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File 152937013212.png - (216.43KB , 392x529 , Gap_a13_akuwarai3.png )
21159 No. 21159 edit

"Riiche! Riiche, hold up!" called Gaap, stopping Beatrice's escape attempt to a nice spa.

Sighing, Beatrice turned around. "Yes?"

Gaap, suddenly confronted, looked a little lost for words. "Well, I was just wondering if you had some time to think about my proposal?"

Beatrice frowned thoughtfully. "Which one was that again?"

The demon sighed. "You know. I mean, yeah, it's great that we're putting on the shows that we've been doing, but we should bring in something flashier, something hip, something..."

"Commercial?" the witch completed, dryly.

"Your word, not mine," said Gaap, grinning mischievously.

The witch sighed in an exaggerated manner. "Come on, Gaap, you know I don't like pulling cheap tricks to broaden my appeal..."


"That was art! Plus, you should have seen Goat-kun's face..."

"Twine Ball."

"A homage to a classic of the genre!"

"Come on, Riiche! We can't just keep doing the same old boards and expect the audience to keep coming back. We need a fresh twist!"

Beatrice frowned, then winked. "Gotcha, you old prankster. I agree with you. I've been working on a new idea for a bit now, that I think is something like you had in mind." She pulled a script out from behind her back. "I'm calling in an old friend, and we're going to put on a show like we've never done before."

Gaap looked at the title, then at Beatrice. "Seriously? You know him?"

Beatrice smirked. "And I make sure to see him once a year. He's already agreed. We're going to need some serious makeup, though. He's...changed, since those days."

Gaap flipped through the script, and grinned. "I think we'll manage. This should be fun." The two friends laughed together, walking down the hall.

Two months later, the stage was set, the actors were ready, and the guest star stood on stage, ready to begin. The lights came up. The show began.

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>> No. 21203 edit
File 153609342522.png - (161.53KB , 562x600 , But_b25_futeki1.png )

Heh, keep pretending all you want! It's obvious I got ya there!

Third twilight! The culprit killed Krauss while the Doctor and Jessica were at the chapel! Then hurriedly digged a ditch, threw him in and pierced his head with the gardening stake. The shovel the Doctor noticed was the one used for that.

Oh, and while at it, the culprit killed Kanon too, dumped his body in the boiler room, put Kinzo in the furnace, and even prepared the trap that would later kill Kumasawa. Plenty of time to do all of that!
>> No. 21236 edit
File 15361933974.png - (187.85KB , 481x600 , bea_a32_futeki1.png )

"Hoh?" said Beatrice. "Think you're on a roll, do you? Remember, though, the shovel wasn't the only thing of note about the area around the body! If the ditch had been dug while the Doctor was at the chapel, after the rain had stopped, there shouldn't have been the amount of rainwater found around the body. That should make the time a bit clearer to you, shouldn't it, detective?"

The witch grinned, like the cat who ate the canary.
>> No. 21237 edit
File 153619456783.png - (162.34KB , 562x600 , But_b25_odoroki1.png )

I remember all too well. I remember the Doctor taking note of "some long garden hoses"! The water in the ditch was not rainwater at all! It came from the water supply!
>> No. 21241 edit
File 153628137710.png - (190.55KB , 481x600 , bea_a32_akuwarai2.png )

The witch looked shocked, then looked down. "It's...true. The hoses could have been used to fill up the ditch with water..." She sighed and began to look listless. "Hoses are useful like that. You can do other stuff too..." she trailed off.

Then she looked up. "Like tie nooses with them! The garden hoses were not used to fill the ditch by the shed!"
>> No. 21243 edit
File 153632868653.png - (175.72KB , 500x600 , But_b22_odoroki1.png )

Then, how about this! Water from the garden pots outside the shed was used to fill the ditch. The pots were then refilled with water from the hoses!
>> No. 21261 edit
File 153638379792.png - (204.97KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_1_def3.png )

Beatrice kept cackling for a bit, letting it gradually die down. She waved her hand dismissively as she calmed, finally saying, "Yes, yes, you seem to have an answer for anything. Anything to keep this fantasy of yours that he died after the rain paused alive, it seems. I grow tired of this spot, though. Really it wasn't my favorite killing, I just enjoyed the novelty of making the outside world a locked room."

