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File 131638555457.gif - (3.77KB , 600x302 , canada.gif )
2757 No. 2757 edit
Theories thread for Rosa game, aka solve this for me guys.
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>> No. 2758 edit
This list could be incomplete

Now with the boat gone, Rokkenjima has become a closed space, no one can enter or leave it.
"The door can only be locked from the outside with the key. The windows can only be locked from the inside. Just like the rooms inside the mansion and the guesthouse."
"Ange is dead."
When we entered the dining room I saw Maria go straight to her chair, and she didn't move from it until after Ange got hurt."
"But when Ange got hurt Maria was eating her pie, that was placed in front of her."
Ange was not killed by accident.
"When dessert came out Maria started eating it right away, Maria did not stop eating until after Ange screamed."
No one has entered the room since you fell asleep.
All living people on Rokkenjima are inside the dining room
And I also checked them after Anon-kun did, and I didn't see any hole."
No hole exists in the glass of any of the windows in the dining room."
There is only 1 door to enter the guesthouse, and to get to the second floor they would have to pass through this room.
"The corpse you saw in the boiler room, was in fact Jesscia's corpse."
"Shannon did not lock either door to the dining room.
George did not lock either door to the dining room."
No such key as exists. (servant room key)
Shannon did not lock the door to the servants room."
"When you saw Battler and Shannon pounding on the door, the door was in fact locked." (bathroom)
"Shannon's key did not lock the dining room!
No one was hiding inside Eva and Hideyoshi's room when you tried to open it.
The hole inside Eva and Hideyoshi's room does not connect to the servant's room.
"You clearly could tell that this was the corpse of a person. Knox's 10th. It is forbidden for a character to disguise themselves as another without any clues.
"Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented.
"No person expect George could have been hiding inside the dining cabinet."
The chain was real, and it was properly set." (eva room)
"Eva and Hideyoshi were not killed by a trap."
"Eva and Hideoyshi were not killed while the culprit was outside of the room.
"The chain in Eva and Hideyoshi's room can not be set from outside the room."
"At the time when you tried to open the door to Eva and Hideyoshi's room, only Eva and Hideyoshi were INSIDE."
"It is impossible for the chain to be set by anything other than a human."
"At the time when you tried to open the door to Eva and Hideyoshi's room, only Eva and Hideyoshi were inside.
It is impossible for the chain to be set by anything other than a human.
The chain in Eva and Hideyoshi's room can not be set from outside the room
"Van Dine's 18th. The crime must never turn out to be an accident or a suicide."
"At the time when you and Battler broke down the door, the chain was still set. Until you broke it."
"I did not fake my death. I was killed on the first twilight. My corpse is in fact the one you found in the dining room." (Natsuhi)
"Neither Shannon's, Genji's nor Gohda's master key was used to lock the bathroom door."
The corpse you saw in the boiler room was in fact Jessica's corpse.
"The key that you found with Kumasawa's corpse was the real one."

>> No. 2764 edit
File 131640645992.png - (121.00KB , 207x345 , Queen 7.png )
Have you considered the fact that :
Eva and Hideyoshi killed each other?
>> No. 2766 edit
File 131640845933.png - (188.54KB , 395x360 , queen2.png )
it is possible for Hideyoshi and Eva to be the culprits , Hideyoshi probably killed Eva
or Eva Killed hideyoshi and currently one of the two is pretending to be dead.
>> No. 3468 edit
File 131906967892.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
>"Maria saw that she had been killed by a black witch. Maria saw that Beatrice had been eaten by the witch."

Alright, this is confusing, Beatrice (usually Shannon) was killed by the Black witch (usually Rosa). But this time it looks as if it was the exact opposite. What the hell is going on here?
>> No. 3469 edit
Rosa killed Beatrice2 remember, in the novels. Maybe it's something like that.
>> No. 3470 edit
But that was before Maria was born, and she was definitelly not the Beatrice Maria know.
>> No. 3478 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua3.png )
Right, so this Beatrice appeared some years ago already and its on Rokkenjima when Maria comes.
But it's not Shannon. So who could have find the gold and proclaimed her title? Rosa? In her need for money she did solve the gold and reclaimed it for herself? She kill the guest because she want to keep the island (and the gold).
I think I'm getting more confused ...
>> No. 3479 edit
File 131911499786.png - (66.77KB , 172x480 , lion.png )
Remember about the "True Lion" (a.k.a. Beatrice II and Kinzo's daughter). Maybe Shannon is the girl who got hurt on October 3rd and then "Lion" took her place without anyone knowing.

