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File 131461420898.png - (432.76KB , 425x600 , Mira Painting2.png )
2604 No. 2604 edit
Third topic of my game with Anon.

First topic here:

Second topic here:

Anon has:
A master key
A map of the main house, rose garden, and guesthouse
a pack of gum with 12 sticks in it.
2 help tokens

As Far as Anon knows:

Alive Pieces

Dead Pieces(?)

Current Location: Lounge - Guesthouse

Characters in the room: Rudolf, Rosa, Maria, Anon.
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>> No. 2791 edit
File 131529396328.png - (89.29KB , 343x440 , ber_nayamua1.png )
"The culprit was not hiding in the room when you and the others entered and found Kumasawa's corpse."
>> No. 2792 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
Looking his new theory destroyed as well, anon return to his previous idea, replying to Dlannor red.
"Hints for Kumasawa diying first than Hideyoshi and Eva? Well it's not that hard.
Kumasawa did leave before everyone else from the parlor, and we didn't know about her aside from when Shannon told me she was in the bathroom, a good excuse for someone captured or already dead."
>> No. 2793 edit
File 131519163298.png - (89.93KB , 343x440 , ber_defa1.png )
"Kumasawa was alive at the time Eva and Hideyoshi were killed."
>> No. 2904 edit
File 13176264564.png - (13.77KB , 217x157 , culprit_evil_laugh.png )
"She was alive, after all? I wonder what exactly happened to her when she was sent to prepare the tea."
anon then stares at Dlannor and shout at her.

"You, try to deny this! Kumasawa master key was used to lock the servants room! How you say? Well it's easy: The door locked from the outside using the key, and then window was removed so the key could get inside of the room again!
The hint it's quite subtle, apparently the key was found near to the window, alongside some other kitchen stuff. So to avoid making a mess getting inside from the windows the key was just tossed inside.
>> No. 2905 edit
File 131578192291.png - (182.14KB , 461x480 , dla_akuwaraia1d.png )
"None of the windows in the servant's room were removed during this game."

Dlanor smashes your blue shot to pieces, but she isn't finished a fierce expression appears on her face as she charges forward at you.

"Kumasawa's master key was not used to lock the servant's ROOM!"

She says as she slashes you, causing your vision to go red.
>> No. 2906 edit
File 131318948575.png - (120.03KB , 291x478 , kanon_iscrying copy.png )
Red. Everything looks red now.
anon loses his cool and start to notice how is body cannot react very well.
All this red make him remember of his old friend Mejico, he fiercely fighted among others against the evil Mach in a battle full of chaos and dissaster. More than anything, he remember a sentence in particular from him, "If a trick works once, it will work twice", unfortunally that was just some seconds before the purple witch started cackling like a broken recorder, spinning all over the screen and slashing the sympatethic evil Mach.
Anyways, anon recovers from the last hit, and then a single tear fall from his right eye.

"... I understand it now, I'm sorry than I failed to save you Kumasawa. You probably lived a hell these days...
anon glares at the grinning face of Dlannor and states:
Kumasawa was forced to kill herself. She was getting blackmailed by telephone. Nanjo the doctor was blackmailing her with the life of her son. Nanjo is working with the one of the culprits, the same one who killed Maria.
>> No. 2907 edit
File 131529396328.png - (89.29KB , 343x440 , ber_nayamua1.png )
"Kumasawa did not kill herself."

And here is a freebie to help you out.

Kumasawa was not being blackmailed.
>> No. 2913 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
"When I suggested the use of the servant room key you simply denied it's existance. However another key exist capable of locking the servant room aside from the five master keys!"
>> No. 2914 edit
File 131491135524.png - (89.88KB , 343x440 , ber_defa2.png )
"Looking for loop holes I see. I'll tell you right now, that is a completely waste of time."

Five crystal like red spikes appear in the air around Bernkastel. Your blue bullet hits one of the spikes but it shatters like glass.

