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File 131805685022.png - (235.02KB , 400x493 , Trolling.png )
3150 No. 3150 edit
First twilight , Mion ,Chie-sensei, akasaka, Takano , Oryo and Satoshi , were found dead and tied together near the bridge of hinamizawa

Oishii :the ones that will speak in purple may lie or may tell the truth.I am of course innocent.as for my myself I wouldnt trust a Sonozaki

Akane Sonozaki : Probably Someone in our family wanted to Shion to become the next head.....

Shion: It was horrible, seeing the six bodies , of my beloved sister and Satoshi-kun
The only ones that saw this horrible murder were Hannyu and Rika

Satoko: Nii-Nii why did you left me alone... but at least you are with mama and papa. I wouldnt trust Rika

Rika: Satoko and Shion are telling the true~Nipah I wouldnt judge a book by its cover

Rena:You know, Oyashiro-sama punished them for being bad persons. Sometimes......people lie because they fear someone

Keiichi: I wasnt there at the time of the murders I dont know anything about it , except that Satoko heard what happened.

Tomitake: the only thing I will say : is that We are not safe here , and that Oyashiro will punish us,and that
sometimes people kill for unexpected reasons, I wouldnt trust Shion.

Irie :Certainly the six are death,but what an unusual way of murdering someone. since the six bodies were found with characteristics of the Hinamizawa syndrome

Kasai :I wouldnt trust in Irie

The system , works a little different.....in this case......you will post all your theory , and you will forge it , until you reach an answer you are sure of. I at the end will praise the one that solves this single murder.
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>> No. 3151 edit
Check all the purples, and try to see throught the murder.......The killer is some of the 9 I mention. Hannyu of course, Is innocent.
>> No. 3152 edit
The purple truth is a Truth that is equivalent to Red when its true.When it is a lie, it is a simple colored text.
>> No. 3156 edit
File 13180452525.jpg - (32.02KB , 720x400 , 11.jpg )
No one lied in the purple declaration. They killed each other, possessed by Hinamizawa Syndrome. So Irie tied them all near the bridge, to made everyone thinks there's only one murder.

When Irie brought their bodies near bridge, Kasai saw something and get some suspicions about him.

>> No. 3158 edit
File 131809116743.png - (129.44KB , 395x490 , grin.png )
Unlike other games you have the right to unlimited theories..so you can make any theory

from time to time I will leave a clue :

and the first one is :

One of the characters is a complete liar.
>> No. 3161 edit
File 131804227948.jpg - (47.34KB , 720x400 , 85.jpg )
Irie-sensei is a liar, because these people get killed and the Hinamizawa Syndrome cannot kill them until they reached the level 5 of disease. They didn't reach this level, especially Takano, who knows too much about the Syndrome. They murderer by a culprit, no one but Irie-sensei. He lied about their corpses and their signals of death.
>> No. 3185 edit
adjust it , until you are pretty sure.

Its time for another hint :

Irie-sensei , have been acting weird , Satoko is a witness of that.
>> No. 3189 edit
So, additionally, Irie is a victim of Hinamizawa's Syndrome, so this why he killed them all. He lied about their Hinamizawa's Syndrome. With Takano dead, no one could atest Hinamizawa's Syndrome but him. So he used that lie to save himself.
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