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File 131683550578.png - (220.96KB , 337x600 , 01.png )
2794 No. 2794 edit
It was a gloomy and horrible issue that I had with this police department, My boss was a grumpy old man that liked to hit Young boys and Young girls. My supervisor was a middle-age man that liked harrasing me and my fellow workmates were lewd to the eye.

I should quit but, my girlfriend is the daughter of my boss...
And if I quit, then she would probably break up with me.
Anyway, my name is Akito zaru and I have been working on this police station over 2 years and....


I am coming!!

One thing I hate about this place is my boss...he is bossy, and mean
While I was walking I noticed that this place haven’t been cleaned for a while

The walls were dirty and the floor looked disgusting. I with horror, walked over while containing myself from vomiting."

"What is the matter?"

"My boss who was looking at the window asked me to deliver a package to an office that was on the beach"

The beach.........

I thought for a moment...

it is a good time to relax after I deliver this thing

I quickly took the package from my boss and went to my car and then I drived to the beach......

The breeze was good, just as I thought It was a really good idea

The sun was smiling at me , I think I should have some vacations after this

Since I worked for the police I never had any vacations , due to that , I had to move to a room in the police station. "

It is nice to know that my boss knows that sometimes I need to relax

He must be a really really nice guy


That cannot be........since he is bitter about everything and mean with me all the time.....

I started to think about the request of my boss

why would he send me to a beach?

I have to recognize that I am not exactly the Hard-working type of person and a little lazy"

I saw the package that I was going to deliver throught the mirror. the package was lying there on the backseat

I wont deny that I want to look what is inside , but if my boss found out , I would need to search for a new job....

To be honest.....I just want to quit and waste time in this beach...., however because I owe my boss too much...

To think that I was found in the same beach , I dont remember any of my Childhood or any of my Youth ,the only thing that I remember is that I was found in this Beach by my boss.

Since My boss have keep me occupied , I had never time to think about my past....anyway

-I think everything will be more clear once I deliver this thing

-When I arrived at the Police station I saw alot of persons gathered...

-In the center of that gathering.......there was a girl......
I decided to ignore the gathering and went directly to the office where i would deliver the package

The office looked clean and smelled nicely, the lady that was sitting on the desk , opened the package ,The lady then brought from the package a pile of papers , they looked like important documents
and at the bottom of the box , there was a letter , that letter was for the lady

The lady read the letter and when she finished she looked at me.

-please come with me.......

I followed her , and we entered the previous room where the gathering was

The lady , then spoke with the girl , the girl looked at me

The lady introduced her to me , ******** , this is Akito , your new lawyer

When the lady mentioned that , I realized why i was here

I then looked at the girl ,I dont know why but , when i saw her I felt a special connection with her, that with certainty wasnt love.

then the girl spoke for the first time

-Are you part of those that doesnt believe me?

-What do you mean?

-Suddenly I felt a warm hand in my shoulder it was the lady

-The lady just smiled me and told me to talk with her

-Is everything alright?


The lady introduced her to me, She is ******** , but she likes to be called Gogo , of course no one calls her like that in this place

Gogo eh?

suddenly she looked at me

It have been a long time since someone called her like that

Okay Gogo , I came here to defend you , I dont know why but I dont think you are a bad girl.

But why do everyone think you are?

No matter what, I will reach the truth so dont worry

..................I wonder about that.....

What do you mean?"

"Since that incident 3 years ago , every lawyer tried to reach the truth.......but no one could reach it.

Could you please tell me what happened?

She didnt answer

If you are innocent, please tell me , but if you are the culprit , then lets figure a way so that you can get rid of this.

She hesitated for a moment but then........ she spoke

Okay , i will do it , but it is useless , since everyone thinks I am a bad girl.

She with a empty gray smile started telling me what happened that night"

This was 3 years ago ........"

It was a really busy morning since something happened at seacats"

That morning George called us to tell us the news.......

