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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 129635395582.jpg - (87.43KB , 300x299 , Umineko fanep cover.jpg )
253 No. 253 edit
-----Updated download at the bottom of this thread-----

...Well.. here it is. I just hope it is semi-close to Kinjo grade.

Well... all I can say is I'll make sure my second fanep is better.

Please note: This only works on Ep7. Trying to run on ep8 will crash right away at start-up. Trying to run on ep6 should work, however some music in the last chapter will be missing. I'll try to figure out some way to make Ep8 work, but I don't know if that is possible until Witch-Hunt makes a patch for it.

Also please note the following things.
The tips currently do not work. Opening the tips will cause the game to crash. Also note the tips update at random times, to try and help Kinjo test to fix the tips.
Also sometimes the chapter select screen sometimes tweeks out, and some chapters can't be highlighted. Just right-click to get back to the main menu.

I think that is about it, there may still be some spelling errors and whatnot. I tried to get as many as I could, but I get bored easily, so yeah..

Oh yeah I guess I should mention this, just unzip and then place both files into Witch-hunt's patch folder, then rename the text from from 'Chaos' to '0'.

I'm thinking about making two ways to play. Theory Battle, and Red vs Blue.

Each will have a separate board, so there is no cheating. So post your email in a reply and state which way you want to play.
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>> No. 254 edit
So finally you finish it...
>> No. 255 edit
I am unable to see the sprite of Marchosias. Am I doing something wrong with the files?
>> No. 256 edit
Hmmm.. Is the folder inside 'Witch-hunt's folder' For it needs to be.
>> No. 257 edit
Fixed. Oh, and I have enough confidence. Sign me up for the theory battle.

spoiler]Rainbowfishymike@aol.com[ [/spoiler]
>> No. 258 edit
File 129643321941.jpg - (139.67KB , 900x664 , Eiserne_Jungfrau_by_Murakata.jpg )
So, when does the battle begin?
>> No. 259 edit
I'd assume once enough people had finished reading it.
>> No. 260 edit
File 12964561219.png - (80.54KB , 400x480 , tak_defa2.png )
I want to wait a little bit so people have a chance to read it. And I want to get at least a slight rough estimate on who is on which side. I think I'll give people one more night, so I'll probably open things Tuesday morning.
>> No. 262 edit
File 129646711496.png - (170.87KB , 342x495 , fgm747.png )
Is everyone allowed to participate in this game?
>> No. 264 edit
File 129647147164.png - (79.80KB , 320x468 , ros_defa1.png )
Sure everyone is welcome. Provided they behave themselves and act civil. And of course they must post their email in this topic so I know which link to email them.
>> No. 265 edit
File 129647640935.png - (81.73KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia1.png )
I also I forgot to mention this.

This fanep was written before Ep7 came out. All points in the story were written without any knowledge about what happens after Ep6.

Also Thank you to Kinjo for use of Asumu, and George sprites. And for helping me with the code.

A thank you to 556 for allowing me to use her Siesta 556 sprites.

A thank you to my friend Alita for drawing Mach.

A thank you to whoever made the Black Witch Rosa in the first place.

And a thank you to Ryushiki07

And all the people who will play this.

>> No. 266 edit
I have decided to extend the start date until Sunday, so it will give people who are really busy with school and work a chance to read it over the weekend.
>> No. 268 edit
File 129666493627.png - (77.14KB , 400x480 , tak_fumana1.png )
Updated version: http://www.mediafire.com/?84wpphu2cg5pu7w
-Meta Tips work
-Game no longer crashes when oppenning the tips menu

Gameboard Tips and Text tips still don't work however. Hoping to get those worked out soon, until then I guess just look at them inside the TIPS folder after completing the game.
>> No. 299 edit
File 129700680535.jpg - (271.45KB , 472x600 , 6f9d8bddf79a1f994a15990xx0.jpg )
Just a reminder that the game has started those who want to join in, please post in this thread please.
>> No. 300 edit
I posted, you just couldn't see it until now~
>> No. 302 edit
What version are you going to be apart of Ozaki-sensei?

Theory Battle, like Kinjo's 3rd fanep.

Mass Red Vs Blue, like Kinjo's 2nd fanep.
>> No. 303 edit
Tch. Go for theory battle.

...Not that I need the help or anything.
>> No. 304 edit
So there are two different groups?

Well an undetermined amount of tsun is drawing me towards the theory battle but...

Is each group separate, or are we just voting for which one everyone shall do?
>> No. 305 edit
Also, I'll say this: If I end up doing the theory battle alone, I'm requesting a change in groups.
>> No. 306 edit
File 129647147164.png - (79.80KB , 320x468 , ros_defa1.png )
Each group is completely seperate and plays on a different serect board. So as to avoid either side from cheating.

This is not a contest between sides, this choice was made so that the most people would have fun playing the way they like to play.
>> No. 307 edit
Hmm,ok. Is there a limit for either side?
>> No. 308 edit
File 129701673531.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
That is a completely understandable. And I will allow such a change. (However I hope that doesn't happen.)

Neither side has a real limit. The theory side has a flexable limit that I can easily make higher or non existant if those players request so.
>> No. 309 edit
OK, I'm probably better at the "Red vs Blue" but I'll go with the theory one for this game.
>> No. 311 edit
File 129701740322.png - (79.92KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia2.png )
Thank you Ozaki-sensei for saving my plan. Kinjo should probably be visting the board later as well when he gets on.
>> No. 313 edit
Ah, I got it. You sent a previous one too, lately I haven't been checking my inbox.

There are so many secret boards.
>> No. 1323 edit
I can't see Marchosia's sprite and any custom background/image.