She regained her composure, and grinned a predatory grin. "So I refuse to deny that blue...for now. Look forward to a response later though... So! What shall you prod at next, detective?"
>> No. 21263 edit
File 153636642997.png - (175.25KB , 500x600 , But_b22_futeki3.png )

The outside world was a closed room? Bah, someone's just lying.

I won't prod at anything new. I've already presented a hypothesis for the fifth, sixth, and seventh twilights. Won't you be kind enough to address it, witch?

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>> No. 21275 edit
File 153663960649.png - (205.63KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_futeki1.png )

"So...it sounds like you feel that you've got it all figured out, eh?" said the witch, slowly. "I suppose it's time to take off the kid gloves then. Here's some red to keep in mind, detective..."

She looked the detective in the eye, and then fired shot after shot of red.

First Twilight: Neither Nanjo nor Krauss locked the parlor door. At no point were any of the victims hidden in Kinzo's study (either living or dead).

Second twilight: Rudolf's watch was indeed smashed and stopped in the scuffle with the culprit. The culprit did not tamper with it afterwards.

Fourth twilight: The garden hoses were never used!

"And lastly..."

There were no accomplices! The definition of accomplice is one who knows the culprit's identity and knowingly aids in their scheme!

She exhales. "Very well, detective. Give me a cohesive blue, taking into account all that, and maybe I'll let you take a shot at the culprit."
>> No. 21278 edit
File 153666582671.png - (182.55KB , 594x600 , But_a11_aseru5.png )

No accomplices??? That's impossible! It can't happen! How did-

Heh. Of course. I was looking at it the wrong way! I expected an accomplice where I didn't need one!

But that won't come in play just yet. Back to the fourth twilight! Krauss was killed during the time the Doctor would have been sleeping. The culprit slipped out, killed him, then returned. After all, Krauss left the mansion "30 minutes" before the Doctor's group arrived. I can't imagine the walk from the guesthouse to the mansion taking more than 5 minutes, and Jessica would have woken the Doctor up pretty quickly once the eye hit. Therefore, the culprit had about 20 minutes to kill Krauss and prepare the scene.

And that leaves even more time for the culprit to prepare the fifth, sixth and seventh twilights during the eye of the storm, as I reasoned earlier.
>> No. 21287 edit
File 153679793313.png - (205.12KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_1_majime7.png )

"That would make it far too easy, wouldn't you think?"

From the time the Doctor and the others entered the guesthouse and locked it to the time that they all left again to go to the mansion, the only human who could have left the mansion or the guesthouse was Krauss.
>> No. 21290 edit
File 15366669206.png - (180.74KB , 594x600 , But_a11_futeki3.png )

Indeed, it would be far too easy that way. But all this red you've given me narrows everything down so much.

Krauss dug the ditch himself while it was still raining, but the culprit killed him while the Doctor and Jessica were occupied with the chapel.

Unless of course Krauss faked his death using a dummy corpse, but my money's not on that. Maybe he was planning to do that, but the culprit got to him first.
>> No. 21291 edit
File 153638379792.png - (204.97KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_1_def3.png )

"It is so lovely when an opponent thinks they have you beat, but slowly begin to realize they've backed themselves into a corner," chuckled Beatrice softly.

Krauss did not did the ditch.
>> No. 21294 edit
File 153619456783.png - (162.34KB , 562x600 , But_b25_odoroki1.png )

What about my second blue? No, wait. That's not it. It's related to your previous red, right?

The Doctor did not personally see to it that the guesthouse was locked, but entrusted that task to the people that were with him, namely, the cousins! One of them, either purposefully, or accidentally, left a door or window unlocked. Thus the guesthouse was never 'locked', and anyone 'could' have left the guesthouse, as your red so wonderfully allows!
>> No. 21300 edit
File 153703690149.png - (267.22KB , 912x600 , bea_a14_1_warai1.png )

"Hmm, I do suppose that does get around my red, yes..." murmured the witch. Then she shrugged. "When in doubt, add more red."

The cousins dutifully made sure that all entrances and exits for the guesthouse were locked after they entered with the Doctor and the Doctor asked them to.
>> No. 21302 edit
File 153609342522.png - (161.53KB , 562x600 , But_b25_futeki1.png )

But can the same be said of the mansion? One of the servants snuck out, killed Krauss, then returned in time to meet the Doctor and the cousins.

