - (107.58KB , 600x800 , Ushiromiya_Rudolf_full_79291.jpg )
20650 No. 20650 edit
Figured a game was in order. It's that time of year, after all.

Simple blue versus red.

I will accept any and all opponents.

A man lies dead in a room. There is 1 door leading outside and it is closed and locked. There is 1 window leading outside and it is closed and locked.
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>> No. 20651 edit
File 150725876475.jpg - (1.92MB , 1920x1080 , eva.jpg )
The man carries a key upon his person!
>> No. 20652 edit
File 131794550038.png - (161.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia1.png )
Dry ice. Next.
>> No. 20653 edit
The only key that can unlock the room in inside the room, in the dead man's pocket.

There was no dry ice involved in this murder.

>> No. 20654 edit
File 147590083828.jpg - (11.68KB , 320x173 , conan blue.jpg )
He was injured elsewhere and came here to hide, locking the entrances then dying.
>> No. 20655 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
The man wasn't murdered.
>> No. 20656 edit
File 150725914167.jpg - (555.66KB , 1280x720 , eva2.jpg )
The man was poisoned! He locked himself in before the poison took effect.
>> No. 20657 edit
File 150725924889.jpg - (53.58KB , 250x350 , 2755.jpg )
The man was not injured outside the room.

It was the deliberate act of another that directly led to the death of the man.
>> No. 20658 edit
File 150725936771.png - (141.08KB , 500x480 , mar_w12.png )
There is no blood on the man nor on the floor

Last edited at 17/10/05(Thu)20:09:27
>> No. 20659 edit
File 150725936469.jpg - (24.23KB , 225x350 , 59941.jpg )
You're saying he was poisoned before entering the room but it had a delayed reaction causing him to die later?

The man was not poisoned outside the room.
>> No. 20660 edit
File 150725945919.jpg - (53.13KB , 1280x720 , it's trap.jpg )
>> No. 20661 edit
File 135656702519.jpg - (19.23KB , 210x240 , char_34451.jpg )
The cause of death or wound that lead to death wouldn't be visible if we could see the body.
>> No. 20662 edit
Blood? It's all over the floor.
>> No. 20663 edit
A cursory glance would allow you to discern the location of damage.

Last edited at 17/10/05(Thu)20:15:04
>> No. 20664 edit
File 150725985182.jpg - (21.52KB , 479x362 , conan.jpg )
The room is collapsible, causing the person inside to be crushed. It can be triggered from the outside.
>> No. 20665 edit
File 150725985117.png - (0.97MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_34.png )
The room was one of those garbage compactor like rooms where the walls or floor/ceiling come in at you. Thus the man was crushed to death.
>> No. 20666 edit
The murderer has never been in the closed room. Wouldn't it be impossible for them to have set a trap?
>> No. 20667 edit
No room collapsing occurred.

The man was not crushed to death.
>> No. 20668 edit
File 150726005265.jpg - (42.34KB , 1280x720 , serveimage.jpg )
The culprit used a snake. He never entered the room personally. But you never said the man was not poisoned -inside- the room.
>> No. 20669 edit
File 137740301056.png - (902.80KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_18.png )
The culprit shot something into the room from the outside. Be it a bullet, electromagnetic radiation, or a potato.
>> No. 20670 edit
File 143935906961.png - (1.30MB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mh5s65EHXt1s373sfo1_1280.png )
The man was shot through the window, shattering it but leaving it closed and locked.
>> No. 20671 edit
The murderer did not use a snake.
>> No. 20672 edit
File 150726023971.png - (85.33KB , 904x554 , Ougon-rudolph.png )
The culprit did not launch any projectiles into the room.

The window is undamaged. The walls and the door are as well. As is the ceiling and the floor.
>> No. 20673 edit
File 150726024256.jpg - (75.35KB , 1280x720 , eva4.jpg )
Repeat it in red! The man was not poisoned inside the room!
>> No. 20674 edit
The murderer did not put a poison in the room.
>> No. 20675 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
The room itself is the weapon. Like a giant microwave.
>> No. 20676 edit
File 147590607156.jpg - (25.98KB , 640x360 , 11strikerc21e3bdbb6fd526658890605aa18972bd5073651.jpg )
The man died of starvation/thirst. The door and window were blocked from the outside so he couldn't escape even with the key.
>> No. 20677 edit
The room itself was not the cause of death.

The victim did not die from lack of food or water.
>> No. 20678 edit
File 150726049322.jpg - (61.20KB , 896x504 , eva5.jpg )
Repeat my last blue using the exact wording I provided!
>> No. 20679 edit
File 130862896113.png - (65.31KB , 347x480 , ozaki_waraia2.png )
Something left in the room, or purposely set up in the room is what caused the man to die.
>> No. 20680 edit
File 14759483818.jpg - (4.79KB , 122x85 , conan determined.jpg )
The room was on fire. He couldn't reach either exit and burned to death.
>> No. 20681 edit
Tch, fine.

The man was poisoned inside the room.
>> No. 20682 edit
The murderer has never been in the closed room. How could they have caused such a thing?

The room has never been on fire.
>> No. 20683 edit
File 150726083079.jpg - (15.75KB , 400x400 , b73cccc16d5ffa18773a1fd2d7dec25f_400x400.jpg )

The poison was a gas piped in.
>> No. 20684 edit
File 132116397839.png - (21.49KB , 217x157 , ozaki_heh.png )
Poison gas. Hopefully not that one trick where he dies from CO2 poisoning from lack of air.
>> No. 20685 edit
There is no such pipe or method that could be used to pipe poison gas into the room from outside.