I am running Chaos on EP6 and Chaos's folder is inside WH's folder.
Am I doing something wrong?
>> No. 1822 edit
File 131035906571.png - (45.46KB , 190x252 , rosa stalk2.png )
Here is the teaparty for Chaos.

New Custom Folder

New Script

Same as before, put inside WH folder, rename script to '0'

Also make sure there isn't a folder inside a folder. It should be the read path

Uminkeo_English(Or whatever)/Aikousha_Cst/Backgrounds(Or whatever)


>> No. 1823 edit
File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
The riddle was quite good. I got the first key by reasoning, derped hard in the second key solved it by grinding, and easily got the third key but not because of the real reason. But I have no idea why the gold was hidden there.
>> No. 1825 edit
I have to apologize for not staying for the fight. Other priorities had me held up at the time. I am about to read the Tea Party, though. It'll be nice to finally see the answer of this game.
>> No. 1827 edit
File 13082806073.png - (403.27KB , 638x1080 , ros_c22 laughing 1.png )
That's ok GE, don't worry about it. I was worried something happened to you. We hadn't seen you in such a long time.

If you still want to continue your game, I'm completely up for it.
>> No. 1828 edit
File 131138462171.jpg - (341.24KB , 851x600 , dlanor.jpg )
You're still up for continuing that after such a long time? I'd most certainly enjoy that. Watching Kinzo's game has me raring to fight once more.

I haven't had a chance to see your Tea Party yet. I'll let you know what I think once I watch.
>> No. 1829 edit
Kinjo's *
>> No. 1949 edit
File 131196555239.png - (19.95KB , 144x66 , alright which one of you took maria.png )
For those who don't know how to get the good end in the Tea Party, I now present the correct choices to get it.

1st Choice: Kyrie
2nd Choice: Rudolf
3rd Choice: Nanjo
4th Choice: No One
5th Choice: Hatred or Desire

>> No. 1950 edit
Very nice ending. I had some troubles with the key part though. I found after everything the name of the episode fit well.

The harem part made me lol
>> No. 1983 edit
I still have only EP6's pack on my notebook. When I extract the folder and put on WH's folder, the game didn't open.

Do I have to download EP8's pack?
>> No. 1984 edit
File 131224775514.png - (513.67KB , 640x1080 , ros_a25 bothered 3.png )
Hmm.. Not 100% sure why it didn't start up. Since it should start up just fine in ep6, I think.

However, ep7 is a requirement otherwise the teaparty will crash when it tries to use the effects and bgs from ep7.
>> No. 1985 edit
Also it should look completely normal upon starting up.

07exansion thing
Title screen

But clicking Start should reveal that the episode names have been changed.
>> No. 2221 edit
File 129700680535.jpg - (271.45KB , 472x600 , 6f9d8bddf79a1f994a15990xx0.jpg )
Here are the answers to the riddles.

1st key - Chapel: Outside

2nd key - Rose Garden: Yellow Roses

3rd key - Rose Garden: In the arbor

Gold - Rose Garden: In the well
>> No. 2276 edit
Just dropping by to say I really enjoyed this fangame. Thank you. :p

(Is there actually going to be a sequel...?)
>> No. 2277 edit
File 131294094443.png - (514.01KB , 640x1080 , ros_a25 laughing 1.png )
Well thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yes there is going to be a sequel. I am currently working on it. When it will be done though I can't really say. I hope by the end of this month to beginning of next month. But sometimes things take longer then expected.
>> No. 6873 edit
File 133321025635.png - (1.16KB , 80x80 , 425-Drifloon.png )
Would anyone happen to have a working download link for this game? I very much enjoyed Kinjo's games and I've been wanting to play more fanmade gameboards, so I thought I'd check this out, but the link in the OP is down.

Thanks in advance~
>> No. 6874 edit
huh, I can ask rosa later to upload it again
>> No. 6875 edit
File 133327826150.png - (25.71KB , 165x154 , drifloon.png )
Would be much appreciated, thank you~
>> No. 6876 edit
Rosa was quite busy today, but promised to try to upload it tomorrow. Since he was working in the continuation of this game he needs to fix some stuff before uploadint it.
>> No. 6878 edit
File 13335255803.jpg - (27.28KB , 600x600 , 24gounk.jpg )
Sorry about that, re uploaded now.

Main Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?t6z3kugi6ts8lo1

BGM & SE folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?27hgga2u383tdzn

Script: http://www.mediafire.com/?eco53mezi92kocf

Instructions: Extract the main folder inside the Witch-Hunt patch folder. Extract the BGM/SE folder and place it inside the Aikousha_CST folder. Place the '0.txt' inside of the Witch Hunt folder. And it should work.

It will look normal upon start-up. (Witch Hunt thing will pop up) and go to a normal looking main menu, but once start is clicked, all the episode titles should be changed. To 'Chaos' and so on.

If there is no titles then it isn't finding the Custom folder. Check to make sure the folder isn't inside another folder. So that the address looks like this.

[WH] Umineko Chiru English\Aikousha_Cst

Or fully scaled like this; C:\Program Files\07th_Expansion\Umineko8\[WH] Umineko Chiru English\Aikousha_Cst

[WH] Umineko Chiru English\Aikousha_Cst\Aikousha_Cst

Then no titles will appear.

And Tips still don't work. (never could get them to work/Still trying)

I hope you enjoy; Chaos of the Golden Witch.
>> No. 6879 edit
File 13335390813.png - (585B , 80x80 , 425.png )

Yay, thanks a lot~

I really can't get enough of these gameboards. I've been having fun reading the old Devil's Roulette topics on this site. It's a real shame that all those games on the old site were lost.

Well, time to go play this thing. You guys are awesome~
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