No, that won't do. Your red covers this possibility too. I will supplement with this! The servant in question left the mansion before the guesthouse was locked!
>> No. 21304 edit
File 153731532245.png - (205.74KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_fukigen1.png )

"Fair enough, I suppose," shrugged the witch. "Then let's just patch that little hole in the red."

No servants left the mansion from the time the Doctor left them all in the mansion to the time that the guesthouse was locked.

"Feeling boxed in yet, detective? Ready to just admit that it was magic? Or even sufficiently advanced science, as Arthur would say?"
>> No. 21305 edit
File 144361971711.png - (168.28KB , 464x600 , But_b11_komaru2.png )

I think you meant to say "technology"...

I won't present a new theory. My blue from earlier still stands. Krauss faked his death using a dummy corpse.
>> No. 21307 edit
File 153740185526.png - (207.83KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_akuwarai5.png )

Krauss did not fake his death!
>> No. 21308 edit
File 153619456783.png - (162.34KB , 562x600 , But_b25_odoroki1.png )

Well, now I can be a bit more in ease, but still...

But of course! I was a fool for not seeing it all this time! Time! It's all about time!

The ditch wasn't dug after Krauss was killed. It was dug before! It was dug sometime during the night or the early morning, and it filled with rainwater naturally!

You were right, the outside world was a closed room. But I was also right! Someone's lying! The outside world stopped being a closed room when everyone went outside in small groups! After that point, no assurances of its closed status will suffice to prove that status! None except those made in red!

There's still the possibility that the culprit snuck out just before the Doctor first left the mansion, but let's forget that for now. What happened is this: While the Doctor was with Jessica at the chapel, the culprit killed Krauss and put him in the already dug ditch! Aside from that, the rest is pretty much the same as my earlier theory. The culprit also killed Kanon and Kinzo, and prepared the boiler room scene with their corpses and the trap on the furnace. Kinzo himself may have been dead since way earlier though, since no one has seen him at all.

Aaaah, it's falling into place, it's all falling into place!
>> No. 21309 edit
File 153746711799.png - (86.56KB , 309x464 , young eva 1 1.png )
Okay all the "howdunnit" and "whydunnit" is missing, but this is a good starting point as any.

Kanon is the culprit!

He called Krauss anonymously and had him get knockout gas onto the island. Anon Kanon also tells Krauss to go outside to a specific spot at a specific time (the ditch), as Kanon has looked up the weather forecast and knows when the eye will hit. He promises Krauss the gold from the epitaph to get him to collaborate. But since Krauss doesn't know who he's collaborating with or the extent of Kanon's scheme, he doesn't count as an accomplice.

Kanon calls Rudolf anonymously (thus not fitting the definition of accomplice) and promises him money to pay off his lawsuit in America, that's why Rudolf was telling Jack he would have the money. Kanon then directs Rudolf to pick up some sorta knockout gas canister and go to a specific spot at a specific time (the ditch) and gas Krauss, or he will not have the money. Rudolf doesn't like it, but feels he's forced into it. Since he may go down for it, he tells Kyrie about Battler's birth rather than putting it off.

Kanon has Krauss gas the victims in the parlour, he shoos away Shannon to keep her away from the gas. Krauss then leaves, and Kanon slips in and kills all the knocked out victims. He plants the fake blood to disguise their method of death.

Krauss goes to meet Rudolf and Kyrie, and batters them after arguing with them. He then changes the time of the watch, as he had no murderous intent, merely a violent one, he doesn't count as the culprit and this doesn't conflict with the red. Kyrie ends up dying, but Krauss didn't actually intend to kill her, just to batter her. Rudolf is steaming mad and decides to definitely go through with the Anon Kanon's plan. He puts the chain on the door and lies in the room next to his dead wife pretending to be dead.

Before Rudolf and Kyrie's bodies are discovered, Kanon digs the ditch. Then he goes back inside to inform the doctor of their deaths to give Rudolf the alibi of death for gassing Krauss.

After the doctor's group left the guesthouse, but before Gohda discovered the bodies, Kanon left the mansion and rolled the knocked out Krauss over face down, and then either staked him, or shot him and added the stake post-mortem.

Kanon then kills Shannon and switches clothes with her! he also kills Kumasawa and moves Kinzo's corpse to the Boiler.

Finally, he, dressed as Shannon, goes into the VIP room with the other survivors excluding the doctor, and leaves the note there, before slipping through the hole and pretending to be dead.