"The only keys capable of locking the servants room are the 5 master keys."
>> No. 3007 edit
File 130854779291.png - (59.57KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea4.png )
Still grasping for another success, anon looks at Dlannor and say:
"You told me than Eva and Hideoyshi were not killed while the culprit was outside of the room, however Only one of them was killed while the culprit was inside of the room! Hideyoshi died first, then the culprit had a fight with Eva and she managed the get the culprit out of the room, however the culprit killed Eva using a pulley mechanism from the outside of the room using the small hole in the wall!
>> No. 3008 edit
File 131802237092.png - (317.22KB , 640x480 , blood_1d.png )
As you are talking, Bernkastel snaps her fingers and the red spikes fly toward you.

Your blue turns into a shield protecting you.

It is impossible for Eva or Hideyoshi to get killed while their killer is outside of the same room as them.

Your shield shatters and the spikes pierce into you.

1 stabs you in your left shoulder and shatters the bones in your shoulder and pierces out the other side.

1 in your right shoulder.

1 in your left knee.

1 in your right knee.

And the last one impales you in the chest.

You grit your teeth during the immense pain and bit your bit in agony. You bit down so heavily that a stream of blood runs down your chin.

You can barely even feel your arms and legs. Is this the end, you begin to wonder.
>> No. 3153 edit
File 131365197015.png - (86.01KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana1.png )
First than nothing, I want to apologize for being so late today, it could not be helped

"Am I diying? This is a lot more painful than I expected ... This damn Witch is playing with me, I don't see any way George could be the culprit, he's getting framed by Shannon.
I suspected Battler, but I don't think he's a culprit anymore, however her bride wants his father dead, apparently they don't approve Battler relationship with Shannon, also getting Kyrie out of the island was a clever move. That leaves Rudolf alone and he become an easy prey.
For the second culprit, my theory is Rosa.
Rudolf probably found Rosa report card, and showed it to their mom. So maybe Rosa blame him for Beatrice dead.
Furthermore I got a feeling about Rosa boyfriend, if he endured Rosa attack to end he probably was being honest, however that leaves his friends in a bad place. Rudolf and Krauss could have been some of his friends, and did it as some nasty bullying against her little sister.
And for the third culprit ... I will accept than I am a bit lost. My bet is on Jessica. Even if she died kinda early in the game, she hesitated a lot before leaving the parlor for the first time, as if she was feeling guilty for something was going to do. From Jessica comments, she believe Eva hates her and her family, so it wouldn't be weird for her to blame Eva for her parents death. She maybe also suspected Rudolf and intended to kill him."
anon stand up, maybe for the last time, some tears fall from his weary face. He is bloodied, and have cuts everywhere around his body. So he gathers all of his remain might and prepare for a massive attack, if anything was good enough for a hit then he would continue attacking, until his body fails to react.

"Listen well, you bitch. Because I won't repeat any of this!"
As anon say this, both of his blades appear again and he start a massive attack against his opponents
"Regarding Kumasawa murder!
There is more than one servant's room!
It's possible to lock the servant room without using a key!
The culprit left the servant room before everyone noticed about the corpse!
The window inside the servant room was never removed! The glass was completely broken and another one was placed!
One of the servants do not own a master key! So when you refeer to the "5 master keys" you are not talking about Shannon, Gohda, Kumasawa, Genji and anon master key!

Regarding Eva and Hideyoshi murder!
The closet or the bathroom counts as a different room! Or maybe they do connect to another room!
The hinges or another part of the door was half-removed, but the chain was still set! When the culprit escaped from the room he fixed it back again!
A passway to another room exists behind of the mirror in Eva's room! It was slighty hinted during the magic scene!
The small hole inside of the room connects with another room. Because of this, this extra room is also considered Eva and Hideyoshi room.

Also ... Small bombs! Small bombs were implanted in the food! So at the 12 pm everyone was already dead! When the seagulls cry there shall be nobody alive!
>> No. 3206 edit
File 131598247286.png - (90.64KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwaraia2.png )
There is only 1 servant's room in the guesthouse.
That is correct, the door can be locked from the inside without a key. But not from the outside.
At the time when you and the others were outside the door just before finding Kumasawa's corpse, the culprit was not inside the room.
None of the windows in the servant's room were broken.
The only possible key that could have locked the servant's room was Kumasawa's key.