-Why would George would call us this early?
-I don’t know but, damn, I hope that this is really Important"

It must be Anon, George rarely gather us for something...
I am having a bad feeling over this, kakera .."

Don’t worry, It must be something important but, not serious , think about it , it would be too much if George called us , just for something silly.

-Knowing George I wouldn’t be surprised
-Anyway, lets enter to find out

Anon and Mutare opened the big door and then they proceeded to go to the parlor where everyone was gathered.
It was a Surprise for Anon and Mutare , since everyone was there , including members who haven’t been on Seacats for a while.

-Hello Piece, what bring you here?

-Who is piece? what are you talking about? Dneirf do you know who is Piece?

-I don’t know him Eceip…..

Anon just stared at the pair and proceeded to greet other members.

After a while, George along with Voyager appeared with the crew.

Voyager spoke in a cold tone to George

So will you tell them what happened?

George nervously looked Bern

*Sigh* It seems I will have to tell them……………

Someone hacked the site, and re-configured the site, as a proof , you can check the decoration. But he didn’t change only the decoration he locked us here, yes.


Everyone in the room were busy yelling and trolling George for the notice on Seacats.
Suddenly someone entered, and everyone went silent, that person looked a little worried, after a while , he started to speak, that person, was Lambdadelta.

Okay , listen, I just came back from the server room and It looks like everything is fine…but how to say it…We cant repair it right now...

-To think that on seacats anniversary, we have to celebrate it locked here

-I will see if we can repair by tomorrow Rin, I already ordered the Goats to prepare a room for each of us ,

-We have Goats?

-Of course Lion, otherwise we wouldn’t be a true Umineko board.

-As I was saying, Everyone have a room and must stay here any objection?

-Why is my room separated from Imouto, What if she feels lonely?

-You shouldn’t ask questions you know the answer too George, that is not polite.


-I am going to eat your head ,if something happens to Voyee.

- W-Why are reacting like that Makk…, Anyway Dinner should be ready in 5 minutes lets go to the Dining hall….
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>> No. 2795 edit
After the dinner most of the Seacats went to sleep, leaving only George , Lambda, Bern , Anon, and Piece.

-So George can you tell us what really happened?

-Even thought most of us distrust us , you wouldn’t give the password or acces to the server to anyone right?

-Well, only you, my imouto~

- I told you thousand of times that Piece is my Onii-chan

-George , tell us what happened , and Bern, I am not your onii-chan.

-To be honest I am not sure. I just woke up , and saw the server in that state…

-Hmmm, I seriously don’t want to think that one of us was , otherwise….we are not safe here.

-That is silly , Why would anyone mess with the server to stay here?
-I think that we should suspect of the newer members.

-We don’t have proof that one of them were, so they are innocent until proven wrong…

-In my opinion everyone is suspicious.


-What is wrong anon?

-I thought I saw Gogo


-So you overheard them that Night?

-Yes, I did , I was very surprised when I heard that..

-So do you have any idea of the cu-, Oh I am sorry…..

-Its okay , don’t worry..

-It must be hard and painful to remember right?

-It was harder…….but less harder than to see the murders of the first hour……

-Wait gogo that means that you………..
>> No. 2796 edit
File 13168376548.png - (98.88KB , 355x529 , QOH03.png )
Yes Akito , I was a witness for all murders yet I didn’t participated in any of them, I didn’t saw how they were killed or who killed them, but I managed to know the details of the deaths.

So from now anything that she said in red. Will be the truth……..

-Who is she?

-the queen of hearts , the avatar of the murderer that killed my friends.

-please…..gogo don’t say silly things…..the only ones in this room are you and me and that woman with ……AAAHHH

Suddenly in the room , a mysterious woman , with an obvious outfit appeared in the room.

So you want to find who I killed that day right?

-W-Who are you and why you entered here?

-The question , should be obvious, I am the queen of hearts.