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>> No. 21310 edit
File 153751519954.png - (184.55KB , 479x600 , bea_a13_warai2.png )
"Ah, here we go then," she says, seeing the newcomer.


"First, for yours: the body in the ditch had water fall on its back after it was face down in the ditch. Your theory must account for that. However, your theory must account for this as well: the ditch was not dug in the rain!"


Cackling, she turns to the newcomer. "Let's just take a couple of your linchpins out, for starters. First: no knockout gas was used! Second: no bodies found were people faking their deaths. They were all dead."
>> No. 21311 edit
File 153752893585.png - (168.32KB , 464x600 , But_b11_komaru3.png )

The ditch was dug before the typhoon even arrived. That solves it, doesn't it?

As for the water on the corpse's back... It was rolled over in the ditch so it would get wet on both sides..
>> No. 21312 edit
File 153754412956.png - (87.88KB , 309x464 , young eva 2 1.png )

Then allow me to hammer those linchpins back in.

Kanon called Krauss anonymously and had him get knockout DRUG onto the island. He also tells Krauss to go outside to a specific spot at a specific time (the ditch), as Kanon has looked up the weather forecast and knows when the eye will hit. He promises Krauss the gold from the epitaph to get him to collaborate. But since Krauss doesn't know who he's collaborating with or the extent of Kanon's scheme, he doesn't count as an accomplice.

Kanon has Krauss drug the victims in the parlour by using the drugged mugs in the hall closet, Krauss switches his mug with Nanjo and takes Nanjo's mug with him as he leaves. Then a gas device Kanon had previously planted kills them and Kanon slips in later and adds the huge wounds, splashing blood on them to disguise their time and method of death.

Krauss as previously theorised batters Rudolf and Kyrie without the intent to kill them, but they both die anyway. Rudolf or Kyrie sets the chain to prevent him from getting back in, and then both die lying next to each other. As he had no murderous intent, he doesn't satisfy the definition of a culprit and is allowed to tamper with the watch.

Kanon digs the ditch the day before when it isn't raining. He kills krauss after the Doctor has left the guest house but before Gohda finds the bodies, stakes him, and dumps water over the body using the flowerpot, filling it up again directly from a tap.

Kanon then kills Shannon and switches clothes with her! he also kills Kumasawa and moves Kinzo's corpse to the Boiler.

Shannon isn't faking her death! infact, she really is dead! However, because of this, people think Kanon has died, thus Kanon did not have to pretend to be dead to be thought to be dead. Thus no body found was a person faking their death.

Finally, he, dressed as Shannon, goes into the VIP room with the other survivors excluding the doctor, and leaves the note there, before going to the VIP room and slipping through the hole and cutting his leg and snapping his own neck.

Of course if no one was faking their death at all, that'd blow this theory apart. So I've prepared an alternate theory just in case. Here is GOHDA CULPRIT THEORY!

Gohda calls Krauss anonymously and has him bring a knockout drug bring a knockout drug to the island. He has Krauss go to the ditch, which Gohda dug on the first day before it started raining. We're told Kanon would know if the ditch was there before, but Kanon himself never confirms this, only Gohda does, and he's lying.

Gohda puts a set of tea mugs prepared with a knockout drugs into the knockout closet. He also prepares a killing gas device in the room with a timer on it. He tells Krauss to make sure tea is prepared using those mugs, He then sends Shannon to the parlour with tea in the wrong mugs to cast suspicion away from himself, as he predicted Shannon would say that he'd washed them. The drug is particularly powerful, and gets into people's systems even just through steam coming from the tea. Others drank theirs immediately in impatience, but Nanjo waited for his to cool down, but was still affected by the drug.

Alternatively, Nanjo did drink his tee, but Krauss was also present and had a cup of tea that he didn't drink. He brought Nanjo's mug with him and put his mug infront of Nanjo to confuse the issue before leaving the room. Then the gas goes off and kills them as they sleep. Later, when they've been dead for a while, Gohda cuts the bodies open and splashes the fake blood to make it look as if the large wounds were what killed them.

Immediately after Kanon leaves Rudolf and Kyrie's room around 6 o'clock, Gohda enters without Kanon noticing. He beats Rudolf and Kyrie to death and hides in the room. He escapes while the doctor is in the bathroom without Kanon noticing again. I use the devils proof for how this was accomplished.