The closet and bathroom are still apart of Eva and Hideyoshi's room.
The door was not half-removed.
The only way for a human to enter or exit the room is through one of the windows or the door.
That room is not considered Eva and Hideyoshi's room.

Small bombs were not implanted in food.


Anon HP -49 (Dying)

You have 1 blue remaining.
>> No. 3216 edit
File 131810671345.png - (50.17KB , 291x478 , kan_defa22.png )
wait what
>"Kumasawa's master key was not used to lock the servant's ROOM!"
>The only possible key that could have locked the servant's room was Kumasawa's key.

>> No. 3218 edit
File 131364969780.png - (143.07KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia4.png )
>> No. 3221 edit
File 131329477987.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
So, that's as saying "the door wasn't locked with a key", however prepare for logic error time.
>> No. 3222 edit
File 131810922319.png - (143.02KB , 458x466 , mir_akuwaraia2.png )
I'll even repeat that for you.

The servant's room was not locked with a key.
>> No. 3223 edit
File 131174162179.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
So that's another murder in which the culprit dissapear from the crime scene ... I think I'm losing my will to continue
>> No. 3224 edit
File 129701673531.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
Well if you are surrendering, we can just jump to the part where you die.
>> No. 3225 edit
File 131811062664.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
not yet, I still haven't used my last token, however I'm quite tired and I still work to do, so I expect to try this later
>> No. 3226 edit

Here is a hint of my own feel free to look at it, or not look at it if you want.

When looking at books ones that stand out normally, are _____ or are _____, when _____ to others.
>> No. 3227 edit
Each blank is a different word.

All of them start with a different letter.

Mira's full title (MWoD) has all of those letters.

My full title (BWR) only has 1 of those letters.

>> No. 3228 edit
File 131812013812.png - (82.11KB , 320x467 , rosa_hipster.png )

When looking at books ones that stand out normally, are new or are mainstream, when compared to others.
>> No. 3248 edit
File 131240103776.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
Missed, everything missed.
"Terrible, you are terrible.
If you are so sure of your George theory then you will have no problem clarifying this simple point: For someone to be considered inside of a room he has to be completely inside of it.
>> No. 3249 edit
File 131529396328.png - (89.29KB , 343x440 , ber_nayamua1.png )
For someone to be inside of a room, that person has to be completely inside the room.
>> No. 3250 edit
File 131364219325.png - (85.73KB , 291x477 , kan_ikaria2.png )
"Alright, then how about something simple? Can you define what a "room" is? And what it includes "Eva and Hideyoshi room"?"
>> No. 3251 edit
File 131535251860.png - (91.97KB , 343x440 , ber_odorokia1.png )
"Room - A Space that can be occupied or where something can be done, esp. viewed in terms of whether there is enough.

Eva and Hideyoshi's room includes their bedroom area, sitting area, bathroom, and closet."
>> No. 3252 edit
File 13181519329.png - (38.01KB , 1068x1272 , Eva and Hideyoshi room.png )
>> No. 3253 edit
File 13181529158.png - (34.08KB , 1068x1272 , servant\'s room.png )
>> No. 3254 edit
File 131815317517.png - (29.93KB , 1068x1272 , bathroom2.png )
>> No. 3255 edit
File 131295167152.png - (85.87KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana1.png )
Reviewing the past red, and checking the diagrams that magically appeared in his hands, anon notice a completely fatal blind spot he did not try before. How could this happen? Not even his canadian friend noticed before, and he's quite keen. Yes, that guy actually exists.
"I could spend my last token in this ... but I wouldn't have a chance in the other twilights. Prepare yourself Bernkastel! The culprit killed the victims inside of the room. Then he set the chain and leave a side of a string attached to a window he used to leave the room. Then, from a room adyacent to Eva's room and where the the hole in the closet connects the culprit pulled the other side of the string and used it to lock the window from the outside!
>> No. 3256 edit
File 131815443730.png - (42.77KB , 640x480 , bullet_3a.png )
Your blue bullet pierces Bernkastel in the chest. The red liquid known as blood begins to pour out.