-Yeah , and I am supposed to be Alice?

I laughed out loud,

-Miss, I am talking with she. Can you please leave the room?
Gogo, please tell me this is a joke and you know this woman…

Gogo didn’t say anything….

-Miss , I will call security, please leave the room now, I stand up from my sit and went to the door, and when I opened….something inhuman was there……there was …..a giant card…..with arms and legs.

-You don’t seem to understand your situation…..

-Gogo…..please………keep telling him……….what happened on the morning of the second day :

-That morning , Astaroth , was looking for a book he left on the tea room, when he wanted to enter, the room was locked.

-After two hours….Astaroth with the help of George , managed to open the room with the master key that George uses. I woke up early that day so I was with them.

And on the room they found……….the six bodies………

the murdered ones , were Meta,Belphe,Hannyu,Luci,Piece and Friend.

-How did they died?

the six were found with 3 knifes , one in the head, one in the stomach, and one in the neck.

it was a closed room.

Obviously they were killed by my guards , that trasspased the walls and killed them..give up Akito.

-there must be a solution for this , so I challengue you.

-Okay here is only one rule.....each of you have the right to 10 green tokens , which let you have hints. which will be spoken with green truth that is equivalent to a red truth.
>> No. 2797 edit
A chill enters the room and Akito babbles a bit, then his vocal cords modulate randomly until a girl's voice comes out.
"I wasn't there, but there were only three knives used in the murder. As such, only three knives were used to kill or maim the bodies. Your wording is confusing, Queen."
The spirit leaves Akito's body and he gasps, "what was that omg"
>> No. 2798 edit
File 130827127155.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
First things first, let's clarify some things.

Another master key exists. The culprit used that key to enter and exit the closed room.
>> No. 2799 edit
File 131683817975.png - (92.29KB , 355x529 , wal_aku.png )
Sorry about that , I apogolize , there was three knifes in each body. 18 knifes in total.
>> No. 2800 edit
there are 6 master keys. but only
George master key, and Piece master key were used for that door.

Piece master key was used only for opening locking the door
that Master key is missing.

>> No. 2801 edit
File 131683875028.png - (173.36KB , 434x480 , thedoctorsweapon.png )
Right, right.

Piece unlocked the door with his key and entered with the other five, as well as the culprit. The culprit then killed them and stole Piece's key, locking the door behind him.
>> No. 2802 edit

>> No. 2803 edit
A spirit appears.
"U-Uwaa... That guy doesn't seem to be compatible with my possession."
She coughs.
"Those people were gathered to drink tea. Astaroth left his book in there before they went to drink tea, otherwise he would have bare witness to the murder. That's suspicious, so I'll add in Astaroth is the culprit for good effect."
She scratches her chin.
"hi there how are you doing my name is makk. Piece's key was given to Person X. Person X unlocked the door to allow the victims in, then locked it shut after doing the deed. The method of murder was a gunshot to each victim. Knives were placed upright under them and when they fell they were stabbed.
>> No. 2804 edit
File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )

There's another way inside the room other than the door. Like a window. If the window was open, the culprit simply threw knives from the window at the targets until they all died.
>> No. 2805 edit
Its too early , to accuse them, but Astaroth was sleeping that night.

Also, no gunshots were used for the murder
Piece, unlocked and locked the room himself.
>> No. 2806 edit
File 131683948543.png - (97.22KB , 355x529 , QOH02.png )
The windows were never opened.
>> No. 2807 edit
File 130854856855.png - (388.00KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 1.png )
Perhaps the window was broken?
>> No. 2809 edit
>> No. 2810 edit
File 130854372666.png - (386.42KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 default 1.png )
A single window was opened
>> No. 2811 edit
The room is a room of 20 x 20 feets , there is a big table, two windows ,and only Door , and six chairs.
>> No. 2812 edit
File 131684058134.png - (94.37KB , 355x529 , wal_aku.png )
>> No. 2813 edit
File 13168406718.png - (71.70KB , 300x300 , rich_talk.png )
How was the room found?
>> No. 2814 edit
File 130854444191.png - (384.93KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 default 2.png )
K, misunderstood something there...