After the Doctor leaves the guesthouse, While Gohda is allegedly looking for Krauss, he kills him and sticks him in the premade ditch. He then pours water from the flowerpots over Krauss's back and sticks the stake in and fills the flowerpot back up directly from a tap. He wipes the spade he used the previous day in the dirt to make it look as if it was used recently. Of course while doing all this, he gets dirty, so he pretends to accidentally trip to justify the dirt on his clothes.

After this, Gohda asks Shannon to look after the cousins while he, Kumasawa and Kanon go to look for Kinzo. He then kills Kumasawa and Kanon and puts Kinzo's corpse in the furnace.

Finally, he merely pretends to be asleep, and breaks Shannon's neck as she sleeps with his hand over her mouth. He then slices her leg to confuse things when her body is found, and slips her through the hole.

Perhaps someone insulted his cooking?
>> No. 21313 edit
File 153763130063.png - (206.26KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_warai4.png )
"Good, good!" clapped the witch.


Gohda was not lying about the ditch not being there the previous morning! The ditch was dug after the storm's arrival!

"As for your other theory..."

The body was not rolled over in the ditch, but remained face down the entire time.

"And as for you..."


Rudolf and Kyrie did not lock the door to their room after being beaten.

No pot was filled by tap!

Kanon did not snap his own neck.

"And the second..."

Gohda did not request a knockout drug.

There was no gas device in the parlor.

If a knockout drug was used, it would not be powerful enough to be inhaled by the tea steam.

Gohda was outside Rudolf and Kyrie's room 'a little before ten', at a time when the chain lock was locked, and told Kanon to go get the Doctor. Kanon did not lie about this!

"Oh, and because I feel his honor has been impugned enough, no one ever insulted his cooking!"

She exhales, shaking a bit. "That was a lot of red. Think you can handle it, detectives?"
>> No. 21314 edit
File 153763778678.png - (85.17KB , 309x463 , young eva 3 1.png )


Nanjo drunk his tea, and Krauss switched his full mug with Nanjo's and took it with him, as for where the knockout drug came from, they were stolen from Rosa who keeps sedatives for Maria as mentioned in Ep 3. The wounds were added post-mortem

Alternatively, It was poison put in the mugs before they were hidden in the hall closet. As Krauss didn't put the poison in, he doesn't count as the culprit, he was told to make sure those mugs are used anonymously. Once again, Krauss switched his mug with Nanjo and took Nanjo's mug with him.

If Kyrie and Rudolf didn't lock the door, we can safely assume The culprit is hiding in their room when Kanon and the Doctor entered.

As for Krauss's death... Hmm, this is getting difficult. However there's still several moves left available to me.

The eye of the storm hit before Jessica told the doctor. She didn't notice or didn't care because she was upset. Once she'd calmed down she told the doctor.

A servant left the Mansion BEFORE the Doctor left the mansion, and waited outside until the time came to kill Krauss, they waited next to the clay pot, leaving a dry spot, where Shannon later suggested that Jessica sit. Once the rain stopped, they dug the ditch, Krauss arrived and they killed him

As for the water on the back... it's seeming at this stage the question is changing from "how was the water poured on his back" to "how was the clay pot filled back up again?" unless we're barking up the wrong tree entirely...
>> No. 21315 edit
File 151308860721.png - (205.71KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_1_aseru2.png )

No teacups were switched after the tea was served in the parlor.

No one died by poison.

Jessica did not miss the entry into the eye of the storm, and told the Doctor as fast as could reasonably be expected.

No servant was waiting outside in the rain by the shed, and at the time the Doctor and his group left the mansion to go to the guesthouse, all servants were inside the mansion.
>> No. 21316 edit
File 15377012533.png - (86.61KB , 309x464 , young eva 4 1.png )


The burnt body in the Boiler Room isn't actually Kinzo's body, if it were, they'd have been able to tell by the six toes, which aren't mentioned. Nor are we told he's dead at the start of the game, we're told that no one can be living except the listed humans, whom Kinzo is among. The body isn't someone faking their death, and really is dead, thus side-stepping the red.

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>> No. 21317 edit
File 150868458424.png - (204.43KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_nayamu2.png )

The witch sighed dramatically. "Ah, alas and alack!"

The body in the furnace really is Kinzo's corpse!
>> No. 21318 edit
File 153261805541.png - (184.07KB , 500x600 , But_b23_komaru2.png )

"The ditch was not dug in the rain."
"The ditch was dug after the storm's arrival."