The victim did not die from lack of air or CO2 poisoning.
>> No. 20686 edit
File 150726115776.jpg - (6.96KB , 200x114 , 200px-Conan_singing.jpg )

A contact poison was smeared on the key.
>> No. 20687 edit
File 150726120388.png - (191.25KB , 640x420 , eva6.png )
Some sort of ordinarily non lethal element came in contact with another one inside the room, creating a poisonous mixture that caused the death of the man.
>> No. 20688 edit
File 141023347787.png - (557.83KB , 1058x591 , ozaki_gif_2.png )
The room was build around the poison with the man inside.
>> No. 20689 edit
No contact poison was used.
>> No. 20690 edit
No chemical reaction took place that would produce a poisonous gas.

The room was not built around the man and/or poison
>> No. 20691 edit
File 150726139964.jpg - (9.29KB , 144x144 , conan icon.jpg )

The location of the damage was visible. Thereby, we can infer that the area where the poison entered is visible. Thereby, injection. Brought into the room himself.

The man overdosed.

>> No. 20692 edit
Nothing was injected into the victim.
>> No. 20693 edit
File 150726157786.jpg - (63.01KB , 500x500 , eva7.jpg )
Fine, I'll be more specific. There was no need for an actual chemical reaction producing poison gas. It would have been simpler. Like the victim pouring himself some alcohol in a glass with sedatives residue. Something like that.

Last edited at 17/10/05(Thu)20:47:54
>> No. 20694 edit
File 150726162882.png - (567.69KB , 884x768 , ozaki_133.png )
...It's not a gas chamber.
>> No. 20695 edit
You're saying that an otherwise safe-to-ingest fluid became dangerous because of overdose? No such overdose of an otherwise safe-to-ingest fluid occurred.

It is not a gas chamber.
>> No. 20696 edit
File 137739922746.png - (1.05MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_5.png )
The man died from asbestos poisoning. The people who build the house deliberately used it and thus caused the man's death.
>> No. 20697 edit
File 150718507756.jpg - (28.03KB , 275x345 , 275px-Conan_Edogawa_Profile.jpg )

OD'd on oral drugs, recreational or prescription. To make it murder by another, the dosage was deliberately altered.
>> No. 20698 edit
The murderer had no hand in the construction of the room. Asbestos was not involved.

Last edited at 17/10/05(Thu)20:55:32
>> No. 20699 edit
No drugs were involved.
>> No. 20700 edit
File 147579026863.jpg - (75.70KB , 585x476 , Conan.jpg )
He died of blood poisoning, after one of his organs ruptured or failed.
>> No. 20701 edit
File 150726229165.jpg - (819.59KB , 1600x900 , eva8.jpg )
It seems giving you leeway was a mistake. Repeat exactly this: no two elements inside the room came into contact with each other thereby creating a third element which poisoned the victim.
>> No. 20702 edit
Very well. No two elements inside the room came into contact with each other thereby creating a third element which poisoned the victim.
>> No. 20703 edit
Blood poisoning was not the cause of death.
>> No. 20704 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
The blood on the floor wasn't directly caused by the poisoning. It wasn't the man's blood, or otherwise they bled from an additional wound regardless of the poison.
>> No. 20705 edit
File 15072627985.jpg - (36.52KB , 627x480 , eva9.jpg )
My last blue was poorly worded, now that I think about it. How about exactly this? No two elements inside the room came in contact with each other thereby poisoning the victim when he came in contact with their mixture.
>> No. 20706 edit
The poison and the blood are directly related.
>> No. 20707 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
The poison was already in the room when the man entered and the door was locked.
>> No. 20708 edit
File 144288086640.jpg - (14.95KB , 299x251 , conan2.jpg )

The man died from absolutely massive food poisoning from very undercooked meats.
>> No. 20709 edit
Tch. I refuse.

But the culprit has never been inside the room. How could they have set up such a mixture to take place?
>> No. 20710 edit
The poison was not in the room prior to the victim's entrance.

The man did not die from food poisoning.
>> No. 20711 edit
I wish to state this with more specificity. The blood on the floor was directly caused by the poison.
>> No. 20712 edit
File 147586688431.png - (91.59KB , 248x186 , conan scary.png )

The murderer splashed ammonia into the room. Then the servant came along to clean the room. They used bleach. Chloramine gas was produced. Death.

Last edited at 17/10/05(Thu)21:17:49
>> No. 20713 edit
File 150726339516.jpg - (377.84KB , 901x1280 , eva10.jpg )
The culprit could have given both elements or just one of them (the second element was already inside the room) for the unsuspecting victim to bring inside the room with him. The two elements then came in contact through the actions of the victim.

Last edited at 17/10/05(Thu)21:18:31
>> No. 20714 edit
No chemical reaction took place that would produce a poisonous gas.
>> No. 20715 edit
File 132444847596.jpg - (82.06KB , 800x600 , Ushiromiya_Rudolf_full_79290.jpg )
Correct. The culprit induced the victim to open a poisonous bottle of fiber glass resin inside the non-ventilated room.

The fumes from the fluid mixed in with the air and microscopic glass shards tore the victim's lungs apart from the inside. Needless to say the coughing caused contractions which exacerbated the injuries. Coughs heaps of blood on the floor, death very soon followed.

Don't ever believe someone when they tell you its safe to "use some chemical indoors."
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