Anyway.... search the room for any sort of oddity including blood spatter where it shouldn't be, turned over furniture, possible drawers and cabinets, etc.
>> No. 2815 edit
Okay.....the room was ordered....except the big tea table , which was spilled with blood of the victims , and of course all the place around the victims.. You realize also that victims and the chair are on a static position. (similar to the ones of the first twilight of Turn of the golden witch (stomach-candy murders.))
>> No. 2816 edit
There was also a Tv on the room with the sign "just for streams." We are on the year 2011
>> No. 2817 edit
the book is there untouched.
>> No. 2818 edit
What angle of the radius around the bodies was splattered with blood?
i.e. 0-90 degrees, 90-130 degrees, etc, positioned with 0 towards the left of the body (or the right, for the people sitting opposite of the reference people)
>> No. 2819 edit
File 130854734619.png - (410.22KB , 832x1193 , rud_a12 evil laugh 1.png )
Examine the corpses for any other wounds they may have aside from the 3 stabs wounds in each. Also search for evidence of poisoning (anything obvious like discoloration)
>> No. 2820 edit
the angles doesnt matter, BUT
the six victims form a perfect hexagon.

>> No. 2821 edit
The victims were watching a stream when knives were thrown out of or shot out of (using a launching weapon similar to an a... a something that started with an a) location X above or below the television. This makes the angle perfect for nabbing each one of them. Alternatively, the victims were knifed in the stomach by method X then fell onto the table where knives were planted, stabbing them in the head and neck.
>> No. 2822 edit
You examine the bodies , and you found that the wounds are mortal wounds, and that they are the only ones, and that you cant freely move the corpses.
>> No. 2823 edit
certainly they were watching a Stream
However... they saw directly the murdere with the weapon, and he announced that he will kill them all.
>> No. 2824 edit
File 131684191013.png - (113.68KB , 627x573 , mak.png )
The table has a knife shooter installed! It spins using a wheel below driven by the culprit, and shoots knives at set angles into the victims' heads, necks, and stomachs! The murderer was streaming this!
>> No. 2825 edit
by examining the table , you find that ITS A NORMAL TABLE.

and Yes...the culprit was streaming himself.
>> No. 2826 edit
File 130855011151.png - (386.64KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 2.png )
You cannot move the corpses because they are pinned to the floor. This is relevant because it helps determine the fact that a great deal of force was used to drive the weapons, as well as that the angle in which the knives entered will tell us the general direction of wear they came from!
>> No. 2828 edit
they are not pinned to the floor. but yes , the angle helps determine the direction.

>> No. 2829 edit
File 130854832679.png - (387.01KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 bothered 1.png )
Hmm I wonder why they can't be moved... inb4 glue

Anyway, please describe the angles at which the weapons entered the victims
>> No. 2830 edit
File 131684283680.png - (15.40KB , 605x594 , 14.png )

>> No. 2831 edit
there are small holes on the ceiling.
>> No. 2832 edit
File 131684323331.png - (387.40KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 laughing 2.png )
The holes were created by the murder weapon(s) as it was projected into the room!
>> No. 2833 edit
certainly the holes were made by the murderer.
but projection by itself, its not what killed them.

>> No. 2834 edit
File 130854444191.png - (384.93KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 default 2.png )
Determining the use of the holes is very important... if it was there beforehand or if it was made when the victims were in the room....