Does "in the rain" mean "while it was raining"?
>> No. 21321 edit
File 153754412956.png - (87.88KB , 309x464 , young eva 2 1.png )

I guess the prospect of an unseen piece free to move around and murder at will is just too good to be true... Let's try another approach.
The dry patch was created by a clay pot that was there previously, and filled with water, but was moved to dump water over Krauss and then put in the Chapel
>> No. 21322 edit
File 153793476573.png - (206.17KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_1_aseru3.png )

"Ha! Seems we're down to the nitpicking stage, eh?"

'In the rain' refers to when it is rainin-


The next blue blindsided her and slammed her back. Grunting, she staggered upright again, glaring daggers at the other player.

The dry patch was from a pot that was previously there and filled with rainwater.
It was dumped into the ditch and then removed.

"Fine then, you two. Do you think you've solved it all? The parlor, Kyrie and Rudolf and the smashed watch, Krauss in the rain, the basement, and Shannon in the wall?"

She smiled wickedly. "What if I give you a free red?"

At 9:30 in the morning, about half an hour before the Doctor entered Kyrie and Rudolf's room, no one was hiding in the room.
>> No. 21323 edit
File 153511754690.png - (169.11KB , 464x600 , But_b11_futeki2.png )

Heh, I was wondering when this would come into play.

Rudolf had been on the phone with a guy named Jack. Where this guy lived, "2:30" would be "five hours from now", with "now" being "one in the morning". In other words, at 6:30 AM Japan time, when Jack and Rudolf were scheduled to talk again, Jack's time would be "2:30". But here's the tricky part. Jack is an English name. If this Jack lives somewhere in the Pacific Coast of North America, the time matches perfectly. Rudolf had set his watch to GMT-8! Japan time is GMT+9! There's an 8 hour difference between the two! "2:30" refers to 2:30 PM, in other words, 14:30! Which means, Rudolf's watch would read "6:04" when it was 18:04 GMT-8, which comes at 10:04 AM GMT+9! Rudolf and Kyrie weren't murdered shortly after Kanon talked with them early in the morning, but after the parlor scene was discovered, in the midmorning, shortly after ten!

Last edited at 18/09/26(Wed)10:15:35
>> No. 21324 edit
File 153746711799.png - (86.56KB , 309x464 , young eva 1 1.png )

As for Nanjo's tea, if the mug wasn't switched. Perhaps the tea itself was!

Someone poured tea out of one cup into Nanjo's cup to give the impression it was full all along and hadn't been drunk from!
>> No. 21325 edit
File 153802367977.png - (207.88KB , 587x600 , bea_a11_1_ikari2star.png )

Beatrice grunted again and staggered back. Shaking her head to clear it from its daze, she spat out the next red.

Rudolf set his watch to line up with his business partners in the U.S. Pacific time zone. It was smashed at a little after 10 a.m. Rokkenjima time.


"Ha! Don't get too cocky yet, detectives!"

No one switched out Nanjo's tea, cup, saucer or anything else tea-related once it was poured! The tea was poured and then served to Dr. Nanjo, and was never touched by another living soul until the horrible scene was discovered in the morning!
>> No. 21330 edit
File 137739506911.png - (802.53KB , 1080x768 , ozaki_94.png )
My mind is a bit fuzzy, almost as if we skipped a year ahead in time.

No matter I suppose. I may not recall everything as well as I would hope but I think we can still finish this up.

Both the doctor and Jessica felt a spooky sensation when checking the books. This wasn't anything magical but was the wind coming from a secret, yet hinted, passage. This allowed Shannon's body to both leave the room and be found inside the wall of the other.

Kind of surprised that one was left so long.
>> No. 21331 edit

The witch grinned. "I suppose that, although the hole behind the bookcase was confirmed earlier, the specifics weren't."

>> No. 21332 edit
File 137756392996.png - (411.04KB , 445x521 , ozaki_44.png )
Ah so it was, let's blame that on the memory.

Taking a look at the red and blues it seems like this stalemate is from a nice red web and a little misdirection. Pretty much everything had already been solved.

Dionysios never got his theory confirmed in red, dummy corpses were used. There are a lot of reds about poison and Nanjo or Krauss locking the door but while they may have planned it we know based on the latter murders (and the red about no accomplices) who the true culprit is. So most of the reds were distractions based on the idea Nanjo had to be involved.