It's a bit nonsense theory, but it could work.
>> No. 3486 edit
What, so you say maybe Lion and Shannon are actually different characters?
>> No. 3490 edit
File 131911499786.png - (66.77KB , 172x480 , lion.png )
Yes. Genji told to you that Kinzo's daughter was sent to Fukuin's House, but he never told that Shannon is Kinzo's daughter.

And then this became a gap for this crazy theory.
>> No. 3492 edit
Well it is possible but there's also another restricting red: All living people on Rokkenjima are inside the dining room, the only extra person that was hidding inside at that point is apparently George.
>> No. 3496 edit
File 131794509272.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )
Then isn't it simple?

One of them was dead at the time.
>> No. 3521 edit
And how does this exactly help?
>> No. 3591 edit
File 131911499786.png - (66.77KB , 172x480 , lion.png )
Hum... Let me try to explain better this, using my theory.

"Lion" took Shannon's place without anyone knowing. The girl who got hurt? This girl IS Shannon. "Lion" went to Rokkenjima and made a "trap" for her get hurt. However, no one kneew that "Lion" was there. Then, "Lion" took Shannon's place and no one notice the diference.

What about ever detail of Shannon's life that she said all the game? Probably "Lion" and Shannon were close friends and Shannon visit "Lion" everytime she went to Niijima/The city where Fukuin House is and/or wrote to "Lion" letters.

There is no "one extra person", with George's exception. "Lion" took Shannon's place and inherited the name "Shannon". With this theory, everyone can easily say that "Lion" is one of the culprits.

Do you get it, Anon-kun?
>> No. 3693 edit
File 131955055570.jpg - (710.24KB , 1280x1024 , 1348475874865.jpg )
>> No. 3695 edit
I didn't like it at the start, but apparently it's quite similar to the answer.
>> No. 3700 edit
File 131963440468.jpg - (20.96KB , 167x392 , 167px-Sabakichi.jpg )
Hum... Since Genji wanted so much that Ushiromiya Family her etc, we can put Genji as an accomplice.

Also, what Kumasawa's son wanted to talk with her? Am I the only one to think this phonecall a little suspicious?
>> No. 3701 edit
Ushiromiya Family accepted her etc*
>> No. 3703 edit
The phone call is suspicious yes, I will ask Kumasawa when I summon her.
>> No. 3706 edit
I'm still confused, Ozaki if you read this please lets have a small talk later.
>> No. 3720 edit
Fuuu! It's too bad Kumasawa disapeared. You could ask her if someone, with her family exception, knew about she discovered the epitaph.

But, for more theory effect, we can say Lion knew that.
However I can't think how this could be a good thing for insert in "True Lion Theory".
>> No. 3721 edit
File 131972980095.png - (890B , 59x68 , 00Lion.png )
OMG I am not fake.~~~
>> No. 3722 edit
shut up u faker
>> No. 3737 edit
File 131812013812.png - (82.11KB , 320x467 , hipster_rosa.png )
Rosa was in despair, she did need money and felt her live was being controlled by terrible people.
Acording to Maria, A black witch killed Beatrice.
Acording to Jessica, Shannon did act strange some times, but her love for Battler seem honest.
Kaboom. Lion and Yasu/Shannon are different persons, they both started working in Rokkenjima at the same time and they were friends in the Servant orphanage.
Both of them did fall in love but Battler didn't seem to be aware of it. They both were going to confess to Battler the same day, but Shannon did it first.
Since that they don't act very friendly each other.
Kumasawa did find the hidden gold. And she has been using of it.
Battler love for Shannon started because of some letters he found. He thought they were written by Shannon, but considering the situation they could have been written by Lion as well.
>>3736 and http://pastebin.com/BrFJJggE
There is room for someone else to be in Rokkenjima at a given time. This could be Lion.
Also the real identity of the guest is apparently Beatrice 2, Lion mother.
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