Could you please describe the holes in further detail? Size and shape would be most appreciated.
>> No. 2835 edit
you look at the holes and they are about the size of a normal human adult male punch. they are in the shape of a perfect circle, and by examining further you see traces of ropes.
>> No. 2836 edit
File 131684323331.png - (387.40KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 laughing 2.png )
Device x, a knife projector, was lowered through the hole in the ceiling and was able to simultaneously shoot all 18 knives into the victims!
>> No. 2837 edit
Since we are on 2011 ,I will use the modern definition of Device : Any object that operated thtought technological use

Technological use : Computers, electricity.

>> No. 2838 edit
File 130854856855.png - (388.00KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 1.png )
You have not denied the use of a device that is a knife projector. Also, my "device x" could easily be something fully mechanical, electrically powered, or could utilize any other method of storing and using energy to project said knives
>> No. 2839 edit
I think I will give up.....The first Twilight is yours.

contratulations Makk and Rudolph, I am really impressed with Makk's performance
>> No. 2840 edit
File 130854703624.png - (383.54KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 worrying 1.png )
Ow, my pride...
>> No. 2841 edit
A pulley system was used to stab the victims. Tubes were pushed through the ceiling, spring-loaded with knives, then the knives were shot out with the press of a trigger. The victims pulled a rope or hung themselves on threat from the culprit. The former caused the knives to be lowered somehow, or a contraption shot knives at them through the holes. The latter had them fall after the ropes were released, onto the table with knives, then knocked back into their chairs.
>> No. 2842 edit
I guess , I cant argue back~~
You also had a outstanding performance...but I am impressed since its the first time I see makk like this.
>> No. 2843 edit
File 131684503736.png - (98.60KB , 355x529 , wal_aku2.png )
Akito looked at the queen,

>> No. 2844 edit
A pulley system was used to stab the victims

>> No. 2845 edit
File 131683948543.png - (97.22KB , 355x529 , QOH02.png )
Akito looked at the queen,



-It’s a shame that they had to die…….but well, with this the Seacats murders case should be clo-

HA , IT is naïve of you to think that this is finished, Gogo please keep telling more….

-It seems you are not the kind of giving up

-No I am not…and when you lose I will order my guards to decapitate you..

-Gogo please...

-Yes madam.

Everyone were sad for the corpses found there

-YOU ARE THE ONE THAT KILLED THEM ASTAROTH!-Shouted makk in a loud voice.


-Please calm down , you two. We don’t have proof that he is the killer.

-Of course that there is proof, he was the only one awake along with Gogo and George ,
Why did he woke up so early this morning?

-To look for my DnD rulebook, for /parlor/?

-You purposely left the rulebook there , to STREAM yourself killing them!

-M-makk calm down, Sakutarou is innocent, I am sure of it.

-Hmmm………I for my part shall stay neutral to this, while I am worried about the murders, I prefer to not get involved with the Investigation.

-I don’t think so, Lion, If someone here is the culprit , everyone must be involved in the Investigation.

-That would be so troublesome Rosa…

-If you are Innocent, this shouldn’t be a bother…

After getting through the Investigations George and Voyager decided to create the “Detective brigade” composed of Kinjo, Ozaki, Makk and Rudolf , since it was an open team , anyone could join and help with the Invest….

-Wait, doesn’t that break the Knox rule that say that the Detective cannot tbe the culprit?

-Of course that it breaks that rule, that is why it is disabled, so with that, anyone can be the culprit. , continue Gogo please…

-Astaroth angry with the accusation decided to lock himself in his room, Lili followed him afterwards,

-Astaroth, don’t worry , They don’t have proof that you killed them

-But Lili, it makes me so angry that they don’t confide in me…..

-I know, but don’t worry, I trust and I know perfectly that you wouldn’t do something like that.





-Some call me……Death…….other call me Bitch……other they call me Shinigami….but my name is the Queen of hearts and I came for your heads.

-I wont let you touch Lili!