After that I think the only thing left is the specifics of the boiler room. Kanon and Kinzo could have been dealt with at any time so Kumasawa was likely killed by the trap. After all our culprit was the one who checked the body and could have removed whatever weapon was used.

It seems like the rule about one shot for the culprit might have been removed... but regardless I might as well just say it anyway. The culprit is Gohda. Based on the alibi's he is the only one who could have committed all of these acts.
>> No. 21333 edit

The witch bowed her head. A soft sigh escaped her, and then she raised her head to the audience.

Correct. In almost every point, that was my intended solution.

However, the Doctor found another way.

She smirked. "So tell me, detective. You have matched my wits. Can you match the wits of the Doctor? There, at the end, with travel through time and space restored with his TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver ready to open almost any door, a full understanding of the culprit's plan, and a deep desire to save as many people as he could...can you find the Doctor's solution?"
>> No. 21334 edit
File 137739767594.png - (1.12MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_26.png )
Well, I am assuming we have to try and keep the timeline accurate.

With the first twilight it is possible the doctor was the one who switched the bodies so they were not killed. In fact most of the deaths the Doctor never really checked the identities of the bodies so most have them could have been swapped out with doubles. With the use of his TARDIS it should be possible to slip in and out relatively easily.

Although that seems a bit too easy.
>> No. 21335 edit

Beatrice smirked and opened her mouth to reply, and then seemed to think better of it. "I could continue to duel you, of course. However, this one wasn't my solution, so why not have the Time Lord himself take you on? Doctor, if you would?"

The Doctor unfroze from his position on the stage. "Me?" he asked, pointing to himself. "Isn't this your show?"

Beatrice laughed. "I've gotten better about sharing the spotlight over the years. Unlike some," she said, winking.

"Oh, alright then. Hello! I'm the Doctor, as I'm sure you know by now. Blimey, those lights are bright. Mind if I...?" he asked Beatrice, pulling out his sonic screwdriver questioningly. At her acquiescing shrug, he pointed it to the rafters, and with its characteristic whining hum the stage lights dimmed a bit. "Ah, there we go. Molto bene. Shall we get started, then? Oh, hold on, I have to test this."

I am the Doctor.

"Oh, that's brilliant. Ok, so! That's your theory is it? Not a bad first move, but there's a flaw. The TARDIS is rather loud. Granted, the perception filter can usually cover it, but if the TARDIS had appeared or disappeared anywhere in the mansion from the time the first bodies were discovered to the time just before midnight when I first landed, it would have been noticed, since all the folks there were on high alert.

"That should do it, don't you think?" he asked, grinning. "Still though, maybe just a bit more, in case you're thinking of wiggling around that."

I did not substitute any bodies in the parlor.
>> No. 21336 edit
File 13774121378.png - (805.58KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_8.png )
Alright I think I get it now. So we have another doctor running around sneaking in and out saving people. Considering we do not have a, `its bigger on the inside` scene yet, then I can only assume Battler would have tagged along.

So with that in mind For the first twilight either the six were swapped by the culprit without being killed, or one of the time travelers swapped the bodies before they could be.

Or perhaps the doctor went early and convinced the victims to leave on their own accord. Hence he didn't `swap` the bodies.

With this idea we could see the dummy corpse theory still work for most of the deaths, but I will wait and see.
>> No. 21337 edit

The Doctor chuckled. "Very good, a nice dodge. I admit that sometimes I need a companion or two to help pull things off. However,"

No person who had traveled in time at that point manipulated the bodies in the parlor. Convincing all those in the parlor to leave so that their bodies could be substituted was impossible.

"And the big one!" the Doctor finished, rubbing his hands together.

The culprit did not substitute anyone!
>> No. 21338 edit
File 139439754494.png - (668.38KB , 1056x592 , ozaki_45.png )
I think I found the missing piece,

Krauss and Nanjo actually had started their plan and had placed the dummy corpses there. Thus it was neither the culprit or the Doctor.
>> No. 21339 edit

The Doctor shrugged, with a twinkle in his eye. "Could have been, could have been," he said. "I won't argue it. So, how about the rest, then? Did I save them, and how, for each one?"
>> No. 21340 edit
File 156738784797.png - (1.06MB , 1366x768 , ozaki_72.png )
Since we know the watch Rudolf had was set to a different time zone, he was not killed when first believed. Due to this it is possible the secret Doctor could have sneaked in and left dummy corpses in the place of Rudolf and Kyrie before the culprit beat them. Then he either left before getting trapped or hid inside the room and left when the other Doctor was distracted.