"Congratulations, you solved the 2nd twilight. But there is still plenty of fog covering the rest of the game."
>> No. 3257 edit
File 130827987980.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
"You did dodge this question a while ago, so I want you to say it in red! "The only master keys in Rokkenjima are Gohda key, Kumasawa key, Shannon key, Genji key and anon key! And they did never change their names during the game!" "
>> No. 3258 edit
File 131529396328.png - (89.29KB , 343x440 , ber_nayamua1.png )
"The only master keys in Rokkenjima are Gohda's key, Kumasawa's key, Shannon's key, Genji's key and anon's key! And they did never change their names during the game!"
>> No. 3259 edit
File 131596168358.png - (92.69KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwarai.png )
Bernkastel someone magically can tell Anon's thoughts for this brief second.

"Try this red truth on for size."

She cackles.

"It is impossible for a living Jessica to leave the guesthouse after Eva's death."
>> No. 3260 edit
File 131245064334.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
"And how is that a problem? Can you repeat in red than Jessica died before Eva?"
>> No. 3261 edit
File 13152931135.png - (91.10KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwaraia.png )
"It is impossible for a living Jessica to leave the guesthouse after the 1st twilight."
>> No. 3262 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"Well, then someone had to carry her corpse right? Any problem with that?"
>> No. 3263 edit
File 131598247286.png - (90.64KB , 343x440 , ber_akuwaraia2.png )
"If you are so sure of that, why not say it in blue."
>> No. 3264 edit
File 131329477987.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
If you are so sure why don't YOU repeat it in red?
>> No. 3266 edit
File 131491135524.png - (89.88KB , 343x440 , ber_defa2.png )
"I have no reason to reply in red, unless you use blue."
>> No. 3267 edit
File 130844302626.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
"What a lack of sense of sportmanship!"
"... Oh really? I thought we were trying to win against those two, however you seem to take this way too seriously.
Anyways at this point I have solved the two main twilights of this game, without needing having George as a culprit.
So I refuse to explain to you any other mystery until you can explain why could only George have done them! "
>> No. 3268 edit
File 131540862953.png - (90.05KB , 343x440 , ber_waraia4.png )
Something unexpected happens right before your eyes.

It causes you to blink, just to double check if it is happening.

Bernkastel is smiling at you. Not a witch like smirk, and smile.

"Well done."
>> No. 3269 edit
File 131646252751.png - (90.44KB , 343x440 , ber_waraia1.png )
"You passed wonderfully. I was right to believe you had potential. Good work. So I predict you understand who the real culprits are then."
>> No. 3270 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
"... I have two suspects, however I do not know about the third one"
>> No. 3271 edit
File 131529535430.png - (91.85KB , 343x440 , ber_niramua1.png )
Bernkastel frowns, it appears she is disappointed.

"Well, who do you think the culprits are?"
>> No. 3272 edit
File 131239889926.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"Shannon and Rosa, Shannon seems quite guilty from the story itself, but my theory about Rosa is a bit more wild and is not that strong.
About the third culprit, I got a feeling than he/she could have died in the first twilight"
>> No. 3273 edit
File 131535251860.png - (91.97KB , 343x440 , ber_odorokia1.png )
"And the motives?"

Bernkastel pauses. "I am just a helper in this game. So even if I know the answer, all I can do is assist you and try to point you in the right direction without being completely obvious. Only the player can challenge the GM to win."
>> No. 3274 edit
File 13082825212.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
"A helper? Witches sure take their jobs quite seriously ... I am barely alive right now".
"Shannon probably was in love with Battler for a long time, but didn't had the courage to tell him. From Gohda talk we know a female servant suddenly dissapeared saying. That was probably the old Yasu before becoming the Shannon we know. They kept their relationship as a "secret" but because of the problems with George, Battler parents knew of it, and they didn't approve it.
The motive for the murder is mixed. Battler family would never allow them to marry, they maybe even threatened Shannon.
Also, the letter talks about a sin. I think Shannon believe Asumu death is Rudolf fault, and want to kill him for the pain her dead caused to Battler".
>> No. 3275 edit
Bernkastel walks up to you.

"I will stall them for now."

She whispers to you, before snapping her fingers.

Before you can even react you feel your body being warped away.

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