The lovers tried to struggle to death. But after a while , there was nothing they could do ……

You gave us quite a trouble…….Due to that as a punishment ,I will do something to your corpses AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
>> No. 2846 edit
File 131690601744.png - (1.30KB , 109x150 , 15.png )
After noticing that Astaroth didnt updated /limbo/ for a while Rin and Hideiling went to Astaroth's Room

Since Lili was also missing , they also thought that she may be there to compfort astaroth.

Rin , with her master key opened the door to Astaroth room, and they were found Dead.

Like the last closed room, there are two keys involved , Astaroth room key and Rin's master key. Astaroth key was used for opening the door , and for closing it, and Rin's key was used for opening again.

The Key was in Astaroth pocket.

unlike the last one no traps are involved in the murder.
>> No. 2847 edit
When Makk arrived, she looked at the scene and thought one thing: George killed Astaroth and Lili because they were doing lewd things and he was jealous!
Then she realized George had the kung fu skill of a drug-addled cockroach and decided he didn't do anything.
What was the state of the bodies, what objects were in the room, were there any rooms not separated from the room by a lock etc.
>> No. 2848 edit
File 130854372666.png - (386.42KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 default 1.png )
Search the room for abnormalities. This includes the walls, floor, ceiling, side rooms (bathrooms/closets), under and behind furniture, etc. Also examine the bodies
>> No. 2849 edit
George is innocent

The room was quite messy, the corpses of Lili and Astaroth 's faces were stripped ..Astaroth still have his key.
>> No. 2850 edit
acclaration : they are similar to the victims of the first twilight of the First Umineko game.
>> No. 2851 edit
File 130854856855.png - (388.00KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 1.png )
Can you describe the room?
>> No. 2852 edit
File 131693447429.png - (76.88KB , 230x316 , Copia de Dibujo.png )
I said , similar , but not the same....

There are traces of broken things like lamps, chairs a broken table , broken Tvs Dvds and Blue rays.

>> No. 2853 edit
C = Cirno
Fe = Feenie
Ca = Cake
they have been dead for about 1 hour.
also ,as I said before there were lots of broken things.

>> No. 2854 edit
Again with the stream... The discs were used to carve their faces off.
Check for other wounds etc.
>> No. 2855 edit
hmmm the TV and the disk are unrelated to the murder and are proof that a fight took place.
>> No. 2856 edit
Any other wounds? Discoloration? Petechiae?
>> No. 2857 edit
Also, are there any other openings? Any rooms connected to the room not separated by a lock? Pay extra attention to the ceiling etc.
>> No. 2858 edit
there is a knife on the stomachs of the two
>>2846 (a picture of the knife)
but by analizing the body, you realize that the main cause of death was the fact that they lost lots of blood due to the faces wounds.
>> No. 2859 edit
no secret passages exist in the room, Lili's room is next to astaroth's one. however the only way to enter to Astaroth room is throught the main door. In this twilight the ceiling is on perfect condition.
>> No. 2860 edit
Was Astaroth's body wearing his clothes?
>> No. 2861 edit
Neither Astaroth nor Lili took off their clothes Astaroth and Lili are dead.and that are the real bodies.
>> No. 2862 edit
Astaroth only put the key in the lock and turned it once. After that the door was open until the culprit came in, struggled with Astaroth and Liliane, stabbed them, and while they were attempting to take the knife out, ripped their faces off. As they bled to death, the culprit took the key, made copy X of it, and put the key in Astaroth's pocket. He or she then walked outside and locked the door using this improvised key.
Alternatively, the lock-the-door-while-it's-open trick.

>> No. 2863 edit
File 131699155761.png - (864B , 59x68 , 0Lion167.png )
>> No. 2864 edit
After Astaroth and Lili’s bodies were found , George took Astaroth’s key and Ordered to lock the room , so that no one could disturb the bodies, the situation was worst than ever. Since 8 persons were dead.

-The situation , is worst than ever, so due to that , no one should leave the parlor.
And If you must leave. You should be accompanied by someone else….

-Is there a possibility that some of the eight are faking their death Kinjo?