Kumasawa was killed by a trap so that could have easily been switched out, same with Kanon since he was missing for a while. The corpse was confirmed to really be Kinzo but it was likely already dead so nothing could be done there. Krauss was face down in the ditch so a similar trick could have been used for him.

As for Shannon, we know the screwdriver works on the VIP room so the doctor can go in and out. Since they were asleep let us say Shannon was dropped while alive, or at least that was the culprit`s plan. Thus, either the doctor was hidden in the room and swapped the body yet again. Or, something more fun like The TARDIS was actually inside the wall so she just fell right into the open door when being dropped.

Last edited at 19/09/01(Sun)23:21:54
>> No. 21341 edit

"Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all," replied the Doctor, pacing a little. "You did fail to take a few things into account, though."

When Gohda opened the door of Kyrie's and Rudolf's room while Kanon was watching, the chain lock was well and truly set. It would have needed to be undone from the inside, and he would have noticed if anyone other than Kyrie or Rudolf undid the chain lock.

At the time the VIP room was locked up, there were no fake bodies or anyone hiding anywhere in it. In addition, there was someone at the door, who would have noticed if the door opened.

The TARDIS is too large to fit in the wall, and the corpse found in the wall had its neck snapped prior to being put into the hole in the wall.

"Keep on rolling, though!"
>> No. 21342 edit
File 137905083011.png - (488.56KB , 745x678 , ozaki_89.png )
Hmm in that case, Kyrie and Rudolf were still alive at that time and Gohda was just lying. They simply unlocked the door for him. We know the time was off but it would be a bit tough for the Doctor to save them in this state, so maybe Gohda knocked them out first with a drug, or some other means. Then while he was getting ready to beat the bodies the Doctor had a window to swap them.

Shame about the TARDIS trick, but I have a more satisfying answer now. George and perhaps the rest of the survivors also came with the Doctor or at least into the TARDIS. At some point during the game George replaced his past self and while in the VIP room let the secret Doctor sneak in to replace the body. Gohda then snapped the fake's neck and dropped it in the hole.

Last edited at 19/09/05(Thu)08:58:56
>> No. 21343 edit
File 156808879238.png - (199.92KB , 441x349 , large.png )

The Doctor grinned. "Alright, color me impressed. That would have been a nice trick. Still, not quite."

No one was replaced by themselves from the past or future throughout their lives.

He scrunched up his face. "That makes sense, right? Basically, time-swapping people for themselves doesn't figure into how I got around the problem."
>> No. 21344 edit
File 137927613654.png - (871.01KB , 1366x768 , ozaki_16.png )
Dang that would have been a great trick to end it on.
That said, I didn't really have anything solid after that so excuse me spamming a bit.

The bathroom doesn't count as part of the VIP room and the doctor was hiding in there.

When George fell asleep he just happened to fall over which allowed the doctor to be able to sneak in.

Instead of swapping George, the secret Doctor just made him an accomplice and had him lie.

>> No. 21345 edit
File 156869262680.jpg - (17.71KB , 342x700 , Allonsy.jpg )

The Doctor laughed. "Well, I suppose one of those is correct. I'm not sure about the rules for throwing them all out there like that, but since it was the last little thing, I guess it's alright. Beatrice, are you good?"

The witch smiled. "This is your part of the story, the choice is yours."

The Doctor nodded. "Yeah, I think we're good. Congratulations to all detectives out there who contributed to solving this! Now it's time for me to break this thing wide open so you can see how it ended." He stepped back on the stage, returning to where he had last been, facing down Battler's gun while the witch gloated. "Or rather, how it continued. Action!"





"...and that's how it happened that we came to be here," Beato finished explaining to Gaap backstage after the show. "Believe it or not."

"Yeah, I'll choose not," said the mistress of portals with a laugh. "So, now that that is finally done, I suppose we need our next idea. Got an-" she began, but was cut off by Asmodeus running up to the pair.

"Hold up, Asune," said Beato. "Breathe. What's up?"

"He's coming back, and he's got something new. A sequel," the young girl panted.

"Who is?"

"...Goat-kun. Goat-kun wrote another one."

The three women looked at each other, and no one was able to say if their looks were ones of fear or excitement...

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