-We examined the bodies , and according to the proofs and vital spots they are certainly dead

-You aren’t even a real doctor , how do you know?

-Well Ozaki , I did things like piercing their toes with a pencil, if they are alive , they should scream , or at least make a reflection.
So that means that even if they are alive, they are paralyzed and cannot move.

-So you tried with all the bodies?

-yes every corpse , except Meta, Gogo didn’t let me touch the corpse…

-LOL, now I know why Makk pierced all his body with the pen…..

-hmm now I know…why is Meta’s corpse full of holes….

-wouldn’t that Imply that she is the culprit. Kinjo?

-No, I was with her during all murders.

-Hmm….anyway…..I think we should start making lunch…..its 12:00

-It’s a shame that we cannot communicate...

-You have something to do Rudolf?

-No, nothing important…but I am scared of being killed.

-well, I think that everyone is scared….

-.....................Weird……its 12:05 Cirno and Genji should have been here with the Tea and Sushi….they said they were going to cook today…

-……….wait what is that music…………….is that Circus music?

Kinjo , Rudolf and Ozaki entered in the kitchen……..and they saw the horror……..
>> No. 2865 edit
File 131700068414.png - (3.86KB , 223x215 , 3rdtwilight.png )
Details of the murders :
There is circus music playing on a colorful Ipod.

Cirno and Genji have a creepy smile, with their lips painted red and have the face colored white.

they are on the floor.

The kitchen smells like something was burned...
and There are also signs of a fight.

Cirno is sitted on two chairs as the picture shows and Genji is on the floor....
They are dead , and a knife are pierced on the chest of the two victims

>> No. 2867 edit
aditional details : there is a opened box with a letter that said : Open this, I hope you like it with Rabu: George
>> No. 2868 edit
File 131700226388.png - (73.10KB , 230x316 , 4.png )
current status.
>> No. 2869 edit
File 130854372666.png - (386.42KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 default 1.png )
>I was with her during all of the murders

This leaves room for the two of them to have worked together to murder...

Does "open this" refer to the box or the letter?

Also, inspect the bodies for anything odd, including checking pockets for anything. Also search the room for oddities including inspecting walls, floors, ceilings, under and behind furniture, et al.
>> No. 2870 edit
Rudolf search throught all the room and You only find food and Things related to the kitchen.

You try to check the pockets...but you don't find anything in special.

The walls the Ceiling and the floor are normal.
but what is weird is that it smeels like rotten eggs. and Burned stuff.

The message of the box may refer to the box.
>> No. 2871 edit
File 131684191013.png - (113.68KB , 627x573 , mak.png )
Cirno and Genji were messing around and burning poo! The methane fumes choked them to death!
>> No. 2872 edit
annoucement : Due to the turn of events and your interactions of the gameboard, I decided to adapt the gameboard to you. So from now, you can explore and Talk with every seacat that was present during the murder. and you may examine every part of the murder scene.

Clues clues everywhere~~~.
>> No. 2873 edit
Genji and Cirno, didnt commit suicide , They were trying to prepare the lunch.
>> No. 2874 edit
File 130854856855.png - (388.00KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 evil laugh 1.png )
The knives stuck in the bodies, are they from the kitchen?

This doesn't seem to be a closed room. Therefore, the mystery here must be a whodunnit and when it occurred... Check the bodies for rigor mortis. Also attempt to determine how old the blood is by how dry it is.
>> No. 2875 edit
Check inside the box.
>> No. 2876 edit
Rudolf recalled that Cirno and Genji offered themselves to prepare lunch for other that was at 11:24 Currently it is 12:20 so the rigor mortis is about an hour, the blood is still fresh.
You look throught the box and you notice that there is the top of a Jar attached to it.
and by looking throught the floor and there is a broken jar.
>> No. 2877 edit
Check for stinkbombs and feel the wounds around the knives to see if they were removed at some point (it would not be fatal by this time were they not removed).
>> No. 2878 edit
yes, since they are for decorative porpouses.
by the look of the wounds , the knifes pierced their skin after they were killed.

>> No. 2879 edit
by the look of their faces , there was a case of stinkbomb...
>> No. 2880 edit
Look in the pots and pans. Also try turning a burner on and off.
>> No. 2881 edit
half-cooked food is on the pots and pans Oddly enough the weird rotten egg smell is stronger there....and you notice that the oven is on..
>> No. 2882 edit
Inspect suspicious foods.
Turn the oven off. Get a pot full of water. Open the oven and immediately throw the water inside.
>> No. 2883 edit
while inspecting the food you dont notice anything strange...but you start to notice
that there are strange sounds coming from the oven. you turn it off.....and you open the big oven......TO FIND THE CORPSE OF SOMEONE BURNED ALIVE...He is so burned that you cant identify him.

>> No. 2884 edit
File 130854832679.png - (387.01KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 bothered 1.png )
Determine who it is by checking to see who is still alive...
>> No. 2885 edit
Strange sounds? There's more than a dead body in there, and if it's dead, it's been cooking for quite a while -- or was already burnt. Toss the dead body aside and search the oven for other things.
>> No. 2886 edit
File 131701133217.png - (70.95KB , 230x316 , 5.png )
Uptaded list.
You look throught the oven, and you notice that its the sound of the burning flesh. and the reaction with the oven.
>> No. 2887 edit
File 131701235996.png - (462.29KB , 1023x1193 , rud_a13 evil laugh 1.png )
So there's 4 missing... as expected since the unidentified and the time earlier you said you would kill 3 for the twilights....
>> No. 2888 edit
yup 4 are missing.
>> No. 2889 edit
"That's odd... skin wouldn't burn so badly in an hour, and after being burnt so badly it wouldn't sizzle audibly through an oven door..."
The body's been here for a while.
Ask if anyone was in the kitchen beforehand, and if they smelled anything or used the oven.
>> No. 2890 edit
You ask around , and you find out , that due to the murders,no one felt the urge (or were in the mood)to eat, Cirno and Genji were the first one that proposed the idea to have lunch. Anon mention you , that Genji and Cirno mentioned that there was a weird smell in the kitchen...
>> No. 2891 edit
Don't withhold clues. If you are withholding clues, I'll become the culprits.
>> No. 2892 edit
Okay , By talking with everyone, you find the following :

That Cirno and Genji were acting weird this morning.
and that this is the first time, someone human touched the kitchen. the goats mentioned earlier were robots programmed by the site (this is irrelevant to the murder)
You also find out that Cirno and Genji havent made the dishes they promised before

>> No. 2893 edit
Check what the food dishes are.
>> No. 2894 edit
by examining you find out that there are ingredients for making Sushi. however...the water looks a little weird.
>> No. 2895 edit
Drain the water into a pot and evaporate it by boiling it.
>> No. 2896 edit
nothing happens, but , the Vapor ,smell like the corpse you found.
>> No. 2897 edit
The corpse in the oven was dessicated then baked. This allowed it to burn in an hour.
>> No. 2898 edit
File 130854832679.png - (387.01KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 bothered 1.png )
Poke the bodies with anything sharp. A pen, a knife, anything that would bring out a reaction (so as to determine whether or not they are truly dead)
>> No. 2899 edit

Also , Yes the corpse was dessicated then baked.
You can start the theories about Genji and Cirno deaths, Btw they are certainly dead.

>> No. 2900 edit
First things first.

Wash their faces, in warm water. If nothing abnormal is seen, attempt massage their faces back into a normal position.
>> No. 2901 edit
you wash their faces....and you notice that the skin is on a weird color
>> No. 2902 edit
What color?
>> No. 2903 edit
light-green skin.
>> No. 2912 edit
Like I said. They suffocated. On their own farts.
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